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Tuesday 12th January 2010 The Start Of The McCanns Legal Action Against Disgraced Former Portuguese Detective Goncalo Amaral

Tuesday 12th January As Amaral Leaves the court after the first day of his trial

A BBC East Midlands Today Reporter Asks :.. "Mr Amaral are you hurting the McCanns"?
Goncalo Amaral replies:............ "No...F*CK The McCanns"!

This is the caliber of person that the misfortunate parents of missing Madeleine McCann had to organise the search for their daughter. Amaral showed himself in his true colours yesterday.

Yesterday morning Amaral started off the day showing his arrogance and contempt for the judge, contempt for the McCanns and contempt for the entire court by arriving late for proceedings on the very first day.

Yesterday afternoon Amaral showed more arrogance and more contempt for court and the judge by arriving 30 minutes late back from lunch. (Remember Amaral is quite partial to late liquid lunches!)

Yesterday afternoon Amaral demonstrated yet further contempt for the judge and for court, by falling asleep during court proceedings.

Things did not go well for Amaral, his witnesses failed to perform and far from going any way to proving his case, they actually disproved it further.

With this in mind, when court was adjourned for the day Amaral left the court and immediately using foul language verbally assaulted Mr Mrs McCann. "F*ck the McCanns" he said when asked a simple polite question. If it wasn't bad enough that many of Amaral's lies were exposed and ridiculed in court yesterday by his own witnesses, he emerged from court and very unprofessionally used foul language directed towards the parents of a missing girl, but he did this in English and Mr Amaral, has made much of the fact that he could not speak to Mr Mrs McCann when their daughter disappeared because he did not speak English! Well he had no trouble understand the rapidly speaking reporter and Amaral certainly had no difficulty understand English and returning that foul retort! Proving that once again Goncalo Amaral has been misleading the public and lying to them, of course he can speak English, we have always known he could, nice of him to prove this at last!

What about Madeleine McCann's right to free speech? What about Madeleine McCanns human rights? What about Madeleine McCann's right to be searched for? What about the McCanns right to expect a detective to do his job properly? What about the McCanns rights to not have salacious lies spread about them by a police officer who was failing on every count?

Mr Amaral has been whingeing and whining about his rights to "freedom of Speech", in fact everything in Mr Amaral's life is about him and how hard up he is and how hard done by he is.

Indeed everything that has gone wrong in Amaral's life is always the fault of someone else! Amaral never takes any responsibility for anything. It was the McCanns fault their child was abducted. It was the McCanns fault that he (Amaral) failed to do his job properly; It was the McCanns fault that he insulted the British police and got himself the sack; It was the McCanns fault that their salary is higher than his! It was the McCanns fault that he was passed over for promotion; It was the McCanns fault that he had to work; It was the McCanns fault they lived in a big house; It was the British media's fault; It was the British government's fault; It was Alipio Rbeiro's fault; It was Sofia's (Amaral's wife) fault that he (Amaral) had several affairs; It was Sofia's fault that he drove his police car while drunk with his own little girl in it; It was Sofia's fault that he threatened to hit her; It was Sofia's fault that he threatened to strangle her; It was Sofia's fault that he threatened her with death; It was Sofia's fault that one Christmas she was so scared for her daughter's welfare that she ran into a police station and reported her husband violence; It was DR Aragao's fault that he (Amaral) sent thugs out to assault him and pull him out of his car window; It was Mr Mrs Bras fault that he (Amaral) sen thugs out to beat and punch Mr Bras in his face; It was Dr Aragao and the couple's fault that they had to flee to the Public Security Police for protection; It was Dr Aragao and the Bras couple's fault that they had to make official complaints about Amaral; It was Mrs Ana Bras' fault that she felt the need to write to the attorney general, not once but TWICE pleading for him to help protect them from Amaral; It was someone else's fault that Amaral became a corrupt convicted criminal; It was someone else's fault that Amaral got himself into over half a million euros in debt; It was Leonor Cipriano's fault that Amaral allowed her to be tortured while in police custody; It was Leonor Cipriano's fault that she was forced to confess to murdering her own child by means of torture etc (it goes on and on and on)

Yes I suppose it is also someone else's fault that Amaral in his latest trouble (that someone else made for him of course) has so far produced a string of lacklustre witnesses that were somehow supposed to prove that what he had written in his book was the truth and therefor, he was allowed to write it and therefor, had not defamed Kate and Gerry McCann and had not committed libel.

It was definitely the prosecutor's fault that when pressed by Judge Rodrigues about if he thought Madeleine McCann was dead, the prosecutor replied "50 - 50" in other words he did not know, in other words what Amaral has written in his book is NOT true and cannot be proved to be true, so therefor saying that Madeleine had died in apartment 5a and that her parents concealed her body (for some bizarre reason) is definitely UNTRUE, do therefor when publishing this knowingly in a book and then travelling around the world saying this, Amaral is committing libel and he is defaming and harming the McCanns character and reputations.

It was Ricardo Paiva's fault when he said under oath that because of Amaral's thesis, there was no time to investigate other possibilities for Madeleine's disappearance. In other words Amaral was so obsessed in proving the McCanns harmed their daughter and concealed her body, there was no time left to actually search for the child!

Just before court was adjourned for lunch today, Moita Flores dropped his "mate" Amaral firmly in it, by calmly quoting that Amaral's book was only a hypothesis, it was NOT the absolute truth"! Nice one Mr Flores, glad we finally agree on something, if you can see that his book is not the absolute truth, then you can surely see that he should not be making such statements as: "Madeleine died in apartment 5a earlier and the parents hid her body" that is a libellous remark and this is what the McCanns want stopped, they want people like Amaral to stop telling lies about them. They gave him every opportunity to stop, he didn't so they had to have him stopped, I suppose this is their fault too Mr Amaral?

Moita Flores who testified for Amaral in court today aided a paedophile in getting off of his crimes and sick assaults on children! When he was a PJ detective he along with another PJ detective Dias Andre' saw the case of someone which held a large quantity of paedophilia, then suddenly they both testified and said that it just contained a speech! Both men retired early from the PJ with considerable wealth, people do not understand how Dias Andre' had so much money in order to sustain his lavish lifestyle!

Of course some people pretend to be in debt, to divert attention away from their wrongdoing, very clever. Some people have put all their money and property into the name of his relatives and wife.

The case Continues Today!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Madeleine McCann - McCanns Libel Trial - Goncalo Amaral

What About MY Right To Free Speech Mr Amaral?
What About MY Right To Be Looked For And Found?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Violence, Corruption Lies and Beatings & Sexual Abuse of Children Can Portugal's Human Rights Record Get Any Worse?

Moita Flores

With a libel trial for Goncalo Amaral due to start tomorrow Tuesday 12th January 2010 and the 2nd of his torture trials also scheduled to commence this week, can things look any bleaker for Goncalo Amaral?
Can things look any worse for Portugal?

In the 2nd of his torture trials Goncalo Amaral plans to call Moita Flores as a witness to testify in his favour.

The connection Moita Flores and another witness that Amaral intends to call 'Felicia Cabrita' are also linked to the Casa Pia child abuse case, which is also expected to resume this month.

Moita Flores who writes in the most sycophantic way about Goncalo Amaral, is already well known for the services of "cleaning" crimes for a high price.. How much is Goncalo Amaral paying Moita Flores to write like this in his book and to testify in his favour in court?

For example the case of Eurico de Melo whose briefcase containing compromising letters about his paedophile and homosexual activities was stolen. Dias André (Casa Pia Case) and Moita Flores were among the people who found the briefcase. When the current Casa Pia case blew up, Moita Flores rushed to write in Diário de Notícias that the briefcase belonged to Eng Sousa Gomes and only contained a speech.

