Monday, 24 March 2008

Robert Murat close to being cleared over Madeleine McCann disappearance

Richard Edwards, Crime Correspondent
Last Updated: 1:31am GMT 24/03/2008

Robert Murat has moved a step closer to being cleared as a suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance after police returned possessions seized from him 10 months ago.

Public prosecutor Jose Magalhaes e Menezes’s ordered detectives to return the items, including a computer, to the 34-year-old last week.

Murat was made an “arguido” or formal suspect on 14 May last year, 11 days after Madeleine went missing.

He lives with his mother Jenny in Praia da Luz, 100 yards from the Ocean Club holiday flat where Madeleine disappeared.

Mrs Murat, 74, said: “Every single item that the police took has been returned to us. Of course we hope it means Robert’s arguido status will be lifted shortly.

“But we’ve had no official confirmation that that is the case and we’re not getting too excited.”
Portuguese police were reported to be preparing to fly to Britain on April 7 to interview members of the holiday party - the so-called Tapas Nine - in a last bid for a breakthough in the case.

It was claimed that prosecutors have rejected police requests to call the McCanns in for a second round of questioning.

But they have agreed to an application to quiz the McCanns’ former spokeswoman Justine McGuinness and a psychologist who comforted GP Kate, 39, after Madeleine went missing, it was claimed.

Miss McGuinness was surprised when the Telegraph broke the news to her.

“I haven’t heard anything about being interviewed,” she said.

“I can’t imagine I can tell them anything they don’t already know.”


Rosiepops said...

Again we have this flurry of speculation that Murat is to be released from his arguido status.

Seems to me each time that Portugal has managed to back themselves into a corner, they use Murat to deflect attention away from it, this time because there were two stories that reflected badly on the PJ they had to go one step further and return his computers.

This time the PJ are reeling under heavy critism over Portugal allowing the publication of a scurrelous book, written by an ex PJ officer, himself an arguido facing trial over the torture of a witness in the case of another missing child, whose body has never been found!

Sergai Malinka has had his car fire bombed three times, with someone very publicly urging him to "FALA" (talk). He has tried to say that his connection with Robert Murat is to blame for this!
Questions surround Malinka too, he wiped his hard drive when Madeleine went missing and denied he had spoken to Murat, which was later proven to be a lie.

Murat's mother Jenny is right not to get her hopes up because the way the PJ treat what could be construed as vital evidence is a joke, a joke that most proper detectives across the world have been laughing at since this investigation began.

The PJ allowed the contamination and destruction of vital evidence of a crime scene.

They did not take finger prints of apartment 5a until 4 days after Madeleine disappeared.

I think it was 20 odd days later that they decided they would sweep the apartment for forensic evidence.

They failed to seal off an adequate area of this apartment allowing just about anyone and everyone to walk right up close to this apartment.

They failed to do a fingertip search outside the apartment.

They failed to do a 15K ring search surrounding the apartment.

Astonishingly they allowed the apartment to be re let to other tourists just a couple of weeks after Madeleine disappeared and the blood from one of these tourists got mixed up in the samples of DNA sent to the FSS in Birmingham and could not be checked quickly because Portugal does not have a sex offenders register, let alone a DNA based sex offenders register.

The forensic technician took finger prints from the a vital piece of evidence NOT wearing two Gloves. Did NOT cover her hair. Did NOT wear a mask. Did NOT have her scene of crime overalls on properly.

They allowed GNR to put their booted feet all over the hire car, causing further elimination tests.

The GNR were allowed to drive the car to where it was going to be forensically tested and they did NOT wear scene of crime overalls or over shoes.

Same thing with Murats two cars and the GNR also managed to crash one of these en route to the test place.

Day that the sniffer dogs were due to be shown a row of Renault scenics, the PJ allowed Find Madeleine stickers and posters to remain on the car! (If it was a human identity parade the suspect might just as well have had a sign saying "It's me on their forehead!)

The dog Handlers were encouraged to pull the dog back the Renault scenic and were made to walk around it until they signalled, anyone would think that someone knew that the dogs would find something and were not going to let go until they did, not saying this happened, but it is what it looks like!

After the car was forensically examined, it was handed back to the McCann's!

Kate's diary now supposed wanted by the PJ again, was also handed back to her.

Cuddle cat another item said to have had a positive result, also handed back to the McCann's to use and was then allowed to be parked outside Faro airport for ages collecting dust an for anyone to have gone up to it and do anything they liked to it! Apparently the car has now been sold and no one knows where it is exactly!

So the PJ hand back vital evidence, they do not seem to have grasped the concept that it may be needed at a later date.

Another thing that strikes me as odd is that the PJ show scant disregard for vital evidence and return items willy nilly so quickly, why have they had these computers for so long?

If the PJ release this man from his arguido status without re interviewing him and asking the KNOWN 101 questions and mysteries that are surrounding him and his friends and it turns out he had something to do with Madeleine's disappearance all hell will fall on Portugal.

I believe all hell is due to come down on the PJ's shoulders anyway.

So yes Murat's mother should not raise her hopes, the handing back of these computers means absolutely nothing.
They have probably been stuck in a corner collecting dust, what is the betting that no one has even examined them, the PJ probably forgot about them.

How can one be blamed for being critical and sceptical of the PJ's competence when you view their actions on what could be vital evidence alone? This is without going into all the other blunders!

Gina said...
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calcite51 said...

Good Morning, Gina - this book is just plain wrong. The investigation is NOT closed yet and Portugal insists on investigations being conducted in secrecy. Yet, an ex-PJ is allowed to write a book? There is NO WAY anyone can justify the publication of this book at this time.

So, no I will NOT be reading this book.

Gina said...

Calcite I will not be reading the book either because if I did I would want to read it in Portuguese (which I do not speak) and not a version which could be mis translated. I have no opinion whether this book is right or wrong, all I do know is that if this case had not been allowed to become so high profile media wise no body would have been interested in writing a book about it because they would have known nobody would have been interested in reading it. We all know one you become "celebrity" status you are open to all sorts of comments. There were so many book written about Diana which IMO were wrong too, but regrettably that's life

joanypony said...

Good,morning all.

Rosiepops on the ball again, when you see it all written down it beggars belief. The PJ have proved themselves to be incompetent, 2 bit amatuers in this case, and perhaps someone should explain to them what the word 'vital' means!!

It is perishing up here in Aberdeen with snow lying and more flurries coming and going. Going to Inverness to visit my sister on Wednesday but according to my niece's husband they don't have snow, hope it is still like that on Wednesday.

calcite51 said...

Thanks, Gina but...

I just find it odd that Claudia and Alsabella read the book and both seem to think her BODY is at sea. Now, along comes along another theory that supports the abduction theory.

Maybe the ex-PJ should take some writing lessons or maybe he should read a few of Ann Rule's books - there is always a conclusion to her books and if the crime is unsolved, Ann shares with her readers her thoughts and reasons why she has reached the conclusion she has.

calcite51 said...

Good morning, Joanypony - I have to unfortunately start thinking about going to work. Hope it is a quiet day.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it doesn't snow when you go visit your sister.

Gina said...

