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Goncalo Amaral's New Jaguar Seized!

Disgraced Former Detective's New Jaguar Seized

Goncalo Amaral the former police inspector who first led the hunt for missing child Madeleine McCann, has had his brand new £70.000 Jaguar motor car seized. This action follows in a line of similar actions against the former detective, who has also been convicted of lying and perjury and concealing evidence of the torture of Leonor Cipriano. Amaral is currently serving an 18 month suspended prison sentence. Yesterday it was also revealed that the appeals that have been lodged to increase his sentence and commute it to an actual term to be served in prison is being held up because the 8 jurors from his trial, are currently owed fees. In Portugal no further trials can go ahead until the jurors are paid. Goncalo Amaral and Paulo Cristovao and three other ex PJ inspectors, elected trial by jury, it is not clear if it is they that have to pay the jurors and this is why proceedings are being held up.


"Here is the full news from Expresso, about Gonzo´s jag: Justice takes Jaguar from Gonçalo Amaral. Court keeps with Jaguar of Gonçalo Amaral. Copyright and share of the former inspector of PJ at the company he created were also arrested. The Civil Court of Lisbon, who, this week ordered the arrest of the copyright of the book of Gonçalo Amaral, about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a also the documentary which follow it, considers that the member company created by the former coordinator of PJ cannot produce, and remove the proceeds to him personally for the sales of books and videos. Therefore, following the claim from the McCann family, decided through a trial process, arrested also the share of Amaral in the company, a third of his salary as a manager and even the jaguar he drives - but that belongs to the firm. The car, with a displacement of 2700 cc and with a price of around 70 thousand euros new, was purchased in May and registered in the name of the sopciety Gonçalo Amaral Ltd, with a social capital of 5000 euros. The company, created in November last year, offers consultancy, studies and analysis in the field of criminal investigation and is specialized in the dissemination, promotion and communication of technical work. The notifications to the publishers who published the book "Maddie - the truth of lies" - followed at the beginning of last week to several european countries: Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain and France. The publisher Guerra & Paz "War & Peace" (which published the book in Portugal), (owner of Correio da Manhã, where Amaral has a weekly columnist), the Valentim de Carvalho and TVI were also notified of the arrest of the copyright are due to the former coordinator of PJ until a final decision on the ongoing process. Contacted by the Expresso newspaper, Gonçalo Amaral declined to make any comment on the decision of the Civil Court, referring to its position to a press release issued on Wednesday. In that document, Amaral "fears to get prevented to defend his reasons in court and admits constraints related to his own defense". Kate and Gerry McCann, who were considered "arguidos" during the process of investigation, and their three minor children. Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, are the applicants of the ongoing process in court. They require to the former inspector, a compensation of 1.2 million euros by defamation, due to claims "continued and blatant" about the investigation of ther case in 2007. However, according to the assessment made by the Court, the assets of Amaral does not offer sufficient guarantees for the payment in case of conviction. The house of Olhão which he bought together with his wife in 2002, with a loan from the BIC, but it is only registered in his wife´s name - was arrested in 2005 due to a debt of around 130 thousand euros. A year later, the National Treasury recorded the seize of a house as a guarantee of payment of 16900 euros. Finally, two years ago, was the BES (to whom now BIC belongs) to go forward with a executive action against Amaral and his wife, for the recovery of more than 300 thousand euros - new seized. The book "Maddie- the truth of lies" was launched in July 2008 and, until the end of September, has 12 editions - in other words - 120 thousand books. However, in September, also, by Court decision, the book´s sales had already been banned. Gonçalo Amaral retired from PJ in July last year, after 26 years of service. At the time, he said he went out to have "full freedom of expression", after having been sacked, months before the investigation of the disappearance of the British child, due to statements made to the media. Currently, Amaral receives a pension for early retirement of 2039 euros. The inquiry was shelved in July 2008, without being cleared any responsability of the parents of the British child of three years old who disappeared at May three of 2007, at Praia da Luz. The couple McCann was cleared, and the "arguido status" removed."


It is clear that Goncalo Amaral is heavily in debt and has been for some years, questions need to be asked and answered.

By his wife Sofia's own admissions Amaral was not on a very high salary, so how were they allowed to commit themselves to such high risk enormous financial ventures?

Exactly how much capital have they had at their disposal and where has it all come from?

