Thursday, 10 April 2008

Madeleine McCann Timeline: The Case So Far

Thought it would be a good idea to refresh the memory about the time lines.

  • MAY 3 2007 Madeleine disappeared from the family apartment in Praia da Luz. Kate McCann raised the alarm at 10pm.

  • MAY 4 Sniffer dogs were brought in, the Spanish and border police and airports notified and volunteer teams combed the village, resort and beach for clues. The McCanns spoke publicly for the first time, directly appealing to their daughter's abductors and speaking of their "anguish and despair".

  • MAY 5 Detectives said they believed Madeleine was abducted and said they had a sketch of a potential suspect.

  • MAY 10 Police admitted the ground search for Madeleine was being wound down. Around 350 potential leads - including sketches of potential suspects - had been followed up and produced no breakthrough.

  • MAY 12 Madeleine's fourth birthday. Mr and Mrs McCann attended a special birthday mass in the village where they said they were convinced Madeleine was alive. Celebrities including JK Rowling and Sir Phillip Green donated towards a £2.5 million reward being offered for Madeleine's safe return. Gordon Brown, then Chancellor, expressed his sympathy for the parents and later talks to them offering to do "anything he can to help".

  • MAY 14 In the first major development, police launched a search at the home of Anglo-Portuguese man Robert Murat, just 100 yards from where Madeleine disappeared. Mr Murat was taken in for questioning and made an "arguido" or formal suspect, the next day. He said he was being made a "scapegoat" in the investigation.

  • MAY 16 Detectives swooped on home of Russian computer expert Sergey Malinka, who designed a website for Mr Murat, and interviewed him as a witness.

  • MAY 17 An official website and fund was launched. The website had more than 125 million hits within a week and the fund has now raised £1 million.

  • MAY 25 In their first interview, the McCanns told of how the "guilt" of not being with Madeleine when she was abducted would never leave them. Police finally released the description a man seen carrying a child on the night of Madeleine's abduction near their apartment at the time she disappeared. It had been known since the night itself but was only issued after pressure from the McCanns, their legal team and the British Government.

  • MAY 30 Mr and Mrs McCann launched the start of a campaign to raise awareness of Madeleine's plight by attending an audience with the Pope at the Vatican. They went on to give press conferences and meet officials in Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.

  • MAY 31 In a sign of increasing desperation, police said they were trawling through two dossiers of emails and messages from clairvoyants who said they knew where Madeleine was. They said they were trying to find out if any of the messages could be from her kidnapper.

  • JUNE 6 On a trip to Berlin, the parents were shocked when asked for the first time in public if they had anything to do with their daughter's disappearance. They denied any involvement.

  • JUNE 13 An anonymous tip-off suggested that Madeleine's body was buried in deserted scrubland nine miles from where she was went missing. Police found nothing and the parents were "very upset" at the claims she was dead.

  • JUNE 17 Portuguese police forensic results revealed nothing of significance. Detectives said Madeleine's friends and family may have unwittingly destroyed vital evidence in the first few hours after her abduction, during their search for her. Spokesman Olegario Sousa says their well-meaning actions could prove "fatal" for the investigation.

  • JUNE 21 The first of a series of reported sightings of a girl resembling Madeleine are reported in Malta. Other alleged sightings were reported in Morocco, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and even as far away as Argentina and Guatemala.
  • JULY 10 Mr Murat returned to the police station in Portimao for further questioning. He went back the next day for a "confrontation" with three friends of the McCanns - Russell O Brien, Rachael Oldfield and Fiona Payne - who claimed they saw him at the scene helping with searches on the night Madeleine disappeared. Around this time police picked up a new lead and shifted the investigation towards the belief that Madeleine was dead. They focused again on the apartment, which had been rented out again to holidaying couples, and called in specialist British sniffer dogs which could detect tiny traces of blood and human remains.

  • AUGUST 3 The sniffer dogs started new searches at the apartment, at Mr Murat's house and of surrounding areas. They also searched nine cars, some belonging to Mr Murat, and the hire car of the McCanns. Later it was reported that small traces of blood were amongst dozens of samples being sent to Britain for examination.

  • AUGUST 8 The Portuguese press started accusing the McCanns and their friends. A family spokesperson said they were disgusted at an apparent smear campaign against them. The couple were frustrated that police had started to take a more formal tone with them, and feared the investigation had gone back to "square one".

  • AUGUST 11 The 100th day since Madeleine disappeared. The McCanns attended a poignant service of prayers for Madeleine at a church in Praia da Luz. Without telling the parents, Portuguese police acknowledged publicly for the first time that Madeleine could be dead. Mr Sousa said the parents were not being considered as suspects. His comments were echoed later by Portugal's top detective, Alipio Ribeiro.

  • AUGUST 21 Detectives leading the investigation admitted off the record their main theory was now that Madeleine died by accident. They said the apartment had "all the answers" to the case and that all leads on it being a possible kidnap had been exhausted.

  • AUGUST 24 In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Mr McCann attacked a series of police leaks which have fuelled "preposterous" speculation about what happened to his daughter. He said the couple were considering returning home and he was thinking about returning to work. He reacted with amazement and fury to a newspaper report claiming "the parents killed Madeleine" and the couple later launched a libel action.

  • AUGUST 29 Mr McCann made the first direct appeal to the abductors since the first week, urging them to end the nightmare.

  • SEPT 1 Portuguese police received "significant" results of forensics tests carried out in Britain. Sources said a key piece of DNA had been found in an "area where it should not have been." Mr McCann was called two days later and told he and his wife would be required for further questioning.
  • SEPT 6 Mrs McCann was questioned for more than 11 hours by Portuguese police.

  • SEPT 7 Mrs McCann returned and was given "arguida" status as she was asked 22 key questions by police. Mr McCann arrived at 2pm to be questioned separately. He was officially made "arguido" status about 12 hours after his wife.

  • SEPT 9 The McCanns fly back to England with their two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.
    SEPT 11 Portuguese police hand the papers in the case to the public prosecutor, Jose Cunha de Magalhaes e Meneses, for him to decide whether to bring charges against anyone. OCT 2 Goncalo Amaral, the detective in charge of the inquiry, is removed from the case after criticising the British police in a Portuguese newspaper interview.

  • OCT 9 The case is taken over by Paulo Rebelo, a senior detective with Portugal's investigative Policia Judiciaria who is normally based in Lisbon.

  • OCT 25 The McCanns release a new artist's impression drawn by an FBI-trained expert showing the man described by Jane Tanner.

  • NOV 1 Gerry McCann returns to work as a consultant cardiologist at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital.

  • NOV 19 A BBC Panorama documentary screens a video of Gerry McCann speaking of his belief that a "predator" was watching his family in the days before Madeleine's disappearance. In the same programme Mr Murat's mother, Jenny Murat, accuses three of the McCanns' friends of lying about seeing her son on the night of May 3.
  • NOV 22 Portugal's attorney general, Fernando Jose Pinto Monteiro, says the huge publicity surrounding Madeleine's disappearance could have resulted in her kidnapper killing her.

  • NOV 29 Forensic experts from the UK and Portugal meet at Leicestershire Police headquarters to discuss DNA samples collected during the inquiry.

  • DEC 13 Francisco Marco, the director general of Metodo 3, a private detective agency being paid by the McCanns, claims he knows who took Madeleine and that he could have her back with her family before Christmas.

  • DEC 22 Mr and Mrs McCann send a public message to their daughter, telling her: "Our only Christmas wish is for you to be back with us again."

  • JAN 9 2008 Mr McCann plays down speculation they may approve a movie about Madeleine's disappearance after their spokesman meets the IMG agency, the firm behind the award-winning drama-documentary Touching The Void.

  • JAN 20 The McCanns release police artist sketches, based on a statement given by a British holidaymaker, of a man they believe may have abducted Madeleine.

  • FEB 4 Portugal's top detective, Alipio Ribeiro, says in a radio interview that police were "hasty" in making Madeleine's parents suspects in her disappearance.

  • FEB 13 Portuguese justice minister Alberto Costa says the police investigation into the young girl's disappearance is nearing its end.

  • MARCH 19 Mr and Mrs McCann accept £550,000 libel damages and front-page apologies from Express Newspapers over allegations they were responsible for Madeleine's death.

  • MARCH 26 Kate and Gerry McCann urge Portuguese police to investigate the movements of a suspected Spanish paedophile on the day their daughter vanished. The 52-year-old man was arrested on on suspicion of killing another five-year-old girl.

  • APRIL 7 Portuguese police arrive in Britain to observe as the friends of Kate and Gerry McCann are interviewed about the night Madeleine went missing.

  • APRIL 8 Gerry and Kate McCann are asked to return to Portugal to take part in a large-scale re-enactment of the hours surrounding Madeleine's disappearance. They say they will consider the proposal.

The Telegraph


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kiwigirl said...

Hi Diane
Hope everything goes well this weekend with your wee girl, there's nothing worse than ill children - you feel so helpless!

Wiht regards our histories, I must say I agree with you when you say it's a wonder that we haven't gone to war! Although I guess we do regularly...on the rugby field! Anyway, the reasons for those poor people being transported halfway around the world are just shocking, some for something as small as stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving families. However, a different time and place, but absolutely fascinating!

NZ was settled by free settlers, a social laboratory they called it, and we did have the rather bloody NZ wars - Maori vs British. But in all honesty the British were better colonial masters than any other, at least they tried to understand the indigneous culture and did sign a Treaty. Anyway enough history...

I see penelope is trying to stir up rumours that Kate is pregnant again, it's apparently Kate's attempt not to have to go to prison...I'm sorry I didn't realise that they had been arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced! Honestly these people are SICK! What gives anyone the right to pass judgement on another's life - mind you that's what they are all doing over on that blog!!

Right off now to plan my day for tomorrow, hubby away for a couple of days so lots of activities planned to distract kidlets. Goodness kind of flies in the face of us all being child neglectors etc etc

kiwigirl said...

Sorry all, how rude, forgot to say good morning and hope you all have a good day...maybe catch you all tomorrow evening/Friday morning.

Tulip said...

Good morning Kiwigirl and Diane -- thought I'd keep our antipodean friends company for a moment before they go and I start work.

Thinking of you Diane. I'm a Good Witch actually and hereby send you the very best of magic spells to get your daughter through the op safely and home soon, healthy and happy.

Mum21 said...

Good Morning All,
Just popped in to wish Diane all the best with her daughter.
I am sure all will go fine and she will be back home with her loving family very soon.

helenm said...

Good morning all,

Only a quick hi as I am off to the dentists again........OOOOOPPPSSS thatshould read Portuguese lesson!!!LOL think I would rather go to the My hubby tells everyone that to have an instant 'HIGH' without drugs, all you need is a Portuguese lesson from our Professora. That is of course when you have FINISHED the lesson!!