Calcite as far as I understand it the book ends with the Police looking out to sea as to the conclusion of where Madeleine went.
Hell does it matter, it is fiction after all as have been some of the books written about the theory on Diana's death. I personally doubt if we will every know the WHOLE truth about either case sadly.

calcite51 said...

Gina, my understanding was that the book was NOT fictional - there are two characters that are fictional. I could be wrong.

I hope there is some sort of conclusion for Madeleine's family but you could be right - there are some cases that are never solved.

joanypony said...

Thanks calcite, I'm off on holiday until 7th April, will think of you setting off to work each day when I am tucked up cosy in bed!! ( except Wednesday, up at 6.00 a m to catch train to Inverness)

calcite51 said...


Have a great holiday and time visiting your sister. This holiday time sure beats Working....

melbel said...

When you read through the list of slip ups in Rosie's post, it is awful reading.
Nothing that happens, in this case, would surprise me and nothing reported in tabloids,has proved to be true, as this case has evolved.
As you know, I know precious little about computers, but had read, that top IT experts were able to retrieve information, from hard disc drive thingies.I certainly hope that this was done, as a routine exercise.It certainly looks suspicious, to lie about speaking to Murat and then to wipe your hard drive.
It should be remembered, that,at no time did the McCanns finger Murat.
This was done by an independent journalist and I distinctly remember that Kate and Gerry, or representative,said that he was innocent until proven guilty, a dignity not afforded to them.
I think that the McCs,must be the most reluctant celebrities, ever
In my view, they engaged the media, in good faith, to try to recover their beloved daughter .It all got out of hand, as these newspaper people like to eat you up and spit you out, all to make money.
I frequently hear, on TV, the most grossly insensitive remarks, asked of people, in dire situations and I flinch and ask myself, how these people can be so callous.
I also think, that in view of being gagged,by the secrecy laws, in the middle of all this media hoo haw, they had no choice but to appoint a media representative.
I also think, that they were advised by their Portugese lawyers, how to answer questions and if innocent, why the hell should they admit to things that they had not done?.
Elementary, My dear Watson.
Love you and leave you, mes amies, as my family are here.
Got to nail all the food down, even if we did dine yesterday, on packet chicken chasseur !

Gina said...

Calcite, I cannot confirm anything but it has always been my understand that this book is fictional and that is why it was allowed to be published now. I could be totally wrong.

Off now to do some work - I have lots of cobwebs and as it is very windy here today I think opening the window for a few minutes will sort that problem out - ttfn

Dobywallah said...

Gina, I have also Not read the book but did read Alsabella's initial extract and that in itself did imply Madeleine had been abducted. If you consider all the recent comments made by the PJ and Portuguese Judiciary together with Cristovoa's comments there is no other conclusion other than that of abduction and the parents obvious innocence! It is now suggested the PJ are to visit the UK on the 7th of April to put forward their long awaited questions. I just hope they,(the PJ) having then received satisfactory and convincing answers from those they have mistakenly considered supects over the past 11 months will then have the decency to withdraw the Aguido status from the McCanns and restart their search for little Madeleine, which they should not have abandoned in the first place!

calcite51 said...

Hi, Gina - in case you're still on - I'm getting ready to go to work.

Can you imagine the outcry if anyone who supports the McCann side wrote a book, (friction of course)on events that may or may not have happened on May 3? I suspect the PJ's would be the first to cry foul.

calcite51 said...

Melbel - read your comments. They're great as always and yes, I remember when Mr. Murat was first made an 'arguido' and the Drs. McCanns reminded everyone that he was innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, in their case the same courtesy was not extended to them.

calcite51 said...

Everyone have a great day! I'm off to work. Keep safe, heads up and spirits high as we ramble on the highway of life.

Gina said...

Calcite/Dobywallah, I am totally confused about this book so think I will leave the subject because I have not read it and haven't a clue what it is implying. If you refer to my 11.19 post you will see how this all started and I also have been posting on the other site and Claudia views on the book are different to annons. I guess Claudia at least understands every word in the book and as anon did not state whether they understood portuguese or not maybe they got it all wrong. No idea what is going on but whether we like it or not this may be the first book but I do not think it will be the last (Back to the cobwebs)

melbel said...

Well said,calcite and Doby.
Have a good day,Calcite,in your beautiful homeland, which has always been one of my most favourite nations.
Yes, Doby, let us hope that this nightmare ends and the decent thing done,if no evidence, as appears.
Our police,were active in several countries, re the Jersey scandal and still are, so I cannot understand the delay and especially,the Portugese Attorney,having to say, that the questions had never left Portugal, at the time, though the Portugese tabloids ,were blaming our end.
I have long suspected, that it is lack of evidence, that is the snag, not lack of good will, on anybody's part.
Glad I caught you Doby, as not often on at same time.
I felt nostalgic, the other evening when I read back and you used the word bo bos, for sleep.
I remember my gran,using that in 1940s and it made me nostalgig. never heard it since !
You might be gone, before one fingered [me ],has got into typing mode.

calcite51 said...

Gina, what did Claudia think happened after reading the book?

Okay, now I really have to go if I can find my stupid shoes.

Tulip said...

Good afternoon all. Still suffering from a chocolate hangover.

One thing that has struck me about Robert Murat's Portuguese lawyer is the way he flings around the word 'curse'. Now it may be a misleading translation open to argument like 'precipitately' but, while the McCanns were very fair towards him when he was made an arguido, his lawyer has twice now wished 'curses' on their heads. Is this not a rather medieval way of conveying displeasure in a modern country?? Can you see lawyers in the UK throwing curses around?

On another subject.I see that Mrs McKeown has had to go into hiding in Goa because of death threats -- arising apparently from the impact her daughter's murder has had on the tourist industry!

Now she was crazy to leave her daughter but hello? I thought the murderer was supposed to be a local!

Dobywallah said...

GINA, MELBEL, CALCITE & OTHERS, nice talking to you but have to go out visiting, perhaps join you later. Enjoy the rest of Easter.

Tulip said...

Oh no, see Sky News -- another kid (a 10-year-old boy) is missing in the Midlands.

Rosiepops said...

The book as I understand is an account of what this ex PJ officer thinks happened on May 3rd and subsequently. The characters names have been changed and the book classified as fiction and this is why he was allowed to publish it. It is a safe bet that if the same stroke was pulled in the UK during a highly controversial investigation, or in fact any investigation, I think an injunction to prevent publication of this book would have been sought and granted. a great pity that Portuguese authorities do not seem to see this or understand the grave and prejudicial implications of allowing a publication such as this.

I have heard people interpret the ending in different ways, this is what the author intended and I expect it is probably been written in such a way that may allow the reader to interpret what they want out of the story.

That aside, I think it is appalling that this book was allowed publication and it is causing hurt and further suffering to these parents who are trying to desperately cling on to the hope that their little girl is still alive.

The only good thing that has come from the penning of this book is that it is actually highlighting the obvious judicial flaws which obviously exist in the echelons of Portuguese justice.

