Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Less faith in Maddie cops

With a headline like that you can probably guess which newspaper this comes from! This was touched upon yesterday, so Rosie and I decided to put up the article today.

A PORTUGUESE newspaper poll has showed that LESS people have faith in the police probe into Madeleine McCann's disappearance while more believe Gerry and Kate are innocent.

In a survey by Correio da Manha, 60.4 per cent of people believe the investigation has been carried out well - a drop of around 30 per cent since last year.

Of those surveyed, 11.9 per cent said the Portuguese police were doing 'so-so', while 16.7 per cent said that they had done a bad job and 11 per cent did not have an opinion.

Polls carried out in May of last year showed that 90.3 per cent thought the police had done a good job, and only 2.1 per cent thought they had not.

And on a scale of 1 to 100, the poll showed the police in Portugal were rated an average of 94.1 in May, 81.6 in September falling to 74.2 at present.

Correio da Manha also claims that 38.6 per cent of those surveyed in an opionion poll believe Kate and Gerry are responsible for the "disappearance of Maddie's body."

However, 30.7 per cent believe that Madeleine's parents had nothing to do with it, and another 30.7 per cent did not have an opinion.

The same question was asked in September 2007, when 39.9 per cent considered the McCanns to be guilty, while 26.8 per cent said they were innocent and 33.2 per cent did not know.


Jojam said...

Good morning All,

I have read last nights posts and am inclined to agree with Mum21....the blogs are serving no real purpose, in fact I fear that they are actually doing more harm than good.........I have not been a regular poster.....reading more than posting........over the months I have witnessed the decline in the content.....now it appears to be cut & paste between the different blogs......point scoreing & abuse........I will no doubt look in from time to time..........but until there are any real developments I see little point. Madeleine & her family will be in my prayers & I hope for a resolution soon.............please do not let this blog become like the others....
Regards to you all.

Anonymous said...

Gina M says

Sassy P I have just seen on the other article that you said it was ok to post the email address you sent me. All I want to say to you is this, and I hope you will accept what I am saying because it is true.

What I did was not at all like me, it was stupid and childish but I was angry at the time for being called liar and some of your posters were taking it too far. So I decided to be the liar that I was being accused of. However it goes against my principles to lie so when I was advised what was going on I came clean. I am very sorry and trust that you will accept my apology and whilst I do have the email address that you gave me I will not post it back to prove a point because some may use it to cause you further trouble. You can be assured that if you receive any further posts on here in my name, or in my style under another name it is not me and I would appreciate it if nothing else we can at least have some respect for each other. Regards Gina M

SassyP said...


We have no intention of letting this blog become like the other two.

Look forward to you posting now and then.

See you.

SassyP said...


Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

Gina M says

No problem Sassy. I have my faults but I not nasty for the sake of it.
I have asked my friend not to tell me if some of your posters continue this, I will just leave them to burn themselves out.

I will now go and leave you all in peace - regards

Jojam said...

Having just read Gina's post.....This illistrates what I mean by blogs doing harm......They are making people behave out of character......I have always had the utmost respect for Gina even if I did not agree with all her views........she has always been reasoned & objective.......without any malice..........It is sad to see that she went against her principles because of her treatment by others.

Gina M
Please stick to your principles..........you have always seemed to me to be a reasoned & objective poster.


Anonymous said...

Gina M says

Thank you Jojam. I really don't know what came over me, I guess it was because my friend was being laughed at that I flipped.

I have just promised to go and stay gone so that is what I am now going to do. I only post now on Alsabella's site my usual on the fence kind of posts. Regards and Bye

SassyP said...

JoJam and GinaM

I agree about cutting and pasting between blogs - especially the copying and pasting of posts that are meant to cause trouble.

You say, JoJam, that the blogs serve no purpose, but HYS didn't either. Noone seriously thought anyone on HYS was going to crack the case. I believe the aggressive people on there were more frustrated by other things and were using HYS to let off steam. I certainly believe that the really aggressive ones have no life and are bitter about it. They could be bitter in safety as noone could see them.

As the other two blogs are so anti-McCann (Vile's is especially aggressive) at least there is some sort of balance by having this blog.

Anonymous said...

Assassin has just written on her own website that blogs like this are actually encouraging more abductions!!!!!!!

SassyP said...

Can't see the logic behind it myself!

SassyP said...


Because the wording you used before, was that the people on here are sick and vile. The wording this time is such that it is not insulting the posters here.

Anonymous said...

The wording is the same. Not one comment inferred the members in here were sick or vile. If yoiu choose to use that as excuse for removing post rather than admitting the truth of why you removed post fine.

I just felt you should be aware of what is being said and I am more than happy that you are at least going to let the post stand now and think or discuss what is being said.
Farewell and Thankyou.

SassyP said...

Anonymous - it wasn't the same. If it had been, I would have left it.

Anonymous said...

Now we know why she is called Assassin. She has stopped this blog and one of the Vile's dead in its tracks.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Anon,

We have not been stopped dead in our tracks by anyone.

It is particularly quiet because there is a lack of news and we will not fabricate stories and speculate on wild theories just to have a busy blog.

Our regular posters will be here this evening :-)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, everyone. I'm not surprised the Portuguese people have less faith in Maddie cops or in their police force in general.

Human Rights Commission have investigated cases of alledged abuses by the police forces in Portugal and many reports have been written.

This information of course, will NOT be included in the upcoming book on Madeleine's case. I believe that reporter believes in Portugal's archaic police force.

SassyP said...


I am surprised actually. I would have thought that the Portuguese press would have made them out to be wondercops!

Anonymous said...

Amen Jojam (regarding your post at the top about blogs).

And SassyP, the HYS was not a forum or a blog, but over time it was certainly treated as one by a lot of the people posting on it. I'm surprised the DX let it go on as long as they did.

And with regards to today's article on here, what does it matter what public opinion says about the PJ and the job they're doing? Public opinion will not change the direction the investigation is going (the evidence found does that) so it's rather pointless to bring it up. Same goes for any polls about the guilt or innocence of the McCanns - either they were involved or they weren't, and nobody can vote them guilty or innocent.