Tulip you are a good witch and I am sending you an outfit on my next post. Enjoy.

melbel said...

Good Morning all
Another interesting,well researched analysis.As is the norm on this blog,only sourced and substantiated material, is used, so when the timeline given, is that the McCanns informed the Police, at ten o clock,this will be fact, unlike the lies peddled on the House of Hate.
The PJ are really exposed, in my view and cannot save face, which seems to be a main thrust of their approach.
They face international criticism from a range of famous Police experts, from around the world, as well as British TV documentaries and comment in broadsheet and tabloid newspapers.This is the tip of the iceberg, imho, as once the arguido status is lifted, top investigative journalists, in Europe and the world, will be ready to let rip and it will rock Portugal.They will have to review their standards and consider why they are pretty unique, in the civilised word, in being allowed to publish books and make TV series about cases, in which the writer, Cristovas,[ himself in Court, accused of torture and withholding evidence, in a similiar case,] can make money, in a case in which charges are not yet laid.
The Portugese people,need to reflect into this lack of regulation and violation of justice and also why many of them, judging by the number,buying the books,consider this to be permissible.
I glanced across, at the House of Hate and most of their material is the workings of sick minds.
Hawkeye,[not ]wrote a long alphabetical list of master euphemisms.Well, it reminds me of the hotel proprietor, in the film,
"The Shining," somebody sat all day, at a typewriter,writing sheer unadulterated "crap "
I would also,[ as I have never and will never post on House Of hate,]like to comment on something Marga said,[ a person from Portugal, totally out of touch, with what people are saying about this shoddy investigation and her precious PJ and sadly, in for a very rude awakening.]
She compares the reception given to Kate McCann [the dreadful boos from some locals in Portugal,] to the jeers when Shannon's mother went to Court,saying that we all did it and so it must be OK.
There is one difference.Shannon's mother has been charged.
Kate was only going for questioning, so the Portugese were reacting to leaks and smears, fed by PJ sources, to Portugese tabloid newspapers.You can send as many e mails, as you like, Claw,but you should read more serious newspapers, like the Times, who have actually written, that these leaks came from a high level.This is sourced and substantiated stuff.
Furthermore, I live in the Yorkshire area and get local newspapers and TV and can tell you, that the West Yorks Police, have hand delivered letters, to a wide area of Dewsbury, to warn people off any interference.After all, a person was nailed to a tree, in this area, shortly before [ nothing to do with Shannon ]There will be no vigilantes allowed, round here.Can you say the same for Portugal ?

helenm said...

Here you are Tulip, good witches outfit as promised. You can keep it, it does not go with my

Mum21 said...

Just something I wanted to say to you all regarding Claudia.
Yesterday she stated on Vile's blog that a few of us had been reported...especially the ones who had been stupid enough to show their true indentity.
Does Claudia not know each and every blogger is traceable?
I have filed on my computer Claudia's details...her IP address...her ISP provider and her region. If I wanted to report her for the abusive libellous posts she has made about us, it would be easy.
All I would need to do is report her IP address to my ISP provider with a copy of the abusive posts. They would in fact do the rest.
The same goes for anyone else who posts using a blogger account.
As I said...nobody remains safe and hidden on the internet.

melbel said...

Hi Tulip
Hope the holiday went well and thanks for the good wishes re my grand daughter, all doing well.
I am glad that the door was shown to the angry Bianca, some anger management classes, needed there, without a doubt.
You were misrepresented, but what is new there ?
This is how they operate, a blog of barmpots, Fantasists, Portugese vainly trying to spin for the PJ and a lot of people, with personal issues, who try to get away from their own life problems, by beating the Mccanns.
It can, in no way, be considered, normal behaviour, to be posting thousands of times, all on one point.It shows lonely, inadequate and unfulfilled lives, to me.
Anyone, who cannot see the workings of the mentally ill minds, over there and allies themselves, is of the same ilk to me.
As for Vile's "superior mind and intellect",I am not one, to pull people up for spelling mistakes. I type one finger and with no spellchecker [do not know how to do it]I lose the flow, because of my inept typing, though I was well taught,in spelling.
No lawyer would put a headline up, in the article of the day, substituting "their " for what should have been "there."
You would surely check your headline,but maybe not, in the rush to score a few points against the Mccanns.

helenm said...


She is full of 'hot air' just like the PJ's 'evidence' Got to go now, can't delay it any longer.

Mum21 said...

Hi Helen,
How right you are. te he he

melbel said...

Hi Mum
Claw is a very naive young lady, probably being fed a few euros, for her efforts to combat criticism of the PJ.It is far too late, for this and the pressure is building up, on them.It may have been Calcite or Diane, who said, that by calling for this reconstruction, to get the McCs back over there, they may be trying to seize the initiative, as they look like Junior partners, at the moment.
Neither has Claw, child nor chick and frankly, has not a clue about parenting.

melbel said...

all the very best and thinking of you all. x x x

Tinkerbell43 said...

Top of the morning to everyone :0)

Just popping in on you know what!

Diane, will be thinking of you and your family this weekend. You take care and tell your little one Tinkiebell says what a brave little girl she is and is sending her hugs and kisses.


Tulip said...

Helen thanks for the outfit. Honestly, though, it's not me either. I'll stick with my flower!!

Now must rush (as Gina always says)

Mum21 said...


You are right there.
To know anything at all about the ups and downs of bringing up need to be a parent.
Claw is just a slip of a girl who does not have a clue.

SeaWitch said...

Just popping in to say a belated Congratulations to mMlbel on the arrival of her grandchild, and to add my support to Diane whilst her daughter is having surgery.

Not stopping, off now to enjoy the sunshine!

SeaWitch said...

Oops, typo, Melbel!

melbel said...

Well, I am off now ladies, for a while, on this beautiful day.Will catch up later and have a lovely day, all.x x x

Tinkerbell43 said...

To all those parents on the House of Hell that are criticising the McCanns, get off your backsides and spend sometime with your own children instead of bitching 24/7 against 2 parents that quite frankly put you lot to shame.

Mum21 said...

Yes Ladies,

It is a beautiful day here too.
So I am off out into my garden to enjoy it.
All the ducks are sunbathing at the moment. te he he

Talk to you all later.

melbel said...

Lovely to hear from you and thanks a lot.Would not like you to disappear, as we have bonded to you !
I meant to say c...p, before, in what I wrote, but did not proof read it !
Take care x x x

melbel said...

I second that.In no way, are these people doing right,by their own children and they are not in a position to crow, or belittle, anyone else.Take care and see you all later. x x x

JANEGT said...


Just popped on to say I am sure all will be well with your daughter. Your sn will look on being with grandparents as an 'adventure' whilst you will feel his absence acutely. Sigh!!! I am thinking of you. Hurry back with good news.


Yes, indeed how silly of them to think they are really 'anons' and can spit their venom with ''no repercussions''. Glad you made that very clear after their threats to so many of us last night. Ignorance is bliss, so they are so so SO blissful!!!

Sass said...

Hiya Everyone

Hope you are all well. Can't hang around right now, but will be back later.

Kiwigirl - have fun entertaining your kids!

Tulip and Seawitch - nice to see you both again

Diane - Hope everything goes well with your little girl

Helen - When you can have deep meaningful conversations with Clawdia and Arsabliar, you'll be glad about your lessons! (Make sure you learn a few swearwords!)

Mellybelly - Marga seems to be so away with the fairies anyway that nothing surprises me. She shouted insults because everyone else did? That about sums her "character" - a backbone out of jelly.

Mum - Should you wish to report Claudia, she printed her name on Vile's. She's called Claudia Rodmatos.

Tinks - Hiya! How ya doing? Really warm summery weather here today! You keep the wheels of British industry running, my girl!

Sass said...

Hiya Jane

Just off, but hi and bye anyway!

JANEGT said...


I am going to a beautiful park near me, to feed the ducks after lunch.

I blame Mum 21 ha ha!!! Won't find any as cute as Jimmy though, but got my loaf - and will enjoy the 'sort of' sunshine... It is behind clouds and looks somewhat watery.. Won't stop me even if it rains. It is day 4 of the school hols so no doubt 'her ladyship' will have her own plans, usually involving shops.... ;o((

Have a lovely day all, whatever you are doing. Catch you later on.

melbel said...

Hi Sass and Jane,
Well said,you !
Just my real last word,before I switch off,but I am given the DE, a day late [would not give them money,myself] and it is reported, re the interviews, that "the seven, are said to be relaxed, to the point where none has seen the need to be represented by a lawyer.
Over and out for now.TTFN.[see I am learning the ways of the internet ] x x x

Mum21 said...

Thanks for that Sass,
But the surname is unimportant.
What is important is her IP address and her internet provider....which I have both.

Sass said...


Breaker breaker!

Have a nice day! We have lovely weather here today - all windows and balcony door wide open.

I see that the "let's-keep-child-abductors-all-safe" blog is trying to work out the difference between someone who has been convicted and someone who hasn't. Not making much headway it has to be said. Class is being blamed for the fact that the convicted Karen is in prison and Kate (who hasn't been convicted of anything) isn't. Hardly the crème de la crème of the world of brains they have over there is it!

Mum21 said...

The joker of the day has to be 2345

She is insisting Claw is being cloned.
Anyone with even one brain cell can tell a genuine Claw comment.

2345 needs help badly...she is one very sick woman.

Sass said...

Hiya Mum21

That's perfect then!


Mum21 said...

Sass..You are right.
What a blog..they are now argueing amongst themselves.
What a shame....te he he

Sass said...


What are they arguing about who supports child abduction more?

Mum21 said...

No Sass,
They are arguing as to whether it is the real Claudia or a Clone.
I notice 2345 has beaten a hasty retreat. And Claw has deleted one of 2345's posts.

Mum21 said...

Now I really am off to enjoy the sunshine
Bye Sass...until later.

Tinkerbell43 said...


Children will be children!

Enjoy the sunshine,

See you later.x

dianeh said...

Hi Everyone

I am packing getting ready for tomorrow's early start.

Thank you all for your kind thoughts. I am a bit sad, having to leave little boy behind, I miss him and I am still at home. He is staying at Nana's tonight, so didnt come home today. He must be alright as Mum hasnt rang yet.

I am a bit nervous about tomorrow but have a very good speclialist, he is a paediatric ENT, and very very nice. Unfortunately, little girl doesnt like him. She doesnt like anyone who tries to look down her throat.

Anyway, got to go. Am about half packed, still got to get back on this stupid computer to do a bit more work and am tired.

Thanks again for your kind thoughts, and hope we will be back on board Monday night (your morning) or Tuesday morning (your night).

Jojam said...