Perhaps it is a good thing that people should be made aware of the fact that the author writing this book, is actually an arguido himself and due to stand trial facing serious allegations into the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano, into making a confession, during the investigation of her own little girl Joana who went missing 7 miles away from where Madeleine McCann went missing. Little Joana's body has never been found and there are many similarities between both the investigations concerning these missing children.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Tulip I hope you're as sick as a ......!! You should be ashamed telling me that. Me, the one whose husband didn't buy her any easter eggs!!(murmured something along the lines of diet, not allowed them kind of rubbish)

It diesn't surprise me that the locals in Goa are threatening Mrs McKeown(now that statement is a sad reflection on life today) India is a very poor country and they will do their utmost to protect their tourist trade. IMO that is why the police in Goa tried to cover up the murder of her daughter. Unfortunately for he police she, like the Mccann' have not rolled over and gone on their merry way.

melbel said...

Hiya Tulip
This use of language, by the Portugese lawyer,is very odd,considering, that he probably speaks very good English.
I thought it sad,that when Portugese opinion,began to turn against the McCs[,fuelled by lurid reports in Portugese tabloids,in which the forensic evidence was overplayed and wrongly interpreted]this lawyer,used similiar language,to encourage the McCs, to leave the country.
Went to read back,on Als's site, as I did not go online, yesterday.
There is a very bright and polite,Anon,who gets people's backs up,by his cool logic.
I see a human being, in 3 of the people over there and they know who they are,but I vowed to leave off reading there, as I do not respect most of the posters, would not give them two minutes of time in real life and what they think,is not important to me.
Felicity's site, in my view, continues to libel people.
I think, that after initial anxieties, these other blogs, are now in denial, but let them get on with it.
I will not visit them in jail!
Have to go entertain my guests and try not to be here, so much.
I read an article in Sunday Times mag, yesterday, about poor Ben Nedham's mum and his sister, born after Ben disappeared.
Both of them have been verbally abused,by adults and in the case of her daughter, by children.
Now, where do these children get these attitudes from,if not from their homes ?
Anyways,I am confident, that children of people on our blog, will grow up, with attitudes of compassion and justice.
Take care, all. I had best tend to my guests.x

Tinkerbell43 said...

If I was Mrs Murat I wouldn't get my hopes up either. Its been reported since last September he is to be cleared.

However, personally I believe he will be, the PJ allegedly said early on there was not ENOUGH evidence to bring charges. This is of no surprise, as we know, the initial searches of Casa Liliana were not carried out comprehensively, and for them to return to the Villa 3 months after having made him an arguido, to carry out further digs, tells me there is still a lot of unanswered questions about Murats involvement.

Sadly, it would appear, for reasons best known to themselves, they are prepared to let them go unanswered!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that sky news is reporting a 10 year old boy has gone missing in Birmingham last night. Not been seen since 7p.m. after he left his friends house. Already comments on Alsabella's blog asking where the parents were?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sorry forgot my manners,

Afternoon All :0)

melbel said...

Hi Tinks,Helen and Rosie
They are just global busybodies, the perfect ones [not ].
After all, for all of felicity's legal claptrap,she does not seem employable, bearing in mind, how she pontificates online, 24/7.

Tulip said...

Helen you should be delighted today that you had no Easter eggs. Whie the fun is over for us and we are trying to squeeze into our pants you can still pull yours up -- or I assume you can??

And yes, Melbel, I do remember Murat's lawyer (Pagarete?)basically telling the McCanns that the whole of Praia da Luz wanted them to home.

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sass said...


Just on troll check!

Hope everyone is having a good bank holiday. Here the weather is bank holiday appropriate - it's snowingg, we have hail and when it's not doing all that it's pouring.

See ya!

melbel said...

Hello Gina
Joncar always said, that we are not at the heartof the investigation and do not know the facts, which does not seem to stop the posters over yonder, from accusing.
However,I am puzzled,by the new Head of Investigation, apparently saying that it was hasty,to make them arguidos and would not have happened, under revised and updated law.
All will be revealed.
Have to bat on now.cannot see the cobwebs too good,as short sighted,,but if you have a decent recipe for paella,maybe uou could post it sometime.
Have a good day.

Gina said...

Melbel just caught your post. Re Paella, I cannot give you a good recipe because I cannot give you the correct ingredients. I go to the local market where I buy ready mixed spices made up by the old lady on the stall to her own recipe and it is that that gives me success every time. All I can say is if you find a recipe ignore the cooking the rice in water, use white wine, and put a lot of olive oil in too, it keeps the paella moist and stops it welding to the pan. and PS don't be stingy with the seafood and chicken, make it rice with something substantial and no bl....dy peas!!!!! Have to go BYE ALL

Mandz said...

Hi All & well said!

********Keystone Cops**************

Well Gina all very interesting however there are certain “universal” police work which the PJ did NOT do which Rosie has pointed out and “experts” have commented on and I have seen from TV footage where one journalist was appalled that he could get that close to a “crime scene” which was not cordoned off, CNN footage showed PJ sitting in cars at borders when they should have been stopping cars for checks and when they saw the TV crew they jumped out of their cars. I have also listened to witness on TV who were there that night who were appalled that there was lack of police on the ground + no one organising the search properly. I have also listened to a forensic consultant comment from watching TV footage on the PJ forensic team who were not doing “universal” procedures and he was outraged. My father in law is ex police and he think there is something dreadfully wrong with this case meaning from the police side. British Police have spoken out about this case and cannot believe the PJ made the McCann’s suspects.

Shoe horn the McCann’s into their evidence – pathetic.

chinadoll said...

Hi everyone,

Just peeking in, as I often do (when able)


With respect, any one of us could cite opinions of legally acquainted friends. Strange how not one of your police friends, had any opinion as to the quality of the investigation - which has been criticised worldwide.
What about all the police leaks and smears - did they have an opinion on the these? Perhaps not, perhaps they understand that their fellow colleagues should be allowed to attempt to pervert the course of justice, through sheer unprofessional and imo illegal actions.

As far as I am concerned, your three police guests, are like your three bathrooms.


Gina said...

Chinadoll was there any need for that. If they had said they think the PJ are rubbish and I had reported that on here you would have welcomed it with open arms. The made no actual comment on the PJ as such they were generalising on police. It was only about a three minute conversation and due to their training they would not comment on a case without being privy to the facts as we do.

What are you actually saying, I now have to prove I have three bathroom before you believe anything else and to set the record straight I had seven guests not three

chinadoll said...

Happy Easter Mandz,

Hope you are well and making the most of the Easter hols.

chinadoll said...

Sky News,

Ben Smythe, missing from Birmingham since 7pm yesterday, has been found live and well.

Mandz said...

Hi China!

Lovely to see you! Not been keeping well got a bit of a chest infection & flu symptoms so been in bed for most of it!
What boy missing…?? Is it on Sky website..?

melbel said...

Cheers Gina
Hi to Mandz and China. Such a relief if the boy is found safe and well.
Just got in from shops to read that post.
It is such a world now.
I remember being over protected, by today's standards,but we used to wander in nearby fields, free as birds.There but for the grace of God, I think and we were just lucky to get away with it.

Gina said...

Chinadoll this part of your post has angered me
What about all the police leaks and smears - did they have an opinion on the these? Perhaps not, perhaps they understand that their fellow colleagues should be allowed to attempt to pervert

To suggest such a thing is appauling bearing in mind you do not know these people (that I apparently have imagined) More dedicated people you could not wish to meet and they live for their job. Bearing in mind what one of them is assigned to to say this is rude and without foundation. See my post 22nd March 22.24 then perhaps you will see why I find it offensive

Tulip said...

