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British police ready to question 'Tapas Seven' over Madeleine disappearance

(This is a similar story to yesterday, but contains further points)

British police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are to interview more than 30 people who could help to prove that her parents were not involved in her abduction.
The interviews will begin next Tuesday with the first of the seven British friends who were on holiday with the McCanns when Madeleine was reported missing in Portugal. A different couple will be interviewed each day in the presence of Portuguese detectives at the headquarters of Leicestershire Police.

The officers will concentrate on alleged inconsistencies in the timelines of events on May 3. None of the witnesses will be made arguidos (official suspects under Portuguese law) and detectives will not seize evidence or search homes.

Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, both doctors from Rothley, Leicestershire, have offered to be reinterviewed but will not be questioned.

British officers will then begin interviews with more than two dozen other people who were at the Ocean Club resort in Praia Da Luz on May 3 last year or who were later connected to the case.

The witnesses include other holidaymakers, nannies at the Ocean Club, people who claim to have seen Madeleine being abducted, the psychologist who comforted Kate McCann and the McCanns' official spokesmen, Clarence Mitchell and Justine McGuinness.
The list of people to be interviewed has been provided by Kate and Gerry McCann as part of their rights as arguidos to demand that police speak to people who could prove their innocence.

Paulo Rebelo, the chief investigator in the Polícia Judiciária investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, will fly to Britain with two other detectives on Monday. They will stay until Friday to watch the interviews with the so-called “Tapas Seven” who were at a restaurant on the Ocean Club with Mr and Mrs McCann when Madeleine went missing.

Jane Tanner, 36, claimed she saw a man carrying a girl from the McCanns' apartment at about 9.15pm - when another witness says he was outside the flat at the same time but did not see her or the mystery man. Her partner, Dr Russell O'Brien, 36, from Exeter, was away from the group for up to 45 minutes in the period that Madeleine was taken from her bed.
Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, a hospital consultant from London, and his wife Rachel, 36, a recruitment consultant, were also at the tapas restaurant.
David Payne, 41, a cardiovascular researcher from Leicester, was the last person outside the McCann family to see Madeleine. His wife, Fiona, 34, and her mother, Diane Webster, will also be interviewed.

The McCanns' Portuguese lawyers have requested the police case against them be made made public on the eight-month anniversary of the day they were made official suspects. However, detectives can request a three-month extension, as granted in the case of the other official suspect, Robert Murat, in January.

Because of the change in Portuguese law, the court could rule that the eight-month limit actually started in September last year. And the evidence could remain sealed indefinitely if police rule that the case is a major crime, such as international child trafficking.

Mr Murat, 34, has recently returned to Britain to see his five-year-old daughter, Sofia, for the first time since he was made an official suspect in Madeleine's disappearance. Mr Murat, who lives with his mother in a villa about 100 yards from the McCanns' holiday apartment, has strenuously denied any involvement.
Police last month returned computers and clothing they had seized during the search of his home in an indication that they no longer believed he was a suspect.

  • What are you thoughts on this?
  • Contrary to speculation, no items are to be confiscated and neither will police search homes.
  • Kate and Gerry have offered to be re interviewed, but Portuguese police have declined their offer!
  • So just how important are the questions, if the PJ has declined an offer to ask them?
  • Indeed are there any questions the PJ want answering?
  • Who is this witness that has suddenly remembered NOT seeing anything that night?
  • Surely a witness, can only be a witness if they actually saw something?
  • What would be your feelings if the Portuguese Judiciary decided to grant another 3 month extension to the arguido status?
  • Would you in this case then say to the PJ OK then SHOW your evidence for such an act?
  • Do you think that Murat should be released from his arguido status?
  • Or do you think that far too many questions and unsolved mysteries surround this man?
  • Is it now time for the British government to step in and demand a Public Inquiry into the way this case has been handled?
  • How much longer is it feasible for the PJ to treat the McCann's in this fashion?

The Times


chinadoll said...

Another excellent article from The Times.


chinadoll said...

I do not blame the McCanns for turning up the heat, who could?

Daily Mail............

McCanns poised to make dramatic return to Portugal for anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance
Last updated at 00:53am on 4th April 2008

Comments (4)

Kate and Gerry McCann are poised for a dramatic return to Portugal to mark the first anniversary of their daughter Madeleine's disappearance.

The couple are prepared to defy their lawyers and risk arrest in an attempt to revive the search for the four-year-old.

click here to read full article

chinadoll said...

My hands and heart reach out to you in your desperation K & G.

dianeh said...


I would want to go back to Portugal as well.

But I dont know if I could cope with seeing that place again, knowing that was where I lost my daughter.

I cant believe it has been a year since she went missing. Where is she? Dear little Madeleine.

She would have grown a lot in the last year. Her parents have missed out on so much, will miss out on a lot more, if she isnt returned, or ????. To her parents she will stay the same little girl until they see her again. I hope that she is not a three year old forever to them.

Kate & Gerry, Sean and Amelie and especially Madeleine do not deserve that. They should be together as a family.

calcite51 said...

Diane & China - Excellent article from The Times - fair reporting by a worthy newspaper. Bet DE must be kicking themselves for being unable to report on these latest updates.

Noticed the one comment made by Chris. We know that the PJ's quit looking for Madeleine quite early in the investigation. Their minds were made up who was responsible for Madeleine's disappearance so why would they interview one or twenty-five witnesses that would exonerate their arguidos??

Good for the McCanns who have now started to fight back regarding the leaks from the PJ's. I think it is a very wise move to now request that witnesses be interviewed who could prove that the McCanns are indeed innocent in their daughter's disappearance.

The McCanns played by rules that were not their rules (but the PJ's) and unfortunately, the PJ's did not play fairly....

calcite51 said...

Diane - read your comments about yelling at your kids and losing patience. We've all done that.

Thankfully, our children are very forgiving and they will remember our love as oppose to the days you were short-tempered with them.

I remember when my children were very young during one of the blackest moments of my life.

My husband was unemployed, we had a horrible mortgage (20% interest rates), the economy had gone bust and I was beating myself up because I was working hard including overtime.

I really did beat myself up for being a poor mom. One day, my seventeen year old daughter did an essay on her heroes and I was one of them - I was so touched.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

dianeh said...

Hi Calcite

I sometimes get a bit down and wish I could be a bit more like Mum. Mum is very even tempered and a very smart woman. But she never worked outside the home. She had 4 kids and at one point had 3 boys under 4.

I on the other hand, am an older and sometimes very tired mother (was 40 when I had my first) of two toddlers. I work full time and it does get me down. Luckily I work from home, so i have a lot of flexibility. Oh and forgot to mention that I am studying by correspondence to have a career change.

