Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Leaks, smears ... now "plane" lies

Published: 12 Apr 2008

A few Days Old, but Important to Dispel the Myths Put About by 24 Liars Sorry I mean 24 Horas.

MADELEINE McCann’s parents yesterday blasted claims they and the Tapas Seven had demanded a private jet and five-star hotels to return to Portugal.

Cops there want them all to take part in a reconstruction of Maddie’s abduction.

But a Portuguese newspaper alleged some of the group said they would only return if their “extravagant” demands were met.

24 Horas quoted a Portuguese judicial source as saying: “One of the couples demanded a private jet to travel with their children to the Algarve. Another demanded they be put up in a five-star hotel.

“The only thing missing from the list was a request that we send them to the moon on skates.”

Official suspects Gerry and Kate McCann were already furious after full police statements they made were leaked – in what they regard as a crass attempt to smear them.

Yesterday their spokesman Clarence Mitchell angrily denied the paper’s report. He said: “No such demands have been made. All talk of private jets and five-star hotels is complete rubbish.”

The claims were also denied by the Tapas Seven – pals who were dining with the McCanns the night Maddie vanished in Praia da Luz days before her fourth birthday.

In a statement, Jane Tanner, 37, partner Dr Russell O’Brien, 36, Dr Matthew Oldfield, 37, wife Rachael, 36, David Payne, 41, wife Fiona, 34, and her mum Dianne Webster, 61, slammed the “blatant lies”.

They insisted: “All talk of private jets and luxury hotels is as nonsensical as it baseless.”
Faro police chief Guilhermino Encarnacao confirmed the group had stipulated certain conditions, the paper claimed.

But Mr Mitchell said: “They would only be in the context of logistics. For example many of them are very busy hospital doctors and would want to know how long they would be needed for.

"But I don’t think it has even got to that stage yet.”

Yesterday police chief Paulo Rebelo – who is heading the Portuguese Maddie probe – cut short his visit to Britain where he was involved in reinterviews of the Tapas Seven.
He was said to have been “red faced with fury” after the leaking of the McCanns’ police statements.

Kate’s words – read out on Spanish TV – revealed Maddie asked her why she had not come into her room when she was crying the night before she vanished.

A source close to the Maddie case said: “The first police chief in charge of Maddie’s case was removed for briefing the Portuguese press. Since Rebelo took over there have been no such leaks, until this week.

“He feels it embarrassed him while he was in England working with British officers. He has gone back early to try to track down who was behind the leaks.”

Heart specialist Gerry, 39, and Kate, 40, of Rothley, Leics, are in discussions about a possible return to Portugal to help police piece together the events of that night but mood of co-operation has soured markedly following police leaks. The McCanns want a Crimewatch-style TV reconstruction.

"All this nonsense over the last 24 or 36 hours does not in any way endear them to the idea of going back," Mr Mitchell said.

It has still to be decided whether the McCanns – who also have three-year-old twins Amelie and Sean – will be interviewed again.
Yesterday Mr Mitchell attacked the Portuguese cops’ “smear campaign” against the parents as “shameless and brazen”.

He said even Leicestershire Police had “expressed concern” over the leaked witness statements.
And he insisted Maddie’s comments about her crying “puzzled” her parents and were said as “a breezy aside”.

Mr Mitchell added: “It was out of character for Madeleine to cry, and with hindsight Kate and Gerry think someone could have disturbed her that night.

“People are asking were they negligent? But they felt that Madeleine and the twins were safe and secure.

“They decided to be even more accurate and careful in the times they checked on the children.
“They took every precaution but their system failed and they were incredibly unlucky.”

  • It was said that Paulo Rebelo returned to Portugal early to discover who was behind the leaks
  • So who was? Does Rebelo know yet?
  • Doesn't look as if he discovered much as the PJ have been leaking daily since Rebelo returned
  • Still the way this investigation has been managed, why would we expect Paulo Rebelo to detect who is behind these leaks?
  • Seems the PJ couldn't detect a gas leak with a naked flame!
  • Who leaked that Jane Tanner had changed her statement?
  • This leak came before Rebelo had scared customs officers with his passport photo on his return to Portugal.
  • Does the P in PJ stand for 'Police' or 'Plumbers'?
  • Who told Portuguese gutter press 24 Horas that the friends had demanded a private jet?
  • When does the Portuguese government intend to do something about the lack lustre performance of the PJ?
  • When is there going to be a full and open public inquiry into the Portuguese police handling of this investigation?