Glad to hear news about the temporarily missing boy.

Gina and China, I think ANY respectable member of the police is trained not to gossip about cases and would therefore not give a strong opinion on the PJ.I think they were being correctly discreet, that's all. (I assume these police were NOT PJ?) They are right not to give their opinions or criticize.

chinadoll said...


I do not post often during the day, but your 14.16 post and the opinions of your friends, contained therein, screams of bias and appears to agree with your own views - which in my opinion, are not neutral/sitting on the fence opinions.

Going back to your friends comments:-

"Not every police force operates in the same way but that does not mean their way is wrong"..............Well Gina, that is a very thought provoking and extremely uncritical comment ref the pj investigation.
I totally disagree with this view, as I believe there should be a minimum standard expected of all police officers and any investigation - in any civilised country, should be expected to be open to scrutiny if the standard falls below that minimum. Unprofessional and underhand conduct such as that displayed by the pj, should not be condoned or excused by fellow police officers.

"All police forces are trained to look at all possibilities"............Well Gina, I would dearly love to think the pj did so. Alas, that is not the case. They have repeatedly failed to follow up multiple witness statements and potential sightings. They have concentrated on following a hunch by a now disgraced detective, who is, an arguido himself. Did your friends have an opinion on that? It is only fair imo to look at the conduct of officers in this case and bear in mind, their conduct in another similar case - in which criminal charges are now pending against them.

"They are not swayed by they do not look the type to have done anything wrong".........I assume Gina, that this refers to the pj not being swayed by the looks of the McCanns? Strange how much media coverage was given to just that. Gossip of alleged lifestyle activities ie swinging was leaked to the Portuguese media, by the pj. Many headline stories were spread about Kate not looking maternal enough, in the eyes of the pj's wives. The McCanns did not cry enough, were not emotional enough etc etc etc.

"They look for evidence and pursue the strongest line knowing that pointing the finger and having a hunch, albeit the right one is, useless unless they can prove what they believe to be the case in court" .................Well Gina, the 'albeit the right one' comment, is very odd. How can your friends possibly know that the evidence/hunch is 'albeit the right one' Sounds very biased to me - but is very complimentary to the pj. The pj should be thrilled that your high ranking officer friends agree with their hunches and fingerpointing views.

"They all felt that the pj would not have made the McCanns arguidos for no reason, it would be madness as they know they have to prove their suspicions".......Well Gina, I wonder what their views would be on the pj arguidos in this case. No smoke without fire perhaps? I very much doubt it - they sound far to pro pj to me for that. What about Murat?

"However, they also felt that it was probably conflicting statements or something of that nature that has prevented them from lifting arguido status"......I am pleased they acknowledged that. Did they have an opinion on Murat interpreting witnesses for the pj? Did they wonder why the pj have taken so long to arrange asking the questions and do everything possible to advance same, in what should be an urgent manner?

I can only assume, the above comments were made after a little too much sangria or something stronger, as it sounds like a load of old tosh to me.

chinadoll said...


I accept I do not know your friends, be they imaginary or not.

Nor do they know the McCanns, yet they are not shy to give you their opinions on a case that they are not in receipt of any facts.

They should be more professional and keep their opinions to themselves. Perhaps they spoke to you in confidence (that would go some way to excusing their views)
If that is the case, then shame on you for breaking that confidence.

I and many others are sick to the back teeth of others feigning being upset, when challenged or simply expressing a different opinion.

The McCanns have been slated over and over and over - imagine how they must feel. That should put your upset into perspective.

Tulip said...

China, I agree with you totally about what the PJ did wrong. But the police officers visiting Gina appear to have commented for 3 short minutes and seem to have expressed themselves in very general terms. They cannot go on record with criticism of fellow policemen and may hold quite different opinions. They probably guessed their comments might go straight onto a blog, so were deliberately bland.

They would also have picked up that Gina had strong opinions and politely spoke in such a way not to challenge their host.

IMO of course -- I wasn't there.

chinadoll said...

Mandz - Get well soon and have plenty of rest.

Hi Melbel - thank goodness he has been found.

Tulip - disgraceful and biased gossip imo.

I am off to attend to household matters and to finish preparation of a meal.

Catch up with you all later.

chinadoll said...

Good point Tulip

If that is the case, the host/hostess in question seems delighted and eager to repeat the views.

Must go, catch you later.

Gina said...

Chinadoll I should have said they said no policeforce would make anyone suspects for no reason.

I too am sick to the backteeth of many things, especially having my words twisted, taken out of context and saying that I feign being upset. I was just annoyed that you are making a big issue out of this and in the process damning the reputation of my friends.

One thing you have taught me, is that it is foolish to post on here, no matter how polite and certainly not if you have three bathrooms.

Rosiepops said...


Sorry but I have to agree with China's post 16.13 and Mandz 14.50.

I also point to what we do know where we can give an opinion. The only facts known in this case is ONE fact about Madeleine and she is still missing and then the many facts about the PJ and their total incompetence to get a grip on this investigation and operate it effectively. The DNA evidence alone is a catalogue of errors from start to finish.

11 months 3 arguidos later and still the PJ haven't got their act together to get one letter to this country to request to talk to witnesses in the case of a missing 4 year old girl and they blame everyone else except for themselves for their failures?
I seem to remember people from the anti side of the fence screaming at the McCann's for not taking responsibility for their actions, well that works both ways, why don't the PJ have the balls to take responsibility for their own actions and the justifiable criticism of their actions?

Come on lets be real here, just about every police expert and child protection officer with years and years experience of working on cases like this have criticized the PJ. I have seen one ex detective trying hard to find something positive to say about the PJ, they cannot all be wrong.

Not only in this country either, I have seen the PJ criticized from American/Canadian/Australian detectives too.

One top forensic scientist was nearly going apoplectic over the way the PJ were gathering forensic evidence before his eyes, he said just about every rule which could be broken was broken gathering this evidence and if this is what it was like on the outside, he had grave concerns about what was going on, on the inside of this apartment!

I also have a very close connection to the Metropolitan police and he says that he has not met one detective that is not aghast at the apparent mess the PJ have made of this investigation.

The Leicestershire constabulary by all accounts have similar concerns which I believe they have registered and were they not behind why Goncalo Amaral was removed from his post as head of this investigation?

I think it is time we stopped pussy footing around and called a spade a spade. The Pj are inept and totally useless.

They went out on a limb, they gambled on DNA evidence and lost big time. Now instead of admitting they got it wrong, they are still involved in trying to ask questions of people 10 months after the event, memories fade, anyone with half a brain knows fully well that nothing will come of these questions. the Portuguese prosecutor has said there is no evidence to question the McCann's, this means that there is nothing in any of the last DNA results to charge them with.

Oh and you could let your friends know that the only reason the McCann's were ever made arguidos in the first place was because disgraced cop Goncalo Amaral knew the McCann's were planning on leaving Portugal. Second Portugal's law was about to be changed which would mean that the PJ would have to have evidence on which to charge them, so they gambled charged them on no evidence before the law changed and the DNA evidence they were expecting never materialised, they gambled and lost.

This must be the case because recently the Portuguese prosecutor has said there is no evidence on which to ask the McCann's more questions now.

