Sunday, 23 March 2008

Missing children who turned up alive

Last Updated: 2:37am GMT 16/03/2008

Cases in which children are kidnapped and are subsequently rescued alive after a gap of several week are very rare. Nonetheless, a handful of individuals have come through the experience in recent years. Their journey back to normal life has often been traumatic.

Natascha Kampusch

An Austrian schoolgirl who disappeared at the age of 10 became a media celebrity when she was found eight years later in August 2006.

Her kidnapper, Wolfgang Priklopil, threw himself in front of a train shortly after she escaped from the house she was being held in near Vienna.

Danielle Cramer

A 15-year-old girl who went missing in June 2006 was discovered by police a year later, locked in a secret understairs cupboard in West Hartford, Connecticut and pale due to a lack of sunlight.
Police had gone to the house to arrest Adam Gault, 41, whom they suspected of murder, but instead managed to free Danielle.

Natasha Ryan

A teenage Australian girl who had been missing for nearly five years reappeared during the trial of a man the prosecution said had confessed to murdering her.

Natasha Ryan was found in a cupboard in a house she shared with her boyfriend, aged 18 in 2003.

She had last been seen in 1998, being driven away by an unidentified man from her Queensland home.

Shawn Hornbeck

Last January, police in America searching for missing 13-year-old William Ownby were stunned when they also found Shawn Hornbeck at a flat in St Louis.

Shawn had last been seen aged 12 in October 2002. A man was charged with kidnapping.

Elizabeth Smart

Nine months after 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart disappeared in 2002, the pretty blonde teenager re-appeared a few miles from her family home in Salt Lake City.

She was found in the company of a married couple who said they could speak to God, as all three wandered up a commercial street in the suburban town of Sandy.

Charlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless

Two 10-year-old girls were missing from their home in Hastings for three days in 1999 before they were discovered safe and well near Eastbourne.

They were found after a suspicious member of the public alerted police after a massive police search failed to find them. A man was arrested.


Sass said...

Happy Easter to everyone!

Hope you are all having better weather than we are here!

helenm said...

Hi Sassyp, Hope you are enjoying your Easter break. Sorry to hear that your weather is not too good. Believe it or not we have had rain in Portugal this weekend, at this moment in time the sun is shining but the temperature isn't matching up! Must be blowing over from you and Britain!

My thoughts and prayers go out to all missing children and their families. Let's hope that Madeleine is one of those missing that finds the way home to loving parents.

Mandz said...

Happy Easter All..!

I think the main thing is there is no proof Maddie is dead regardless of what the PJ want us to believe. Did they stop searching for her in the early days…? How would it look if she did turn up alive….?

What about these parents whose children were found I bet they never gave up hope therefore it's important NOT to write her off. Can you imagine if you were alive and people gave up looking for you..?
I will continue to pray Maddie and other children are returned to their loving parents.

Sass said...

Hiya Helen and Mandz

At last the Internet is working again. Yesterday was another "dead" day there. A neighbour of mum and dad's was saying he can never get the thing cranked up in the morning! I reckon they are sharing a connection!!! When one is on the other can't use it. Absolutely dreadful service. Looking forward to getting my own back.

Have a great Easter. I have been given loads of chocolate which I am most probably going to "forget" at mum and dad's, because having chocolate in the house leads me to do daft stuff - like eat it!

Going back to Austria tomorrow, but won't get there till Tuesday because I have a long stop.

Hope to be able to get back on the Internet later.

Mandz - I often wondered what the PJ would say if Madeleine did turn up alive at some point. "Whoops, sorry" is hardly adequate.

See you later (I hope!)

Mandz said...

Take Care Sass,

Have a good one!

JANEGT said...
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JANEGT said...
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JANEGT said...



sorry ooops moment, so had to delete my last 2 posts due to typo.....silly me

Daughter had an egg breakfast, 3 easter eggs huh?????? how could she eat that first thing. Ah well, never mind.



Tinkerbell43 said...

Madeleine, as another milestone passes, please know you are as much in our thoughts now as you ever have been.

Nobody is giving up on you sweetheart, we are behind your mummy & daddy and are doing everything we can to support them in their search for you as are a lot of other good people.

Be strong little one xx

supertroll said...

Hello everyone,

Happy Easter!
Hope you are enjoying you day.


JANEGT said...

happy easter to you too supertroll



helenm said...

Hi to anyone out ther,

The Sunday People have an article today saying that Murat has had his computer returned to him and is about to be freed from his arguido status. Here is the link:

Tulip said...

Hi Helen -- had enough choc today?
I think everyone else is asleep!

This report is also in the Mail -- but they say he 'hopes' to have his arguido status lifted. It doesn't seem to be definite.

Tinkerbell43 said...

If there is any truth in the story that Murat has had his computers returned then I really do think the end of the investigation (if you can call it that) is nigh.

This further confirms my belief that the PJ's impending visit to the UK is a formality, to clear up the Tapas inconsistencies before shelving the case.

JANEGT said...

hi everyone

just seen THE PEOPLE today saying Murat is 'cleared'.

It is online now if you want to see it. I don't believe it.


JANEGT said...









Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Helen, Tulip & Jane,

All choccied out ?

Jane, I dont think the headline matches the story as per usual.

If returning his computers is an indication that he is to be cleared, what does that say about them returning cuddle cat, The Scenic and Kate's diary!!

It just a complete and utter mess.

JANEGT said...


hi! hope you are enjoying Easter Day and are not 'egg bound' hee hee

....but since when practically ever has the headline matched the sensationalistic nonsense promised? It is madness. I am so so sick of it all. The press have so much to answer for.

I even posted yesterday that Malinka ''blamed Murat'', when his car again was found burned out, the third time in about a year there, and I mentioned that the Tapas 9 or 10 or 11 or ?? were expected to 'crack' first.

No, Malinka has cracked first, in blaming Murat for the word 'Fala' painted on the ground by his burned out car, meaning 'talk' or 'speech'. There is far more to this odd 'square' in my view of Murat, Malinka, Walczuch, and Antionio. Remains to be seen of course. I call them my 'Red Square'........ they are not innocent.....

Tinkerbell43 said...


I never realised you posted that yesterday, I said the self same thing about Malinka, talk about save your own bacon, who needs friends like that!

I certainly believe Murat & Malinka know more than they are saying and so it would appear do others!

JANEGT said...

re Tapas nine TO BE INTERVIEWED.

BELIEVE IT IF YOU WILL i HAVE NO FAITH NOW IN mail on sunday or any other day......

Yes, tinkerbell, I agree with you there it is not right, smells very very fishy indeed. Stinks to high heaven in fact.......

