Monday, 8 June 2009

The Enigma of the Twilight World Of Dr V*****a S*****g Of Liverpool University (No Less)

Dr V*****a S*****g of the University of Liverpool is odd, positively barking weird, or is she? Her views on the McCanns are so vile, obnoxious and illogical, they make no sense. Many of her often mad rants are based on the unfounded supposition and the sad ramblings of DISGRACED former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral, recently convicted of perjury and concealing evidence of a torture and ordered by the Portuguese judge in a Portuguese court to do an 18 month suspended prison sentence.
Absolutely shocking for a man who swore to uphold the law in Portugal, yet fundamentally let it down at every twist and turn.

However, returning to the "bad" Doctor V****a S*****g, for someone in her position in such an academic establishment as the University of Liverpool, she has some weird & bizarre online associates. Some would describe them as violent time served criminals, others as sex offenders and pitch forking wannabe stinking sewer rats. Why would she want to taint herself with these dregs of humanity? A sub-human spin off species? Something more here, there has to be, so who knows the truth?

Naturally, reasonable and logical minds would question why such a person as the "bad doctor" has allowed herself to become so entrenched in the utterly bizarre and the blatantly ridiculous and the downright inhuman spite fest? A reasonable and logical person would ask why she has allowed herself to become incriminated and embroiled in such awfulness as the vile and hate filled 3 Arguidos. The site where, "Loonies Are Free To Roam"? The forum where defending a convicted violent predatory paedophile, is viewed as 'the norm' and 'the thing to do', if it serves the purpose of inflicting as much damage on the innocent parents of a missing child, causing them as much immeasurable pain & unnecessary suffering as is possible. Yes defending a predatory violent paedophile such as Raymond Hewlett, convicted of raping children at gun and knife point after overpowering them with paint thinners, is looked upon as acceptable if it achieves these monstrous people's aims. Their one and only purpose for turning up daily on a hate forum seems to be to band together to vilify, pillory and degradation two innocent people, who if are guilty of something they are just guilty of making just one mistake, that many others before them have made in similar circumstances. What makes these sub-humans tick and more, much more, what makes a supposedly educated person like Dr V*****a S*****g and it has to be said lesser mortals like the persona 'ratonthebeam' AKA C******e N****n supposedly of Aberdeen college, want to associate themselves with this appalling exhibition of how low the human being can actually sink? How come the ratonthebeams of this world can have such violent tendencies towards a make believe and totally untrue fabrication of sexual abuse against the good character of the totally innocent Gerry McCann and David Payne, yet welcomes and accepts a *CONVICTED* violent evil predatory paedophile as Raymond Hewlett in their midst and sits minute upon minute, day upon day, agreeing with others in their defence of such an appalling man who has committed unspeakable acts against innocent children, and who is thought to have stabbed 12 times and murdered 11 year old Lesly Molseed after she had been raped?
It is an enigma, so I do wonder what criminologist Dr David Canter would make of the behaviour of Dr V*****a S*****g? And I suppose of ratonthebeam?

I only mention David Canter in respect that he is no less than Professor David Canter, Director of Investigative Psychology at Liverpool University.
A respected man top of his field, and yet another person that believes Madeleine McCann was abducted and has discounted her parents in any blame.

It intrigues me and has me wondering if the professor is aware of a colleague by the name of Dr V*****a S*****g, and the damage she is inflicting upon the name of the University of Liverpool and the harm she is inflicting on the reputations of everyone who works there and attends there? It seems to me that the university is now regarded as synonymous with Dr V*****a S*****g! Not somewhere I would want to associate or have any of my family associate with, not while they people like this in their employ!

Is I wonder, Professor Cantor aware of Dr V*****a S*****g's obnoxious extreme views?
How about her colleagues? They *must* now be aware of this side of the woman's extreme and unpleasant nature.

If you were a colleague of the "bad doctor", how would you feel about having to work alongside of her and maybe having to take orders from her? Trust is as important in the working environment, as it is in our personal relationships.