Can't understand why you friends cannot comment on this, it is in the public domain.

Gina said...

Tulip I do have strong opinion on this case but nothing to do with her disappearance. That's all I have to say on the matter

Tulip said...

Rosie and China, all you say is true!

However. I simply think that Gina's friends may have said what they felt she wanted to hear -- she was the host and they would not have wanted to get into a long discussion.

And Gina would naturally want to post the 'news' here as she wants to make a point.

There is nothing new in all this.
I don't think the opinions of her guests are particulary considered or important.

Gina said...

Rosie, I think it better if I just give up on this. Obviously you agree with China and why not. I have to say that I know for a fact that one of my friends frowns on anybody police officers commenting on any cases that they are not assigned too as it generates too much public opinion which in his opinion is wrong.

Considering one of them is highly frustrated that his views on police forces in other countries were dismissed (you know what I am referring to) by those that should have listened it is no wonder he didn't want to talk about any police forces at all.

I am really sorry I bothered to mention this now. There are some on here that whilst they do not share my views I can have a reasonable conversation with, but there are others that as soon as they see my name go into overdrive and do everything in their power to be rude, accuse me of lying, or being under the influence of drink, or just being a fantacist. I dare say this will all get twisted into I am upset, hurt or whatever but I will have to accept they can and will think and say what they like. By the same token perhaps they should realise that others on the other blog (who I do not necessarily agree with totally) will do the same.

Personally I do not know what, if anything, the PJ will achieve when they eventually get to finish off their questioning but IMO and I mean IMO I cannot see why they have stuck with this knowing that at the end of the day the are either going to have to put up or shut up. They are either extremely stupid or determined to get to the truth IMO and it is they would will be ripped to shreds by all if they have got it wrong. Until then I give them the benefit of the doubt as I do the McCanns.

On that note I will leave you all in peace to form your own opinions and have your say Best wishes and bye

Rosiepops said...


While I have no problem with Gina posting here, if what you say is true then why comment? But obviously an interpretation was put on them, hence the reaction they received.

Equally I have to make the point that the PJ have actually charged the McCann's for nothing and they did it 8 days before their law changed.
Hence the fuss created when Alipio Ribeiro said the McCann's were charged too hastily.

Gina said...

Tulip let me just say my friends never say what I want to hear, they say it the way it is. For example one said "Please don't tell me you actually post on those stupid blogs and believe all that you read"

Tulip said...

Rosie, as you know I agree with you!!

Gina simply couldn't resist posting, that's all. I just think that the reported opinions of visiting policemen who are careful not to say anything too controversial is not of much significance IMO.

It's like Bath Theory (remember him??)who always claimed that 99% of his Catholic community agreed with him. Yeah, right. Would those that disagreed but didn't feel like arguing take part in his poll? Reported opinions are worthless.

joanypony said...


Spot on. IMO the PJ threw their rattle out of the pram when the DNA evidence did not produce what they wanted, then they started leaking bits and pieces to discredit the McCanns and the leaks turned into a flood with the aid of the media.

I doubt if there will ever be any questioning, I have said that since it was first mentioned. The PJ are trying to get out of the mess they created without egg on their face.

Gina said...

Tulip when I realise I have made a mistake I find a way to rectify it. I have just found the solutions and dealt with it

Gina said...


Christabel said...

Hi all,
Murat needs a lot more investigating if you ask me.
He has told too many lies from the start.
Does anyone else not find it a bit suspicious that his property was returned on Thursday, and on Friday in the early hours Malinka's car was blown up.
He stated he was in the UK at this time and was surprised noone had rung to tell him.
Why would they tell him?
Was his property given to his mother ? and was he really in the UK.
I would have thought any property from any arguido would be kept until the case was closed.
Why would Malinka assume so quickly that "Fala" (talk) or whatever must mean Murat.
These two are closer than we are led to believe IMO.
Oh Gonc "another fine mess you've got them into".
It also seems Murat was not that fluent at translation, according to a colleage that worked with him.

Christabel said...

I meant to add, I think this Malinka car blowing up was a smoke screen for something else.

archer said...

Hi everbody

Mandz - hope you are feeling a little better and keeping out of the cold air.

Joanypony - ref your last post. I agree totally. IF or WHEN the questioning happens it will be a face-saver for the PJ. The end result IMO will be predictable and reported as the oft quoted 'Pact of Silence' prevailling. That, I think will be their get out.
What else can possibly happen in this oh so tragic farce ?
For goodness sake lift this ridiculous Arguido status and let Kate and Gerry get on with looking for Madeleine.

archer said...

Hi Christabel

Yes, I think Malinka was a bit more than Murat's web designer!!!
I don't usually go with the phrase 'smoke and mirrors' but in this case I will make an exception cos it appears to be true!

Murat having three computors - all to himself ! Mmmnn

Rosiepops said...

Evening Everyone

Tulip I agree!

Christabel, Joany and archer

there is something much more between Murat and Malinka and I wonder why it is that they have not been investigated fully.

Why did Malinka wipe his hard drive? There are ways that the information can still be obtained when a hard rive as been wiped and I think the circumstances with a missing child are dire and re Malinka lying about knowing Murat and then lying about speaking to him that night, there has to be more to this than these two are letting on and now when we learned that Malinka's car has been firebombed three times, why?

As Christabel has said why would Murat be expecting someone to phone him and tell him this had happened? According to these two they are merely acquaintances because Malinka built a website for him, why on earth would he be expected to be told of this?

Why are the PJ so reluctant to investigate these two properly?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

good evening all

nice to read your posts today

been busy....

one thing though '''

The McCanns have NOT been ''charged'' with anything at all. They are simply arguido/arguida. Nothing more. They are innocent until proven guilty. As is Murat. I feel they cannot release the McCanns yet from arguido/arguida status, unless they do it for Murat too, as he was made arguido before the McCanns. This to me is a political manoeuvre that's all. Playing for time

I do not believe for one minute Murat, Malinka and Walczuch are innocent and that involves Antonio and MW staff imho. DNA WAS reportedly found of Madeleine in Murat's house, a witness has stated they saw Murat IN MADELEINE'S bedroom on 3 May. There are obviously statements we have not details of.....yet.

chinadoll said...


I do not understand why you take offence at comments you posted here involving your anonymous friends.
The reputation of your friends remains intact. We do not know their names, or positions, whereabouts, or merits. They are, by your inferences, not interested in blogs. Their reputations have certainly not been damned.

I admire your persistence in defending the reputation of persons unknown to anyone here, whom you chose to introduce into the discussion.

Surely, you can understand why we feel equally passionate in the defence of a real couple who do not have the benefit of anonymity - a professional couple, whose every move has been analysed and dissected by strangers. A couple who continue to search for their daughter, despite whatever obstacles are put in their way.

I admire Kate and Gerry McCann, their family, friends and loved ones.

You are no shrinking violet, any more than I am. When I say feigned upset, imo, it is just an irritant, compared to what this couple have been put through.

As for your bathrooms, I notice you took the bait for that pdq.
No one gives a damn how many bathrooms, friends, or other facilities or information you have access to. We care about the merits of this case and the continued injustices perpetuated against this family.

Happy Easter to you too, Gina.

chinadoll said...

