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Portuguese Police IGNORE 4 NEW Leads! - Portugal's Disgrace!

It seems that after all that has gone on, after all the mistakes the disgraced former police chief Goncalo Amaral has made and how Amaral alone has managed to heap shame and disgrace on his country resulting in a cataclysmic effect on Portugal's tourist industry, as people are justifiably scared of going there on holiday with their children. The Portuguese police appear not to have learned any lessons at all, they have actually been found to have told people NOT to contact them with any information about missing Madeleine McCann, that she is dead and the case is closed!
The fact that the case is NOT closed, not according to the Portuguese Attorney General anyway, it is shelved and may be opened at any time if any new important leads emerge.

How would this happen if the Portuguese police have adopted this attitude? This means that officers at grass roots level are discarding any information which comes in, so who knows if it is important or not?
It seems that the majority of the Portuguese people are in denial, and being brainwashed into this catatonic state by the police themselves.

Portugal is certainly NOT a democratic country, it is for all intents and purposes very much still a police state, this state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, the EU now has to act. Portugal cannot be a Member State of the European Union while this kind of thing is allowed to happen, other countries have been DENIED access to the EU for a lot less than what is occurring in Portugal, right now!
There is a level of corruption there that needs to be rooted out and not least because the life of a child is depending on it.

Former police chief Goncalo Amaral was sacked from the Madeleine investigation for lying and making false statements about the British police, he was also dismissed from his post as police chief of Portimao. Last week on Friday 22nd May 2009, Goncalo Amaral was found guilty of perjury and falsifying documents to conceal evidence of torture by his men, who it was proved tortured into confession, the mother of another missing child who's body has never been found.

The police inspectors could not be sentenced as they all refused to speak, remaining silent, so which officers were guilty of the torture could not be established, so none of them could be found guilty and none sentenced, because obviously an innocent person could have been sent to prison.
In most other countries this silence in court would have been accepted as an admission of guilt and all would have been found guilty and all would have been sentenced for torturing a witness in custody under interrogation.


However, thankful for small mercies, Goncalo Amaral was found guilty of very serious crimes and not upholding the letter of the law he swore to uphold, he was give an 18 month prison sentence, suspended.

Thanks to the dilligence and the untiring efforts of Leonor Cipriano's lawyer 'Dr Marcos Aragao Correia', Goncalo Amaral was convicted of perjury (lying under oath) lying and withholding evidence of a torture of a female witness (Leonor Cipriano) while she was held in custody, she was forced to confess to the murder of her daughter, which she did not commit.

Dr Correia, is s till battling on Leonor's behalf and has lodged an appeal to have her freed from prison, which will be heard in the Porutugese Supreme Court of Justice.

Thanks to Dr Marcos Aragao Correia, hopefully justice will be done and Leonor Cipriano will soon be released from prison.

Portugal needs MORE people prepared to stand up and fight against INJUSTICE and fight for JUSTICE for people who have obviously been wronged and suffered a gross miscarriage of justice like Leonor Cipriano.

Dr Correia, has put his own personal safety on the line by doing this and has opened himself up to accusations, lies and slurs against his character, by no less than Goncalo Amaral!

We as a forum and as a blog, will continue to support Dr Correia as long as he needs us.

Amaral should have gone to prison, but he was let off lightly. This is the state of the justice system and endemic corruption in Portugal and this is why the EU should give Portugal its marching orders!
If the EU does nothing, the EU already accused of corruption, will be viewed as even more corrupted.

It emerges now that in and around Portugal, there have been sex attacks on the children of holiday makers actually inside their holiday apartments, in the month leading up to Madeleine McCann's abduction and two assaults afterwards, equally as serious and telling is that these assaults were combined with burglaries on the properties.

As usual this VITALLY IMPORTANT information had been reported but was NOT acted upon and was buried on purpose in 70.000 pages in the official police files.

Neither was the true extent of just how many KNOWN paedophiles were actually resident in and around Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine was abducted. Not least one particularly British born CONVICTED paedophile, Raymond Hewlett. Apparently all the known paedophiles in the area all but one is British and one predatory paedophile (nationality unspecified) lives just 500 yards from where Madeleine was abducted!