Amaral saw his good friend Paulo Cristovao (who also stood trial and is also currently standing trial at present in Portugal) make money out of missing Joana Cipriano, by writing a book about the child and the investigation. (Currently Leonor Cipriano's conviction for the murder of her daughter, is the subject of an appeal which cannot be heard until the jurors are paid for attending the trial that proved she was tortured.) Leonor Cipriano's conviction is looking to be one of Portugal's biggest miscarriages of justice!

Against all logical reasoning Goncalo Amaral made Kate and Gerry McCann arguidos. He made them suspects on the back of so-called sniffer dog "evidence", that never existed and could not ever be corroborated, during a farcical operation and not even making the apartment where Madeleine was abducted from a crime scene until some THREE MONTHS AFTER she was taken.

Goncalo Amaral should be arrested and questioned over his total failure in conducting the abysmal investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Amaral made every single mistake there was to make, mistakes, you would not even expect a rookie detective to make, question is why and is it feasible that a detective said to have all of the experience of Amaral would make all these mistakes? If I were a cynic, I would think these mistakes that destroyed the Madeleine McCann investigation were made on purpose, to purposefully thwart that investigation so Madeleine could not be found.

Is it plausible to even start to think that Madeleine McCann was stolen to order, for an illegal adoption by people living in and around Praia da Luz? And that some in authority knew she was going to be abducted and that those people have done nothing but obstruct the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, right from the word go?

Perhaps Madeleine was abducted in order for some to operate a money making scam, only it certainly wasn't her poor long suffering parents.

There is something very deep and sinister at work here and it is becoming clearer with each passing day, that the McCanns have suffered horrifically and their daughter abducted probably to order.

I think it is time for the Madeleine investigation to be reopened, but NOT conducted by the Portuguese, I think it is time for Interpol to become involved, this is as serious as it gets, and it is now patently obvious that Portugal is incapable of holding an investigation free from corruption!




Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lies, beatings, Threats and Court Cases That Lay Behind The Madeleine McCann Investigation

The Amarals, So Much In Love?

If you believe recent reports, you would be forgiven for thinking that the disgraced former policia judiciaria detective, Goncalo Amaral, is enjoying a second honeymoon with his 2nd wife, Sofia Leal-Amaral. They stage photo-shoots holding each others hands and posed arms entwined trying to give the impression of being so much in love.

The Amarals, holding hands emulating Kate and Gerry McCann, but one suspects if the Amarals were to suffer only one fraction of trials that have beset Kate and Gerry, their relationship would fall apart at the seams. The Amarals seem to me to have a sham of a marriage, one held together by a bank account and not the love mutual respect that has kept the McCanns relationship strong, during their most horrific of times and darkest of days since their beloved and much adored eldest daughter Madeleine, was abducted from her bed whilst on a family holiday in Praia da Luz in May 3rd 2007.

In May 2009, Goncalo Amaral was convicted of withholding evidence of the torture of Leonor Cipriano, the mother of another missing child, Joana Cipriano. Amaral was tried and convicted of lying and perjury and received an 18 month suspended prison sentence, a sentence that caused eyebrows to raise across the world because of its leniency, a sentence that Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Dr Marcos Arageo Correia, has appealed to have increased and converted to an actual prison sentence.

Goncalo Amaral is also facing another trial for the torture of the partner of Leonor Cipriano, Leandro Silva, in fact, Goncalo Amaral has several trials looming on his horizon, not least a civil trial for his defamation of character of Kate and Gerry McCann, where he is going to be sued for £1.2 million. Amaral has amassed a fortune using the name of abducted child, Madeleine McCann, his get rich quick schemes include writing two books one which has had an injunction slapped upon it by a Portuguese judge, this does not bode well for his defamation trial, which he is tipped to lose, other schemes include him writing for a column for the Portuguese newspapers Correo da Manha and 24 Horas, these two newspapers always give Amaral favourable coverage, the truth being a number one casualty. For some in Portugal, Goncalo Amaral is viewed like some kind of avenging angel, fighting a lone battle for the truth and justice for Madeleine, however, when Amaral was actually in charge of the investigation, he made every mistake there was to make and instead of looking for and searching for the truth for Madeleine, Amaral looked for 3 hour 10 minute booze fuelled lunch breaks instead. On the day the Madeleine investigation entered its 150th day, the man in charge, cut a slovenly figure as he was pictured and timed leaving his office and strolling up to the Carvi fish restaurant, this meant on that particular Friday, with Madeline still missing and over 250 leads waiting to be investigated properly, instead he dined at the Carvi with an ex Formula 1 Portuguese racing driver and was overheard being totally unprofessional boasting about the case and talking loudly, proclaiming that the police case was that Madeleine was dead and her parents killed her. On that day 30th September 2007 @ 1.17pm: Goncalo Amaral casually strolled out of the police building and takes a leisurely walk to the Carvi restaurant with his boss Guilhermino Encarnacao - dubbed Inspector Clueless - who is making a rare visit to the investigation. Meanwhile on another Friday in September 2007 Amaral was seen at 10am, as he sat slurping coffee and cakes at the Kalahary cafe in Portimao again with his boss, Chief Inspector Guillermino Encarnacao. With an ever increasing amount of leads coming into the investigation, the men leading it had time to waste on 3 hour lunch breaks, later when the official files on the case were
released, it was discovered that hundreds of what could have been vital leads were lost or not followed up, that e-fits of suspects were taken from eye witnesses and yet never shown to the public, it was revealed how farcical the whole investigation had been run. Especially when you learn that Amaral did not make the apartment Madeleine was abducted from a crime scene until some THREE MONTHS LATER, if this wasn't bad enough, Amaral had also allowed the apartment to be let out to other holiday makers in the meantime thus compromising and destroying any forensic DNA evidence that the abductors may have left behind!
truly staggering incompetence!