Hi there Janegt, Rosie, Archer and Christabel.

Hey, these bank holidays are hard work - well worth it, nevertheless.

I truly hope that the McCann family are stronger than ever - after gathering together for Easter and holding eachother close and taking strength from the huge international support that continues to follow and care for them.

God Bless Madeleine, Kate & Gerry, their family and friends and loved ones.

dianeh said...

Hi Everyone

I hope you all had a good Easter.

I am working today, so will only be popping on briefly.

archer said...


Yes, it has been a wonderful opportunity to spend extra time with my immediate family and friends that perhps I would not ordinarily manage to do. For this I am very grateful. I truly hope that Kate and Gerry have been able to do the same and draw comfort and strength. Though Madeleine is still missing, let us hope that part of their burden will soon be lifted, this in itself will make them stronger.

dianeh said...


I am not sure that they can get info from Malinka's hard drive. If he just deleted his documents, pictures etc, then they are still on the disc and can be retrieved. But if he formatted the hard drive, well, then I believe that the entire disk is rewritten, removing anything that was previously there. He is a computer expert, he would make sure that there is nothing left to read.

archer said...

Diane Hi

I am sure you are correct.

When we dispose of computors etc at work they have to be 'wiped', and a guy from ICT comes along to check that they are 'clean'. Once this is done I believe there is no way back. (Not that I know much about it,but that's what I have been told)

chinadoll said...


Likewise, I have had a very family orientated Easter and feel sure that the McCanns have gained strength by the unwavering support of their family, friends and loved ones.

Mum21 said...

Good Evening All
This is the first chance I have had to get on here for the last couple of days. I hope you are all well and have had a nice Easter.

If you are still around Gina...Hello. If not...I am sorry I missed you.

isis said...

Just back from easter break. Belated easter wishes to all.

melbel said...

Good Evening Mum,China,Jane,Archer,Rosie,Diane ,Christabel,mandz and all
Just looking in briefly and hope you all enjoyed your family Easter,as we did.
I really had hoped that computer hard drives, that had been wiped, could be restored and probably dreamed that FBI could restore them.
Anyways, it looks trickey for Murat and Malinki,to deny talking and then to speak later, the same night that Madeleine was abducted.
I think it more likely, that the abductor had inside knowledge and that this was planned, rather than some total opportunist, but, then, what do I know really ?

melbel said...

Thanks for good wishes, isis and also to you.
Did you get hailstones, in the West ?
One of my daughters, was also there.

Anonymous said...


good evening to you too

Yes, it had to be a preplannd abduction. Particularly as this was their last night there, so it HAD to be that night or not at all. They must have been pressured and slightly panicked too. they were due to fly home on 4 May.....remember?

Malinka must have left no traces of anything being a computer buff........sadly.

There is far far more to my 'red square' than meets the eye.

red square =
Malinka, Murat, Walczuch, Antonio

Tinkerbell43 said...

Easter greetings to you too Isis, I'll not mention the football!

Evening to everyone else, just popping in, hope you have all had a lovely break.

isis said...

Thanks melbel, four seasons in one day ! But thats the magic of it! Did manage a swim although it took several brandies to thaw out afterwards!

isis said...

Thank you tinkerbell, went for that swim at half time!!

Anonymous said...


Happy Easter Monday to you too.

ARE YOU BARKING MAD?? SWIMMING in this climate???? No wonder you needed some brandies......

Tinkerbell43 said...

Mi Melbel & Jane,

I'm with you two, plus there is one waiter in particular I would like to have seen reintervewed!

Maybe he was one of the 5 that were reinterviewed the other week. Strange though, only Antonio's name was leaked out of them all!

Anonymous said...


hello how are you?

got my balaclava with eyes and mouth knitted yet? In this weather, I need it.

melbel said...

Hi Jane
It is a tragedy that this trail has got cold and I can only hope that the private tecs, have some lead, though it is heartrending that the family have had to pay for this themselves and that the search, for an abductor,stopped,so early,if what we hear is correct.
I cannot get my head round it really.

Anonymous said...


yes, I had forgotten about that waiter.....hmmmmmm


Rosiepops said...

hi Everyone

been trying to get on here for the past two hours, but something came up, some phone calls in quick succession from different people, one time my land line was going and my mobile and as soon as I put one down the other rang!

isis said...

Jane, im irish of course im half mad !!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosiepops,

Thats what happens when you're so popular!. Hope you enjoyed the Easter Break and the family are well.

Anonymous said...


I recall your Irish roots......


melbel said...

Hi Tinks
I know I said it before and am getting like a Polly parrot, repeating myself, but how would that waiter know whether or not, Jane Tanner,left the table?
It does not bear scrutiny.
Also, the intruders in the same block and the lady looking in, the night Madeleine was taken.
They are secretive, when they want to be.
They have tortured this family,imo.

Dobywallah said...

TINKS,JANEGT,ISIS,MELBEL, GOOD EVENING. Just been taking a look at Alsabella's Blog and was surprised to see GINA on there. Not so much surprised at her being there but not very happy about the way she was running down some of the posters on this site. Very uncomplimentary in fact. Posted a remark about her but it was deleted almost immediately, so all I can say is beware as I think she is a Mole or Spy, with a smooth tongue! My opinion for what its worth!

Anonymous said...


good evening

yes this has been pointed out before, many times. ;o))))))))))

melbel said...

What is the ancient building in your avator?There are so many ancient monuments and buildings over there, a beautiful spot.

Christabel said...

Hi all,

Rosie sounds like you have had the same problem as me.
Still its nice to get then isn't it?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Jane

I dont see that the three have to remain arguidos. Surely the releasing from the arguido status will be on evidence (or lack of it)

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Melbel,

You are getting much quicker, you are knocking your posts out now, lol.

Yes, I remember the intruder, there was no sign of a break in there either!

Anonymous said...


yes, but if they release the McCanns - Murat's lawyer won't be happy.....yet Murat was made arguido before McCanns... they could be holding them all back until they have something more.

I don't know. I just think the fall out would be enormous if they release the McCanns, as they deserve, from arguido status, yet keep Murat's.....can you imagine the views if that were to happen?

Yes, it should be based totally on merit alone and evidence of guilt only... which is what exactly????

What a complete mess!!!

archer said...


How is the happy camper?? Still out inb the fresh air? lol

Mum21 said...

Hi Jane.
been over having a quick read of todays comments on the House from Hell.
What made me drop almost all the stitches on my knitting was a comment by 2345. She said she always spoke the truth....and little Mari was 8 when she died.

So she is as accurate with ages as she is with forensics.

Rosiepops said...


I know you know a lot about computers and so I am probably about to make a fool of myself, but I remember reading somewhere that even if a hard drive has bee wiped that quite a lot of the intimation can be restored, it is something to do with fragmented information etc, the article I read said the only way you can really destroy evidence is to completely destroy the hard drive itself.
I wish I could remember where I read this, I think it was in connection with a crime stoppers programme where someone had wiped their hard drive but specialists managed to get vital info from it still.

Anyway what is important here is how this looked, to wipe his hard drive on the night that Madeleine went missing and then to deny that he had spoken to Murat, this stinks to high heaven and something is wrong here!

Why are the PJ not looking into this properly?