In view of all this information now emerging, why have the Portuguese police kept this secret? Goncalo Amaral cannot be blamed solely for this, some of the blame for this must fall on Paulo Rebelo, who took the investigation over after Amaral was sacked!

Just how deep does this apparent corruption go in Portugal's police?

This while investigation is beyond the realms of names like circus, joke and farce, it has slipped into something much more sinister than this, it is now showing all the signs of corruption and a possibly a paedophile ring operating in and around the Algarve, especially centering on Praia da Luz.

Portugal had NO sex offenders register ate the time Madeleine disappeared and despite all the fiasco since, it still has NO DNA based sex offenders register, Portugal is in effect a have for paedophiles.

What happened to Madeleine?

Could it be that the PJ were so scared if they investigated this properly that a scandal would ensue along the lines of Casa Pia children's home in Portugal?
Could the PJ themselves be complicit in the paedophile ring?

Nothing is clear except for this certainty - Portugal's secrets, the ones their authorities and police have tried so hard to cover up, even to the point of the PJ FALSELY making the McCanns suspects in their daughter's disappearance, are now emerging, and just like I always predicted even as far back as before when I predicted Amaral would be sacked and should be sacked, I also maintained that something deeply sinister in Praia da Luz happened and is still happening, but the truth will come out because it always does and when it does come, it comes like an unstoppable express train.

That express train has just started rolling and it is picking up speed and no matter what Amaral or Rebelo and other insignificants do to try and stop it, they will not. Portugal must now brace itself the worse is yet to come.

All the people who tried to cover this up, will now be feeling very scared and well they should, they have added to the immeasurable pain and suffering of a little girl, her parents and her family and the question is, how many times has this happened in Portugal? And how many times have they got away with it?

I leave you with this, because despite all the dirt and despite everything unpalatable happening to children, there are still some people like those police officers who IGNORED the new leads coming in and those that languish in the stinking cesspit of hate sites, the hate forums that themselves are made up out of paedophiles, perverts and who sell porn in order to stay on the nest, simply to denigrate, accuse the innocent parents of an innocent child and to satisfy their almost perverted needs to have these parents found guilty and thrown into prison for something they clearly did not do, they want this so badly, they do NOT want Madeleine McCann found and they even take the side of a convicted violent foul mouthed paedophile, who's own son has said this about him:

"Hewlett's 40-year-old son Wayne Hewlett, a builder, said he and his brothers and sisters were savagely beaten by him when they were children.Wayne cut all ties with his father 20 years ago, and said: 'He is a monster. The crimes he has committed are despicable, he is a major embarrassment as a father and I'm ashamed of the things he has done.'I know he has cancer but I don't care whether he lives or dies. I despise the man. How could anyone not?'Just because he's my father doesn't mean I'm not disgusted by what he has done.'"

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption?: We Ask Questions the Portuguese Police MUST Answer!

This book written by co-authors of the internet chat forum
is doing very well.
It is now for sale on Waterstones, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other online outlets.
Also available from AuthorHouse

The comments and reviews from 'genuine' purchasers of this book have been favourable. Many saying that they did not realise the extent of the disinformation surrounding Madeleine's disappearance and that of her parents, until they read it grouped under one heading. Many have been absolutely horrified at the extent of the vicious online bullying, intimidation and untrue and unfounded allegations aimed at Mr Mrs McCann.

This book is an excellent read for those that have not followed this case, as well as those who have.
Many have been absolutely astonished at the degree of incompetency by the Portuguese police the 'Policia Judiciaria' (PJ) and have been shocked at how the now sacked and disgraced detective 'Goncalo Amaral' was allowed to head this investigation for five months.

This book concentrates on Goncalo Amaral and questions his investigative techniques, competency and asks many deep and probing questions.

The authors maintain there are approximately a truly staggering 168 questions that are pertinent to this case and which must be answered by Goncalo Amaral.

Currently Goncalo Amaral, is now blatantly touting himself for money. He has employed an agent, who contacted Sky News and told them that Amaral was available for interview but it would cost Sky a staggering £80.000!