SassyP said...

Anon (do I know you?)

I too am surprised that the DX HYS didn't get pulled sooner.

The reason the article is up there is that it is interesting to see how public opinion has changed because of this case. Nothing on here or indeed on any of the blogs is going to change the way the investigation is being (or not being - whatever the case is) carried out.

Nobody is asking anyone to vote anyone innocent or guilty - it is a matter of opinion and that is what we are after. Unlike one particular blog I can mention, we aren't playing armchair detectives here.

JANEGT said...

then name yourself ANON and stand up for you comment and do not hide behind it.

''nameless wonder''

If you are complaining - why not put up a point for debate - do not just come here to criticise as you are thus adding to your own complaints y doing exactly what you dondemn yourselves..

Other blogs automatically DELETE all anon posts.

Now the point being debated, or not, evidently, is re the PJ.

Have you objectors any comments on this point at all or here only to whine?

IMHO it has been evidenced over last 10 months that very few reports to PJ have been noted down properly and certainly not followed up at all. Any one of those leads could have been the right one, no matter how odd they seemed in the first place. All should have been logged and investigated thoroughly. That is what the PJ are there for after all.


As you say you do not post regularly. We have had a great deal of deliberate foul language abuse by 'anons' and others coming on here to divide, disrupt and destroy this blog. They have not succeeded. You would have seen that perhaps if on more often. You seem to come here only to complain at times.

In this instance you are not being too fair as you yourself made no point at all, the very thing you were criticising.

Off now, back in evening.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm sorry Anon @ 15:08. Whilst I respect Assasin's opinions they are only that.

People can say what they like, my conscience is clear.

SassyP said...

Hiya Tinks

That anon has posted the same thing time and time again!

As you and she/he pointed out - it is an opinion not the gospel truth!

SassyP said...

Hiya Jane

See you later

JANEGT said...

one last point

this blog is moderated. No reason needs to be given for any post not being posted. It is their sole discretion. (the moderating team)

Another blog has today still page after page after page of posts from this site alone.

why? why not go there and ask rather than criticising a working, living blog with genuine posters posting with a name. Do not quote named people who may or may not be contributing to this blog. You post as anon. Don't call Mum21 or comment on her when she is not here, particularly as 'anon'. That is as they say on all other blogs, COWARDLY, isn't it GinaM.? You say that a lot.

now will be late......

Anon comments cannot be regarded as necessarily genuine, authentic or from the heart at all. That is why they are automatciall deleted from most blogs etc. That is EXCLUDING the foul language, libellous ones.

SassyP said...

See you later Jane - the reason I keep deleting this poster's stuff is because it is the same criticism being sent at regular intervals and one person's opinion is being used as a reason for us to delete the blog!

See you later - hope you're not too late!

Jojam said...

Hi Jane,
I am well aware what has been going on as I said in my post this morning...............It is for that very reason I decided that it was not where I wished to be........if you re-read my post you may understand.........However things may well improve now anno bloggers are excluded........Regards to you all Jojam

Mandz said...

Hi Jojam ,
I disagree with what you are saying about the blog doing more harm and people are acting out of “character” due to the blog. People who behave in such a way do so because they are capable of behaving like “that” and as adults have chosen to act like “that” therefore this has nothing to do with a blogsite and perhaps this is an excuse for some people. I have respect for the ones who can be adult about it and apologise.
For me this is a place to “have my say” get my feelings/frustrations and great sadness out in the open about this little girl, her family and the lack of progress therefore I’m grateful to the person who set this up for all of us to share our opinions & views.
The people who turn up to cause trouble will always do so however they will never stop me posting and having my view.

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mandz said...


Lovely to see you where have you been lady its been qt without you! Nice to see you back x

Mandz said...

Whatever it is can you not just leave it...?

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mandz said...

I see Gina!
Best wishes to you and bye!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz

How are you?

Rosiepops said...

I think it is crucially important that people are allowed to discuss what they think of the Portuguese police, indeed what they think of any police force in any country.

Without a doubt the PJ have been less than competent on this case, the errors are there.

If this isn't bad enough they seem to have made up their minds that the parents of Madeleine are guilty despite having no evidence, I feel this is barbaric and inhumane and has absolutely no place in modern policing.

It is now 10 months since Madeleine went missing and 6 months since her parents have been made suspects in their daughter's disappearance, yet they have not presented one scrap of evidence and have moved no nearer charging any of the three suspects.

I feel this is police bullying of a dreadful nature and the PJ have done everything back to front.

If we are sensible, we know fully well that the PJ have no evidence at all, if they had they would charge the McCann's, but they have not and this is because in all probability they have no evidence on which to do so.

In my opinion they are inflicting unnecessary pain and suffering on two people who are suffering enough and my question to the PJ, is how long? How long can they in all common human decency carry on doing this to these parents?

There are many excuses that people have put up to explain the PJ's behaviour and without a single doubt each and everyone of those excuses can easily be taken apart and exposed for what it always is, lies, innuendo and speculation.

I believe the PJ have a case to answer for breaching the McCann's human rights and what is more I believe they should be made to answer it, because if not then they are going to continue treating people like this.

Portugal is a member state, she is in the European Union yet her laws are archaic, they have to be changed and pressure has to be put on them to change them and bring them up to this century.
I think this is every one's business and if Portugal does not like it and refuses to change, then they should be shown the door of the EU and they should not be promoted as a safe tourist industry within Europe.

Christabel said...

Hi Rosie and mandz, anything new ?

Anonymous said...

did you girls not know, the express is back

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Chris,

Good to see you, how is your sister ?

Christabel said...

Hi Tinks,
she's not to bad thanks, may be home tomorow.
Hows baby ?

Doppelganger said...

DE back?

Surely you are not going to fall for that one - don't let anonymous posters distract you.


Rosiepops said...

Hi Chris, Tinks and Mandz

How goes it?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Christabel,

Coming along lovely thank you, still only known as bubba tink!

Poor Mum feels as if she has gone 10 rounds with Tyson, bless her.