I do not believe any headline, I do not trust nor believe in Pj, Me, John Hogan as it is total blackoutthere, or FBI supposedly in on this, so who do I believe in?


disgraceful. utterly. shameful.

eec take note. this is shambolic!!

Dobywallah said...

Good evening Ladies and forgive me if we have gentlement on board. I did post earlier but once again have had a busy day. Mandz, you are right in that there is no proof that Madeleine is dead. The way I see it is its perfectly possible that some wealthy childless couple paid to "adopt" a child of their own, illegally of course, and there are I believe gangs who fulfill this lucrative demand of supplying children to order! What are the chances of checking up on wealthy childless arabs in the middle east, or for that matter a little nearer home, Morrocco for instance?

JANEGT said...



HMMMMMMM silly me........finger malfffffffffffffffffunction again.


JANEGT said...

DOBY!!!! HAPPY EASTER WHERE HAVE you been.....I notice you come here sometimes early morning....hmmmm ... not many about then, but, I do read your posts.

Yes, Madeleine is not dead until I know that proveably. You cannot state it without proof. They do not have that. suspicions are NOT proof and never has been. It could be a lot of things here, no necessarily a paedophile ring, could be some sort of blackmail, or childless couple, or the orphanage homes recruiting, so so so many alternatives why jump to the conclusion she is dead or even worse and more moronic dead, at hands of Kate and/or Gerry. Insane rants. Based on no evidence whatsoever.

We do not know.

I pray and hope we will, soon, and I also have some hope Madeleine is alive and will return.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Everyone

Hope you had and continue to have a peaceful Easter Sunday. My thoughts and prayers are with Madeleine, her mummy and daddy, Sean and Amelie and nannies and granddads and all the McCann family and friends.

Kate and Gerry, stay strong we like you have not given up on Madeleine. The front page of this blog names children that were found and reunited with their families after years in some cases, so there is definitely reason for you to keep faith.

I think that was a very apt thing of sass to publish for today, it inspires renewed hope and after all this is what Easter is about renewal.

I know what I am about to say counts for nothing, but I have to say that throughout this I have been convinced that Madeleine is still in Portugal and still very much alive and very near to PDL. It is a feeling I cannot shake and would expect as time went on to get weaker but it hasn't, it has got stronger.

Just keep strong keep the faith and soon this nightmare will be over for all of you.

My thoughts also turn to all other missing children and the poor little victims of abuse, please God in some way help ease their pain and suffering.

Rosie x

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Doby,

Hope you are having a lovely Easter.

I too believe Madeleine was taken to order by an extremely professional, well organised ring.

Your theory is possible and to think she may be being well looked after is of some small comfort.

In the early days, there was reports of Madeleine being spotted with Arabs boarding a yacht, but like so many other stories, they are all open ended.

I just hope M3 have/are following some of this information up, because its clearly evident the PJ have done nothing to find her.

Dobywallah said...

Yes, I've been visting,amongst other things, and a happy Easter Sunday to you and all the others. Before coming on here I did a little nosying on Alsabellas blog and must say it was rather boring. The only bit of excitement they seem to have is when an 'intruder' voices opposing views and they all jump in with both feet. They do seem be on the ball at deleting undesirables very quickly I've noticed. When I say undesirables I mean those who don't fall in line with Alsabellas way of thinking. Another thing I have noticed is that she, Claudia and others of foreign origin, namely Portuguese have a nasty habit os switching to their 'mother' language when you can bet they want to call some of us 'nasty Brits' behind our backs!
Mind you, who cares?

Rosiepops said...

I note it has been on the national news that Robert Murat has had his computers returned and it says it is a very positive sign.

Are we to infer that this means it is a positive sign for the removal of his arguido status?

Strange this comes on the back of the news having *eventually* found its way out of Portugal about Sergei Malinka's little local difficulties in having his cars fire bombed for the third time, with FALA (Talk) written in huge letters on the pavement next to it and Malinka trying to give the reason that Murat is to blame for this is someway! I wonder who released this story? The PJ? Murat?
Seems highly suspicious to me.

Also if the returning of the computers is meant to be seen as a positive sign for Murat are we to assume that the return of the Renault Scenic hire car, the diary and cuddle cat are a positive sign for the McCann's?

One other question, in view of the PJ returning the hire car after *allegedly* such important evidence was found in it making it a valuable piece of evidence and the PJ did not hang on to that for long, why then have the PJ had Murat's computers for so long? What did they find on them?

What did the PJ make of Malikna wiping his hard drive and telling lies about talking to Murat?

Someone else in Portugal also thinks that Murat and Malinka have something to say about this, if they are persistent to fire bomb Malinka's car three times, they are not going to give up now are they?

What next? they seem desperate for this man to "Fala".

Again the bungling PJ and bungling away down in PDL, thi8s investigation is turning from catastrophic to farcical shambles.

Dobywallah said...

Yes, the occasion she was spotted (alegedly)boarding a yacht by wealthy Arabs was in Malta wasn't it and as you say she could well be at this very moment be in the home of some weathy and loving Arab family, we just have to hope!

Dobywallah said...

Howdy Rosie, very interesting post as usual. Am not staying Rosie as i want to watch the concluding episode of "The Passion" which comes on in seven or eight minutes, but we can have a chat again. Bye for now everyone.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks, Jane and Doby,

Doby I have to say that your theory about Madeleine and how she was taken is quite feasible and actually very likely, I think it also ties in with what the McCann's think.
If I have my logical head on I have to say that this is the most likely scenario, it is just that I cannot shake off this feeling I have which seems to grow stronger not weaker.

Whatever I just hope to God that this little girl is found soon and my anger towards the Pj is turning into incredulity at their sheer arrogance and blatant incompetence and if that is not bad enough they have an Attorney General's office that presides over huge blunders and then blames the British government and also allows the Pj to join in that finger pointing!

I despair of the PJ and after I see what Gina wrote about the EEC, I despair of the corruptness of the EU.

I know Gina was not talking about Portugal, but it is plain and evident that Portugal is not yet fit to be a member state.

Time for something to be done about this.

Tulip said...

Choccied out yes, if watching small people scoff eggs by the dozen counts.

Yes, I heard that Malinka's car was bombed previously, apparently before Madeleine disappeared. Maybe there is something else very peculiar going on that has nothing to do with Madeleine and her abduction turned an unwelcome spotlight on them for other reasons.

I don't think the return of personal possessions means much, IMHO -- as you say, cuddle cat and diary were also returned.

As for tabloid headlines -- quite, quite hopeless. They will never change. Why would they if they make money?

I wish I could believe that a couple took Madeleine in and are being nice to her. It's just that ... oh well, Easter is a time of hope and miracles. We must hope for one.

JANEGT said...


E X A C T L Y !!!!


hi and yes, I agree.