How do colleagues of Dr V*****a S*****g feel able to trust her? Would they not feel just a little concerned, that while she is smiling in their face, she is stabbing them in the back in order to get what she wants? What happens when all trust has gone?

I find this whole evil debacle so odd, so much so that one wonders if she has become purposefully entrenched in the twilight evil world of the 3 Arguidos and in fact is on a mission of some random insane act of entrapment?

Viewing it objectively, she appears to have wormed her way in and ingratiated herself with the vilest of creatures and opened up dialogue with them. Steadily she seems to have gained the trust of insane and violent criminals, sex offenders and apparently paedophiles too, as well as the person who owns the forum Brenda Ryan AKA Bren.

Val or Van as she is now openly known, now appears to be playing one side off against the other, is this on purpose? Or is she really just bad and plainly mad? It is something that rational, sane and logical people must consider.

Will one day the "bad doctor" simply disappear, leaving those poor saps on the 3 A's more puzzled and bewildered? (If that is possible) Then the very next thing those poor irrational, ill-educated wannabe sheep will be hit right between the eyes with, is their IDs and their names jumping out at them from the pages of some awful publication/paper/book, pointing them out as the actually personification of evil incarnate and the insane degradation of how low some will allow themselves to sink, in order to seek and gain praise from those they see as their peers and whom they strangely revere? So much so to the point of apparently becoming anaethetised to the hideous and horrendous pain they have, and still are inflicting on two completely innocent people and their long suffering family and their friends? Not to mention trying to damage and harm anyone else who tries to stand up and point out that what 'they' (those hideous spite and venom filled "people") in that God forsaken place the 3 Arguidos forum are doing, is just plain insanity and totally and utterly wrong?

It has to be said here, that some people have actually realised and got the hell out of there. These are the people who one could always see did in fact retain their grip on reality and realised what was happening and have tried and are still trying to expose what lays seething beneath the surface of the scabbed over toxic crust of the 3 A's. That when push came to shove they realised they were being asked to be part of something really awful and would be seen as complicit in it, they said enough is enough and walked away. But what of those who are left?

Without a doubt the "retained" members who are a little, shall we say, cerebrally challenged, ie Sharonl (hmmm) Ironside, Laffin, Luz, Clauida79 and Viv etc, all vie to get themselves noticed by Brenda Ryan. (I imagine them as the clueless class of 2007, all sitting there bolt upright sticking their hands in the air, saying; "Bren choose me, please Photon choose me") These people are ripe and undeniably suitable fodder to be 'unknowingly' used and researched and analysed and used as 'Lab Rats'. They and many more are all known for their libellous comments, their irrational sheer and utter hatred and overt jealousy of the McCanns. So irrational, that it is doubtful these people even realise how low they have sunk into the mire of human degradation. However, even these people all have one thing in common, they all suffer delusions of grandeur which is probably manifested by their suppressed feelings of inadequacy and inferiority complexes and this really does make them perfect, albeit unknowing subjects to be used and abused, by the Van's and Val's of this world!

Brenda Ryan etal should be very careful of Photon, very careful indeed.

I smell someone out to make their name and a fast buck and this time, it is not the disgraced fat defective Goncalo Amaral!

The monosyllabic Brenda Ryan and her neanderthaloid type members, thought "their Bren" was a big fish, swimming with other big fish, when in fact she is just an amoeba and completely out of her depth. She and her hideous 3 A's with its monstrous members, have clearly been used and conned, yet still they seem intent on swimming towards oblivion!

But for the love of God can someone please tell me what the 3 Arguidos, Van/Val, AKA Photon, ratonthebeam and Brenda Ryan and all the rest, have got to do with missing Madeleine McCann and how they can possibly equate their despicable actions with Madeleine (or any other missing child), let alone place themselves, unasked and unrequested and undeniably unwanted in the position of being that dear child's voice?

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