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EX PJ Officer Author of Book About Madeleine McCann

Paulo Cristovao, who is facing trial over torture allegations, describes how missing Maddie did not survive May 3, 2007 – the night she vanished.

His book, The Star Of Madeleine, is based on the real cop investigation.It stops short of saying who is responsible, but drops clues.He says the McCanns decided she was kidnapped without considering she may have walked out of their holiday flat.Retired inspector Cristovao mysteriously claims two of the couple’s holiday pals – the so-called Tapas Seven – are “fundamental” to discovering the truth about Maddie, four.In the preface he writes:

“For legal reasons I, as the author, cannot tell you what the truth, the reality of this case, is. I can, however, assure you that you can find it here, in the lines of this book.”

The novel ends with two fictional coppers gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean following a huge land search.

Cristovao and four other cops stand trial later this year over the case of another missing girl. He is accused of torturing her mum into a false confession of murder.

Last night Kate and Gerry's spokesman said:

“It’s a great shame that people still want to make money out of Madeleine’s situation.”

DisgustingA friend of the couple, from Rothley, Leics, added: “This man is a suspect himself, having been accused of beating up a woman to make her confess to killing her daughter.“He is hardly a reliable source. To bring out a book about Madeleine is just disgusting.”Cristovao, whose book was launched yesterday, angered the couple last year by claiming they should have been arrested for leaving their kids alone at Praia da Luz.

The Sun

What do you think of the fact that while Portugal effectively gags two people who have not been charged with any crime, with archaic Secrecy Laws, yet allows and Ex Police Chief to write and publish a lot of spurious unsubstantiated nonsense WHILE HIMSELF AN ARGUIDO, WAITING TO FACE TRIAL OVER ALLEGATIONS THAT HE PLAYED A PART IN THE TORTURE OF ANOTHER PARENT OF ANOTHER MISSING CHILD?

  • Do you think this is right?
  • Do you think this is just?
  • Do you think this is the way a country should behave?
  • Do you think Portugal should be part of the EU while allowing this kind of behaviour
  • How much longer is this going to go on for?
  • How much longer can Portugal get away with treating people so appalling in what appears to be an extreme abuse of their human rights?
  • Do you think it is time that Portugal held a full and OPEN inquiry into this bungled investigation?
  • Do you think the UK government shold now take a pro-active stance and force Portugal to act over this appalling set of circumstances?
  • What do you think? Have Your Say .


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calcite51 said...

I'm first:

Do I think it is right?

Non, No way -- in all languages that are used around the world my answer would still be a resounding NO. I'm aghast this ex-PJ has written this book. And I'm horrified that people in Portugal think it is great. And I think any money made from this book should be given to the Find Madeleine fund.

Do you think this is just?

No - how could I or any sane person possibly think it is just. Just would be if we knew what had happened (not one person's bias belief) to Madeleine and the person(s) responsible had been charged.

Do you think this is the way a country should behave?

No - I don't think this is the way a country should behave. And if their representatives won't speak up, then the people should be raising their voices loud and clear.

Do you think Portugal should be part of the EU while allowing this kind of behaviour
How much longer is this going to go on for?

Well, kinda - I mean Canada thanks to NAFTA (North America Free Trade Association) is part of the US/Mexico fiasco - we have the strongest/weakest links.

How long for?

As long as Canada has to remain in NAFTA.

How much longer can Portugal get away with treating people so appalling in what appears to be an extreme abuse of their human rights?

Until the United Nations gets involved as THE PEOPLE seem to be too afraid to.

Do you think Portugal should be part of the EU while allowing this kind of behaviour

How much longer is this going to go on for?

Until the people say "Enough" or the UN gets involved.

How much longer can Portugal get away with treating people so appalling in what appears to be an extreme abuse of their human rights?

I personally think their day of reckoning is coming - it won't be too long.

Do you think it is time that Portugal held a full and OPEN inquiry into this bungled investigation?

Definitely - should have happened already.


Do you think the UK government should now take a pro-active stance and force Portugal to act over this appalling set of circumstances?

Yes -


I feel like I'm writing books tonight. Do I get an Easter bunny for being first?

kiwigirl said...

Hi all.
Calcite, I agree. I don't think anything should be published about this case until it's all over! Until all the facts come out, noone knows what happened, only Kate and Gerry - and they have stuck to their story all the way along, so I have no doubt that what they say is the truth!
By publishing stories such as those by the DE, books such as this one and allowing blogs like those of some others, this is simply prejudicing the public - worldwide! Should Kate and Gerry have to go to court over this, god forbid, how are they ever going to get a fair trial?
Not only that, this 'book' has been written by someone currently an arguido himself and about to go to trial, I believe, on assault charges. The assault charges being against a mother whose daughter went missing.
The other things that really galls me on other blogs, is the constant harping on about Kate and Gerry not answering specific questions - well hello!!! - maybe their lawyers advised them not to. I would be listening to my lawyers very very carefully if I ever found myself in the same position, and if they told me not to answer specific questions then I'd be shutting my mouth promptly.
Anyway enought ranting from me!

melbel said...

Hi Calcite
Very well said as always.I totally agree with that you wrote.
I am also an early bird,as I have family coming.
I am extremely saddened and angry,that someone, especially a compromised cop,likely to be convicted over torture charges,should write such a pile pf cr,....p.
I cannot accept that any decent person could agree with this and one of his main motivations,apparently,is to be pro Portugal and pro giving our Police a poke in the eye, nothing about being pro Madeleine.
I hope and pray,that he will be sued in our libel courts, which have long waiting lists, from people with nebulous connections, to our land, as we award huge damages.
Didn't Zeta Jones sue a non British magazine, over here ?There are countless other cases.
I do not think that he will get off the hook,though, of course, I am no legal expert.
He has named Madeleine and it is obvious that he means her. he is using inside information, though not on this case, himself.
Where is the enquiry about the bungling in this case and how can these people, violate their own secrecy laws ?
This falls far below what should be
regarded as acceptable in human rights terms in the EEC and I personally feel that Portugal should be asked to put it's house in order, or be kicked out.
Just because they were a dictatorship, until very recently and maintain some archaic laws,is no excuse,as many countries in Europe,are also relatively new to democracy and I could not see it happening anywhere else.
Anyone supporting this book, shows themselves to be of the lowest moral standards and if blinded,by the over riding need "to put people straight about Portugal and it's Police ", well.I am sorry to inform you,that, worldwide,we have already done this and this is yet another nail, in your coffin.
Your reputation has sunk to an all time low.I can well understand the American blog, advocating a boycott of Portugese goods and tourist trade.
As for some of the accusations he allegedly makes,they look to be a pile of pants, too.

He states,according to article on Portugese blog, that the apartment was absolutely impeccable, when the Police got there.
Did the antis not say,that it was a scene of chaos,with people rushing everywhere and evidence deliberately contaminated by the McCs and friends ?You cannot have it both ways.
How does he know whether or not, the family considered whether the child left the apartment on her own? That depends on information we do not have, re the door being unlocked, or not and her ability,or not, to get out.
If possible, it would have been considered.We all know the likely sleeping patterns and behaviour of our own children.
Re the PJ being called,because of intervention from London, it is the norm for our Embassy, to be involved with incidents concerning our nationals.
Would they not have been
called anyway or would it have been left to the local plods, or are you just hair splitting ?Re there not being any medication in the flat,even aspirin, what is the big deal about this ?
Unlike some of our European counterparts, many of us do not go away armed to the teeth, with medications. It can be bought over there, Mr Plod.
I was often in bother with my mum, when the children were younger, as I only gave them medication,if really needed.

As for our Government not interfering, there is an urgent need for the gloves to be taken off and the utmost pressure to be put on the Portugese authorities, to get some standards of decency.
If you have no evidence,as stated in Guardian newspaper,one of our truthful journals,release these people from her arguido status.

You need to have an urgent investigation, into the way this case has been conducted and the behaviour of your Police.
After all,Portugal,reliant so heavily, as you are,on the tourist trade, you need us, a hell of a lot more than we need you.

Just to give my vote on Als's article of the day, to give a message to their PJ, well mine would be unprintable.

Have a good Easter, everyone and see you after.
God Bless Madeleine and all her family.

melbel said...

Hi Kiwigirl
You are absolutely right in what you say and of course, Kate and Gerry would be blamed by these same people,if a trial could not go ahead,because of publicity generated by books like this.
I am not staying on today, as the gang are landing, but best regards to you all and take care.

kiwigirl said...

Hi melbel, great post. Surely this 'book' does go against the secrecy laws that have effectively gagged Kate and Gerry. It is utterly appalling that they are unable to have their case heard, yet the police have managed to circumvent their own laws!
We don't have that many cases of missing children here in NZ, but the in the ones that we have had the people involved are not tried by the media - or by bloggers!
IMHO the PJ could have learnt a lesson from the dignity and poise of Kate and Gerry and instead of leaking rumours and inuendo simply got on with the job at hand - that of finding Madeleine.

melbel said...

Kate and Gerry have behaved with great dignity and restraint and they certainly needed a team of experts, to advise and to some extent,speak for them, as they have been gagged.
The sheer injustice of it,has made many unlikely people,myself included, sit up and be very concerned.
I am an ordinary gran and had never heard of blogs and forums,but what is being done to these people and their dear parents and extended family and friends, makes me despair.
We will not allow this witch hunt and persecution, to continue and I would not under estimate the effect that the DE group, apologising,will have.
These hate blogs and Portugese tabloids and writers,need to fear.
The idea that we would notionally give up our lives,for other's freedom of speech, does not extend to people writing wicked,libellous, accusatory things about people not charged with anything.
Your point about the questions and the legaladvice that K and G will have received, is a good one.
To my knowledge, they have not even sorted the questions yet.
I read on another blog,that the McCs would not be requestioned, as no point, as they would not answer.
They would question the friends nd if they did not answer, they could also be made arguidos.
An anon came on and made me smile,by saying that would this be like Kate and Gerry then, with no evidence.!
My grandson has arrived and is in to everything, as they do, so all the very best to you and yours, x

kiwigirl said...