This whole thing has to have an end, it cannot go on for ever, but nearing one year on, I don't believe one of us thought we would have blogs like this, expressing such strong views such as these, and the investigation - ha ha ha ha sorry to call it that, - has been blown so spectacularly. It beggars belief.....utterly.

I do believe that in the future a LOT of lessons will be learned from this fiasco and EEC justice rules/amber alert type rules will have to be changed. Pressure from the public will ensure that, also the PRESS HAVE a lot to answer for here, and their practices have to be reviewed. My God did they not learn from the Diana press fiasco? Clearly not. They are their own worst enemy and sales have fallen I am sure because of this cynical 'using' (abusing) of readers and libelling of the people involved with no evidence. Criminal to me! Nothing short of that at all. Hell mend them when their sales plummet.......even more. We just do not trust our press any more because of this.

helenm said...

Hi all,

Not even seen a boiled egg!! never mind a chocolate one! Why oh why do husbands do exactly as you say when it is the last thing you actually want them to do? Do you think this is grounds for divorce?

I agree with your post of 18.03 Tinks, and tried to say so when I posted the Sunday People link earlier, only for some reason google wouldn't let me. So frustrating when you have typed a long post.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosie,

Hope you are having a lovely Easter.

Its strange, I know you have a strong feeling Madeleine is still in PDL, but for some reason and I dont know why, I keep being drawn back to that photo of a little girl in Morrocco being carried along on someones back. I know we have seen a photo of the alleged little girl, but for some reason I dont buy it, imo the little girl we were shown looked nothing like the one in the photo.

I just hope M3 are still in Morrocco looking.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Oh Helen, you poor thing, I'd say you've definately got grounds for unreasonable behaviour ,lol.

If its of any consolation, I'm sitting here feeling quite green. Dont think I can look another egg in the eye, well maybe just one more!.

helenm said...


How amazing!! We definitely seem to be on the same wavelength..... you feeling green and me turning green!!!hahaha. I've definitely seen my a...... now! Get it?

JANEGT said...



You will catch your death.

Thanks for the tent. Now, to be serious, my daughter and loads of friends have gone out CAMPING (hence need for your nurse's huge green coat)...seriously !!!! but no snow lying just bitter. They have gone to some relative's farm about 20 miles away for fun this Easter Weekend. I had to pack loads of food, as all mums had to do the 'buffet'.......They are totally out of their tiny skulls.

The lady supposed to take the 3 girls, didn't. SO WHO DID?? GUESS!!!! Yes I took them all, well all 3, giggling madly and high as kites on this weekend away. I am not madlyu happy but they know what they are expecting. At least they dressed properly, lots of socks, anoraks, boots, and stuff...........!!!

YES MUGGINS HERE had to do the driving there again. Drove them down to this little village where they all had rucksacks and god knows what with them. Oh dear. Rather them than me... some of them are leaving school next month it is their 'farewell' bash. The eternal optimism of youth that Easter means SUMMER ha ha ha no it doesn't. As we know tonight. Minus what degrees?

I told her do not ring me at 3 am to say pick me up, as I won't. I have company. A lovely bottle of French Red.....and boy do I deserve it. To accompany? Chilli con Carne, Rice and small jacket potato......HEAVEN.....!!! pop music from upstairs..YIPPPEEEEE>>>>>>>!! Some Easter Roast. First time we have ot hd the traditional Easter.....never mind. It's great.

Hope you are all enjoying yours, whatever you are doing in whatever climate....Enjoy!! ;o)))

archer said...

Hi everybody

I hope you have all had a good day..not had any choccy myself..

Jane,that sure sounds like fun.:¬(

JANEGT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
archer said...

OK I have now..

Jane, I meant the camping not the food. lol

JANEGT said...



The insanity of youth. Hmmm..... madness in this cold weather. still, I know they will have a lot of fun, and they are all nice kids that are there. I just hope someone takes the turn of collecting them...... good grief, the 2 other girls had SUITCASES with them. I couldn't believe it.

I just worried about washing. Loos. Teeth brushing. Privacy. You know what mums do.....they don't give a damn. Ah well. I look forward to some horror stories and awful mobile phone pictures tomorrow. No doubt. Tents and sleeping bags are not my scene at all - never mind in cold weather. Brightest sunshine would not make me do it either. No way.

I have memories, not fond, of Guide Camp with burnt baked beans and porridge every day and digging out the lats. URRRGGGHHHH. no no no.... ;o(

calcite51 said...

Quick sign on to wish all of you a Happy Easter.

archer said...


Happy easter to you too..

JANE I remember going camping many many years ago - a barren field with a cold water tap, and that was pretty much it. What do you think I packed ? An iron.duh. It goes without saying it came back all rusted up.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I thought Gerry and Kate had both allegedly said words to the effect they were being framed. Does anyone else recall this ?

I remember Old Hippy, bless her, always used to refer to them as having said they were being framed.

calcite51 said...

Weather is cool but NO SNOW. Thank goodness!

Jane, I agree 100% with you in regards to camping. My daughters love it - that's why I made them join Brownies. They got to go camping and I got to stay in my nice, warm bed.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Calcite,

Easter Greetings to you, I hope you are enjoying the break.

JANEGT said...

CALCITE HAPPY EASTER DAY TO YOU TOO. Hope it was good for you.


I know what you meant, I am not as daft as I sound. hee hee hee

calcite51 said...

I don't know if Kate and Gerry ever said they were being framed officially.

I seem to remember Mrs. Healey saying that Kate had told her they felt they were being framed - especially after the alledged DNA was found in the car they had rented AFTER Madeleine was abducted.

calcite51 said...

So far, Easter has been good. Tonight, we're having scalloped potatoes, ham, veggies, salad.

archer said...

Tinkerbell Hi to you.

I am pretty much of that opinion myself.

Nothing else seems to make sense to me.I am sure that we have read and heard only a frction of what has actually been going on,and none of it factual. IMO this goes all the way to the top in Portugal.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I used to love camping, twice a year we used to go to Karate camp. The nights were brilliant all around the camp fires, singing, it was just the daytime activities that weren't as much fun, I could never climb the trees quick enough, I used to be dragged up them otherwise there was penalities for the last one up. I was always the last one down aswell, because they would forget about me!

JANEGT said...


Yes I recall the word 'framed' regards Kate and Gerry. Think they felt like they were....didn't feel they said they 'actually' were, but they were going through so much at that time. I recall the turning point so well, and Gerry post the PJ interview tripping on way out of the station to go to car and having to stand still and face cameras whilst lawyer read statement. I can replay that like a video daily....awful. I can see that in perfect detail including his eyes. Said so much.