Why write an article which wasn’t even inserted in the chronicle he had on DN? of course to protect his "client" Eurico de Melo!
The same names keep cropping up repeatedly in all of Portugal's high profile cases, from Michael Cook's case where he was found guilty on no evidence for the murder of Rachel Charles. Joana/Leonor Cipriano; Hugo; Casa Pia and Madeleine McCann.
How deeply does Portugal's corruption go?
There are huge question marks hanging over the head of Goncalo Amaral, right back to 2002 he was known to have financial problems.
Goncalo Amaral was head of the drug squad and he was passed over for promotion because apparently he did not have the necessary training sessions, this was despite that he had apparently just closed and brought to justice a large drug trafficking racket.
So why did this happen?
In the case of Hugo, he was accused of attempted murder by Amaral, this was said to have occurred to "protect" drug traffickers who were actually responsible for the attempted murder.
Then there is this in the Casa Pia trial and allegations, Dias André ( a "close" friend of Felicia Cabrita and PJ Inspector, made a sudden fortune, even buying a villa for 100 million escudos[€500 000].
His connection to the "official" drug trafficking within PJ and/or paedophile material blackmailing more than justify his current assets, both legal and clandestine, which currently largely surpasses the million of contos [1 conto=1000 escudos; €5 000 000]. He is also facing a process for extortion. Then there are the questionable assets of the "early retired" Dias Coelho but his again are lower than his boss’ Paulo Rebelo [several millions of euro] Rebelo is "Godson" of Laborinho Lúcio, Luís Neves Baptista, Ilídio Neves.
Some PJ and ex PJ are said to have hidden their money and purposefully run up debts to cover the fact they have been taking many millions of euros in bribes, to protect drug and CHILD traffickers and paedophiles.

Felicia Cabrita is said to have "gone out" with Dias Andre in his police car, apparently in Portugal "going out" usually means to have sex!
How deep is this corruption running and when is Portugal going to do the right thing and have Goncalo Amaral investigated?
"The network of "protection" in Portugal is enormous and extremely powerful. There are magistrates, ambassadors, police, politicians - (all of which are said to have procured children from Casa Pia). So it is extremely difficult to break this down. These people cover for each other, because if one is arrested, they all are arrested. They don't want anyone to know."
Just recently we have heard Goncalo Amaral being interviewed on TV, during this interview he is being asked about the McCanns and the way he is going to answer the charges of libel and defamation that have been brought against him by the couple and Amaral's reply was to deliberately mention that he knows many judges and they are all his friends.
What was Amaral doing here?
I believe he was intentionally trying to intimidate Kate and Gerry McCann, by inferring that the judge was his friend and now she has had time to look at the situation properly, she will rule in his favour at the libel trial due to recommence tomorrow.
Amaral has stated in his book that he believes the McCanns daughter died on May 3rd in their apartment and that the parents concealed the body several times. (No body has ever been found and the McCanns remain convinced their daughter is alive)
There is not proof at all that the McCanns harmed their child and this is what the Portuguese prosecutors have quoted in their 58 page report;
"Criticism of police investigation from the Portuguese legal system Portuguese prosecutors ridiculed detectives investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance for uncovering "very little" conclusive evidence about the child's fate, the newly released files have revealed.The damning report, made public as part of the massive dossier of evidence assembled over more than 14 months, even compared local investigators unfavourably with Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. Written by public prosecutors in Portimao and dated July 21 – the day the case was officially shelved – the document said the investigation had not been able to find any proof which would allow "the formulation of any lucid, sensible, serious and honest conclusion" about the circumstances of the girl going missing. It continued: "This includes the most dramatic thing, ascertaining whether she is still alive or dead – which seems the most probable.""The investigators are fully conscious that their work is not exempt from imperfections. They worked with an enormous margin of error and they achieved very little in terms of conclusive results, especially about the fate of the unfortunate child."This is not, unfortunately, a detective novel, a crime scenario fit for the investigative efforts of a Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, guided by the illusion that the forces of law and justice can always re-establish order."The 58-page report written by public prosecutors Jose de Magalhaes e Menezes and Joao Melchior Gomes and is contained in the final volume of the files released to the media" (in August 2008)
Amaral says he bases his book on the police files, but his book was released BEFORE the files were released to the public and as he was sacked from the investigation and took early retirement from his job in April 2008 months before the files were released and before the prosecutors wrote their report, how can he possibly have based his book on the files?
As Amaral cannot produce a body and cannot produce new evidence (If he could he would be duty bound to have reported it to the police) and Portugal's own attorney general has written a 58 page report, much of it condemning the investigation that Amaral run, it is hard to see how he has any hope at all of winning this libel case, and if he does, then allegations of corruption are going to be rife, so rife I suspect that this matter will be raised in the European parliament.
Also two temporary injunctions of Amaral's books have been won and he has been banned from speaking about the case, or giving interviews, now this has been put in place by the same judge that is going to preside over this case and Amaral appears to be boasting that he has already had this judges ear and that she now understand more. If the decision goes Amaral's way, there will be a huge diplomatic incident between Portugal and the UK.
Amaral has committed libel and he has defamed the parents, this is indefensible, it will be interesting to see what happens.
Last month Amaral's legal team failed to turn up to defend him in court, his lawyer Antonio Cabrita cited "swine flu" in his secretary as a reason to have proceedings cancelled!
It will be interesting to see if Amaral tries again to delay these proceedings.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Can You Mention Human Rights, Portugal and Goncalo Amaral In the Same Breath?

A Bruised and Battered Leonor Cipriano
After her Brush With Police Brutality

Goncalo Amaral says he has been an criminal investigator with the policia judiciaria (PJ) in Portugal for 30 years, it is hard to believe that in view of his recent conviction for concealing a torture then lying to cover it up, one realises that during his 30 years, this cannot be the only case where he has been suspect of beating a witness and forcing their confessions under duress, obviously he has done such a thing before.

In February 2009 allegations of ill treatment by Portugal's law enforcement officers were received by the UN Committee Against Torture. There are grave concerns about torture in Portuguese prisons and the excessive use of force, including the use of firearms reports Amnesty International.

For those of you who follow this blog and our forum you will have read mention of the disgraced former policia judiciaria coordinator, Goncalo Amaral, last May 2009, he received an 18 month suspended prison sentence for his part in covering up the torture of Leonor Cipriano. Leonor Cipriano was convicted of murdering her daughter in the most appalling way and hiding her body, she denies this and only confessed to the murder because she was tortured for two days without let up, many top lawyers and members of the judicial police and the judiciary, claim that Leonor was not given a fair trial and that her guilt was nowhere near proved beyond reasonable doubt and as such, she should be set free, read what a former PJ Chief Inspector Dr Barra da Costa Martins has to say here: Dr Barra da Costa is now a much respected University Professor of Criminology and Criminal Psychology and instructor of criminal investigation.

Joana Cipriano who vanished from her home village, has never been found or seen since. Her mother and uncle made legal history in Portugal, when they went on trial accused of murdering Joana, with no body ever being found. Without a doubt, it looks like Leonor Cipriano is a victim of a horrendous miscarriage of justice.

"Medical reports and photographs of Leonor Cipriano recorded extensive injuries after two days in police custody in Faro. Police officials said that she fell down a flight of stairs in the police station; however the Institute of Forensic Medicine stated that her injuries were not consistent with such an incident and were more in keeping with an assault. Leonor Cipriano said that she was punched, kicked, had a plastic bag placed over head, and was forced to kneel on glass ashtrays during interrogations."

Leonor Cipriano failed to identify her attackers as she had a plastice bag over her head and could not see them, also withot a doubt the woman was in a very frail and terrified state in prison and is no doubt terrified of reprisals, should she identify her attackers, which are said to be Goncalo Amaral along with four of his lower ranking colleagues and now ex PJ inspectors Paulo Pereira Cristovao, Leonel Marques, Paulo Marques Bom and Antonio Cardoso.

These men the judge laughably let off on a technicality, because they refused to speak in the court and refused to recognise the process that took them to court. In other words they refused to recognise the process of law and order they had all sworn to uphold and they were blatantly allowed to get away with it.

This case will eventually end up at the European Court for Human Rights.

Goncalo Amaral the leading investigator in the Joana Cipriano investigation, is no stranger to controversy either, he has been involved in other miscarriages of justice, such as the case of Hugo (which can be read on this blog) and he was sacked from leading the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann and demoted from his position of police chief of Portimao. He has also been involved in accusations of brutality since he took "early retirement" from hs position in the PJ. A couple who live near hm claim to have been stalked by him, and threatened, he has also been accused of driving at speed around his neighbourhood while under the influence of alcohol. One person has reported that he was threatened with death by shooting and the lawyer of Leonor Cipriano was man handled and pulled through his car window, while sitting in the street outside a restaraunt watching Amaral's firework display, the husband of a former "friend" of Goncalo Amaral was also attacked and punched in the face, by thugs which came for Amaral's party. These incidents have all been officially reported to the police and police incident numbers issued, also two separate claims and appeals for help and prtotection from Goncalo Amaral, were made to the attorney general, as yet the attorney general has done nothing to help these people.