Cant wait til the weekend to get my first cuddles.

What do you think about the DE being back. The thought of posting there again makes me feel sick!

Rosiepops said...

I wasn't aware that the DE went anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Rosiepops, you have said that the PJ have no evidence and I'm curious as to how you know this? I would suggest that perhaps they do not have enough evidence at this point, otherwise you're right the McCanns should possibly have been charged by now, but to say the PJ have nothing at can be nothing but untrue. They have been made arguido thereby indicating that there is some evidence, and I would think they'll remain suspects until such time as there is enough to charge them or to release them from arguido status. Would you not agree with that?

Rosiepops said...

Tinks give bubs a kiss from me when you see her! Beautiful bonny little girl.

Poor mum, tell her it will soon feel better.

JANEGT said...

hi jojam

if you are reading this....I hope you are.

I did not say ANON posts ''were ''deleted here, I said they were on other blogs, which at times to be frank I agree with... but I luckily do not have my finger on the button. All polite views are welcome, but you must know having read so much as I know you have and you say so, we have had infiltrators with another agenda in mind. To keep the blog the way it was meant to be when started via the 4 dedicated moderators, we have to try at least to keep true to that despite all the unnecessary aggro coming our way. We all get FF 0ften. course we do it's 10 long months. Good grief we could have a 1 month old baby by now......no, we all have it at differing times. that is nothing to be ashamd of in fact the opposite - because the level of caring and passion for this cause determines how often and how deep it comes. I know you know what I mean. We all get it.

To 'abandon ship;/ ' yes, the easy non-confrontational option I considered more than once, but I just can't let go. Not me, not the blog, but for Madeleine. The daftest thing is, isn't that why all the blogs are here? ...or isn't it? or are one or more apologists for failure of PJ or British Govt or whatever else? Yes. All of that too in the mix. I can appreciate where we are all frustrated by this as not any of us right now have an answer or even a road towards that. Now with DX closed, we are really polarised, and firing bullets which is a shame. But, now it is happening, what do you suggest we do...curl up and die. ??? NOT ME. no way. Nor would anyone else I know or have know no matter what 'side' you believe to be on. Some even change sides then post on all forums and start one on their own... talk about hedging your bets. Then they ill say loudly I TOLD YOU SO.

well not to me they didn't.

WE ARE all going through same emotions, but from different viewpoints. I used to think that healthy, but seeing the attempted frequent sabbotage of this blog I am disgusted.

Never mine.

Anon to me, is cowardice, even 'a' name, any name so at least we know to whom to respond, otherwise as you can evidently see, we bracket ALL ANONS as one. Why whould we? you cry? WHY SHOULDN'T WE IT IS THE SAME NAME.


hope to see you soon post FF. ;o)

Christabel said...

Hi Rosie and Jane,
just had a quick look at DE, see dads got his wooden spoon going even on there.
How sad for a man ?
When I looked in earlier it said no anonymous posters, where's it gone ?

Christabel said...

04.03.08, 8:10pm

I think I might pop to the twilight zone later and tell them that no one seems to be posting on Alsabella's Blog anymore, that will cheer them up - LOL!

Going for the third time.

• Posted by: Doppelganger • Report Comment

Here's just one and will be the last, grow up, whats up are you after a lolly from Alsabelia ?

Chinadoll said...

Hi Everyone,

See the forum is quiet, still no news. Just a quick hello.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi China,

DX HYS is back!

Dont know if I can face it again, just sitting here deliberating!

Christabel said...

Hi China,
most antis are crowing on the DE site.

Tinkerbell43 said...


Are there any Pro's over there ?

Rosiepops said...

Anon, would you like to get yourself a name? Any old name or you are likely to get deleted by accident, along with the abusive anons.

It is my opinion that the PJ do not have a scrap of evidence and the only reason they were made arguidos is at the time the detective in charge Goncalo Amaral, rushed to make them arguidos for two reasons

1) because he knew the McCann's were planning on leaving Portugal that Sunday

2) because Portugal was going to have a law change and if he had waited a few more days it is doubtful that they would have been able to be made suspects because there was insufficient evidence

The latter isn't my opinion, it is the opinion of the Portuguese Attorney General and has since been confirmed by Alipio Ribiero and his boss Alberto Costas.

I believe this has gone far enough and it is time the PJ cleared the McCann's, turn over what information they do have to the British police and M3 and let them get on with searching for Madeleine.

It is patently obvious they have no intention of searching for Madeleine and haven't had since around week 3 of this investigation.

This whole thing has become a farce and the PJ (IMO) are playing a game with the McCann's and it is cruel and inhumane.

Rogatory letters where are they? Here? There? Anywhere? Whose excuse is it this time?

Let's face it what can they ask that is so important

a) after all this time b) if it were why has it taken them 10 months to get around to asking these questions?

How many people are they going to question? 9? 7? 3?
If it is true (big if) they are coming here to interview these people ? how many, then why are they faffing around interviewing 3 of them? Why not interview all of them while they are here?

Or is this another excuse in the making so they leave the McCann's under this arguido status? So they can take another 10 months to get around to asking another set of questions of another couple of the group and so on and so forth.

Absolutely farcical.

The PJ have lost all credibility and the world is looking upon Portugal and they had better start shaping up, because if they keep this barbaric inhumane treatment of the McCann's up they will see what the British are like with the bit between their teeth.

Christabel said...

No Tink, let them play.
Elizabeth as on and Audrey.

Rosiepops said...


I took it off because I was here moderating it.

Chinadoll said...

Hi Christabel and Tinks,

Just been reading back a bit and see that the DX has reinstated comment ref a Madeleine headline.

Took a look and it seems, the usual vultures are first to pick over old bones.

JANEGT said...






see you over there

Tinkerbell43 said...


I didnt expect anything else, I haven't even been to have a look yet. I dont know if I can face posting over there again, these blogs have shown the true colours and mentality of some and I despise everything they stand for.

supertroll said...