Anonymous said...





I shrieked politely.

Yep. So yet again the other mums were working or busy or car brokedown, so it was me plus 3 giggling girls who had not slept a wink talking all night and a huge tent, not folded up, stuffed into my tiny car. Huh.

Never mind. She came home, showered, straight to bed, and is still tucked up there watching TV eating chilli and rice etc. School tomorrow though.


They all loved it.

idiocy of

How's weather with you in MK? Hope you enjoyed your Easter....? ;o)

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm off to bed all, sorry it was just a fleeting visit, but have to be up early. Enjoy the rest of the evening, see you all tomorrow x

Mum21 said...

I do not think they will release any of them from their arguido status until they have to.

I think it will be an automatic release when their time allowed is up.

And that is how I think this case will end...with no reall ending at all.

Anonymous said...


Mrs Consecutive Numbers as someone called her on this blog yesterday, I feel I have a distinct 'allergy' to.


More than that, certifiable.


isis said...

Melbel. its the philae temple, dedicated to isis between aswan and luxor. very beautiful.

Mum21 said...

You are correct over the hard drive. To you or me it would appear clean....but a computer tech could still find hidden files.

Anonymous said...


short and sweet. see you soon.

sleep well

archer said...

Night Tinkerbell - sleep well.

Jane - There's no place like home..

It's been snowing off and on all over the easter break..So glad the highways agency were working to grit the roads else I would have been homebound! As it was we got out a lot.

Helen wasn't the only one not to get an easter egg ! We all went out for an Indian meal early evening, I think it will be cheaper for the family to remember to get me one next year lol .

Anyway I am off as I have to sort out stuff before work tomorrow

Goodnight all xx

Mum21 said...

Good Night Archer.
Sleep well

Anonymous said...


then why the hell didn't the pj look into this on 4 may????? If this can be done, it should have been instantly. What are they plying at? they know?

like all the other things they 'failed' or 'forgot' to do.

I cannot bear the thought of this case being left to simply 'peter out' ...that is not a fair nor just conclusion after all this time and the suffering of so many in this huge muddle.

Not good enough.

Anonymous said...


sweet dreams

Rosiepops said...


I just do not think it works this way, for sure there would be huge fallout if this happened but I cant see them holding three people arguidos just because one of them may be guilty or vice versa! I cant see them keeping the McCann's arguidos because Murat's lawyer wouldn't like it, that doesn't seem right tom. still who knows how the PJ's mind works.

Mum21 said...

Good Night my friends. I am off too. It has been a busy couple of days for me and I am very tired.
Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to my normal chatty self.

God Bless.

Rosiepops said...


I know exactly what you mean, but you would think that one could phone the other. they know it will not be fully operational until Wednesday anyway!

Rosiepops said...

Oh Hi and Bye Mum

Get a good night rest see you tomorrow take care and sleep well xxx

Christabel said...

I think it depends how you have got rid of your files as to whether you can retrieve them, or can be retrieved by an expert in IT.
If Malinka had the software to do this, he could have got rid of the lot.
He didn't remove the porn on Murats computer though as this was seen by someone visiting Malinkas shop. So not very clever is he?.

Rosiepops said...


What do you mean May 4th?

Anonymous said...

good night to you Mum21 sleep well

rosie I see what you are saying and agree, but it must suit them to keep them all as arguido as they cannot talk that way.....

Rosiepops said...


Good night sleep well take care xxx

I finally get on and eberyong is going ;-)

Dobywallah said...

Must say I am surprised at the 'apathy' to my last post when only JaneGt seems to have noticed what I had said. To reasure myself I have just looked back on some of the earlier posts and made a note of the times if anybody else is interested.
Going back to Gina's 12.36 post I then looked at Chinadolls 14.56comment on Gina's suspect post.
I then looked at Gina's 15.29-16.34-and 17.28 posts, all seemingly supportive of the "ANTI'S" stance against Gerry and Kate! Also at Chinadolls 16.13 post. Chinadoll seeme to be very angry at Gina and not surprisingly. I am not just Bitching for the sake of it but I do think we should all be aware of this rather unpleasant situation.

Anonymous said...


May 4th was the day McCanns were to leave??? What did I say? I am tired maybe talking nonsense....what did I imply by it?

Perhaps it was as soon as Murat and Malinka were proved to have been in contact on phone on May 3/4 they should as soon after that have got their phone/computer files to see what was going on in face of their denial they had not met or talked for a long time....???

Oh dear.

I am confusing myself now. so I too must go to bed now.


Christabel said...

Nite and Bless Tinks, Mum and Archer xx.

I mailed you about that, roll on , I will be out most of the day on Wednesday, did you say you were too ?

Rosiepops said...


night sleep well take care xxx

remember the doctor?!

Christabel said...

Hi and Bye Jane,

Nite and Bless xx

Mum21 said...

Christabel. I know I could not retrieve files if I wiped my hard disk clean. But I always remember my computer tech saying a layman can never delete files altogether. They seem to have gone...but if you know where to look they are still in the archives. He also said before getting rid of a computer if you have copyright material on the hard drive...don't just wipe it clean...remove the hard drive.

Good night for now.

chinadoll said...

Thanks for noticing Dobywallah,

You are the only one that did.

I will say Goodnight to you all now and sadly, Goodbye.

What is the point?

Keep up the good work.



Dobywallah said...


Rosiepops said...


yes will be out all day Wednesday and going down by train first thing, will give me time to read some papers that I know I will have from tomorrow evening. momentum is certainly picking up, may have to devote another day to it, still hopefully will not be for much longer.

Dobywallah said...


melbel said...

Hi Doby and nite Mum,Tinks and Archer
Gotcha reminded me of something else.

It is sad,that these secrecy laws and arguido status, which the Portugese posters say, are intended to increase legal rights, seem to have done the opposite and created a big vacuum, which the Press have been quick to jump into.
I looked in to Alsa'a,but 2345 was discussing reputable cadavers and the contents of the Jane Hill report, so I think I will give it a miss.
Well,guys,I think I am losing the plot today and seeing Madeleine's little face,I think that I will knock off for today.
Good night and God Bless and like with Ben,we will never stop looking
Slan agus oiche mhaith x x x

calcite51 said...

Seems to have been a fun filled day - not surprised.

Diane and Rosie, I seem to have heard that it is possible to retrieve a limited amount of info on a hard drive even though it has been reformatted and it seems to me that when a hard drive is reformatted - there's that a certain (small) percentage can never be reformatted.

Now, we've seen what the PJ's have done with the foooooooooooooorensic or should I send 2345 to remind you all and the dogs. Imagine the magic they can do with a hard drive.

Dobywallah said...


Rosiepops said...


Have a great time and I wish your dear sister well. Take care xxx

Christabel said...

I will do the same if no hold ups.
I would rather not drive.
Not on long as want to start reading new book I have, once I start it I won't put it down till read.
I will pass it on to you!

Rosiepops said...


Dont you dare go. Didn't you see my reply earlier on today to you?

Sorry I have been sitting here falling asleep on and off, have to get to bed early so may late nights.

But please do not think you are ignored you are not and very valuable to this site.

melbel said...

