Friday, 27 March 2009


It wasn't enough that Portugal's supposedly elite PJ failed Madeleine at every twist and turn.

It wasn't enough that the Portuguese authorities allowed ex detective Paulo Cristovao to write a book about the investigation of a Madeleine McCann, an investigation he had nothing to do with, the only link was that he knew Goncalo Amaral.

It wasn't enough that the Portuguese authorities allowed the disgraced failed ex detective Goncalo Amaral, to cash in on the child he failed and top his retirement pension up by writing books, giving paid TV and radio interviews, being paid for stories appearing on newspapers and magazines and making a TV documentary about the case.

It wasn't enough that the Portuguese press joined in the bullying and intimidation and character assassinations of Madeleine's parents.

Just when you think that Portugal could not stoop any lower an organised group have toured Praia Da Luz, torn down posters of the little girl, ripped them up and thrown them in the gutter and defiled her image by spitting in the little girl's face!

No wonder tourists are staying away from Praia da Luz and Portugal, they do not feel welcome and they fear for their children's safety.

And with good cause!

Shame On You Portugal, but I promise you this, we will not forget this in a hurry and we will see it as our duty to remind people about Madeleine, each time the holiday seasons approaches!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Special Thoughts For Kate McCann On Mother's Day.

Remembering that Madeleine McCann is still missing and that there is a mum forcibly separated from her child, this just should not happen.

Kate our love and thoughts are with you, never give up hope, never give in, never listen to those that only know hate in their hearts, pity them instead, after all, what must it be like to live a life of hate? To never feel empathy for others just renders them to a cold, unloving world full of hate, that eventually implodes.

We do not pretend to be the voice of your beloved daughter, we would never do such a thing, but if Madeleine could tell you, we know that she would tell you how much she loves you and you know this too. So just hang on and carry on in your calm dignified way, one day you will be reunited with your daughter and your life will feel whole again.

Our love and thoughts are with you on this special day.

Friday, 13 March 2009

More Vitriol Posted By Ignorant Pitchforkers!

It is sad, but the witch hunters evil has now permeated one of the nicest sites on the internet. I will not name this site because I do not think it deserves to have its name sullied by these evil minded ignorant people.
Previously the site in question, was a beautiful and strangely calming site, it not only carried messages of support and hope for Madeleine McCann and her parents, it carries messages for others experiencing turmoil in their lives and also messages of hope, peace, joy and greetings.

Now the site has been tainted by the shocking evil of these people, that will stoop to any lows to get their lies and their vitriol in writing.

I believe the kind of people that do these things have no interest in the welfare of children, they have no interest in true justice, what they have is a mental impairment. Cerebrally challenged, they are in short they are just thick, pig ignorant idiots, who get a kick out of seeing their words published.

The kind of people that do this are grossly ineffectual small minded, bigoted sub-humans, the only thing big about them are their egos! Little people with even smaller brains, no one has ever paid any attention to them and their rantings before, suddenly they have discovered the more evil they can write, the more the minority pitchforking audience loves them and of course, they respond to this by sinking to such slime ridden depths, that pond life seems like a sky scraper to them.

Look at the above picture and try to envisage the kind of low-life that would write a thing like this, they are so brave that they make these entries anonymous! They are scared that if they use their real names their relatives and employers may see them and then judge them and know them for exactly what they are - low life scum!

The kind of low-life scum that thinks nothing of using a small girl and her desperate parents as vehicle for their hate and their ineffectualness and they call this 'Justice For Maddie and the Twins?'

Liars, fantasists, narcissistic pitchforkers who revel in the fact that a child is missing and spend their days thinking up disgusting blood curdling and often sick and depraved theories and then trying to find like-minded people to discuss them with. You can see classic examples of these low-lives on forums like the 3 A's and the the snot green (now deserted) hate blog.

Now when they realise they are in fact in the minority, these people have taken to surfing around trying to find other outlets for their venom and hate and they poisoned a once beautiful calm site and as ever they thought nothing of violating something beautiful as they thought and think nothing of violating Madeleine herself, all for their own sick pleasure!

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