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So Goncalo Amaral Hass 'Supposed' To Have Joined the 3 A's?

"ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi AllInteresting development that Goncalo Amaral has opened an account with 3A.Perhaps we will now get some extra information "straight from the horse's Mouth".Friday, 12 December 2008 13:55:00 o'clock GMT"

(Taken From The Snot Green Psycho Blog From Hell)

If this is true and Goncalo Amaral has joined the 3 A's, ny first reaction was to laugh!

However, after I stopped laughing at this latest ridiculous piece of nonsense, I began thinking. If he has, I would say this says even more about this pathetic moronic swine, this Amaral, the person who was sacked for doing his job so appallingly.

I have been reading some of the questions that El Mundo reporter has asked Amaral and I have to say, that the answers if correct, are very revealing and they reveal far more about Amaral than if he had sat down and wrote his own biography! I am amazed at how revealing about him this interview actually is. Far from being a crack shot detective, I believe Amaral is of inferior intellect, in fact he is (to put it bluntly) as thick as two short planks! He is not just stupid, he is stunningly stupid.

I read about the 'Calpol' Amaral supposedly said this;'

"(El Mundo Journalist)Q - So, what are we talking about?

(Amaral) A - About an accident. The child could have fallen from a sofa, could have had an accident with Calpol (a sleeping solution). We never had access to the girl's medical history, so we don't know whether she was healthy or not. We can only speculate. There are many very strange details."

As a footnote the person whose blog these questions appear on went to great lengths to explain that Amaral did not say that 'Calpol' was a sleeping drug, that it was the 'reporter's mistake' as the reporter had put this in in brackets to explain to his readers what 'Calpol' is.

Two Points.

1)....The mere fact that Amaral mentions that 'Calpol' could have been the cause of Madeleine's death in some sort of accident where she took the suspension and died from an accidental overdose, is so amazingly stupid factually incorrect, that it is almost impossible to find thecorrect words to explain why this allegation, is so stupid! From the transcripts of this interview with the El Mundo journalist, I think it is safe to assume Amaral means that Madeleine, could have accidentally taken it and was the cause of her death!


Even if Madeleine did take this by accident it would not have killed her in this time frame, in fact it is doubtful that it would have killed her at all. If Madeleine had taken Calpol by accident, her parents, 'two highly trained experienced doctors' would have had her at the nearest hospital immediately. No doubt gthey would be liasing with their counterpart colleagues about what treatment to give to Madeleine to neutralise the Calpol - There is an antidote to paracetamol overdose which can be successfully administered up to 12 hours after ingestion. 'Calpol' is liquid paracetamol. This statement alone actually shows the ignorance of someone who is supposed to be an "elite detective" he (Amaral) obviously has not even bothered to find out what Calpol actually is, what it is used for and what its contraindications actually are, yet here he is using this as a weapon to hit the McCanns over the head with and trying to suggest that Madeleine may have died as a result of a drug overdose! The thick headed journalist, doesn't know either and he is guilty of sloppy, lazy jopurnalism because he did not bother to check out such a vitally important fact and part of his story!

Yet this so-called elite detectibe and this journalist with his sensational sccop, want us to take this interview seriously?

2) The thicko El Mundo hack has just assumed that Calpol is a 'sleeping solution', he has not even bothered to check up on something as important as this, in short he is a lazy pig ignorant stunningly stupid journalist, (a bit like the detective he is interviewing).If a detective supposed to be leading the hunt for a missing child cannot even be bothered to check this out, what hope did Madeleine ever have with this thick detective in charge?

Another revealation that utter shocks and leaves one almost speechless is, apparently Amaral, has NOT even bothered to interview Kate or Gerry once in person!

How do we rate this? How are we supposed to be reassured that everything that could have been done to find Madeleine, was done, professionally and dilligently, when we are presented almost daily with such dreadfully unfounded, unsubstantiated allegations?

I find it astonishingly incompetent and this feeling magnifies intensely, when you understand with extreme trepidation, that the detective taking over when Goncalo Amaral was sacked from this investigation, 'Paulo Rebelo' has 'NEVER' even interviewed or spoken with Kate and Gerry either! You have to ask, just what the hell has been going on in Portugal? It is almost as if the Portuguese detectives know very well what happened to Madeleine and where is was and where she is today and they are scared witless of this being discovered.Meanwhile to divert attention away from this astonishingly lackadaisical investigation, they decided to blame the parents, but these detectives were so thick, they could not even do this properly. I believe, they (especially Amaral) completely underestimated the tenacity and the intellect of these two parents and so these parents came to be the objects of hate, to be ridiculed and lied about.

Amaral thought he could bully Kate McCann into submission, after all Kate McCann was a silly little woman wasn't she? Silly and stupid and easily manipulated just like Leonor Cipriano and when he discovered that Kate was not going to be bullied, or coerced into confessing to something she (they) did not do, it was a real shock to Amaral and he started to panic. What he was panicking about, well who knows? He may think this will never come out, but it will, as sure as day meets night it will come out, things like this 'always do!' When it does, Portugal needs to brace itself for the fall out, because it will be vast and relentless.

Now apparently we are to be believe that Amaral has joined the the 3 A's? You could not make it up could you? Honestly, if thiswas a film, we would all be saying this is too far fetched to be real and believable!

But oh how that would suit his (Amaral's) incredible aptitude for ballsing everything up completely. To be seen publicly joining a forum full of bullshitters, liars, fantasists and axe murderers and probably with a few paedophiles thrown in for good measure, no doubt.

Well at least if Amaral has joined there he will be in good company!

And ICTOAN is almost breathless when he says; "Perhaps we will now get some extra information "straight from the horse's Mouth".

ROTFLMAO, really PMSL! ICTOAN, You couldn't afford for him to tell you his lies directly you haven't got enough money.

Didn't you know that Amaral charges for everything?
He has written a book and is cashing in on Madeleine's disappearance, he has made a film in Portugal to further cash in on this poor missing child. He has got money from this 'PAID' interview with the Spanish newspaper 'El Mundo'. He gets appearance money from giving various interviews to other newspapers, radio and television companies and apparently after he has finished his latest film about Madeleine, filmed in apartment 5a, where this dear little child was last seen, it has been touted that there is a further book to come?

He in his native Portugal is being allowed to cash in on his 'FAILINGS' with unsubstantiated comments and allegations, lies and innuendo and there is not a thing the McCanns can do about this, because of Portugal's laws on libel and how little regard they have towards the truth.

I would not be surprised to learn that some factory in Portugal is now producing a whole range of goods with the fat one's (Amatral's) name and face on them, mugs, T-shirts, pens, pencils etc, if they are may I suggest they produce toilet tissue with his face on? That would be a very fitting indictment to him and his investigative prowess!

I get the impression that Goncalo Amaral is a fat frustrated man. A very typical old fashioned male chauvinist. He is controlling, and he gives the impression that he is a misogynist. If he thinks he is right (which is probably all of the time) then he simply shuts down to all fact, reason and logic and blindly pursues wild geese up one way streets, and blind allies. His leaks and innuendos have often been totally bizarre and his book is no different. I believe this man is a menace to all innocent people and it was a good day for Portugal when he was sacked from the Madeleine McCann investigation and then no doubt was pushed into early retirement.

Portugal has no loss in this man, they can only breathe a little easier, should some other poor unfortunate child fall prey to some disgusting abductor and their family be too terrified to call upon their police to help them in such a terrifying time. I believe that Goncalo Amaral should be brought in for official questioning into his dreadful incompetence in the Madeleine case and his conduct, both of which are brought sharply into focus. I believe he is responsible for the good Portuguese detectives (and there are good Portuguese detectives) being prevented from following up leads as they came into this investigation. It is not until all of these people who were involved at that time of Madeleine's disappearance, are spoken to again that any hidden or deliberately concealed information will emerge.

I believe this is vitally necessary because only through this, will the where abouts of Madeleine McCann be discovered.

It is time for a full Public Inquiry to be held in Portugal into this bizarre and tragic event. Until this happens, this whole tragi, heartbreaking affair, will remain a blight on Portugal's name. This is going to keep on and on, it will never go away.