Hi Mum21,

There are very stange goings on on the other side.........I found a couple of posts to me from Zodiac which made absolutly no sense.......I had not posted for days & could not find anything to indicate what Zodiac was refering to. I had only gone to read not to post until I read them ......then did leave a couple of posts.......I'm sure they have all 'lost the plot'

Any news re Family history......2 other names........Rose & Ern

Good morning all

Jojam said...

Looks like I missed you........I look in again later.

Mandz said...


Hope all goes well and best wishes xx

calcite51 said...

Good morning, ladies.

Gina & Vile lol - please note that the two of you are paranoid - I certainly did NOT write any comment on your blog.

None of you have a braincell amongst you - sad really.

Sass said...


I had guessed that isn't what they were really yakking about!

Hi Diane - Nice to read you. I am sure that the anticipation of the whole thing is the worst part.

Hiya Mandz and Calcite - See the fans of child abduction seem to have completely lost the plot - well, what's new there!

Hiya Jojam - nice to see you

Hiya Tinks - Keep missing you on troll patrol!

Waves to Claudia who is constantly gawping at our site.

Mandz said...

Just heard on the radio that the McCann’s have asked for a quicker response when a child is “abducted”. Well done to the McCann’s. If this system is put in place then this will hopefully help children who are snatched. This is one step closer to stopping these evil abductors who are getting away with children. I take my hat off to the McCann’s and thank them for pushing this forward for all of our children.


Mandz said...

Hi Mum!!

Big waves insignificant Clawdia..

Tinkerbell43 said...

Exactly Mandz,

They could have sat back and done nothing. I applaud them & I really hope they are rewarded for their efforts by receiving the necessary support required.

No matter what anyone thinks of them, we do need to make Europe a safer place for all of our children. If their profile can help push this along - Fantastic.

Bye for now.

melbel said...

Hiya Mandz, Calcite and Jojam, if still online.
Hope you are well. I am on a flying visit, off to dentists, shortly.
The other blog reads like a load of nutters or mob of gangsters, more like. These people are not for real.Notdoc, has written the only thing, that I agree with so far, that Viv is mad.[on top of post. ha ha.]
What real doctor, could have the time or lack of dignity, to join a hate site? It is busy talking to itself, in Southerncross, who always comes on, at the same time . Just because they are stupid, does not fool anyone else.
2345 [key number of cell]has totally lost it, but did hit the nail on the head, when he asked Bianca, how she managed to blog all night, with school age child or children.Sounds like neglect, to me.
Vilopath, also says that the pro blog, write terrible things about Karen Matthews.Is that a fact ?
Where, exactly? However, truth and accuracy, are not the norm, over on the House of Hate.
Good on the Mccanns to use their own suffering, to help others. This can only be applauded, apart from the vicious haters,blinded, as to the general good and decency,by their tunnel vision.
Quite right the answer given, when the Portugese journalist, asked, at the news conference, re the alert system,why the arguidos were there.
They have not been charged of anything. Neither do I think, they will. Neither can our Government, or organisers, of the EEC Conference, as they would have disassociated themselves and not taken the risk.
Get over it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, fans and followers, on the House of hate, who hang onto our every word.
Bye guys, as I need to get mobile. x Catch up later.

calcite51 said...

Hi, melbel.

Took a stroll on ST's site. Quickly looked at one e-mail that said she/he was going to file a complaint against Vile's blog and in particular Clawdia. Whoever you are, I totally support you.

Kate and Gerry have always acted with dignity and courage and IMO are trying to make a difference with the European amber alert.

Tinkerbell43 said...


LOL, the vile one accuses us, of writing nasty things about Karen Matthews ?, Would this be the very same vile one that said Karen Matthews displayed true emotions of grief ?.

I dont think anyone with that poor judgement is qualified to comment let alone be taken seriously do you, lol.

melbel said...

Hi Calcite
The day of reckoning for these blog madames, like Vile a d Claw,are fast approaching.
They cannot plead ignorance, that they are commenting on stuff,in the public domain,as DE,etc,admitted it was untruthful. Many on there,make libelous allegations, as often,as they breathe.I am sure that they will be entrapped and it would please me, if they made to pay, via the purse and via public humiliation, when it all comes out.
Good luck to the people, who are onto them. Claw is too naive, to cotton on and Vile, too deluded.
Who cares ?I will not visit them, in prison.
Take care,pal and catch up later.I will have to gallop to the dentist. Regards x x x

calcite51 said...

I see some blogger named Lorraine came and copied conversation between Diane and Assasin.

Lorraine, had you read further, you would see that Diane will NOT be here as her daughter is undergoing surgery. So give your head and shake and quit attacking people when they are dealing with something bigger than your stupid comments. Wave at Lorraine.

JANEGT said...



lorraine said...

The post was not meant to be for Diane it was to expose Assassin for what he really is. As for all children undergoing surgery I prey that they are all well including Dianes. Thank you

calcite51 said...

lorraine - your timing is off. And sorry, but Diane was attacked by the Vile one - this is the third day in a row that this innocent episode has come up on your blog. Suggest you leave it alone.

Glad to hear that you prey (I think you meant pray) for all children undergoing operations.

calcite51 said...

Okay, everyone - I'm off to work now. Whenever I'm doing something I shall announce it here - so the horriblus blog knows I am not making any attempts to comment on their blog.

Have a great day everyone (waves to Vile's blog). Can't wait to read how many times I am deleted on the other blog.

lorraine said...


Yes I did mean pray. I meant it too.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Diane

Just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and please let us know ASAP that your little girl is through surgery and is well and home.
It doesn't get any better when your children get older, we still worry about them.
I am sure the little boy will be fine with his nana and granddad and that they will spoil him. (Grandparents rights you know ;-)

Sending you all positive thoughts.

Rosie xxx

Tinkerbell43 said...

These parents have been hung, drawn and quartered and for what, where is the damning evidence!

This little child was abducted from her bed at the end of a fun packed holiday. A holiday resort that had been chosen for its child friendly activities and sleepy surroundings.

When the McCs put their children down to sleep that night, do you really think they would have left them knowing there was a chance one could be abducted. NO, of course they wouldnt!!!!!

They didnt abandon them either, they were 89 steps away and checking regularly. If they wasn't, independant witness reports would say otherwise and they DONT!

They have been subjected to the most awful accusations imaginable,
called the most unmentionable names, and for what, because they trusted their children would be safe as millions have before them.

My heart goes out to them it really does, neither they or Madeleine deserved this and to think the scum that done this is out there getting away scot free after having ripped the heart out of a family makes my blood boil.

Justice for Madeleine & ALL the family.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi to anyone on line, was again only popping in on troll patrol.

See you all later.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Everyone,

Can anyone tell me what this bloody stupid woman is on about? Have they all lost the plot over there? I have not commented at all that I have been on TWS vile site causing trouble, it appears that the daft mad woman is now adding deliberate lies to her CV ie 1st career....Something in the legal profession 2nd career Probation officer 3rd Career Telling Huge Lies 4th caree having her Pinnochio nose shaved (or is that a beauty tip?)

viv said...
Hi Bianca

Thanks for that which I had read.

Sadly, this is what losing a child does to genuine parents, they never get over it and move on as Gerry suggested "we want to go back to normal". This was such a telling remark, when you have lost a precious child how could life ever be normal again.

I see Calcite had to go back and brag what a little twit she is and Rosie commented how she had earlier been on this site causing trouble. I can understand you feeling repulsed by such people.

Get some sleep darling.

calcite51 said...
Just went to visit the Vile one's site - Vile has a new fan - her/his id is Viv's a hypocrite - Viv must be out - because it is still on.

10 April 2008 03:31

(not a braincell among them!)

10 April 2008 05:53

Viv grow up you silly woman and book an appointment at specsavers while you are at it.

melbel said...

Hi Rosie
Hope you are well.In her article of the day, the vile one, [failed lawyer, failed human being[,wrote, in comparing the Madeleine and Shannon case, parents, that the McCanns "were given the benefit of the doubt,before we knew."
Before she knew what ?
This is the whole point, that all we do know,is that Madeleine is missing and there are three arguidos.
We also know that there have been leaks, at a high level,from PJ [Times newspaper, Claw ]to Portugese tabloids and that this couple, have had their human rights violated, by their archaic system.
Neither has this person, the appropriate attitudes to do social work, or Probation and I would put money on the fact, that if she crept through, very doubtful, she has been booted out since.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosie,

Nope, beats me. But you cant really expect anything else from a compulsive liar.

The whole blog is built on lies and unsubstantiated facts, its just another fact she has got wrong to add to an ever increasing list of them!

Hope all is going well.

See you later.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Can you believe Kate has been criticised for going with Gerry when she should have stayed with the twins. WHY ???.

Can she not support her husband now either. God, they've just got to bitch about everything. Get a life!

calcite51 said...

Okay, everyone I came back home early. It is snowing out there something fierce and my boots are at work - I have lots of vacation time/personal time off so after getting to the train station, I made the decision to come back home.

Rosie, I don't comment on Vile's blog either - yet she is continuously accusing me of making comments on her blog.

I read the comment that she made about you and me and I couldn't figure it out. Considered the source and guessed Vile didn't know what she was talking about.

Melbel, I agree about Vile being a failed human being - mind you I worked with social workers and some of them were pretty weird. SOME (not all) of the social workers didn't have an ounce of common sense - maybe Vile fell into that pile but I doubt she and her followers are even capable of going to a post-secondary facility.

As for Claw getting leaks from the PJ's - I sincerley doubt this - I think she gets a lot of info from the papers in Portugual and she probably goes places on the internet none of us would ever dream of going.

This is of course, all in MHO.

melbel said...

Hi Tinks
Read in my Guardian, the other day, that people have actually died, blogging and you can just imagine all the spite and malice, going into their posts.
For people who are genuinely mentally ill, I have compassion,but I think the majority, over there are more "bad," than "mad."
tThey are like dogs, picking and recycling bones.
Thank God, our Police, are in the frame and from our side, this country will not allow any further violation of their human rights.
You can see why they needed extradition lawyers and they should not return to that backward country, with all the leaks and smears, before evidence is presented, to our Courts.
The PJ,apparently went back, last time, with a flea in their ear, as the forensic evidence, did not show what they wanted.They will go back, tails between legs, this time, too,imho.
What has this replacement, Paulo Robelo, been doing since September/October?Waiting for something to turn up ?

melbel said...

Hi Calcite
Hope the snow improves. We are feeble over here, when we get some and things can grind to a halt.
Sorry,I sometimes refer to Claw,when I mention PJ,as she is busy compiling e mails, when they are criticised and I like to give her, my sources, which are always serious newspapers, etc,apart from their own leaks.

J J said...

Surely the only person who matters here is Madeleine.