Hi melbel, yes I know all about little boys, I have a just turned three year old, and he is into everything and then some!
Frankly if my lawyers were telling me not to answer questions, I wouldn't be. You pay them BIG fees to interpret the law and to then advise you of the best course of action, and if you are wise you take their advice. Kate and Gerry, by all accounts, have got some top notch legal counsel, not of the variety lurking on blogs and behind the anonymity of their computer screens, but proper qualified barristers!
However, I know where my loyalty would lie if I were one of the group about to be questioned again, and frankly not one of this group has spoken out, except Jane Tanner, so I don't think the arguido status is going to concern them too much.
IMO it might be about time for the Portugese to take a long hard look at their judicial system and to start questioning whether it is a fair and just system. From an outsider looking in it appears not to be. Surely the idea of innocent until PROVEN guilty must be inherent in all legal systems, unless you are part of a totalitarian or authoritarian regime. If this is the case then the onus is on the police to PROVE, beyond reasonable doubt, that Kate and Gerry are guilty. It is not up to them to prove their innocence - yet it appears to me this is what is happening.

Mandz said...

Morning All,

Calcite what a post well said!

This is not acceptable & in my opinion they are using this secrecy law every time when it suits them. It protects them however it does not protect others like K&G & their friends etc. What Portugal has done is unforgivable and the world is looking in – in disgust.
For the Portuguese that support this well thick as two short planks and in my opinion it appears “children” and “justice” do not matter to them - all that is important to them is that Portugal and their police force (some who are suspects) look “good” however you cannot and have NOT fooled the world.

Portugal will NOT be getting my Tourist Money….

Mandz said...

Just curious but do they write books about all unsolved crimes?

Bye for now....

kiwigirl said...

Hi mandz, there are books out there about unsolved cases, but the ones I'm thinking of aren't about cases in which people have been named as suspects, or in this case arguidos, there are no suspects. More often than not they are recounting facts, and no-one has all the facts in this case.
Off to bed now - it's after 11pm here in NZ and it's suddenly got a bit chilly! Have a great day!!

melbel said...

Morning again Kiwigirl and Mandz
I wrote Kiwigirl a response,agreeing that itis a relief that Kate and Gerry,have the best of legal teams, which is much meede, in view of the duplicity of the Portugese on the case.
My little imp of a grandson, turned the computer off on me, but has now gone to feed the ducks, with his grandad or dadad, as he calls him.
I upset myself,by looking at the parallel universe[Alsie's blog]to see that a very unbalanced poster,Arepa[in all ways ]has stated that "The sins of the fathers will be visited on the sons", in other words, that the twins will probably be bullied, at school and teased and nobody will want to marry them.
I am filled with utter disgust.
No,"They are not one of the most hated couples, living with the finger pointing at them and snide remarks ".
You have just convicted yourself, you wicked apology for a human being.

SeaWitch said...

Good morning, ladies, Happy Easter!

Paulo Cristovao is a numbskull whose judgement could not be relied upon to write a menu, let alone a book.

First of all, he seems to have had no comprehension of what effect beating a suspect would have upon the reliability of her confession. Regardless of whether or not Leonor Cipriano is guilty of the crimes for which she has been committed, allowing the circumstances to arise whereby she sustained two black eyes and numerous other injuries was plain stupid.

If he and his thuggish mates did torture Leonor Cipriano, then they have either ensured that an innocent person was convicted, or they have damaged the case to the extent that they risk the conviction of a guilty person being overturned.

Either way, a miscarriage of justice.

If they didn’t torture her, then how did they allow a situation to come about whereby she was able to throw herself down some stairs, as they claim?

If the evidence was strong enough to convict Leonor Cipriano, then why risk the case by using violence? I can only assume that they were getting kicks out of meting out their own brand of summary justice.

Whatever the explanation, these “gentleman policemen”, despite their alleged academic degrees, are sorely lacking in integrity and common sense.

Incompetent idiots.

This man, Paulo Cristavao, is the worst possible ambassador for Portugal, and he throws a damaging spotlight on the Policia Justiciaria.

He has written two books which he should not have been allowed to write. The first, the Star of Joana, is written about a case in which he is an arguido. Why is a suspect, in a land of allegedly strict secrecy laws, allowed to offer his defence in a book which can only be designed to skew public and judicial opinion in his favour, and potentially render a trial futile?

He has also now written “The Star of Madeleine”, a book about the most high profile investigation Portugal may ever have undertaken. What could be his motivation, apart from plain old monetary greed?

Well, he states that his book is “Pro-Portugal”. It has become obvious that, in Portugal, unquestioning Nationalism is the way to the nation’s heart and may lead to many a blind eye being turned towards indiscretion. Perhaps, anticipating his own conviction, he is seeking to portray himself as a Portuguese patriot in order to encourage the sentencing judge to regard him with a lenient disposition.

This man has never worked on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. He is no longer a police officer. Theoretically, he should know no more about the case than anyone else. Indeed, he even admits that his novel is fictional.

If anyone believes that he has any inside information, then they should ask themselves why, and how?

Because only a corrupt or loose-tongued serving ex-colleague would be in a position to pass information on to him; that being the case, can we expect to see another corrupt sleaze ball joining him in Civvy Street?

Again, it makes a joke of the integrity of the PJ and the so-called secrecy laws.

On the one hand, like all the “antis” he calls for the parents to be arrested and charged with neglect, for leaving the children unattended. In the next breath, again in concert with his weak-minded ilk, he accuses them of being responsible for the death of their daughter, and fails to acknowledge the dichotomy of his arguments.

I hope this book bombs.

Because it is written for idiots, by a fool.

SeaWitch said...


I meant, "Regardless of whether or not Leonor Cipriano is guilty of the crimes for which she has been covicted".

That'll teach me to proof-read what I write!

kiwigirl said...

Hi melbel, just caught your comment before turning the computer off and I must agree with you. I saw that garbage written by arepa on that site too and thought it absolutely appalling. I am sure there are pockets of people that do dislike Kate and Gerry over this whole affair, however, whatever one feels towards the parents should never be visited upon the children. That thought had never even entered my mind, and as a teacher I see a lot of things being taken out on children, but never this. In all of this I would say that Kate and Gerry have managed to protect Sean and Amelie admirably despite the scurrilous comments of neglect and abuse - these children are not abused and/or neglected, if you want to see child abuse or neglect then head to South Auckland - god knows our stats in this area are appalling!
Any way bed is definitely calling now....

Mum21 said...

Happy Easter to you all.

I know this is a bit off subject...but then is it?
I have just been reading about Malinka's car being torched on the Daily mail...and one small part that Malinka has alledly said stood out in this article. I will post it below to see what you all think.

"He strenuously denies having anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance, and has claimed that he was beaten up by police during the interrogation to try to get him to admit involvement."

kiwigirl said...

Hi mum21, why would they be beating him up when they were so firmly focussed on Kate and Gerry so early on, or was this way back in the investigation? Why would they beat him up anyway, what purpose would that serve and why is he speaking out about it now? IMO it suggests that the police haven't had a clue since the start of the investigation and have been clutching at straws.
Right, off to bed, look forward to reading you all in the morning....

SeaWitch said...


Sounds like Portugal needs to abandon its so-called secrecy laws and concentrate on a more open and transparent system in order to counteract such allegations.....

....or to turn away from a culture of violence in custody, which is a medieval and dictatorial method where truth matters less than a confession which suits the agenda of the inquisitors.

The end does not justify the means.

Tulip said...

Good morning!

Well said everyone today. Mum you got there before me with the DM report of Malinka 'having been beaten by the PJ'. Hmm, well if that is how they treat the 'less-than-prime' ('Sub-prime?) suspects, I wonder why the McCanns haven't returned to Portugal??

Btw did you see that when Arepa was in her most hysterical 'come and get me' mode she gave not only her first name but also her postal code and house number -- if correct.

Tulip said...

Sorry, meant to say all of you have a lovely Easter with your families. About to be invaded myself, but I'll keep checking in.

Go girls (and any guys in drag (?)

Mum21 said...

I totally agree with you.

Can you imagine the uproar in this and many other countries if a disgraced ex cop wrote a book about an ongoing investigation. For the author to admit you could find out what happened to Madeleine by reading between his lines.
Then have the nerve to call it fiction. The only fiction in that book is the name of the two cops.

Over here heads would roll...internal investigations would be carried out as to who leaked what.
But then, over here a suspected policeman is suspended from duty...and rightly so.

Mum21 said...

In my opinion the Portuguese police are a bunch of thugs.
But then I also do not think Amaral and the other accused PJ will be found guilty. I believe they very well could be guilty....but they will still get off.
The Portuguese judicial service leaves a lot to be desired....from the top to the bottom.

melbel said...

A very Happy Easter and bye for now Kiwigirl.Look forward to speaking again.
Hi Mum ,Tulip and Seawitch.
Boy, Seawitch, that was a brilliant post!You think so clearly, tease out the essence of what is important and write it so well. I am proud of you and wish that they would put someone like you in charge of the UN and I joke,not.
Good point,mum about malinka
being beaten up.
What the hell is going on over there ?
Crumbs, my duck pond visitors are back.

Had best be sociable,or grandson will have my computer off, againTTFN x xx

Tinkerbell43 said...

At the end of the day, this ex officer is standing trial alongside his buddy Amaral. The book probably portrays the fictional Amaral as a hard working officer but in truth is more a case of you scratch my back and I'll scratch your yours.

IMO they are worried they are going to lose the Cipriano case so this book is aimed at deflecting the attention away from the Officers standing trial.

It is also my opinion that Amaral wanted to crack the McCanns and have that badge of honour in place in time for when he has to stand trial himself.

It stinks that both of these officers are trying to salvage their own reputations at the expense of the McCanns.

Mum21 said...

You have urgent mail.

Rosiepops said...


Thanks I think I have sorted it out, please check for me and let me know if it is now OK.

Mum21 said...

Ok Rosie

Mum21 said...

Rosie it is still on there.

Mum21 said...

It's ok Rosie. I needed to refresh the page.
all ok now

Rosiepops said...

Mum where is it? I have removed where I thought it was.

for sure that is not meant to be there, would not dream of doing it.

Mum21 said...

Rosie....It is gone now.
I guessed it was an error

Rosiepops said...

Phew thank goodness.

I have no idea how that got there, thank goodness you spotted it, as I said have no time for her, but would never do this and I know the others would not either.

Mum21 said...

Mistakes like that happen very easily when working to speak.
I don't know if working in blogger is the same as working in a web site...but the codeing sure can be difficult to understand sometimes.
It took me 4 years to learn how to use and understand HTML coding.

Rosiepops said...


I meant to put a link up to the Sun to where the story originated from but had been following the link before this that was being discussed yesterday so somehow it got on there, I usually follow all the links I put up but cannot remember doing it in this case, so my error I am afraid.