Goncalo Amaral Before he Made Himself a Millionaire Off of Madeleine McCann

Apparently Amaral can now be seen regularly frequenting the bars near where he lives, in fact in one of those bars, it has been reported that his wife, Sofia Leal, on learning of her husband's affair with a beautiful young 35 year old woman (name withheld), after smelling perfume on him becoming suspicious because he was staying out until the early hours and sometimes all night, took his expensive new designer suits, shirts and shoes and through them through the door of a restaurant accompanied with a note telling everyone just what a pig her husband was and what he had been up to. Not content with embarrassing the disgraced former detective in public, Sofia decided to go one step further and began an extra marital affair with the woman's husband who had, had an affair with her own husband, apparently taking him back to her marital home!

Later the two couples paths apparently crossed at a bar and a scuffle between the two men was reported and threats made and they were asked to leave the restaurant.

This took place just last summer in June 2009, at the time the Amarals were swanning around the place posing for photographs and holding hands and trying to appear so much in love!

The woman who had an affair with Amaral, broke it off and became reunited with her husband, but allegedly, their nightmare has not ended there. Goncalo Amaral was enraged and could not accept the end of the affair and much friction has resulted between the two couples as a result.
The couple have become paralysed with fear after receiving threats and phone calls, all they want is for this apparent intimidation to stop and to be allowed to get on with their lives and raise their baby daughter.

The woman and her husband (names withheld) has reported Goncalo Amaral to the Attorney General of the Republic Dr. Pinto Monteiro, on two separate occasions and have begged for his help and protection as they feel their lives are in danger. They also speak of threats from a "person" that drugs will be planted on them as evidence and they will both be convicted and face going to prison for a very long time, the husband has been threatened with by someone that has allegedly said that he can "give him a kicking" and have him shot "without getting his hands dirty".

The beleaguered couple have taken the step of writing to the Portuguese attorney general directly because they feel that if anything happens to them, at least investigators will know where to start looking for clues.

The woman who had an affair with Goncalo Amaral is very contrite and has admitted to the attorney general, that she had made a terrible mistake and was very wrong to have an affair, but said that she was seduced by the charm of Amaral's smooth talking, the same tone he uses when he appears on TV talking about the Madeleine investigation. She has said, that she has since seen and come to know a completely different side to disgraced former PJ detective, who is currently serving an 18 month suspended prison sentence for lying and perjury etc.

The couple have also had a complaint to the Public Prosecutor Faro filed on their behalf for the crimes that have allegedly been committed by Mr. Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral against them.

The woman's husband claims that he has been pushed in the street and taunted over the telephone that his little daughter is not really his daughter.
Sadly the woman reports that her daughter cries now for everything and anything as is picking up on her parents feelings of insecurity and they say they live in fear in their own home and everywhere. The couple also claim to have a video recorded on a phone where you can see the altercation between Mr. Gonçalo Amaral and her husband in a bar in Lagos.

Reports appeared in a newspaper who Amaral writes a column for, the Correo De Manha about an alleged incident at a huge 50th birthday bash for Goncalo Amaral. It was alleged that the couple and their friend arrived and started causing trouble, etc, however the couple tell a different story.