Why is there all this bickering between two sites who both want the best for one little girl?

Please, why can't everyone concentrate on the facts.

Madeleine is missing. That is all we know for sure.

We do not know that she was abducted, murdered, killed accidentally or wandered off of her own accord. ( All ideas put forward by various contributers).

Anything else is guesswork and as they say, your guess is as good as mine.

Fingers crossed for Madeleine, and I personally, don't give a monkeys for anybody else.

calcite51 said...

Tks for the clarification Melbel - agree with you most of the bloggers on Vile's site are just plain nasty people.

I have a lot of confidence in the British police but no confidence in the PJ's who are the most unprofessional bunch I've ever in my life encountered.

melbel said...

Bye for now, guys, as I need to throw some food on the table. My stomach feels as if my throat has been cut !
All that malice and spite, probably plays havoc,with their digestion,too and they are probably all wrinkled from frowning.
See you anon.x
My house is filled with laughter and joy, as we like a laugh.
Not much humour over there, even from the comedy writer.

melbel said...

I cannot stay online, but the other site invents and recycles information,mainly based on leaks to Portugese tabloids.They are taking part in trial by media, without any evidence and are persecuting the parents of this child.
That, to me, is the difference.
We would rather support the parents, in compassion, in the absence of any facts in the public domain, to suggest otherwise.

JANEGT said...

I thught this report had been dismissed? Not according to today's Daily Mail.....Mrs Fenn was said to have 'retracted' this view? Can anyone help with this? Here s the link:

J J said...


I would rather support Madeleine.

JANEGT said...


We here are ALL without exception 'PRO MADELEINE'. We are also pro justice and against 'witch hunts' which this has been.

I don't get your point?

melbel said...

Me too, but supporting Madeleine,is not allowing a possible paedophile or abductor, off, scott free, which is the position of the other blog, many of whose writers, are 100% convinced [ based on what ?] that her parents have accidentally or deliberately killed her.
There is simply not the evidence, in the public domain, to support this.
We are all parents and grandparents on this site and Madeleine is in our daily thoughts and prayers.Supporting Madeleine and her parents, who are innocent until proven guilty, is not mutually exclusive.

J J said...


Sorry if I went off at a tangent.

I just don't see the point in anyone making snide comments about anyone else.
How does it help Madeleine?

Surely she is the only reason we are here.

melbel said...

Hi Jane
Had a look at the article and clearly more leaks, if they claim to have excerpts of the statement, from a very unprofessional Police Force,doing what they do best, leaking, smearing and spinning.
I wonder if the arguidos have any rights, in terms of the so called Secrecy laws, these laws,which gag the suspect,but allow this tenth rate Police Force, to try to discredit and pressure suspects, by daily leaks.
Personally, I think it is a pack of lies and I believe nothing coming out of Portugal, re this case.
These same secrecy laws,prevented this force of gentlemen police officers, from issuing a description of a possible suspect,seen carrying a child.
it shows where their priorities lie.
I think the Mccann legal team should challenge these leaks and I will certainly be writing to the PM.
Saving face is everything, with these losers of a Police Force and they are not fit for purpose,imho.

Mandz said...

This site is for “Maddie and her family” therefore we are bound to get out backs up at the other blog who do not believe in innocent until proven guilty in a Court of Law. They have spent nearly a year slating this heartbroken couple whose child has been taken. Words cannot describe these people. They have already thrown the first, second and third stone without knowing the “Facts” which in my opinion is sick. This might not help Maddie but it at least will show the real sickoz who took her that we are not fooled by what is going on in Portugal.

J J said...


There is no evidence in the public domain to support anything, except that Madeleine is missing.

melbel said...

I believe that I have read you on the other blog.Did you tell them this ?

calcite51 said...

Jane, I understood that the story had been recanted too. Another leak from the PJ's I suspect which implies that things are NOT going well well the re-interviewing of the witnesses for the PJ's. Just my take on why this story is being leaked.

J J said...


I'm sorry I don't know what you mean.
Did I tell who what?

I thought that what I just said was common sense. There is nothing in the public domain to suggest anything except that Madeleine is missing.

Hopefully there will be some new information soon.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Jane,

Have you noticed everything leaked is negative, this means it only comes from one source, Yep you've probably got it in one.

Sad thing is, they'll probably be more leaks tomorrow and so on.....

Its all unsubstantiated cr@p.

Tinkerbell43 said...

JJ, Hi,

I believe Melbel was asking as to whether what you have posted here, you have posted elsewhere.

J J said...


No. Sorry to be thick

Tulip said...

Just an example of the sheer vacuouness of the other site and its determination to find something -- anything -- to dig about, however ridiculous. They have a photo of Gerry and Kate embarking on the train at St Pancras, and commented that Gerry was hardly a gentleman going in first and letting Kate carry the heavy case. A closer look shows Gerry getting on ahead of Kate with two heavy bags, with Kate on the platform with a small wheelie. This is just what my husband does -- goes in first with the big bags, dumps them then turns to take the lighter one and herlp me in.

Can you imagine finding anything to criticise in that? Someone on the DM (Anna Maria) from Portugal thinks Kate has had Botox on her cheeks (!), while others complain Kate shouldn't be smiling 'because I wouldn't'.

I neve knew there were so many weirdos in the world posing presumably as normals. If nothing else this experience has been an eye-opener.

Mandz said...

Jane thank you for that!

You know in my opinion they have attempted to shut this couple up at every opportunity. The McCann’s called on the world media which they did not like because the spot light was on them and then the leaks started about this couple “swingers” they harmed their child etc etc before they were made “suspects” then they go off on a trip to Brussels and now we have an alleged “statement” from Kate McCann???? Do they think the world is daft? I hope to God the McCann’s lawyers rip them to shreds and show then up even more for what they truly ARE….

melbel said...

Bye for now, guys.
I was glancing at TWS and noted that Claw will end up, blowing herself up, accusing the McCanns of being "child killers."
They are extremists and do not represent the mainstream opinion, in my view, which will give the couple, the benefit of the doubt and prefer to wait and see.
See you.x

Mandz said...

Hi tulip,

Words cannot describe these people. Are they living in the dark ages? Ops forgot they are on a witch hunt!

Mandz said...

Bye Melbel!!

Tulip said...

The latest PJ leak -- this time neatly released to coincide with the McCanns' visit to Europe, is imho bad temper on their part -- probably not going well for them.

I find it most unlikely that Kate would volunteer information that Maddie had complained about being left crying, and did so next morning at breakfast.

I mean would anyone being questioned come out voluntarily with something damaging to themselves? What witnesses could there have been to support Madeleleine's complaint -- the twins?

Come off it. This latest leak is shameless and to my mind desperate.

Mandz said...


Tinkerbell43 said...

Just off for dinner - back soon!

chinadoll said...

Well, surprise surprise YET ANOTHER LEAK from the pj.

As stated in the Daily Mail article:-

Portuguese police - who are believed to be infuriated by the McCanns' political influence and by Prime Minister Gordon Brown's interest in the case - apparently leaked the statements to coincide with the couple's visit to the European Parliament

What could the motive be of the unnamed pj source, in leaking such information? Can the pj not get it into their thick heads, that the McCanns were invited by MEP's and other lobbyists, to this meeting, in order to promote a very worthwhile cause?

By making more leaks - which are illegal under Portuguese law, they clearly wish to undermine, not only the McCanns, but the Amber Alert System that they are helping to promote.

What have certain unnamed pj officers got against the proposed Amber Alert System? Perhaps certain unidentified pj officers, would prefer that the pj remain solely in charge of any cases of children that go missing in Portugal. WHY?

Another truly shocking and sinister move from the pj.
I wonder if Christavao has anything to do with it?

PJ - Are required to uphold the laws of Portugal, including the secrecy laws.

PJ - Are an exception to the law and are able to break/ignore Portuguese law, when it suits them and with apparent impunity.

Will we here any Portuguese Ministers complain or apologise for yet more underhand, illegal and disgraceful pj tactics?

Mandz said...

Daily Mail:

Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case

The existence of this so-called "magic circle" of the Portuguese establishment, allegedly involved in an international paedophile ring using boys and girls from Casa Pia, was last week likened to an earthquake waiting to shake Portugal to its foundations.

New allegations about the scale of the network will be put before the country's highest court within the next few weeks.

Amid rumours of links to other paedophile gangs across Europe and the U.S., international experts on child sex crimes and murders are expected to be in court when the case re-opens, four years after a group of victims broke a silence lasting more than 30 years.

But what relevance does this have to the disappearance 170 days ago of four-year-old Madeleine McCann in Praia da Luz, about 280km from Lisbon?

And what does it mean for Kate and Gerry McCann, who have not only had to cope with losing their child, but have also been subjects of a vicious campaign in the Portuguese press to smear them?

It is crucial for two reasons; first because it proves what international crime agencies have long suspected: that Portugal has become a magnet for predatory paedophiles from around the world, using the country's lax laws and preying on the high numbers of poor, abandoned children.

And second, because Paulo Rebelo, an urbane, methodical detective who led the Casa Pia paedophile inquiry, was last night finishing his first week as the new chief of the investigation into the disappearance of the British child.

Rebelo has replaced Goncalo Amaral, the "oafish" local police chief out of his depth in a case that has captured unprecedented world attention, with millions fascinated by the story of the girl snatched from her bed on holiday while her parents ate with friends 200 yards away.

The sight of the sweaty, corpulent Amaral in restaurants and cafes near the Portimao police headquarters had become commonplace since Madeleine disappeared.

While the McCanns were warned repeatedly they faced jail for speaking about the case, he was been overheard, during his daily three-hour lunches of wine and shellfish, accusing the couple of killing their daughter.

In one conversation with Portugal's ex-Formula One racing driver Pedro Lamy, Amaral revealed he was convinced the McCanns drugged their daughter and accidentally killed her. "The police case is we are sure the parents killed Madeleine. They are both doctors and know about drugs.

"We are confident in our case," he said.

In an effort to make up for lost time following Amaral's dismissal, Rebelo has recruited his own men from Lisbon. To the fury of the original officers, he has lost little time in sidelining them, bringing in two child sex experts from the Casa Pia case as well as homicide specialists and computer analysts - known as "the cleaners" due to their reputation for leaving no stone unturned.

According to senior police sources, he also launched a furious private attack on the 100 officers involved in the original inquiry, which he has now cut back to 40.

At a meeting, he accused some officers of having "closed minds" about who was guilty, saying that "pre-conceptions should be challenged".

In addition, he oversaw Operation Predator - raids on more than 70 suspected paedophiles, whose computers were searched last week for images of Madeleine or other evidence of criminal sexual acts. Although by last night Rebelo had failed to make a breakthrough, sources say it is a clear sign, along with reports that Russian child traffickers may be involved, of a strand of his current thinking.