Hello everyone,
I just wanted you to read what has been posted in my blog and how I replied to it.
I am fuming...


josiepublic said...
Are you trying to suggest someone who this is? Or is this some sort of confession? Only you are not being clear. As Ive only seen you attack two other blogs both who seek justice for Madeleine I assume its an attack on Viv but
I hope it̢۪s the latter and refers to your stalking and harassment of others and of myself on the Daily Express and elsewhere.

I know this is hard for you to grasp but the one name this person would not be using is her own; once again you have put two and two together and come up with twenty-six.

There are people making money from a dead child and then there are those determined to uphold her interests; and as it stands at the moment these are in direct conflict with the McCanns suspected of hiding her body and staging her kidnap.

If Jane Hills report was correct and as there has been no apology or backtrack we can assume it probably was; Madeleine is likely to have died a violent death in her parents bedroom in their holiday apartment sometime before the third of May.

This case is not about you; your absurd theories nor any personal gratification you get from making blogs directed at those seeking justice for Madeleine. Nor those you direct your jealous vitriol against.

This case is about Madeleine and only her.

In my defense to those who say "Don't feed the trolls." this person needs addressing in case some gullible fool doesn't realize who/what they have stumbled across. Plainwaters.

04 March 2008 18:39

supertroll said...

By publishing this post I am not suggesting that Felicity Lowde is Viv, or am I making any sort of confession either.

I perfectly well that Viv is not this person.

The post is simply here to show how people can get too obssessed with a subject and lose the plot, something which in my opinion has already happened.

I don't know who is making money from a dead child, but I do know who gets a kick from attacking those who are grieving and cannot defend themselves, using as an excuse the pretence of upholding this child's interests.

I have never stalked Viv, there is no reason why I would ever want to. I have never stalked or harassed you and I never posted on the DE. WhatI have done is to try and defend who needs defending and expose the nasties when I have felt they went too far.

Please go away and do not post here ever again. I have never written to you before but I have read some of your posts and I find you to be one of the most wicked and unpleasant posters I have ever had the displeasure to read.

I still remember the post you left on Viv's site pretending to be the voice of Madeleine. It was absolutely despicable, and if you believe that what you post is done in the name of upholding this little girl's rights, then you really are on Ms Lowde's league.


04 March 2008 20:40

Chinadoll said...


Nice to see you, as always.

Have had a very long day and really popped in for a quick 'hello'

Where is everyone?

Tinkerbell43 said...


The one thing that makes me mad in all of this is the posters that take this little girls name and use it as a tool to attack her family.

This is not Justice for Madeleine it is an insult to Madeleine.

Unfortunately, you will never get through to this ilk you can only do what you are doing to expose them for what they are and I commend you for doing just that.

Chinadoll said...


I, for one, will never be shocked at the depths some people will sink to.

Keep up your hard work. Your blog is inspirational - I just wish I could learn how to comment (do not have a google account etc)

supertroll said...


That post was upsetting, sometimes I feel like I am trying to reason with hungry sharks.


Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi China,

Good to see you too. Keep meaning to thank you for your support of "our" blog.

I think it is quiet because we have no real news and as we are not a blog to make up stories and wild theories just to keep a busy blog, posters may be waiting for some real news to break. Also I would imagine a fair few are possibly over at the DX, possibly reading if not posting.

supertroll said...

Thank you very much, Tinkerbell and Chinadoll.


Rosiepops said...


I know this poster from the DE and I know she doesn't operate with the full ticket, I and others long since just stopped answering her post as they were getting worse and even more incredulous. Never any fact, always full of vitriol and always rude and abusive towards those that disagreed with her mindless rantings and all this she thought she could write because she ended her posts with "Justice For Madeleine" as if this one sentence gave her some kind of divine right to say what her warped mind had invented and though as truth.

I have an inkling that this person is another persona of a very infamous person on here, as she disappeared at the time this other person opened her blog and not before making the most stomach churning almost genuflecting posts towards this infamous person.

I hope you keep up the good work on your blog, it is unique in its stance and should be applauded.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I can imagine it was upsetting. Unfortunately there is no reasoning, you cannot reach what isnt there!

Chinadoll said...


Hungry Sharks?

We all know that hungry sharks have one motive and reason plays no part in same.

Rosiepops said...


did you see my post to you on last nights blog?

Like Tinks I wanted to say thanks for your support over the past few days, it is appreciated.

I wonder why the DE has suddenly decided to open another HYS? How long will it last?

supertroll said...

Well all I can say is that I hope that this time around they moderate it a bit better.

I'm off to have some dinner.

The latest portuguese poll is good news.Hopefully the balance will now begin to be redressed.


Chinadoll said...

Evening Rosiepops,

Sorry if I am a bit slow tonight.

Yes, I did see your post.

I, like you, have one and the same agenda.
It is not to wind other people up or to be unpopular.

I am here to speak up for this family and the rights that should be granted by a civilised judicial system.

Rosiepops said...

Reading some of the posts this morning, I get the impression that because some do not want or no longer want to give their opinions that it is felt others should no longer do so too.

I think that people have misinterpreted the reason why this blog is in existence, it is here to try and provide a little balance in a very uneven internet.

I know that the McCann family read the newspapers and these blogs because of some of the things they have said and we wanted to show them that not all people are stark staring mad lunatics who disbelieve them and condemn them to hell, some are like us who do believe them and do feel for them and are standing by in support as they struggle to continue the search for Madeleine under the most harrowing circumstances and I never have been a person to cut and run when things get tough!

Doing this was never going to be easy and we were always going to come on for stick and things were always going to get very rocky from time to time, but I will not allow this to unsettle us us and deter us from our objective.

Tinkerbell43 said...


Enjoy your dinner, dont let that lot give you indigestion :0)



Chinadoll said...


Enjoy your supper and keep up the good work. It is much appreciated, by many.

SassyP said...

Hiya you lot!

Don't blame you for hanging around here instead of going back over to the DX.

Rosiepops said...


Enjoy your supper.

I wont be holding my breath that it will be properly moderated this time as just before it went off last time, it seemed to me that the Portuguese posters were allowed to say what they wanted about anything and nothing was ever done, yet the minute we spoke up we were either suspended or our posts were removed.