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dianeh said...

I wonder just how does the PJ and the Portugese govt think that allowing this type of blatant smear campaign to continue is

1. Helping the international image of their country and police force
2. Helping to prove a case against the McCanns
3. Helping to Find Madeleine.

The answer, it does none of these things. The smear campaign only serves to highlight the lack of progress of this inquiry. The PJ are reminding us over and over again that they havent done their job. The PJ have not found Madeleine or the person/people that took her. Instead they have continually wasted their time trying to pin the whole affair on the parents.

It is like the leak about Madeleine crying. It was only released to try to lay blame on Kate and Gerry. Why try to lay blame on the parents, yet again?? Any right thinking person knows the ABDUCTOR is too blame. The PJ should keep that in mind. Blaming the parents for the abduction (leaving all the other nonsensical accusations aside) is farcical. What, do we look less for the little girl, and let the abductors get away scot free because the parents were out of the apartment. Get real PJ, and stop the smears and admit that you are unable to solve this case. Put your pride aside and get the help you need. Do the right thing to get that beautiful little girl back to her parents and hope to hell that it is not too late.

In my opinion if Madeleine has come to harm in the last six months, it is in no way the fault of the PR campaign to find her. The fault will lay squarely at the feet of the organisation charged to find her and that has failed miserably in their job (YES PJ THAT IS YOU). And no matter how many smears and lies the PJ release about the McCanns, it will NEVER reduce the PJ's liability in their failure to find her.

The actions of the PJ have been disgraceful and an embarassment to their country.

Mandz said...

They are a bloody disgrace in my opinion they appear above the law (if you can call it that). “they failed” Maddie in the investigation “they” brought shame on themselves “they” allowed the real criminals in my opinion to get off scot free and again “they” let down this little girl who needed their help.
Their attempts at trying to smear and blame the parents has backfired however “they” are the ones who are trying in my opinion to stop the world from looking for this little girl – WHY?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Morning All,

Just popping in.

I agree with Diane, every leak is just a constant reminder of their complete incompetence in this investigation.

IMO their biggest liability and Madeleines biggest enemy was Gonc.

It doesn't matter how they try to dress it up, he was removed from the case because imo he couldn't keep his trap shut.

Its been a vendetta ever since, and I strongly believe he has still been behind the scenes manipulating events. I wouldn't mind betting he was behind the leaks when Rebelo was in the UK.

IMO he is a dangerous loose cannon!

calcite51 said...

Good morning, everyone. The government of Portugal has remained strangely very quiet on Madeleine's case. Don't know if they are afraid of opening a can of worms if they have an investigation of the PJ's processes.

Seems the secrecy laws are only used when the PJ's don't want to answer our questions. Not a very fair law.

Sass said...

Hi there

Just checking in!

Tinkerbell43 said...

To anyone looking in, just thought I'd let you know, according to Sky news the Company that runs the resort where Madeleine went missing has withdrawn baby listening services from all its holiday facilities.

Bye for now.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I do not believe Rebelo returned early because of the leaks. As damaging as they were, I cannot believe, the Head of the Investigation, would have allowed them to take priority over the reinterviewing of chief witnesses in a missing childs case!

I've no doubt he left embarrassed though, the question is WHY ?

Mandz said...

Day 345: Our visit to the European Parliament on Thursday (10th) was the culmination of several months work. Kate and I presented a written declaration (see news and support) to the parliament asking for the introduction of an EU wide missing child alert system based on the US AMBER alert system. The AMBER system has been incredibly successful in rescuing abducted children. France has adopted a similar system in the last 2 years, which has been activated 5 times with all children being recovered alive.

An EU wide AMBER type system has widespread support. The EU commission presented draft guidance (written in conjunction with Missing Children Europe) on the introduction of such a system. In Lisbon in October last year the proposal got the informal support of the 27 member states home office/justice ministers.