Agents/publicists do not come cheap, and can cost anything from around an eye opening £3000 per month up to double figure sums of £40.000. How much is Goncalo Amaral now earning out of Madeleine, to be able to employ an agent/publicist?

Amaral has already written a book and has made double figure thousands out of Royalties. He has sold the rights of this book to a Portuguese TV company for an undisclosed figure said to have run into many thousands of euros.

Amaral has reported to have received huge payments from TV, radio stations for interviews and also from newspapers and magazines and is now apparently writing another book book about Madeleine.

Goncalo Amaral is making himself a millionaire out of a child he failed, out of an investigation he bungled. he claims things in his book and TV programme that are probably libellous and in any case are completely without foundation, proof, evidence or fact.

He is without doubt seriously harming the reputation of Portugal and is bringing his former profession into serious disrepute.

The question is HOW? How is he able to do these things? Who in Portugal is scared of stopping this man? And WHY?

These are the questions the above book asks and this is what makes this book different from others and such a compelling read.

Footnote: If Goncalo Amaral had put just a fraction of the effort into actually finding Madeleine, that he is now putting into making himself a millionaire at this poor child's expense, perhaps the tragic outcome of the abduction of Madeleine McCann would have been very different.
In a refreshing change, the authors of this book wish to make it known, that ALL profits from this book will go directly into the 'Official Find Madeleine Fund'.
Neither do they wish to detract from the book by making themselves known as authors.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Lighting The way Home For Madeleine Beth McCann May 12th 2009

Mummy and daddy love you so very much

Sean and Amelie do too,

aunts, uncles, cousins just don't forget

and your grans and granddads miss you so, too.


Much has been said in your sweet name

but Madeleine you are promised this;

Your parents love is like an invisible flame

that surrounds you keeping you warm and safe.

Clinging like a limpet unseen

always there, always present, always alive,

in your own precious sweet dreams.


Not a person alive, can ever stop this love,

from reaching you where ever you are,

it will seek you, and it will find you

on a summer breeze, a soft spring rain

a snowy day, or a wing, or a prayer.

It can't be stopped, it's just unstoppable

such is your parents love

it will find you and envelope you

keeping you safe and secure.


You may not realise you are missing

but somewhere deep inside

will be that nagging little doubt

something present that you will always feel

makes you realise you belong somewhere else


No one can take that 'knowing' away

and no one can stop that knowing,

no one can stop the blossoming feeling.

of your special little 'knowing'

and like a tiny seed it will surely keep

'growing', 'growing' and 'growing'.


One day soon you will hear the voices

that you have heard 'somewhere'

many times before

you may not understand what they say

but they will make you feel happy for sure.


Even though you may not know you are lost

you will know for sure when you are found.

The life you sense deep down that you had

the life, you have never quite forgotten,

the world you sense and see in your dreams

is there, it is real and it is waiting for you,

Sweet dear little child Madeleine.

Monday, 4 May 2009

The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption?: We Ask Questions the Portuguese Police MUST Answer!

The new book out entitled 'The Madeleine Investigation' Incompetence or Corruption? We Ask The Questions The Portuguese Police MUST Answer. (Details to the left, on the sidebar)

Is a book which asks some very important questions of the original lead detective 'Goncalo Amaral'. Questions we believe that if answered questions will give an insight as the real state this investigation was in right from the moment of its conception.

What the book does is try to gather all the disinformation surrounding this case into the one place and thus offering the reader a chance to see for themselves, how puerile some of the accusations were, in some cases, while in others, downright malicious, vindictive and malevolent and it also offers the reader a snapshot of how ugly the internet became in this case.

The book mainly concerns itself with correcting some of the main lies and myths, especially from those that feel it is OK to say what they like, even though they have no grounds to do so. Two main characters who feel it is OK to write these things without producing any actual proof.

This case has produced a witch hunt, where trial by media was in fact overshadowed by trial by internet hate groups, who have had these two innocent people hung, on lies and myths and not a shred of evidence.