See you later perhaps x

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosiepops - 21:14

Well said as always. Some posters also seem to think we are not helping missing children by being here.

This Blog has never proclaimed to be here for missing children, we are here to give the McCs our support in their search for Madeleine and to try and dispell the vicious rumours and accusations they are subjected to on an almost daily basis.

Rosiepops said...


I haven't even bothered looking at it, I expect it will be the same people giving their heavily biased opinions and presenting them as fact, let them get on with it, it will go the same way as the others anyway as those rabid raving antis will only get it pulled again.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Sass, how ya doin, good to see you. Yes I think I'll hang around here dont know if I can be doing with that hell hole.

Rosiepops said...

Absolutely Tinks, it has always been about providing some balance and support for Madeleine's parents against the innuendo, lies and speculation.

What is more I will never give up not while I think the Mccann's need us here trying to put their side against the vicious smears and character assassination that has been going on.

Chinadoll said...

Actually, after some consideration, I view the DX forum, now up and running, as a good sign.

Does anyone think it likely that the questions have been asked and answered in the interim period of no comment on HYS DX style?

Just a thought.

Perhaps they were trying to avoid a feeding frenzy.

Perhaps not.

SassyP said...

Hiya Tinks and Rosie

There are some dumb things about the "Twighlight zone" (i.e. us). Claudia is being the usual "delight", Rothaymere isn't writing her usual novels - yet.

Christabel said...

I have been having a sort out of saved stuff and come across an article I don't remember.
Did you know that Malinka's grandmother actually said that he was lying about not knowing Murat ?

His grandmother Lilia said he and Murat were good friends and did talk on the phone that night.

Chinadoll said...

Perhaps it was a condition of the granting of the letters, that the questioning took place in a controlled uninfluenced/unbiased/unreported manner.

Perhaps not.

I would like to think that all parties do everything possible to advance the investigation, in order for this current stalemate to be breached.

Probably my wishful thinking, but so what?

dianeh said...


I just popped into the DX and they are just going on with the same old vitriol.

I am not interested in posting there. Also, I have become less interested in what the anti's have to say of late. Things like this opinion poll are the perfect example of their double standards. When they thought everyone was against the McCanns (due to the one sidedness of the blogs and forums) then public opinion seemed to matter and Clarence was criticised for his statements. Now that the poll in Portugal shows that the tide may be turning, they are saying that public opinion is irrelevant, only the investigation is what counts. How naive and two faced. And what needs to remembered about this poll is that the British Press and Clarence have no sway whatsoever in Portugal. This is happpening because of changes there, probably a lack of results, all of the leaks and the current court case concerning Joanna's mum, all contributing to public opinion.

SassyP said...

Hiya Christabel

Long time no "see"

Christabel said...

Hi Sass, couldn't be bothered when dopple was on cos his intentions are obvious.
Its then a waste of time trying to debate.
Only looked in DE and who was the first one I saw dad ! saying he was going to come on and tell us hardly antone is posting on Alsabelias site and it would please us, whoopy doo bovverrred ?

Tinkerbell43 said...


I am totally with you 100%. I am committed to this blog and I thank you for continuing to support "our" blog.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I never knew Malinka's grandmother had said that! There is so much more to this man imho.

I cannot forget your post which advised he was looking to allegedly buy an extremely luxurious Villa in May 2007. Where would a humble computer engineer or whatever he is, have that kind of money. I dont like it one bit.

Chinadoll said...

Goodnight All,

Rosiepops said...


As Tinks I am 100% committed to this blog and to our loyal posters. I cannot stomach the though of all that hypocrisy and double standards, they all knocked the DX and look at them, five seconds it took them before they all flew back there!

Thanks for your support Diane and I am with you entirely on what you have written. xxx

Tinkerbell43 said...

Night China,

Sleep well xx

Rosiepops said...

goodnight China see you soon, take care xxx

Rosiepops said...

Christabel, really? OMG what made Malinka's grandmother say that?

There is so much more about these people that we do not know and Murat's involvement with the PJ is suss too in my opinion.

That link!!! I am absolutely stunned, would like to say I am shocked but I am not, i have long since thought that person needs psychiatric help.

Rosiepops said...


I don't like it either, why would he go and look if he had no money? Seems a strange thing to do, I wonder if his bank accounts have been examined?

Christabel said...

Yes Tinks
a villa costing more than 1.5 million Euros.
It was his father he confessed to about lying.
Wonder if this is the one that gave Murat a false alibi ?

Christabel said...

she said it in June last year.
So tell me the PJ are doing a good job. bla bla bla !

helenm said...

Hi all, just checking if I have set up google account right.

calcite51 said...

Hi, guys - was posting as Calcite51. Disappeared from the site as my aunt passed away and I was out of town for a few days.

It's good to see you all - a lot seems to have gone on with the blogs. It is unfortunate.

I support the existence of this blog - I think too many people on the other sites have declared the couple guilty. And they have tried really, really hard to destroy this couple.

I say and I have always said yes, it was a mistake to leave the children alone but in no way do I believe the parents had anything to do with Madeleine's going missing.

helenm said...

ok what's the bin for? not posted any rubbish yet to my knowledge!!lol

Rosiepops said...

Hi Helen

Looks like you have, no problems great to see you, how is Portugal?

My daughter who lives in Southern Spain said it was so hot last Sunday they were all on the beach in bikinis and in the sea!

Rosiepops said...

Helen, that allows you to delete your post if you want to.

Christabel said...

Hi Helen and Calcite,

Hows the happy PJ in luz Helen ?

Sorry to hear your sad news Calcite x

JANEGT said...




dianeh said...