In a Lisbon café, an associate of Rebelo told the Mail: "The Casa Pia case had a deep affect on Paulo. You come across things that are appalling and cruel. But you get a feeling that there are some seriously bad people in the world, and some of them are here. He does not rule anything out."

So, after enduring months of soul-destroying leaks from the Portuguese police - from claims that they drugged Madeleine and then disposed of her body, to allegations that Gerry was not even her real father - the McCanns are no longer the sole focus of the Portuguese police investigation.

But the nightmare goes on. A group of officers loyal to Amaral are still leaking smears to the Portuguese press.

Mandz said...

Hi Chinadoll,

It appears that the PJ are above and beyond the law.

JANEGT said...


Thank you so very much for posting this publicly here. Of course, the stupid anti's will think we made this is so detailed, how can they argue against this report? If it rocks Portugal to its core.....


put that in your pips pj and swallow it .. as Melbel could say..........

One law for them, one for all others. It STINKS!!!!!!!!

Roll on the case against these corrupt PJ's sooner the better. compacent biggots. and that is my 'polite' version of my thoughts on them.

JANEGT said...

hello chinadoll

how're things with you?

popping on and off between peeling veg etc etc

hope all is well with you and yours.....

chinadoll said...

Thanks for that Mandz

For any Doubting Thomas looking in, here is a link from the post just submitted by Mandz

click here for full article

chinadoll said...

Hi Mandz and Jane,

Mandz - I thought a live link would be beneficial for anyone reading the blog - it is a long article, but very worthwhile and informative.


I am fine (apart from a sore throat) I am also in and out of the kitchen, preparing dinner, just like you.

Mandz said...

Hi Chinadoll,

I passed this onto sass to post the whole article if she thought it was a good topic to discuss?
I will need to learn how to do the link that you do!

Mandz said...

Hi Jane,

Hope all is well! Like you I'm in/out as things to do!

chinadoll said...


Good idea - hope Sassy agrees.

These particular pj are a disgrace to the rest of their fellow officers.

About the link - my computer engineer put it on my desktop, so I just click on it and follow a couple of instructionsa and jacks your uncle.

Rosiepops has got the link sussed too - email her to get up to scratch on how to do it.

chinadoll said...

For anyone reading this blog that is not familiar with the Casa Pia case referred to above - it is currently being heard by a Portuguese Court of Law.............IN SECRECY

Mandz said...

The whole thing just infuriates me. Who are these leaks benefiting and why? Why is someone in “authority” not investigating these leaks? Every time Kate and Gerry do something out comes these leaks.

Will do China!

archer said...

Good Evening Everyone

Great link Mandz. I had to read it twice, I was too upset to take it all in the first time.

Diane - I didn't get to give you my best wishes for your little one today. Thinking positive thoughts!!

China Hi

Who will be presiding over this case then - will that be made public??

Mandz said...


Why would this be done in secret? Who are they protecting?

Mandz said...

Hi Archer nice to see you!

JANEGT said...


This secrecy stuff STINKS""""

ONE THING I DO HOPE COMES OUT OF THIS NOW IS - THAT IT IS NOT ALLOWED ANY MORE. THIS TIN POT NONSENSE IS OUT OF LINE TOTALLY WITH eu PRINCIPALS AND DESIGNS so why have they got away with this nonsense for so long? I don't understand why some justice committee has not jumped in before now, long long before now. This has to stop. At least now we know the PJ's up for trial are being heard soon, that I am sure, will NOT BE ALLOWED to be a secret verdict. Far too much at stake here.

Portugal has a lot to answer for here. they must not and cannot be allowed to get away with this bullying tactic.

***You shut up but I will say what I like to whoever I like***.

C R A P.....WITH A CAPITAL SH..........

archer said...

Hi Mandz

This secrecy poses problems of its own - as they are finding out. The difference now is that people are airing their thoughts in public. That will not go down well, will it?

JANEGT said...




The unfairness of this whole sorry mess makes me so wild angry. These PJ (Plod Jokes) are getting away with bloody murder.

Not for much longer though as the world is looking in at them and their stupid out of date practices.

archer said...


I agree, but still have an unanswered question. Who is being protected throughout all of this??

Remember the pj are 'elite'.!!

Mandz said...


Not going down well but they are getting away with it... for now. Portuguese people might think this is acceptable however in this Country we would be banging on our Government doors and screaming from the roof tops. This is not acceptable and the whole McCann case has shown the world how bad things are. They should be kicked out of the EU NOW…

Mandz said...


Is it obvious?!!!

archer said...

Hi Jane

By the mere fact that the McCanns are in Brussels centre stage must be enough to make the PJ tear their hair out. Portugal is looking pathetic over this. secrecey laws , that is!!!)

Back in 30 - got to collect my Rugrat....

JANEGT said...


elite polite well educated



JANEGT said...


I mentioned that Portugal should be kicked out the EU too.

I agree.

well said us.......cheers!!!!

and...yes,,,,,it shows. I am sparking my keys here I am so livid. Just like I saw the sparks from yours too.... ;o())

Mandz said...

More like Elite - liberal.....

JANEGT said...


Aren't the trials of the disgraced PJ coming up soon????

Mandz said...

lol Jane - at us!!! But honestly this is unreal unbelievable..
Just saw the McCann’s on the news…Go McCann’s & thank you again for doing this for ALL CHILDREN…

Mandz said...


Who knows it all top secret!!!!!!!

JANEGT said...


Yes just saw the amber alert system and the McCanns on news too. Good for them. Trying to open out their situation to help all others. this too is helping to show up the PJ......good. bring it on.

I am so fired up tonight with anger after reading all these links, bringing it all back and after a YEAR...... they stupidly think some reconstruction is going to do any good? They don't!!!! They want to play with the McCanns, as no reconstruction now will have any benefits at all. We all know that.

I loved Melbel's comment yesterday, that *the PJ are playing cat and mouse with the McCanns in all this, but what the PJ do not know yet is that THEY ARE THE MOUSE*. Beautifully succinctly put.

JANEGT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JANEGT said...

ooops moment

sorry took so long I posted twice as thought it hadn't I deleted my duplicate post.

Is it me or is it really slow tonight? ;o((((((

Mandz said...

Ha well said Jane!

I agree they are playing with them! squeak squeak squeak..

chinadoll said...


Here are a few names I found. The case is still being heard, but has been dragging on for years - this article is from 2004:-

Portugal braced as child prostitution ring trial opens

Giles Tremlett and agencies in Lisbon - The Guardian, Friday November 26 2004. It was last updated at 00:03 on November 26 2004.
Portugal's highest-profile trial for years began at a Lisbon court yesterday with a leading television presenter, a former ambassador and five others accused of involvement in a child prostitution ring which allegedly abused orphanage children over a period of 20 years.
Carlos Cruz, 62, the chat show host known as Mr Television, arrived at the court looking relaxed as his lawyer warned about the failings of Portugal's judicial system.

"Normally trials produce justice in Portugal," Ricardo Sá Fernandes, told the state news agency, Lusa. "But sometimes they do not."

Mr Cruz faced six charges of sexually abusing or having sex with underage boys from the 224-year-old Casa Pia network of orphanages and schools which looks after 4,500 children.

"I want, and all Portuguese want, that the truth be found in a rapid manner. I've never lied," Mr Cruz said.

Jorge Ritto, 69, a former Portuguese ambassador, faced nine charges of sexually abusing children and two of procuring.

Among the defendants is Manuel Abrantes, a former deputy director at Casa Pia, who faces 51 charges of abuse and child prostitution crimes.

Carlos Silvino, a Casa Pia driver, was allegedly at the centre of the ring, hiring out boys under 14 to people from the social and showbusiness elite.

Mr Silvino, accused of 669 acts of abuse, arrived at court with an armed escort and wearing a bulletproof vest as local media reported death threats against him.

Psychiatrists said yesterday that the 32 alleged victims who would give evidence, some still under 16 years, would be under extreme pressure.

Counsellors appointed by the authorities said they had uncovered 130 cases of abuse at the main Casa Pia home in Lisbon.

The judge said yesterday the case may be transferred to a courthouse better able to deal with a trial with a 13,000-page case file that would last several months and involve about 800 witness.

Paulo Pedroso, a former government minister, against whom charges were dropped after he had spent four months on remand, was not in court. He has suggested he may sue those who accused him while his Socialist party has claimed the charges against him were politically motivated.

The case has shocked Portugal, making some people aware of paedophilia for the first time and throwing into question the way governments have run orphanages.

But its shockwaves have gone further. The police were first informed of abuse at Casa Pia in 1982, while a series of high-profile politicians, including Antonio Ramalho Eanes, a former president, have known about the allegations for 20 years, according to Teresa Costa Macedo, a former secretary of state for families.

Leaks from the investigation have put the judiciary, police and journalists under the microscope.

The attorney-general was forced to state publicly earlier this year that the president, Jorge Sampaio, was not being investigated after the press discovered that an anonymous letter naming him had been included in the evidence. Mr Sampaio made a national television address last year, calling the affair a national disgrace and urging people to trust the legal system.

Joao Correia, vice-president of the bar association, said media coverage and breaches of judicial secrecy had damaged public confidence.

Each conviction for an act of child sex abuse carries a jail term of up to eight years. But the maximum prison term in Portugal is 25 years.

JANEGT said...

Thank you China

the levels of corruption here are so intricate and far reaching will we ever find the 'whole' truth of it all? It is frankly sickening.

JANEGT said...

IS IT ME??? OR........

'up to 8 years' for child abuse'....??? U P T O ????

Is that not exceptionally light? I posted ON HERE earlier today an article in today's press re the infamouS child abductor Robert Black who is in for I think 30 years.....???? I feel that is too lenient. But 'up to 8 ' omg it's a farce.

Mandz said...

Thanks China,

Un bloody believable……..

Tinkerbell43 said...

Evening All,

I've just been watching the replay of Gerry & Kates visit to Brussels.

Do you know, according to Gerry there was a description of the suspect and the clothes Madeleines was wearing, available on the night she disappeared.

Why Oh why did the PJ not apply the 2 exceptions to their secrecy law. This little girl could have stood a chance of being found.

IMO, this shower need investigating, something is very, very wrong!

Mandz said...

Hi Tinks!

Yes I was aware however the McCann's "asked" for this to go public and there you have your answer! You don’t ask hence the punishment – you see the link here of what is going on.. in my opinion of course.

JANEGT said...

just appeared now in press for tomorrow's headlines a 'leak' again re Madeleine

I do not lik this at all.

see what you think.

more leaks than a sieve.

JANEGT said...

this is the link to child abductor robert black again......

Tinkerbell43 said...