We presented the declaration to MEP’s, answered questions and then held a press conference- our first public speech since returning from Portugal. For the declaration to be taken up we need 51% of (the 785) MEP’s to sign the declaration in the next 3 months. We would urge everyone to lobby their MEP’s to sign the declaration.

I hope everyone has written to their MEP's to sign this declaration..

Tinkerbell43 said...

To Kenny M.

If you are looking in, I dont know who you are, but thank you for the words of encouragement you have posted on ST's site concerning our posters and blog.

In amongst all the muck and bullets, that was appreciated :0)

Mandz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mark said...

hi everyone ,
had to laugh when I read on the vile blog that the portuguese posters have confirmed that 24 horas is a reliable source . Just shows why their views on the case are so misguided

Tinkerbell43 said...


Even Pigs, lol.

Jane Tanner has dismissed these latest smears, she said on record, if it wasn't so serious it would be laughable. She just wishes they would concentrate on finding Madeleine. And so say all of us!!!

Bye for now.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mark,

Nice to see you. Well they've changed their tune, even Alsabliar used to rubbish 24 horrors.

Never mind, they know not what they do!

Bye for now!

Sass said...

Hiya Tink, Mark and Mandz

What a joke saying 24 Horrors is reliable. Arsabliar totally rubbished it before.

I still wonder who crowned the PJ the third best in the world - bl**dy frightening.

Mandz said...

24 Horas quoted a Portuguese judicial source as saying: “One of the couples demanded a private jet to travel with their children to the Algarve. Another demanded they be put up in a five-star hotel


Yeah sure thing "source" and look above you pigs are flying....

Cheers Tinks! Must proof

Mandz said...

Well Sass, Maybe they handed out a survey to the public who felt obliged to vote for

helenm said...

Hiya folks,

Tinks, hope you are returning favour tonight and cheering on Man Utd!!!

Sassy, you have mail.

Mandz, IMO Ithink it is the Portuguese journalists who are playing around with this, as well as the PJ. Remember way back when the Portguese journalists admitted to 'revenge' story that GM was not the father of Madeleine, in retaliation for the British journalists rubbishing their elite PJ!!

Sass said...


Right - a questionnaire handed out at the top of the stairs! Whoops naughty, slapped wrists!

Sass said...

Hiya Our 'Ell

More football tonight!? Nightmare!

Mandz said...

Hi Helen,
Perhaps a bit of both working together!

As for Man-U I will be cheering them on!

helenm said...

Good on yer Mandz, all we have to do now is convert Sassy!!!

helenm said...

Well Mandz what do you get when you put a Portuguese Journalist and Policia Judiciaria together?

PJ x 2 = POOR JUDGES(of character, common sense and HONESTY)!!!!!!!!!

Sass said...

Our 'Ell

Won't happen! Will never be converted!

helenm said...

Well, Christabel was right. Goncalo Amaral is retiring!!! most probably before he was pushed, IMO. They are in mourning on TWS.

helenm said...

Just had a thought!! maybe they found their 'leak' after all!!!

helenm said...

Seems like I'm talking to myself. Not around tonight Man U and Barcelona are playing in case you hadn't heard. Catch you all mane.

Sass said...

Hiya Our 'Ell

Sackcloth and ashes on Vile's is it!? Have a good footie match.

See you


Tinkerbell43 said...

Before everyone over at Viles gets their knickers in a twist about Kate pointing the finger at MW. Why dont you put your bitch fest on hold for a week. Watch the documentary and see in what context it is said. God you really do believe all you read dont you!

Tinkerbell43 said...


If you are looking in, I do like to read your site but I am having trouble getting in, its asking me to login in, password, etc, which I never usually have to do ?

Sass said...


Been on the dark side? You sound somewhat riled!

By the way Isis left a message for you yesterday. She wanted you to check her crystal ball and make a prediction for the football match. You were too late yesterday, maybe you'd like to try it out today!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Taxi for GONC!

Best news I've heard in ages, methinks he had become a liability and they knew it!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Sass,

Yes, thought I'd take a walk on the wild side, I cannot believe these people are up in arms that Kate has blamed MW. I very much doubt that is the case and it really stood out to me just how gullible they are.

Sass said...


I think they pretty much believe what they want to believe. Haven't had a chance to read much today, but I would imagine that Kate isn't blaming MW for Madeleine's disappearance!