I know I am not super woman but I wish that I wasnt so damn tired. Today I am exhausted.


So I think I do alright but I still want to be more like Mum. She has so much patience with them, patience is not really my strong point.

But the kids love me and their daddy. And we do play and laugh and have loads of fun together. My partner thinks I am a lunatic when the kids and I are playing. But they love it.

dianeh said...


It always makes me laugh a bit when I read the smears about Kate having trouble looking after Madeleine and the twins. Mate, I feel like killing mine somedays and I only have two. We all have days of frustration. Yesterday, little boy had a haircut and cried and screamed for the whole time. Then he looked cheeky, so must have thought he had to act that way. He was SO naughty and nearly drove me to drink. He is 2, quite smart and very creative in his naughtiness. So if I wrote in a diary yesterday, I would have been looking for somewhere I could leave him, or maybe trade him in for a cat. Yet realistically, I love him so much and the good times far outweigh the bad times. And when I see photos and videos of Kate with the twins and she is cuddling and kissing, I know she loves them and even if she is frustrated with them, I feel that she would never hurt them. The smears and rumours about this are truly revolting and a loving mother doesnt deserve to have those things said about her.

calcite51 said...

DianeH - I agree completely with you about Kate (and Gerry too). There is no doubt in my mind, they would gladly take a bullet for any of their children. There is no way they would hurt one hair on their child's head.

The more this case has gone on, the more convinced that I'M RIGHT - THE OTHER BLOGS ARE OUT TO LUNCH ON THIS ONE in my NOT SO HUMBLE OPINION.

Bed time for me. Good nite all - luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvv u all lots.

dianeh said...

Goodnight Calcite

Hope to catch up over the weekend. And yes, I think we are right. The 'other' blogs are being blinded by something that is stopping them from thinking clearly, logically and properly.

Take care

chinadoll said...

I, for one, will be livid if Kate & Gerry feel unable to go to Portugal becasuse of this wretched arguido status. It was wrongly imposed on them and has done nothing but detract the focus from where it should be - the search for dear little Madeleine.

Rosiepops said...

Morning China, Calcite and Diane,

I agree with you all. I was a perfect earth mother, never shouted at the children, never smacked them, never felt like smacking them, always reason with them and that their behaviour was always perfect and never felt like running away and boiling my head as I always had all the answers for them, right from when they born (when I never minded getting up and feeding them or minded being kept awake by a colicky screaming baby) to when they were teenagers, they were always so reasonable because they had a perfect upbringing with perfect parents and because of this they did not suffer with teenage angst.

Then I woke up! I never smacked my children, but that is not to say that I did not feel like doing it on occasion. I tried to reason with them, but two year olds are not up for reason are they? They are up for doing the next extremely naughty thing they can think of, or get their little hands on.
Diane, don't be so tough on yourself, you are no different to every other hands on parent. Sometimes when I look after my grandchildren now, I wonder how on earth I coped with my three and how I ever managed to run my home with 7 children for a very long time, when I was just a kid myself, I really do not know. At some points during that time I felt I had to run the washing machine with socks alone it it, I had so may to sort out.
I did this while working full time without help from anyone except a really good husband (which means so much). I used to think that I was being taken over with washing! Then as soon as you got them in bed and could relax a little, one of them would decided to be ill and then I would start worrying about them. We had to borrow a car so we could all go out together and I was asked more than once in the park, if my mother knew I was out alone with all these children! lol Mind you we got complimented on the children's excellent behaviour when we were out, I used to smile sweetly and think, you have not seen this lot in the mornings when WW3 has been breaking out and little holes kicked into the doors (I became an expert in invisibly repairing these kick holes) and getting them all to church on time was I felt award winning! But getting them to school was another thing entirely, there were 3 different schools involved!
We used to go through around 3 loaves of bread and 10lb of potatoes a mountain of veg and 2 boxes of breakfast cereal a day! Not to mention the 8 pints of milk, as I did not really like any of them having squash or too much juice because of their teeth. The milkman used to leave our milk in a crate on the doorstep, yet we were always running out of milk (and used rolls and rolls of loo paper) there always seemed to be something I had to do, or somewhere for me to be, a teacher to see or clothes to buy and please do not mention shopping for shoes! That was awful, they were dreadful and had firm ideas about the shoes they wanted to wear! On school time in the evening my hubby would get all the children's shoes line them all up on paper and clean them all to ensure that they all went to school with clean smart shoes and socks must be white and their uniforms spotless. try getting 7 uniforms ready, complete with ties and three different school uniform jumpers. I used to have 7 hangers and each child's uniform would be got ready the night before and be pressed and their socks and school ties hung over the hangers with hat childes polished shoes sitting beneath the hanger. Then there was the teeth cleaning and making sure they had cleaned their teeth and washed their faces in the mornings, bath time was a riot and it had to be planned with a certain amount of time between each bath so the water was hot for the next one. The youngest I used to chuck in the bath together save time, water and electric lol

Now if I were offered the time to get away 89 steps away to sit and eat a quiet relaxed dinner with my hubby on holiday during that time, would I have been tempted to leave them? yes I think I would have done, I would have probably done anything for some me time and to eat a meal in peace without interruption. But then I am honest enough to admit!

Rearing young children is hard physical and mentally taxing work, if people do not get time to themselves to relax and be adults, then that relationship will no doubt run into trouble and I do not care what anyone says. The McCann's have done no more, or less than literally millions of parents before them, only the McCann's were not lucky enough as others have been to get away with it and dear little Madeleine is paying the price

I cannot understand why it is that people are so judgemental, it is as if they are saying hey are perfect parents and they are not, perfect parents do not exist and I know a thing or two about parenting, I have learned the hard way!

Rosiepops said...

Forgot to say that I had three children the other four came to stay for while, family problems.
When they were returned home after a long time, I felt our home was unnaturally quiet and I seemed to have so much time on my hands and I missed those children so much it was like a physical pain. But then my youngest daughter's little friend experienced some difficulty at home came to stay for a few nights while her mum sorted things out and stayed for the entire summer and along the way her little brother decided to move himself in too!
My house always seemed full of children and noise and yelling and crying, but tell me this, when they have all gone and have lives of their own, how come it is the laughter and childish giggles that seem to haunt every room and not the arguments? Strange that, because there were plenty of those!

Mum21 said...

Good Morning Ladies. And what a beautiful, sunny day it is here too.
I very rarely copy and paste a comment from the other blog...but this one I just could not resist due to its hypocrisy.

nancy said...
It's unbelievable that the McCanns are invited to the EU Parliament in Belgium, courtesy of the Labour Minister David Miliband and no doubt backed by Gordon Brown!