It is a case that will make some people feel uncomfortable as they may recognise with a shock, that they may have been guilty of spreading the disinformation that has surrounded this case and which has seriously damaged the search for a child, who now the vast majority of people realise was definitely abducted.

The case has taken many bizarre twists and turns. It also has a former detective who is now trying to make as much money out of Madeleine as he can through books, TV programmes, radio shows magazine and newspaper interviews. Goncalo Amaral was actually sacked from the Madeleine investigation for making unfounded allegations against the British police and at the same time was dismissed from his position as Police Chief in Portimao, five months into this investigation, in effect he failed at his job and then went on as if he had a grudge to make as much money as he can. He is now using the name of Madeleine to further his own new career in politics, while he still has hanging over his head, the fact that he is currently standing trial over concealing evidence of the tortured into confessing to the murder of her own daughter, one Leonor Cipriano. During this trial Goncalo Amaral stayed silent and refused to answer questions electing to say that he did not recognise the judicial process that has led him to court!

In a refreshing change, the authors of 'The Madeleine Investigation' have unanimously elected NOT to receive on single penny from any profits made from this book, all profits are to be donated directly into the Official Find Madeleine Fund.

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Missing Madeleine McCann: Please Don't Give Up On Me!

This is a computer age progression of how Madeleine McCann may look today. Madeleine's parents released the image to try and find her as she may appear today. This is how Madeleine may look today 2 years after she was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd 2007, just days before her 4th Birthday. This is how Madeleine may appear today aged 6 years.

Anyone who may think they have seen Madeleine or has any information on her disappearance please contact:

+44 (0) 845 838 4699
Or Visit

You are connected,your child and thee,
by an invisible cord that no one can see
It's not like the cord that connects us 'till birth
this cord can't be seen by any on earth.
This cord does it's work right from the start
it binds you together attached to your heart
I know that it's there though no one can see
the invisible cord from your child to thee.
The strength of this cord it's hard to describe
it can't be destroyed it can't be denied.
It's stronger than any cord man could create
it withstands the test can hold any weight
And though she is missing, she is not there with thee
the cord, it still is, but no one can see
It pulls at your heart you are are sore
but this cord is your lifeline as never before.
We are thankful that God connects you this way
A mother and child evil can't take it away!!
Posted by Tony