It seems there are many cases like this in Portugal. In another case Michael Cook was beaten and tortured for days, refused food and wated and was refused visits to the bathroom and then forced to attend court in clothes he was forced to soil during his torture at the hands of the PJ. Mr Cook also maintained that the soles of his feet were beaten and then he was hung upside down out of a window while being held by his ankles. Michael Cook was accused and convicted of the murder of Rachel Charles.

Both Leonor Cipriano and Michael Cook vehemently deny murder and maintain they were tortured.

Goncalo Amaral is also due to stand trial next week commencing on the 15th January 2010 for the alleged torture of Leandro Silva, the partner of Leonor Cipriano.

These allegations of torture are far too often and far too common and they are repeatedly swept under the carpet.

How can Portugal be a member of the European Union while allowing these appalling crimes of police brutality, torture and police and judicial corruption to go unpunished?

With such an atrocious record of human rights how come that Portugal was ever accepted into the EU in the first place, while other countries who have done much to clean up their act have been refused entry?

"The Court of Appeal in Lisbon ordered a retrial in the case of Albino Libânio, who was assaulted by prison officers in Lisbon Prison in 2003. The Court granted a request by Albino Libânio’s lawyers for the Portuguese state to be named as a defendant. The decision was made on the grounds that, as his injuries occurred while he was in the care of the prison system, the state should be held liable even if it was impossible to prove which prison officers were responsible for the attack. The original trial had recognized the injuries suffered by Albino Libânio but acquitted all seven prison officers of assault because of lack of evidence proving their responsibility. A new trial date had not been set at the end of the year. "

Here again we see this rank hypocrisy, the same rank hypocrisy and contradiction we saw in the Leonor Cipriano torture trial!

"On 11 November 2003, Albino Libanio inquired with a trainee prison officer for a second time about the delivery of a package of food that he was expecting, and in doing so apparently used "inappropriate" language. The trainee prison officer considered his attitude disrespectful and reported the incident to the prison officer in charge of that wing of the prison. Albino Libanio was placed in a cell known as the "waiting room" or "cell 80", which was used for the temporary placement of inmates in transit and as a cell for the separate detention of violent or vulnerable inmates. In the evening, the trainee officer took Albino Libanio to an area where agroup of 10 to 15 prison officers had aligned themselves in two rows. Albino Libanio was forced to walk between the rows, while the prison officers pushed, kicked and punched him. Another prison officer noticed the commotion and led the prisoner away. None of the prison officers reported the incident. It became known by chance - on the following day Albino Libanio received a visit and told his visitors about the beating. They informed his lawyer who reported the attack to the Prison Service andthe Public Prosecutor. On 5 July 2004, Amnesty International wrote to the Minister of Justice toexpress the organization's concerns about the case; to request informationabout the criminal and disciplinary investigations which have been opened and to urge her to take action on the organization's recommendations.

Violence Against Women and Girls in Portugal

The Portuguese Association of Victim Support received 16,832 complaints concerning domestic violence in 2008, including seven murders. This represented an increase over the 14,534 complaints of domestic violence received in 2007.
According to statistics compiled by the NGO Women’s Union, 48 people died as a result of domestic violence in the year to mid-November.

Amnesty International Report 2009 - Portugal

Allegations of torture and other ill-treatment and excessive use of force by law enforcement officials remained a concern. The prosecution of law enforcement officials implicated in two high-profile cases of torture and other ill-treatment proceeded slowly. Domestic violence continued to be a widespread problem, leading to numerous deaths.
Torture and other ill-treatment

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Joana Morais Is Walking a Very Fine Line

Joana Morais Her Soft Focus Conceals Her Cold Hard Lying Two Timing Heart!

Ms Morais is laughable, to the point that the very next thing we now expect from Joana Morais, is for the gloomy woman to find a way of blaming Kate and Gerry McCann for "swine flu" and the snowstorms now sweeping the UK. Ms Morais it seems is willing to do anything to try and save the moribund Goncalo Amaral, who must surely now be entering the terminal phase of any credibility he once had, and being befriended by Joana Morais has got to feel like the end is nigh.

Now this from Ms Morais's blog, I am wondering if the end is in sight, not only for Amaral, but for Morais and the likes of Morais, from what I have read of her, she has walked a very fine line, she has already been served with a D5 notice over Mark Hollingsworth, which predictably she has tried to blame on the McCanns like swine flu and the British snowstorms, however, she has been libelling the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, David Payne and Brian Kennedy for a very long time and the screenshots have been saved, she has had this warning and yet this still has not stopped her. I have a feeling that Joana Morais has crossed that very fine line she has been walking. Her forum and blog are completely libellous and defamatory.
Look at this screenshot, this is typical of the kind of comment that passes for OK on her blog and forum, it is talking of eliminating Kate and Gerry McCann!

This appeared on her forum today and if she does not heed this warning, then when action comes to her doorstep, she will only have her idiotic self to blame! Reader beware though, this is a Joana Morais translation and as such, the details could very well have been "accidentally" mis-translated!

"Kate and Gerry McCann Threaten to Sue Bloggers 7 January 2010
Posted by Joana Morais

Maddie's parents want
to wipe-out Gonçalo AmaralA letter sent by the English couple's lawyers said
they will sue anyone who publishes on the Internet the totality or excerpts from
the former PJ inspector's bookKate and Gerry McCann want to delete from the
Internet all the traces of Gonçalo Amaral's book on the disappearance of their
daughter Maddie. As ascertained by 24 horas, the couple has instructed its
lawyers to subpoena all the bloggers who have published excerpts or the entire
work of the former inspector to remove such content from the Internet under the
penalty of being prosecuted in the courts.The notice was sent to the authors of
the blogs that are more focused on the "Maddie case" by the British law firm
Carter-Ruck, a letter which gives an account of the court order prohibiting the
sale of the book 'Maddie, The Truth of Lie'. In the letter that the 24 horas had
access, the McCann lawyers attached a copy of the decision made by the Civil
Court of Lisbon."The purpose of this letter is to notify you that the material
that you are publishing is grossly defamatory to our clients and to alert you
that you are on the verge of receiving a lawsuit" it can be read while, they
demand for the immediate withdrawal of all the content related to Gonçalo
Amaral's book.No Warnings for Portuguese BloggersContacted by 24 horas, Isabel
Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns in Portugal, has assured that no notice of
this kind was sent to any Portuguese bloggers. [it's a lie: Gazeta Digital a
blog by a Portuguese freelance journalist received a letter from
Carter-Ruck]This is not the first time that the parents of British girl, who
disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007, try to silence the theories that
contradict the version of the abduction on the Internet. In September, Kate and
Gerry McCann ordered their lawyers to advance with legal proceedings against the
authors of sites and blogs that defend that Maddie is likely 24 Horas,
07.01.10, paper edition"

To say nothing of the fact that Morais has taken it upon herself to start a "Defense Fund" for Goncalo Amaral, she has been taking money from old age pensioners who desperately need their money to keep warm this winter and she has been surfing the internet persuading these people to pay their money into a bank account she has opened for Goncalo Amaral. Goncalo Amaral is the man who has made upwards of over 2 million euros out of the missing abducted child Madeleine McCann, he has made this money out accusing the parents of killing their daughter and concealing her body. He has openly accused them of this in a book he has written, libelling and defaming them making unsubstantiated comments, when he has not even met them, not even spoken to them once and neither has Joana Morais. This is the man Morais is collecting money from pensioners for, the man that tried to charge Sky News £80.000 for one single, one off interview, the man that charges newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations thousands and thousands in return for giving them interviews, this is the man that sold the rights of his now banned defamatory book to a TV company to make a completely biased and libellous reconstruction. Goncalo Amaral leads these people through what he says happened to Madeleine, in the apartment, the car etc etc, in the apartment, where he NEVER stepped foot until at least three months AFTER Madeleine was taken (so how does he know what Kate and Gerry did?) Oh and that was THREE MONTHS after she disappeared that he decided to make that apartment a crime scene. This is the man that has spent his money on booze, cigars, women and holding lavish firework parties rather than pay up the half million euros debts he has run up. Joana Morais wants pensioners to fund this man's defense, but that isn't all, she is planning, she is planning this kind of money making enterprise to raise money for her "friend"! (not to mention the mugs and t shirts and other merchandise she plans on selling to raise money to give to that creep) Don't forget the man is also a corrupt and bent ex cop, found guilty of perverting the course of justice and perjury in a torture trial of a defenseless woman, not to mention either, his other torture trial coming up next week, close on the heels of the libel case!