Mum21 said...

Don't worry about least you put it right.

Mum21 said...

There certainly is a sh-t stirring anonymous posting on Alsa's site. He/she has just copy and pasted one of my posts on here this morning. I don't know why he/she bothers because our Portuguese friends have visited several times would have seen it for themselves.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Rosie,

Dont worry, we know you wouldnt have put it there deliberately.

I despise the person, but like you and the rest of us, I did not agree with her details being posted, that was wrong.

Anyway, Happy Easter all xx

Rosiepops said...


As I said I have no time for the person and in my humble opinion she outed herself and so has no one to blame but herself but in no way would I or anyone else on this blog do something like that, I guess this is the real difference between them and us.

What do you think of this book by Paulo Cristovao? I think it is an absolute disgrace and reflects of Portugal very badly, Mel and Calcite have summed that up.

Far from believe that our government has interfered in this matter, I do not think our government has interfered enough and I think it is disgraceful that they seem to have stood aside and allowed this spectacle to get into this parlous state and believe me as someone who believes in government, I do not say this lightly.

I think we should start asserting pressure on the government to apply pressure to the Portuguese government to hold an inquiry over this debacle.

The Portuguese government need to get this matter sorted and quickly too!

I just have to keep believing that the Portuguese people I have come across on the internet are not indicative of the Portuguese in general, because the ones I have read are coming over as spiteful, nasty jingoistic and deceitful but most of all heartless.

If I were Portuguese I would be utterly ashamed of them.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinky Tonks

How are you? Feeling better I hope? I see you have changed the lock on your wardrobe to stop me borrowing your clothes, you spoilsport!

Mum and China were taking the Micky out of my crystal balls yesterday and made me drop and break it when I was trying to change it over, this is why you see and empty stand now!

Happy Easter to you and Mum too xxx

Tinkerbell43 said...

I had to Rosie, you left me nothing to wear!

Mum21 said...

I think the book is a disgrace...and shows Portugal up in a very poor light.
Like you...I cling to the fact all Portuguese people cannot be like the few we have come across on the internet.
I stated earlier that the only fiction used in that book...was the name of the two cops. All the rest was made up from leaks by the PJ.
For the sake of the small minded Portuguese people who look at this blog I will spell out what that means.
It means....all other aspects used in that book were taken from illegal leaks from the PJ and were not words of fiction created by the author.
It seems to me..not only are the Portuguese police corrupt....but the Portuguese readers of a certain blog are lacking in brain cells.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Exactly Mum, the book is without morals and so are the people that support it.

It would appear no-one dares question the PJ and they are allowed to do exactly as they please. No wonder they are feared.

Rosiepops said...

Mum and Tinks

What I do not understand is why they are so selective in the posts they choose to nick from here?

Why don't they choose to nick and post some of the posts which have justifiable criticisms of Portugal and the police and the scum that write books trying to make money on the back of an innocent missing child?

This child's parents are the only ones who are justified in releasing any kind of story and in my opinion the only ones justified in making money out of it too, it is noted that all the money they earn goes straight into the Find Madeleine fund, in order that they can continue to search for their daughter.

I note also that there are some that insist in criticizing this, it appears to me that those that do this do not really want Madeleine found as to stop the flow of money into this fund means there would be nothing to pay those searching for her and then no one would be looking for, it is plain that the Portuguese are not searching for her, they apparently gave up the search in week 3!

This man Paulo Cristovao is no better than scum in my eyes, odious scum who thinks nothing of making money out of this innocent child.

What an advert for the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria! What an advert for Portugal! How could someone stoop as low as this?

Well what can we expect anyway? he is ex Portuguese Police Chief an arguido himself, charged and due to stand trial on a very serious criminal offence.

A Portuguese judge in order to have ruled that this man stand trial has had to judge that there is a case to answer and in so doing this, means there is a good chance that he may be convicted of this crime, this is also the opinion of some top Portuguese lawyers.

I ask if he and his buddy Tubby Goncalo Amaral and the others are convicted, where does this leave the conviction of Leonor Cipriano? It must leave it unsafe and she will have to be given leave to appeal it again, in Portugal.

These are very serious times for the PJ and deadly serious times for Paulo Cristovao and Goncalo Amaral and others, their careers and their police pensions surely have to be in jeopardy here?

Perhaps this is why this odious man as written and published this book now? In order to make a fast buck before his credibility is shot to pieces completely?

If I were a Portuguese judge and if I were a member of the PJ, or if I were Alipio Riebeiro or Alberto Costas, I wold also be asking the question where did this EX Portuguese police chief get the information from to write this book?

Come of UK government start doing the job you were elected to do, start asking the questions, something appears very wrong here.

How much longer is this debacle of an investigation going to be allowed to continue?

Portugal must hold a completely open Inquiry into all of this, these really are deadly serious allegations that go right to the heart of government and the policing of Portugal, something is very very wrong here, I have always felt it, it has always been clear to any rational logical thinking person.

If Portugal is a serious EU member, if they are serious of shaking off their corrupt past and if they are serious about being an open and democratic country, then they must hold and open Inquiry into this tragic set of circumstances NOW, because until they do, Portugal will still be viewed with suspicion of corruptness which reaches the core of her being.

Time for Portugal to show the world that they really have changed.
Question is, have they? Have they really changed or is it just for show?

Gina said...

Rosiepops I am not sure who you are referring to with regards to removing a posters details. But respect and thanks to you for doing so. We may all have different opinions but there is no need for people to start this sort of thing. Many know how to extract information and we do not want to start a tit for tat situation which will happen if not nipped in the bud.

JANEGT said...

god friday morning everyone

Just read all your posts and must say 2 oou posted exactly what I was coming on to post this morning......

great minds....? every single personwho buys it.

Kate was very strong and defiant in interviews, and I have no doubts at all that without her lawyer present, advising her, she too would have been meted out their other way of extracting information, but the media involved being so close and under such detailed scrutiny the just did not dare.....but it was imho their plan.

Malinka's car. Apparently BEFORE Madeleine was abducted, he had 2 other vehiles near his flat torched. One was a van of his. I always have been most uneasy about tt trio, Murat, Walczuch and Malinka. To me, they must have involvement. The taxi drivr's description of them in his taxi was confusing - only the time was out. Odd.


Top posts. Agree with every word.

I do know a lot of people who would not dream of going to Portugal now with or without families. I also know 3 families who cancelled this summer's bookings to Algarve. I would too. I will not now go here again. Pity, beautiful country, ugly values.


Rosiepops said...

Tinky Tonks

I think you are really mean, look at my bereft avatar. As I am alocked out of your wardrobe I am going cybershopping in a minute for a new avatar! So put some clothes on you brazen hussy, you have loads of clothes!

Mandz said...

Hi All,

Seawitch – excellent post – well said..!

JANEGT said...

TULIP good morning to you

Yes, I know that Arepa 'outed herself' with a taunt 'come and get me !!!' message as you say. She gave her first name and post code in more than one post..... why?

Bravado? for what? Is this necessary as who would be interested....apart from a good doctor that is......


Rosiepops said...


Why is this odious ex PJ officer so intent on giving the British police a poke in the eye anyway? He and others may do better if they actually learned how to conduct an investigation of this kind rather than thrashing jealously about trying to poke people in the eye, people who have demonstrated that they are far more capable than their Portuguese counterparts!

This idiotic arguido ex Portuguese police chief's reference to aspirin is laughable anyway, why would they have aspirin in their holiday apartment? For starters aspirin is not recommended to be given to children under the age of 12 years and it is certainly not the drug of choice for headaches or anyone who suffers with stomach disorders, in fact aspirin can be quite dangerous administered under the wrong circumstances, the man is a buffoon and has failed to get even this most basic of research right for what he laughingly refers to as a book!

You are correct too, why on one hand is this buffoon mentioning the place was spotless, while the PJ are trying to say that the McCann's apartment was a tip where they had allowed many people to run all over it, contaminating any DNA evidence?

Another completely untrue allegation, seems to me they want it both ways!

No way would I visit Portugal and all my family are not going to either and we have all stopped buying Portuguese products and will remain doing so until something is done about this disgusting state of affairs.

Portugal needs to act and act fast because this action is now gathering momentum.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz, Jane and Tulip

Happy Easter to you.

Rosiepops said...

SeaWitch and Tinks, Kiwigirl

great posts, in fact all the posts have been accurate and are raising serious issues, issues that Portugal ignores to her peril!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Calcite and Diane

here is an Easter Bunny for you both, to thank you for your excellent out of hours posts.

Happy Easter xxx

Mum21 said...

Regarding this comment of yours posted on the house from hell.

" Gina said...
Alsabella/Claudia, can you go and have a look on the other site from Mums post 11.34 onwards. They seem to be talking about someones details or something that appeared accidently on their site and they have now removed. I have posted to say I respect them for removing whatever it was, but bearing in mind no annons can get on there and pass info, how and what could they have accidently posted."

If you want to know something that happens on our blog...please ask.
I would have far more respect for you if you did. This tittle tattling you constantly do just stirs up more trouble.
If you don't want to be bombarded with insulting Anons over there...then do what we did to get rid of them....disable anonymous posting.

Gina, you are getting as bad a doppelganger...which is not nice at all.
I have read several of your recent comments on the other blog....and I cannot believe you are the same fair minded Gina I used to enjoy reading.

Rosiepops said...


Thanks for your reply, it was appreciated, but then you go and do this, why?
gina said...
Alsabella/Claudia, can you go and have a look on the other site from Mums post 11.34 onwards. They seem to be talking about someones details or something that appeared accidently on their site and they have now removed. I have posted to say I respect them for removing whatever it was, but bearing in mind no annons can get on there and pass info, how and what could they have accidently posted.

Information was posted here he other day and removed by us because we felt out of fairness to the person involved it could not remain.

The info that appeared this morning was accidentally put there by me, it was an accident and as soon as it was brought to my attention it was removed. I inadvertently posted a link to her blog which I had been viewing before I was doing some work on here and it appeared where I had meant to post a newspaper link. I have no wish to further the distress of this person and I know that NO other person that posts here wishes this either.

Really it is good that we do take this position as I feel if the situation were to be reversed we would not receive such cooperation.

Gina again you have written one thing on here then gone straight back to Alsabliar's and said something different, don't you know that it is this very thing that gets the back up of people here?

If it were not for this trait of yours, there honestly would not be a problem with you posting here - no matter what your views are.