Please don't go.You are one of the best posters on here and would be greatly missed.
God Bless x x x

Christabel said...

get your butt back in here, or we will come and fetch you lol!
I know how you feel, I think sometimes the posts move so quickly we miss who said what.
Sorry had not read those posts till Doby mentioned them and I can see what you mean.

Have a fag and come back, I am anyway lol.

calcite51 said...

Doby, I think you have a point about Chinadoll.

Chinadoll, the one thing about blogs is that everyone is trying to have their say at the same time.

I have read every comment you have made and I do think you make a valuable contribution to this blog. So, please, oh, please don't leave - take a break away from us if you need to but don't make it a permanent break.

There seems to be a lot of hurt feelings on this blog today - not sure what has happened.

I know this morning I was debating with Doby and Gina about a book that I will never read. And I did leave to go to work.

By the way, Melbel - I think it was you that mentioned I lived in a beautiful country (and I do) but this morning at 6:00 a.m. it was 0 degrees. When I left at 6:30, we were having a blizzard.

Rosiepops said...

China and Doby

Just to reiterate I did agree with everything that China has said and I did actually tell Gina this.

What I also thought that if it meant nothing and had no significance, why post it here? Just seemed really odd thing to do to me.

I also hope that the McCann's had a peaceful Easter and managed to gain strength from the enormous goodwill that still exists for them.

Was wondering why some had said the were going to Ireland for Easter, this doesn not appear to have have happened. I wonder who starts these rumours off, same person that starts off the rumour of the PJ coming to the UK perhaps?

Rosiepops said...

China and Doby

I also cannot understand why someone came o here and talked about this book when this wasn't even under discussion and wondered if it was a ploy to divert attention away from us discussing how incompetent the PJ actually are, but thought maybe I was being a little paranoid?

Rosiepops said...

hey Jane

Where are you?

melbel said...

Hi Calcite
I am really slow, on the computer and navigating between sites and often lose the flow,or maybe not twig things, at the right time.
China is a really kind and lovely person and hope to see back.
Switching off now,but all the best to everyone x

dianeh said...


Sorry but I have had to work and just saw the discussion about the hard disk.

When you delete a file, it really only deletes the 'index' to it but the details are still there. This applies even if you remove it from your recycle bin for example. The computer experts then read the disk directly to get the files back, without the use of the 'indexes'. But when you reformat the disk, you are re-writing what is there, and therefore the files are gone. You can get the same result by deleting everything and placing a mirror of someone else's computer on your hard drive. You are basically replacing what was there. When the disk is reformatted, all of the operating system, everything is gone. It becomes a blank slate waiting for information.
Calcite may be right and there may be some info left but the stuff the police would want, such as emails, pictures, internet history etc, will all be gone if the disk is reformatted.

My knowledge on this is not as up to date as it once was and there has been many changes in technology over the last few years so I may be wrong about this.

Rosiepops said...

See that was an indication as to how tired I am ;-)

I am off now everyone I am very tired and have to find something to put up for tomorrow.

If anyone has something they would like put up for discussion you only have to email me or one of the other mods, remember this is your board too.

Goodnight all, sleep well and take

xxx God Bless Madeleine xxx

dianeh said...


What has been going on while I have been busy at work?

I saw the posts between you and Gina today. I myself dont place much signigicance in what Gina's police friends told her. Police as with everyone else will have an opinion on this. And they have no more information than us.

Surely you dont think we are ignoring you. Rosie posted in support of you straight away. I didnt post, as I came across it all later on and it was irrelevant by then. I think Gina was already gone.

China, you were one of the first pro posters on the DX to welcome me. Please dont go, not permanently. Have a little rest and then come back to tell us how you are feeling.

You were missed when this bog first openend and you werent around.

calcite51 said...

I don't know how we got on about the book - it may have been me. If it was, I do apologize to those who got caught in the cross fire.

The PJ's IMVHO were ill prepared to deal with an abduction case. And I also firmly believe the Prime Minister of Portugal and his cabinet should have gotten involved.

When your PJ force is floundering or corrupt or just plain inefficient, then the government needs to get involved and have an inquiry.

Rosiepops said...


Don't be daft it was NOT you and you are free to discuss anything on here, you know that.

The way it was initially mentioned sort of came out of the blue and I wondered if it was because a certain person who runs another blog and who is a control freak, did not want us discussing how incompetent the Pj actually are, after all there is no denying it when it is all written down.

Please do not think anything else, I am doing well tonight I upset Jane and you now. eeek i should go to bed.

have a good rest of time I can never remember what time it is there now, but have a good oe

and you Diane xxx

calcite51 said...

Oh, I know how we started talking about the damn book - Gina came in and start talking about an Anony poster yesterday who was very polite (must be a requirement to comment on Madame's blog - so how come, won't go there)and he felt the writer was actually supporting the abduction theory.

That's when I made the comment that I had the impression that Alsabella and Claudia thought it was Madeleine's body at sea. There you have it - maybe they were trying to convince us to buy the book (not bloody likely). China - I do apologize if you got caught in the crossfire.

calcite51 said...

Rosie - you haven't said or done anything to upset me. I'm a tough old bird - I do get upset when people are upset.

I think Gina's heart was at the right spot.

dianeh said...

Hi Calcite

Unlike China, I thought that Gina's comments about her police friends wasnt even worth commenting on. I didnt take offence, I just read it, took note and then didnt care enough to answer. China on the other hand, along with Rosie, didnt like what Gina said and brought forth arguments against it.

Same as the book. We discussed that yesterday and Im afraid I am not really interested in what the other blog thinks about it. I cant believe that Alsa or Pussy Paw thought that Madeleine was abducted after reading the book. Remember that they have previously referred to the McCanns as various things, accusing them of far more than just child neglect. I didnt think that they were so weak minded they would be swayed by a work of fiction. Remember that to them, the abduction never happened, which must mean the McCanns dumped Madleleine's body at sea.

need I say more.

dianeh said...

Also, I dont agree with a lot of what Gina writes but I also dont think she is stirring up trouble.

I dont go to Alsa's site very often and I never spend a lot time browsing on there but I have seen Gina post on there quite a few times. She does agree with them at times and other times does not. But I do think she feels attacked when she posts on here, which is why she gets very defensive. As I would if the situations were reversed.

China, if you read this, i am not criticising you for taking it to Gina. Not at all. When you feel strongly about any posts, you should answer, as you see fit. As you did. And I hope you come back and do it again.

isis said...
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calcite51 said...

Isis - you are welcomed. A belated Happy Easter to you and your family.

I will be thinking of you on the 27th. My brother lost his child on September 30 so every September 30 I say a little prayer for Ashton, my brother and his family. You and your family will be in my thoughts on March 27.

Take care of yourself, Isis and if you want to talk on the 27th let me know.

I am now being kicked off the computer - my bratty daughter (youngest) has returned to the house and has informed me that she has not bonded with the computer for two weeks. And that I am now officially kicked off (for tonight).(Daughter- I am not as bratty as she makes me out to be I swear it!)

So, good nite all - take care.

calcite51 said...

China, ditto to Diane's post 00:43 - we all have the freedom to question any posts.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain to me, why the McCanns would need a court order to answer questions to the people searching for THEIR daughter?. Surely they would WANT to do all they could, even if it means answering some uncomfortable questions.?

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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