Joana Morais will have you believe that she is some kind of free speech campaigner, don't believe a word of it, Joana Morais is a no campaigner for free speech, her kind of "free speech" is only free if she believes in it, if she doesn't, then she tries to get forums and blogs removed from the internet, so quite how she can comment on other people doing it is beyond understanding!

This is a communication she sent to a forum host, where she tried to get the forum removed from the internet, because she did not agree with what was being said, in actual fact it was not libellous it was the truth, so she failed!

What this below proves is that, Joana Morais is a complete hypocrite.

Free speech Joana? Don't make me laugh!

Joana Morais Writes To Forumotion Complaining and ask for the forum to be taken DOWN from the net!

This forum has defamatory content and is affecting the integrity of various persons, namely of a former coordinator of the Judiciary police, Mr. Gonçalo Amaral,(Who Is A Convicted criminal) about an English Lawyer Mr. Anthony Bennett, and about myself . The forum administrators not only violate your terms of services but they have also published an illegally recorded phone call breaking thus various Privacy Rights and Laws in Europe in the UK and in the US.,(The Calls Were Not Recorded Illegally Under Portuguese Law Or Any Other Country's Laws) If just read a few pages you\\\'ll see how the main objective of the forum is to promote hatred, slander and abusive content regardless if they have any evidences of their claims, like in where they are stating that serious respectable citizens are criminal offenders(I Reiterate, The Person In Question Could Hardly Be Called Respectable, He Is A Convicted Criminal Who Sleeps Around), further implying in an xenophobic manner that Portugal is full of corruption.(You Ms. Morais Are Saying Such, The Portuguese Posters On The Web Site In Question Are Not, And Find Your Statement Offensive And Have Informed The Forum Host Of Such) Please, I would like to see the forum removed from the internet, or the contents which are libellous and that break your ToS placed off line. I\\\' am willing to make a legal complain to a civil curt of law, along with several others who are being defamed by this forum administrators. Please, see to this matter. Thank you.screen-shot related to the illegal phone call with a download link

I wonder how Joana Morais thinks the forum could be harming the "integrity" of Goncalo Amaral? You have to have some integrity to have it harmed and Goncalo Amaral hasn't got any! If he did he would not be accepting money from old age pensioners!


Antonio Cabrita (Left) Pierre Paulo Cristavao(Back) Sofia Amaral Goncalo Amaral (Right)

Will Antonio Cabrita, Goncalo Amaral's lawyer bother to turn up to represent him at his libel trial next week?

Antonio Cabrita failed to turn up on the date of the original hearing last month (December 2009), giving the hastily cobbled together excuse of the lawyer having to be quarantined because his secretary was thought to have "swine flu". A bit excessive, of course Cabrita did not have to be quarantined, this was just an excuse for Amaral to save face with the media. Cabrita did not have swine flu and his secretary was only thought to have it, no confirmation if it actually was the virus has been forthcoming! Cabrita could have easily attended the hearing, he obviously chose not to. Understanding this, we then have to ask why? Why did Cabrita not turn up to represent his client? Non payment of fees perhaps? A difference of opinions? Already there is talk of a rift between Goncalo Amaral and Antonio Cabrita, Amaral bizarrely announcing that he is going to train as a lawyer and the former lawyer of Leonor Cipriano, Joao Grade, is set to be his advocate! (Read blogs below for Amaral's chequered history with Joao Grade) Word has it that Cabrita and Amaral have fallen out over Amaral's intention to be trained by Joao Grade, whatever it is, it does ask a question, "does Portugal allow bent corrupt convicted criminal ex cops to become lawyers"? For Goncalo Amaral is certainly that!

What was also brushed under the carpet last month, not only did Amaral's lawyer not bother to show up at the hearing, it was touch and go if Amaral was going to bother to show up too! Apparently Amaral was not going to show up to be at the court, he changed his mind and attended when he learned that Kate and Gerry McCann were going to attend the first day of the hearing, even though they did not have to!

Word has it that Amaral's lawyer is trying to get out of turning up for next week's hearing too!

Of course the more cynical among us may think that all of Amaral's procrastination is because on the 15th January 2010, his criminal trial in the case of the torture of Leandro Silva is due to start and by getting this libel case delayed, it would either delay the torture trial, or cause the libel trial to be cancelled yet again.

You could say that it looks like Amaral is playing games with the court's time, not something that particularly enamours itself to judges!

I think Goncalo Amaral is a very worried man and so he ought to be, he has some serious questions to answer of his alleged brutality, he has serious questions to answer over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and he has serious questions to answer over his libellous actions towards her parents and his obscene money making exploits.

Not only this, his wife is said to be suffering depression over her husbands bullying, infidelity, drinking, careless spending and womanising.

Mrs Amaral is said to be upset over her husband's involvement with Joana Morais. Of course no one is saying they are having an affair, but you cannot blame the woman for feeling threatened, not after what her husband has put her through over the past eight years and Ms Morais does have a bit of a reputation for being a "Tubby Chaser"! The doubly rotund Duarte Levy will testify to that! It is strange, why would Joana Morais decide to start a fighting fund for Amaral, when Amaral has enough of his own money to pay for it himself? When Amaral appeared at the court Morais was all over him like a rash, this was said to have started a huge row between Sofia and him, allegedly the shouting could be heard several blocks away! Why is it the Amaral's arguments always have to spill over into the street?

of course Sofia should not worry too much about Morais, if there is anything going on, Amaral will only be using her, just like he has used and abused every other female in his life, whatever else the man is, he certainly shows the traits of being a serious misogynistic pathological lying narcissist!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Trial of Goncalo Amaral Due To Start Next Week

Goncalo Amaral At His Book Launch
Appearing Terrified of Little Madeleine McCann I wonder Why?
The case is due to start next week of course depending on no one else suddenly needing to be quarantined because they have been in contact with swine flue!

Tony Bennett has of course been trying to jump on the band wagon, proclaiming that the Madeleine Foundation are going to be represented! You have to ask why they are to be represented, what part have they got in proceedings?

Apparently according to Tony Bennett:

"By contrast Dr Amaral will argue that the material in his book is factual information from the investigation, backed up by the thousands of pages of documents that have been released to the public already by the Portuguese Police. He will further contend that his conclusions about the likely fate of Madeleine McCann are reasonable conclusions that he was entitled to reach, based on the available evidence. "

If he does back his claims up by the thousands of pages of the files, he will also have to explain how he saw them before anyone else! Amaral was sacked from the Madeleine investigation after just five months, his tenure ended then.

Amaral's book was released on 24th July 2008...... the files were not released until 4th August 2008.....So how could Amaral base his book on the files?

In order to win this case Amaral must prove beyond reasonable doubt that what he is saying is the truth, if he cannot prove what he is saying and provide evidence of that proof, then what he has written in the book is lies and it is libellous and defamatory.

Amaral maintains that Madeleine died in apartment 5a on Thursday May 3rd 2007 and that her parents concealed her body.

If this is true, where is the body? Where was it concealed? Why hasn't it been found?

It is hard to see what Amaral can bring in his defense, he will no doubt use the "free speech" card, but as usual Amaral proves himself ignorant, free speech is not freedom to lie, and libel someone defaming them and destroying their good name and blackening their characters and without a doubt, this is what Amaral has done to Mr Mrs McCann, especially in Portugal.

In his book Goncalo Amaral writes "Maddie disappeared forever" how does he know this?