The Malinka car burning/s are not coincidental to me, no way whatsoever. More to this than meets they eye and I do trust we shall see if they 'choose to investigate further' but do not hold your breath. They want this to go away quietly but we won't let it, and to be fair, nor will the anti's or fencers either. It will not 'disappear' we all want justice. One way or the other, yes, we do.

dianeh said...

Hi to you all.

Hope you are having a lovely Easter. We had a nice day yesterday (Sunday). Snuck off for a quiet lunch without the kids, Mum looked after them for a couple of hours.
Kids loved their chocolates, both got a rabbit and some eggs. Little boy not that interested in chocolate but still ended up painting himself with the egg. They had a lovely day, saw some of their cousins and then wore themselves out.
I hope your Easter Sunday was as good.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Archer,

Agreed, I think it does go right to the top, and I also think this is bigger than just Madeleine.

archer said...


Pure speculation on my part,but I think this is bigger than Madeleine too..and Gerry.(I don't mean to infer that I think Gerry is involved in this in any way either) I cannot substantiate this as I have no way of doing so,but its my 'theory'.

JANEGT said...


YES I AGREE right to the top. And it is not imho,,,,,new either. I also feel we kno very very little indeed of what they have on their files and have discovered truthfully or otherwise....... To me truth and expedience are strangers in this incidence. I shall put it that way. allegedly, imho. If you get my drift....????


Poor you. ;o(((( Sounds horrid. I am a huge home comforts fan. Couldn't you fly then - all way up and quickly down too? Poor you. I would have absolutely hated that. Big time.


peel me a grape someone.


JANEGT said...


forgive me being obtuse ...

but fairies....doing karate....???


;o) ;o) ;o)))))))

pampas grass here or is it pansies????? I feel a plant coming on ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

JANEGT said...


How was the river food??? I am jealous. You will see why if you read my posts re my daughter now out camping in minus degrees. Good grief.

Nice to see you pop in.

JANEGT said...


HA HA HA You always push me out of my comfort time zone. You say YESTERDAY WAS EASTER SUNDAY BUT WE ARE STILL IN IT AT 9.30 OR SO.... YOU SAY GOOD NIGHT... and I immediately wilt and want to go to bed. but school run gets in way. hee hee.......


Without going into more depth, I think we are all thinking the same thing. Much deeper, much longer, more serious......will it out though?

I think it just could ...and that Madeleine is alive.....hopefully others too.

Won't say more, you know what I mean, as I think I know what you imply too.

dianeh said...

Hi Jane

It was great. Although it has got a lot cooler this week (after nearly 20 days of over 35 weather), it was warm enough on Saturday for us to sit down at the river with shorts and t-shirts, and even the kids were not cold. Had a few drinks and the food was terrific. Even the kids were well behaved. Luckily, Ice Age came on the tv (yes, our neighbour has a tv on the riverbank - about 4 metres from the river's edge) so little boy sat and watched that instead of trying to run away and jump into the river.

It is quite nerve racking down the river with the kids, as the river is quite deep even at the bank and muddy, so if they go in you cant see them. We never go down there in the dark, as we cant see them and if too many people, the kids have lifejackets on. But on Sat, they were great. Little boy only went to rivers edge twice, little girl didnt do it at all (she is so sweet). I wish I could train the dog (border collie) to bite them on the bum when they get too close but she knows she isnt allowed to bite them.

Had the leftover curry (Beef Madras) last night for tea. Even better the next day. It was excellent.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hiya Jane,

I know its hard to believe, but you know Tink was fiercely protective of her Peter. Heres a picture of me doing one of my moves!

dianeh said...


It is Monday morning and I am thinking that I better feed myself and the kids, as I am starving. Might go get some toast and coffee. Have been up since 6 (little boy had enough sleep and wanted a bottle) and had a cup of tea but that's all. Both kids watching cartoons at the moment, they have only recently discovered Looney Tunes and are now Bugs, Tweety, Sylvester fans.

Tulip said...

All this talk of food got me eating chocolate despite good resolutions. Now I feel sick.

If you can bear visiting the H of H and can stomach Claudia's manic loooools, 1--5's certainty that the DX payout is a lie and Alsa's crotchety interventions, 'good' Anonymous has made some excellent points very clearly and politely.

As a result some posters there are being quite reasonable in their replies. IMO of course!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Dianeh,

You make me so envious, it sounds so idyllic. I just long for our summer now, can you believe it was snowing here on Easter Sunday, mind you, it made hiding the Easter eggs for the Easter Hunt more interesting!

JANEGT said...


sounds idyllic.... YES, I agree second day curry, chilli con carne and lentil soup are so much better somehow once they absorb all the flavours and get thicker naturally.

What a wonderful lifestyle you have now. You deserve it after what I gather from older posts. well done you. I had relations in your part of the world, but since my family have died, I have no record of what happened now, but I definitely have cousins in your parts......

archer said...


I just think it will turn out OK.

More times than I can mention I have kept my thoughts to myself for fear of being thought a bit kooky, and low and behold I have usually been proved right. (By no means have I a 100% track record though)

As you say we shall have to wait and wait and wait some more.

I was quite worried at the insistence of the lawyer when he was having divers go into the damn. Who would spend such vast amounts of money on a thing like that without being sure of what was to be found ?

I didn't beleive the fffforensics of the bodily fluids found in the car...and so it goes on.

Why? Just what the heck is going on and will we ever truly really know?

The pain on this poor poor family.

The stolen time from Madeleine,Sean, Amelie and the rest of the family. Truly wicked.

Tinkerbell43 said...


Well said, your last paragraph sums it up totally. How so very sad :-(

JANEGT said...


we often use exactly same words at times, and we will end up being accused of being one and the same person....again...... ha ha ha You keep looking after Peter and keep on doing your moves. Well done. Far too exhausting for me by far. I can hardly lift a wine glass. sip sip glug glug


don't dare come on here and accuse any person from 'h of h' what is that by the way? of being 'reasonable' they will take great offence. ha ha ha ;o))

dianeh said...

Hi Archer

I too was worried about the lawyer and his search until it was published that his information came in a dream. No wonder the PJ didnt take him seriously. But I wonder why that even came out.

As for the f?????'s. If they existed, as has been reported, then the case would be progressing very differently, imo.

I have just been to the Madeleine website and in the press release, K & G are saying there is no evidence to suggest that Madeleine is dead. I agree with them. Obviously so did the Express group, at long last.

calcite51 said...

Archer, for god's sake don't tell mrs consecutive number on the other blog - that you don't buy into the foooooooooooooooorensic evidence. I take if you don't buy into the woof, woof, evidence, either?

archer said...

Hi Diane

I had a dream, yes I read abut that. Be honest, would you admit to that? Lucky he could afford to have such expensive ones. Then there was the Mafia tip-off.