If You have any information about Madeleine, her whereabouts or information about her disappearance
Please Contact:
+44 (0) 845 838 4699
Or Visit
David Jones had his suspicions about the McCanns but two years on, he confesses he was horribly wrong
Tuning the car radio into a late-night BBC phone-in programme during a long motorway drive, a heated debate caught my attention. 'What sort of parents would leave their three-year-old daughter alone in an apartment and go off for dinner?' one angry caller would demand to know. Then someone else would counter: 'They did nothing wrong. This could have happened to anyone.' As I listened, it slowly became evident that the girl in question had vanished a few hours earlier from a holiday resort in Portugal, and that she seemed to have been abducted from her bed as she slept. By the following day, the first heart-melting photographs of 'Missing Madeleine McCann' had been published in the newspapers, etching this grimly compelling story into the national consciousness. And soon afterwards, I was dispatched to the Algarve to report the hunt for the snatched-away cherub. Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, yet this saga has since taken so many twists and turns, and invoked such prurient fascination, that it might have happened only yesterday. Two years and millions of words later, the questions show no sign of abating. 'What do you think happened to her? Could she still be alive? Where is she now?' I am invariably asked, if ever I mention that I spent many weeks investigating the Madeleine McCann mystery. Like every other reporter who has striven to solve this perplexing case, not to mention all those expensive private investigators and the inept Portuguese police, I am no nearer to knowing the answers today than I was on that May afternoon when I first arrived in Praia da Luz. But over recent months, having sifted again through my notebooks, scoured the internet, revisited old contacts and observed Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, campaigning relentlessly and indefatigably for their daughter's return, I have come to one definite conclusion. It is that whatever became of the slumbering Madeleine on that dreadful Thursday night, her parents played no part in her disappearance. In early September, 2007, during perhaps the most sensational week of the inquiry, Kate McCann was declared an arguida (an official suspect) by the Portuguese judiciary. During her ensuing interrogation, she was treated in a manner which bordered on brutality - remorselessly bullied and hectored in a marathon grilling that would have tested anyone's inner resources to their limits, let alone that of a grief-stricken mother.At that time, amid mounting speculation about the McCanns' possible culpability, I wrote an article that caused something of a stir and, I am told, exacerbated Kate and Gerry's anguish. (It also angered my wife, who, with a mother's instincts, has steadfastly believed the McCanns from the outset.) In that piece, which was based on the facts in my possession - aligned to gut feeling - I voiced the suspicions of many colleagues and a surprisingly large proportion of the watching public, by admitting that I had nagging doubts about the couple's innocence. It was an honestly held opinion, but now, on the second anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance, I have to confess that I was horribly wrong.
Why, though, did I think back then that they might be in some way culpable, and why, two years after their daughter vanished, have I so radically changed my views? As the spring of 2007 progressed, opinions about Kate and Gerry McCann polarised in an extraordinary way, and they found themselves the subject of intense scrutiny. It was fuelled by their decision to launch an international media campaign, the likes of which had never been seen before, in the hope that it would keep Madeleine in the news and hasten her return. They hired a succession of PR experts and private investigators, set up an internet site that kept people up to speed with every facet of the case via Gerry McCann's strangely breezy web diary, jetted around the world to appear on TV and even secured an audience with the Pope. All this frenetic activity was paid for by a fund whose coffers were swelled by tycoons such as Sir Philip Green and Sir Richard Branson; and it made many people deeply uneasy. Ironically, discussion of their campaign techniques also distracted the world from the very objective the McCanns and their supporters were trying to promote: namely, finding their missing little girl. Observing from close quarters, I was among those who found it all rather unedifying. During those early months I was perturbed by the McCanns' demeanour.
Clinging for comfort to Madeleine's favourite soft toy, Cuddle Cat, Kate appeared unreachably distant.Her husband, by contrast, seemed positively chipper, and there were days when the Leicestershire cardiologist almost appeared to relish his highprofile, globetrotting new role.With hindsight this was a ridiculous and unjustifiable rush to judgment. For how can any of us know what constitutes 'appropriate' behaviour for parents robbed of a child so swiftly and left in limbo, unable to escape the darkest fears of their imagination?As their spokesman Clarence Mitchell remarked to me this week, after it was suggested that Kate again appeared close to the edge on returning from an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in America, the couple would have been damned in some quarters however they had reacted.He was right, but I was not alone among those who allowed their personal observations of the McCanns to colour their opinions about the case.
And the more I examined the story, as they and their team presented it (in the absence of any information from the legally constrained Portuguese police), the more sceptical I became. There were all manner of reasons why the suggestion that some fiend had simply carried off Madeleine into the night just didn't seem to add up. For one thing, Praia da Luz is not some bustling, mainstream Mediterranean resort where a stranger could easily slip in undetected. It is little more than a village, serviced by one main access road. In early May, it is particularly quiet (the more so now that many holidaymakers refuse to venture there). Furthermore, the apartment the McCanns had rented was on the ground floor, on the corner of a well-lit street and passageway. Although the McCanns and their friends - the so called Tapas Seven - were dining in a restaurant obscured by a 6ft wall, they were less than 100 yards away. Examining this scene time and again, measuring out precise distances and times, it seemed inconceivable that anyone would have the audacity, let alone the wherewithal, to break into the flat and snatch a three-year old girl sleeping beside her younger twin siblings without being caught. The alternative theories seemed equally outlandish. Some ventured that Madeleine had woken up bewildered in a strange country and wandered off to look for Mummy and Daddy, only to fall down the freshly dug roadworks by the apartment, which were filled in a few days later. Or had she been snatched by paedophiles and smuggled out of Portugal, perhaps across the Spanish border an hour's drive away, or on a waiting boat - a possibility that gained credence after witnesses said they had seen a girl resembling Madeleine with a man near the harbour? As this last scenario gathered momentum, I went to Morocco, following one of many supposedly reliable eye-witness sightings of the little blonde girl with a distinctive 'flash' in her right eye. The trail led to a remote village high in the Atlas mountains, where Madeleine was believed to be held captive in some farmhouse - but, like so many other such claims in Belgium, Holland, Spain and, most recently Malta, it came to nothing. In the meantime, the spotlight had fallen on Robert Murat, an entrepreneur of mixed British and Portuguese extraction whose mother lived just a few hundred yards from the McCann apartment. In the estimation of one over imaginative reporter, he appeared to have acted strangely while working as an interpreter for Portuguese police investigating the disappearance. Such was the police's desperation to solve a case that threw their deficiencies into stark relief that, without any discernible foundation, Murat was also made an official suspect. Every aspect of his personal life was minutely examined. Murat was then the subject of all manner of lurid smear stories. Yet when I tracked him down at his sister's country guesthouse and became one of the few reporters to interview him at length, I did not recognise the man in these articles. As he spoke lovingly about his own infant daughter, and described how it felt to be falsely accused of the most terrible crime imaginable, I became convinced of his innocence - and wrote as much. Yet, at that stage, I still couldn't be so sure about the McCanns, and when Kate was arrested I came out and said so. I asked Clarence Mitchell this week how they had reacted. 'Kate and Gerry didn't like the piece, but at the end of the day you have the legitimate right to question anything as a journalist.