I can never remember a time when someone made a suspect in a crime has been allowed to be a representative of their country in any way shape or form! Something very wrong here in my opinion. Could it be so they are made to look good in the eyes of the public right now I wonder?


What a hypocrite....especially when Nancy and many others on that blog support the fact that at least one PJ was allowed to work on the Madeleine case whilst he was a suspect for police brutality....and has now been charged and awaits trial.
Another ex heads a missing children organisation whilst also awaiting trial for police brutality. Not forgetting the fact that whilst awaiting trial he has written a (fictional) book regarding the Madeleine case.

It seems to me in the eyes of some of Viv's posters...including Viv...there is one rule for the McCann's...but a different one for anyone else.
I think Nancy's comment proves beyond any shadow of doubt what a bunch of evil hyprocites the anti team are.

melbel said...

Hiya China, Calcite and Diane and any pals, online
Thanks a million for good wishes, e mails, cards and poems for my new grand daughter.Really appr3ciated and thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.
Have a drink on me and sorry a cyberdrink, not as much fun.!
Would be great to meet up, at some later stage.
If only Madeleine could turn up and be returned to her loving family, all the church bells in UK,would be ringing and what joy, there would be.
You can never say never and in the absence of a fig of evidence, to say different,Gerry and Kate, have no choice,but to carry on carrying on, imho.x x x

chinadoll said...


Thank you for sharing that with us. As for the perfect parent brigade - are they for real? Imagine if they and their lives were put under the microscope, as the McCanns have been.
Parenting is a constant learning curve imo - even with adult children, life continues to challenge us and we contine to respond and learn along the way.


Despite their own continued trauma, the McCanns are working hard to promote the plight of missing children and their families. As for the hypocrites, they really cannot see beyond their noses.


Congratulations again.
I think the McCanns will never stop searching for Madeleine and the truth.

Must rush, my hairdresser has arrived.

Catch you all later.

melbel said...

This is a bit of a flying effort, as mother and babe, will hopefully come home today.
I am grateful for China putting the very good material, online, the last couple of evenings and for blog team for the serious, sourced and substantiated material, you put on, like this article,today,taken on from China.You have very interesting, late night discussions and I think that serious investigative journalists, should be looking at some of these issues, including the disreputable Cristovoa and his sickening books and articles, himself an arguido, accused with others of torture and with holding evidence, in a case he has written about ,poor little Joana.
Did you get that, hissing, spitting Claudio.?
Well, I am going to call your bluff
and say, that I do not think the likes of you, twisted Clawdia, Arsie and Ana , represent the views of ordinary, decent Portugese.
You say, Ana, that they will have a bad reception, if the couple go back to Portugal, for the anniversary.
Well, don't you believe it, as the world are watching and if you are the majority view, you had better kiss goodbye to your tourist industry and international reputation.
You see, we do not like bullyboys, crowd stirrers and hatemongers, based on rumour, spin,speculation and hearsay.
Reading the other blog, who have Felicity's thought for the day, using the same article, the bloggers fail to see, that the writing is on the wall and it is all up with them.
Ana will never trust the Times and accuses it of spin. I do not think so.
It is claimed that the Mccs,are to go to Brussels Parliament, next week, re an Amber alert system.
Joe, ?,cannot understand how this is allowed and says they would not appear if it was thought likely, that they could be charged shortly and that event organisers and agencies, would not take the risk and goes against the norms.
Well, I think you got it in one, Joe and the penny is dropping.
Most mps, in my view,are supportive of the McCs and think them very probably innocent,of charges not yet laid and my own MP is certainly convinced of their innocence.
Neither could this tawdry, inept investigation, with it's blatant leaks and lies, be considered the norm, in any civilised countries.

Rosiepops said...


The antis rank hypocrisy and the ability to see themselves as some kind of perfect superior beings has always got my goat (sorry to mention the goat).
Half of those people are wet behind the ears immature little children (like Claudia) who have not got a single clue about rearing children, or trying to manage your lives and relationships around children.
I have met and know of others who do not have children yet seem to have a total grasp of the reality of it all, not so that spiteful nasty narrow minded little madam, she needs to grow up an get a life, for someone of her age she seems to spend a lot of it on that evil blog, it isn't natural IMO.

What they have said is just total hypocrisy, quite how they can pass judgement on others while it seems that half of their police force are awaiting trial on imprisonable offenses is jaw dropping!

Can you imagine in any other modern country with a modern police force that these men would have been allowed anywhere near such a complex case? Yet there he was this Goncalo Amaral allowed to head this case so similar to other one, when his superiors KNEW he was heavily implicated in the case of Joana Cipriano's mother Leona and he wasn't the only one, there are four others implicated too!
One of those Paulo Christovao ex PJ who was actually put in charge of a missing children's unit while under suspicion on serious charges of obtaining a confession by torture of another missing child's mother!
This is the man that wrote a book called "The Star of Joana" and profited and is still profiting from it, Joana Cipriano is the child who went missing just 7 miles away from where Madeleine McCann disappeared and who has never been found! Christovao is now facing trial over alleged torture of Joana's mother Leona and yet he is allowed to continue to profit from sales of this book! That is incredulous and totally unbelievable in itself, but add to that that this odious Portuguese ex PJ creep has been allowed to write and to profit from a book about Madeleine McCann, called "The Star of Madeleine", when her parents are suspects, not even charged and there is no conclusion to this tragic event, you have to ask just "what the bloody hell is going on in Portugal?" What is more, just how much longer is this going to go on unchallenged?

I am so angry about this and I am angry that the EU has not picked this up and challenged the Portuguese government about it. This is not the actions of a modern country, personally IMO Portugal should have their EU membership withdrawn until they revise and modernise their archaic laws, that do not stand up to scrutiny!

What is this EU all about anyway where it allows this kind of thing to happen and go unchecked and cause real and unbearable suffering to human beings on one hand and on the other worries about the shape of banana's and cucumbers?

melbel said...

Morning Rosie and Mum
Very good comments and some of these posters, have not and never should be, near a child.There are times, when it is really hard going and you do the best you possibly can and hats off, Rosie, that you managed to help keep that family together.
No danger that any children, you and the other humane parents on here, would expose a child to warped and twisted values, which happens on TWS.
Felicity, the great I am, advocate and lawyer,[not], writes that she is concerned at the cost to the taxpayers, of interviewing the witnesses,required by the McCanns and feels that the fund, should pay.I bet this same person, is sat on her butt, all day, at the taxpayer's expense, too.
What a disgraceful thing to say. I rest my case.
Mum, spot on with your comment and paste. They cannot see the contradictions.They are hoist by their own petard.

melbel said...

Rosie, I agree re the EEC and feel that this shows, that some countries, are not yet ready, to join.
It means nothing to the people of Europe, if their concerns about justice and fairness, are not taken up.
There are people, concerned about this case and treatment of suspects,in many lands and I believe it is rocking and will rock Portugal.