Its laughable. 7 months after they gave their statement it suddenly gets leaked and ends up being reported on a Spanish TV station. You couldn't script it, lol. Somebody has got a lot of questions to answer and it ain't the McCanns.

Mum21 said...

Good Evening Ladies.
I would like to request you use the link above provided by Chinadoll for tomorrow's article.
I would like to see ALL of it displayed...from top to bottom.

Thank you

Mandz said...

The latest PJ leak -- this time neatly released to coincide with the McCanns' visit to Europe, is imho bad temper on their part -- probably not going well for them.

I find it most unlikely that Kate would volunteer information that Maddie had complained about being left crying, and did so next morning at breakfast.

I mean would anyone being questioned come out voluntarily with something damaging to themselves? What witnesses could there have been to support Madeleleine's complaint -- the twins?

Come off it. This latest leak is shameless and to my mind desperate.


Girls I agree with Tulips post above it says it all...!

Mum21 said...

Let us remind the world just how corrupt the PJ have been in the McCann case.
Let us fight back over these disgusting leaks.

Mandz said...

Absolutely Mum21!

Mum21 said...

This below confirms what we have said all along.

Lies, beatings, secret trials: the dark side of police handling Madeleine case
September 16, 2007 · 8 Comments

Tinkerbell43 said...


I totally agree. I will email and ask either Rosie or Sass to make it our front page tomorrow.

I'm not that advanced yet :0)

Mum21 said...

Thanks Tinks.

Mum21 said...

For anyone who may wonder why I never post on Viv's is my answer.

If anyone is curious, I will tell you why. The reason why I don't post in Viv's vile blog is because I don't want to associate myself with that kind of people. Basically, it's the same reason why I don't socialise with people whose moral values i don't agree with. Because i don't want to.

It is as simple as that :-)

calcite51 said...

Ladies, I agree with all your comments. And yes, Tulip, I think the questioning is not going too well for the PJ's hence the leaks.

Difference this time, is the British police are the ones asking the questions (obviously put together by the PJ's but the BP are still doing the questioning). And I for one have a lot of confidence in the British police.

We can all get angry and take action after the questioning is complete.

Remember the DNA? We were told there was tons of DNA, the dogs, etc. all conclusive. Now, we're told DNA results were INCONCLUSIVE. So these latest leaks are probably untrue as well.

archer said...


ref your 2009 post. Thank you for that!

Mr Silvino - a mere 669 counts of abuse!! and we all know that this figure will probably be far less than the actual number. I should think he did wear a bullet-proof vest.

I can see why this was kept covered up!!! Outrageous

Tinks hiya

When I watched TV reporting of Kate and Gerry in Brussels I felt they were both very dignified and were very gracious towards Portugal!! Gerry said something along the lines that Portugal agreed and understood their need to do what they were doing.!!

I expect this will have been changed by the time it all hits the papers in the morning.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I've never posted there and only recently have started to read it.

I was disappointed to see a few posters that I thought, even though they didnt share my views, had a degree of compassion, but sadly they now display the same venemous traits as the rest.

It just shows if your are weak minded what can happen and how her personal vendetta has started to rub off on others. Its a shame, its as if they are being brainwashed and can no longer think for themselves.

Still not my concern.

archer said...


Your 2041post Abso- bloody- lutely.

(Sorry I am playing catch-up.)

Mum21 said...

How stupid are they over on the vile blog?
They are falling for all this stuff being printed today...every single word.

They cannot have one single brain cell between idiots the lot of them

Mum21 said...

Tinks..I read the posts over there...but only to remind myself just what a bunch of idiots they are.

But never would I post a comment. It would make me feel dirty.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Archer,

I thought they were too. Apparently the Portuguese Justice Minister is in support. Wasn't there one of their Ministers that also wanted the secrecy surrounding this case dropped, months ago now. Maybe they are not all bad, just heavily outnumbered!.

Did you hear also when a Portuguese Journalist asked a question, she referred to discussions going on in Portugal as to whether they should still remain Arguidos. Interesting comment.

chinadoll said...

Found this on another blogspot.

Has anyone else heard about the negro pj seen in the background of a photograph of Madeleine?


martes 12 de febrero de 2008
Take heed: Portugal and Spain can be highly dangerous and harmful places for children, due to their official corruption and paedophilia entrenchment

The abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann and the Portuguese police conspiracy to cover-up their crimes against humanity

"...mere unfounded speculations accusing Gerry and Kate Mc Cann of killing their daughter are widely publicised while the known criminal background of some police officials is silenced..."

What started by Gerry and Kate Mc Cann as a desperate effort to find their daughter Madeleine (Maddie) following her abduction and disappearance, the ruling elite controlled Portuguese media turned the tragedy into a macabre soap opera filled with wild speculations, false rumours, innuendoes, lies, and all type of manipulations aimed at diverting the public attention from focussing on what is now beginning to emerge as a real possibility: The Portuguese police could be solely responsible for the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann on the night of May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Adhered and subordinated unconditionally to the interests of the ruling class establishment, the Portuguese media echoed loudly the police version of what happened to Maddie on the night she disappeared from the room where she was sleeping. In an authentic charade that gradually escalated into a frenzy orgy, the Portuguese media continuously and intensively hammer away at the well premeditated and destructive version of the police, which accused Gerry and Kate Mc Cann of killing Maddie without a shred of valid evidence. The morbid Portuguese media circus sought to brainwash the public into acquiring a mental state in tune with the criminal police version of what did not actually happened. The well orchestrated Portuguese media campaign to demonise the Mc Canns has been amplified shamelessly by the Spanish media, whose incredible hypocrisy exceeds the limits of dignity in their contribution to help the Portuguese police obtain what they really want: Find a culprit and close the case as soon as possible and at any cost. This includes the Mc Canns losing their daughter for the rest of their lives. Why is the Spanish official establishment so keenly interested in helping the Portuguese police to end the case as soon as possible? We must not forget that several children were abducted and disappeared in Spain also during recent years and months, including Mari Luz Cortes, a five year old gypsy girl who went missing during early January in the town of Huelva in southern Spain, which is not too far from the border with Portugal, and only 120 miles from Praia da Luz. The Portuguese and the Spanish are very similar in idiosyncrasies and in almost everything else, including "culture" and proneness towards criminality; they see each other almost like brothers and collaborate mutually when it comes to protecting their own interests.

Silent suspects

In the Portuguese media, no comments at all are ever made --let along questioning-- on the doubtful and suspicious criminal background of some police officials that were fist assigned to work on the Mc Cann case. However, on the Internet there are thousands or even millions of people who study the many details of the case, are looking, and keeping abreast on its developments, including this writer; Many of these folks are Portuguese nationals while others are foreigners living in different parts of the Algarve, including Praia da Luz; they know details and things in their turf others don't just as is common in most tightknit small towns. It is through this system of people-to-people contacts that reliable information on Goncalo Amaral --who was the general co-ordinator in the Mc Cann case at the beginning-- was obtained regarding his involvement in the Casa Pia paedophile scandal in which children were abducted and disappeared. Mr. Amaral was also accused and indicted for severely beating and torturing Leonor Cipriano, mother of Joanna, who also disappeared near Praia da Luz in 2004. In that case, Joanna's mother was also falsely accused of killing her daughter and is now in prison for a supposed murder of a victim whose body was never found. Joanna is believed to have been kidnapped by a paedophile organisation and taken out of the country. Mr. Amaral lead the inquiries in that case along with four other police officers, and according to the criminal complaint against them, he viciously beat up and tortured Mrs. Cipriano and forced her to sign a confession which railroad her into a long prison term for a crime she did not commit.

William Thomas, a British expert told Sky News that too many coincidences exist between the Joanna Cipriano and Madeleine Mc Cann cases to be ignored. Mr. Thomas, like many others, refuse to believe the Portuguese police version which accuses Gerry and Kate Mc Cann of killing Maddie. Meanwhile, in Portugal there is a highly intense silence and many are asking why Mr. Amaral with his criminal background was assigned initially to the Mc Cann case...

The mysterious bald negro man

Like in the previous case, the Portuguese media does not mention anything about a bald negro man wearing sun glasses who appears in the background of a photograph, watching Madeleine with a grin on his face while she was playing with her father. The Portuguese police has refused to acknowledge and identify this man officially as a police officer, but those who know him have told sources that he is in fact a member of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) of Portugal. This man also appears in the company of other police man and Robert Murat in other pictures. Mr. Murat was declared "arguido" (suspect) in the Mc Cann case.

Is Robert Murat hiding something?

The Portuguese media has ceased to say anything about Robert Murat who is a police confident and translator. Mr. Murat is the same man who rented a car after the abduction and disappearance of Madeline Mc Cann, despite the fact that he owns three automobiles. Curiously also, is that although he is a resident of Praia da Luz, Mr. Murat wrote the address of his ex-wife in Norfolk, England on the car rental contract and a phone number that appears to be in Spain. But what is even more surprising, is that Mr. Murat registered the domain of his business in Internet ( under the false name "Oberto Muray," and that a surreptitious Journalist took a picture of two women leaving his house during very late hours of the night, holding each one a child covered with a blanket.

Mr. Murat is really a very particular individual within the context of the case related to the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann not too far from where he lives. His German girl friend Michaela Walczuch is still the wife of his friend Luis Antonio who works in maintenance at the Mark Warner Ocean Club, which is the place where Madeleine was abducted. Also very attention grabbing, is the great resemblance of Luis Antonio and Michaela, with a man and a woman who were seen at a service station off a road leading towards Spain, with a blond little girl after Madeleine's abduction and disappearance in Praia da Luz took place only hours before. Can all of these details be a mere coincidence? I think not.


The recent official statement made by Carlos Anjos of the Policia Judiciaria (PJ) can be interpreted as a prelude, for an up-coming declaration to shelve the case related to Madeleine Mc Cann. It is a political sleaze tactic to prepare the public for the final official news on a case they knew about it long before actually occurring. Reading his statement that "we have more important problems than finding Madeleine" [sic] is not a surprise to those who have been analysing and closely following the many intrinsic aspects of the case, since the morning of May 4, 2007 when we first heard the news at wake up time. Mr. Anjos words are merely an official formality to start a process aimed at placing the abominable crime perpetrated against an innocent child, into a convenient social oblivion that will protect the interest of those truly responsible for the monumental inhumanity of the horrendous deed. Moreover, the official declaration of Mr. Anjos is not surprising either since we are familiar with the case of Leonor Cipriano. The only difference between that case and the present one, is that Mrs. Cipriano is suffering unjustly in prison while neither one of the Mc Canns are, probably because they are British and not Portuguese. If they were Portuguese they would be in the same or similar predicament Mrs. Cipriano is in now.