He has said that he suspected Kate and Gerry McCann because they failed to show any emotion at a press conference, but what he doesn't say is why he immediately contradicts his own words, by saying that on the evening Madeleine disappeared, Gerry threw himself on the floor begging the GNR to go out and launch a search for his daughter and that both Kate and Gerry McCann were so distraught that they were throwing themselves on the floor of Madeleine's bedroom, instead of reporting this accurately, Goncalo Amaral uses the couples distress and grief at their missing child to mock them, referring to them as "praying Arabs". Thus defaming their characters with his written words, this is libel, it is libellous because it is untrue, the couple were deeply distressed and indeed they were showing emotion, so what he is written is untrue - libel. Furthermore, how can Goncalo Amaral give a factual written report of this? He was NOT there, he was NOT at the scene, he did NOT see, nor did he speak to Kate and Gerry McCann, so anything he is saying about that night in his book, is not the truth, it is hearsay, he is writing and passing as truth what other people have told him.

I cannot see this case lasting very long, what Amaral has done is defame people, he was warned that if he continued legal action would be taken, but as time went on and it seemed like no action was forthcoming, Amaral became bolder and bolder, he started travelling around Europe promoting his book, promoting his unsubstantiated gossip and in so doing not only was he defaming two innocent people, he was actively harming the search for Madeleine, by making people believe she was dead, where there is no evidence to back this up, in fact
in the 58 Page Report written by Portuguese public prosecutors Jose’ de Magalhaes e Menezes and Joao Melchior Gomes, the prosecutors’ said:

Madeleine’s parents did not “act with intent” in leaving their children alone in their holiday apartment the night the child went missing. “They could not predict that in the resort they chose to spend their holidays they could place the life of any of their children in danger.” They also noted that: “We must also recognise that the parents are paying a heavy penalty — the disappearance of Madeleine — for their carelessness in monitoring and protecting their children. It said: “In reality, none of the suspicions which led to them being made arguidos came to be confirmed later.”

How is Goncalo Amaral going to defend what he has written in his book, when it is in direct contrast to the Portuguese Attorney General and two of Portugal's top prosecutors have written?

He cannot use the files, because the files were nowhere near released when he wrote his book, if if he does quote them, then how is he going to explain seeing them, when he was not even a police officer at the time and he certainly should not have been allowed anywhere near them?

Overriding this, because of his defamation of the parents, they can successfully argue that not only has he blackened their characters and destroyed their good name, thus greatly harming their reputation and standing as citizens and in their professions as doctors, Amaral has helped to convince the Portuguese public that Madeleine has died, probably at the hands of her parents and so the search for her has been harmed, as people are not likely to believe they have any information that could help.

It is hard to see how the temporary injunction that has now been been granted twice, will not now be held up as permanent.

Here Is A Picture Of a Demonstrator That Believes Kate and Gerry McCann harmed Their daughter. She was loudly demonstrating outside the courtroom, where last December, Goncalo Amaral's defense failed to turn up, citing they had to be quarantined because of "swine flu"!
There was a small group of loud demonstrators outside the court, this could provide prrof about how Goncalo Amaral has actually harmed the McCanns reputations.

Mad Shouting Woman
(Maybe Related To Going Going Gonc!)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Joao Grade Lawyer To Leonor Cipriano & The Goncalo Amaral Connection

Dr Joao Grade dos Santos
Former Lawyer To Leonor Cipriano
Leonor Cipriano was convicted with her brother Joao Cipriano, of murdering Leonor's daughter and then disposing her body in the most macabre, spine chilling of ways. Leonor's lawyer was Dr Joao Grade dos Santos. Dr Grade received no financial recompense for representing Leonor and her brother, although legal aid was granted in their case. In Portugal if you are granted legal aid and need a lawyer to be paid out of that grant, the court actually appoints a lawyer, the defendant cannot choose a lawyer of their choice. Dr Marcos Aragao Correia, Leonor's present lawyer, also receives no financial recompense, he is expected to represent Leonor Cipriano for nothing. Leonor cannot pay him, she is very poor and has no money.

Leonor Cipriano Arriving At Court For Last Year's Trial
So weak, she Had to Be Helped Along By Two Prison Guards

With so many miscarriages of justices occurring in Portugal, with the same story of people not being adequately represented, this is probably the reason why!

Dr Grade seemed to be doing a reasonable job of representing Leonor and then all of a sudden that changed, here we will attempt to understand the reasons why that suddenly changed.

In 2005, Leonor Cipriano, along with her brother, Joao, were found guilty of murdering eight-year old Joana Cipriano after she was reported missing in September 2004.

They were found guilty by a court of three judges and four jurors, they received prison sentences of 20 and 19 years respectively, since their sentences have been reduced on appeal to 16 years each.

In April 2008 Joao Grade was arrested as he prepared to visit two prisoners in Beja prison, after drugs were detected in two bags he maintains he was carrying in for the two inmates. Amphetamines equivalent to approximately 45 doses street value and also a quantity of ecstasy tablets.
On March 26th 2008, one month before Joao Grade was found to be carrying drugs in his possession, Goncalo Amaral along with four of his lower ranking colleagues PJ inspectors Paulo Pereira Cristovao, Leonel Marques, Paulo Marques Bom and Antonio Cardoso, were committed to jury trial by Joaquim da Cruz, an investigating judge. In May 2009, Goncalo Amaral was found guilty of falso testimunho (perjury) and given an 18 month suspended prison sentence.

Strangely in a country where they beat you up for traffic violations, Dr Grade made a plea to the court that he did not know the drugs were in his possession and the court accepted his plea, what a pity they did not extend the same kind of understanding towards Leonor Cipriano, where on no evidence at all, and nowhere near proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that woman was convicted of the most heinous of crimes.

Where is the justice?

Where was her "lawyer" Dr Joao Grade?

Why did he not bring to the court's attention the many inconsistencies in the "alleged confession" obtained under torture, aided and abetted by disgraced former detective Goncalo Amaral?

Dr Grade, also said he was confident that he would be able to clear his clients once their appeal was heard, as he believed their guilt had not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Since the guilty verdict was announced, a number of Portugal's leading lawyers and judges have spoken out against the decision. One judge at Leonor's trial insisted on going on record as stating that he thinks Leonor Cipriano is innocent.

After a complaint to the DA was made by the Director of the Prison of Odemira, Dr Ana Maria Calado. Then soon after, Dr Marinho Pinto, who was at the time a journalist and now President of the Bar, made a front page report about Leonor’s torture in the newspaper "Expresso", which forced the investigation to go deeper.

With all of this to go on and the indictment of Amaral
Dr Grade still could not piece together a robust defense for his client, Leonor Cipriano, it was almost as if he was trying to defend Leonor with his hands tied behind his back.

It was alleged by Dr Ana maria Calado, that having been questioned for 48 hours, Leonor confessed only as the result of a serious and vicious assault.

Leonor Cipriano's Injuries After She Had been viciously and Brutally Beaten During her Torture in Police Custody.
The Torture Has Since Been Proved In court

This is the woman that Dr Joao grade was supposed to be representing in court.

Is this the same Dr Joao Grade dos Santos, that now holds Goncalo Amaral, an officer he helped to convict in high esteem? So high, that he has now become the disgraced former PJ coordinators advocate and plans to train the convicted criminal to be a lawyer?
Is this the same Dr Joao Grade dos Santos, that has now pledged to testify in favour of Goncalo Amaral at his forthcoming trial, where he will stand trial once again accused of torture, this time the torture of Leandro Silva, Leonor Cipriano's partner?
Is this the same Dr Joao Grade dos Santos, who attended the 50th birthday party of Goncalo Amaral and who dined with another member of the five former PJ inspectors he helped send for trial, Pierre Paulo Cristovoa? The simple answer to those questions is yes!

How can Dr Grade in all honesty testify in favour of Amaral at his trial where he stands accused of torturing another member of the family, he represented and helped to convict by getting them indicted?

How did Dr Joao Grade dos Santos manage to get off of the charge of drug smuggling in a country where they arrest you, take you into a room for questioning and then beat you to within an inch of your life, for even minor misdemeanors?

Strange business this lawyer thing, very strange!