Portugal must start answering the many questions, no matter what it takes, or who it hurts, or whose career and name it will harm.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Kate and Gerry's Christmas appeal

30 November 2008
EXCLUSIVE New worldwide appeal as McCanns face second heartbreak Xmas Star gives TV backing
By Tracey Kandohla
Missing Madeleine McCann's mum Kate remains certain she is still alive - and plans a worldwide appeal at Christmas for help in finding the tot.
Kate and husband Gerry, both 40, are facing their second Christmas without Maddie - but they bravely took their twins Amelie and Sean out for some festive fun this week.
A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, will front the TV appeal. The celeb will speak as previously unseen footage of Maddie is screened.

She was nearly four when she vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal 19 months ago. But McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry believe Madeleine is still out there. Their faith and hope have helped them through their darkest days.
"They believe their daughter is still alive. The Christmas message will be about finding her. Kate and Gerry do not want to appear themselves but they are keen to invigorate interest in the search."
Sean and Amelie, three, wore Star Wars fancy dress and shrieked with laughter as Christmas lights were turned on by Darth Vader in the McCanns' home village of Rothley, Leics.
Blonde Amelie, who bares a striking resemblance to her big sister, was dressed as Princess Leia.
Sean waved a toy Star Wars light sabre. Kate clung tightly to Amelie. But an onlooker said: "I have never seen her look so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was a joy to see her so content and relaxed."
Mr Mitchell said: "Kate wanted the twins to see the lights. Last year was difficult but this year they are making an effort for their sake."

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Madeleine McCann Case To Be Archived?

Portuguese detectives are dropping the Madeleine McCann case due to lack of evidence, according to media reports in the country.

Two Portuguese newspapers said the Public Prosecutor's office intended to call off their search for the girl before July 14, when the customary official secrecy period covering the investigation ends.

Police could reopen the case if new evidence emerges, the papers said.

The papers - Correio da Manha and Jornal de Noticias - cited unidentified police sources.
Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007, days before her fourth birthday, after she was left sleeping in a holiday apartment as her parents Kate and Gerry dined with friends in a nearby tapas bar in the resort of Praia da Luz in southern Portugal.

Her parents were made formal suspects on September 7 last year in one of the many dramatic twists in the case. They insist Madeleine was abducted.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, told Sky News: "As usual, these are non-attributed sources and we have not heard this officially. But if it is true it's not before time - Kate and Gerry have suffered enough.

"Police should lift their arguido (suspect) status and should pass their information over to our investigators who continue to work on the case.

"We still need to find Madeleine."

Sky's Crime correspondent Martin Brunt said: "If the police stop treating the McCanns as suspects the couple would hope that more effort would be put into finding their little girl."

Another Briton, Robert Murat, was also declared a suspect in the case.

Portuguese journalist Rui Pinto de Almeida told Sky News: "This is a formal legal requirement in Portugal and there remains the possibility of reopening the case."

The Expresso newspaper says on its website that, according to a police source, the report on the investigation has not reached any conclusions and does not say whether it is a case of abduction, homicide, or concealing of a body.

Another source told the newspaper: "In normal circumstances, with this sort ofa report, the decision would have to be to shelve it in the hope of getting better evidence in the future."

The final report is to go the Ministerio Publico in Portimao, where a decision will be taken in the coming days, according to the newspaper.


  • Where does this investigation go from here?
  • Yet Again the whole world learns of a development in this case 'BEFORE' her parents!
  • Will the arguido status be lifted from Kate and Gerry?
  • There have been questions asked of Kate and Gerry, but it is worth noting, that there has not been one witness report that places Mr Mrs McCann anywhere they should not be.
  • In contrast there has been upwards of 12 eye witnesses that place the other suspect 'Robert Murat', where he says he wasn't.
  • There are many questions that need to be asked of Robert Murat and it will be interesting to see if these questions have been asked, when the McCann's get to see their file, which apparently, may happen around mid August! Not least Robert Murat apparently has had three alibis as to his whereabouts that evening.
  • 'Coincidentally' Goncalo Amaral, who was sacked from this investigation in September 2007, retired yesterday 30th June 2008 and today this news is leaked to the Portuguese press!
  • Chief Inspector Paulo Rebelo took over this investigation when Goncalo Amaral was sacked, yet NOT ONCE, has this man contacted the parents to keep them informed about what is being done to investigate their daughter's disappearance!
  • Even if Mr Rebelo chooses to abide by the Portuguese secrecy laws in this one instance, it is still incredible that the man in charge of this investigation has never once spoken to Kate and Gerry in their position as arguidos (suspects) and he has chief investigating officer.
  • How could he possible mount a search for Madeleine, or investigate her disappearance if he hasn't bothered to talk to two out of the 3 suspects?
  • Does this point to the fact that there was 'NEVER' any evidence to charge these parents and never any reason for Rebelo to speak to them, so their arguido status was always a farce right from the word go!
  • There have been many question marks that have come to light over the alibi of Robert Murat, not least many eye witnesses that actually place him where he says he wasn't, yet apparently (unconfirmed) Rebelo has only spoken to this an once!
  • Of course Portugal has a different way of investigating and policing, but the level of incompetence and bungling in this investigation has been absolutely appalling.
  • There is a whole litany of errors, leaks, smears and briefings against Kate and Gerry McCann to the Portuguese press, which are said to have come from the now infamous 'a source close to the PJ said.........'
  • The sad truth of this investigation is that it is absolutely no further on that the very first minute of little Madeleine's disappearance and this is an appalling indictment on modern day policing, in ANY country.

Friday, 20 June 2008

FBI Agent Analyzes McCann Case

View This Link To Watch Video Footage:

"20/20" co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas recently spoke with former FBI Special Agent and profiler Brad Garrett, an ABC News consultant, who discussed the details surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Elizabeth Vargas talks to Brad Garrett about the McCann case on 11.14.2007.

Reports said the Portuguese police arrived on the scene soon after Madeleine vanished, and left soon after, a fact Garrett called "unusual." Garrett, who has worked on several high-profile missing persons cases, including that of Chandra Levy in Washington, D.C., said investigators would typically form a "command post right inside the resort. You start collecting information, and everything comes back to a lead detective in a room, and that's how you go through the information. You prioritize what needs to be done. ... You want to be right in the middle of the action so you can make snap decisions as to what should be done at any given time."
Garrett added, "You put people in places like airports, ports for boats" and you secure the scene as well as the resort so that everyone coming in and out is vetted.

From his experience, Garrett said that typically, in an investigation like this, the police would obtain and review surveillance tapes from the resort and any surrounding areas. And police would generally have a set team of law enforcement in place from the very beginning.

"Every case that I've worked like this you usually have a case agent, an FBI case agent and a lead detective," he said. "They sit right next to each other, and they work from that location, and everything comes back to them to make decisions on what should be done."

It would have been helpful in the McCann case, Garrett said, to know which cabs arrived at the resort. Additionally, he said police should have spoken with the entire staff at the resort to figure out if there were any people working there who had a history with missing children. "People get hired and there's limited background done on them," he said.

At times, the McCanns expressed little emotion during public appearances related to the case. Reports emerged that they had been advised by law enforcement not to break down in public. Garrett confirmed that "there is a belief in the world of criminal profiling that by keeping a very steady pace and talking in an authoritative but not condescending manner that you're sending a message out" to whoever may have abducted the child.

"You want to keep calm," he said. "The last thing you want is for them to get excited. They see this hysteria, that's one side of it. The other is some of these guys get kicks out of watching parents suffer on camera."

Garrett said Madeleine could have been taken by someone looking to adopt a blond 4-year-old attractive child. In these types of scenarios, "they actually have somebody go out and look for the child," Garrett said. Adoptive parents also might go to an agency that's unscrupulous and abducts children, he said.

But how could someone take Madeleine from her room without anyone hearing her cry or making noise?

Garrett said there are a few explanations. The McCanns have said that their children sleep quite soundly and that the twins apparently slept through the abduction. They even slept through the police coming into the room, the couple said.
Another theory?

Madeleine might have known her abductor, Garrett said. Somebody might have independently befriended her, possibly someone who works at the resort, he said.

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The Rot Sets In As 'Vile' Starts Blocking Posters That Do Not Share Her Warped Extreme Perverted Imaginings.

children_deserve_protection said...
1st June 2008


I am convinced that Viv will eventually destroy and dismantle her own blog.Her and I have chatted since the DE days and I have always been openly friendly toward her and supportive of her views. However, if she can alienate me (as she most certainly did tonight), then she can probably alienate anyone. I can honestly say I have lost all respect for her now, and see her as little more than a jumped up conspiracy nut! (this is after over a year, mind you, of seeing her as free-thinking and analytical type of person). I resent being conned, and wish I'd never posted at her site. And I'm sure that others will soon enough come to the same conclusions". By Bianca

I sincere hope they do Bianca, but I am not holding my breath. If they can stay ensconced there when the comments have been designed to invent and see appalling abuse that just isn't there, then I have no hope for them at all.

