Monday, 17 March 2008

Shannon Matthews is the new face of poverty

Behind the headlines, a hidden world of suffering
Melanie Reid
We just don’t get it, do we? We have simply no idea, us douce middle classes, what the Shannon Matthews story is about. We’ve watched the saga unfold, first with the polite concern we would feel for any missing child, then with mild amazement when she was found alive. We’re delighted there’s been something we can imagine is a fairytale ending, especially so because now we don’t have to feel guilty any more about how little we care.

We don’t understand. At no point have we grasped the horrifying scale of emotional poverty and chaos that Shannon’s story reveals, because we are as removed from that kind of poverty as we are from events in Afghanistan.

For life among the white working class of Dewsbury looks like a foreign country. And because we don’t live there, and are never likely to, we have no concept of the reality in which hundreds of thousands of British children, just like Shannon, grow up.

Since 1997 the middle classes have heard Gordon Brown chunter on about his goals for ending child poverty in Britain, but they have done so with a profound lack of engagement. Poverty? In modern Britain? Yeah, yeah, we all know what that’s really about, don’t we? Feckless parents who waste all their money on widescreen TVs and booze and don’t have enough left for the children. We know the type. But the truth is, we don’t have a clue what modern social deprivation means.

Poverty has a new face now, and it’s called Shannon Matthews. What her sad little story has destroyed, possibly for ever, is the convenient middle-class myth of coherent, material poverty. Instead, it has revealed that what devastates the lives of modern children is something altogether much worse – inner poverty; poverty of the soul.

Although clothed and fed, often with a parent or a stepparent in work, children in Shannon’s world have to exist in a state of pervasive, low-level psychological chaos that is beyond the remedy of any social worker. There are no state palliatives for emotional neglect; or an endemic lack of emotional stability. There is absolutely no cure for the horrors of growing up with adults who exist in a state of permanent volatility.

In a world such as Shannon’s, there are no certainties other than the fact that there are no certainties.

These children are not like our children. Their parents are not adults we would recognise as adults. The children do not come home from school to someone to ask them how their day was. Many are denied anything but fleeting attention, interest and stimulation.

Many, furthermore, spend their lives trying to be invisible in order to cope with the adults in the house – hostile boyfriends; stressed, angry mothers. Any children’s charity will tell you that the biggest threat to children comes from violent boyfriends and lovers; from mothers, in other words, who prioritise their own relationships over their children.

Add to this households where drink and drug abuse by adults is a common factor, and you begin to see how scary and unstable some children’s lives are.

What was so telling about Shannon’s story, so far as it has been revealed, is that her abduction was not the extremely rare act by a stranger, but allegedly by someone she knew. Someone from this lost society in which adults, damaged and isolated, are incapable of adult responsiblities. Most children know those who harm them. Shannon was found concealed in the house of the extended relative – the uncle of her mother’s boyfriend; someone who had apparently played with her at a recent family funeral. Did the nine-year-old go off with someone she knew because he had offered her kindness in the past? Neighbours near to where she was found have spoken of hearing a child laughing and the sound of light footsteps.

Indeed, there were suggestions yesterday that other members from the little girl’s vast, complex network of fragmented family may have been involved. Only time will tell to what degree this was a sinister act, or simply a manifestation of inappropriate behaviour within a dysfunctional family group.

Reports say that Shannon was unhappy at home. She was described as a shy, quiet girl and her maternal grandparents have alleged that not only was her mother, their daughter, unfit to care, but that her live-in boyfriend was violent to the children. He denies this, and other family members support him.

Whatever the truth, there is little doubt the family was chaotic. Shannon’s mother, with seven children from five or even six different fathers – choose which paper to believe – cared for four of them aged between 11 and 2. The others lived with their natural fathers.

Before she disappeared Shannon scribbled a note on her bedroom wall saying that she wanted to live with her father, a man who – fitting perfectly into the pattern of her fractured familial life – lived a short distance away but did not appear to see her with any regularity. Did anyone, we are entitled to wonder, offer this little girl the basic attention and stability a child craves?

Shannon’s story is not, thankfully, a tragedy on the scale of Milly Dowler or Sarah Payne. But it is a tragedy nevertheless – a totemic little tale of everyday childhood misery in Britain, illustrative of so much more widespread suffering. Yes, the child has been found alive, but there is no real fairytale ending. To what does she return? To which version of least chaos? There is no happy-ever-after, and as her name fades from the headlines, and the privileged classes go back to pampering our own beloved offspring, I hope the memory of poor little Shannon stays with us.


Sass said...


I found this a really interesting article and something I have seen over here in Austria, too, from the time when I worked in a poor part of the city.

The fact that poverty is not just a matter of economics I think is well worth mentioning.

I have seen happy children from economically poor families - children who are encouraged by their parents to do financially better than they have managed to do.

Children without a stable homelife, however, you can spot a mile away at school from their behaviour, their lack of concentration, their appearance, etc. They have other things to worry about - things that children shouldn't have to even think about.

Tulip said...

Good morning Sass and anyone else around.

What a brilliant article. The Shannon affair is about a relatively new type of underclass in an affluent society - people right off the radar as far as the majority of the population is concerned. People who get all the state benefits needed to avoid hunger, cold or shelter but who miss out on everything stable and emotionally enriching that we know as 'normal life'.

At least they still cling together with a community spirit, which we saw in action.

If Mari Luz had not been photogenic and if there had not been the endless juxtaposition of her story with that of Madeleine's she would also have slipped under the radar of public concern -- because gipsies too are a world which few understand or empathise with.

Sass said...

Hiya Tulip

I don't think we would have heard about Mari Luz at all if it hadn't been for Madeleine. We don't usually hear about missing children from different countries. It is usually only when they turn up after a long time that you hear about them abroad.

As I said yesterday, I was surprised to hear on Austrian radio that Shannon was mentioned. I think it was mentioned because of the similarity to the Natascha Kampusch case. (The girl who was kept in a cellar near Vienna for 8 years, until she managed to escape)

Mandz said...

Hi Saucy,
That article is heartbreaking. Perhaps Shannon was looking for someone anyone to take note of her and giver her some kind of love and security. It must be very confusing for a child with so many men coming and going over the years and more children being born etc. It is very sad in this day and age that people have children without fully understanding their role, responsibility and obligation. It is heartbreaking that no one is bothering about these little souls and no one around to give them love and security and one does not need to have money to do that.

Tulip said...

Yes -- and I think there's much more info to come out regarding Shannon.

The problem is, I suspect most people think 'well, what can you expect from these people?' (as they do with East End stabbings)and forget that innocent kids like Shannon are doomed to be like their parents in an endless repetition of emotional deprivation. In a different environment they could flourish.

The fact is -- and it's human nature -- that people are moved more by people and circumstances they can relate to. When they look at Shannon or Mari Luz they say to themselves 'Oh we, we aren't like that so it wouldn't happen to us.'

Tulip said...

Morning Mandz.

Mandz said...

Morning Tulip & Sass!!

melbel said...