This would all be panning out in a very different way if there was any credibility in the ffffff's.
I just don't believe it.

I haven't ever been to Gerry's website,but will take a look.

We still have Madeleine's Missing poster up on the wall in the office at work. Every morning I say hello to her and every evening I wish her goodnight.

I truly hope that soon mummy and daddy will be saying that for real.

archer said...


Seeing as you asked :¬) NO, I don't.

I read about Ms Consecutive's new malady (not hers personally) Laboritic Thats good. ROFLMAO

archer said...

Sorry That should be to Cacite

chinadoll said...

Easter Greetings to you all.

JANEGT said...

dont dont dont dont
mention numbers to any shape or form.


as for all that guff 'proved' oh no it wasnt' isn't hasn't oh dear poor person.

never ever believed any of that nonsense.

archer said...

Hi China

Hope you have had a good day. You will have to excuse me I seem to be having a touch of the verbal diahorreah tonight. lol

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey China,

Have you had a lovely day, suitably spoilt ? unlike poor Helen who's other half didnt take the hint, she's not even had a hard boiled egg.

JANEGT said...


happy easter day to you my chum

HOPE ALL IS WELL. You may see from previous posts am on own with large glass of red, French, as daugher 'camping' in a friend's relations farm field.....HA HA HA

TRIED to stop her. didn't. so. Lady taking them as you would guess, opted out, so I had t drive 3 silly, giggling girls there to the farm 20 miles away and the 2 other girls had SUITCASES with them. I did ot hold back, just imagine, yes I said that.......also all the mums had to do packed buffet for 12.....she only told me today she was actually going. I had tole her she'd be mad to, she said yes, I took that stupid me!!! to mean she was not goin. Not one bit of it. Suddenly this morning finding flask, boxes to fit food in, bags, etc etc etc. Ah well, idiocy of youth doesn't last long does it?

DON'T answer that. it was rhetorical.


archer said...

aaaah Jane

Just worked out that it. :¬)

Bit slow sometimes.

calcite51 said...

Hi, China - Happy Easter. Alas, kitchen duty calls - peeling potatoes for my scalloped potatoes.

Got to go - have a good day, everyone.

Archer, I think it's funny about Mrs. Consecutive number - she firmly believes what she says about the foooooooooooooorensic info and the dogs.

And yet, doesn't believe the Express papers issued an apology or agreed to pay money to the Find Madeleine fund.

Tulip, I went over and read Anonymous comments - I'm actually surprised that they were remained on that site. Anonymous did make some very good points.

chinadoll said...

Hi Tinks,

Thank you - I and my family, have had a wonderful day and I could not ask for any more than I have been blessed with.

Poor HelenM - hope it is just a phase - we all go through them lol.

JANEGT said...

yep that was one very very expensive dream wasn't it...and what did this Madeira Lawyer find? And now that it is a dream, I take it he LIED about his 'underworld source' so we now have a lying lawyer.

ho hum

and they wonder why we don't trust them at their exorbitant fees.

do they have a Law Society in Madeira? If not, get one.

Makes David Icke seem sane.......

CHINADOLL WYSIWYG excuse typos.......!!!

chinadoll said...


It could only happen to you hun.

Camping in Scotland over Easter Weekend???????

Sheer Madness IMO

JANEGT said...


what's happened with Helen? something wrong?


WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
KISS keep it simple stupid

Tulip said...

Tee hee Jane -- my point about SOME of the H of H posters' reactions to Good Anon was to draw attention to the amazing qualities and abilities of said Anon!

Btw, if any of you have the time and inclination, go to the Guardian site and look at Roy Greenslade's article on Madeleine PLUS the 140+ comments. You will feel encouraged, I promise you. There is sane, compassionate and intelligent life out there.

archer said...

Thank you Jane, never seen the last two before. lol

Gotta check on the garage. BRB...

JANEGT said...


;o) NO I don't

what was the question?

phone a friend,
I will ring Chinadoll


ask audience yes I will do that
is anyone here???? help

This sadly now removes all doubt as to my insanity.

;o))))) what did i ask you archer?

JANEGT said...


Yes, she is insane. Totally.

I have now worked out from Helen's previous post it is about husband egg negglect...hee hee get it?? ha ha

Oh don't bother. It is not serious. I was worried a moment. Just ignore me I am clearly not at all 'with it' tonight as dotting on and off and 2 plus 2 = 2345...



archer said...


What did you ask me??

I can't recall any unanswered questions to

Tulip said...

That chocolate has made me seriously queasy so off to bed.

Seems some othere here should do the same!!!

I remember being a Brownie and had to earn badges. I did some kind of survival badge that involved rubbing sticks together to make a fire. Where we were supposed to find dry sticks in England I do not recall.

Good night everyone

JANEGT said...


just worked out what H of H means, yes got it now. penny dropped.;o))

yes I have seen his article in Guardian, but not read all these comments....will do soon.

Nice to know more about than just a few holding similar views.

Sass said...

Hi there

Just got back in. Hope everyone had a good Easter Sunday.

archer said...


Calcite asked me if I believed in the woof woof theory. I wrongly replied to you saying "No I don't" I think that was it. Its me going ga ga not you. lol

archer said...

Night Tulip

Hello Sass, had a great day myself, hope you have too.

JANEGT said...


You didn't know the last 2. You wroked out the first. so you didn't know any out of 3 then? Get back in from that garage with your puffers.

what does this mean then


yeah you do you do you do you do

not in my back yard. there's loads of them about. yuppies, INKYs I've No Kids Yet's.....and so on. hmmmmm HINCY High Income No Chance Yet

I think my daughter's 'lingo' has just got to me. huh!!!



Rosiepops said...

Hi everyone

How goes it all? Not been around much since yesterday.

Had some urgent office business which just came up and needed my undivided attention.

What I do not understand is and what I have never understood is if these questions are so important, why is it taking the Pj so long to organise a trip here to ask them? After all it has been six months now and still the Pj keep coming out with lame excuses and some half wits still insist on blaming the British government!

My only wish here is that I wish the British government would be more pro-active here and actually start trying to protect to British subjects who are being made scape goats for some underlying and very ugly problems that Portugal has.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Sass,

Hope you've had a nice day. Thanks for todays article, as Rosie said it inspires renewed hope.

I'm just logging off, nearly done a Sass and fell asleep with my head on keyboard. Have a good journey back tomorrow.

See you soon. Night to everyone else xxx

archer said...


NIMBY Not In My Back I win the prize?

I didn't know KISS OR SWUMAMWYUS..
Got it.

Sass said...

Hiya Tinks

Thanks very much!

Glad you liked the article - there aren't many children on the list, but there are some and that is important.

Hiya Rosie!