Re the article, which is excellent and we are talking about a big gun newspaper, here, internationally respected, why would the PJ decline the offer, by the McCs, to be re questioned ?
They would not be able to keep whining and spinning and blaming others,if the couple are allowed to call their bluff.They are on the defensive, already, but would lose all semblance of control, if the arguidos, are allowed to do anything as outrageous and cooperative, as trying to get questioned.
No items, are apparently to be confiscated.They are said, to have a copy of the diary, already, but the original,would, allegedly, be needed for a court case.
Well, there is not going to be a court case, is there ?
The diary was started, as a therapy and record for Madeleine, after the alleged event.
Ok, three kids under 4, is very hard work and drives you round the twist, at times, when you are feeding,etc.Twins alone are a fulltime job.What revelation is that ?Pile of pants, again.
The bible, was supposed to be open and marked, at a particular page.
This was given to Kate and marked, by the previous owner.
Come on,PJ, you are going to have to do better, than that.
I have no idea, re a witness changing evidence, as I have not read this.
I have no idea about Murat. There are questions to answer, if he lied about speaking to the Russian, lied about his alibi, hired a car, the next day,in an agitated manner,possibly possessed child porn on computer [not illegal in Portugal ?Oh dear, oh dear ]wiped his hard drive, or was this just the Russian ?
The McCs, have said that he,too, is innocent, until proven guilty.
They want the correct abductor identified, not a miscarriage of justice.
Another three months extension, the purpose of which, is what ?
I do not know Portugese law,but posters, have said that there is a time limit, e the secrecy , unless something major, like child trafficking.This, I can understand, but in that case, an abduction, has to be recognised ans searching needs to be done and leads, taken up, not just blocked, by these gentlemen policemen.
It sounds like we need skilled personnel, who are methodical and organised, on the ground, over there,rather than graduates.
Get stuck in and get on with the job and stop the posturing and posing.
Did you get that, Clawdia ?
As for a public,Europe wide and Portugese enquiry,most definitely this should happen and it should be the decent Portugese pressing for this, not trying to defend the indefensible, in this cheap, moneymaking character, Cristovoa,the accused torturer and with holder of evidence.
Come in, Portugal. Your time is up and whether or not you sort this, in my view, it will go very high in the EEC and European courts.
You have no support in this from the rest of the world, where people would not be allowed to make money, using inside information,in violation of the secrecy laws and where, charges are not even laid.

Rosiepops said...

I predicted some time back that the McCann's would go back to Portugal to challenge their arguido status if it is not lifted and I think this is exactly what will happen.

At a time in a global economic downturn, tourism is likely to be hit anyway as people choose other cheaper destinations. The McCann's suddenly turning up on the doorstep of the PJ around the anniversary of the disappearance of their daughter, will surely attract a mad media feeding frenzy, just when people are choosing their family holiday!

Would you choose to go on holiday where a child disappears from her bed and the parents are blamed for her abduction, amid apparent leaks from a hick police force that does not seem to know its backside form its elbow?
Will Portugal want the world reminded of how excruciatingly badly their police have handled this investigation? The failures from the beginning, of the crime scene, the border notifications, the disorganised searches, the contamination of what could have been vital DNA evidence, the Spiro's leaks to Portuguese gutter press. The employment of this archaic secrecy law when the PJ need not have done it this way? the failure to organise proper picture circulation of Madeleine, so much so that one of the investigators mistook a picture of Madeleine for the child of another holiday maker!

Without a shadow of a doubt this investigation is in my opinion a complete shambles, a farce and the PJ have the cheek to promote themselves as an elite poise force amongst the top five in the world? Bottom five more likely!

I wonder if the Portuguese government wants the circus in town just when people are choosing their holidays? Apparently British tourists make up a large part of Portugal's £2.8 billion tourist industry.

I would not want to go on holiday to a country where I could not sleep properly because I feared that someone would break in and abduct my child, every slight noise, creek or sound would have me out of bed checking. Imagine your child abducted in a foreign country you cannot speak the language and the police turn around and blame you for it? No one is looking for your child and then the police start on a course of blackening your character, and pointing their fingers at you and leaking bizarre and patently untrue spurious lies about you.

All this for a bit of sand and sunshine? Some holiday that would be? I would be looking elsewhere for sure, in fact I have!

Portugal shove your tourist industry and your apparently UNfriendly UNsafe holiday destinations. IMO the McCann situation would heavily influence my choice of holiday destination.

melbel said...

Last thought and the husband is annoyed now, as we have to prepare the house and he is on unaided childminding duties,it occurred to me, that this article was a revelation, to me, as I had assumed that the PJ,were initiating these questions, though the Judge said, that there was insufficient evidence, to re question the parents.
It sounds, as if the initiative is all coming from the parents, in view of their rights to have other named people,questioned.
Were there ever any questions ?
If the parents have these rights, why are the Portugese Police, just speaking to the friends and not sitting in, on interviews by Leicestershire Police?
For the love of God and in the name of humanity, Please, PJ,if you are reading this, please pass the whole case and any evidence, to our Police.
This is a British child and surely,has British enshrined rights.
If Brown and Miliband, were involved in the McCs going to Brussels, next week,re Amber Alert in the report [ unsubstantiated to me, so far,]that is good news.
I have certainly be lobbying them and I suspect that there are many more.
Really off now, chaps, as daughter and babe, to come home
Speak, when I get more time and computer access. Take care x x x

Rosiepops said...


Felicity? The Felicity? Just wants this both ways. This questioning is not going the way the antis thought it would at all.
no confiscation of evidence, no searches of homes equals no arrests or charges. Why? No evidence this is why! There is not a shred of evidence to substantiate questioning of the McCann's under Portuguese law, this is why the McCann's offer has been declined by the PJ.

Doesn't make sense does it? the PJ have been leaking about these questions and these hokey cokey letters for 7 months and whingeing abut the McCann's not answering questions, yet when the PJ are handed the offer of re questioning the parents on a plate, what do they do?


I would guess that the PJ have turned down this offer because they know that the McCann's have effectively answered all their questions and there are no further questions to ask. They know the McCann;s are innocent and have been treated in an abominable fashion.

This UK trip (if it happens, remember I am not holding my breath) Is just an attempt at a face saving exercise for the PJ, it has nothing to do with trying to find Madeleine. The PJ will ask their questions return home, talk with their superiors and then announce the arguido status to be lifted from the McCann;s through a distinct lack of evidence and they will be forced to apologise to them for the extreme pain and suffering they have been caused. they probably do not want to do this but they will be forced to by the Portuguese government who will be hoping to prevent damage to Portugal's tourist industry and who will also be hoping to avert a lawsuit brought against the PJ for a gross abuse of this couple's human rights and the PJ's failure to investigate the disappearance of Madeleine properly.