Morning Sass and Tulip and all
Very interesting and it makes you contrast material poverty, today,with how it was,after the World Wars, with so many widows,minimal benefits, comparatively,but where none the less,there were grans, brothers and uncles,down the street,who would help out and care.
There is a degree of social isolation, coupled with social deprivation, that never existed before.
Though there was community support,this is very often lacking, in such areas, not a million miles away from where I live. Some people have all hell on getting through the day and though there has been no mention of drugs, in Shannon case,to my knowledge,this blights many people's lives.
One of my daughters is a school teacher and tells me about kids, where the parents are drugs users and they have no light bulbs, so cannot do homework.
This is not about lack of money. it is far deeper, this emotional poverty.
I really do not know what the answer is.
I feel that there is a terrible vacuum in our society, filled by reality tv and the likes of Big Brother and even HYS forums, that we all have a right to vote on someone else's life or have our say.I am probably not putting it very well.

Tulip, I have decided not to bother looking at other blogs, which I only ever looked at Alsa's, as I am interested in what Portugese posters and newspapers may be saying.
I do agree with what you say and I find the views of poisonous, ill informed people very upsetting.
They are clearly dysfunctional people, on the whole [not all and I have a soft spot for one or two ]
There will always be people, who will salivate at the agonies of others and put the boot in, rushing in to judge and interpret.
The lack of any evidence, in the public domain, does not stop them.
Well, it is unpleasant and upsetting to read and in truth, it does not matter what they think, as I believe that they are a very marginalised minority, a drop in the ocean.Their views are worthless, in my view, as I cannot have any respect for such extremist views.
SASS, Thanks for chopstick tip.!
I over indulged and felt off it, yesterday.What a silly billy I am.
Daft old twit, I should know better! I had company on the Sunday too and had to prepare a better meal than we normally eat.
If you remember, how do you put up an avator ?You wrote about it in a post and I cannot find it.
How can you draw on the computer ?
Nice that joanypony came over, another nice person to join us.

Best regards

melbel said...

Morning Mandz
Takes me such a long time, that you had nipped in, you fast cat.

Mandz said...

Hi Melbel!

Very funny on the DX the other day! What silly sausages! It made my day!

As for Alsa I've been to look once because they took my post and were slating it however I choose not to go because I honestly do not care what they think!

Mandz said...

Melbel! Hope this helps?

Right go on the internet and search for a photo you would like for example type in a picture of a heart and have a look to see which one you would like to use?

Then click left button on mouse and menu should come up which starts with “open link” and the end one says “properties” well you click “SAVE PICTURE AS” then a menu box will come up asking where you want to “save it on your PC” give your picture a name eg heart and save it where you keep most things on your PC.

Then once it is saved go into your profile by double clicking on your name which should take you into your profile and then follow my instructions from last post…scroll down to photo browse and look where you stored your photo in your pc and double click your photo which will put it into your profile and save a bottom of page “save profile”.

Hope this makes sense….?

Tulip said...

I also look at A's site in case there is news from Portugal, but when I checked earlier there were pages and pages of solid Portuguese chitchat, interrupted only by someone breaking in with a chunk of Gaelic -- I think ironically!!

At this rate it will end up being just the Als and Claudie show over there. I think you should put the kettle on for an influx of refugees. Or possibly not. But there are a couple of reasonable people who I would enjoy talking to if they could be prised from The Evil Kingdom ;-)

Not many here today -- exhausted after their night's work??

I have work to do of a different type, but thought I'd pop in.

melbel said...

Thanks Mandz for that.I will be honest with you and I cannot even "save ", but have written down what you said and the husband will help after work.I think I will look at a Silversurfer's course, as seemingly, old biddies like me are the chief users of the internet [when not out "pulling "on the road.]
I read back last night and had to laugh!
I thought it was so funny on dX on Saturday.
You got the blame,tee hee and wasn't it funny the way that Bolshey Belinda came back instantly. Must have had a spare profile, in case she was banned.
She will be gutted, now that she cannot clog UK airspace[webwise ].
Just one message, loudly trumpeted thousands of times, in such a patronising, aggressive manner.
I quickly jump, in my life, from an assessment of what the problem was and is, to what can we do about it.
You could wring your hands until the end of time and whip people, but it will not bring Madeleine back.Keep opening that same old sore, will do no good.
This is a daily event for her parents,who are well aware of what could have been.
I reserve my anger at the abductor.
These people who say that there is no evidence of an abductor, what the hell do they know, or any of us for that matter?
What evidence would there need to be, if planned and gloves were worn?
Well Mandz, Tulip has gone and I am going to get cracking on the home front.
Hope to catch up with my fellow highwaywomen, later.
Regards xxx Thanks again for computer tips.You are a star.

joanypony said...

Hi everyone,

This is a very sad article, but these facts are not new.

I was a primary teacher for 14 years and in every class I taught over these years there were children from disinterested, deprived, abusive and drunken backgrounds, but there were also others from loving, supportive and interested backgrounds.

melbel said...

Joanypony and welcome.
We never "talked " on the DE, as I found it a ghastly experience to go on there much, just read, but this is much nicer.
The mods are firm and fair and soon see off the passing troublemakers.
It really is a complex picture, isn't it, when you delve into these things?
Not stopping, as I am off to doctors for a bloodtest.
Take care and look forward to "meeting " again.

Mandz said...

No probes Melbel!
As for the abductor I hope and pray to god he/she get’s his/her day and the general public and PJ have allowed this monster to get off scot free..
That poor family they must feel so helpless..

Mandz said...

Hi Joanypony!
My friend is a Secondary School teacher in a deprived area and she says the same thing. It must be very hard and difficult for these children.

joanypony said...

Hi Mandz,

I wouldn't go back teaching for a forune. The reason I gave up was because of anxiety and depression.

Having said that, I did enjoy teaching for about 12 out of the 14 years. I taught in the area I lived in and new a lot of the parents which worked out fine.

And although some of the kids were right little b****rs, when you took them on their summer trips, they were wonderful, never misbehaved. I had some wonderful trips with the kids to places like Kingussie Wildlife Park near Inverness and Blairdrummond Safari park near Stirling, and the kids loved it as some of them never got holidays.

Sass said...

Hiya everyone!

Just a quick in and out to see what is going on here! Have to finish baking a cake - or rather washing up. Not enough hot air to bake one here - should I send it to Arsabella's site???!!!

joanypony said...

Sorry Melbel, forgot to say hello to you.

It is much better on this site, no aggro!!

Speak to you later.

Sass said...


I also found that the kids who were little bar stewards in class were great at break!

Don't know about you, but I found (and still find now with students as opposed to primary school pupils) that boys/male students don't bear a grudge long. They can try and wind you up in class and you tell them off, but the majority will then come up to you in the break and have a chat. Girls tend to act all hurt in break because you told them off! It takes them much longer to get over a telling off!

joanypony said...

Hi sass,

I still meet quite a lot of my ex-pupils in the street and I am surprised at how respectful they are to me.

It's now 22 years since I got early retirement on health grounds, so not involved now, but I can see there is not much respect among certain groups of kids.

I now escort children with special needs to their school and I love it, despite some of them being quite 'difficult', they can't help it sometimes.

Sass said...

Hiya Joanypony

My best experience with troubled kids was at an awful grammar school here in Styria. Absolute nightmare and when I was asked which class I was in and I told them, the teachers were pretty much making the sign of the cross on themselves!