JANEGT said...

thank goodness archer

glad you didn't receive the question from me that you answered that I/you didn't understand. That is actually sense, but noone will believe it. I was trying to recall what on earth I asked you to fit the answer. Now I know it was someone else who asked you that is good. Oh dear.

You sneaked off to the garage when this was all going on didn't you.......huh!

JANEGT said...



archer said...

Hello Rosie

Yes, We have been skirting around this tonight.

Sadly I don't have any answers. It seems to be a tragic case of cat and mouse,and nobody is prepared to go firm.

archer said...

Goodnight Tinkerbell. Sleep well.

JANEGT said...

tinks good night

rosiepops hello re your post

I don't believe they ever seriously meant to come here and do what they said in the press. These letters were a complete and utter farce. Noone can fail to deliver them so often for so long. Nonsense. imho.

Rosiepops said...

Night Tinks, sleep well take care

Rosiepops said...


it doesn't really matter that there were no younger ones on this list, what matters is that people were taken held against their will and were found eventually, my only fear is that Madeleine will change obviously as she gets older, but at leas no one can change her eye! and of one day someone looks at someone who looks familiar and sees that eye, who knows?

But I do not think it will come to that, I honestly believe that she will be found and found soon, don't know why, just do.

dianeh said...


I too doubt the usefulness of the questioning. The PJ havent received permission to question Gerry & Kate (or so I read this morning in an online article that I cant be bothered to go and find), so this would imply that there has been no further evidence forthcoming than the last time the PJ applied for permission to question them. As we have said over and over, there is no evidence. And further to this, it also implies that the questions they didnt answer were not considered important enough to warrant further questioning. And by this I mean considered important enough by the judge.

I also would like to say that I read today (on an other blog) that Kate & Gerry should be charged for child neglect and that the reason they havent is because it will hamper the other case against them. Nice try but not true. Happens all the time that people are charged with a more minor offense while the police investigate further. Case of Shannon's abductor for example. It does reinforce to me though that there is no evidence of Madeleine's death though, as this would be needed to get the maximum sentence for child neglect. And without it, who knows how lenient the court would be in their sentencing, maybe even a suspended sentence,or a referral to child services. That would be a bit too embarassing if that was the outcome of a child neglect charge.

Rosiepops said...


I agree completely, no one can, but there are some idiots that think it is all the British government's fault that these letters did not get here, they still insist that they were returned, despite the Home Office taken the rare step of denying this happened.

dianeh said...


I hope your conviction that Madeleine will be found soon comes true. As I said the other day, I feel that something big is around the corner as well. It feels like a kind of suspense, while I wait for '?????' to happen.

Hopefully I am waiting for good, not sad.

Rosiepops said...


Exactly so!

I do not even think that they can in all fairness be charged with child neglect because if they did this then surely all those that left their children that night would be have to be charged with neglect also?

JANEGT said...

diane and rosiepops

not only 'that nigHt' if you try to charge for parental neglect. all MW resort staff would be obliged to give a list of all parents leaving any child'ren alone from all their worldwide resorts, this would by necessity have to be widened to all tour operators, then all years, dating back to ????

This as Ihave poted before is totally unworkable and a non starter and always has been. They keep stating the McCanns neglect in P de L...not mentioning the other 7 tapas members with children in their group, excluding the grandmother Diane Webster, makes it the other 6 are EQUALLY CULPABLE and this has never been put forward as a possiblity never mind even a remote probability it is a bluff, a threat, a press 'story' which can never ever happen as it would open floodgates that would never ever end. Not at aLl. This is total BLUFF.

Rosiepops said...


I feel this too, each time I have felt that something was about to break it has and I have been more or less around what has happened, completely unscientific I know, but then we are not trying to present what we think and feel as fact are we?

i was thinking that what I felt was going to be the lifting of the arguido status, but although I think this will happen, I don't think it is that which is making me feel this way, I think that whatever happens will be the cause of the lifting of the arguido status and I think it is going to happen within the next few weeks, I would like to say within the coming week as I feel this so strongly now, but you will all laugh at me when it doesn't happen.

archer said...


Almost a year after this tragedy, one has to ask what is to be gained by asking 'crucial' questions about this now. A skilled defence lawyer would surely argue that answers would be unreliable due to memory fatigue. IMO

This is partly why I believe this case is not going anywhere.

I don't really understand about the protocol involved between Portugal and the UK but surely urgent means urgent- a small child has gone missing and needs to be found.

dianeh said...


Alsa says that in Portugal, the sentence is determined by the outcome of the child neglect, not the actual act that resulted in the neglect. Therefore although the Tapas 7 would also be up for the same thing, there sentence would be lighter because nothing happened to their children. That is why I suggest that there is no evidence to suggest that Madeleine is dead, because if there was, the McCanns could be charged and if found guilty would expect to see a very heft sentence.

I myself find it hard to believe that the same act by a number of people will result in differing sentences when Madeleine going missing/being abducted is the fault of the abductor and the McCanns committed no more of an offence than any of the other Tapas 7 (should read 6 I think).

After all, in this case, a third party has also been involved and committed a crime (my belief). If the neglect was say physical abuse, then it is easy to see that the results of the abuse would affect the sentencing because the parents, and the parents alone are responsible for the outcome. But in the McCanns case, I think that it would be possible for a lawyer to argue that the truly tragic loss is due to a third party and not any additional act on the part of the parents, to differentiate it from the acts of the other parents.

Hope this makes some sort of sense.

dianeh said...


So what if you are wrong, who cares? You are not trying to claim the $US 1 million that is up for grabs if you can prove you are psychic.

My feelings are sometimes right, and at others so wrong, it is clear it is just wishful thinking.

However, psychics are not always right. Did you know that Brian also thinks that Madeleine is still in Portugal and he also thinks she is still alive. Also, that Murat is somehow involved. I read through his site, especially when I need a boost to get renewed hope. There is no proof he is right and I havent made up my mind about him. But I think his heart is in the right place, even if he turns out to have been wrong.

dianeh said...


agreed, surely questioning after so long is likely be unreliable, as their memories fade.

Rosiepops said...


You are quite right and the McCann's legal team would have this covered I expect.

Did you know that it has been admitted that this case was viewed with less urgency by the judge because the apparently the McCann's were not in prison?

So the disappearance of a small child was not urgent? When I read this it made me very very angry and besides that Kate and Gerry are imprisoned the secrecy order and the sheer frustration of being made suspects in the disappearance of their daughter imprisons them.

i read that perhaps they may not be able to travel to Portugal for the anniversary of Madeleine's disappears?

Maybe this is the big breaking news that I am sensing? Because I have a feeling they will be going back soon if this arguido status is not lifted and the last thing that Portugal will want when people are booking this year's summer holidays is the media circus in town, which would invariably accompany Kate and Gerry should they decide to return to Portugal to confront the PJ. But I feel the news may even be bigger than this.

archer said...