We already know that sooner than later the "news" that Madeleine's case was shelved will be broadcast on prime time now that a prelude was introduced. When it happens, it will be the certification to legitimise the destruction of a child's life and her family, and the culmination of a well-elaborated criminal plan for whatever reasons. We can not prove it at this point, but have reasons to suspect on the basis of the truth the Portuguese police have been covering, that Madeleine and other children that were also kidnapped, are being kept hidden and locked away out of public view in a place under extra judicial conditions but with full official knowledge and consent. Possibly some where in southern Spain. We further believe that the abduction of Madeleine is a State crime, rather than the deed of an organisation or group whose activities may be related to paedophilia. Personally, the author very strongly suspects that Madeleine Mc Cann was abducted by one or more individuals connected to the Portuguese police.

Publicado por argiz en 3:33

chinadoll said...


I forgot to post a link to the article in my above post.

Some other excellent articles on the site too.

chinadoll said...

And another opinion from the same source:-

sábado 9 de febrero de 2008

Is the Portuguese police implicated in the abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann?

Did the Portuguese police kidnapped Madeleine Mc Cann?

The Spanish media Internet source JM Noticias (JM News) whose address is published on February 8, 2008 an article in Spanish entitled: ¿Secuestro un policia a Madeleine Mc Cann? Translation: Did a policeman kidnapped Madeleine Mc Cann?

According to the article, while the media have been publishing speculations on Madeleine's case, the author of a blog had predicted that the Portuguese police would declare Gerry and Kate Mc Cann "arguidos" (suspects) as a tactic to conceal the implication of police officers in the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine on May 3, 2007. In the blog titled "master of fate" some unusual and suspicious photographs show Gerry and Kate Mc Cann being closely watched by a policeman shortly before Madeleine vanished. The author of the blog who goes by the anonymous "Inu Yasha" assures his audience that " [...] the Portuguese police has not really being looking for Maddie because they know where she is. The police have instead dedicated to create a hostile environment against her parents so they can charge them with the dead of their daughter." Mr. "Yasha" further continuos by stating that "[...] instead of looking for the little girl since they know where she is, the Portuguese police have been preparing the terrain by working very intensively on creating a favourable public opinion with the end in mind to imprison both parents and close the case."

The article says that in his blog, the author wrote that the Portuguese police is repeating the same tricks used in an earlier and similar case in which the mother of another little girl who was also abducted and disappeared not far from Prai da Luz, was convicted without evidence and after suffering great torture. "It is almost exactly to the case of Leonor Cipriano who was convicted of murdering her daughter Joanna even though there was no proof that the child had died. I believe the little girl was abducted on orders by an international paedophile organisation. Goncalo Amaral from the Portuguese police was assigned to conduct the investigation and was also given the responsibility to investigate Madeleine's case. As in Joanna's case the final outcome in Madeleine's will be the same," wrote the author on his blog. Mr. " Yasha" also stated that in the suspicious pictures one can see Robert Murat in the company of the police and a negro man that was spying on Madeleine before her abduction. In fact, the negro appears in the background of a picture looking at Madeleine while she was playing with her father and the other two children. The blog is located at (in Spanish).

In the opinion of this writer, the information featured in the JM Noticias article on the contents of the blog is not necessarily frivolous nor unfounded. If you would look into the numerous facts and details related to the Portuguese police performance on Madeleine's case since day one, you would probably conclude that it is now a puzzle with too many pieces all scattered and deliberately being kept that way by a sinister veil of secrecy. What or who is the Portuguese police protecting? The answer to this question can only be obtained by conducting a thorough investigation of the Portuguese police itself by an outside force. All the pieces of the puzzle need to be put in place for all to see and understand the truth related to the well-planned and executed abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann. Only then will her father get the answers to his three questions:

1) Who abducted Madeleine
2) Why
3) Where is she being kept

Until the above-mentioned is done the actual situation of uncertainties will continue on while Madeleine suffers in God knows what conditions...

JANEGT said...



archer said...


We have to believe that some good will come out of all of this mess.

Kate and Gerry are not a couple of smucks from the Boonies,and the pj are stymied by all that is going on. They never ever had reason to expect all of this public outcry - almost one year on. How dare anyone question their work methods. Well HELLO pj, the world is watching you now!!

chinadoll said...

Sorry for the long posts, I wanted to put them up here in their entirety.

I am going to take some fresh air, as I am seething.

Tinkerbell43 said...


Thank you very much for these interesting posts. Some of which is in line with my own thinking. I have always said, this is much bigger than just Madeleine.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I bloody hope so, because right now, like China I am seething and am off for a ciggie. Back soon!

archer said...

Going to the garage now. Sorry Jane. I am crying with rage.x

JANEGT said...

right you weak sh*ts...

off for the wine I too am seething and I started off with Mandz in not 'too jolly' a frame of mind at the outset.


Rosiepops said...

Evening Everyone
Spare time is in short supply recently!

Took this excerpt from a post by Melbel, thought it was very succinct.

This is the tip of the iceberg, imho, as once the arguido status is lifted, top investigative journalists, in Europe and the world, will be ready to let rip and it will rock Portugal.They will have to review their standards and consider why they are pretty unique, in the civilised word, in being allowed to publish books and make TV series about cases, in which the writer, Cristovas,[ himself in Court, accused of torture and withholding evidence, in a similiar case,] can make money, in a case in which charges are not yet laid.
The Portugese people,need to reflect into this lack of regulation and violation of justice and also why many of them, judging by the number,buying the books,consider this to be permissible.

I think you are correct Melbel, once this arguido status is lifted it is going to be seen as open house on the PJ and if they think the British press are bad now, they haven't seen anything yet, my goodness, they haven't!
IMO Portugal are going to be forced to look at themselves intensely and the Portuguese government will be forced to review their laws, laws that allow ex police detectives pen books and make money out of innocent children who have gone missing and not been found, while facing criminal prosecution themselves for charges involving one of the children he has written about.

I cannot believe that the press have kept quiet about this, I think they are just biding time until this man goes to court.

If the McCann's had done anything remotely like this can you imagine what the House of Filthy Hate filled child abductor protectors would be saying?
Yet tellingly they fail to mention this absolutely filthy disgrace and one of them the nasty narrow minded Claudia thinks it is OK that an odious Portuguese Television company plans to make some kind of sick soap series about poor little Madeleine, for the titillation of equally odious people who find the disappearance of this child some kind of light entertainment.

If the Portuguese government allow this to happen, they are going to find they have bitten off far more than they can chew, because no way will the people of this country and the rest of the world keep quiet and accept this, it is an absolute disgrace and the Portuguese people themselves should act.

But will they?

Not if they are anything at all like Claudia, Alsabella/Ana/Marla and Marga the wont.

IMO The above mentioned show a complete lack of human decency and decorum, no breeding and no compassion and show Madeleine a complete disrespect and so does anyone else that does not speak out against this abomination.

JANEGT said...

here is the playground photo o the negro man we were talking about watching the McCanns -,RNWE:2006-16,RNWE:en&q=madeleine+mccann+playground+photo

have a look links to chinadoll's posts

Rosiepops said...

Hi China,

Have just come online and finished something I wrote earlier so have not had a chance to read your posts yet, I see that they must be emotive, so will just disappear for a little while to read them.

calcite51 said...

Hi, Rosie glad you're back. Everyone is really upset about the leaks. I have to get off now, but glad you're back and will try to look in about a hour.

I think leaks are happening now because the PJ's are not getting the information (made up dirt IMO) from the witnesses they thought they would.

JANEGT said...

here's the narrative to go with playground photo link I just posted


This photo has been looked at by many in the months since Madeleine disappeared. Many forums discussed the man standing behind Gerry wearing sunglasses. Some have even suggested that if you look closely enough, you can see a person in the plastic climbing frame taking a photo of the children. That has made this photo become known also as the "Mystery Man" photo.

TruthForMadeleine has a far different line of questioning. Who is the girl sat on the grass with her back to the camera? Clearly it is not Amelie McCann.

Has this girl been confused by witnesses who claim they have seen Madeleine? Could this girl be the reason why so many reports have said they saw Madeleine at various other times and places? The infamous Tapas Bar where the Tapas 9 ate dinner on the evening of May 3 is behind the palm tree in the photo.


archer said...


I am very grateful to you for these posts. Harrowing reading though they are. It is only by the exchanging of this type of information that the world will truly be able to judge for themselves what is really going on.

I thank you.

JANEGT said...

good evening rosie and calcite

yes these leaks are unforgiveable.

helenm said...


From the back this could be the child that TW diplayed on her site in the buggy pushed by GM.

helenm said...

Good evening ladies,

I'm beginning to take a shine to 2345. She has been takng Claudia to task today. Would be fnny if it wasn't so sad.

Pleaseforgiv my typing andspeling, the keyboard sems to have a min of its own tonight. Keeps missing, anyon any ieas what could bewrong?

Sass said...


How is everyone doing?

JANEGT said...


your keyboard has what mine had and has at times.....fffffffinger
malffffffffffunction. tee hee

The 'playground' link is to the negro man often seen around the Mcanns and with PJ and Murat.....

Now, you bring in yet another dimension to the photo...good grief. Never ending leaks, smears, lies, eeeeeeeeeeeeeek.


McCanns on Sky News right now. Good on them. The photos of Madeleine still make me want to cry.

JANEGT said...


We have all worked ourselves into a tearful frenzy right now......

leaks, lies, photos at playground of dark skinned man .....etc etc etc.

China posted a couple of long, sorry tales that really tug your heart strings.

What an unholy mess and muddle.

These leaks made us all so mad we went for a ciggie/wine break to calm down. ;o(((

Sass said...

Hiya Jane

I was wondering what had gone on. I read words like "seething" and "fag break"!

Sass said...

Hiya Our 'ell

No idea at all. You haven't done something basic like dropped crumbs on the keyboard I suppose.

JANEGT said...

just on sky

pj leaked smears about McCanns to discredit their names.


Just what we were talking about, apparently headlining in Daily Express tomorrow.....?? Does anyone still buy it??? ha ha

Tulip said...

Just watched BBC 10 pm news re McCanns. Apparently Kate told the police about Madeleine's comment about her and her little brother's crying as evidence that someone had tried to get into the apartment the night before and that 'now this had been turned against them'.

I can now believe anything is possible -- it is far worse than we ever thought originally.

I don't think this is going to go away soon. The PJ have taken on the wrong people.

I thought the McCanns came over very well in Europe. That leak is a disgrace -- but so blatant that it may make some people think again.

JANEGT said...


et al

what a marriage made in hell

2345.999% and clawed ear!!!

If as you say, Helen, they have fallen out, that's quite something, but I heard it said a few of them have fallen out with one another over last 2 or 3 days.


JANEGT said...