I went into the class and you could see which kids were the main troublemakers. When I walked round the class handing out sheets, I said to the first one quietly (didn't want to ruin the street cred!) "Your spoken English is really good isn't it". Went onto the next one and said "You've got a great vocabulary in English" and carried on handing out sheets.

When I had finished, I said I needed 2 volunteers and the 2 main troublemakers were shouting "me, me" and sticking their hands in the air. They just never got praised for anything and now when I see them in the city they still come up and say hello!

It's amazing what happens when you find something nice to say as opposed to criticising the whole time!

JANEGT said...

only on 2 minutes

go to today's daily mirror

Murat and Walczuch's cars had gps tracking devices on and they are not happy.

The Madeira lawyer it is alleged had no underground source at all, he had DREAMT Madeleine was in that lake.

Beggars belief. again.

Oh dear!!!!!

That's one very expensive dream......!!!!!

Christabel said...

Shannon's mother and step-father 'give DNA samples' to rule out their involvement

Mandz said...

Hi Sass,
I'm very impressed at the way you engaged the pupils!
My only experience of a class room environment was when I was a student (summer holidays) helping out with one little boy who had behavioural problems. My goodness I wasn’t’ prepared for anything quite like it! I would walk into the classroom and he would shout Oh no way man not her I pure hate her gonna get her ta ****. Well I was so embarrassed however each day I did try and get him engaged and some days he was fine and other days not. One day he walked out of the class and I tried to stop him however it did not work and he walked straight to the headmaster’s office banged on the door and when the headmaster came out the wee bugger said pointing the finger at me “she told me to tell you to f*** o**. Well my face again was scarlet and I could not believe the wee bugger would stoop that low however the headmaster knew what he was like and I left a few weeks after that. Never again did I take up any jobs like that!

Mandz said...

Jane did you read this also!

British couple claim Madeleine McCann was smuggled out of Portugal on jetski
By Ryan Parry 4/03/2008

Madeleine McCann was smuggled out of Portugal on a jetski, it was claimed yesterday.

A British couple say they saw a man carrying a "suspicious" bundle on a beach near Praia da Luz the morning after Madeleine vanished. The tourists say the man sped off on a jetski with the 3ft load on his lap and met a boat moored offshore.

The 58-year-old woman said: "The bundle was definitely big enough to hold Madeleine's body. It could have been her."

The woman said the jetski left Salema beach, six miles from Praia da Luz, in a hurry and met with a small grey military-style boat with funnels about 400 yards out.

The couple passed on their account to Portuguese police via close relative Patrick Matthews, 37, who lives in the Algarve. Patrick said his relatives strongly believed their sighting "could be connected to the Madeleine case".

The family have not yet been interviewed, but a police spokesman said: "The Policia Judiciaria have carried out all the pertinent and sensible operations."

Last night the McCann's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Clearly our investigators will require this information as a priority."

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Everyone,

Just a brief look in from work, making sure there are no nasty gremlins around.

Mandz, so I take it, interviewing potential witnesses in a missing childs case is not pertinent or sensible.

Just how many more witness accounts are we going to hear about where the PJ have not followed up the info.

Its absolutely scandalous.

Catch you later.

Rosiepops said...

Hi to whoever is on, if anyone is on!

Sass said...


Can't say I'd hang around too long with pupils like that! Cracked up laughing cos it happened to you and not me! Does that make me a charming person!?

Sass said...

Hiya Rosiepops, Tinkz, Christabel and Jane

Just popping in and out to check no 'orrible people are around!

Mandz said...

Hi Tinks, Sass & Rosie!

Tinks..exactly what a disgrace they are so NOT interested in a missing child and WHY?

Sass I laugh all the time when I think of him and what cheek he gave me! I’m sure deep down he was a nice little boy I just never saw it!
The funny thing is when the wee bugger was telling the headmaster about “me” there was a couple with their child sitting outside the office who were coming to have a look around with the view of sending their boy to the School..!! Never found out if they enrolled him!!!!

Sass said...


That's brilliant. Sounds like a male version of Clawdia.

Just phoned my mum and dad and told mum that story. She was a teacher in primary school in a rough part of Cardiff. She absolutely hated it and jacked teaching in for good after 6 weeks!

Tinkz and Mandz - because they can't be bothered. Ruins their lunch breaks!

Mandz said...


Yes probably similar to Clawd!

I guess you either love it or hate it!

Mandz said...

Taken from the DailyMail and how true.

The deed the McCanns are accused of would have required such black, cold-hearted evil that I refuse to believe they are guilty unless overwhelming evidence is uncovered.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told the BBC she had full confidence in the Madeleine investigation.
Well, you're on your own, honey. The British Government should be expressing disquiet to the Portuguese about the sorry excuse for an inquiry into Madeleine's disappearance - and the subsequent outrageous attempt to bully Kate into a quick confession.
Debate is already turning to whether the McCanns, as they fight to clear their names, should be able to dip into the £1 million Madeleine Fund to pay for legal help.
My answer, unhesitatingly, is yes. That money was given by the public to try to secure Madeleine's safe return.
I fervently believe her kidnapper is still at large, and just imagine what sick pleasure he must be taking as the Portuguese police try to stitch up the little girl's parents.
What hope of justice can there be for Madeleine if the only line of inquiry is into her beloved mother and father?
Now, more than ever, the McCanns desperately need our support, not our cynicism.
It is time to call off the witch hunt for the simple reason there is no witch, only a heartbroken mother who wants her child back.

melbel said...

Well said.I just wonder, if reading between the lines, Jacqui Smith is being diplomatic and that there could be a lot more going on, behind the scenes than we know.
There is no way people could not be concerned re the way this enquiry has been carried out and I do not believe that our Government will be able to let it rest and there are going to be many of us who are yelling out for "interference "!
Just look at how rumours and conspiracies spread.
2345 has seen something in a newspaper {tabloid is his style] re Shannon and a plot to extort money.
Nothing in our local Yorkshire papers and serious newspapers, to my knowledge, but 2345 has seen it, so that is alright then, case over and proven.
Would you rush in to print, based on that ?
Just popping off, to eat. x

joanypony said...

Hi Mandz and Melbel

Well said Mandz.

You know the 'popular' press are at it again with regards to Shannon's family. Today's headlines in the Daily Star was 'Shannon - was Mum in on Snatch', the story seems to have been taken off as when I tried to get into it, the message was that it was unavailable. They are just trying to stir it up like they did with Madeleine.

There was no need for the coverage they gave in the McCann Case it was only to sell papers, but the amount of disgusting posts it generated was a disgrace, but they sh-- in their own nest when the forum was closed! Same with the DE.

Where do all the low life posters come from with their disgusting ideas of what happened etc.

I am so glad that we have this forum where we can express our thoughts without some nutter intimidating you.

JANEGT said...

Hi gang,


I did manage to read that jetski stuff. hmmmmmm. magic mushrooms??? does not sound plausible to me.

But I certainly agree, any leads on the ground at the time, searches, sightings, closing exits all should have been taken up within 10 minutes' of the report.......too bad they did not do it. I am appalled they stopped searching for a live Madeleine after a very VERY short time.