You should also remember by carrying tails like this you are actually adding to this persons discomfort and perpetuating something that would have died a natural death!

Tulip said...

Janet, yes madness as you say -- I think she's on something IMHO.

I just wish that all this nonsense was over, that we knew what had happened to that lovely little girl and that justice is done. Limbo is terrible.

They jeer at this blog for being 'grannies'. Having seen what decent and clear-thinking people the grannies are on this site, all I can say is it often takes maturity to learn empathy and fairness.

Someone on the other side (someone I once thought was quite reasonable) has now told Claudia what a nice person she is. Is this for real?

There's nowt as strange as fowks!

The best Easter present for us all would be to have Madeleine home again. I fear this will never happen.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Well said Mum & Rosie,

If the roles had been reversed we would not have been afforded the same courtesy, but thats the difference between people with morals and people without.

I'm just popping out, see you all in a little while x

Gina said...

Mum21 I posted a very fair reply on here this morning to Kiwigirl agreeing with her post about there should have been no publicity in this case. It was immediately deleted before she even had time to read it. I have repeatedly said on the other site that the annons that are causing so much trouble are not necessarily from this site.
Yesterday Alsa was being accused of being a liar because all she said was some of Rosie's posts got deleted from the DX, which they were and I proved that this morning and went on to say that Rosie said she didn't even care if she got banned as she was fed up with the insults and rightly so IMO. However it doesn't matter what I say or do now you have formed your opinion of me and that is your right. I admit I do take the p.. out of you all sometimes and I do get mad when posts are not reported accurately on here, but I have never changed my views on the case, am still on the fence and that is where I will remain until it is finalised. I thanked Rosie for deleting whatever was removed this morning and only asked Alsa to take a look to see if she could work out what it was and I did that after asking Rosie who did not reply. Doc mac has come up with the answer, and if you look I also said no matter what your opinions of me I would never disclose the email address that was given to me on here. You can call me what you like, but I am certainly not another doppleganger. Have a nice Easter

melbel said...

Happy Easter Rosie,Mandz,Tulip,Tinks,MUM,JANE and all
It gets a little bit like Uncle Tom Cobbley,when you are on and off, all the time,,remembering who you have greeted [combined with a bit of short term memory loss, on my part,at times.]
They would never dare publish that book over here and not only because I would go picketing!
I doubt that Portugese law, will protect the odious creature and I agree with Tinks, that they probably hoped to get the McCann case neatly sorted, with the parents found guilty.
Pity about the lack of evidence.
In all these matters, these gentlemen graduates, overplay their hand.
You cannot beat well trained methodical cops,getting stuck in.
Why all these bleatings about questions and going abroad to ask questions?
Our Police,have gone already to various countries, re the Jersey case,as someone highlighted and that is a newish case.
People keep banging on, that they should have stayed in Portugal.
Well, I remember them being practically hounded out and they went, with full Police agreement.
Portugese people, seem unable to criticise their Police.
I know that over here, we play hell about anybody and everybody.
It must be a cultural difference.
I noticed, while watching American Presidents,etc, being questioned about foreign policy, the press seemed to be much more deferential,than we are, just my impression.
Maybe,ever country, has it's own bottom line or institution that is deemed untouchable.
I cannot understand it.

Gina said...

Rosiepops you are wrong I am sorry:
Gina again you have written one thing on here then gone straight back to Alsabliar's and said something different, don't you know that it is this very thing that gets the back up of people here?

Call it nosey, call it what you like, I couldn't work out what it was all about, you had not replied, so I asked the others to look and they told me what had happened, what is wrong with that

Anyway, I am glad it is sorted because that sort of thing is not nice no matter what

JANEGT said...

Mum21 and Rosiepops

I agree entirely. Thi is nonsense. For a start you disable anons to stop the vicious highly abusive accusations we received with dreadful obscene language. No way was this even disguised as debate, it was attack pure and simple. The moderators have every right to take this sensible step.

For Gina to say as 'anons are not allowed' on our blog, makes no sense. Particularly, as to post under my name twice, my posts were deleted, despite it being a direct answer to a malicious attack on me and a copy of a post I made, altered and out of context. So on Gina's blog you cannotpost full stop. Not at all. They despise anons, and accuse us of being them. More vicious lies. Two faced people make me sick. You can't get lower. Yet they bleat about honesty>>???? huh??

They clearly do not recognise it.

Yes crazy to do that I agree. I however have hope Madeleine shall return. There is no proof she is dead. I have to believe it.

Mum21 said...

As I said Gina, if you wanted to know what happened on here you could have asked us. we would have told you.
But had to run back to Alsa and Claudia to tell them all about our mistake.
As for docmacs was his usual bluffing. We do not know who wrote those details about Rat...and neither does he. But as per usual according to him and many of had to be a pro.
I very much doubt that it was. In fact whoever it was somebody who knew Rat well.

Gina said...

Janegt It is not my blog if it were it would be the same as this, blogger account only and both points of view welcome.

Gina said...

Ok Mum you are still not seeing or wanting to see what I am saying. I asked here first, got no answer, so asked others. I did not run back to point out your mistakes at all, but if that is what you want to think so be it.

JANEGT said...

Rosiepops DID answer gina's question bt perhaps it was after she posted on A's blog to query what was on our blog....

I agree Mum21, if Gina asked a question I know a reply would be forthcoming. I do not understand a query about something not on our front page article now, it is not there, so Gina is querying a non-existent I reading this correctly? A query about something that is NOT there to me is certainly stirring. No doubts at all about that.

Sass said...

Hello to whoever is around!

Don't know why people on the other blogs are saying that they would buy this book. Written by someone who not only did not work on the case, but has also been accused of torture on the cases he did in fact work on. Calls the book fiction as he knows full well he has written such junk someone could sue the botty off him! He's just out to make quick money from gullible fools.

Hardly Mr Credible, is he?

JANEGT said...


Good Friday Morning to you or it's afternoon now, eeek how did that happen....

Yes, this book i you can call it that, is trash. They accuse the McCanns of spin, well this has put spin down to a dead is utter drivel.

He has changed names to try to avoid being sued, but that might backfire if Clara has anything to do with it at all. He is clearly on a mission now and who can blame him. Anyone who buys it must be stupid.

His links to Amaral and Casa Pia are disgraceful to those involved and the PJ as a whole.

I do not understand why not one of the many justice committees in the EEC have not ostracised them and started a full enquiry into their practices MONTHS ago.

I am sure it will come.

Mum21 said...

Gina's post this morning was before all this about a mistake began.
There was a mistake on this blog this morning...and that is all it accidental mistake.
Once noticed it was rectified straight away by Rosie.
In all fairness to Rosie...and I am sure everyone will agree with me.....she admitted the mistake was hers. That in itself showed honesty...which we all know Rosie is.
We all make mistakes....even the Queen of blogs.

Gina said...

Janegt yes you have missed something but is doesn't matter. The stirring annon is already taking my posts from here to the other side to stir things up. I am going to leave the child to play

Tinkerbell43 said...

It wasn't right for Rats alleged details to be posted or for her to be caused any upset as a result, but in the same token it is not right for the upset these very same people are dishing out to the McCs on a daily basis.

Criticise the McCs for leaving the children alone if you must, but stop spewing vicious accusations about people you know nothing about.

God forbid anything should happen to one of your own children caused by a lapse in judgement because none of us are infallible and you should think about that every time you stick the knife in. What goes around comes around.

JANEGT said...

thank you Mum21 I only came on at noon and did not understand querying something that isn't there.

As I was coming down the stair
I saw a man who wasn't there
He wasn't there again today...
Oh how I wish he'd go away.

Am I right, or am I right>?? ha ha

Huge storm in a teacup.

I know Rosiepops is totally open and honest more than can be said for other blogs and their moderators...closed and intolerant.

Talking of storms, snow here now. Not lying yet, just ffffreeezzzing.

Sass said...



Does that mean that the McCanns could also write a book, call it fiction and change their names a bit. Gerry could be called Jerry, Kate could be Katy, etc! They could call it a work of fiction so they wouldnt be breaking any laws. That way they could get across what they say about the evening of the 3 May.

Can you imagine the comments if they did that? How come it's all right for someone else to do it though?

JANEGT said...

ha ha just realised MUM21

quoted a poem to a poet.

that's rich.


Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi and bye Sass, just on my way out. Catch you a little later!

Mum21 said...

Just a thought...I cannot help wondering if the anon who constantly posts pretending to be us on Alsa's site is doppelganger.
He posts using his name on here on a regular basis...but you rarely see his name show over there. Just once in a blue moon. And he does LOVE stirring up trouble.
As I said just a thought.

Sass said...

Hiya Tinks

You feeling better now?

I also think that noone should print anyone's details (however tempting!)

There is, as GinaM said, one anon who is busy stirring on Casa Crud's site and on Supertroll's. Whoever it is trying to start an all out blog war! They quoted Doppel as saying something they themselves wrote - that quote was sent to Supertroll's - and they have done the same on Arsabliar's.

Can't believe the wind here. Took out mum and dad's dog and it was like flying a kite! Poor little sausage. He was running round the field sideways!

Mum21 said...

You are spot on there.

But I see no reason why they could not do it....because it would be stated as fiction.

JANEGT said...


I have had that thought too. often.....


Yes indeed. To reverse the situation to the McCanns publishing with scarcely altered names would have meant a lynch mob and government bias and goodness knows what. I can see the screeching headlines now.

Odd no reports on Malinka's car on anti's sites I have been told? Someone emailed me on it. Very odd. Eye patch vision....again....


bye for now. see you are 'flying off'. catch you again I trust.

Gina said...

Mum21 good detective work re anon

melbel said...

Have suspected dad/dope,for weeks,after observing how his mind works,over a period of time.
China thinks so too, though she is not here and can speak for herself.

Mum21 said...

I love your poem. te he he

It is freezing cold here too. But even though it is blowing a gale...the sun is shining.

Mum21 said...

At last we agree on something.

Happy Easter to you.

JANEGT said...


Yes fairly windy here too.

I loved your description on taking your parents' dog for a 'fly' ha ha ha ha great one that......

Sass said...

Back later! Just going to colour some Easter eggs!

See ya


Mum21 said...

Bye Me. te he he.
Well I am off to hoover up the dog hairs in here. Either that or we start swimming in them.
Just thought...I could spin my own knitting wool. Anyone fancy a black scarf still attached to the needles.

JANEGT said...