I suspect jj posting here earlier is none other than ultraviolet from vile's blog. Assassin seems to have found a home there too.


JANEGT said...


hi there

Yes, the McCanns came across as quietly confident and purposeful on the news just now. I think the leaking is now backfiring on the Plod Jokes big time. Not before time either.

Maybe the tide will now begin to turn.

again, not before time.

truth will out.

Sass said...


She has hardly found a home there! She was trying to get some comment about herself taken back yesterday or the day before and all her posts are deleted. Delightful Vile - seemingly a mother of new age travellers, how proud she must be - said she hoped Assasin's kid was in care. She honestly sees herself as mother of the year! Stupid woman - look at how her parrot lives - would you trust her with children????

chinadoll said...

Hi everyone,

Sorry, but I had to take a breather.

Another interesting perspective, from the same source I quoted earlier:-

jueves 27 de marzo de 2008
The sea and Madeleine

The web site located at contains information related to paedophile millionaire men living on luxurious private yachts anchored at high seas, from where they order the "purchase" of children to become their personal property and sex slaves. According to the information, these paedophiles carry on their activity at high seas to avoid public view or detection of their deeds.

Some months ago, the Daily News of London published two different articles with photographs showing the exact place at a Portuguese beach location where an eye witness saw a child covered up with a blanket, being handled by two men who gave it to a couple waiting on a speedboat anchored near by that minutes later, took off at high speed into the sea with the child on board. This information was given by the eye witness to the Portuguese police on May 5, 2007 --two days after Madeleine Mc Cann was abducted. The Portuguese police ignored the information and kept focusing instead on accusing her parents of killing their daughter, while the Portuguese media orchestrated the official version in unbridled ways that demonised Gerry and Kate Mc Cann with great intensity. Incidentally, the same newspaper published recently some news about a book that former Portuguese police Paulo Cristovao wrote about the Madeleine Mc Cann case in Portugal. In the book, Cristovao categorically and sadistically declares that Madeleine "was dumped in the sea and her body has disappeared forever..." It is really interesting to note that Cristovao's declaration somehow fit in with different theories in which the sea highlights at conclusions related to the veil of evil mystery surrounding the whole case. How does Cristovao know so much in detail about the sea in connection with the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine? What does he know regarding individuals at a particular beach location, carrying a child wrapped in a blanket and then given it to others, waiting on a speedboat that took off fast towards the high sea? Why doesn't he explain this in his book since he knows so much about the sea in relation to Madeleine? This writer has stated more than once before, that many of the unanswered questions related to the abduction and mysterious disappearance of Madeleine, could very possibly be within the Portuguese police itself, and those responsible for the "investigation" that produced nothing but senseless and false criminal accusations against her parents.

In the case of Cristovao, it may be that with his type of criminal background in connection with the brutal and systematic torture inflicted on detainee Leonor Cipriano, as an extra judicial and savage method to force her into admitting guilt just to avoid more torture, and for which he and his associate Goncalo Amaral were both indicted and now must face a criminal trail, his statements inevitably arouse great suspicion leaning our thoughts to think that he probably knows a lot more about the abduction and destiny of Madeleine than what we had previously realised. I ask again: On what ground does he stand on to declare so categorically that Madeleine "was dumped in the sea and here body disappeared forever"? How does he know for sure that is exactly what happened to Madeleine after her abduction? By using common sense one can only conclude that Cristovao does have the answers to these questions since he even wrote a book on the subject. Anyone wanting to write a book must have solid knowledge of the subject to be written about.

According to the Daily Mail, Cristovao has publicly admitted that he intended his book entitled "The Star of Madeleine" to be protective of Portugal as place where paedophilia, has been socially accepted sub rosa while in parallel unofficially institutionalised for at least fifty years, and to infuriate the Mc Cann family. These and other admissions made by Cristovao regarding the contents of his book, reveal a sadist mind and what may be the true intention behind the number of grotesque statements, uttered for the purpose of creating a momentarily upheaval, while he can cash in by the sales of his worthless and stupid book. A fair conclusion to arrive at, is that Cristovao is nothing more than an opportunist, unscrupulous and sadist thug seeking personal gain, at the expense of victims who have and continue suffering as a result of criminal deeds committed by those with sick and warped minds whom he defends. Cristovao should be thoroughly investigated for his possible involvement in other criminal activities --besides torturing prisoners-- including the abduction of children, while hiding behind corrupt officialdom as a shield protecting him and those whose interests he truly represents.

Publicado por argiz en 4:56

Mum21 said... keyboard does that sometimes...but mine is caused by fag ash being dropped between the keys. te he he.
It is possible you have some dust or dirt got under them. after you turn off try tipping your keyboard upside down and shaking it see if any dust or crumbs come out.

helenm said...


Crumbs on th keyboard give us a break!!! Slimming wrld diet doesn' allow crumbs of anytin!!!lol

JANEGT said...


old cig ends and ash?????

JANEGT said...

great minds again.

sorry, went for glass of 'water' and didn't see you said tat too. ha ha ha ;o)))))

Lotsof McCann stories in press tomorrow according to Sky now....GOOD!!!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Well it just shows the gutter tactics of a desperately floudering police force. It will be seen worldwide what has been employed here.

Why leak it now, when regardless of what you think of the McCanns they were trying to assist in making Europe a safer place for all our children.

Today should have been about that and that alone.

Portugal you are a disgrace.

Tulip said...

That stuff on Cristovao is thought-provoking to say the least. So much now coming out!

Taking of the leak, isn't it interesting that the most damning leak that the PJ could come up with was that the kids had been crying the night before. Nothing about Foooorensics. Nothing about phone records.

If you're going to leak, why not leak something more powerful -- if you have anything?

helenm said...


If I dn't kno better...... I could akeoffene. DUST in MY HOUSE, never!!!lol It's gettin embarrassin now, hope you are all goodat ecoding?

JANEGT said...


WENT AND FED THE DUCKS TODAY, AND HAD A COFFEE IN THE NEWLY REFURBISHED CAFE.....NICE AFTERNOON, THEN HAD WALK ROUND THE POND FOR ABOUT HALF AN HOUR. None with Jimmy's cheeky face though. And a big swan was eating the bread, big bully, instead of the ducks. Oh dear.

great stuff thugh a brisk walk in watery sunshine........just what I needed! Blew all cobwebs away. Felt really rosie cheeked after it. Pity it had started to rain a bit, but that didn't stop me.

I suppose to Helen 'rosie cheeked' takes on a completely different perspctive. I thought you had a nice witch avatar Helen? HUH?????

Mum21 said...

Jane it is very relaxing watching and feeding ducks.
Today I sat for a while in the sun watching my ducks.
Had both the dogs sitting beside me

Sass said...


What a shower they are. Sick.

helenm said...


Gave tha nie witch avatar to Tulip wo declinedit!!! cheek f her.

Right I'm goin to try andclen thi keyboard andsee what's p withit, co it is drivin me mad.

JANEGT said...

ha ha HELEN

You sound like a poor reject script for 'allo 'allo now. ha ha

I understand you - as your keyboard speaks same language as mine did and still occasionally does.

Tried a very very slightly damp nailbrush when it's off??? brush between keys? Be gentle though. I once found a pencil lead my daughter had left there accidentally when sharpening a pencil and it caused 'blips'......

JANEGT said...

I like you better HELEN like this, as you sound threatening.....tee hee hee..... ;o(((

JANEGT said...


any word of who or what happened to Malinka's burnt out car? and Fala written near it?

That's YET another story that just evaporated like so so so so many others did too.

melbel said...

Evening all
Just a flying visit, as I am turning up new trousers, for my holidays[makes me crabby,as I am shortsighted]I caught Seawitch, earlier, who I know is busy, but was lovely to see her, before I go after Sunday, for a month.
Thanks for the interesting material presented and was reading, with concern the material put up by China.
There is something rotten in the state of Portugal.Fact.
These latest leaks, purporting to show part of the oh so secret statements, are either a pack of lies, like we have come to expect, about anything emanating from that country, re this case;alternatively, this shows, imo,a PJ spinning desperately to smear this couple,before releasing them,from arguido status.It is damage limitation, but if a true leak, how spiteful,unprofessional and desperate, does it make the PJ look.
Oh, they didn't kill their child, your honour, but we will blacken them and accuse them, of child neglect.
It shows me, how insular this nation is, in spite of their seafaring past.
On a day,where the EEC, with some input from the McCs, among others, were debating an important child protection issue, if true, someone from the discredited Portugese Police Force,decided to play dirty tricks.
Will there be an enquiry into this leak?I doubt it, as there was no action taken about the others.
It is all fur coat and no knickers, isn't it?
It is all spin and presentation, BUT IT HAS BACKFIRED.
Kiss goodbye to your international standing, Portugal,what is left of it.
Kiss goodbye to your tourist industry.
My husband has been working with someone with a holiday place, to letin Praia da Luz.Well, I can tell you, that the bookings are well down. There might be a few cameramen and journalists, around the anniversary, but don't hold your breath.
The tactics of these almost third world bullyboys, are so transparent.WE are a sophisticated audience and we will be merciless.
They must not return to this basket case of a country, unless they see any evidence and unless the arguido status, is removed.
They have great lawyers to fight any extradition request and would need them.
In my view, though, the PJ will slink home, tails between legs and will have to prepare their nation, which appears to have a massive inferiority complex, if we believe Portugese posters and their talk of an unequal battle, between David and Goliath.
POliticial interference at this end? ?You have seen nothing yet,Portugal.
Do you wonder why many of us have been lobbying MPs and Gordon Brown?
Most of the rest of Europe, takes for granted, a working democracy and an effective POlice Force,run with integrity and in accordance with the laws of the land. Not so Portugal.
Your POlice break the secrecy laws, day in and day out[Times journalist source, Claw ].You have no system of accountability.
Portugal, you are a bloody disgrace to Europe.

helenm said...

Right Mum,you did sa bang itup and down a few times didn't you?

Some bis did come ou but I see that it i still not functioning properly. A tad bettr than before though. Wil hvto attack it mane, goodnight all sleep well. Think tat he PJ lak has bckfired big time, the Mccann'swill gt plenty o newspper space mne and it will lt oters ee how smal mnded they really ar.

JANEGT said...


thanks for update on Asssssss & co. I hadn't realised that. Not my favourite reading if I can put it that way.

helenm said...


T car i ot there anymore and the red paint hs been removed. Musthave en quite a fire though as the wllof the apartmnt blok was discoloured. Pavemen a well.

Sass said...

Nght OUr'elß

JANEGT said...

he l en

g od ngh t t o y u t o o

hee hee hee

nailbrush, gently, OK tomorrow I mean mane

Sass said...

No problem Jane!

Archer if you are around, this may be your chance!

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