Now, this Madeira lawyer's underworld source was his '''dream''' As I said, magic mushrooms. Plus Murat's lawyer telling the McCanns they should '''GO HOME''' then when they did, that they '''ran''' for god's sake whic way is it?

I would have expected ALL known cars of the tapas 9 or 10 or 1111 would have been watched, and Murat, Malinka, Walczuch, Antonio exceptions. Why not....I would include Jennifer Murat, Sally Evesleigh and her husband Ralph also. The 3 Murat 'LOOKALIKES' plus Ocean Club Management too. Why not? Burglaries, people around, keys not needed for the breakins, yes MW employees, plus the nannies. All should have expected to be looked at in depth.

Mandz said...

Hi Melbel &Joanypony!

I think out Government know far more than any of us and perhaps are annoyed at the way this case has been handled.

When the PJ drop the McCann status the British public will be up in arms at the way this heartbroken couple have been treated and lets face it anyone of us going on holiday where the Tourist Industry is of “great importance” if anything ( god forbid) happens and the police cannot find a reason for the crime then the chances are you will be blamed which is horrifying to think. I’ll take my tourist money elsewhere thank you and Portugal will never be on the agenda like Goa until tourists are put first and taken seriously & laws changed etc.

melbel said...

Yes, Joany and Jane
The tabloid papers are all at it ,speculating.
Never mind the psychological harm to the other children in the family.
Poor Shannon's family will probably not be able to sue.
Neighbours will be selling tales to tabloids for money and even though our Police will not "leak" there will be plenty more with a tale to tell.
I agree that rigorous investigations into all likely suspects and witnesses around Madeleine's case, should have been carried out.
I never understand how the people in the parallel universe [hate blogs ]are so protective of Murat.
He certainly seems to have questions to answer and plenty of discrepancies, according to the leaks of the leakers and comments of witnesses.
No such caution is displayed around G and K.It is open season for everybody[in the hate blogs ]to aim a kick.
Anyways, it is my firm view that we are in the majority, in our belief in innocence until proven guilty.
The Mccs would have slunk away, earlier on, in my view, if guilty, instead of continuing to press the Police.They could not have maintained this unshakable front.If there had been an accident involving their daughter, what is the big deal ?
They would have tried to help her medically and then got help.
Why, in earth's name, would they have tried to coneal her ?
I am wondering at the mindset of some of the Portugese.
I am very well aware that parents hurt their children, but the lurid idea that little Joana was fed to the pigs, by her parents, does not ring true with me.
it is a tad too far, in embellishing the facts, in my opinion.
There was no body, again.
It connects with the mad ideas of the 1001 theories that the PJ dreamt up re Madeleine.
They do not ring true.

melbel said...

Hi Mandz
You are spot on, as ever.
I am afraid that I have really gone off the country, now and the Portugese Police and rabble, involved in the trial by media, have done it finally for me.
There are plenty of other places, with scenery and sun.
I cannot put it out of my mind, the people who gathered to boo K and G when she went for questioning.
I cannot forget the polls they did, earlier, where a majority found against them, all before being charged or even before completion of the questioning.
I also do not believe that these parents are callous and cold hearted.They are heartbroken and anyone with a heart can see this.
Just because they got their act together to try to keep Madeleine in the public eye, is no reason to vilify them.

Mandz said...

All they seem to have on the McCann’s is the “timing” however I doubt they were all clock watching at that “time” and if there stories were all the same I would find that odd?
The police should have followed up ALL leads and should “never assume” and to suggest she is dead away back then is very disturbing because they are not experts in these types of cases and how many cases of abduction have they been on?

Mandz said...

Well said Melbel..!

How could they bo…? Who in their right minds had the damn cheek to bo a mother whose child had been taken without knowing “anything”? The leaks have sickened me I have not faith in their so called judicial system and no way on earth will I ever take my children to that Country.

JANEGT said...


You said /How many cases of abduction have they been on?'


JANEGT said...

SORRY mandz



i KEYED manda.........

sounds like#

2 syllables[


no no no

try again.

I promise to proof read
I promise to proof read
I promise to laksldgjgja'gkg

melbel said...

They should have got this basic information, much earlier.People's memories are always better, nearer the event.
They had offers of help and I cannot forgive them for blundering on, as we have , unfortunately,more crime than they yet do,I believe.
They seem to be not as well up on forensics, as the Leicester Laboratory,had to say that the evidence was overplayed.
They left Leicester, with a flea in their ear,apparently, because the evidence did not lead to the conclusion they wanted.
Why cannot people question the PJ, in Portugal and why so deferential?
It seems to have some medieval laws re secrecy, etc, which serve to protect their Police and nobody else.

Mandz said...

Hi Jane,

Clearly not enough & we all know what happened on the last ONE (Joana).....Need I say anymore..

melbel said...

Hiya Jane
You give me many a chuckle.
Nice to be on at the same time, for once, though like you, I am a Corrie fan and still expect it to be on Sunday.
I have this same conversation every Sunday !x

Mandz said...

No worries Jane!

melbel said...

Mandz, will try to catch the husband, after the Simpsons finish, to put me up a picture. Watch this space.

JANEGT said...


You started me thinking....if the McCanns had simply left, as they were supposed to the next morning, then none of us would have been the wiser, and th tapas group intact, would not have known IF there WERE a conspiracy theory, it could all have been covered up, McCanns home, nothing more needed said. They could so easily, if guilty, have got away with it. That is one of the main reasons, causing this huge stir, world wide media coverage, they have to be guilty or more insane than 4567.88 is.!!!!!!!! If you get my drift.

They took the DIFFICULT not the easy road. That should speak volumes. On the contrary, the PJ took the easy road, not the investigative, CORRECT road. In my personal view now I realise they did not look for her after such a short time as has been reported so widely. Yet, the press reports right up to the day 100, the 'turning point' ... the PJ kept saying NO THE MCCANNS ARE IN NOW WAY SUSPECTS IN MADELEINE'S DISAPPEARANCE.

what does that say about them when the next day, they made them arguido#arguida????


And they will say ... 'what has happened to our tourist industry' and blame.......the McCanns.

of course.

Mandz said...

Absolutely Melbel!

I'm laughing at the word "forensic" 2345 diddlee dum dum will have a fit for you saying that!

Off for food....Bye girls good chat!

JANEGT said...


GIVE ME WARNING SO i CAN SWITCH OFF IN CASE YOU BLOW ME UP TOO TRYING TO GET AN AVATAR UP. I read you, Diane, Calcite too and feel I know them, yet we don't often get a chance to post 'togeter' if you know what I mean. I get all comments in my in box and read them. Hmmmmm. sometimes it's a great laugh, really, sometimes I just want to cry and sometimes I want to throw a brick at the *********** saying such libellous ignorant abuse. But they are in the minority. And they know it. I don't like the current storylines in Corrie at all. what happened to Rita's blonde ex dancer or singer friend who had the 3 proposals......where's she gone? I thought they were doing a sort of golden Girls thing there which would have worked, but they haven't. Shame. I loved the Golde irls. very funny

SHRIMP ANYONE? Blanche to a little insignificant man.....hee hee hee

good job Madame Rosiepops is not on. I would be on the naughty step for my (lack of) keyboarding .......and signing off early. should be on the M6 till 3 am. B****r that for 50p then she takes 50%. Not on. I am going to Unison about this.