MELBEL good afternoon

yes, a great many of us suspect doppdopeydad23stirand mix too and have for a long time. He 'thrives' on it clearly. He specialised in causing troubl. You can recognise him by the way her writes....targets one lady, names her, stirs, goes to another, a right butterfly boring b****d.

So transparent with it.

Gina if you too agree on that one, that is good. It is nice to find common groundand agree on something. I despise this blog war and the depths some have sunk to. No excuse.

I bet the Daily Express, Star, Sunday E and Sunday S. are regretting their 'experiment' now in oopenig comments on such a major story. I expect they did not expect it to go on for nearly a year...or more .... and capture people's hearts so much. That is, the ones that have a heart. A lot don't, proveably.

Mandz said...

Happy Easter All,


I have no sympathy for Raty & if I were her I would be so ashamed for insulting the McCann's on a daily basis. She said she knew this family from her past well it's a small world & now we all know..!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Everyone

ha ha ha Sass just back from taking our little dog for a fly too!

Second fly of the day to be precise!

Anything new? Don't tell me we have had another visit from Doppel?

Rosiepops said...


Just read your bit about Malinka being beaten up in orderto confess his "involvement" I wonder if this is true?

What on earth is going on in that country?

JANEGT said...

don't worry guys about quoting CHINADOLL she won't mind I am sure.

She told him last night to 'SOD OFF'. ha ha ha ha

wysiwyg at her subtle best.


JANEGT said...


ME ME ME ME ME!! PLEASE can I have your black knitting? I know you cn't cast off, but please when you dropped the stitches, you said in two places, well, that can be my 'eye' see through holes, and the needles I can cross in my long hair to keep it on, and go and visit my neighbour.......he has 3 kids and isn't happy. I want to cheer him up with an egg. I don't know the state it will be in, been in fridge for 3 months, but I will paint it prettily for him to make him happy.

Thank you. That saves you putting it on ebay....doesn't it?

melbel said...

Had to smile that Swedish thinks that Doby has been "outed ", as Alroy.
I agree with Mandz, that Ratty was abusive, over many months and I cannot shed any tears.Had she been half decent, I would have felt compassion.
Many, I feel , could have personal agendas.
Rosie, I am short sighted and your new aviator looked like that donkey person, from DE !
At my grandsons's Easter party, there was a competition to name the dolly and I chose the name Rosie, since it was free.Let you know, if we win.

I keep thinking of the McCs, on another Bank holiday, without their precious daughter.
Like everyone, I do not think that a half hour goes by, without my thinking about them all.
The sheer injustice gets to me but it cannot go on indefinitely.
I think letters to MPs and Government, to press for an enquiry,could help.
My MP,definitely supports the McCs.

Rosiepops said...

Following the discussion of Melbel and Kiwigirl just now, must say that the points put across were exceptional and well put by both these posters.

I have long been of the opinion that when ordinary people like us come out fighting because we see a dreadful injustice being done, is the time when the perpetrators of the injustice need to start worrying! I could not give a damn about the "apparent" disparity of numbers of those that want to condemn Kate and Gerry McCann, I just go by the people I talk to, my friends and family and I have yet to come across one of them that thinks they did anything to their daughter, there was one at Christmas that thought they may have done but even he has changed his mind now!
Hardly scientific I know, but the same is reported of the friends and other family of those I speak to, so at a guess I would say that Kate and Gerry McCann still enjoy the support of a great many people.

This paragraph I have taken from melbel's post which I think sums an awful lot up............
"I am an ordinary gran and had never heard of blogs and forums,but what is being done to these people and their dear parents and extended family and friends, makes me despair.
We will not allow this witch hunt and persecution, to continue and I would not under estimate the effect that the DE group, apologising,will have.
These hate blogs and Portugese tabloids and writers,need to fear.
The idea that we would notionally give up our lives,for other's freedom of speech, does not extend to people writing wicked,libellous, accusatory things about people not charged with anything."

By Melbel

Mel I hope you do not mind me borrowing this from you.
But I could not agree with this more.

In this Britain of ours we fought against injustice and against all odds we won and this kind of fight is ingrained into our psyche's.

If Portugal insist on carrying on this flagrant breach of this poor couple's human rights and not least because the Pj, the Portuguese government and "some" Portuguese people seem to be forgetting and ignoring that a little girl was put to bed in their country and was abducted from it! Well if they carry on like this and insist on the persecution of Kate and Gerry McCann, then they will actually discover just how bloody minded the British can be.

melbel said...

My husband has threatened to put me on e bay,if I do not stop hogging the computer and this, for a person, who was dragged, kicking and screaming, to use computers,minimally,at work, before retirement.

Rosiepops said...


Oh no not another naff avatar I seem to have picked! I seem to be having a little difficulty getting a new suitable one.

It is the angel of peace and happiness, which is what I wish each and everyone of you and of course I long to see arrive at the McCann's.

I just feel so much for them, this is another holiday they are being forced to spend not knowing where their child is, I just keep hoping and praying for an Easter miracle for them.
Easter is such an important event and spring, new life and renewed hope. May God grant this to this poor couple and their parents and give them the strength they need to carry on until they can bring Madeleine home where she belongs.

Rosiepops said...


Tell hubby to get you a laptop! But if you do make sure you get a mouse too, because if you are anything like me you will hate using the inbuilt one, takes far too long!

Christabel said...

Good afternoon and happy good Friday all.

Firstly I am so glad you have all realised who the s**t stirring anon is.

Rosie how long have I been saying this ?
He also posts on here under another name, very craftily but not craftily enough.

I have to agree with Mandz re Rat I'm afraid.
I think there are some posters with memory loss.
Didn't she threaten to name Jane a few weeks back?

As for docnot complaining about anyone else naming anyone, well that has to be the best yet.

melbel said...

Yes Rosie and for all the faults we may have ,as a country, there is a lot right,too.
Were the position reversed and a Portugese child, God forbid, abducted, in our country, it would be the Brits doing the fighting for them and for an enquiry.
Our Police, would never, in a million years, use these methods of leaks and discrediting people.
It is hard evidence only and the press have been warned by West Yorks Police, to back off and be careful what they print re Shannon.

Rosiepops said...


I have to read back I don't know what has happened, I took the little dog out and came back to see a few references so will have to look and see what has happened.

Mandz said...

“For legal reasons I, as the author, cannot tell you what the truth, the reality of this case, is. I can, however, assure you that you can find it here, in the lines of this book.”

That says it all really and should be used if the McCann’s were going to sue. As Seawitch has already said… who gave him the information and what was the reason for doing so and what about their dare I say it…….”secrecy law”…?

As for the Russian allegedly being beaten up? What is going on in that Country? Why are the people not up and arms about their so called judicial system etc?

We should all write to our MP about this matter. They might put up with it but we don't.....

Rosiepops said...


You are so right, if this was any other nationality of any child gone missing in this country and our police had behaved like this, there would have been merry hell to play! And it would be the British playing it too! as a nation we would just not accept this behaviour from our police force, fortunately although of course we do have wrong ones in our police force, we have never been forced to witness a debacle like this, it is an absolute abomination and an abuse of police powers and it just would not be tolerated here!

If I were Portuguese I would be incensed and extremely embarrassed by all of this.

Gina said...

Rosie,Mum,Mandz, can I at least score one brownie point now for telling that poster to f off. Now you see why, always a polite anon post but always with a stirring motive.

I am now off to play with my CID friends who have just arrived and want to pay "cops on hols" which means finding the nearest bar to relax in. HAPPY EASTER - I came in peace and will blogger off in the same vein now

Mandz said...

Hi Christabel,

Yes she did say that about Jane and you should have seen what she was calling us the other day.

Christabel said...


you really should re phrase that comment about playing with your CID friends lol !.

Rosiepops said...


Like you I am aghast at what is coming out of Portugal and I am now beginning to understand just why Tuck Price jumped in to give his friend Robert Murat an alibi!

Wasn't there another PJ officer who was found guilty of beating a motorists up for something? Or something like this? Quite serious complaint and I believe he was found guilty!

What is going on in that country? Until it is sorted out they should be asked to leave the EU. Obviously Portugal does not appear ready to be a Member state just now.

Something MUST be done about this book and its odious arguido ex PJ police chief author, whose best mate apparently is Tubby Goncalo Amaral, yet another arguido facing serious allegations and charges in a court of law.

I will be writing to my MP and I will ask him to bring this up in Parliament.

This dreadful situation has gone on for too long already.

JANEGT said...


It didn't take a rocket scientist to agree with us, it appears many many do too. good.

Chinadoll told him to s*d off last night. Priceless. Did you see it????


ha ha ha can't get off now and didn't want on in first place. hee hee....

I was told by my daughter whozzat Mum. a Blog? at YOUR AGE. what are you playing at....???

She thinks I am a lost cause now.

She told me last week, hey Mum there are 2 other Mums like you, totally obsessed. Wish I knew if they posted here they are pro Madeleine, pro Justice, pro Innocent until Proven Guilty which other blogs forget, or totally reverse that it should be the McCanns proving their innocence.

OH NO IT IS NOT....!!!! If your police cannot prove it, don't expect the innocent parties, the McCanns to do so. What utter cr*p!

Gina said...

Christabel said...

you really should re phrase that comment about playing with your CID friends lol !.

Depends what you are playing!! don't be a spoil sport lol over roger and out

Mandz said...

They are a disgrace Rosie and kick them out of EU...

Yes there was some other charge - again beating someone up etc...But no one is doing anything about it.

JANEGT said...


re The EU

I agree Portugal's membership should be suspended as of now. I referred lightly to this in earlier post at lunchtime......

Turkey was refused because of their attitude towards Cyprus.....and until they cleaned their act up, a NO resoundingly echoed. Same should apply here no doubt at all about that.

I saw earlier you are now boycotting Portuguese goods. What a great idea. I, as of now, am in your DON'T BUY PORTUGAL'S PRODUCTS too. I had not thought of that, but it is a really sensible idea. Not only have they lost a great deal of their tourist industry, they will also lose their retail industry too. GREAT. Put our money where our mouth is.........

Well said Rosiepops......

melbel said...

Well.That takes the biscuit.
Alsa says that "The PJ,have also been libelled and insulted,by what has been recently confirmed as some ever so sloppy UK journalism, that put prejudices and money, ahead of investigation,good journalism and plain human decency ".

Christabel said...


to true, but if you can't be good, just be careful lol.

melbel said...

Send me a paella recipe, sometime, o impress my friends.

Gina said...

Christabel, no probs I am under police protection!!!!!!

joanypony said...