The problem with the PJ is that we dont really know what they have done or not done. As in the latest case with the jet ski, we know they didnt interview the couple, because they have publicly said so, from their own mouths. But as for Malinka etc, that may have been thoroughly investigated and we just dont know. But because we have heard from so many people saying that their evidence was ignored etc, it unfortunately makes it easy to believe the PJ didnt investigate anything properly. And we know that is not true. The have investigated the McCanns very thoroughly.
The PJ have themselves to thank for the perception of incompetence. Following up all leads is something that seems to be standard in UK and here, just looking at Shannon's case for eg. So why wasnt it done in Portugal. Maybe they thought that no one would come forward publicly with their sightings etc.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Calcite

So sorry to hear of your sad news, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family x

Thank you for you support of this blog, it is much appreciated. we have battled this last few days to keep this blog up and running despite some attacks and some Anons trying to exert pressure on us to close our blog down.
What makes me laugh is that they come to this blog which is a supporting blog and does not really have that much ill comment and yet they do not go to Vile's blog that really does need something done about, they say nothing about that one. Odd I think!

dianeh said...


I just looked in on DX and saw page after page of vitriol (Clarence pulled the DX forum, McCanns more concerned with public opinion etc and these are the better comments) and then there is this lone wolf in there nipping at their heels.

I could even raise a comment to suport you. Sorry, they are not going to debate at all, just attack.

dianeh said...

Hi Calcite

Nice to see you. And you have managed to get on here at the same time as the other posters.

Good on you.

Sorry about your loss.

calcite51 said...

Thank you - my aunt's passing was a blessing - she was diabetic and had ulcers on her legs. She loved to read and at the end, that too was taken away.

Rosiepops said...


It seems that so many sightings and so many witnesses have been ignored, I find it absolutely astonishing that this has happened is such a tragic case. I think the PJ may be so used to people being too scared to speak out against them that they totally underestimated how other non Portuguese would react.

My question is this, if so much has come out about eye witnesses etc being ignored, what is there that we do not know about?

All this just goes to reaffirms in my mind that I cannot trust the PJ.

calcite51 said...

When is the interviewing suppose to happen?

calcite51 said...

The PJ's blew this case big time and I really think regardless of what comes out of this case, they should be investigated.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Calcite,

So sorry to hear of your loss, I did wonder where you had gone.

Glad to see you back and supporting us. Yes they have really pulled out all the stops to destroy this couple. However they have failed and the McCs remain a very much united and close family.

We will continue to support them and try to dispell the horrendous lies and accusations they are subjected too on a regular basis.

Nice to see you back :-)

Christabel said...

according to her majesty within the next 10 days, think that was Friday.
Mandz and I are being measured for our arrowed suits as soon as they land.
Sass said we can go on the run and stay with her though lol.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Calcite, Like you, I think the PJ blew it along while ago. I truly think they under estimated the McCanns.

I have often wondered if there is some European body that could carry out an independant investigation of how this case has been conducted.

Doby said...

Hi there folks, not been on for a while, have been leading a busy life one way and another, so, hows things?

calcite51 said...

Just took a quick peek at DE - what a bunch. They remind me of sharks in a frenzy.

Christabel said...

Hey Doby,
how ya doin ?

helenm said...

Weather was glorious here as well on Sunday. Let's face it compared to Uk.... well there is NO comparison with regard to the weather. Sun has been shining since I got back.

I haven't forgotten Rosie, I'll take a look at those shutters tomorrow I hope.

Been quite busy last few days so have not posted, however I have tried to read back posts. Looked like you have had a number of loose canons trying to cause trouble. I'm sorry to see that Mum21 has decided not to post, hopefully she will have second thoughts after some time out.

With regard to this article and I see that it is subject of 'discussion' on the DX I find it hard to comprehend why posters should be surprised that the Mccann's are 'lifted' by the change in public opinion. Do they not reaise that this couple, their family and friends have been hung drawn and quartered by the more viscious of 'anti' posters. We all know that polls have no effect in the actual outcome of this case, however there would seem to have been a definite shift in 'public opinion'.

Why have I a bin and no-one else?

archer said...

Hello all

Calcite sorry to hear of your loss, my mother is also diabetic and going to hospital tomorrow to check out a possible thrombosis following a fall !

I have also just looked in on the DX site. What purpose does all of this venom serve ?

If its entertainment they are after why not pop out and rent a DVD, that's how it seems to me.

Lets hope that something positive is learned soon that will assist in the search for Madeleine.

Christabel said...

we all have a bin, but it only shows by your own blog unfortunately.

helenm said...

thanks for that christabel. So does that mean that if a post is deleted it is not necessarily by a moderator?

calcite51 said...

Tinkerbell, I agree with your comments about the McCanns but I do worry about the pressure this (by this I mean the rumours, the endless accusations, etc.) is putting on them and their relationship. It has to be so hard.

I also found that Kate was looking very fragile in the latest photos. Mind you, I havent'seen any photos of her recently and Gerry looked worn out.

I pray for this couple to find their daughter.

JANEGT said...

well never been invited to my own cruxifiction before bt now I know what it's like....

only alroy and me. as welcome as a boil on bride's nose at a wedding......

great stuff. never mind. Do
Do just saw my name and had a 'go' before I even posted. good evening..



asked how I got there, how I knew, what was I doing there?

doh its a public newspaper and I have a right....doh...no
Alsabella saying we posted stuff on her site ..... dad to 3 had a go as soon as he saw my nme for getting at hom 'harrassing' was the word. so I thanked himn for all the posts he made on here.

that sorted that out for a while so he's off. ha ha ha


won't last. too late. all gone.

is exactly what they wanted to prove. They broke the HYS deliberately in my view. so wht or who next? don't know. it's not the same.

nothing seems to be any more. too much has happened. no going back to even logical, polite discussion. No chance of that whatsoever. How sad.

Or is it what was planned?

calcite51 said...

Thanks, Archer.

Doby said...

Howdi Rosie, Christabell, tinkerbell, Helen, Sassy, Gina,
jojam, Tinkerbelle, JaneGt,Chinadoll, Old uncle tom Cobbly and all....
not had chance to read you posts but will try and get round to them ASAP. Hope you are all well!

archer said...


You do make me smile ;-)))

helenm said...

Hi Doby, I'm still playing catch up too.

Christabel, no I haven't seen PJ and hope I never will!!! Seen plenty of GNR though.