Yes, Mandz, I agree entirely, and know what you mean.

JANEGT said...



not allowed to mention the fffffff word here, fffffforensics. Not unless you pay the penalty. Plus VAT of course. Take it out your earnings. But be warned, 3 strikes and you're out.....

I am off for corrie and Dinner soon too. Multi tasking again, ho hum a woman's work is never done. Plus my gin, wine, 5 vodkas, 3 Carlsberg super brews, and my Benylyn and vic. Oh dear. What a lot of tasks...... ;o))))))))))))))

JANEGT said...

I also spin plates on each foot and have a basket of fruit on my head. Just to be truthful and totally honest here.


Sass said...

Hiya Jane, Mandz and last but not least Melbel

Do you like my new avatar - it's a tribute to someone. You know who?

JANEGT said...

2 syllables

first letter C


can't think of a name????

as if.....................

;o) ;o) ;o) ;o0 ;o0 ooo

dropped my plates and basket now laughing too much.


melbel said...


Christabel said...


you bloody show off.
Now learn to cut and paste lol !
Come on hubby help the poor woman out will ya ?.

melbel said...

BINGO. The fat fairy descends.
Just as everyone else, is going off fairies !

melbel said...

am now on my way !
Will now check out your helpful whatsit.x

Sass said...

Hiya all

We are all avatared up again! Nice work Melbel!

Sorry about the crockery Jane!

Christabel said...

Melbel, changed mine as resigned with Rosie

Tinkerbell43 said...

Evening All,

Whose the new fairy on the block, lol.

Christabel said...

Blimey I hadn't finished that Melbel.

I love doing calligraphy and thought I would use it.
I have just finished a cross stitch of the calligraphy gothic alphabet.
Will use the pic when I take one of it.

melbel said...

Smug melbel says
Jane, if you are still there, wasn't it true that the McCs actually requested the forensic tests from UK? Not exactly the actions of guilty people was it ?
Back later.

Sass said...

Hiya Tinks!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Sass,

How ya doin, luv the new avatar! As we say, there is more than one way to skin a cat!

Sass said...

It's my tribute to someone!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Lol, Sass would that person be a scummy moron ?

Mandz said...


Fantastic photo!!

Sass said...


It wasn't as cryptic as I thought then!

archer said...

Good evening all

Sass - that's an interesting avatar you have there !!!! I like it...

I thought I would join you in a change - though I fear mine is a little drab. I was practising getting my kit off!

Mandz said...

Love your avatar..Cute however you need your nails clipped!

Sass said...


Good idea! Of course, you'll have plenty of practise on the motorway of your choice! Which big town do you live near? I'll give you a good motorway!

JANEGT said...

Hi guys, had to get new fuse, Melbel blew up my deyboard. Why does everyone here have wings???? and yes, if they knew already what had happened why ask for results from British lab. won't use the FFF word, costs too much.


Whozzatt you have - now as your avatar? Robin Hood? William Tell?

archer said...


For my sins Milton Keynes

actually I love it!

Sass said...


It's not supposed to be cute! It's supposed to be representative of someone on the other blog! In which case I should let the CLAWS grow a little!

archer said...

Hi Jane

I'm in disguise - Guinevere lol

Mandz said...

Hi Archer!

Like your avatar also!

Off for now back laters...

Mandz said...


Ok then CLAW***.....!

Bye for now!

Sass said...


Went there once for Christmas shopping when I was a kid - about 30 years ago. The shopping centre had just opened and by the standards those days it was huge (but I was in primary school and everyone looked huge!)

The M1 is already being sorted out, so would the A40 do you for now?

Tinkerbell43 said...


You think you've got problems, I couldn't find a red light, I kept ending up on a porno site!

Sass said...

See you later maybe Mandz - can't stay too long today cos I have to be up mega early tomorrow.

JANEGT said...



You said I WAS PRACTISING GETTING MY KIT OFF. If Rosiepops realises you are an amateur not a 'pro' you will get down to 20p and she gets half. So don't tell her. sssshhhhhhhhh!!!! I am on the M6 which one are you on??? I have to be near Stafford as I need a lot o plates to spin on my feet. Bugger baskets.

A statement. Not a request.

Our blog theme song has to be

'I'm flying without wings'

doesn't it? our anthem? anthem all can gotohell.....slowly ;o);o)

archer said...


No problem as long as I can stop off at the garage? Have I got permission to do that?

Tinkerbell43 said...


You may be, but I'm not!

Sass said...


Pray tell - which site are you getting "attitude Tinks" "tart Tinks" from???

Sass said...


Some people are never happy - we all got a motorway to work on, you got an A road and are already talking about having a break!!!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Couldn't tell you Sass, you know me, stumbling all over the place!

JANEGT said...

ah I know you - you went to jail didn't you>????

G Archer

How are you Guinevere. Unfortunate... name and initials for the Inland Revenue. You might be 'recalled' especially now you are an amateur 'pro' and haven't told Madame Rosiepops who is most strict of your history. How is the book coming along?

Instead of a logbook you have a



stop throwing the tomatoes at me.

I am going quietly. I'm in a huff now. ;o(((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Sass said...


You're stumbling into some strange places!

archer said...


I am on the A40 will have to check that out !

I told you the other night I was not a real pro but willing to learn. I am a fast learner - so I have been told.

JANEGT said...


SASS needs more than her nails clipped,,,,, have you experienced that TONGUE?????


Sass said...


Lifetime ban!

archer said...

Is it cash only - cos I'm a bit concerned as to where I put the American Express card machine!

Sass said...


Well at least make sure it's notes they use - not small change!

JANEGT said...





JANEGT said...

HEY MELBEL 2017 hrs post

what's this about wings on this blog?

where's the trolley dolly for my food.........and my duty free.

Sass said...

I was just reading about Shannon. They are interviewing her in 10-15 minute slots as they don't want to traumatise her. They must have some patience - they'll be interviewing forever!

JANEGT said...



you cannot be concerned about the american express card at all, nor it being accepted, it's where they swipe it that hurts....

take care.

Amnerican Express? That'll do nicely.

lots of places don't take it though.........!!!!!!;o(((((((((

JANEGT said...




o =plates, spinning, in celebration

JANEGT said...

is it the mile high club then?????



archer said...


Geoffrey and I were talking about that the other night. Mary tried to put her twopenneth in and I had to tell her to butt out!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sass, its so desperately sad, but hopefully they will get to the bottom of everything thats troubling her. You do have to question what her homelife must be like.

Also, I understand she was bullied on the bus on her way home that day, kids can be so cruel, but you dont know if she perhaps gets taunted because of her mums reputation.

Dobywallah said...

Hello Girls, don't think we have any boys on the show have we? Just been nosying on Alsabella's blog, read about twenty posts and got bored stiff so withdrew quietly! Mind you there was one moments excitement when 2345 accused betty of being a none tax paying sponger. That didn't go down very well with one or two of the tribe but the majority fell into line as i think they are scared of provoking him into his DNA, body fluids, and broken neck routine! His latest gimmick is suggesting Shannons family tried to cook up a conspiricy to raise 1.3 mill inspired by Madeleines sad disappearace. this man, sorry it's a woman believe has a very strange twisted ways of looking at things! Just trying to impress any onlookers prepared to listen to his nonesense!