"Last night I, my husband **** ****** and our Advocate ** ***** ***** ******* went out for dinner in a restaurant in Portimao. When we asked ******* to lead us to my mother's house, to go get our daughter was in her care, as we passed by the riverside area of Portimão, we saw fireworks with the Club Naval de Portimão, and decided to stop to see, with my husband and I left the car for a cigarette fumarmos since ********* is not smoking and remained in his car, and we beside the vehicle, leaning next to a public parking area.

Herein we saw a crowd at the entrance of the restaurant "retreat of broiled fish, and what was our astonishment to see Mr. Gonçalo Amaral de Sousa to look us in the midst of them, with the same Mr Gonçalo made a sign with out to others, pointing in our direction, and these people, about four, they headed immediately for us to threaten us with great aggressiveness to immediately abandon that area of the street. We emphasize that we were on the street in full public place, on the opposite side of that restaurant. In this, individuals begin to push us hard, abusing us and beating us, and as a ******* takes a hand to the back of his pants, saying while it does not go out there gave us a shot. In this one ******** tries to start on our ****** in the car, pulling him out of the window to attack him. When we see our powerlessness and violence, we went immediately in the car of our ********, and one that ***** still managed to give a strong punch on my husband.

We went immediately to the police station in Portimão's Public Security Police where he asked to be identified the perpetrators of harm, as Mr. Gonçalo Amaral, the instigator of the crimes, we were already well known! Three agents of PSP followed my husband and our advocate to the site, and I, for fear, remained in the Police station. At the site, individuals and ******** ********, and yet another person that is not known to us, had already fled, only to be possible to identify *****. However, even ahead of the PSP, other individuals, perhaps in excess of ten, accompanied Mr. Gonçalo Amaral towards our ******** ** ****** , with Mr Gonçalo Amaral aggressively threatening him just front of his face, pointing his finger, and shouting to him "you have no shame."

We have presented immediately after each of the three of us, and yet last night, holding criminal proceedings against Mr. Gonçalo Amaral de Sousa and his henchmen, having been our complaints registered on the PSP with the numbers:

**** ****** - NUIPC 001938/09.5 PAPTM,

****************. NUIPC 001939/09.3 PAPTM,

*** ***** **** - NUIPC 001940/09.7 PAPTM.

However, during the day, Mr. Gonçalo Amaral called several times for my phone and to my husband, from an unidentified number on the display of our devices, but which can be identified by the judiciary, threaten us without shame that we would make the sheet."

Sofia Leal Amaral, has described her husband in a Sunday paper in the UK as a calm loving father who worried about his daughters having accidents in the playground at school, yet bizarrely, this worry about accidents did not stop Goncalo Amaral from sharing a bottle of wine with a friend at the Carvi restaraunt and driving his police car with his daughter inside, off somewhere.

It is hard to reconcile this Goncalo with the Goncalo that she (Sofia Amaral) reported to the Portimao police for failing to hand her daughter over at Christmas 2008, as prearranged and when she went to collect her daughter from her husband, he threatened her with death and again driving his police car after drinking alcohol, she has claimed.

Sofia Leal Amaral also stated to the paper that they live on a reduced income, approximately a third of what Amaral used to receive as a serving police detective.

What she doesn't mention is the huge wealth the couple have amassed, through TV and radio interviews, books, films, TV documentaries and charging for interviews.
Sky news reported that they had been appraoched by Goncalo Amaral's agent, who told them that he was available for interview, but it would cost £80.000, Sky News apparently declined the offer.

Gone now are the scruffy sloppy clothes, which Mrs Amaral once described as "Hugo Boss suits" they are now replaced with expensive designer gear, which can be argued were purchased for him by abducted Madeleine McCann.
The Amarals also drive around in a brand new Jaguar which a top of the range model could cost them anything up to £70.000. Also another show of their wealth is the big birthday party they held to celebrate Goncalo Amaral's 50th birthday, where many euros were spent on foreworks, which literally went up in smoke, which could be argued would have kept a normal Portuguese family for quite a few months!

It has also been alleged that the the house the Amarals live in and all of his personal wealth has been put in the name of his wife, if true, this may of course affect any settlement Kate and Gerry McCann may be awarded in their libel trial against Goncalo Amaral.

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How Alarmed Should We be At Brenda Ryan's Opening Post On Her New Forum?

Brenda Ryan opens a new forum, so what? You may ask and normally, this would be my response, but having read her opening post, I must admit to it setting off a cacophony of alarm bells in my head - judge for yourselves.


