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So Goncalo Amaral Hass 'Supposed' To Have Joined the 3 A's?

"ICantThinkOfAName said...

Hi AllInteresting development that Goncalo Amaral has opened an account with 3A.Perhaps we will now get some extra information "straight from the horse's Mouth".Friday, 12 December 2008 13:55:00 o'clock GMT"

(Taken From The Snot Green Psycho Blog From Hell)

If this is true and Goncalo Amaral has joined the 3 A's, ny first reaction was to laugh!

However, after I stopped laughing at this latest ridiculous piece of nonsense, I began thinking. If he has, I would say this says even more about this pathetic moronic swine, this Amaral, the person who was sacked for doing his job so appallingly.

I have been reading some of the questions that El Mundo reporter has asked Amaral and I have to say, that the answers if correct, are very revealing and they reveal far more about Amaral than if he had sat down and wrote his own biography! I am amazed at how revealing about him this interview actually is. Far from being a crack shot detective, I believe Amaral is of inferior intellect, in fact he is (to put it bluntly) as thick as two short planks! He is not just stupid, he is stunningly stupid.

I read about the 'Calpol' Amaral supposedly said this;'

"(El Mundo Journalist)Q - So, what are we talking about?

(Amaral) A - About an accident. The child could have fallen from a sofa, could have had an accident with Calpol (a sleeping solution). We never had access to the girl's medical history, so we don't know whether she was healthy or not. We can only speculate. There are many very strange details."

As a footnote the person whose blog these questions appear on went to great lengths to explain that Amaral did not say that 'Calpol' was a sleeping drug, that it was the 'reporter's mistake' as the reporter had put this in in brackets to explain to his readers what 'Calpol' is.

Two Points.

1)....The mere fact that Amaral mentions that 'Calpol' could have been the cause of Madeleine's death in some sort of accident where she took the suspension and died from an accidental overdose, is so amazingly stupid factually incorrect, that it is almost impossible to find thecorrect words to explain why this allegation, is so stupid! From the transcripts of this interview with the El Mundo journalist, I think it is safe to assume Amaral means that Madeleine, could have accidentally taken it and was the cause of her death!


Even if Madeleine did take this by accident it would not have killed her in this time frame, in fact it is doubtful that it would have killed her at all. If Madeleine had taken Calpol by accident, her parents, 'two highly trained experienced doctors' would have had her at the nearest hospital immediately. No doubt gthey would be liasing with their counterpart colleagues about what treatment to give to Madeleine to neutralise the Calpol - There is an antidote to paracetamol overdose which can be successfully administered up to 12 hours after ingestion. 'Calpol' is liquid paracetamol. This statement alone actually shows the ignorance of someone who is supposed to be an "elite detective" he (Amaral) obviously has not even bothered to find out what Calpol actually is, what it is used for and what its contraindications actually are, yet here he is using this as a weapon to hit the McCanns over the head with and trying to suggest that Madeleine may have died as a result of a drug overdose! The thick headed journalist, doesn't know either and he is guilty of sloppy, lazy jopurnalism because he did not bother to check out such a vitally important fact and part of his story!

Yet this so-called elite detectibe and this journalist with his sensational sccop, want us to take this interview seriously?

2) The thicko El Mundo hack has just assumed that Calpol is a 'sleeping solution', he has not even bothered to check up on something as important as this, in short he is a lazy pig ignorant stunningly stupid journalist, (a bit like the detective he is interviewing).If a detective supposed to be leading the hunt for a missing child cannot even be bothered to check this out, what hope did Madeleine ever have with this thick detective in charge?

Another revealation that utter shocks and leaves one almost speechless is, apparently Amaral, has NOT even bothered to interview Kate or Gerry once in person!

How do we rate this? How are we supposed to be reassured that everything that could have been done to find Madeleine, was done, professionally and dilligently, when we are presented almost daily with such dreadfully unfounded, unsubstantiated allegations?

I find it astonishingly incompetent and this feeling magnifies intensely, when you understand with extreme trepidation, that the detective taking over when Goncalo Amaral was sacked from this investigation, 'Paulo Rebelo' has 'NEVER' even interviewed or spoken with Kate and Gerry either! You have to ask, just what the hell has been going on in Portugal? It is almost as if the Portuguese detectives know very well what happened to Madeleine and where is was and where she is today and they are scared witless of this being discovered.Meanwhile to divert attention away from this astonishingly lackadaisical investigation, they decided to blame the parents, but these detectives were so thick, they could not even do this properly. I believe, they (especially Amaral) completely underestimated the tenacity and the intellect of these two parents and so these parents came to be the objects of hate, to be ridiculed and lied about.

Amaral thought he could bully Kate McCann into submission, after all Kate McCann was a silly little woman wasn't she? Silly and stupid and easily manipulated just like Leonor Cipriano and when he discovered that Kate was not going to be bullied, or coerced into confessing to something she (they) did not do, it was a real shock to Amaral and he started to panic. What he was panicking about, well who knows? He may think this will never come out, but it will, as sure as day meets night it will come out, things like this 'always do!' When it does, Portugal needs to brace itself for the fall out, because it will be vast and relentless.