Hi everyone, they don't call this the frozen north for nothing - -5 degrees wind chill today!

No gardening done today Rosiepops, by the time the gale ends I'll be lucky if I have anything left to garden!!!

Regarding your post, would what this guy has done not be prejudicial to any 'case' the PJ say they have against the McCanns.

There is no disguising who or what he is writing about, it is a damn disgrace.

Mandz said...

Taken from the Times:

It would not be the first time that a child taken from Portugal has ended up in the grip of a paedophile ring. In 1998, an 11-year-old boy called Rui Pedro Mendonça vanished while walking home from school in the northern Portuguese town Lousada. A month later, hopes were raised when he was sighted with a middle-aged man in Disneyland in Paris. Then three years later, his mother’s worst fears were realised.

Horrific images of Rui Pedro being sexually abused were reportedly uncovered during an international police operation that cracked a global paedophile network. More than 200 paedophiles in 13 countries had exchanged more than 750,000 images of children through a private internet club called Wonderland.

The Portuguese boy’s mother, Filomena Teixera, flew to Switzerland to view the pictures and was apparently able to identify her son. But he has never been found. The trail has gone cold and investigators fear that may have been murdered to cover up the abuse. Now the disappearance of Madeleine has brought those agonising memories flooding back.

Six other children are listed as having disappeared in Portugal. Not all are suspected of having been snatched by paedophiles, but one case in particular has drawn attention for its startling similarities. Rui Pereira was 13 years old when he vanished in 1999 -- just a few months after Rui Pedro -- from the northern town of Famalicão. There was later a reported sighting of the boy in Switzerland, in the company of two Italians.

His mother, Laurinda Meira, also continues to believe he is alive. “He must be tall,” she said two months ago, when he should have been celebrating his 22nd birthday. “I would like to open the door one day and find him there.”

All his clothes and possessions remain in the exactly the same place as they were when he vanished from their lives. “I am sure that he is alive, but not totally well” she told Portuguese daily, Journal de Notícias. “He could be into drugs, or prostitution or as a slave, we just don’t know.”

Child protection campaigners have alleged that a culture of corruption and complacency in Portugal is allowing such kidnappings to continue unabated. The founder of the Switzerland-based group Innocence in Danger has said she had tried to set up an office in Portugal but it gave up because of the reluctance of the authorities.

Homayra Sellier said after Madeleine's dissappearance last week that Portugal is a country in which “the corruption has gone so high that there's nothing we can do”.

“The fact that the girl (Madeleine) was kidnapped from her bed shows how bad things are.”

helenm said...

Hi all,

For those of you who are interested I have survived thehangover from hell! Never again. Too old to play those games!!

Happy Easter to you all.


I saw earlier you are now boycotting Portuguese goods. What a great idea. I, as of now, am in your DON'T BUY PORTUGAL'S PRODUCTS too. I had not thought of that, but it is a really sensible idea. Not only have they lost a great deal of their tourist industry, they will also lose their retail industry too. GREAT. Put our money where our mouth is.........

Would love to join you in this, but.............I'm sure you can see the problem. Just had a thought.... it will be great for the diet!!!!LOL

A friend is trying to drag me off for a walk, so will catch you all late.

melbel said...

Our Jane
I am the last person, in the world to be doing this,but had no idea what my daughter meant, the other month,about being worried I would become a troll.
I do enjoy your witty comments and if you hold a team weekend, anytime, put me down.
I will write to my MP, who thinks the McCs are innocent and deplores the media treatment.
I have previously written to GB, Home and Foreign Secretary, but , naturally, they will not discuss with a third party, not involved.
Just because we see nothing going on publicly, I guess, does not mean that things are not going on, behind the scenes, I hope.
I wrote to Portugese President,but had no reply.
I do not bother with e mails and prefer the old handwritten letter.
This has gone on for too long and in view of any action from Portugese,it surely cannot be going anywhere, this case.
There is no bureaucracy blocking them here.
It is their end, not ours re any delay.
It is a strange carryon, though, when their tabloids were blaming our end re delay in sorting out these questions and then heir Minister of Justice,or whatever, was forced to admit, that these questions, were not yet sent to the Home Office.
What do you make of this blind patriotism and refusal to criticise their Police?
After all, in view of all these beating ups, they are hardly blame free !
Cor, took the old lass ages to type that, one finger !
Bet you are not still there.
Hi also to Christabel.

JANEGT said...



chilli the new alka seltzer???

did you use the hot water bottle with iced water too? ha ha ha

Yes, Rosiepops came up with that brill suggestion we do not buy Portuguese goods. As of now, that is precisely what I am doing and telling everyone to do that too.

We can then view these nasty bloggers coming on here insulting us through the top of a plughole... that's where they'll be. A lot of the Nannies and other staff come from UK so they too will not want to go there for a job. Less tourists, less trade, down the plughole.......then hopefully the EEC commissions/committees will be more involved as they surely must be watching this fiasco already. Even if just from the human rights angle surely!!!!!

Mandz said...

You know the Portuguese posters go on and on about Maddie v Shannon and the lack of attention Shannon got and what a disgrace etc however I have never seen one of them ever mention their “MISSING CHILDREN” like the ones I have just posted from the Times?? Why???

JANEGT said...

Spanish Wine, French wine, etc

Buy British veggies,

Import from other areas, he he

I know your problem we will forgive you...your goods will become cheaper as result of Rosie's Boycott ha ha ha get it? famour mp Rosie boycott???? oh dear never mind. Your goods, Helen, will drop in price as there will be a glut, so you will benefit, as you are a pro I will allow you to buy your country's goods but only once rock bottom prices. OK? Special Jane Dispensation. ;o)))


You live where I used to work for years. loved it apart from the cold cold winds from the sea..... LOVE YOUR CAT AVATAR.


a team meeting?? ha ha my duahgter would definitely leave home then. She really thinks I have 'lost it'.......and even hee hee hee warned me about people not being who they say they are ... on blogs. ROFLMAO big time.

I don't know any 'team' round where I live yet. I would love to be able one day when happy news arrives to meet up. Maybe the DE will pay our flight and hotel bills? We could claim it under PTSD ? )post traumatic stress dailyexpressdisorder? Maybe my MP will pay....

By the way I will now 'out' myself.

My name is Condoleeza Rice. You knew that all along didn't ya? Ye. No flies on you lot. ;o))))

melbel said...

it must be prejudicial,because whatever disclaimer he tries to use,it is identifiably about Madeleine.
The Mccs will get the blame for that too,so that is a double whammey for the Portugese.
You live in a beautiful country which I have visited a good few times. I know you love us English, really[only kidding !]
When it is something like this,we are all united, anyways and what a force, we will be, if any dirty tricks are tried, at the Portugese end.

Mandz, that Times article is very disturbing and the Times has a proud history of investigative journalism and truthfulness,so I believe it.
There is a lot more to come out.

JANEGT said...

just a thought HELEN

How can you type with a major hangover???? You posted here, post your lunch, and talked sense, well as much as you usually do ha ha ha - and keyed in the right letters.

I type in like a reject script from 'Allo 'Allo all the time when sober....!!!


Christabel said...

Hi melbel and Mandz,

I think it would be great if some UK journalist wrote a book on their "theories" on the PJ investigation and treatment of the McCanns.

I honestly cannot believe some numpty EX PJ like him could be head of Portuguese National Association of Missing Children.
The more kids that go missing, the more books he can write.
Wonder if he has started one on poor little Mari Luz case yet ??
He's a disgrace to is country and The Association of Missing Children.
Who gave him that position ?????

melbel said...

Happy Easter Helen
We are strong stuff, us Lancashire hotpots !
You are quite right about the Portugese posters, never highlighting their missing children.
Alsa has, seemingly struck out, the link to Felicity and put in a missing children one, but it is belated and probably aimed to impress Google, when they come to get her re the libellous posts,on her blog.
There are some real loose cannons on there and it can only be a matter of time.2345 and erepa will be in the law courts, before too long.
I see that the doc spends a lot of time, reading us, which he would not, if he simply thought we were a bunch of old bats.
Well, if looking after sick kids, he could not and would not.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Joanypony

re your post as I do not think there is any doubt about who he means. I believe this could significantly harm the defence of the McCann's should this ever get to court, which incidentally I doubt ever will!

How come Portugal's secrecy laws do not extend to stopping the publication of this book? Not least because its odious author is nothing short of an arguido himself and will soon be in the dock facing deadly serious charges of forcing a confession under torture out of the mother of another missing child 'Joana Cipriano'.

What the hell is Portugal playing at?

Incidentally, if these officers (including Goncalo Amaral who was kicked off the Madeleine investigation) are found guilty then Leonor Cipriano, (missing Joana's mother) will be able to have another appeal heard in Portugal and if an appeal is heard I understand that she has a good chance of her conviction being quashed!

This is extremely serious for the PJ.

Yet despite all of this, this man Paulo Cristovao is still be allowed to publish his filth and make money out of Madeleine and I think it is disgusting.

How come we do not read about this man being condemned on the other two blogs? Or is it simply OK for this foul person to do this, just because he is Portuguese?

JANEGT said...


thank you for posting that. I read it at the time, and thought how awful, but now, re-reading it in light of what has happened since, and the attituds, it is even more apt......

Yes, I agree with you, why can't they see there is an ongoing problem? Why can't they see there could be links here? Why do they think it is stopped as there is no evidence of that???? So many questions come out now, that we did not realise at time article written. It is an eye opener.

All I can suggest is that they are totally in 'denial' and afraid. Afraid, as Mrs Murat hersef offered up a stall for information re Madeleine, for people 'too afraid to go to often to we hear recounted this 'fear factor' re the police in Portugal?

Clearly coz if you park there 2 mins over time, you get beaten up? As this cartoon scenario seems not far from truth, givn what is coming out now.......Casa Pia they will not discuss as it is 'over' or a 'closed matter', but no not to me, too many similarities. Too much unexplained. These beatings by to be explained there. Further - 2 disreputable PJ/exPJ people coming to our news now, how dare they even think we are sympathetic to their cause. Not one bit of it. PARASITES....

nothing less and probably a lot, lot more imho.

Also Malinka's SECOND vehicle fire, one before Madeleine was taken one now.....this is not an item with them either. They close down important stories, attitudes, anything at all negative instead of what we in UK do, open it up, discuss, and change it for the better.

Beggars belief.

I agree with you.

JANEGT said...