The aim of today's story is to open as many eyes as possible to the vile tactics of that hell hole blog.

To replicate the relevant posts showing the sort of behaviour one can expect if they go against the vile grain.

To warn decent people who take the time and trouble to visit this blog, what they may have in store for them.

For those that have been maligned on that site today's story is to give you a right to reply and as we cannot go over there and do so, we are asking that we and others be able to do so here.

Todays story was suggested by Chinadoll - thank you China.

Supertroll said...

"I always knew that she was a bully and a resentful woman, but it was the day she gloated to an anonymous troll (me) thinking I was a McCann:

'But my children are alive and well'

That was the day that she showed how absolutely evil she is. Losing a child is the worse pain a person can experience, and she was gloating about that to someone she thought was the person who had lost a child.

She has since murdered that little girl a thousand times over with her and her perverted friend's sick theories which she knows that are lies, but that are allowed because they may cause damage to the McCanns.

There are really no words to describe such an empty vicious human being.

I am off, but will be back tomorrow. Good night everyone."


02 June 2008 00:54

This is a one off only as a special request, for those that have been utterly appalled at the depravity and the depths to which this person and her ugly perverted followers have sunk and because this blog in particular has come under a sustained and vitriolic attack for months.

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Gerry Denies Receiving Mystery Texts

Updated:09:02, Thursday May 29, 2008
Sky News

Gerry McCann has denied he received a string of mystery texts the day before his daughter disappeared in the Algarve.

According to court documents issued by Portugal's supreme court, police applied to seize his phone records after learning of the alleged messages. Investigators claim 18 text messages were sent to Mr McCann from an unidentified number around the time Madeleine vanished in Praia da Luz on May 3 last year. It is alleged that 14 messages were texted on May 2 and four more on May 4.

But the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said Gerry had no knowledge of the texts and received a handful of calls on his mobile in the days before his daughter disappeared. The documents reveal that public prosecutor Magalhaes e Meneses also sought access to text and phone messages from 10 mobile telephones thought to belong to the McCanns and seven of their friends.

He also asked for a full list of all the calls made between the group from when they arrived in Portugal on April 28 and when the McCanns left on September 9. But the supreme court issued a detailed ruling rejecting the application.

It also revealed that Kate and Gerry McCann could face charges of neglecting their daughter on the night she disappeared. The police inquiry also covers possible abduction, homicide and concealment of a corpse, the documents say.

But Mr Mitchell emphasised the court papers did not mean such a charge would materialise.
He said the couple vigorously denied neglecting Madeleine and welcomed the fact that abduction was also being considered by detectives.

He said: "This court document outlines the areas of the investigation and in no way suggests Kate and Gerry will be facing any such charges. Equally we have heard nothing officially to suggest any such area of investigation is being considered. However, we do note that abduction is apparently one of the parameters and we welcome that because that is what Kate and Gerry and their friends have said and that is what happened. If there is any suggestion of neglect charges being considered that will be vigorously denied because the legal advice that Kate and Gerry have received both in Portugal and Britain is that legally speaking everything they were doing that week was well within the bounds of responsible parenting."

A neglect charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years. But it is understood for such a charge to stand up the prosecutors would have to show the McCanns intended to neglect Madeleine.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

60 Witnesses That "DID NOT" See Anything! (The Latest Contribution of Viv on her Hate Blog!)

By Rosiepopladipolntopidimospopos!

Working on the premise that the "Vile One" did actually read this somewhere and that it is true (one or the other or both may be completely untrue, of course. Please bear this in mind!)

Why would 60 witnesses see a child at that time anyway? What is the significance of that? The children were taken back to their apartment and were being bathed etc, so unless these 60 witnesses were all trooping along to K&G's apartment, why the bloody hell would they see the children?So these 60 witnesses never saw the twins either, what is the significance? They are still here!

'If' this was put out by the PJ it only goes to demonstrate just how bumbling, stupid and incompetent they actually are. How did they get these 60 witnesses? Did they run an advert?

"Will anyone that *didn't* see anything on the evening of May 3rd please contact the PJ?"

PMSL that would seem right, stupid morons. If witnesses *did NOT* see anything, then they are not really witnesses are they?

When we see police boards appealing for witnesses they don't say:

"Will anyone that DIDN'T see anything please contact the police" do they?

The PJ are a bloody joke, what an indictment, a third rate police force in a third world country. Really inspires you to book a holiday in Portugal and take your young family there doesn't it? - NOT.

I bet the Portuguese tourist board love people like the thick Vile and her even thicker gullible vilettes! I can just imagine the Portuguese tourist board reading her drivel and groaning "oh no, shut up you bloody fools"

LOL The PJ are a bunch of nincompoops and so is thicko vile and her thicker gullible vilettes. Can just imagine the buffoonish PJ going to court and producing 60 witnesses all testifying that they *DID NOT* see anything! ROTFLMAO Just imagine the look on the face of the judge as the prosecution call on 60 witnesses, who all troop in one after the other to say; "I didn't see Madeleine after 6pm on the evening of May 3rd" Err neither did I, does the PJ want me for a witness too I wonder? Still they could put virtually the whole of Portugal into the witness box because they didn't see her either! It shows how desperate, thick sick vile is, that she latches on to this bit of nonsense and tries to milk it for all that it is worth. The looking at something and being objectionable never entered her head. When she reads something she is not actually reading something to try and understand what is happening, or what is the bigger picture and where such a move would fit in, what she is doing is reading stuff and totally ignoring the bits she doesn't like and cherry picking the bits she does like, then she gets on her keyboard and turns one tiny meaningless paragraph into a book, reproduces it on her hate blog to look something like this:

Viv said.........

blah blah blah blah blah, blah blahblah blah blah, blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Viv x

Posted By Viv

Sunday 18th May 2008 (Cant give the time, as this self proclaimed camera expert, lighting and camera angle professor, also with expert knowledge of the time of day due to the position of the sun, despite the fact that she has no idea how the pool lies geographically has never quite mastered how to set the time on her blog yet!)

But at least we now know why it is that she leaves all these prolonged spaces between her paragraphs. (She has just discovered the scroll button!) Trouble is that the above "blah blah blah", actually makes more sense than she does! However, even more alarmingly, the blank spaces between her paragraphs tell us far more about her than what she actually writes! Vacuous; Vacuous; Vacuous!

However, I suppose to be fair we shouldn't forget the contributions of two of her minion vilettes;

Claudia Said.....

lololololol... lololol... lolol... lolololol.

Posted...... By Claudia

Sunday 18th May.....Time WhoTFK's?


Ana/Arsabliar/Marla/Amaral Lover Said....

Rosiepopladopilopadipdas stop drinking and stair the falling, you avatar donkey person.

Posted By .......Ana/Arsabliar/Marla/Amaral Lover

Sunday 18th May.....Time WTFK's?

Now people be very scared, because these are the people that another thicko vilette 'LittleGreyCell' (LGC, or Lonely Grey cell) says give up their free time to come and meet daily on the Hate blog, to discuss and debate the case of Madeleine and try to work out what happened! (Good job really, the PJ do need all the help they can get!)

On inspection, studying the record of the arguido police force (the PJ). I suppose it could be argued that the nonsense the thicko vilettes spill out daily on that place for 'certified nutters', is a step up from where the PJ actually are! (Worse than nowhere) Just a thought, we are informed that the PJ have to have a degree to become a detective, and as there hardly seems to be a detective in Portugal that does *NOT* have an arguido (suspect) status, or is *NOT* charged with a serious crime for which they are due to stand trial for; "Is it a prerequisite that all people applying to become members of the Portuguese police, have an actual arguido status?

On a sombre and more serious note and the reason why we are here (should those 'certified nutters' care to remember)

  • Rachel Charles
  • Rui Pedro
  • Joana Cipriano
  • 'Carolina Santos'
  • Madeleine McCann.....