Now apparently we are to be believe that Amaral has joined the the 3 A's? You could not make it up could you? Honestly, if thiswas a film, we would all be saying this is too far fetched to be real and believable!

But oh how that would suit his (Amaral's) incredible aptitude for ballsing everything up completely. To be seen publicly joining a forum full of bullshitters, liars, fantasists and axe murderers and probably with a few paedophiles thrown in for good measure, no doubt.

Well at least if Amaral has joined there he will be in good company!

And ICTOAN is almost breathless when he says; "Perhaps we will now get some extra information "straight from the horse's Mouth".

ROTFLMAO, really PMSL! ICTOAN, You couldn't afford for him to tell you his lies directly you haven't got enough money.

Didn't you know that Amaral charges for everything?
He has written a book and is cashing in on Madeleine's disappearance, he has made a film in Portugal to further cash in on this poor missing child. He has got money from this 'PAID' interview with the Spanish newspaper 'El Mundo'. He gets appearance money from giving various interviews to other newspapers, radio and television companies and apparently after he has finished his latest film about Madeleine, filmed in apartment 5a, where this dear little child was last seen, it has been touted that there is a further book to come?

He in his native Portugal is being allowed to cash in on his 'FAILINGS' with unsubstantiated comments and allegations, lies and innuendo and there is not a thing the McCanns can do about this, because of Portugal's laws on libel and how little regard they have towards the truth.

I would not be surprised to learn that some factory in Portugal is now producing a whole range of goods with the fat one's (Amatral's) name and face on them, mugs, T-shirts, pens, pencils etc, if they are may I suggest they produce toilet tissue with his face on? That would be a very fitting indictment to him and his investigative prowess!

I get the impression that Goncalo Amaral is a fat frustrated man. A very typical old fashioned male chauvinist. He is controlling, and he gives the impression that he is a misogynist. If he thinks he is right (which is probably all of the time) then he simply shuts down to all fact, reason and logic and blindly pursues wild geese up one way streets, and blind allies. His leaks and innuendos have often been totally bizarre and his book is no different. I believe this man is a menace to all innocent people and it was a good day for Portugal when he was sacked from the Madeleine McCann investigation and then no doubt was pushed into early retirement.

Portugal has no loss in this man, they can only breathe a little easier, should some other poor unfortunate child fall prey to some disgusting abductor and their family be too terrified to call upon their police to help them in such a terrifying time. I believe that Goncalo Amaral should be brought in for official questioning into his dreadful incompetence in the Madeleine case and his conduct, both of which are brought sharply into focus. I believe he is responsible for the good Portuguese detectives (and there are good Portuguese detectives) being prevented from following up leads as they came into this investigation. It is not until all of these people who were involved at that time of Madeleine's disappearance, are spoken to again that any hidden or deliberately concealed information will emerge.

I believe this is vitally necessary because only through this, will the where abouts of Madeleine McCann be discovered.

It is time for a full Public Inquiry to be held in Portugal into this bizarre and tragic event. Until this happens, this whole tragi, heartbreaking affair, will remain a blight on Portugal's name. This is going to keep on and on, it will never go away.

Portugal must start answering the many questions, no matter what it takes, or who it hurts, or whose career and name it will harm.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Kate and Gerry's Christmas appeal

30 November 2008
EXCLUSIVE New worldwide appeal as McCanns face second heartbreak Xmas Star gives TV backing
By Tracey Kandohla
Missing Madeleine McCann's mum Kate remains certain she is still alive - and plans a worldwide appeal at Christmas for help in finding the tot.
Kate and husband Gerry, both 40, are facing their second Christmas without Maddie - but they bravely took their twins Amelie and Sean out for some festive fun this week.
A sporting hero, who has yet to be named, will front the TV appeal. The celeb will speak as previously unseen footage of Maddie is screened.

She was nearly four when she vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal 19 months ago. But McCann spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Kate and Gerry believe Madeleine is still out there. Their faith and hope have helped them through their darkest days.
"They believe their daughter is still alive. The Christmas message will be about finding her. Kate and Gerry do not want to appear themselves but they are keen to invigorate interest in the search."
Sean and Amelie, three, wore Star Wars fancy dress and shrieked with laughter as Christmas lights were turned on by Darth Vader in the McCanns' home village of Rothley, Leics.
Blonde Amelie, who bares a striking resemblance to her big sister, was dressed as Princess Leia.
Sean waved a toy Star Wars light sabre. Kate clung tightly to Amelie. But an onlooker said: "I have never seen her look so happy. She was grinning from ear to ear. It was a joy to see her so content and relaxed."
Mr Mitchell said: "Kate wanted the twins to see the lights. Last year was difficult but this year they are making an effort for their sake."

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