Christabel said...

not if your very good lol !
Its handy if you make a mistake or want to remove one of your posts.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Calcite, you've just made me think, I cant remember the last photo I see of Kate. It was the twins birthday recently, no photos, mothers day, again no photos. I do hope she is ok.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Doby,

Good to see you, we continue to fight the good fight :-)

Christabel said...


hiya nutter, hope you enjoyed her majesty's company lol !
See you had fun with the king ?
I think he's still counting, don't you Tinks lol !

Doby said...

Good evening Archer, sorry to hear about your mothers ailments, but if it's any consolation hospitals can do wonders with Throbosis and Diabetis these days, I'm sure she will be alright!

calcite51 said...

HelenM - not to be stupid but what does GNR mean?

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm off guys, land of nod is calling!

Nice to see everyone tonight, thanks for your continued support, so enjoy chatting with you all and reading your views and opinions.

See all you good people tomorrow,

Nite All xxx

calcite51 said...

It's good to see you all - have to go see what we have in the house for dinner.

Take care.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rofl Christabel, Yes, Yes, Yes, No.

Christabel said...

Nit and Bless Tinks xx
I knew you would like that one lol !

Doby said...

Hellen' I seem to remeber you saying you are in Austraia only I had some family moved out to Perth three years ago, they seem to like the life from what I hear, in fact I've never heard anyone say they don't like the place, most speak very highly of it. I also have a distant relative who's been in Sydney for years, think he's naturalized by now. He seems happy enough there, well guess he must be as he would have returned to the UK years ago otherwise!

archer said...


Thank you.

JANEGT said...

well guys glad you find me funny coz I am in a huff right now and fuming. steam out ars stuff. mad ....eeek

so archer et al

if I mad you laugh share what the hel I said with me so I can try and laugh too.

Oddly the madder I get with people the more theY laugh - some eventually hysterically when I am livid!!!!!. I never got it. I just got blunter and blunter and furiouser and furiouser but all my life people have screamed with laughter instead of immediately capitulating to me.

ENLIGHTEN ME......;o((((((

I need cheered up now.

Doby said...

Hiya Tinks, yeh most the folks on here are old hands by now, given the anti's a good fight for months but think they are on the retreat now don't you? Am not staying on here long as I've had a busy day and am feeling tired now, could do with a bit of 'shut eye'. Bye for now, maybe have a chat tomorrow.

JANEGT said...

huh christabel to calcite post

if there were a bin at everyone's blog there would be noone here -after what I saw on D E tonight and here on saturday later ....eeeek.....

doppeldad is making so much mischief everywhere he has no home now it would seem. Pulled too many ends towards the middle.

And he had cheek to say on DE tonight I WAS HARRASSING H I M.

spew bowl please. bin bin bin

n o w.....binnnnnnn.


Rosiepops said...

hiya people

i am back just took a quick peek, it seems doppel is missing the *girl gang* so much he must have mentioned telling them around 4/5 times!

Christabel said...

Its the way you tell em lol !

Why are you mad, cheer up matey !
Its going on that depressing DE that's what it is.

helenm said...

Guardia National Republicana, used to uphold law and order, particularly road and traffic laws!!!! I think these guards would be the ones that Rosie refers to who were seen to be sat in their cars smoking!"!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Doby

it seems they have nothing to occupy their minds other than us pros.

Still going on about how everything is going to get really bad for the McCann's and us when the PJ come here to question the ???? how many. It is so important that it has been 10 months now they have had these statements and have been coming here for this questioning for around 6 months and they are still NOT here!

Where are they walking via Australia?

helenm said...

Doby, sorry wrong poster. Iam English living for most of the year in the Algarve, near o Praia Da Luz.
Hope to visit Australia next year after visitig fiends in New Zealand.

archer said...


I did say you made me smile, don't want to upset you, but now you are making me laugh :¬)

You are a clever lady, and your words are very descriptive. I think we can all visualise you getting right under their skin -such aplomb !

Don't wanna cross you :¬)

Rosiepops said...

Helen yea that is right and the ones that went tramping all over apartment 5a and flicking their fag ash over vital evidence!

helenm said...

Friends as well!!! LOL

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
calcite51 said...

The GNR sound like my type of people. LOL - I thought Portugal had just enforced 'non-smoking' laws in their country. I remember seeing them on CNN (I didn't know there was a difference between GNR and PJ's) and wondered why they weren't stopping vehicles whizzing by them.

Rosiepops said...

Night Tinks sleep well take care xxx

JANEGT said...

ooops i did it again.

steam out 'ars' I genuinely meant E A R S

and not what you all thought I meant I can assure you. but come to think of it.......


I loved that....the bins 'unfortunately' are only at your own posts.....' la la la so politely screechingly agreein they should be at named ones. 'and beginning with 'a they are , in no particlar order.....A, Bee. C. D my god it works. just think

i got 4 in 4 tries no effort......

well well well.


Do I know you in a previous life on DE at all? Seems so......????

Having said goodnight to all he 'good' people you know who you are my ex-friend, I feel excluded. Or am I 'good' now? Makes a change.

Oh dear. wonder if DE site will still be up tomorrow??? Lost any debate as one sided, so I doubt it will last just become another ...fest....for you know who.

and chums

and sycophants

and liers

and murderers.......

with that I am off......

got school shirts to iron that I have ignored for 2 days. No option now at all. Darnit. Hate ironing. eeek.

good nite all.

good and bad ones.

see you tomorrow.


helenm said...

Good night all, have to be up early to catch the rays!! How green are you all?

JANEGT said...


My sympathies to you.


Rosiepops said...

I saw some reports yesterday and some comments on another newspaper website, tearing into Kate because the twins gave her some daffs at church, I mean how venomous and nasty can some people actually get? And how low will they stoop in order to beat her about the head? Amazing they claim that this was done for publicity yet no pictures of her!

Why don't they leave this poor woman alone?

Christabel said...

Nite and Bless Jane and Helen x

Thats right Helen rub it in about the weather lol !

archer said...