Sunday, 11 May 2008


If You Would Like To Join Our Friendly Forum To Comment On This Story And Other Topics Please Follow This Link

For the very first time you can see inside the actual apartment from where Madeleine was snatched, it will help dispel the myths and the lies and the downright bizarre theories, some said to have been put out by sources clos to the Policia Judiciaria (Portugal's PJ).

First Lie To be dispelled is the LIE put about by so-called respected Journalist Felicia Cabrita. In a TV programme and also reported in Portuguese gutter press, was the "MYTH" that Madeleine's blood was found in the block wood flooring. TOTALLY and UTTERLY FALSE.

Quite clearly and unequivocally we cans see that there is NO wooden flooring, it is TILES as has been pointed out consistently. A FACT that was denied by a poster called Alsabella AKA Ana/ Marla etc, this person told us that she knew for a fact from her sources and her own eyes that apartment had a wooden block flooring, yet ANOTHER LIE this person has been caught telling about this case. Quite appalling when you think hat this is not a game, it is about a child, an innocent little almost 4 year old girl abducted from her holiday apartment and this person along with odious Portuguese journalists etc has allegedly helped through perpetuating lies and myths, help divert attention AWAY from little Madeleine McCann's ABDUCTION and the capture of Madeleine's abductors and the safe return of dear little Madeleine. Evil and totally sick sub human behaviour is how I would describe these people.

Lounge Apartment 5a Proves Alsabella AKA Ana/Marla etc LIED (Again)
Above Picture CLEARLY Shows Tiles Throughout Apartment 5a Expelling the LIE and MYTH Put Around By Portuguese Gutter Journalists (and Liar Alsabella)
Front Door Entrance Where An INSIDER Could Have Entered Apartment 5a With a Duplicate COPY Key

*********** WELL DONE NEWS OF THE WORLD ***********
The NOTW on-site reconstruction proves that if the kidnapper was already in the flat, as the McCanns fear, he had a full TEN SECONDS to conceal himself after hearing Gerry open the patio doors and enter the apartment. And he had no fewer than FOUR boltholes to choose from—behind Madeleine’s BEDROOM DOOR, inside her roomy WARDROBE, in her parents’ nearby BEDROOM or in the family BATHROOM.
NOTW poignant picture also reveals the view into Madeleine’s bedroom that must haunt family friend Matthew Oldfield.
It highlights the tragic but innocent error he made when he checked on the children at 9.30pm while the McCanns were at the nearby tapas bar with the other adults in the party. There was room for the kidnapper to hide inside Maddie's fitted wardrobe. Outside the room, bloody footprints were found From the hall, where he looked into the room, NOTW pictures show that Matthew could only see the bottom corner of Madeleine’s bed. The twins’ travel cots were beyond on the floor in full view. Seeing them sleeping, he assumed—most probably wrongly—that all was well.The telltale sign that the kidnapper could already have struck was the open bedroom door—for Gerry had closed it just 25 minutes earlier.Culprit NOTW photos heartbreakingly spell out that if Matthew had only walked a few feet further into the room he could have raised the alarm 35 minutes earlier, giving the police a real chance of catching the culprit.And our photograph of the room, above right, shows the scene that confronted mum Kate when she arrived at 10pm—her three-year-old daughter Madeleine gone and the rolldown window shutter OPEN.Tellingly, she had found the bedroom door now closed, blown shut by the draught from the open window looking out on to the road below. Standing on the very spot, it was not hard to imagine Kate’s shock as the horrible truth sank in after three seconds of disbelief.The view of the wardrobe in Maddie’s room, shows the spot where controversial forensic “evidence” was found——a bloody footprint which was visible to the naked eye. Inconclusive lab tests found there was a “moderate” chance the blood was Madeleine’s.There was a report that this footprint matched another in the McCanns’ hire car—although there has never been any confirmation of this.(Subsequently the footprint on the bumper of the hire care was incredibly found to be that of a GNR (Local Police)

If one year on, the News of the World found clues, surely the detectives could have established more AT THE TIME? Crucial DNA evidence could have been lost during those early hours. The abductor must have touched windows, doors, shutters, particularly if he was disturbed and had to stay longer than he planned.It is hard to accept that absolutely no telltale fibres or hairs were left behind.The stillness and silence of the apartment now is just as it would have been after the McCanns left the children asleep in bed that fateful night. And our team heard for themselves how much noise an intruder would have made— reinforcing the theory that this was not an opportunistic snatch but carefully planned.When the bedroom shutter is opened by a pull-cord it makes a loud piercing creak that could easily have woken the youngsters or alerted Pam- ela Fenn, the woman living upstairs. This is crucial evidence as it shows the difficulty of entering the property by the window and suggests the likelihood that the kidnapper gained access by the front door or even the rear patio doors.It also underlines theories that the abductor probably had crucial inside knowledge of the apartment’s interior.
Even walking across the ceramic tiled floors in the wrong sort of footwear could have raised the alarm. After the police finished their investigations inside the bedroom, the walls were painted white.They were said to have been spattered with small traces of blood, but police investigations into that, as into so much else, came to nothing.Now the rest of the flat has been redecorated and is ready to welcome more holidaying families to Portugal.But it will take more than a lick of emulsion to remove the terrible images seared into every parent’s mind just one year ago.
chilling pictures show how shockingly EASY it would have been for a kidnapper to escape with Maddie unnoticed by ANYONE on the night she disappeared.uncovered new evidence at both the BACK and the FRONT of the McCanns' holiday apartment that sheds new light on the four-year-old's disappearance...including new information about the KEY to the flat revealed here for the first time. At the back our astonishing pictures prove THERE IS NO CLEAR VIEW either way from the balcony and the rear patio doors of the McCann apartment to the tapas bar where her parents Kate and Gerry were having dinner.
View From The Bar
It is striking just how close thie apartment actually was to the Tapas bar and can easily convey how Kate and Gerry relaxed and happy were lulled into a false sense of security. Had they actually known about previous reports of suspicious behaviour and the history of PDL and surrounding areas child disappearances and abductions, perhpas they would have come to a different conclusion?
Route To Unlocked Patio
The gate opens on to steps that lead straight to the balcony and in through the patio door. The kidnapper could easily have escaped this way too with Maddie. But Portuguese police have always believed any intruder would have used the FRONT DOOR to enter, knowing the McCanns would never use it that night. He could also have escaped through the shuttered front window to the children's bedroom. For this he would have needed a KEY to the front door. The one the McCanns had for the Ocean Club apartment is known in the locksmiths' trade as a "crucifix key"—and is very unusual because it has four sides. Experienced British locksmith John Reeder told us the key used to take us into the flat yesterday is almost certainly a copy. He said: "Most locksmiths would not be able to copy it without great difficulty. The one in the picture is almost certainly not the original."

Expert Locksimths Says That There Would CERTAINLY Be TWO of These Keys In Existence And That This Key is Almost CERTAINLY A COPY!

Supporting the theory that the kidnap could be an inside job, he added: "I would say it is most likely there is at least one other key in circulation as most locks come with at least two spares when they are cut. But there are not many keys around like this one." From NOTW investigations inside the apartment it is possible the abductor left through the back. But it is also possible he used the window in the bedroom to check the coast was clear at the front and either passed Madeleine through the window to an accomplice or left through the front door. There is also the evidence of a "partial footwear mark" found just outside Madeleine's bedroom which had traces of blood in it visible to the naked eye, according to a forensics report. Laboratory tests in Birmingham were inconclusive but found there was a "moderate" chance the blood was the youngster's. There were also specks of blood said to be on the walls of the bedroom, but forensic results have been inconclusive. (My Observation: Experts have said that absolutely nothing can be drawn from this, IF this was Madeleine's blood as 1) She had fallen up the steps of the aircraft and cut her leg before reaching PDL (2) Children fall and cut and graze themselves all the time)The evidence of witness Jane Tanner, one of the Tapas Nine, also backs the FRONT DOOR theory. She was on her way back from her flat and saw a man walking quickly across the top of the road, away from the apartments and towards the outer road of the complex.

A little girl wrapped in a blanket hung limply from his arms. She was wearing pink and white pyjamas.

Whichever way Maddie was taken, her abduction was far too easy—and out of sight of anyone who could have helped save her.