Right off out now, will see you later. Must go and see my daughter who is not feeling well.

Congratulations again Mel have mum and babe arrived home yet? xxx

melbel said...


melbel said...

That was odd, as my tag broke ?
Didn't realise that I was on an abso !
Hi Rosie,daughter and babe,back this afternoon, so I will give the place a vac and husband, has taken the little fellow,off to the park.
I totally agree, with your brilliant posts,today.
I think an apology will definitely be needed, damages for not following up leads, as evidenced by people phoning them, only to be told that they were not pursuing those lines [seen in uk newspapers] and all evidence should be turned over to our police.
It is not good enough and those muppets,could not find their way out of a paper bag, in my opinion.
What sickened me, as much as anything, was the way the People booed kate, on her way into Court, all taken in by this trial by media.
It is this passion, to have some fairness and a level playing field, in this, that drive me and it is great to meet people, who are just as concerned and understand the issues.
It will be a massive damage limitation, for the Portugese people, to see what has gone on and to understand that their Police, are not revered round the world and have short themselves, in the foot, bigtime.
THat is for them and they will then,begin to mature, as a democracy,as we all have to do.
Take care x x x

melbel said...

Meant asbo.The brain works faster than the fingers x

melbel said...

You will be gone, now, but hope your daughter is ok x

Christabel said...


if your looking in, please accept my deepest sympathy in the sad loss
of your uncle.

Mum21 said...

I cannot help but notice we have more and more Portuguese flags flying on this blog. It has the second highest hits to this blog. The first of course being the UK.
I also noticed we have a new and very interesting Portuguese flag now flying. One I took the time to look further into.
Very interesting indeed.

calcite51 said...

Good morning, ladies. Enjoyed reading everyone's comments this morning. Melbel, is your little grandson excited about his little sister?

I cannot believe Felicity/Vile even mentioned that the McCanns should pay for the twenty-five witnesses out of the FIND MADELEINE FUND.

As a taxpayer (okay not British) but still a taxpayer - I would not mind paying for twenty-five witnesses.

What I do mind paying is for lavish parties, paybacks, corruption of government officials. And I would think some of the twenty-five people were tourists, workers in Portugal at the time of Madeleine's disappearance.

Probably should have been interviewed at the beginning had the PJ's done their job properly. Since the PJ's were UNABLE to or UNWILLING to do their jobs, Portugal should pay for the twenty-five witnesses.

And what a surprise, Alsabella doesn't believe the spin that The Times has in this article! Nope, the other blog would rather read the nonsense the rags printed and got nailed for. Never mind that it wasn't true or isn't true - imagine how their little hearts would beat in joy if the headlines read, "ARREST OF THE MCCANNS IMMINENT." Sickos.

calcite51 said...

Also, took a quick look on the other side. The bloggers seem to be very concerned with the Find Madeleine fund.

Isn't it amazing that they now feel that all money made from books, interviews should be donated to a missing children organization?

I don't remember the bloggers saying that when that Portuguese ex-PJ wrote the book "The Star of Madeleine". Not that I think, he made that much money or that much of a splash in this case. The other bloggers were hoping he'd make lots of money.

calcite51 said...

Even Mrs. Consecutive number has toned down her comments about the fooooooooooooooorensic evidence and the woof evidence. Speaks of how angry and disappointed the handlers of the dogs will be. Lol....

melbel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
melbel said...

Condolences, on your loss, which I was sorry to hear about.
See that you take care and God Bless x

melbel said...

Hi Christabel, Mum and Calcite
I was intrigued by Mum's comments. Will have a look,but not sure I have much idea of feejits, unlike the more experienced posters.
Calcite, you made some good points.
Those posters, always turn to "neglect " or another diversion, when they are on the rack.
They paid not a penny piece to the fund and do they not think, that the couple will be especially fastidious with accounts,since all those vultures and more, are there?
I happen to think they are honest folk anyhow and these funds, are tightly supervised.
The parents said all along, that they would share the money with other children, in a similiar position and have put their money, where their mouth is,offering money to little Mari's parents, etc
Oh, but perish the thought, that was wrong too,wasn't it ?
People begrudge them spending the money on the search for their child,but they have had precious little help from anywhere else,if PJ stopped searching,at the early stage, that we are led to believe.
If the PJ are checking our site for public reaction [and I hope this is the case]they should understand that we are ordinary people, outraged by these leaks and breaking of their own secrecy laws.
All comments made, have been in serious newspapers, the tabloids they leaked to, TV documentaries and the opinion of Police experts, from round the world.

Jojam said...

Good afternoon All,

I feel your comment regarding 'the other side' are somewhat misleading..........It was only Gina & I that said all profits from books films etc should be used for the benifit of all children in need...........I very much doubt if the others would agree with us.

I am neither 'pro or anti' I dislike lables as I am an objective, balanced individual..........

I posted on 'the other side' for the first time yesterday and was abused by Bianca who thought I was a 'pro' I stood my ground & actually received an appology after she had made herself look irrational...........

I posted today & Gina appeared to be the only other poster to be saying money from books etc should be donated to chidrens orgainisations..........

I do agree with your comments on Mrs consecutive numbers...

Jojam said...

Please excuse typo errors in my post.......brain not in gear with fingers.....

calcite51 said...

Tinkerbell - off to work now but before I go, would like to offer my deepest sympathies in the loss of your uncle. Take care.

melbel said...

Last call from Me,for a bit, as daughter, babe and son in law,are minutes away.What, on earth am I doing, on a computer ?
Looked at feejit, but could not move away the blocks, covering the maps, so apart from Lisbon, could not work out, who was who.Husband, in a strop with me, re going back onto computer, silly old twit that I am
Bye and God Bless,anyone out there. x

chinadoll said...


It would seem that you 10.57am post this morning with regards to this case having an affect on the Portuguese tourist industry, in indeed very accurate and is confirmed in this article by todays Daily Mail. The following is an extract:-

Missing Madeleine case leaves Portuguese holiday resort deserted
Last updated at 13:17pm on 4th April 2008

This is the deserted Ocean Club holiday resort almost a year after Madeleine McCann went missing.

The poolside tapas restaurant, where her parents were dining when the three-year-old vanished from their apartment, has been shut.

The pool is practically unused while the neighbouring tennis courts are almost permanently empty. Yesterday afternoon, in spite of clear blue skies, only four people sat beside it.

One employee said: 'Maybe people are a bit scared to come here. They are a bit jittery. I don't think the Madeleine case has helped. It is very quiet here at the moment but maybe that's also because it's the beginning of the season.'