Post subject: Get yourselfs back to PDL now and end this.
Posted: Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:23 pm

One thing that keeps amazing me with Kate and Gerry is their continuation with the abduction scenario. Well let’s look at the abduction scenario deeply, like many of us have done over the last two and a half years. Your inconsistencies, your discrepancies Kate and Gerry, your abduction theory is therefore probably implaussible. Even Donal MacIntyre says that it had to be done in under 180 -240 seconds. Yes seems a big number doesn’t it, but that is only 4 minutes max.

I tell you what let us all try, lay something on our settees 90cm in length and the weight of a child at that age, then proceed outside. Once we have done that we then have to search another room to make sure the children were not sleeping in there, go to the window, open it up, then go back and pick up the child, climb through the window (remembering not to leave any DNA Trace) and then get to the top of the road for someone to spot us.

To snatch a child off the street yes it is plausible, drive up, get out snatch the child and then drive off. But to do this in an apartment and in the way that they declare is just not plausible, in my honest opinion.

But whether there were jemmied shutters or not, whether they had an accomplice is not relevant, what is relevant is your actions with regards to an abduction possibly by a unknown paedophile.

Do you honestly think he is treating your daughter like a princess? Do you think he is being nice to her? Because what he is doing to her is too intolerable to think about. That poor child is being violated in such ways that even animals do not treat each other like it. Your daughter is being used as an object for someone’s sexual gratification. She is probably traumatised and probably in pain, so how do you think she feels, if the so called abductor is showing pictures of you globetrotting, smiling and laughing? Do you not think he is probably telling her that he loves her now and that you look so happy without her?

So Kate and Gerry, you say she has been abducted, then we will go with that the day you and your friends return to Portugal for a reconstruction, you Kate answer the questions and you both demand to know why the case is shelved in Portugal and demand that it be re-opened. But up until that time we will continue to doubt you, because many of us are parents just like you, and we know damn well that we would never act like you are acting.

All the money in the world will not bring your daughter back. It has been proven with the £2.6 million reward. Nobody came up to claim it, nobody gave you any information in order to claim the reward. And why do you think that is? Because there's probably no information about an abduction to be given. Of course continue in your fruitless search. The search you are doing away from Praia Da Luz, you remember that place don’t you? Well just incase you have forgotten, it is the area where your Detectives say that she could be being held. One more thing, during your recent trip to Portugal Kate who stopped you banging on all the doors in and around Praia Da Luz in hope of finding your daughter? Because I know I would have been banging on doors if detectives had told me she could be within 10 miles of Praia Da Luz.

So instead of threatening to sue us, threatening this that and the other, why not show us that you really are innocent and just do a few simple things. After all, if you are innocent, would it not be best to clear your names once and for all and then your doubters might even start thinking that she could have been abducted. Then the search can commence. But until you go back to Praia Da Luz, knock on the door of Portimao Police Station and answer the questions, do the reconstruction, get rid of your libel lawyers and henchmen, there will be people like myself that do not believe a word that comes out of your mouths.

You both failed miserably that night as parents, by leaving her alone with her younger brother and sister, now is the time to make amends and put things right. Don’t do it for your sakes, do it for Madeleine, because she is the victim in all of this, not you. And remember there could have been two more victims in this, if you are to be believed and that is the twins. What stopped an abductor taking them?"


This post is alarming, it is spiteful, nasty, vile and unpleasant and well, it is also just plain thick and unnecessarily erudite. Much like the poster herself. Ryan's comments are also very revealing!

To be honest I have never paid much attention to the gossip sweeping the net about Brenda Ryan's former occupation, I am not that bothered by people who make a living out of the oldest profession in the world, but then I discover that Ryan's partner has been in trouble for paying underage girls for sex and that taken in context with Ryan's post is alarming to say the very least, and perhaps it is the police that need to look closely at her comments?

Brenda Ryan begins her comments with an opening salvo of being amazed that the McCanns have kept up the "scenario" as Ryan puts it, of course it doesn't seem to have resonated with Ryan that they have kept this up because Madeleine was abducted, and they are never going to rest and never going to give up looking for their daughter until they find her. In fact, the McCanns are actually displaying typical and classical behaviour, Madeleine is their daughter and she was abducted, what would you expect them to do, come home from holiday and just say "oh well, never mind" and just get on with their lives minus their eldest child? No of course not, God forbid this ever happened to any of us, but we would do exactly the same as them and they are doing what they promised to do "leave no stone unturned".