My Own Observations (You May Have More, Please feel free to add them in your own reply to this topic and I will copy and Include them here so we can keep them altogether)

  • Some of us have always maintained that this was probably an inside job if I were a detective I would want answers as to why:
  • A waiter was standing near this apartment and was the only person to supply conflicting evidence
  • Why was he there so far away from the bar where he was supposed to be working?
  • If the footprint on the bumper of the hire care was found to be that of a GNR (Local Portuguese police)
  • How did that footprint get there?
  • When did it get there?
  • Is there a connection between;
  • The hire car? The abductor? And this GNR Footprint? The Footprint Found Inside Apt 5a?
  • The Blood found in the apartment has been PROVEN to be that of an eastern European male:
  • Have the PJ done anything to trace this male?
  • Incredibly after further catastrophic police blunders
  • The holiday apartment was allowed to be cleaned and the Madeleine's bed linen, pilllows etc change and TAKEN AWAY the next day after the scene of a crime!
  • The holiday apartment was re-let 2 weeks after Madeleine disappeared, have the people staying in this apartment been DNA tested and ruled out of this investigation?
  • Was this blood theirs?
  • Portugal does NOT have a DNA based Sex Offenders Register, so this blood could NOT be checked against it.
  • Portugal did not and astonishingly still HASN'T got a Sex Offenders Register!


Someone, somewhere has information about Madeleine that could be the breakthrough the family have been waiting for.

Anyone with information is urged to contact:

The family investigation hotline on +44 845 8384699

or email

PORTUGESE POLICE - 0035 1282 405 400

CRIMESTOPPERS - 0044 1883 731 336

NEWS OF THE WORLD - 0044 207 782 1001 or

Monday, 5 May 2008

McCanns In Legal Boost

MADDIE McCann’s parents were boosted last night by a law chief’s hints they may soon be cleared of involvement in her disappearance.
Portugal’s attorney-general appeared to pave the way for the search to be shelved by saying cops should feel “no shame” if they fail to find Maddie.

Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro said: “These kinds of crimes are extremely difficult to investigate. There are one million missing children per year throughout the world, and not even 20 per cent are found.”

But Portugal’s top cop Alipio Ribeiro said yesterday it remained “very important” for Kate, 40, and Gerry, 39, to return to The Algarve to help the investigation if asked.
The comments follow claims the McCanns’ arguido – official suspect – status may soon be lifted.
Cops have also started quizzing a list of 60 “witnesses” the McCanns provided recently.
They include friends, tourists and staff at the Mark Warner holiday village in Praia da Luz from where Maddie disappeared on May 3 last year.

The couple feel some may hold clues to the disappearance, while others will counteract claims in Portugal Kate had trouble dealing with her kids.

Their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said last night: “Kate and Gerry are very heartened by the attorney-general’s comments. If they are a precursor to them being eliminated from the inquiry then we welcome them.
“If, however, the police are close to closing the case we still want them to keep searching for Madeleine, as our investigators are continuing to do.”

Of the decision to quiz their witnesses, he said: “Kate and Gerry see it as very positive.”
Meanwhile, Mr Ribeiro, head of the Policia Judiciaria – Portugal’s CID – said it was vital for the couple to return if requested.

It is believed he was referring to a reconstruction of the night the four-year-old went missing. Mr Mitchell said Kate and Gerry had “not ruled out returning”.

On Saturday, the first anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance, Kate and Gerry, of Rothley, Leics, went with twins Sean and Amelie, three, to the church where Maddie was baptised – Bishop Eton RC in Liverpool.


  • No one Blames the Portuguese Police for failing to Find Madeleine, but they do blame them for *FAILING* to even look for her properly and for *FAILING* to follow up leads.
  • If the Portuguese Police want Kate and Gerry McCann to return to Portugal, then they should lift this ridiculous arguido status .
  • The PJ should also stop hiding behind these archaic secrecy laws coming out only to fire at the McCann's at well timed moments!
  • The Portuguese judge should now also allow Kate and Gerry to see their file and hand over every scrap of information they have on the case, so they can actually return to Portugal, with their investigators, so they will be able to investigate properly the disappearance of their beloved daughter and the PJ should give them every help and assistance they possibly can. It is a bit late in the day, but it is the very least the PJ can do after their monumental cock-ups and blunders in this case!
  • If the PJ want the McCann's to return for a reconstruction, it should only be in an advisory capacity, it is callous beyond belief to expect them to physically relive that night with another little girl playing Madeleine.

Saturday, 3 May 2008


For Madeleine to mark the 1st anniversary of her abduction from Praia da Luz, Portugal, May 3rd 2007

Do you have information? We want it no matter how small call:
0845 8384699
OR contact
OR do it anonymously on

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Madeleine anniversary: McCanns tell of regrets in TV documentary

· Parents nearly took children out with them
· Mother hints at offer of deal for her confession

Kate and Gerry McCann considered taking their children out to dinner with them on the night their daughter Madeleine went missing instead of leaving them alone in their Portuguese holiday apartment while they ate tapas nearby, they reveal in a documentary marking the anniversary of her disappearance.

In the two-hour programme, the couple say they talked about going to another restaurant, the Millennium, with the three-year-old and her brother and sister, but decided not to because it was a half-mile walk and they did not have a buggy.

Kate McCann also tells how she has "persecuted" herself for not questioning Madeleine more when the girl mentioned that morning that she had cried the night before in her parents' absence at the Mark Warner resort in Praia da Luz.

Madeleine, One Year On: Campaign For Change, which is on ITV1 at 8pm tonight, shows the McCanns at home in Rothley, Leicestershire, with twins Sean and Amelie, and follows them to Brussels and Washington as they campaign for an EU-wide alert system for missing children.

In extensive interviews Kate McCann's eyes frequently fill with tears as she recounts how she discovered Madeleine was not in her bed and imagines how she might look now, aged nearly five.

Gerry McCann describes their feelings on being made arguidos, or official suspects, in the case by Portuguese police as like being "in the middle of a horror movie" and speaks of still not knowing where Madeleine is as "purgatory".

Kate also hints openly for the first time at a deal reportedly offered to her by police if she admitted accidentally killing her daughter and staging an abduction, telling the programme she was not going to be "railroaded". She later attacks the Portuguese police and accuses them of deliberately leaking details of the investigation to smear the couple.

The couple are banned by Portuguese law from speaking openly about what happened inside the police station, but Kate McCann appears to address the issue of the reported deal, saying: "No, I'd have fought to the death, to be honest, at that point. There was no way I was going to be railroaded into something."

The programme's makers insist the couple had no editorial control. They were not paid, but a £10,000 donation was made to the Find Madeleine fund.

Much of the documentary is shot in the family home, where they are seen returning to everyday life: playing with the twins, preparing meals and hanging up washing. In one scene the couple are shown opening piles of letters, which are divided into labelled boxes. One reads "nutty", another "nasty". There is also a section for "well-wishers" and a receptacle for "psychics, visions, dreams".

Kate McCann estimates that 1% of their post is hate mail, as her husband reads out a Christmas card accusing the couple of being "thieving bastards". "Your brat is dead because of your drunken arrogance," says the writer. "Shame on you. I curse you and your family to suffer forever. Cursed Christmas ... You are scum."

"That's quite nice," Gerry McCann remarks. "Very charming."

Speaking about May 3 last year, the night Madeleine went missing, he says: "The worst thing is we kind of almost thought about not going."

His wife adds: "In fact we were all going to go up to the Millennium again that was with the kids, which is what we did the first night. It was just because the walk was so long and we didn't have a buggy and the kids were tired by that time."

Another problem was that the restaurant did not open until half an hour before the children's 7pm bedtime. With no buggy, they were forced to carry the children home between the two of them on their previous visit.

The McCanns and the seven friends they were on holiday with say they had a system of half-hourly checks on their sleeping children while they dined at the tapas restaurant in the resort each night.

"I think if there'd been one second where someone had said 'Do you think it's going to be OK?' it wouldn't have happened," Kate McCann tells the cameras.

Her husband adds: "We have to live with the fact that we weren't directly there and if we were, then, you know, possibly, probably, it wouldn't have happened."

They believe a Europe-wide alert system, modelled on the US Amber Alert, which allows television broadcasts to be interrupted and notices to be flashed on motorway screens after a child is reported missing, might have found Madeleine.

They need at least 393 MEPs to support their proposal, at which point the European Commission would consider it.
Picture taken from ITV

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Madeleine McCann left alone as 'last minute decision'

By Nick Britten and Caroline Gammell
Last Updated: 2:14AM BST 30/04/2008

The parents of Madeleine McCann have told how it was only a last-minute change of plan that led them to leave their children alone on the night their daughter disappeared.