JANEGT said...


re Shannon

Poor little girl. It is time she had a voice and say in what is going on around her. I am glad they are taking their time, and yes, I feel it will be a long, long haul for her and her family if they are still around by the time this counselling kicks into gear.

Noone has had eyes to see what she was going through nor her half brothers/sisters and now they are having their say, quite rightly too.

This is a huge mess, which is unravelling before our eyes. It does not make pretty reading. Does any of it? But at least help, positive counselling for all, should let them all see where the future lies.

It is a sad, sad story. Poor little 9 year old. She seems the 'bubbly' type that pulls through slightly less damaged than others, but who knows? At least people now care.

It is truly harrowing reading in all the papers today.

melbel said...

really weird,but I said Tinks had put on weight and I got the bum's rush.I became an anon and could not get on and have come another route, so just checking.
My fairy appears to have jinxed me and husband is at the Pub quiz and I look to have lost a lot of stuff, such as wedding photos of my girls.
I hope he can restore it or I will be dead meat [not ]
It will teach me not to be a bighead about my virtually non existent computer skills.

Dobywallah said...

Said my piece for tonight Ladies and now must be off, things to do as usual. Enjoy the rest of the evening, bye for now, Doby.

JANEGT said...



I thought 23456789.777 was a bloke too due to the gory representations, but no it is a 60 yr old woman. Makes it worse. If true, of course. How do we know....

For example you didn't know I was a very large parrot, with eye patch, spinning plates on my feet, with a basket on my head, not to mention drinking vodka, special brew, wine, gin, and beer all at once. Great for one little bird tray isn't it. B and Q 1.99 each. Amazing.

Now you have to get an avatar as even Melbel has now, although she plunged the UK into darkeness to do so. Archer too has one, Robin Hood in drag. So come on, what'll you be.......???????????????

the bog mindles. as they say.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Melbel,

Rule No.1 dont panic.

Rule No.2 deny all knowledge.

Rule No.3 if all else fails blame Jane, lol.

JANEGT said...


BUMSRUSH? hussshhhhh

Madame rosiepops charges £50 for that. schhhh don't tell her. Don't boast about that here. You should have more sense.

I am sending you a bill via my electrician for my computer, lights, tv's, microwave, ovens and outside security lights failure when you finally got your avatar. It comes to a modest
£199,566,889.89 plus Tesco points

As that is less than Heather Mills got... be grateful. ;o)))))))))

JANEGT said...


I feel like the 8th dwarf.

DOBY WHAT DID I SAY?????????????




melbel said...

Cheers, Tinks
Cos I never put crumbs in it, only white wine and I polish the screen, once in a while.
I have had to come in via the e mail message I was sent.
I do not want to be an anon and most of the bookmarks, including this site, have disappeared.
I have done a real malinski tonight.
It is like the garage, yer man thinks it is his territory!
I will tell him that Jane broke it.

helenm said...

Hi, how are you all? Earning plenty?

JANEGT said...






Tinkerbell43 said...


You're used to kopping the blame for everything else, I thought you wouldn't mind, lol.

Luv ya really!

helenm said...

Was a little cheesed off that I was the only one without wings!!!

melbel said...

Oh, Jane
We will have to settle it at the Border!
Who was the poster who arranged to meet an anti at Hadrian's Wall on DE
forum.?[for a fisticles ]

melbel said...

Hi Helen
Another fairy.
I was hoping you might bring me some teeth.

helenm said...

Melbel, don't think this is what you had in mind!!! UGH

Tinkerbell43 said...

Th uncle is charged in the Shannon case with kidnapping and false imprisonment.

helenm said...

Do you think Rosie will accept me as a lady of the night? Will she accept payment in euros?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Has anyone seen Mum21. I've not heard from her since she set off up the M40 with her zimmerframe.

I know she took her packed lunch with her, maybe she got more lunchboxes then she bargained for!

Did anyone tell her we were only playing, lol.

JANEGT said...


...of the night maybe, but no lady....


yes, just put blame on my head

hey noone here is allowed their teeth in any longer, since Mum21 was told her teeth would 'fly out' or similar wording by the anti brigade.... So we all now take them out and put them in a jar, over our keyboards, then tell Melbel to answer her phone, then everything goes black, and she's in trouble, but it's my fault.

ok got it now?

or do you want the lllooonnnggg version?

JANEGT said...


where on earth did you dig up these teeth, please????

put them back.


viv needs them.

archer said...


:¬) thats a cracker

Tinkerbell43 said...


Have you heard, Michael Donovan has been charged with the Kidnap and False Imprisonment of Shannon Matthews.

helenm said...

Jane only following Mandz's instructions to Melbel on how to get an avatar. Blame her!lol. She'll rue the day me thinks!

Is Rosie ok? I read last night or was it earlier today that she was not feeling too well.

JANEGT said...


Glad at least he has been charged with that. Is that all - are further charges pending???


seems awol her battery on her zimmer frame has either run out, or she has a long queue on that motorway of hers, causing major blockages. I heard Terry Wogan saying so this morning. She did have 15 packed meals hanging on it though, so she was sure she would get lucky....or unlucky depending on how you look at it. ;o((((((((((

Poor Shannon, to be completely serious, for a moment, she deserves this help and hope she gains the maximum benefit from it. then her half brothers/sisters will too. To have an extended family of over 105 people beggars belief to me. they seem to all need help. sad sad story. Poor little girl was the straw that broke the back of the huge camel. It should never ever have come to this.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I heard reports too that a slow moving vehicle was causing major delays.

Trust mum to make a meal of it!

helenm said...

Tinks, it would appear that the police have sufficient evidence on kidnapping and false imprisonment. We will have to wait to see if there are any subsequent charges to be made.

melbel said...

Yuk!Put those choppers away.
Just got back from Alsie's and someone had been reporting that the PJ had landed today,but an anon said that it was PJ Probey.
2345 is pontificating on that Shannon's case is definitely money related, based on Mccann case.No room for doubt and that is what is scarey about these people.
Well, I think I will blog off, gals.
Hope Rosie is ok.
Night night all and last one up, put the light out.
Hope to see you again,unless my computer blows up, or just cowers in a corner, in submission. xxX

helenm said...

Goodnight Melbel. Off soon myself.

JANEGT said...


I don't know, Rosiepops did say last night she was feeling 'nauseous' but comments from other blogs do make you that way.

She is maybe succumbing to this bug that seems to be sweeping everyone now....hope not. She might just be so busy as she often is and she will come in later tonight. Hope so and all is well.

{If she does, shhhhhhhhh as she wants her 50% and I am not telling her I earned my fortune today. £3.60. No. that's mine. I have a subway in sight. No way is she getting half.} don't tell anyone
;o)))) I have to thank my producer, Arsabella, for bringing this really lucrative job my way, and others too on this 'scene' now 356 of us all highway motorway A road B road a garage whores. Great stuff. I have to thank you for opening up my life to me. I have seen the light and the way.........thank you sosososososo


huh believe that!!!

archer said...