Not good enough for the alleged ex prostitute Brenda Ryan, she now wants us all to look at the abduction scenario "deeply", so deeply, if you cut her own opinions which she shoves down the readers throats, her examination of the "abduction scenario deeply" last for approximately nine lines! Hmm yes. The rest if her comments are her ordering the McCanns about.

She also quotes Donal McIntyre's version of the timelines as if they are gospel, really it would be funny if the overall impression of Ryan's comments were not sick, dark and vile.

Ryan arrogantly orders the McCanns to "get yourselfs back to PDL", who the hell does this woman think she is? Obviously she thinks she knows more the Portuguese judiciary and attorney general. She warbles on about them answering the questions, the fact that they had their Portuguese lawyers present advising them not to answer the questions goes completely over her thick head.
The fact that the questions were never devised to discover where Madeleine may be and who took her, they were specifically devised to try and entrap Kate McCann, also goes completely over her head. However, I don't want to talk about this, it has all been said so many times before and Ryan knows it.

Ryan talks at the reader, shoves her own opinions down the readers throats and displays an alarming level of cruelty mixed with plain ignorance and arrogance, this much is plain, but there is also something far more sinister at work in her comments, something vile, sick and twisted and depraved.

I want to ask what kind of "woman" can write something as sick as the following taken from Ryan's post;

"But whether there were jemmied shutters or not, whether they had an accomplice is not relevant, what is relevant is your actions with regards to an abduction possibly by a unknown paedophile.Do you honestly think he is treating your daughter like a princess?

Do you think he is being nice to her? Because what he is doing to her is too intolerable to think about. That poor child is being violated in such ways that even animals do not treat each other like it. Your daughter is being used as an object for someone’s sexual gratification. She is probably traumatised and probably in pain, so how do you think she feels, if the so called abductor is showing pictures of you globetrotting, smiling and laughing? Do you not think he is probably telling her that he loves her now and that you look so happy without her?"

What kind of woman can even think about writing something so vicious, vile and sick as the above? She has addressed this to two people whose daughter has been abducted and she is taunting them with what could be happening to their child, only Ryan writes it like it is actually happening! Read it and ask yourself what kind of woman would write something like this? A paedophile perhaps?

Ryan goes on about the McCanns going to PDL and answering the questions and jumping through various hoops etc and then and only then can we begin looking for this child, so by Brenda Ryan's own sick and twisted admissions, Madeleine is suffering but she can just go on suffering until her parents have been vilified some more, this time in Portugal. Because what matters more to Brenda Ryan is hurting Kate and Gerry McCann as much as is possible.

Brenda Ryan is not only coming across as a sick and twisted female paedophile she is coming across as a psychopathic sick and twisted female paedophile. It is a also alarming because of the trouble her husband was in and why? Could this be connected and behind why Ryan would write such comments?

Who would have thought Vanessa George, Angela Allen and Colin Blanchard, would set up such a vile exchange of vile material between them on the internet? They too discussed ways that a child could be snatched from the street, just as Brenda Ryan did in her post.

Brenda Ryan's sick, vile and twisted comments are in my opinion made by a paedophile, who wrote them? Her or her partner?

Brenda Ryan's comments have echoes of the paedophile ring of George, Allen and Blanchard and quite honestly, how do we know this is not what the woman is really up to? What she wrote is sick and twisted beyond belief, how could Ryan think it, let alone write it?

And Ryan has tried hard to make everyone think that Madeleine was NOT abducted, so how does she explain seemingly to know what Madeleine 'IS' being used for? This points to abduction, so why is she contradicting herself?

Perhaps the police should call on and question Brenda Ryan and her partner.

I honestly could not believe what I was reading when I first read this and Brenda Ryan, need have no fear, her little offering has got the attention that Ryan craves, it is now lodged with those who know how to deal with it. I am also sure Carter-Ruck was very interested to read Ryan's libellous and defamatory content and I for one think that Brenda Ryan has gone way too far with this post.

This post is Ryans "Rothley leaflets".

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Convicted Criminal Who Thinks He Is Law Unto Himself!


Mr 'Convicted Criminal' Liar/Perjurer

We Are Watching You!
We will have to wait a while longer before we publish!
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Monday, 5 October 2009

Just A Little Reminder To The Rotund Errant Portuguese Cop

If You Think You Have Got Away With It - Think Again!
We know where you were and what you have been doing and BEHAVE YOURSELF because
'Someone Is watching You'!

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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