Goodnight all

Jane - no rarely posted on DE so don't think we did. I was more of a silent watcher!

calcite51 said...

Thanks, Jane.

Rosiepops said...

Night Helen, sleep well and enjoy the sun, envious of the sunshine yest but looking forward to out appraoching Spring and spring in Britain is a beautiful sight!

Speak soon sleep well take care xxx (Mind you dont have a run in with the GNR lol)

Christabel said...

Nite and bless Rosie, calcite and archer. xx

I will be back !!!

Rosiepops said...

Night Christabel sleep well take care xxx

JANEGT said...

Have I read this wrong or did someone from Portugal not say the GNR were INFERIOR TO THE pj, SAYING SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF THEY WERE THE 'country POLICE' OR WORDS LIKE THAT...??? I did not quite get the difference exactly?

I am confused.

Good night to those who have just left sorry I did ot chat longer....

maybe this qestion will have to wait till another time.

JANEGT said...


are you serious about Kate being criticised for getting daffodils on Mother's Day? It's a tradition. Did someone object?

I didn't hear anything.

or of the 300 days. Nor of the proposed 'concert' Gerry was planning for May 3......?

What happened?

Rosiepops said...

Jane yes it was reported and commented upon in the Mail!

As I said that concert was only probably ever a brief idea of how to raise money, probably was never going to happen, but as usual his words have been taken and twisted.

I just wonder what they are going to do when the fund money runs out, how will they fund those looking for Madeleine then?

JANEGT said...


this place is getting to you if you are as you say visiting 'FIENDS' in australia......and not friends. happens to us all. oh dear.

I now bark at the post man. bite neighbours dog. ha ha wonder how the others 'lighten up.' as they do this on a GOOD day don't they rosie???

Their 'compliments' to you have been most enlightening......!! did you see you were top of a betting list or something?

they lost

ha ha ha

calcite51 said...

I hope you are wrong. Rosie, about critising Kate for getting daffodiles on Mother's Day. How low can people get?

Rosiepops said...

anyhow, I have had a very long day and am completely shattered, so am going to turn in and get an early night.

Night Jane, clacite, Archer and anyone else I have missed.

Take care sleep well xxx

God bless Madeleine xxx God Bless Mari xxx God bless Shannon xxx

dianeh said...

I have been busy with a phone call but am back now.

See that everyone is going to bed.

So good night to those who have left.

Rosie, are you still around?

dianeh said...

Good night all.

Rosiepops said...

Jaine they are very silly people, at the moment I have no wish to spend my time in such negative and spite filled place as that HYS, I prefer it here among pleasant people and I know this place will settle down again after our little local difficulty lol

Calcite I am afraid it is true, heartbreaking that people can be so vindictive isn't it?

Good night all sleep well xxx

Rosiepops said...

Just going off Diane, are you OK?

JANEGT said...

I haven't heard anything recently on the fund. I got the mail but must've missed that article...how pathetic to say that on a traditional day for that.

I am off to iron school shirts now darnit. You know, the expensive 'non iron' ones you have to iron???? well smooth over to b honest. Just hate ironing so much. My mother, bless her, used to iron everything. Little handkerchiefs all corner to corner, towels, the lot. #

Just like me..? No sorry nt towels don't use handkerchiefs, nor do I iron smalls or towels for kitchen or bathroom or bathsheets Just others. She even ironed socks for goodness sakes.

Off to switch on the iron. Procrastinated enough. I moan then think of my grandmother who didn't even have a washing machine. All done by hand. Also no steam iron either. How awful.


See you tomorrow, and hope you are feeling well and chirpy ....??

Catch you soon,

take care
good night

JANEGT said...

good night diane if you are still on


calcite51 said...

Good nite all!

calcite51 said...

If anybody is left - DE has removed the story on Madeleine McCann and the comments.

dianeh said...


I have probably missed you but I am not surprised. It was the most disgraceful things I have read in a long time and much of it libelous, accusing the McCanns of all sorts of things.
Making conjecture is one thing, such imo or I believe etc but many of the posters are out and out stating things as though they are fact and accusing the McCanns of the most terrible things.
What i think has happened is this. When the DX raise an article on the web, they probably have a default set to allow HYS. But at some point they have taken the HYS off all Madeleine articles, as well as removed them from the search engine. I think that this one had accidentally been included and now the DX has found it and removed it.

And I am glad. Free speech is one thing but libel is something completely different. And much of what is written by the posters is pure libel. This is why I always emphasize it is my opinion when writing negative comments about the PJ.

calcite51 said...

Diane - I agree completely with you. I read some of the zealous comments and I thought, "Can't go through this again." People were getting so upset with comments I was making and I was getting upset with comments they were making. Times I swore my blood pressure was sky high.

Alsabella's page I may take a peak but certainly will not be writing any comments.

dianeh said...

The thing was Calcite, there was not one person I wanted to answer on DX, as it was just rubbish. Even some of the more sensible of the anti's were sucked in by it. There was no debate, only abuse and not one single reasoned post. So many just talking about evidence (dogs, DNA, McCanns lies etc) as though it were gospel and then the ones going on and on about neglect and then there were the ones that think the McCanns are criminal masterminds.

They need to take a good hard look at themselves first before they start hurling abuse at the McCanns and their supporters and of course the latest witnesses (re jetski) got a thrashing as well. I am really quite sick of the anti's accusing everyone that is concerned and comes forward with being put up to it by the McCanns .
I think the McCanns should sue over some of the comments, at least it would help the next victims that come along.

calcite51 said...

Diane - If you are still on.

The more I think of it, the more convinced I am that what we need are some responsible reporters - what nonsense that article was.

Drs. Gerry and Kate McCann are probably not too concerned about these polls - they are NOT politicans and they are not in a popularity contest. They are parents of a missing child. A child they are searching desperately for.

I know some other newspapers are reporting on this item as well but I think it was in poor taste.

And as for the reaction of the readers - it's like living in a futuristic world where humanity has died.

And you were right, there was not one blogger on DE website that I wanted to say hi to - but for some it was like home week.

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