Kate and Gerry McCann said that they had planned to take the family to The Millennium, a restaurant half a mile away. But because Madeleine and their twins, Sean and Amelie, were tired they decided to put them to bed and eat at the tapas restaurant near their apartment.

They sat down at 9pm and within an hour Madeleine had vanished.

The couple speak about their change of heart during a two-hour documentary, Madeleine, One Year On, Campaign for Change to be televised tonight.

Mrs McCann’s mother, Susan Healy, 62, from Liverpool, said she wanted to “shake” them both for leaving her granddaughter alone.

“I could shake all of them, every single one of them,” she said. “You find yourself over and over again in your head thinking: 'Why did they think it would be all right?’”

The documentary, filmed over four months, focuses on how the McCanns have coped and their campaign for the introduction of a Europe-wide Amber Alert early warning system for missing children used successfully in the US.

They talk frankly about their feelings, with Mrs McCann regularly breaking down.

On Madeleine’s disappearance

Mr McCann said that, as the search of the Mark Warner holiday complex in Praia da Luz began, he was gripped by “absolute devastation and total, just total emotion”.

He said: “Everyone knows the fear, fear for your daughter, fear for yourself, fear for your family, fear for everything and that horrible kind of adrenalin: fight, flight.”

Mrs McCann stayed in a bedroom praying. She said: “It was really cold. I knew what pyjamas she had on and I just thought she’s going to be freezing. And it was just dark and dark and every minute seemed like an hour.

“Obviously, we were up all night and just waited for the first bit of light at six o’clock.”
Mr McCann added: “And then we went out searching, the two of us. We were saying over and over again just let her be found, let her be found.”

With no sign of Madeleine, police suspicions soon turned on the couple and the theory they had killed Madeleine by accident and hid her body. In August, they were declared arguidos or persons of interest to the inquiry.

On being made suspects

Mrs McCann said the initial reaction was fury that the focus had been taken away from the hunt for Madeleine.

She said: “As soon as I realised the theory that Madeleine was dead and that we’d been involved, it just hit home: they haven’t been looking for Madeleine. I just felt yet again my daughter has had such a disservice.

“I started thinking 'if they’re saying about us being involved with Madeleine, you know it’s not too long before they say what about Sean and Amelie?’”

She said she thought of herself as a “lioness and her cubs”, saying: “I’d do whatever it took to protect them.”

It emerged yesterday that their status as arguidos will remain in place for a further three months.

On hate mail

The McCanns have boxes marked “nutty” and “nasty” in which to file hate mail. One was a Christmas card which read in part: “Gerry and Kate, how can you use the money given by poor people in good faith to pay your mortgage on your mansion. You ******* thieving bastards. Your brat is dead because of your drunken arrogance. Shame on you. I curse you and your family to suffer forever. You are scum.”

On the Amber Alert system

Mr McCann said they felt a “moral obligation” to improve the “haphazard and disorganised” response to missing children in Europe.

He said: “If you find yourself in that horrible situation we did, you want to know a photograph’s gone out, a description, borders are being alerted and there is the best possible chance of finding that child quickly.”

On the future

Mrs McCann said they will be forever driven in their search for Madeleine until they had proof she was dead.

She said: “We’re never going to get to a day where you think OK we’ve tried everything now, (that) we’re exhausted and need to start living. I can’t imagine ever getting to that day.

“I just think we need to know because the thought of living like this for another 40 years isn’t exactly a happy prospect.”

Madeleine, One Year On, Campaign for Change is on ITV1 on Wednesday, April 30 at 8pm.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Madeleine McCann's exhausted mother has thought of giving up search

The mother of Madeleine McCann has admitted for the first time to having “desperate” days when she considers giving up the search for her daughter.

Kate McCann, 40, says that lack of progress in finding Madeleine has left her feeling “down, desperate and exhausted”. The couple have also received a death threat and legal sources fear the Portuguese police may charge them with neglect for leaving Madeleine alone while they dined in a nearby restaurant.

Despite all this their spirits have been lifted since they travelled to Washington last month where they met Ed Smart, whose daughter Elizabeth was taken from her bed by a homeless preacher. She was found after nine months of campaigning.

Footage of the emotional meeting between the McCanns and Smart, to be broadcast in an ITV documentary on Wednesday, was released as the couple prepared to use this week’s anniversary to reenergise the search for Madeleine.

Kate said: “You have days when you’re so down and desperate and tired, you think you’ve got to switch off and I think, okay, we’ve tried really hard and we’ve come up with nothing and now we need to make the best of what we’ve got. [But] we’re never going to hit that day. It doesn’t matter how small the possibility is [of Madeleine being found alive], the possibility is still there.”

Their young twins, Sean and Amelie, still include Madeleine in their games. “They make phone calls to her on their toy phones, then go off to find her,” she said.

“If they talk about her they will be told that Madeleine’s not here and everyone’s looking for her. It’s not brushed under the carpet.”

Sunday, 27 April 2008

I feel desperately for Kate McCann - her life has been ruined, she loathes the spotlight

Last updated at 00:20am on 27th April 2008

I will never forget the pain that registered across their faces: primordial pain that no actor, however skilled, could reproduce.

Kate McCann didn't make a sound, her husband Gerry sat upright in his seat.

"You realise that if you get your daughter back you might not know her," warned the Portuguese child-welfare expert.

"What she will have experienced will have changed her beyond recognition."

It was the moment, I suspect, that Kate and Gerry began to realise that there would be no truly happy ending, whatever the outcome of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

It was mid-summer last year and the meeting was held in a second-floor apartment, my make-shift office, incongruously decorated, it seemed, with primary colours, like the set of a breakfast TV programme.

Sunshine streamed through the open window and the sound of children playing outside filled the room.

The warning came without preamble and jolted our senses. I'm sure it was not meant to be delivered quite so insensitively; the fact that English was not the woman's first language must have accounted, in part at least, for its bluntness.

Afterwards, Gerry told me how deeply upset it had made Kate. I didn't need to be told. Kate's emotions at such times weren't difficult to read.

For four extraordinary months I was at her side. At first hand, I witnessed her despair and devastation, the times, as well, when her spirits lifted – however fleetingly – with every scrap of positive information.

And once she was made a suspect, amid ceaseless media speculation, I watched her life fall apart.
Almost every morning she and Gerry would come to see me, usually armed with croissants which they bought in Baptista's, the village store, after dropping off their then two-year-old twins Amelie and Sean at kids' club.

I could tell instantly if Kate had had a good night or not.

If she was upset, possibly because of what had been in the papers or because of the approach of a poignant anniversary, I would know better than to offer a trite: "What's wrong?"

Instead I'd ask her to sit down and let her know that I was making tea. We always drank tea, endlessly, it seemed.

And if Kate wanted to talk about what was on her mind, she would do so. I just let her come out with it.

I began acting as their Press spokeswoman in June, having been interviewed by Gerry in London. They struck me as a couple deeply committed to each other.

They treated each other with care and great respect. And as well as displaying affection, they communicated constantly.

If they were physically apart they would be on the phone, all the time, and not just because of their extraordinary situation – I imagine they were always like that.

They are both intelligent. Kate is sharp and witty and self-deprecating; she is naturally shy but is the sort of woman you can sit down with and have a decent conversation.

Gerry is presentable and single-minded, an alpha male to his fingertips. Indeed, I expect even he would admit that his manner may have rubbed some of the Portuguese police up the wrong way at times.

On the first day I met Kate, they were waiting for me at Faro airport, and greeted me with a friendly: "Hello, Justine."

In the car on the way to Praia da Luz we set to work straight away, finalising plans to release balloons on the beach later that day to mark the 50th day since Madeleine's disappearance.
When the balloon launch was over, I watched as Portuguese women touched and hugged Kate, offering their support and telling her to have courage. It was deeply moving.

Later, Kate took me on a tour of the village. "That's the apartment," she whispered, nodding towards the place from where Madeleine had disappeared.

She also pointed out the home of Robert Murat, a suspect in the case, and the church that provided so much support to her.

Justine says that on the flight home she remembers thinking that unless Madeleine was found, the McCanns would never be able to fully rebut speculation and rebuild their lives.

Meal times were always a family affair. At supper, it occurred to me just how ordinary this scene would have appeared to an outsider. A normal family, passing the salad around the table and laughing with their children.