Another employee said: 'I have worked here for three seasons and at the moment this season is so quiet I am wondering if I will last the next three months. This is the quietest I have ever known it at the Ocean Club.'

It seems that Mark Warner are playing it down by saying it is because Easter is early - Well, I live in a small town on the south east coast of England and the tourist have arrived already here and it is a lot busier than PDL

click here for full article

melbel said...

Hi China
In and out, like streak of flash lightening, but interesting article, you posted and very predictable.
Read POrtugal Resident online and the Mccann lawyer, Rogerio Alves,previous head of Portugal Lawyers Order,says that the deadline for the secrecy of justice rule,imposed on this case, will be August,not April, which he had apparently been quoted,as saying.This is where evidence, will be released, for public consultation.
Sorry I cannot paste it.
Regards and off now, for rest of day
Take care x

Christabel said...

Family Arrests In Missing Shannon Case
Updated:17:32, Friday April 04, 2008

Police investigating the alleged abduction of Shannon Matthews have arrested her stepfather's mother and sister.

Shannon MatthewsAmanda Hyett, 25, has been arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender and Alice Meehan, 49, has been arrested on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Hyett is the sister and Meehan the mother of Shannon Matthews's stepfather, Craig Meehan, who was arrested at his home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, on April 2.

Sky's North of England correspondent Mike McCarthy said: "We have been told by West Yorkshire police that these two women are now being questioned at police stations.

"The details have not been divulged as to where they are, but we know it is in connection with the Shannon Matthews inquiry."

Christabel said...

Sorry forgot the link,,,30100-1311846,00.html?&lid=NEWS_TAB_FAMILY_ARRESTS_IN_MISSING_SHANNON_CASE&lpos=TABCONTENT

chinadoll said...

Hi again Melbel,

I agree, it would seem that there are conflicting opinion/views here, with regards to the dates. Took this from the Portugal Resident:-

Interviewed by Associated Press this week, Rogério Alves, former president of the Portuguese Lawyers Order, was reported to have said that the secrecy period constraining this investigation was due to end on April 14 and that the legal deadline could only be extended for major inquiries, such as the ones related to terrorism and organised crime.

However, the same lawyer would later clarify to the Portuguese daily newspaper Correio da Manhã that it is officially assumed that the beginning of the investigation started in September, when Kate and Gerry were named arguidos. Therefore, he told the newspaper, the deadline for the files to be released for public consultation “ends only in August 2008” and not April 14 as previously reported in the UK.

link to article

chinadoll said...

Thanks for that Christabel.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Evening All,

Just want to say, thank you to everyone for your kind posts and emails.

They really do mean a lot.

Hope to see you later xxx

Mandz said...

Hi All on and off again...



BYE FOR NOW........

Tinkerbell43 said...

Reading the front page article, I understand the PJ will only be sitting in on the Tapas 7interviews. All other interviews thereafter will be conducted by the Leicestershire Constab. only.

According to the 5th paragraph, other witnesses include, PEOPLE who claim to have seen Madeleine being abducted. Am I reading this right ? it suggests there are other witnesses to the abduction!

chinadoll said...

Press Association

McCanns call for child alert system
1 hour ago

Gerry and Kate McCann will visit Brussels next week to urge Europe-wide support for a comprehensive cross-border missing child alert system.

The parents of Madeleine, missing for nearly a year after disappearing from a holiday resort in southern Portugal, want Euro-MPs to put their names to a declaration demanding swift agreement on a US-style "Amber Alert" system able to track abducted youngsters across the continent if necessary.

The McCanns discussed the American system during a visit to Washington last month for talks with the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, and are convinced EU countries can co-operate to set up a similar rapid response plan.

The couple's spokesman Clarence Mitchell said they were happy to use the high profile Madeleine's disappearance had given them to boost any moves which could improve child safety and the recovery rate of missing children and their abductors anywhere in the 27 EU countries.

"When Madeleine disappeared, it was 12 hours before the authorities along the Spanish border were informed" said Mr Mitchell. "But we have modern technology and there must be a simple way of tracking a situation as it develops."

An existing patchwork of partial national monitoring systems is already under the spotlight, with the European Commission pushing for co-operation and data-sharing on child abduction cases across national EU borders.

But so far only France has introduced a comprehensive national child alert system similar to America's Amber Alert. It means French authorities can flash up electronic missing child information on French motorway signboards within thirty minutes of a confirmed case of abduction. Belgium operates a similar but less well-established system.

On the table at European Parliament talks to be addressed by the McCanns will be a draft declaration on emergency cooperation in recovering missing children.

The Portuguese government, aware of the controversy surrounding the McCann case, promoted the French alert system to EU justice ministers at talks last September. The move was welcomed at the time by the McCanns, but nothing has resulted so far.

Now the McCanns will use their visit to Brussels on Thursday - less then a month before the first anniversary of their daughter's disappearance - to repeat their concern about the need for swift action.

chinadoll said...


Just caught up on earlier posts and noticed that you have had a bereavement in the family - your uncle.

May I pass on my sincere condolences and wish you added strength during this difficult time.


Rosiepops said...

shannon/2Females Arrested

Rosiepops said...

Hi Everyone

Tinks my thoughts and prayers are with you and you dad. xxx

(you have email)

Rosiepops said...

Hi China.

Just having a read up on posts, if I do not answer anyone it is because I am expecting an important call and I may have to go out.

Anonymous said...


tinks glad you got my email -thoughts with you all. take care

Interesting happenings right now in McCanns and Shannon's cases. #

You know, I do not think it a good idea Kate and Gerry go to Portugal at all. Let's see what happens on Tuesday first ad not pre=empt matters. even if a positive outcome over Tues/Wed/Thurs. I still strongly do not feel they should go to Portugal.

Schools out for 2 weeks now so I will be rather haphazard in when and if I post folks. So what's new you screech....ha ha ha I know.

Hey CHINA you were up late last night/this morning, then on again am, then home call hairdresser. wow what a life're not a WAG are you. tee hee ;o)))

Roll on next week, let's get things moving forwards and stop this awful hiatus.......

off to make couple of phone calls and put late meal on. All our timings out now it's the hols too...she even wants to go camping again. HUH she is insane.

Sass said...

Hiya Everyone

What's the haps?

Anonymous said...

hi sass

nothing much new, just reading articles China posted and new stuff from Rosie re Shannon's boyfriend's family, 4 of them involved now.......!!

One eye on TV. One eye on supper. One eye on phone calls to make and multi tasking. ha ha master of none springs to mind. Oh dear.


Our schools off now for 2 weeks so all my 'routine' and timings are to pot. ;o((( TGIF!!!!!!!!!

Jojam said...

