Monday, 6 April 2009

Now Some People Want To Blame the McCanns For Portugal's Tourist Trade Plummeting In A Global Recession!

You couldn't make this up really but as they have mentioned, I thought it only fair to counteract.

There is a report in the Sun today about a couple of disgruntled workers suing the McCanns because they lost their job in a global recession, I have heard of some really stupid things that the McCanns are being blamed for but this is the most stupid to date!

But here is some facts for them.

These disgruntled people would be better off blaming the real culprits for the predicament they find themselves in.

They also need reminding that Madeleine is a victim and so is her parents of the heinous crime of child abduction that took place in Portugal in the town of Praia da Luz, whether they care to admit is or they like it or not, this is the truth.

Then they should think about blaming all those that have given their country and their town a bad name ever since and this falls on the shoulders of Portuguese nationals like Claudia, Luz, Alsabella, not forgetting the odious blood sucking leaches that write books and make money out of children they failed, enter Paulo Cristovao and the fat arsed wonder Goncalo Amaral.

What did they think the publicity that their very own odious fatso Gonco Bunter (Goncalo Amaral) brought to them, actually did for them?

Forget the biased opinions of dubious mediocre minds of the Janet and John type book circle that actually read this book and thought is was the best thing since the proverbial loaf of sliced bread, their banality doesn't really count.

However, this book 'The Truth of the Lie/True Lies' or something (even the title makes no sense) has done much to harm the already tarnished image of Portugal. The fat arsed wonder had already tarnished Portugal's and PDL's image when he was in charge of the Madeleine investigation for four months! The book just had normal sane people looking at it and shaking their heads in total disbelief and making a mental note 'never' to risk their children there until something had been done to rectify the glaring problems that make Portugal an attractive destination to any old passing paedophile, from ANY country as well as their own home grown Paedophiles!

If people feel unsafe to come to PDL with their children, then instead of blaming the victims of the crime, they should blame the ABDUCTORS and their thick headed corpulent ex PJ turned book writer, and pimp extraordinaire who has sought out every way imaginable to pimp on the little girls memory, the little girl he failed abysmally!

It is the likes of of Goncalo Amaral and his constant barrage of bizarre and often unfathomable unfounded allegations, leaks and smears against these parents, that has constantly highlighted Portugal and brought it into disrepute, not the poor unfortunate parents that suffered the desperately sad plight of having their daughter abducted and then suffered further as the finger of blame was pointed at them based on noting, zero, zilch evidence. For this Portugal can again turn and point their fingers at Goncalo Amaral.

I kept warning that if the obvious right wing Portuguese nationals did not let up on their agenda to attack the McCanns and accuse them at every given opportunity, that Portugal and Praia da Luz in particular, would suffer a catastrophic fall in tourism, you cannot keep saying the things these people were saying without it having a detrimental affect on their tourist industry. they were warned but they scoffed and laughed and carried on and now others are suffering because of the foul minds and mouths of these people.

Why blame the victims of crime? There is too much of this blame the victim mentality and if people are going to do this, then they have to be prepared to pay the consequences.

If I had little children, regardless of Kate and Gerry McCann, I would NOT even think of going to PDL and taking them there because I do not think it is a safe enough country.

I would make this decision based on all the facts and not just Kate and Gerry McCann and Madeleine.

I do not want to visit a country where I have no trust in the police to do a good and unbiased job should anything go wrong.

I do not want to visit a country where there is no DNA based sex offenders register in place.

I do not want to visit a country that pretends it is family orientated, but turns out it is not. It turns out that the smiles were only as they took our holiday euros, as soon as our backs are turned, we turn into those filthy British tourists again!

I do not want to visit a country, that thinks nothing of booing and heckling a mother as she faces the most agonising time in her whole existence.

I do not want to visit a country, that thinks nothing of allowing an a disgraced ex police chief SACKED from the investigation of a missing child, to write books, write columns in newspapers, make films, give interviews to journalists, magazines, radio and television and get paid thousands of euros for doing so.

I do not want to visit a country, that allows such a disgraced man, to make completely fabricated and unfounded allegations against two people who could not fight back, because he is effect had silenced them by making them arguidos (suspects) in a hurry before Portugal's law changed just 8 days later, when he was in charge of the investigation. (Again - Goncalo Amaral)

I do not want to visit a country, that thinks nothing of journalists being given highly confidential and sensitive information about witnesses, told these witnesses names, addresses and telephone numbers by an "unknown source close to the PJ" and then this journalist 'Felcia Cabrita' turns out to be a bit of a close friend of the ex lead detective on the Madeleine case, one Goncalo Amaral. (Again)

I do not want to visit a country, that cannot accept responsibility for the catastrophic blunders that dogged this investigation from start to finish without even trying to put them right.

I do not want to visit a country that thinks it is a good thing to boo and heckle a a distressed man, there to make a filmed reconstruction in the hope of jogging a few people's memories that may lead to information in finding his abducted daughter.

I do not want to visit a country, that thinks nothing of allowing the defilement of the posters of a missing child and the obliteration of the telephone numbers that one may call if they had information, that could help bring this tragic affair to an end. It is hard to figure, of the people of Praia da Luz are so worried about their tourist trade, then how come they do nothing about the wanton vandalism at the door to their town?

How do these people think that adding vandalism and defacing the image of an innocent child to the already very long list of reasons, why a family may not choose Praia dal Luz or Portugal for their hard earned vacation, will do thier sinking trade any good?

I do not want to visit a country, that cannot accept that a child was abducted and then put in place laws that may make future abductors think twice before doing this again and I do not want to visit a country that cannot accept responsibility for the great wrongs that have been done to this couple at the hands of the fat arsed wonder! Goncalo 'Walter Mitty' Amaral.

I have voiced many of these opinions before and was promptly told by the "delightful" Portuguese nationals Claudia, Alsabella and Athena, good don't come, we don't want your sort in our country.

Well it looks like they have got their wish, because a lot of people are my sort and it looks like we have stayed away in our droves!

This predicament of the workers in PDL has nothing to do with the McCanns, but it has everything to do with the fat laughing all the way to the bank policeman, who not only failed one small little girl abysmally, he failed his country and his people in a way that cannot be measured.

Perhaps those workers should sue Amaral? after all he is the one making the millions and spending it on his wife keeping her kitted out in designer frocks, frocks paid for by Madeleine McCann!

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