There were quite a few light moments: I remember how Kate was frequently teased about her intense dislike of sweetcorn.

There might also be talk about relatives coming out to join them, or other practical matters, but rarely during meal times, because of the children, talk of Madeleine.

Sometimes the twins, who began learning to talk in Praia, mentioned Madeleine themselves, however.

I remember Amelie saying: "That's Madeleine's" as she pointed at Cuddle Cat, the toy Kate carried with her at all times because it reminded her of the daughter she loved and missed.
Once, I remember Gerry's sister Trish saying to Kate with a smile: "Don't you think it's time Cuddle Cat had a bath?~" And on about Day 71 she finally did, a fact not lost on the photographers.

During the many conversations I had with the couple we spoke of many things, not just Madeleine.

They were interested in my voluntary work with the Liberal Democrats (I contested West Dorset in 2005 for the Lib Dems at the General Election) and I remember how we laughed about the story of Charles Kennedy, the party's former leader, being ticked off by police for smoking out of a train window.

And even though Madeleine dominated the news coverage – and, it goes without saying, the couple's thoughts – there were times when they expressed interest in other news from back home.

We spoke, for instance, of the terror attack on Glasgow airport in July. I remember Gerry, a doctor, on hearing the description of the burns one of the suspects suffered when his Jeep struck the terminal and burst into flames, saying straight away that the man would not live. It turned out he was right.

It didn't take long for me to get to know the routine the couple established as a means of getting through each day.

Justine says that if Kate and Gerry were physically apart they would be on the phone, all the time, and not just because of their extraordinary situation.

The first thing Kate did every morning was to say a prayer for Madeleine.

She then got the twins showered and dressed. After getting ready themselves, Kate and Gerry would take the children to kids' club, before stopping off at my apartment to discuss plans for the day.

The twins were a great distraction. They helped give Kate the will to get out of bed each morning.

Several times a week, Kate would go to the Catholic church in Praia. Her faith gave her hope and strength.

And both of them, particularly Gerry, kept themselves busy as a way of dealing with their trauma.

Gerry would work on the computer, sending and answering emails, in one of their rented villa's spare bedrooms which he had converted into an office.

Kate would sit on the veranda outside going through the mountain of letters. If any appeared to contain possible information they were passed straight to the police.

Every letter, even the strangest ones, were read with care. There were often toys for the twins and presents for Madeleine, which remained in their wrapping paper, awaiting her safe return.

The villa was cool and quite dark, and stood at the end of a short private drive. I remember thinking that it offered the McCanns a kind of sanctuary, and I think they felt that way, too.

Any donations were given straight away to the 'Find Madeleine' fund administrator, including all the cheques made out to Kate and Gerry, rather than the fund.

Naturally, Kate and Gerry were also contacted by people who thought they could help find Madeleine. One was Danny Kruegel, a South African former policeman who had invented a machine that, he said, could help locate people by testing a sample of their hair.

It sounds far-fetched. But he had apparently been successful in South Africa. He was very clear that the process was based on science, which appealed to the McCanns.

More recently, Mr Kruegel has been portrayed as something of a crank, but I can only say that at the time he was taken seriously.

After protracted negotiations with the authorities, he came to Portugal. Using samples of hair found on a brush Madeleine used, he set about working out where a search area should be concentrated.

After he left Portugal, Kate told me that Mr Kruegel had taken different readings, none of which really varied, implying that over the days he was in Praia da Luz, Madeleine's position had not changed or she had not moved.

I think the word that was used to describe the readings was "cold". I had the impression Mr Kruegel's machine had indicated where a body might be found.

The police warned Kate and Gerry when they would start the new search. They told me and I contacted the people I liaised with at the Foreign Office, British Embassy in Lisbon and Leicestershire Police.

Everyone was on stand-by, ready and hoping for a breakthrough.

Kate, Gerry and I thought that the reporters in Praia da Luz would spot the police searching, so we were prepared for the inevitable questions and comments.

One morning while I was working, I saw a military-style helicopter circling for what seemed like hours over Praia da Luz.

I thought I would be bombarded with questions about it when I went to see the media later, but not one was forthcoming.

In the event, the search sadly wasn't successful, of course. Once more the hope of a breakthrough had evaporated.

On August 3, we made the 55-mile journey to Huelva, the closest Spanish city to Praia da Luz, to distribute Find Madeleine posters and talk to locals.

It was a visit that would later assume significance, for all the wrong reasons. For it would be later suggested that Madeleine's body was disposed of at this point. How this could be thought possible, I have no idea.

Kate and Gerry were, after all, accompanied by a cameraman, who was filming a documentary, and Kate's old friend Jon Corner.

And as always their every move was shadowed by reporters and photographers. If they had dumped Madeleine's body, someone surely would have witnessed something.

The allegations would come later. Up until that point, at least, the couple's relationship with the police was good.

There were once-a-week meetings to discuss progress and, by and large, the detectives were receptive to ideas from Kate and Gerry, who were careful not to air their impatience at the slow pace of the investigation.

The relationship, which had been characterised by its informality (one weekend Kate and Gerry even went to a barbecue at the home of one of the officers) cooled significantly in mid August.
The meetings all but ended. And the phone calls, once unfailingly cordial, suddenly seemed aggressive and much less frequent.

When the police did ring, I think the detectives did little to disguise their suspicions.
At the same time, stories, apparently leaked by the police, began to appear in the Portuguese Press about the possible involvement of the McCanns in Madeleine's disappearance.

To the British Press I described the couple's relationship with the police during this period as having become more "formal". In truth, it had become downright hostile.

It must have been a few weeks later when, on a Monday afternoon, the McCanns received a call that triggered the second nightmarish phase of Kate's ordeal.

A police officer said that they wanted to question Kate later in the week. And he ended the conversation with a firm, devastating warning: "Kate should expect to be made an 'arguida' [formal suspect]."

Kate screamed in disbelief when she heard she was going to be declared a suspect in her daughter's case.

Everyone said the same thing – it was unbelievable.

So when Kate was interviewed on Thursday and again the following day, when she was indeed made an 'arguida', she was fully aware what was coming.

That did not make it any easier, of course. While Kate was being questioned on Friday morning Gerry was very agitated. He paced around on the phone, speaking to lawyers.

The police seemed to be working on the theory that Kate killed Madeleine, accidentally or otherwise, and that Gerry was instrumental in covering up the death.

After the relentless questioning ended, it was announced publicly that Kate had been made a formal suspect.

Afterwards, I drove Kate away from the police station and was struck by how she appeared both stoical and devastated.

And I got the distinct impression that the police had offered her a deal, or put considerable pressure on her to admit that she harmed Madeleine.

Amazingly, I was also given the impression that her lawyer initially seemed to think she should take the deal and admit she harmed her daughter.

Perhaps he was doing this to test her. I don't know. Either way, Kate was absolutely adamant that she would not be going along with any plea bargaining.

After all, this is a woman with a 'black and white' understanding of the truth.

I told Kate that the twins were being looked after by the wife of Father Haynes Hubbard, parish priest for Praia da Luz, whom Kate and Gerry had come to know well and regard as a much-valued friend.

I said I could take her there or straight to the villa. She wanted to see her children immediately. That was typical of her. Her family was the most important thing in her life.

During the journey back to Praia I reflected on the incredible events of the past week. I was absolutely clear in my own mind about Kate and Gerry's innocence.

While no one is perfect, I simply could not believe that the woman next to me had harmed Madeleine. And I did not believe, as was being suggested, that Gerry masterminded some kind of cover-up.

At the time, I described the allegations publicly as ludicrous. Nothing has happened to change that view. Had I been in any doubt I would have left the campaign immediately and gone to the British police.

But I never understood why they did not take the children with them for supper at the tapas bar on the evening Madeleine disappeared.

My two sisters, one a mother of four, the other a mother of five, have told me that is what they would do, as have plenty of other friends.

But then I don't have three children under the age of four. I, like many others, am hardly in a position to judge. I know it was a decision Kate has always deeply regretted.

A few weeks before Gerry and Kate were made suspects, friends and family had urged Kate to return to Britain with Gerry and the twins.

Gerry believed it was time to go back. But, having come to the Algarve as a family of five, Kate did not want to leave as a family of four.

In her mind it would represent an admission, symbolically perhaps, that she had given up hope, that it was the end.