Maybe she has been found!!

JANEGT said...


Yes, I have seen this argument before - it is not at all valid.

the illegal act was the taking of Madeleine and that has to be investigated first and foremost. The lesser charge of neglect, yes, I agree could be challenged, but then you would challenge all tapas 9, less the grandmother Diane Webster, plus all that month, that year, all M W resorts, all tour operators in Portugal for all of 2007,2006,2005,2004 do you see? ALL PARENTS AT ALL RESORTS IN ALL COUNTRIES IN EEC THEN WIDER, WOULD HAVE TO BE ALSO ARRESTED or the McCanns defence is simply we 'did what everyone else proveably did'.....the HARM to Madeleine is what is being investigated here, not the cause - if that, because if that in itself was a major crime they would have been charged, arrested, jailed by now along with all others. Do they really need to hand grenade their whole country like this? They equalled the MW service at that time. This has been proved. Their times given, whether correct or not I cannot personally say, but their times equal or better what was on offer at the time by MW resorts. That in itself equals a legal precedent for 'safety' at that resort at that time. If MW thought half hourly door checks alone was enough and the McCanns state they 'bettered' that, then they have won already before a court appearance is required. On paper alone, they have won the argument. It seems this is so from what I have read. The 'equalled' or 'bettered' what was on offer. A nanny also ws reported as having left a child to get something to eat under M W baby sitting service.....she left the child!!!! No absolutey proveable to me, no chance 'neglect' could be put at their door for this.

I know so very many people that cancelled their holiday plans for there this year and I will not go there again now, and many others will not, so what are they doing? They are not shooting themselves in the foot, they are disabling permanently their whole 'PROUD ELITE' country, big time.

So are the ignorant blogs that profess how proud of their country they are yet villify an innocent couple with NO HARD EVIDENCE IN COURT AND THEY ARE NOT CHARGED!!!!! They have no leg to stand on at all.

Rosiepops said...


No I didn't know he thought this too, I don't claim to be psychic though I just go on gut feeling, whatevr gut feeling is. Sometimes I think I am confusing it all with wishful thinking and am very willing to accept this, I must visit Brian's site and have a look. I would like to tell him about a dream I had soon after Madeleine disappeared, I dis say about it once on the DX site and got ridiculed for it (I think it was notdoc). I wasn't trying to claim anything by it, and I cannot help what I dreamt either! Some of those posters on there seemed to have got degrees in how to be as unpleasant as possible.

archer said...


As you have said 'a hand grenade', that really would be an awful lot of damage to the tourism - well it's damaged already if I am to believe what my friends say to me...and I do!

Anyway I am off to bed now.
Look foreward to speaking to you soon.

Goodnight all, sleep well, xx

dianeh said...


I once ridiculed Celticarla for being a psychic detective. And it isnt that she is a psychic that I ridiculed her, it was for professing to know more than the rest of us becuase she was both a psychic and a detective. Stupid woman.

People should use their intuition, I do and it has served me well over the years. I wouldnt have my children now, if I hadnt gone with my gut instinct and left my husband for another man.

But it is when a 'psychic' tries to use it as Celticarla did that I get pissed off.

I get a comfort from knowing that other people also have these 'feelings'.

JANEGT said...




dianeh said...


I am off too. My brother has just pulled into the driveway with his feral children.

So there goes my peace and quiet.

But my kids love it when they come to visit. I on the other hand turn into a nervous wreck.

Happy Easter to you and sleep well.

JANEGT said...


forgot to add Matthew James also is certain Madeleine is alive. But for different reasons.

dianeh said...


Agreed about Brian, didnt know he got Shannon right though, I only look at Madeleine and a little Italian girl.

JANEGT said...




JANEGT said...



calcite51 said...

Happy Easter, Rosie.

I have been following Brian's predictions for a while now. He was wrong about Natalee Halloway case, but he does seem to have some successes.

Brian has been encouraging people to share their dreams with him.

I really encourage you Rosie to go and take a look and please at the very least share your dream with Brian - you can ask him not to release your name.

Rosiepops said...

Just fell asleep!

goodnight all see you in the morning take care

XXX God Bless Madeleine XXX.

JANEGT said...



I AM VERY NEW TO READING bRIAN BUT WAS SHOCKED HIS VIEWS IN SOME WAYS WERE MINE.....Have you been reading about him for a while? I found him through a link from the de before it shut down. I didn't really know how to work my way around his very, very lengthy site though. Takes some navigation.

calcite51 said...

Good nite, everyone - I'm signing off to go have my Easter dinner.

Take care everyone. God please look over Madeleine and all missing children. And God, please tke care of their families. Give them courage and strength.

JANEGT said...


calcite51 said...

Hi, Jane - yes, I've been reading Brian for quite a while now and you are absolutely right - it can be a maze if you copy and paste the link - it should take you directly to Madeleine's case - then all you have to do is click on page 26 - I saved my link as a bookmark.

Brian has been talking like Rosie that something is about to happen - and he's working on something but he's not telling us what.

JANEGT said...

hi calcite

I see. I do read him from time to time and feel he is a really genuine person who cares deeply for lost people of all ages but wow! he has so many children and adults too, let's not forget, it's not only children go missing, my eyes were truly opened when I fist logged on. HUGE task.

To my shame it was too much + too long for me to go in to all at once. I have therefore, 'dipped in and out' from time to time. Oddly enough, at times of 'crisis' in the investigation - when the press were saying 'a' and brian was saying 'z' and I felt 'z' too, it gave me hope that someone else felt she was and is alive.......odd. can't analyse it rationally just a really deep feeling of good....over evil must prevail and should and must.

Noone gets anything 100% right and he is bound to have some that do not work out as he says, but he keeps saying he is not a 'psychic'. He 'has dreams' that often come true. He does not like to be called any 'label' which give him his due, he seems to be a one off on that.....and I like his direct, honest, and sincere manner in simply trying to help. It worried me that he too had a lot of hate mail and threats. why? he is only trying to put truth first. Is that not what we all should do? Poor guy. He has after all, a life of his own too to live, and this is not his total absorption..........

I don't know how good or bad he is at his professed outcomes, but I like him anyway. He is sincere and that says it all to me.

I really want to believe Madeleine is alive and will return, so obviously anything I read saying that too will bolster me. Anything contradictory upsets me greatly. The antis' don't realise that our hope is for the positive outcome, whereas theirs is based on the total negative outcome plus the parents to blame on top of that. That I cannot and will not stomach nor will I tolerate it until I know for sure by a court of law differently.

Stubborn cow that I am.