I agree. This family has been catapulted into the limelight in such tragic circumstances and help will now be available to them.

I have no doubts at all of the love for Shannon from her mother, but love is sometimes not enough!

I am not certain that she will go back to the family home.

What do you think?

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm off too everyone. At least its a nice short week.

I dont think we'll see the PJ now until after Easter, if at all!

Its getting worryingly close to April 14th deadline. I cant see them completing everything in the next couple of weeks when its taken them nearly 11 months to get this far. What a shambles.

Night everyone xx

helenm said...

Night folks, keep a look out for mum21 and Rosie. Do you think they have run off with the takings?

Realised my avatar was far too glamorous, this one is much more fitting!!lol

Mum21 said...

Hi Girls. I am back at last from my trip along the M27. And what a trip it was too. There I was battling against the wind and rain...with my skirt hitched high...when suddenly I heard the sound of a motor bike as it screeched to a halt. Sitting astride it bold as brass was a long haired Hell's Angel. "Want a lift babe?" he said. I climbed aboard...holding on for dear I muttered "Where are you headed for Mister?". The Hell's Angel turned to look at me with a sinister look on his face..."Portugal" he replied.
In that instant I knew something was not quite right...and I brought my zimmer frame down full force on his head.
As he fell to his knees whimpering...the penny finally dropped.
I let out the throttle and zoomed off into the night....but as I did so...I took one last look back and shouted....Bye Doppleganger...give my regards to your Queen.

JANEGT said...






??????????????????? melbelcheeky sod blows up everyone else's computers, then gets hers to work and b****rs off. huh. I will remember that ......

teeth or not.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JANEGT said...


I called the RAC for your motorised zimmer ---- but you are not allowed an extra wide load with police escort so they would not answer my call.

glad you are well. next round is definitely on you with that amount of earnings. well done you. 'pro' of the month.


archer said...

You lot crack me up .. :¬))

Night all

See you soon

Mum21 said...

Night Archer.
Stay away from the M27

supertroll said...

Evening everyone,
Hope you are all well. Nice avatars everyone.

I love the post today. Very sad, but so true...


JANEGT said...

no changed my mind

post of the month has to be


for that one re biking to Portugal. No doubt in tight lathers. etc. ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

One of the best.........ever. I have filed it for a gloomy night to read, re read, re re read and re re re re re read again. and again. wonderful one that. ;o)))))

ha ha a mod on a zimmer in full tight leathers going to Portugal. ha ha with sardine sandwiches for packed lunches for 10 months...with no teeth.



helenm said...

Telegraph has interesting article on Shannon

Nice to see you back safely Mum21

archer said...

Yes Mum

After your experiance lol


JANEGT said...







Mum21 said...

Jane. Did somebody say Rosie is missing tonight?

Well...I am sure I saw her dancing along the M27 singing...."1...2345...once I caught a fish alive. Did I ever let her go?. Oh no...I don't think so.
I passed her on to the forensic man....and he sealed her up in a sardine can. Traaa laaa la la la"

Mum21 said...

Helen. Now I am going to be serious for a minute and go read that link you just put up.

JANEGT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JANEGT said...


stop making me choke with laughter. You are on form tonight.....fresh air and leathers must do you good.

I will have what you are having. Hope it's not Horlicks again. Hate Horlicks.

Cadbury's Hot chocolate please, and a lovely millionaire's shortbread. Hmmmmm. that'll do. Plus a lovely hot water bottle.


dianeh said...

Hi To You all.

Glad to see that Donovan has been charged over Shannon.

So 2345 is sure that Shannon's adduction is money related. I am sure Shannon would like to hear that. Kept locked up for 24 days, away from her family and subject to who knows what. But its OK because 2345 knows who did it and why? Who needs the police then.

What beggars belief is that these so called anti's are blaming the parents for everything. Can they not face the truth that child abduction for purposes I dont care to mention does happen. As in Shannon's case.

As for the family situation. I am afraid that the family situation is not the issue. People are in many cases brought up properly from broken homes with multiple sets of parents. But where the children are not the most important thing, then they are brought up disadvantaged, not knowing the love and safety that their parents should provide. It is a question of focus.

The children in my family (including the extended family) are the most important thing to us all, so they are cherished and cared for, raised properly, educated and very much loved. Even some of my cousins, who seem to have children to multiple fathers, they take care of their children properly. Then there is one, who has dragged her kids up. It is just as well that her mother was there when the kids were growing up to give them some stability. This cousin of mine only cared about her kids when she had nothing better to do. Yet her brothers and sisters have raised their own families very well. Somehow the community needs to emphasize that the children are the most important. And this should not just be done through promoting traditional family values. You dont need a traditional family to raise your children properly, just the knowledge and the will to do so.

Mum21 said...

Jane..It is horlicks..chocolate flavour.
Take my does you the world of good.(but not when travelling the M27)

Mum21 said...

So they have charged him Helen. They certainly do not hang about...not like some other policeforce I could mention.

supertroll said...

I can just imagine 2345 in a white forensic jumpsuit and mask...

She must really scare the neighbours.

It is a crime to impersonate a police office, how about a Scene of Crime officer?


JANEGT said...

yeah supertroll

and that's only in the waiting room....for a sideward broad daylight too.



JANEGT said...


You have committed the worse THE worse sin. the ffffffffffff word.

I am sorry to say you now owe the 'fffffffffffffune' £100 for that. We have had to impose this fffffffffffffffffine because so many posters bring up 5678.88 too often here. Not to our taste.

The box is on top of your screen, beside the glass with teeth in. got it? good don't spill it. Melbel has done that and plunged us into darkness all for her silly avatar. oh dear.

and 5678.99 is a woman of 60 too.

make this sentence.



you have a coconut. ;o))))))))))))))

record too.

supertroll said...

I think she has watched too much CSI...

Complete overdose.


supertroll said...

Sorry Jane and everyone

I really didn't mean to say the F word, it sort of came out...


Mum21 said...

Supertroll. You did not say the F word did you?
I am surprised at you...because that word belongs solely to 2345. She owns the copyright.

JANEGT said...

to be serious for a moment

I feel the PJ were waiting to charge the McCanns with more than te neglect issue so many antis say the Portuguese would have been charged with.....but hey wanted a higher charge. they did not have the proof, the evidence, and they came home, they were ALLOWED to come home let's make no bones about it, and now all hell is let loose.

In poor little Shannon's case, tey charged immediately they had enough evidence. Further charges probably will follow for some on this, but at least they have evidence they charge they have done their duty. Systematically. You just cannot argue with that, and the 'delay' has been answered to most people's satisfaction.

They got their man, they got the girl, alive, and hopefully 'well' we will see. The family are now getting the help they have qite clearly needed for years. Now there is no wriggling out of anything. It WILL happen not it 'might' happen. It is good all round, but I actually don't care. I only care about Shannon who had to go through this to be heard. This is wrong. Karen Matthews has 7 children not all with her. Now I hope ALL of these children will be listened to and their needs, wants, and desires will be listened to and met.