Could it be that Dr Joao Grade dos Santos is in fear of his life and that of the safety of his family?

Until 1974 Portugal was a dictatorship, this was the climate in which the PJ was created and their methods were notoriously brutal.
In a country where brutal treatment of suspects was routine. The mother of one expatriate British woman had been arrested in the late 1980's on suspicion of a petty crime and she was savagely beaten while in custody, she was found to have extensive and deep bruising all over her body. Of course, the police said they hadn't done anything, and they were never called to account.

Leonor Cipriano dispensed the services of Dr Grade and employed the services of Dr Marcos Aragao Correia. Dr Correia has subsequently ran a successful trial in getting Goncalo Amaral convicted and having Goncalo Amaral charged with the torture of Leonor's partner, Leandro Silva.

Against this backdrop in Portugal, perhaps we should not be too surprised that the Lawyer that just successfully had five ex Portuguese detectives accused and charged with various serious crimes, ranging with torture and perjury, in the March of 2008, was himself "apparently" caught in possession of drugs as he "apparently" tried to smuggle them into a prison, just one month later in April 2008. Coincidence? Even the birthday party of Goncalo Amaral could not pass without incident!
Leonor's present lawyer and the former "friend" of Amaral and her husband, were aggressed in the street as they stood watching Amaral's firework party! (This is the party that Dr Joao Grade dos Santos also attended as a guest of Amaral's)
Dr Aragao Correia was pulled through his open car window and threatened, while the husband of Amaral's former "friend" was punched repeatedly in the face by people that came from the party, allegedly sent by Goncalo Amaral. The police were called and the incident reported and the three who were attacked, were given incident report numbers, also the Portimao attorney general was informed.

Yet Dr Grade is to testify in favour of Goncalo Amaral?

Strange? You bet!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Vanished of the Invisible! How Madeleine McCann Has Highlighted Them!

When Madeleine McCann was abducted from her bed on Thursday May 3rd 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal, no one thought that things would end up like this, some 2 years 8 months later, still waiting for news about her, still hoping she is well and refusing to give up on her. I doubt if any "ordinary" person could have possible envisaged what the abduction of one little girl could invoke. As time has passed, what on the face of it looked to be an abduction under slightly unusual circumstances, has grown into something major and it is highlighting a whole plethora of wrongs, both in Portugal and in the UK. If you believe in fate and believe in all things happen for a reason, then you may be forgiven for thinking that little Madeleine was taken to highlight some of the most terrible miscarriages of justice that have occurred and that are still occurring in Portugal. In fact remember that sentence, it could prove to be a lot more truthful than we may at first realise!

Who would have thought that the abduction of that little girl could flag up as many wrongs and "deep seated corruption" as it has? Because of that one little girl, the world now knows about; Rui Pedro; Rachel Charles; Renee Hassee; Joana Cipriano, the world knows that in the case of;

  • Rachel Charles tragic murder. Michael Cook was arrested and tortured and undoubtedly served time for something he did not do. (This blog has highlighted the plight of Michael Cook many times in the past and makes no apologies for doing so again) The amount of totally unfounded and unsubstantiated hearsay, that was allowed in the courtroom and then used to actually convict Michael Cook, was staggering, but when you realise that this kind of NON-evidence was also used to convict Leonor Cipriano of the murder of her daughter, it actually sends a chill down the spine. How many other times has this happened? Read about the case of Hugo, recently highlighted on this blog, remember the common denominator in the case of still missing Joana Cipriano; Leonor Cipriano; Hugo and Madeleine McCann and her parents, is the disgraced former police coordinator of the PJ in Portimao, Goncalo Amaral. For those of you who do not know, in May 2009 Goncalo Amaral was found guilty in court of concealing evidence of the torture of Leonor Cipriano and is now serving a laughable 18 month suspended prison sentence for that heinous of crimes. (Leonor was tortured over two days into confessing to the macabre murder of her own daughter - again highlighted on this blog many times).

Of course people who have lost their beloved children want justice, I cannot even begin to understand what they are going through, however, they need the correct justice though, they need to know that the *CORRECT* person has been been found guilty and incarcerated for their heinous crime. Justice for children actually killed by their own parents or by another family member must also be rigorously sought on behalf of the child. However, true and meaningful justice is not served at all when the wrong person is locked up or the wrong people are vilified and persecuted, not only because of the total injustice of the situation to all concerned, most of all the victims, but because this means that someone who can do something as unspeakable as this, is actually free to do it again!

The world now also knows about the kangaroo court trial of Leonor Cipriano. We know about the Portuguese state run children's home, Casa Pia. We know about the 6 year old little German boy Renee Hessee' on holiday with his parents, happily running along the beach with them one minute and inexplicably vanished the next! When his frantic parents reported this to the police, they were fobbed off and just coldly and inhumanely told that their child had probably drowned! Of course this is not true, if he had drowned in such circumstances then tragically, his little body would have been found and it never was, to this day he is still missing, to this day his parents like the McCanns, are going through all kinds of hell wondering what has happened to their child and no doubt waiting that wait and hoping against hope that their child will be found. I often wonder, if Renee's parents had been "lucky" enough and managed to get as much publicity for their child as the McCanns managed for Madeleine, would their name too have been dragged through the mire by now? Would they also have stood falsely accused? So little is known abut Renee', but how often is a child in full view of his parents one second and then disappeared for good the next, totally ignored by the Portuguese police? Did the German government, like the British government, hide behind protocol and red tape, saying they could not get involved as it was a Portuguese police matter, so nothing, NOTHING was done about a little boy lost? Just like Madeleine McCann?

Yes we now know all about these children and the wrongly accused, but one question we must ask and we must keep asking for there is very good reason to ask it; "of all the children and cases that we know about, how many is there that we do not know about?" Portugal has a street children problem, it has a problem with child prostitution, under circumstances like this, how many Portuguese children, or children of illegal immigrants, have vanished without trace, yet gone unreported? It is chilling and fills us with terror and dread, but to deny this very real problem, is to deny adequate protection for all children, especially those that no one knows are there in the first place.

Referring back to that sentence I highlighted earlier, could it possibly be that the reason Madeleine McCann was taken, was because some group somewhere wanted to highlight what was actually going on in Portugal? How many times have you heard (with very good reason) the disgruntled relatives of other missing children complaining that their child never received as much attention as Madeleine? That the only reason Madeleine was given so much publicity was because she was blonde, fair skinned and the daughter of middle class British parents? These pressure groups seemed to resent the McCanns because they managed to get media coverage for their daughter. Now I am not saying that Madeleine was taken to use as some kind of bargaining publicity chip and that it all went horribly wrong and people became terrified as the slow realisation of what they had done began to register with them. I do not actually think this, but none the less, it may be a reason, no matter how tenuous it is and it should be kept in mind. If this by some remote chance the reason why Madeleine was abducted, then the chances of Madeleine being found safe, well and very much alive, increase dramatically.

I believe that the Portuguese government has turned a blind eye to Madeleine McCann's abduction and some of the other cases before her, I also believe that the Portuguese government knows very well what is happening in the case of street children and the trade in underage prostitution and the trade in the disappearance of children of illegals. "The Vanished of the Invisible"! It knows, but does nothing, because it is simple economics and I believe that all governments everywhere have one thing in common they all weigh everything up in simple terms of economics.

For those that sit comfortable in the UK, the US or France, Spain or Germany, Belgium or Holland or anywhere in the modern world and think it cannot happen "here", think again! If children are not registered and they go missing 1) are their illegal immigrant parents going to report them as missing? 2) If the governments of such country's do not even know they are in the country, how is the system going to flag their disappearance up?

Non attendance at school is usually picked up by Educational Welfare Officers and non shows for immunisation programmes and child development clinics is usually a good indicator to there being a problem, but of course children of the "invisible" do not have this luxury of being tended and cared for, they are some of the ones that slip through the net!

Thinking about this makes me wonder how big and how widespread this problem may be across Europe and Eastern Europe? How big could this child trafficking problem actually be?