I really wish

were in our time zone, as when I read back their overnight posts, I long to join in. I did once - but suffered next day as had eyes like road maps and talked gibberish and yes, before you say it, noone noticed the difference.

wish that was a joke...........

Christabel said...

Hi melbel and Mandz,

I think it would be great if some UK journalist wrote a book on their "theories" on the PJ investigation and treatment of the McCanns.

I honestly cannot believe some numpty EX PJ like him could be head of Portuguese National Association of Missing Children.
The more kids that go missing, the more books he can write.
Wonder if he has started one on poor little Mari Luz case yet ??
He's a disgrace to is country and The Association of Missing Children.
Who gave him that position ?????

joanypony said...


It seems there is one law for them and another for the McCanns, that is not justice.

As for the fact that the 'other' bloggers seem to condone anything the PJ do and absolutely crucify anything the McCanns do is because they are so blinkered, brain-washed and narrow minded, no mind of their own!

Christabel said...

Whoops sorry if this came through twice it was still in my comment box, and I thought it hadn't been sent.

melbel said...

HI Christabel and a very Happy Easter to you and yours.
I bet that waiting in the wings, there are hundreds of journalists on the case,just waiting for the arguido status to be lifted and then they will let rip.
I pity the poor Portugese Chief, now working on this case, replacing Tubby, as they sold him a pup and I bet the poor chap was furious at inheriting someone else's cock up.
I would still give some respect, if he had the guts and decency, to come clean and put his hands up.
After all, it was not he, who made the initial mistakes.
it is shameful, that Madeleine is not on his list of missing children
and I would not trust him, to find his way out of a paper bag.

JANEGT said...


He did not come in to 'take over' the case with a fresh eye, he was put in to cover up and be 'seen' to move forwards, whilst clearly walking backwards...just look at the 'rogatory letters' fiasco. come on. We are not stupid. I know who IS though...........we all do.

Rosiepops said...

I thought Alsabliar had struck out the link to Viv/Felicity's because they had fallen out of the blogs?

There was no need to have struck Viv's blog out to put this one up, she could have done it in addition!

Will not save her anyway as she has allowed posters like 2345 and arepa etc to post such utter fantasist nonsense, she was warned about it many times, but her and Claudia decided to laugh at the warnings and now it is too late.

Many on that blog can expect to get into some serious trouble and it serves them right.

With regard to Rat, I have lost count of the number of times she has threatened people like the McCann's, Clarence Mitchell.

She outed Clarence Mitchell one week saying she knew that he was going to take his children to a football match and she named the day and the ground. I thought this was foolish and ridiculous beyond belief. She also ranted against this man's wife and saw nothing wrong in involving an innocent family in this. She used to rant against Clarence Mitchell, all day every day at one point.

Then she also threatened to name Jane too.

Also she has left trails to her own website at her college, they were there for all to see.

While I would not wish her distress, I feel she has brought it upon herself with her behaviour.

joanypony said...

Hi Melbel and JANEGT

Mel nothing against the English, just their sports reporters!!!!

Jane, you will know about the north easterly wind, I keep thinking the roof of the house is about to blow off.

The avatar is my daughter's cat, he is 20 years old, looks good for his age, the dog that I used is her dog Shelby who is 11.

Getting a portrait done of the two of them for daughter's birthday, will give you website once the artist says the 'work in progress' is on line. I just feel that the dog and cat will not be with us much longer and I would like her to have a memento of them.

melbel said...

Christa, I meant the chancer in charge of the Portugese missing children, who could not find his way,out of a paper bag.
Jane, who are the 2 ex pjs on our news and wanting sympathy ?
I did not quite get that.A bit slow, on the uptake !

Rosiepops said...


I had actually said what had happened earlier on today and I had seen no post from you asking a question, or I would have answered it.

As for notdoc, this person is an ace manipulator and I would trust him about as far as I could throw a grand piano!

Glad it is sorted.

JANEGT said...


wow 20 for a cat is OOOOLLLLLDDDDD. Is the cat well otherwise as that is a really good age for a cat.......bless. Yes, see what you mean about the photo..... My cat was 11 when it died, run over, and I still miss it.....Pets are like people and a member of your family.

joanypony said...


The photo was taken last Sunday. He is amazing.

melbel said...

Hi Rosie
My knowledge of computers, can be written on a postage stamp !
Did not realise, that they had had a spot of bother.
Even those who claim to be sat on the fence, to me,have put themselves, in the wrong, by allying to those blogs.
If people have doubts, still, why, attach yourself to posters like that?
I did enjoy an anon putting 2345 down, reading back, suggesting that this is probably the most important thing that had ever happened, to him.Brimming with self importance, but how sad, for this to happen,as a side result to a child going missing.

JANEGT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
supertroll said...

Good afternoon everyone,

Though the weathyer could be better!
Rosiepops, Jane,
as predicted I have been accused of naming the Rat...

Do you think that if I had wanted to do such a thing I would be running a public blog?

These people's detective skills baffle me at times.

I am also a stalker because I run a blog to attack Viv.

What does that make her then!!!


melbel said...

OH Dear Jane !
Usually expect a woman,at least, to have a bit of pity!
Well,my old bean, I am off now and might be back,but might not,depending how it pans out.
Enjoyed chatting to you all and have a Happy Easter, all.
Take care
Mel xxx

supertroll said...


I have just read your posts in my blog.



JANEGT said...


I like that....accusing me with only ever one id of havin multi id's ha ha ha these listed were the nicknaes I was called, and fully joined in with eg

jane g & t


these are not multi=ids at all nams bloggers gave me and I joined in the joke......

The person however plainwaters/josiepublic/viv and oh ywaaaaaaaawwwwwn so many ids themselves, has a cheek to call me names she herself more than earned. she has lost the plot bigtime. clearly noone on her blog at all. Like concorde with no passengers, now even the pilot has left. She attacks us all regularly for 'fun' she needs her medication topped up.

plainboringuttercr*pwaters needs you and her 32 pals. but you will only find one lonely woman there.

Don't worry, 'multi-personality disorder' is the term, but we can't use that, as she has none - personality that is. Hasn't brains she was born with clearly.

Pity her.

JANEGT said...

sorry folks, if you go to Supertrolls blog, I was attacked by a blogger calling herself one name of PLAINWATERS. I responded. I then recieved an attack on my response to PLANWATERS by had forgotten who she was for a mo, so replied to that, and she started attack as PLAINWATERS and signed off as..............

need I go on?

If you want a laugh have a look at supertroll's blog. I am still laughing now.

calcite51 said...

Good morning, e1 and it is morning here.

Hope you are having a good day.

Does anyone know who this Arepa is and where she came from? I don't remember reading anything written by her on DE.

She is at least on the right blog. Can anyone imagine being married to Mrs. Consecutive numbers? Her poor husband - he must be out of his mind or very meek. "Yes, dear" "You're right, dear." lol

melbel said...

Very well done.I went over to Supers blog,which I can only ever find, by clicking her link,when she posts and was well impressed with the pair of you.
I will be wondering now,about the identity of the "good previous anti".
Just come on over. We are human beings,on this side.If in good faith, you would be welcomed.
Tata again .really going now.
Gone x

melbel said...

Happy Easter Calcite
I had just gone and am going,but well said, you, on your post, this morning.
I never heard of this arepa,before,but she totally lost it , the other day, giving her postcode, etc, after threatening to jump from Cardiff Bridge and to do a mass streak, at a major game,or outside House of Commons, after the DE, apologised !
You could not make it up !
There is enough material, in these blogs, for students of Human behaviour, to keep them going for hundreds of years.
Really going now,my friend, as I have given myself,car and motion sickness, kind of, keep typing one finger, on this rocking chair.
All the very best x x x

calcite51 said...

ST - went to visit your blog.

Excellent comments by Jane, Diane and ST. Way to go guys!

Rosie has been badly abused by Viv/Felicity, Alsabella, Docmac and whoever else was having a bad day.

supertroll said...

Hi Melbel,

The post by the previous anti is very interesting. I don't know what to think yet, but it is very well written.

I do hope this person does come out eventually, it would be nice. I don't think they are all bad down there a few who have been misguided by the real nuts.

I had received some other interesting anon posts too a couple of weeks ago from someone claiming to be close to Viv.

He/she said that she was going to out Viv, so I wonder if this is the same person outed RAT


calcite51 said...

Do we know for a fact that Rat was outed?

How does anyone know this? I've been reading but I think I must have missed something?

melbel said...

A Very happy Easter
Fingers crossed about what you said.
The bad guys should not always get away with it and I will watch with interest.They do too much damage in the world
Good on you, girl for your website
Wish I had your guts, I really do
Take care now x x x

supertroll said...


They hate Rosiepops so much because she speaks sense, and they can't stand it.

They are there solely to preach hatred and to try and convince others of the McCann's guilt.

Proof of this is that they will accept any view however false or cruel in their blogs, as long as it goes against the McCann's.

They cannot stand the fact that Rosiepops and others will NOT accept their views so they go about this by trying to assasinate her character and credibility.

but by doing all this and using all their multiple ID they have no credibility whatsoever.


supertroll said...

Thank you Melbel,

Have a very happy easter as well.
I hope the weather is good where you are


helenm said...


From one illiterate computer whizz to another all I can say is just play around with it!!

Regarding Supertroll's site when youhave accessed it look to the top left, you should see 1big star and a green cross with smaller star at the side of it. Click the smaller star and you will then be able to add it to your favourites. When you have the need to access it again just click on the big star and scroll down until you find it.

Hope you understand this, one Lancashire lass to another, although I don't reckon I should be talking to you as you flitted over the border didn't you?

calcite51 said...

I am signing off now - will be back later. Been on the computer long enough - we are three sharing this computer the worst half, my daughter and little MOI.

Take care everyone, enjoy your Easter and thanks for the Easter bunny, Rosiepops.

JANEGT said...


oh dear, missed you again......


and speak to you soon I hope

supertroll said...

Goodbye Calcite, and have a happy easter.

Re your question about if Rat was really outed, I suspect she has been.

She left far too much information about herself in her posts, including a blog in her profile which linked her to her college.

Viv had a go at me for mentioning the fact that she was a computer lecturer, but I was only repeating what rat had said in her own posts.

Maybe next time she wants to go posting hateful comments and antagonising people she might want to stay a bit more anonymous.


supertroll said...

I am off too,

Going to spend some time with the family. They have been a bit abandoned for the last hour or so.

Take care everyone and speak to you soon.