My sincere condolances on your loss, my thoughts are with you.

Sass said...

Hiya Jane

Will have to have a look!

kiwigirl said...

Good morning from downunder!
I saw the Times article yesterday during a quick peek while at weork and thought 'At last!' Goodness knows it's taken them forever to get off their chuffs and get over to the UK and start asking some questions. I would have thought that this would have been done MONTHS ago, what have they been waiting for - Kate and Gerry to suddenly confess or speak out in their own defence thus breaking their arguido status? They have left it so long to continue any train of enquiry that the passage of time could now have blurred recollections.

I, for one, am really looking forward to them lifting their arguido status, so at last we can hear all sides to this 'story'. Bring it on...!

As for perfect parents - do they exist?! I can so relate to your story Diane, I have two littlies as well, 5 and 3, work fulltime in a middle management role, do additional contract work in education and run a household. It is EXHAUSTING!!!! Roll on the holidays in a couple of weeks! I also had my kids a bit later as I wanted to get my career stabilised before a family, so I'm nearly 38 - and permanently sleep deprived as I'm sure they tag team. Much as Rosie was saying no sooner do we get our wee boy to sleep through the night, then his sister wakes up with nightmares, then she'll sleep through again for weeks on end and he'll be up every night - ARGH!!!

Unfortunately, while we do our very best for our kids, as they are the most precious thing we have (and we are very lucky to have them as they are both fertility treatment kids) there are times when you lose patience and snap at them etc etc. We love our kids to bits, but they spend time on the naughty seat, of have time out - like any kids they are bright, active and full of beans, and they like to annoy each other.... a lot(!), so there are times you do feel like besieged and all you want to do is find a nice wee hole and curl up in for several hours while the storm rages over you! But you don't, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and carry on.

Anyway enough of my essay, my daughter has gone south with her nana for the day, and my wee boy is starting to get antsy as he has no-one to play with, so better go and have some mum and son time - daddy's out riding his bike!

Will try and look in later on, have a good evening!!

kiwigirl said...

Forgot to say, Tinkerbell, sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts are with you xx

Anonymous said...

Good evening ldies,

Where is Archer? want to congratulate her for flying the flag in the face of great adversity!!! I.e. Rosie!!!!

Will not be LURKING again tonight as 'working' again. Just popped on to say hi.

calcite51 said...

Hi, everyone. Jojam - read your note - sorry if I offended you that was not my intention. I didn't notice that it was you and Gina who were actually discussing this item.

I read that it was obviously a bone of contention for Vile's group. And I cannot for the life of me anyone saying when the ex-PJ wrote the 'fictional' book 'The Star of Madeleine' or 'The Star of Joana' that the proceeds for this book should be given to a organization that dealt with missing children. As a matter of fact, many people on Alsabella's and Viv's site, stated that he should be allowed to profit from these books.

Anonymous said...


forgive me but I don't understand your ref to archer and rosie here? What is it that happened? I thought I had read up on all and was up to speed now.....seems not...

Can you fill me in?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi All,

I'm off to bed, not up to posting tonight. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts, you are special people.

I'm genuinely touched.

Nite all, take care xxx

Anonymous said...


Yesterday I posted that as I was working last night I would be unable to challenge for first post on new page, so gave my 'crown' for safekeeping to Archer!!! When I got back this morning I read that ROSIE had pipped her to it, hence the quip about adversity. Have a read back as Tinks and Sassy were aware of it. Same again tonight so will have to love and leave you. Have a good night.

Anonymous said...


So sorry to here about your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Sass said...


Hope you are ok.

Sleep well!


Anonymous said...


Have a peaceful, restful night all of you. take care now. XXX


Ha ha I saw that 'rush for the top' again last night. How unseemly of us all crashing towards that is a giggle though. You always seem to win as a rule. I did once, but by accident I remember. I don't know how you know as you would have to keep looking. I gather I am comment 67 so a long, long way to go and tonight a lot of us have other things on......TGIF AND ALL THAT.

Kids of all ages round here high as kites as beginning of their Easter 2 week hols .....


Sass said...

Bit quiet innit! Never mind, better than repeating the same gruesome theories night after night as is done on the bog - am off to bed now cos have had a 14 hour day and am knackered.

Catch up with you all tomorra!

Anonymous said...



CATCH you all

soon I trust.

good night all ..................

chinadoll said...

Evening All,

Well, I anticipate that, like the news - this blog is experiencing a lull before the storm.

I think we are all so relieved, knowing the true direction of the investigation, as reported by The Times Newspaper (among others) that we are confident as individuals, that those that truly have the best interests of Madeleine Beth McCann, are in the driving seat.......her parents.

I applaud the McCann family for their stamina and doggedness, in the face of corruption and manipulation of the truth.

To lose your first born child and such a lovely little girl at that, is beyond comprehension. To be subjected to the imaginary and inhumane allegations that the pj have leaked to the rest of the world, is the stuff that the worst of nightmares are made of.

What a travesty of justice......which cannot and will not be allowed to continue.

dianeh said...

Hi Everyone.


Your life sounds like mine, except I left the busy life of Brisbane for the country. I even changed jobs but have ended up working from home for the company I used to work for in Brisbane, but in a much less stressful job. Thank goodness, I couldnt have coped with it.

One thing though, my kids both sleep through the night, almost every night, except when sick. Little boy likes to get up at 6 am though, and we cant get him to sleep later.

I was lucky, didnt have any fertility problems, but did have to trade in my husband for another model, to get kids in the first place. It was not my choice to delay having children but it took a lot to leave a husband that I loved because he wouldnt have children. But my new partner, is a wonderful man and he is an older father, with grown children from his first marriage.

Thanks to you and everyone else for your kind words. I find working from home very isolating (and my parnter also words from home) so finding all of you on the web, has been terrific. Great to make new friends.

dianeh said...

Hi China

Quiet on the McCann front but not on the Shannon front.

What were those stupid women thinking? If they knew where Shannon was, they should have went straight to the police. Really, what if the uncle had snapped (as cannot be all there) and hurt her.

And it is reported that Shannon's mother has ditched her partner. As I would, what sort of man looks at child porn? They are as evil as the men who make it.

chinadoll said...

Hi there Diane,

If we type quick enough, one of us will make it to the new page lol.

Joking aside, you have the confidence and experience to speak from the heart - that is so refreshing, when you read the sad lives of the perfect parent brigade. If they put their lives in a tin and tried to market it, it would flop big time. Who would buy into that load of bullsh.t?

chinadoll said...


With respect, I would rather wait until we are in possession of the facts. On the face of it, it certainly looks ominous, but I would not like to be drawn into any opinion on this case, so early on in the same.

dianeh said...