When I read how people on the Continent all take their children out to bars and restaurants with them and they all react with horror at the McCanns for leaving their children unattended, it is as if they are all walking around with a paper bag over their heads, they are so complacent, so ridiculously complacent, if they think that this never happens in their country because children are taken out with their parents. Stuff and complete and utter nonsense, it happens in their countries, it happens all the time, the difference between some countries, is that some countries do endeavour to keep some kind of record of child abductions, while some other countries are so anally retentive about the effect that this could have on their number one economy, the tourist industry, that they completely sweep it under the carpet. Some countries are so screwed up about democracy and freedom of speech that they are willing to go to any lengths to say they have it and protect it, not realising that keeping things like child abductions under the carpet and simply blaming the parents of the abducted child, is a bigger threat to their fledgling democracy, than almost anything they could think of in recent history.

Freedom of speech is not freedom to slander and defame the vulnerable.

I blame the Portuguese government for a lot, but I also blame my own government, the British government, for being spineless and for their inactivity and lack of insistence that something is done about the abduction of a British minor.

The British government could have insisted on liaising with the Portuguese government and when it quickly became obvious that the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance was not going well, the British government could have strongly suggested that in order to avoid the things apparent now from occurring, that a team from Scotland Yard be allowed to take over the investigation and the technology that Scotland Yard has for just this kind of case, (HLOMES) be put to use for the good of Madeleine, this in the end would have been worth the slight embarrassment to Portugal at the time and it would have saved the huge embarrassment they now endure. Alas the British government failed and in so doing they too failed Madeleine McCann and there is no escaping this fact.

Madeleine McCann is a British citizen, a minor and not only this the British government has a duty of care towards her, as Mrs Justice Ede made Madeleine a ward of court, this means that parental care was passed to the British government. So why hasn't the British government been doing all they could to find her?

Meanwhile the vanished of the invisible goes on in Portugal, just how many children who are unaccounted for have vanished in Portugal since Madeleine was abducted? How long will it be until the next "order" for a particular child goes out and another Madeleine case is born? If there are any inevitability's in life, sadly this has to be one of them. Meanwhile those that refuse to believe poor little Madeleine McCann was abducted, sleepwalk on like some kind of blinded zombies of the night, all repeating their mantra of free speech and worshipping at the Temple of Goncalo Amaral. However, "False idols" will fall, they always, always do, without exception!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Where Is The Justice? Where Is The Fairness? Where Is The Equality?

Dr Marcos Aragao Correia
A Principled Man
Lawyer of The People
Human Rights Lawyer

I learned something over the past few days, something that has deeply angered me.

Dr Marcos Aragao Correia, has been working for free! All this time he has been representing Leonor Cipriano, he has not received one cent in fees, not one single penny or cent for legal services rendered. This is all very noble, but how does he live? How does he fund his considerable expenses?
The answer to this question is - Himself!
What a contrast the kind caring, charitable and principled Dr Marcos Aragao Correia is, against the grubby money grabbing Goncalo Amaral. This the man that thought nothing of trading on a missing child's name and image.
It has to understood that Leonor's former lawyer Joao Grade, also worked for free, receiving no payment for his "services". For reasons better known to Joao Grade who started out well, he suddenly started to fail to adequately represent Leonor Cipriano, he let her down in badly court, I suspect he has his reasons and maybe we should not judge him too quickly, none the less, he did let Leonor down, unfortunately this fact is indisputable.
Leonor Cipriano is a very poor uneducated person she was wholly dependant on Grade getting the truth out, her case which we have covered extensively on this blog and on our forum;
The case of Leonor Cipriano appears to be a huge miscarriage of justice, involving the disgraced ex PJ coordinator and convicted criminal Goncalo Amaral. (Amaral was the detective who was sacked from the Madeleine McCann investigation after five months of total mess and failure, leaks and smears.)
Dr Aragao Correia took over Leonor's case from a poorly performing Dr Joao Grade, her former lawyer.

Goncalo Amaral, The Tubby Money Chaser
Wearing His Expensive Designer Suit
(Paid For By Still Missing Abducted Madeleine McCann)


Goncalo Amaral managed to make a lot of money out of writing books about Madeleine's disappearance, he was heavily in debt, but he had enough money to pay those debts, he did not preferring to waste it on expensive cars, drinking and holding parties.

Over the years he has been the recipient of a lot of money, but has still managed to land himself with huge debts and huge tax bills. Now the same way he had money during the past years and he has not paid his debts, he has money now and does not pay his debts.

If this is not bad enough, because of his alleged libel and slandering of the McCanns and because they are charging him with wrecking the search for their daughter, they are suing Amaral for £1 million and his assets have been frozen pending this court case, this is directly down to him, but he is applying for legal aid and has been moaning about not having the money to counter sue the McCanns, so the likes of Joana Morais has for some reasons decided to raise money by opening an appeal for his defense, they are actually taking money out of the purses of pensioners for this man, who has been the recipient of a lot of money. He must have got through hundreds of thousands over the past few years, yet he is now pleading poverty.

I am advised that in Portugal if you are granted legal aid you can pay for the court costs out of this, but if you need the services of a solicitor, then the court will appoint one for you and of course the chances are that Leonor Cipriano has been so badly treated up until now that they would appoint a completely different lawyer. So rather than give Leonor that worry and rather than jeopardise her case, Marcos does NOT get paid.

Why can't the Portuguese court allow Leonor legal aid and allow her to retain the services of her solicitor, who she knows and trusts and who has done so much for her?

I will be keeping an eye on Goncalo Amaral's application for legal aid, if he is granted it, it will be an absolute disgrace, but if he is granted legal aid, I wonder who will be appointed his lawyer? I hope they are going to treat Goncalo Amaral in the same way they are treating Leonor and Marcos!

Incidentally, Marcos also represents Leandro Silva for free too.

Why is there so much wrong with the legal system in Portugal?

Friday, 1 January 2010

Goncalo Amaral & the Clothes The Sniffer Dogs Reacted To!

Goncalo Amaral and his Wife Sofia Leal.
Sofia looks Worried Doesn't She?

She may have every right to look worried too, I almost feel sorry for her, she probably didn't sign up for this when she married him, but she got it anyway. She could absolve herself if she only plucked up enough courage to speak the truth, before it is too late. She owes this philandering, spendthrift womanising drunk and corrupt ex cop nothing.

While Christabel was doing some research for the forum, she came up with this startling piece of information, we think it is so important that everyone should know about it. What we cannot understand, is why all those "Amaral supporters" that say they have read Amaral's book and call themselves "truth" seekers, have not mentioned this before, not a peep, why is that? Why hasn't Amaral's "friend" the "Tubby Chasing" Joana Morais mentioned this? Perhaps she thought it may harm her chances of collecting more money to swell Amaral's coffers? Whatever it is, these people have demonstrated that they do not really want the truth, they do not want Madeleine found, they do not want the real truth of what really happened to Madeleine McCann to emerge, in fact they led by their false "God" Goncalo Amaral, want the truth concealed, because as each day passes the truth, the "real" truth, is looking more and more awful and its net of incrimination is being cast far and wide. We believe Madeleine McCann is alive, being held against her will and more, we believe there is at least one high profile person who knows exactly where she is and who took her. Now the official investigation may not be able to say this, they may not even think it, but we can say it and we certainly think it.
hris for spotting this and if you would like to read further on this subject please go to our

On the above link you can view a collection of videos and pick up a sense of what actually happened.

The Sniffer Dogs and The Clothes

Quote from Goncalo Amaral:


"The soft toy and all the clothes from the house are placed into boxes specially made to preserve evidence. These objects are then conveyed to the decontaminated premises. They are placed on the ground, a good distance apart for the dogs to examine. At 8pm, Tavares de Almeida calls me to let me know that Mark Harrison requires another place because this one is not sufficiently clean.- How do I find a place at this kind of time?- Sort it out! Julio Barroso offers us the new sports hall in Lagos which, finally, meets the required standards. The objects are once again laid out on the ground and the dogs can start. Eddie alerts us to a strong cadaver odour on some of Kate's clothes, but the CSI dog doesn't detect the slightest trace of blood."


Where do we start on this? Is this what Amaral loosely refers to as "evidence"?

Amaral actually presided over the clothes all being transported in a box to the first venue, they were all then laid out on the dirty floor awaiting inspection from the British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela and their handler Martin Grime.

  • The clothes were taken and handled and put into the box.