I do not say anything f the 'adults' so called in this. They, to me, are transitory. They had needs too, but they perhaps put them BEFORE their dhildren's either their own or their partners, and that says it all. They are big enough to look after themselves.

Shannon and her half siblings on the whole, are not.

#the adults in this scenario need help but whether they get it, use it, abuse it, listen to it, or even accept it I care not. I care about Shannon and all the other 'Shannons' of this world.

My focus is in the right place, I feel. So is the police focus, and the social workers and the counsellors. It is now up to them. But I am glad a 9 year old will be kept in that loop to listen, benefit, and grow from this

Maybe, just maybe, her extended family will too.

I doubt it. Sorry. I do. I was asked my opinion. and that is all it is.

The children matter. The adults, frankly, don't. If they accept the need for help they will benefit. If they don't they won't and the mistakes will go on and on and on and on like a culture of 'acceptance' of neglect.

Going to stop now. Said more than enough for me. I could go on but won't. I feel passionate about this.

dianeh said...

Hi Mum21

I thought we didnt use the 'f' word because we were all to thick to understand what it is.

After all, we are so thick that we thought that the 'f's were inconclusive and didnt prove anything other than a member of Madeleine's family (or possible Madeleine herself or just Madeleine's hair) was in the car and the apartment. Funny that her family's DNA would show up in the car they used. So strange, it suggests the McCanns must be guilty of being in the car, or using the boot.

Mum21 said...

Well Jane and Supetroll. I will say good night to you.
I am about to don my leathers and mount my motorised zimmer frame and head out on the M27. Need to go looking for Rosie before she sings herself into BIG trouble.
I only heard her first verse....dread to think what the words to verse 4 are.
If we don't appear by noon tomorrow...please send out the PJ.
Then they can join in the chorus. :-)

Night and God Bless

dianeh said...


I agree with you, as in my previous post. The focus of the family must be the children, they must be the most important thing.

There are so many children like Shannon and most never have a chance. I think that education on how to raise children (not just their physical needs but their emotional ones as well) needs to happen to try to counteract this dreadful situation, maybe as compulsory education in high school. Having children is a privilege and with it comes responsibility for those children and it is due from both parents.

Mum21 said... right you are.
See you tomorrow...hopefully with Rosie in tow.
Good Night to you.

dianeh said...


Further on this.

I dont doubt for a minute that Shannon's mum and dad love her very much. But they basically look after their own needs first and her's second. And most likely neither of them realise the danger both physically and emotionally that they place Shannon in. And her brothers and sisters.

supertroll said...

Good night Mum21 talk to you tomorrow.

I am posting this post here which is a reply to a poster in my blog over notdoc's claims about his grandmother.

This is for you Mum21 and Melbel and all those who have been attacked recently by notdoc.

Jenna said...
Note on Vivs Southerncross posts about a "wee girl" same phrase as doc? uses.

Doc? also stated the other night his fathers mother was the first british woman to qualify as a doctor and worked until she was ninety!!! Well Sophia Jex Blake was the first british woman to qualify, think about 1890ish and........she was a lesbian, obviously with no offspring, she never married.

Hi Jenna,

Yes, I did notice his claims and also investigated.

Sophia Jex Blake was also a member of the Edinburgh seven, the first women to study medicine in Edinburgh.

Not one of them has a biography which tallies with notdoc's description of his grandmother.

In fact, there is nothing anywhere on record to support that such a woman ever existed.

Since she sounded like such an extraordinary woman, I would have expected to find some record of her somewhere.

He has since said that he never said his grandmother graduated in Edinburgh, and went on to attack Melbel quite nastily.

But he did say that she graduated in Edinburgh...

In this post:

docmac said...

'I was inspired from a very young age by my dad's mum. She was born in Burma (of all places) and was the very first woman to graduate from Edinburgh University medical school. She still did GP locum work in her 90's here in Cape Town, though she had been a surgeon in her prime.'

Caught again...
There are too many inconsistencies now.

Only the most gullible must still believe him


JANEGT said...

hey MUM21 SUPERTROLL et al

Our ffffund for saying the f word now stands at £67,900 pounds. We cannot 'swipe' American Express coz of doby. He broke the machine.......overused it on trial.

I did read more from that person, numbered, who seems to dig up the f word on any conversation at all, be it re Madeleine, or Shannon, or anti pros.....that word comes up.

There is no cause for that. the world does not revolve around f.

She clearly does not even say Good Morning, it is Good FFFFFFFFFFFF

ooops nearly nearly that's £20 in the box. { a nearly is 20% of total due.}

;o( that's a week's earnings down the ffff drain.

JANEGT said...

Oh dear

A very GOOD NIGHT and SWEET DREAMS to you all.

I have enjoyed your mad humour tonight.

I am glad Shannon seems to be being helped and matters are progressing positively for her. The focus has always been on the child not the adults who should know better. If they do not, that is not an issue, it is their problem, but the children are, and must remain, ours.

Only with a conscience can we better this. If we have a blame culture nothing moves forward; Like the other blogs, in reverse gear. All hate and bile. No thank you. We are making a stand here, and good for us.

See you next time you are all on.

thanks for the giggles. lots tonight.


JANEGT said...


''ROSIE IN TOW''????? EH??

on your motorised zimmer for one, with lunches for a month up that motorway and you TOW Rosie????

No your RAC badge will fall off and I cannot protect you as I am at north end of M6 now. yOUR aa BATTERIES WILL RUN OUT FOR YOUR ZIMMER LIGHTS TOO. You also know you have been barred from all 'little chefs' after what you did to them all that night in that dress........

ha ha ha good night to you

see you soon.

JANEGT said...

thank you supertroll for proving what many have thought for such a long long time......

odd how your own posts can show you for what you are in claiming things that are not quite right.

well done to you, and your blog for the balance much needed now with these hideous blog wars.

thank you

supertroll said...


Not a problem, my pleasure...
I am off to bed now.
Goodnight everyone. Sleep well and will speak again tomorrow.


calcite51 said...

Good evening, everyone - hope you are sleeping well after your busy nights.

calcite51 said...

I got a new avatar too and guess what, what a bust I'm going to have with you bunch!

calcite51 said...

Has anyone heard any news?

calcite51 said...

If I thought I could have gotten away with it - I would have found a picture of Rosie's fav pj and that would have been my avatar - but I figure someone would report me.

calcite51 said...

And tomorrow, shall we discuss the fooooooooooooooorensic evidence as well as the woof, woof, evidence all which clearly implicate all of you. Just call me 1234...

dianeh said...

Just saw comments from the Sun about Madeleine's picture costing her life. What a load of claptrap.

If you dont circulate the picture, then no one knows what she looks like. How does a police force expect to locate a missing person without any help?

Saying that though, the person from the Sun article is just a legal source and not from the PJ. So this legal source in Portugal knows more than the Brit Police, US Police, Aust Police, Other European forces such as France and Holland. All of which circulate pictures of missing children in a bid to make them recognisable.

Just another story to try to push blame to the parents.

What this story does show is that this legal source believes Madeleine was abducted. Havent noticed that coming out of Portugal very often. This then I suppose would make the abductor the guilty party, not the McCanns.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

Locate IP Address on Map