Hope: One of the posters being released by the Find Madeleine Campaign
'Given the flavour of what came out in the Portuguese media at that time it was understandable; regrettable but understandable. 'But when you meet them, and get to know them, you realise quite quickly that they aren't making this up. And when Madeleine is recovered, a lot of people will regret what they wrote.' Sadly, I am not at all sure that she ever will be found. Flawed as the Portuguese police case against the McCanns clearly was, it is not so much the hard evidence that now convinces me that I was wrong, but our old friend gut instinct, which in my case has completely changed after following the case from a distance for many months. I have come to admire the McCanns for their cussed determination and refusal to alter course, despite all the criticism. When I spoke to Madeleine's two grandmothers this week, that admiration was cemented. 'The whole family are physically exhausted. Kate, in particular, is very tired after coming home from America,' her mother, Susan Healy, told me from her Liverpool home. 'She has had a hectic couple of weeks and really needs to recharge her batteries, but I don't think she has thought about stopping. Not for a minute. I don't think either of them can stop - that's the awful thing. 'They are just stuck in a situation where they don't have a lot of control. The only control they have is to remind people that Madeleine is still missing. That is why they do it. 'You have to understand that everything Kate does - everything - is done because she wants her daughter back. That's the only question they ever ask themselves: will this help us find Madeleine? Nothing else is of any importance. 'If Kate ever gets to the end of the line - I mean, if they got to the stage where they thought there was nothing more they could do - then that would be very difficult. But it would appear that they haven't reached that stage. 'Madeleine is their daughter and they've simply got to carry on. I don't know whether they would call it optimism or not, but they have to keep hoping. If they shrugged their shoulders and said "OK, she's not alive any more," they would be letting her down, wouldn't they?' In Glasgow, Mr McCann's mother, Eileen, told me much the same thing. 'There's nothing to say that Madeleine isn't alive, so why would they think otherwise?' she said. 'We never even discuss any other possibility.' You can only applaud such spirit. But if, against all the conceivable odds, Madeleine really has survived, what has become of her? This week, in a TV reconstruction of her abduction, the latest private detectives to be hired by the McCanns - two experienced former CID men from the North of England, whose no-nonsense approach contrasts sharply with that of their expensive and unproductive predecessors - may uncover fresh clues. After sifting through reams of previously unexamined Portuguese judicial documents and reinterviewing key witnesses, there is talk of a new 'mystery man' apparently seen loitering near the apartment on that fateful Thursday night. The programme will not solve the most enduring and troubling missing person inquiry of modern times, of course. Nor will it silence the whispers from those who still harbour lingering doubts about Mr and Mrs McCann. Nevertheless, we can be sure that they will continue to carry their cross with stoicism.
The Daily Mail

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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