JANEGT said...


enjoy the family time, I too am off to cook dinner.

catch you soon


archer said...

Hello everyone

Happy Easter. xx

Crikey, I go away for a little while and just look what you have been getting up to !

Very interesting posts on here and SuperTrolls. Anybody heard if Baththeory from DX has re-incarnated anywhere?

Rosiepops said...

Just read this from 2345 is this woman or ostrich?

2345 said...

Alsa's blog - no news released in Portugal of 'arson' attack or that Police are investigating it.

Friday, 21 March 2008 07:21:00 o'clock GMT

Rosiepops said...

Couple that with 2345 saying that the DX didn't really go to court and there there was no settlement and this was all a publicity stunt pulled by Clarence.

I would say defintely "Ostrich"

archer said...


That's being Polite - too polite!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Archer

Was wondering where you were, hope you are enjoying your Easter break.

Haven't given him a thought, but certainly haven't seen him around anywhere.

Rosiepops said...


love your avatar.

I was wondering if Battheory had run away with Roth?

helenm said...


2345 also tried to imply that Malinka's car had not been blown up as well. I can confirm with my own eyes that his vehicle (an Audi I believe, but don't hold me to that) has indeed been 'blown' up.

Jane, do Ineed to get my nurses uniform on? I see you hve been shouting for me again!!lol

archer said...


Have been catching up on the mundane household chores and food shopping! Everything has been a bit neglected of

I see you have had a bit of a bashing - again. The tide is turning I really do believe that.

How has your day been, other than that?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Supertroll

If you are still around I remember rat always mentioning that she was a computer lecturer and she also had this in her DX profile, maybe still there for all I know!

One thing I have noted is that you can no longer gain access to peoples profiles on the DX, you have to physically look them up and click on the hyperlink!

She herself left an electronic trail while behaving in a bullish thuggish fashion, none to bright for someone in her position methinks.

see you later hopefully .

archer said...


Well, that would be an interesting 'pair' don't know if he would be able to get a word in edgeways though!

Are you thinking what I'm thinking then?

Rosiepops said...


fine thanks, going out tomorrow night so will not be around too much then.

But like you have a lot to catch up on! Like a heck of a lot of decorating! Paint still in tins etc! Must start another room next week!

archer said...


Am sending you some mail..

Rosiepops said...

Hi Helen

Have you got over your hangover yet? That will teach you to have liquid lunches.

2345 is a lost cause if she was there and it had blown up before her eyes she would think up an excuse to say it had not really happened, she would probably say it is a hologram!

Rosiepops said...

Ok will have a look!

Rosiepops said...

no haven't got it!

archer said...


Computor went into a spasm - only just sent it....snail mail....

Rosiepops said...


made a rambler of a post at 12.48 on Alsabliar's.

Why is this man such a lying impostor?

He would make a conspiracy out of anything, the man is an arse!

He advised Pratonthebeam to go for the throat. (she's not a real rat docprat, even if she behaves like one).

Why does this idiot always surface when there is trouble? he revels in it, he is a real sick weirdo and he protests far too much.

chinadoll said...

I have already made my feelings known on this book.

It really is, further puting Portugal in a bad light. The arguido author, is one of five other current and ex pj arguidos, who collectively, stand accused of perverting the course of justice in another case involving a missing child.

It seems to me, that if the pj cannot find legal means to get their suspects into court, then the next best bet, is to leak totally unfounded and despicable rumours about same.

When this does not reap the desired effect, then write a book about the case and stitch them up again. It seems the Portuguese just lap it up, as their pj can do no wrong. What does this say about the author and readers of such claptrap?

In my opinion, the author is attempting to pervert the course of justice in the Madeleine case - which is truly gobsmacking, bearing in mind he has been formally charged with doing so in the Cipriano case.

Perhaps he thinks he will score some brownie points amongst his brethren, prior to his pending trial.

The more I read about democracy and justice - Portuguese style, the more it stinks.

Portugal really is in danger of becoming the laughing stock of Europe and that is sad.

calcite51 said...

Rosie - I think they're all rambling on that site - IMHO none of them are making a lot of sense apart from one anonymous poster who seems to be getting deleted (what a surprise (NOT) that is).

2345 is always in denial - nothing new there.

And wasn't that nice of Alsabella to thank the police for all the sacrifices they've made.

I'd like to thank all the allied forces who are fighting in countries like Afghanistan and Iraq so people like Notdoc and Alsabella can continue to speak freely.

Too bad, some people abuse this freedom and are very likely going to be taken to task (rightfully so) for going to far with their comments.

chinadoll said...

Well said Calcite.

calcite51 said...

Chinadoll - I agree with the post. What I don't get for the life of me is why the Prime Minister and his cabinet are not coming out against this nonsense that's going on in Portugal.

Unless, of course an election is coming up soon and they're afraid of stepping on toes and losing the election?

calcite51 said...

Chinadoll- sorry not very clear - I meant the Portugal PM and his cabinet.

chinadoll said...

Personally, Calcite,

I think they just do not want to lose face and cannot admit that they have made a mistake.

It has almost become like a kind of competition. They have tried everything they can, to break this family and still, cannot realise that they will not - because the McCanns are innocent.

Lost in all this mess, of course, is little Madeleine.

So very, very sad.

Rosiepops said...

Evening China,

I could not agree more with what you have written and it is sad. It is almost as if the Portuguese people are scared of the PJ and bearing in mind what has allegedly happened to Sergai Malinka and others I am not surprised.

I really think thay Europe has a role to play here because they simply cannot allow a member state to carry on in this fashion.

Portugal simply has to get a grip and be forced into holding a public inquiry into this and it needs to be done now.

Those involved in the Casa Pia trial were supposed to be in court, why wasn't this reported on?

I would like to know what is happening here.

chinadoll said...


I did not say 'hello'

I hope you are enjoying Easter.

calcite51 said...

It's Good Friday here still. Enjoyed the day off from work and being on here when you guys are here is great.

Family dinner is on Sunday - probably ham.

I hope you are enjoying your Easter, Rosie et al..

chinadoll said...

Absolutely Rosie,

It seems like they have closed ranks and strictly applied the secrecy law, to the Casa Pia case.
What does that tell us?

Deep down, I can picture these officers seething that they could not apply their usual summary justice to Kate McCann and wrap the case up - just as they have been accused of doing in the Cipriano case and for which they are Arguidos.

chinadoll said...

That avatar of yours is sure one fancy door knob Rosie - Art Deco style? hehehe

chinadoll said...


It is lovely to have you here at the same time too.

Your comment about the armed forces, will be appreciated by many.

JANEGT said...

evening again
china, calcite and of course rosiepops

Dinner over dishes done. what's happening?

Nothing new I don't expect.

No 'visitors' yet tonight?


calcite51 said...

I heard that Kate and Gerry will not be going to Portugal on May 3 (their lawyer apparently recommended they not go).

It is unfortunate that they won't be going but I think it is a wise decision at this time for their sakes.

This Easter has to be so hard for them - their first Easter without Madeleine. My heart breaks for them.

chinadoll said...

Hiya Janegt,

It seems that the Portuguese actually view this book with a type of twisted pride - as if the world will believe this nonsense!!!!

As if pigs will fly, more like.

calcite51 said...

Hi, Jane - no visitors as of yet - knock wood.

chinadoll said...


They forget, that the rest of the world has not been indoctrinated, into believing, that their elite police force, is the outfit it is cracked up to be over there.

JANEGT said...



It's so trashy I wouldn't put it in my bin!!!!

It beggars me how someone of that ill repute can even try to publish it at all, but to be PROUD of it is ridiculous. They don't think as if the situation were everesed, and the McCanns wrote FICTIONAL BOOK ALSO about their experiences changing only a couple of names about corrupt, women bashing police, they would not be 'proud' of that, far from it, they would be baying for blood.

Double standards.

But as it is all fiction, it appears it does not matter. Just imagine the scenes by Portugal bloggers though if they did, there would be bloodshed........

Did yu read back at all today Chinadoll as Rosieboycott. ha ha ha gt it? Rosiepops has boycotted all Portuguese goods, as have I now. Join us. Please?????

JANEGT said...

everesed = reversed.

An old Scottish term for....

bu**ering up your keys...ha ha ha

Rosiepops said...

You are right they are all rambling, I think it is finally beginning to sink in that their sainted PJ have no evidence at all against the McCann's and the reason for this is of course is because they are totally innocent.

Apparently the latest is that the PJ are coming on April 7th, trouble is they did not state which year!

If they do they are not going to talk to Kate and Gerry apparently! Why? Is this another ploy to waste some more time?

When are the PJ going to admit they got this wrong and messed up big time? And in so doing they allowed Madeleine to be spirited away somewhere and are now allowing her abductors to get away with their crime.

What a disgrace. Poor little girl.

helenm said...

Hi all,

Rosie your avatar will have to go, either that or don't post too much. I suffer with migraines, sometimes initiated through wavy lines, especially black and white ones!! Husband is banned from striped shirts unless they are the non iron ones of course!!lol

Had dinner out this evening (I must say my social life doesn't half pick up in Portugal) you will be pleased to know that we ate CHINESE, is that allowed?

chinadoll said...

Sorry Janegt,

I will not hold the entire country to blame by boycotting anything Portuguese.

Personally, I would not holiday there, as I do not have any faith in the pj or their justice system and whilst I would not willing break any laws, I would hate to become a victim of crime and have to rely on the pj for help.

Actually, I have read that Kate & Gerry were truly grateful for the help and support of the local people and I watched that on tv with my own eyes.

IMHO, it is not the people, but the archaic and unjust system, which is at fault.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Evening All,

I heard too the PJ are supposed to be coming on the 7th. This is one week before the April 14th deadline. Does anyone know if they can apply for another extension ?

calcite51 said...

Well, I'd like to join in your boycott but I don't think I have any Portuguese items in my home. I'm sure there are specialty stores that specialize in Spanish/Portuguese items.

But I promise I will NOT under any circumstances buy/read/borrow that book when it is of course translated in English (if ever it is).

The first book he wrote sold 10,000copies apparently - I wonder if Alsabella and Claudia brought 5,000copies each. Now they have Arepa, 2345, not doc - should be good for 15,000 - 20,000?

JANEGT said...

helen that's OK. let you off.....

Calcite glad no 'visitors', may be a lovely, funny and calm night. Can but hope.

Hope Mum21 hasn't blown into orbit in the gale hanging on to a dog lead....???

Snow not lying thank heavens.

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