At the bottom of the times article there are a couple of comments and what do they focus on. That Jane Tanner is wrong/lying/suspicious because
1. That is not how you carry a child (yes, if you are parent, no if you are not used to carrying children, and maybe trying to keep DNA contamination to a minimum, but Jane is a mother, she knows how to carry a child, if she was lying, I think she would have been a bit more convincing, also, I think that the odd manner she was carrying the child made Jane notice him)
2. Gerry and another man were outside at the time and didnt see Jane or the abductor. (We are talking about probably a minute in time and they may have simply been facing the other way, nothing sinister there, or timings may be out by five minutes or so, no body keeps careful track of time to the minute, do they?)
No mention of the other things, except to cast doubt on the other witnesses because they should have come forward before.

Not asking the right questions, are they. The question to ask is why did the McCanns even have to ask for these people to be interviewed (I bet the Irish family that say the man on the beach with the child is on the list) when they should have been interviewed in the first few days, etc etc. If the McCanns detectives could find them, why couldnt the PJ.

chinadoll said...

Take a look at this Diane,

An extract from the Online Resident:-

Recent statements by Piers Merchant, assistant to British MEP Roger Knapman, accusing the Portuguese legal system and the PJ of being “corrupt” has had short shrift from the Portuguese Justice Minister.

Alberto Costa said these were “unworthy statements from the UK Independence Party” that “don’t reflect, at all, the official position of the British authorities”.

click here for full article

Put it into context with our email discussions - could be appropriate.

chinadoll said...



If the pj had done their job according to the book and shut the site down and quizzed all those that had access to same, then they would have been in reciept of the answers to these still outstanding

Absolute incompetence - an absolute disgrace.

dianeh said...


On Shannon's case, I shouldnt jump to conclusions I know. We will know soon enough, as they will be charged fairly quickly if there is a case. At least your British police wont spend 1 year trying to make up its mind what to do.

The police have acted very well in this case. I was very surprised when I read criticism of them just after Shannon was found. There is another police force that I could name (but wont) that should be taking lessons.

dianeh said...


I wonder whether those statements made by Merchant (is that the last year do in fact represent the British Govt's feelings. And if it didnt then, what about now.

I also think that the McCanns has probably been discussed with the MP and others and they all think the same thing. It is just that Merchant came out publicly.

And notice that nothing has changed in Portugal.

chinadoll said...

Absolutely Diane,

The police force in the Shannon enquiry, are doing a sterling job.

Charges have already been made and further suspects are being interviewed. I am just mindful of the shameful way the media reported in the Madeleine case and therefore, choose not to be drawn into their version of events in the Shannon case.

Thank the Lord that Shannon is safe and everything possible that can be done, is being done and is being seen to be done, to get to the truth of the matter.

If only, if only, if only, this had happened with the pj investigation into the abduction of Madeleine.

dianeh said...


Although I would love to talk a bit longer, I have two grubby little kids that missed their bath last night (I was just too tired) and need to have it now.

I will check back later on, to see if anything happening.

Sleep well and dont stay up too late.

chinadoll said...

Indeed Diane,

Nothing has changed in Portugal, particularly viz a viz them defending their reputation and good name.......whoops, let me rephrase that, their previous/alleged reputation and good name.

chinadoll said...

Goodnight Diane,

Catch up another time.

chinadoll said...

I stumbled upon this earlier:-


Pope meets parents of Madeleine

The Pope blessed a photograph of Madeleine

Pope meets McCanns
The parents of Madeleine McCann have met Pope Benedict in Rome and had a photograph of the abducted four-year-old blessed by him.
Kate and Gerry McCann, from Rothley in Leicestershire, spoke briefly to the Pope as he met selected worshippers after his weekly audience.

Afterwards, Mr McCann said the meeting had been a positive experience for him and his wife.

Madeleine disappeared during a family holiday in Portugal on 3 May.

Her parents, who are devout Catholics, flew to Rome from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz in tycoon Sir Philip Green's private jet.


'Selected Worshippers' according to the world renowned BBC NEWS - yet, some sick people wish to portray this touching experience as coincidental/luck.


Selective Memory Syndrome?

Selective reading?

Selective interpretation of same?

Selective denial imo

kiwigirl said...

Hi Diane

Good to hear from you! I really admire people who work from home, I don't think I could do it. I work at home in evenings once the kidlets are in bed and sound asleep but that's as close as I've come, I suspect I'd go insane - the Xmas holdiays are often bad enough!

Anyway, I think you're right about the PJ not asking the right questions, and it annoys me that many people go on and on ad nauseum about the fact that they didn't answer some questions - how can you if you don't have the answers?

We don't know what the questions were. However, if they were irrelevant to the case, or bullyboy tactics to force a 'confession' then they had every right to refuse to answer. I know I wouldn't, and I've said it before, but I'd be listening very closely to my lawyer(s), and if they said don't answer, I wouldn't be answering!!

What remains for us, the public, is that in fact we know very little about the case. We know what the Portugese press has printed from leaks and sources 'close to the investigation' - this could be the cleaner overhearing half a conversation and then embellishing it - who knows! My point is, until the secrecy is removed IMO we shouldn't let our imaginations run away with us and put forth some of the unsubstantiated rubbish that is printed on other sites! We actually need to support a couple who have lost a very young child in the worst possible circumstances.

The truth will out, it always does, but until then the speculation and downright lies that are being promoted need to be gagged.

Anyway must go, the hubby has returned home and is off to take our wee boy for a bike ride - it's the end of daylight saving here tonight - thank goodness, at present it's still dark at 7.45am and we're off to work in the dark argh!! Hopefully we'll get a sleep in!!

Anonymous said...

Im just wondering here,i have today read an article saying the british police are going to interveiw 30 people, in the presence of pj most of these people were at the Ocean hotel.

I have followed this case from the start,I can recall at least 13 witnesses claiming Robert Murat was there that night,I also recall how Robert Murat (would 13 diffrent people all be lying ) asked other people to witness for him,and how he was said to hire a car saying it was to help the Maccanns.

He also has no aliby except for his mother?

surely there will be enough evidance to arrest him with this?Also i have heared nothing else from the cctv footage taken from the local super market as you are aware it was given to the fbi,i wonder if they have confirmed who was on there?

The portuguese police have now given back his pcs etc,but do you think this could be a ploy of theirs,i cant under stand why they have given them back when there was porn links there.

any way im just wondering what your veiws are on this.They must have something on him i think.


and what has been worrying me is, if McCanns status about to be negated, what of Murat? He was made arguido first. This puzzles me. I posted before my views on the RED SQUARE of Murat, Malinka, Walczuch and Antonio. I am still not happy about any of them.

I do hope that in 2/3 days' time this will start to move as it should have 11 months' ago now.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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