  • The clothes were then handled taken out of the box.

  • The clothes were all laid out on a filthy floor.

  • NOT ALL of the clothes were packed inside these "special" cartons, some came in a suit case, some came in a holdall.

  • Why is Amaral giving the false impression that all the clothes were packed inside these specially held "evidence" boxes?

Why didn't Mark Harrison mention this in his report? If he did I did not read it. Where was the first place these clothes were laid out and contaminated? Who could have been walking all over the floor? What could have been dropped on the floor? Why were the clothes laid directly on the floor in both venues?

Why didn't the forensic science team conduct this test in a controlled scientific environment?

The clothes were laid out on the gym floor, a place where people sweat and dribble profusely, does sweat contain the chemicals putrescine and cadaverine? Saliva certainly does!

The dog alerts to what Amaral assumes to be cadaverine, how does he know what the dog is alerting to? How does he know it is a strong scent? Can he speak dog?

Amaral cannot assume this, it is not evidence, it is hearsay, conjecture nothing more than that!

Martin Grime refuses to divulge how these dogs are trained, but they are trained with pig meat. perhaps they are also trained with the use of saliva?

How come the dog only alerts to Kate's clothes and red T shirt that belongs to Sean and Madeleine's brother has been pictured wearing?

The clothes came out of the same box, if it was a strong odour of cadaverine as Amaral has suggested, why didn't this contaminate all the other clothes in that box?

Why has no reaction been recorded on Gerry's clothes, when Amaral has accused Gerry of getting the body and taking it one place to another 25 days AFTER Madeline disappeared in a car hired 25 days AFTER Madeleine disappeared.

Is this what Goncalo Amaral the bent corrupt criminal ex copper laughingly refers to as evidence?

I wonder when the shackles will eventually fall from the eyes of the very few remaining followers of this convicted criminal Goncalo Amaral? It is unbelievable that anyone can believe anything he says? he has repeatedly been prove to be a pathological liar! From cheating on his wife and children (two wives) right through to his former police work, just a complete tissue of lies, an utter fabrication. Poor Madeleine, what did she do to deserve this?

The Controversies of Goncalo Amaral Continue - The Case Of Hugo

Goncalo Amaral and His Wife and Lawyer Outside The Court After He Had Been Found Guilty of Concealing Evidence of Torture. behind Him Pierre Paulo Cristovao, another Controversial figure, who is awaiting to hear if the appeal against his acquittal for the torture of Leonor Cipriano is accepted or dismissed!

Hugo is a young man living in Olivais, Lisboa. In October/2005 he received a letter from an Ayamonte court, it was directly addressed to him and did not come through the police or another court! It was accusing him of an attempted homicide back in August/2003. He went to a PSP (Public Safety Police) precinct in Lisbon, where he was sent to the PJ (policia judiciaria), and having got there, they told him to go back home and not to worry about the case. One year later, because he did not attend the court in Spain, he got the visit of PJ inspectors with an arrest warrant. He was so scared, he attempted suicide while in custody/prison that night. The next morning he was presented to a judge who confirmed that he was accused of being co-author of an attempted homicide along with two other people, one of them a former colleague that although lived in the same neighbourhood he had not seen since he left school, this person had already presented himself to the police already implicating himself in the crime. Hugo proclaimed innocence immediately and was able to present a staggering 15 witnesses, as he had been in Mondim de Basto, (his wife's place of birth) at the time of the homicide and said he never had set foot in Spain.

He and his wife were unemployed and had two little children and very poor and totally unable to defend himself.

Dr Barra da Costa Martins former Chief Inspector of the PJ now University Professor of Criminology and Criminal Psychology heard about the case and found a lawyer for Hugo, working pro bono (Free). The Portuguese court did not care to clarify if there was a case of mistaken identity, they didn't even bother to interrogate the other arguido. The same happened with the Supreme Court, on appeal. Basically, the case came back to the Relation (first instance) Court who refused to hear expert witnesses opinions and forensic exams on some photo of grainy video "evidence" that the PJ presented. The court concluded it was it was Hugo by just looking at the video with the 'naked eye'. Hugo's defense lawyer Almado wanted to bring expert witnesses, who could give their expert opinions on facial recognition.

While this case was being investigated by the PJ, the PJ coordinator was one Goncalo Amaral (again) it was up to him to make the diligences and have the video examined to see if this person was Hugo, Goncalo Amaral FAILED to do this and just presented this sloppy "evidence" to the court and the court just accepted it. The "co-author" completely denied Hugo's involvement in the attempted murder and under cross-examination in court he said he named Hugo because he was being *PRESSED* to do so, by the investigating officer *Goncalo Amaral*. A New appeal was heard in Portugal with the same result, a European mandate was issued and Hugo arrested at his home. December 2007, in court in Ayamonte, the victim of the attempted homicide did not recognise Hugo at all, yet Hugo was extradited to Spain to stand trial for attempted murder.

  • Hugo had 15 witnesses that put him in another place entirely.

  • Hugo did NOT resemble he person on a very grainy video footage which was presented in court by Goncalo Amaral as proof of Hugo's involvement.

  • Goncalo Amaral refused to get facial recognition expert to examine the footage of the video.

  • Goncalo Amaral refused to allow the forensic examination of the video.

  • Goncalo Amaral refused to believe 15 eye witnesses that placed Hugo in his wife's birth place at the time of the crime.

  • Goncalo Amaral *PRESSED* (or tortured?) the alleged co-author of Hugo into identifying his accomplice as Hugo.

  • His alleged "co-author" later testified in court under oath that he had been pressed into giving this statement.

  • The victim of the crime did NOT recognise or identify Hugo as being his assailant.

Fortunately the story finally ended for Hugo in a court in Huelva, Spain, the defendant was acquitted and cleared of all suspicion, when the Spanish court kicked it out.

It appears that the court in Spain wanted the video footage of Hugo to have it forensically examined and for facial recognition experts to examine it, but the Portuguese coordinator one Goncalo Amaral FAILED to send the video in time and many suspected him of "concealing evidence" that could have cleared Hugo in a Portuguese court, but it has to be said that the Portuguese courts were lax in their duty to their citizen too. Goncalo Amaral has since been convicted of concealing evidence of torture in the case of Leonor Cipriano, he received an 18 month suspended prison sentence.

"As Dr Barra da Costa puts it, 'In Portugal, there are far too many Hugos and Joanas. In Portugal there has been a long time since we last had a Gordon Brown, honour to him, capable of publicly risking his capital as statesman, that of the party and of Her Majesty in favour of his own nationals'."

Hugo was wrongly charged and it has been alleged that Hugo was deliberately falsely charged in order to protect "drug traffickers"! Hugo and his family suffered tremendously as a direct result of Goncalo Amaral and his "shoddy and dubious" police work. Of course Goncalo Amaral was at that time in charge of the drug squad!

The result is that if the Portuguese court had the photographic expert findings along with the co-defendant stating again that Hugo had nothing to do with this, and the victims themselves had also not recognised Hugo.

How many times is Goncalo Amaral going to be allowed to get away with this kind of thing?

And now we have him attempting to become a lawyer and being trained by the ex lawyer of Leonor Cipriano, a lawyer that attends Amaral's private functions. A lawyer who was himself caught in possession of class A drugs trying to smuggle them into a prison and who mysteriously was allowed to get off of this charge!

Mysterious that a lawyer who knew he would be searched, attempted drug smuggling and mysterious that he got away with such a serious crime.

Mysterious too that at the time he was representing Leonor Cipriano. Now call me a cynic and tell me that I may have been watching too many movies, but could the story be that drugs were planted on the lawyer, the lawyer was then forced to a dreadful job representing Leonor Cipriano in court, in return for him being cleared of smuggling drugs?

Leonor Cipriano was needed to be found guilty of murdering her daughter to cover up what really happened to her and why? Her uncle being hooked on hard drugs and would do anything for money to buy drugs.

The connection again being made to drugs and who is involved again? Goncalo Amaral.

What is happening in Portugal? How many times is something like this going to happen and the real culprits of murder, drug trafficking and child abduction be protected? how far are the police involved in all of this?

Goncalo Amaral *MUST* be investigated and interrogated, he may know who took Madeleine McCann!

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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