And...the reason I am up and worried at 1.46 am is that I have waited for a phone call from daughter say pick me up from freezing cold farm,,,,,,,she is fine, just had phone call, they are having a great time. Idiots. Yes, they are having a real I can go to sleep now as I daren't get ready for bed in case I had to go for them and take them home. They are all, clearly mental as it is about -5 degrees out there. They just don't feel it do they at that age? huh. good for them.

Wish I could promise her it would always be like that in life, but it won't. And don't we know let her enjoy it whilst she can.

Thank god for mobiles in this case. ;o)))

JANEGT said...


google booted me off for some reason so this post took about 15 minutes to come through. Hope you get it sometime.


supertroll said...

Hi Calcite,
Hope you had a happy easter.

You have mail.

I am off to bed, not posting much but reading more today.

Will be back tomorrow.



calcite51 said...

Jane, received your post. I'm glad your daughter called you and I'm glad you are going to bed now. You are a great mom - the mom that everyone counts on to get things done.

I keep my fingers crossed that Madeleine is alive. I keep thinking about Elizabeth Smart and when she was abducted. Everything in me told me that she had been murdered. Thank goodness, I was wrong.

You know, there is another aspect about the Elizabeth Smart case that I have never shared with anyone. When people starting blaming the McCanns for the abduction happening, I admitted to myself that I had been blaming Mr. Smart for his daughter's abduction. Had he not been bringing strangers and down-on-their luck to his house?

I realise now more than ever by doing this, I was taking responsibility from the abductor and that I was way off base.

I think I shall sign off now as I have tons of dishes to do and I have to start thining about work tomorrow.

JANEGT said...


I saw the programme on tv about him. wow what a huge mountain to climb. Poor family. Awful!!!!

As my 'chauffeuse' duties if - there is such a word, - are not required and i HAVE stayed up to see whether or not she wanted rescued from a frosty muddy farm, I can only assume she feels 'at home' there. huh. cheek. well if you can't do it at her age, you never can. If I did, I would be arrested. ;o)))))


Nice to talk to you. hope we can soon................night






dianeh said...


Celticarla not just said that Madeleine was dead but that Kate or Gerry (cant remember which) killed her and that there was no abduction. Straight out of the pages of the DX and she then tried to say that she knew this was so because of her vast experience as a private investigator. Hey, private investigators dont investigate murders in this country, the police do. As I said, stupid woman.

Old Lazarus really gave her a hard time, called her an old hag, referring to the context of the psychic/witch angle but she was too thick to get it and just thought he was being agist.

Wonder what happened to Laz? I have often thought he might be one of the anon's that pops up on Alsa and Vivs blogs and gives them a hard time, not the demented loon that uses 4 letter words of course.

dianeh said...


Just read your post about your daughter and remembering back to when she ws 2/3. As you know I have a 2 yo boy and 3 yo girl (they are 12 months apart born in Oct). I know that when they are grown I will look back and pine for this time even when sometimes I am so tired I can hardly scratch myself. (They are both having their afternoon sleep at the moment, so it is all quiet). I miss not having a baby now after having a baby for two years, girl was still a baby when boy was born. If I wasnt so old, I would have more children.

Having my kids is the best thing that ever happened to me. When you wait so long for them, it makes it even sweeter. And yes, I did suffer post natal depression, as do a lot of older mums. But mine was a bit different to normal, in that I obsessed something would happen to the kids, rather than the old 'hate' the baby routine. Mine was undiagnosed and it wasnt until little boy was 1, that it was diagnosed when I was unable to add up numbers or think clearly any more and could no longer sleep, crying most of the night. I thought I had a tumor or stroke but it was major depression. Tablets helped, sort of, got rid of them and feel heaps better now.

It was during this bad stage that Madeleine went missing. This is one of the reasons that I felt it so badly, it brought home and amplified all my fears about my own children. I also could no longer think clearly, so I just obsessed about Madeleine, as well as my own children.

I know it was all in my head (obsession with Madeleine) but I still hold a special place in my heart for that little one. I am better now, this blog and all of you have been a big part of me getting better. It gave me perspective and allowed me to talk about her with other people who care.

Sorry for being so serious.

calcite51 said...

Diane, never, ever apologize for what you are feeling. There are some great people on this site and we will never, ever make light of your feelings. Thank you for sharing and I'm glad that you are now better.

The post-natal depression is nasty. I remember rocking my daughter to sleep and tears falling down my face because I knew the heartaches, the disappointments she would one day go through.

But they are so precious when they are two and three - you are their whole world. And the world is so new to them - it's wonderful to see their faces light up.

That's all - it's almost time for bed tonight.

Take care, Diane. Hug your little ones.

calcite51 said...

Jane, I agree with you about the hate mail Brian was getting. And then there was the sicko that was threatening him with imprisonment if he went down to Portugal.

But I always thanked him for not letting his site become a free for all to crucify Madeleine's parents and he absolutely refused to print those letters.

Jane, are you aware that Mrs. Healey contacted Brian?

calcite51 said...

I see the other site (Alsabella) has gone way beyond good taste. If you could what two questions would you ask Kate that would solve this case?" How tacky is that? I think Alsabella thinks she's Nancy Drew. And no, I didn't comment on her web (haven't for about two weeks, now).

I would NEVER, EVER ask Kate any questions - I would give her the biggest hug and tell her I'm so sorry for all she had gone through.

dianeh said...


You might be right about Nancy Drew, except Nancy used to look at the facts and then draw conclusions, not just make things up to fit a spurious accusation.

Can you please keep in mind that the most important indication of guilt is that Kate did not act the way they (read Anti's, PJ etc) expected her to? Surely that should have been enough for the PJ but no, silly them, they have then tried to find evidence and well, no other way to put it, they havent found any.

Alsa has also been invited previously to read up on Lindy Chamberlain but she seemed to think that there was no relation in the cases, you know being that forensics were so bad back then that a scientist couldnt tell the difference between foetal blood and chocolate milkshake. Actually one idiotic anti (not Alsa either) once asked me if I thought a Dingo took Madeleine, and was then so proud of him/herself, as though such a comment showed great intelligence and wit.

If the anit's are unable to draw parallels between these two cases, then I doubt that these anti's have any powers of reasoning at all.

dianeh said...

Just been on Brian's site and yes he is working on something connected with Madeleine. Will have to wait and see.

Also thought this dream might be connected. This is one of the later ones and as yet Brian hasnt linked it to Madeleine.

"you have the proof to set the parents free go April 4?" DD6582

So will wait for something around April 4. Maybe dropping arguido status.

Of course it may not have anything to do with the McCanns at all. But since Rosie and I both think something is on the way, then ?????

Promise I will not post anything more from Brian's site unless agreed by the majority.

dianeh said...

Try to catch up tomorrow.

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