In the end, she did agree – only for the sake of the twins – that they would leave Portugal in early September, when the lease on the villa ended.

When the time came we hugged at the airport and said our goodbyes. I watched Kate and Gerry walk away.

I then went back to Praia to brief the British Press for a final time, before packing. I caught a flight later that day and I was glad to be going home.

On the flight home I remember thinking that unless Madeleine was found, the McCanns would never be able to fully rebut speculation and rebuild their lives.

I feel desperately for Kate McCann. Her life has been ruined by the constant speculation and the continuing mystery surrounding her daughter's disappearance. She loathes the media spotlight.
She has to live with the knowledge that she and Gerry were not there when their daughter needed them most, something I know she deeply regrets.

Gerry has to live with the knowledge that he failed as a father and a husband in a basic duty, to protect his family. That, surely, is a terrible burden to carry, for any man.

One year after Madeleine's disappearance, I hope for Kate, Gerry and the sake of their two remaining children the media interest now ends.

I hope Madeleine is found, but I fear that will never happen. I hope the McCanns can find some sort of resolution, in private, to this hideous set of events.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Madeleine: 'We made a mistake and we would never leave the children again,' says Gerry McCann

25th April 2008

Gerry McCann told yesterday of his terrible regret at leaving his children alone on the night Madeleine disappeared.

He admitted: "We made a mistake, but we are paying more for it than anyone could ever possibly imagine."

The father of three said he and his wife Kate had thought at the time it was "perfectly reasonable" to leave Madeleine, then three, and their two-year-old twins alone in an unlocked holiday apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

He added: "Hindsight has proven we made a mistake and we would never leave the children again."

In a new interview, a week before the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance on May 3, Mr McCann, 39, said he still believes she is alive.

But he said he had so little contact with Portuguese police that he could not be sure officers are still searching for her.

The consultant cardiologist told BBC Radio 4: "One thing is for certain, I've seen nothing to suggest that she's dead. And I mean nothing, absolutely zero.

"And I'm sure if there was any evidence then we would have heard about it a long time ago."

Mr Cann defended himself against claims that he and his wife should be charged with child negligence in Portugal - a crime punishable with a five-year jail sentence.

He said of the couple's accusers: "They have no more information now than was available to them on May 4. So why are we talking about such a charge now?"

The McCanns, of Rothley, Leicestershire, have led their own campaign to find their missing daughter, believing she was abducted from the holiday complex while they dined nearby with friends.

But they remain official suspects and have had no direct contact with police since they left Portugal in September.

The President of the Portuguese Order of Lawyers, Antonio Marinho e Pinto, said yesterday that he believes detectives are hiding behind the country's strict secrecy laws.

He added: "There are strong reasons to fear that judicial secrecy is being used to conceal the fact that the police have gone down a blind alley and don't have a way out."

Portuguese police travelled to Britain earlier this month to oversee fresh interviews of the "Tapas Seven", the group of friends who ate with the McCanns on the night of May 3.

•Searching For Madeleine will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 at 1.30pm on Sunday.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Service of hope announced

A SERVICE to mark the 365 days since Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is to be held at the church of Nossa Senhora Da Luz, in Praia da Luz, where Kate and Gerry McCann regularly prayed, on Saturday, May 3 at 6.30pm.Described as a service of hope and commemorating the year since Madeleine went missing, the theme of the service is “we want you home” and will be remembering Madeleine. It will be held in both Portuguese and English.For further information regarding the service, please contact Father Haynes Q Hubbard, Senior Chaplain, on 282 789 660.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Kate: We all checked kids

MADELEINE McCann’s parents have told how they devised their own baby-listening service because the complex they were staying in had none.

Kate and Gerry McCann reveal in a new TV documentary how they and seven friends took it in turns to look in on all their kids at the Ocean Club.

At other resorts hols firm Mark Warner had a system where nannies listened at children’s doors, but not at Praia da Luz on Portugal’s Algarve.

The company has since scrapped that system at all resorts and replaced it with a drop-off service where kids are taken to an on-site creche.

The ITV programme goes out on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Leaks, smears ... now "plane" lies

Published: 12 Apr 2008

A few Days Old, but Important to Dispel the Myths Put About by 24 Liars Sorry I mean 24 Horas.

MADELEINE McCann’s parents yesterday blasted claims they and the Tapas Seven had demanded a private jet and five-star hotels to return to Portugal.

Cops there want them all to take part in a reconstruction of Maddie’s abduction.

But a Portuguese newspaper alleged some of the group said they would only return if their “extravagant” demands were met.

24 Horas quoted a Portuguese judicial source as saying: “One of the couples demanded a private jet to travel with their children to the Algarve. Another demanded they be put up in a five-star hotel.

“The only thing missing from the list was a request that we send them to the moon on skates.”

Official suspects Gerry and Kate McCann were already furious after full police statements they made were leaked – in what they regard as a crass attempt to smear them.

Yesterday their spokesman Clarence Mitchell angrily denied the paper’s report. He said: “No such demands have been made. All talk of private jets and five-star hotels is complete rubbish.”

The claims were also denied by the Tapas Seven – pals who were dining with the McCanns the night Maddie vanished in Praia da Luz days before her fourth birthday.

In a statement, Jane Tanner, 37, partner Dr Russell O’Brien, 36, Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, wife Rachael, 36, David Payne, 41, wife Fiona, 34, and her mum Dianne Webster, 61, slammed the “blatant lies”.

They insisted: “All talk of private jets and luxury hotels is as nonsensical as it baseless.”
Faro police chief Guilhermino Encarnacao confirmed the group had stipulated certain conditions, the paper claimed.

But Mr Mitchell said: “They would only be in the context of logistics. For example many of them are very busy hospital doctors and would want to know how long they would be needed for.

"But I don’t think it has even got to that stage yet.”

Yesterday police chief Paulo Rebelo – who is heading the Portuguese Maddie probe – cut short his visit to Britain where he was involved in reinterviews of the Tapas Seven.
He was said to have been “red faced with fury” after the leaking of the McCanns’ police statements.

Kate’s words – read out on Spanish TV – revealed Maddie asked her why she had not come into her room when she was crying the night before she vanished.

A source close to the Maddie case said: “The first police chief in charge of Maddie’s case was removed for briefing the Portuguese press. Since Rebelo took over there have been no such leaks, until this week.

“He feels it embarrassed him while he was in England working with British officers. He has gone back early to try to track down who was behind the leaks.”

Heart specialist Gerry, 39, and Kate, 40, of Rothley, Leics, are in discussions about a possible return to Portugal to help police piece together the events of that night but mood of co-operation has soured markedly following police leaks. The McCanns want a Crimewatch-style TV reconstruction.

"All this nonsense over the last 24 or 36 hours does not in any way endear them to the idea of going back," Mr Mitchell said.

It has still to be decided whether the McCanns – who also have three-year-old twins Amelie and Sean – will be interviewed again.
Yesterday Mr Mitchell attacked the Portuguese cops’ “smear campaign” against the parents as “shameless and brazen”.

He said even Leicestershire Police had “expressed concern” over the leaked witness statements.
And he insisted Maddie’s comments about her crying “puzzled” her parents and were said as “a breezy aside”.

Mr Mitchell added: “It was out of character for Madeleine to cry, and with hindsight Kate and Gerry think someone could have disturbed her that night.

“People are asking were they negligent? But they felt that Madeleine and the twins were safe and secure.

“They decided to be even more accurate and careful in the times they checked on the children.
“They took every precaution but their system failed and they were incredibly unlucky.”

  • It was said that Paulo Rebelo returned to Portugal early to discover who was behind the leaks
  • So who was? Does Rebelo know yet?
  • Doesn't look as if he discovered much as the PJ have been leaking daily since Rebelo returned
  • Still the way this investigation has been managed, why would we expect Paulo Rebelo to detect who is behind these leaks?
  • Seems the PJ couldn't detect a gas leak with a naked flame!
  • Who leaked that Jane Tanner had changed her statement?
  • This leak came before Rebelo had scared customs officers with his passport photo on his return to Portugal.
  • Does the P in PJ stand for 'Police' or 'Plumbers'?
  • Who told Portuguese gutter press 24 Horas that the friends had demanded a private jet?
  • When does the Portuguese government intend to do something about the lack lustre performance of the PJ?
  • When is there going to be a full and open public inquiry into the Portuguese police handling of this investigation?

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