Rosiepops said...


Evening Standard 23 April 2008

Kate McCann today criticise holiday company Mark Warner over her daughters disappearance in a new TV documentary.

A tearful Mrs McCann says she wanted to employ a baby-listening service for Madeleine but none was available at the resort in Praia da Luz on the Algarve.
Instead, Mrs McCann chose to check on her daughter every 30 minutes - but the three year old vanished while her mother and her father Gerry were dining at a nearby tapas bar.
In raising the absence of a monitoring service, Mrs McCann 40 appears to blame Mark Warner, the company that specialises in family holidays.
The two hour documentary is on ITV next Wednesday. According to a television insider, Mrs McCann is understood to say: "Of course we wanted to use a baby listening service but there wasn't one available at the Ocean Club."
One source close to the documentary makers added "she is very emotional. She breaks down on camera at different points during filming. It clearly shows her as a caring mother who misses her daughter very much. This is a woman grieving and is clearly more emotional than she has ever been."
Sources point out that the McCann's, while questioning Mark Warner's lack of a listening service, lay the main blame with the kidnapper.
Mr Mrs McCann, both doctors from Rothley in Leicestershire, are convinced their daughter was abducted, although Portuguese detectives have made them official suspects in the investigation.
Mark Warner has accepted no listening service was available at its PDL resort - unlike its other complexes - but has pointed out the couple could have had a nanny to sit in with the children instead. The couple chose not to use that service.
The source close to the documentary makers said today: "The McCann's said they would have used the listening service had it been available. But they felt their checks every 25 minutes were just as effective."
The fly-on-the-wall documentary will be screened at 8pm next Wednesday days before the first anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance on 3 May last year. An ITV film crew followed the couple for almost two months as they campaigned for a Europe wide alert system for when a child goes missing.
It also shows them travelling to the US, where they meet Ed Smart, whose daughter Elizabeth, 14 was kidnapped in 2002 from her bedroom in Salt Lake City and found nine months later. Mr Smart tells the couple not to give up the search for Madeleine. The source close to ITV said: "The film shows a family going through an awful ordeal, trying to find their daughter and doing their best to get her back."
Emma Loach, director of the documentary and daughter of film maker Ken Loach, is understood to be convinced of the couple's innocence.
A Mark Warner spokesman said it had been contacted by the film makers. he said the Ocean Club had never had a listening service at Praia da Luz because the resort was too spread out across the village. Instead parents could use a drop in creche.

Disgraced former chief investigator Goncalo Amaral is to quit the Portuguese police. Mr Amaral, 48, will retire less than a year after being sacked from the McCann case.

Sass said...

Hiya Rosie

I wouldn't have assumed that Kate saying "we wanted to use a baby listening service, but there wasn't one" meant that she was blaming MW for Madeleine's disappearance. It just sounds like "if there had been one, I'd have used it".

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks and sass,

Sorry I had to type that as it wasn't available online!

I see old Tubby jumped before he was pushed perhaps?

But maybe he also thought if he is found guilty and goes to prison, then this way he probably keeps his pension, if he was found guilty and sacked while still serving, he would probably lose his pension.

Either way, he must be really scared that he is going to the big house!

There are a few Portuguese lawyers who said that if this case ever got to court then there is more than a good chance they will be found guilty!

so make of that what you will!

They also said that if they lost this case and these men are found guilty then Leonor Cipriano, would get another appeal, in a Portuguese court and would probably win that appeal and that this is why it was so important that they got a result against Kate and Gerry.

Just Portuguese style!

Sass said...

Maybe "he"'ll write and give some internet page another "exclusive" outlining "his" reasons!

Rosiepops said...

Sass, probably exactly that but we know what papers are like.

Anyway we will see next week, a 2 hour long documentary and sounds like it will be sympathetic towards Kate and Gerry. I hope we get more of their side in all this, because so far we have heard very little of their side of events and also they say that the Madeleine crying report in the paper was taken out of context.

Tinkerbell43 said...


Dont tell me, he's now boycotting the newspapers and giving exclusives to an internet site. OMG, who would fall for that!

Sass said...


If we get someone from "Gonc" we're not publishing it, right! Even if we have the chance of an exclusive!

Rosiepops said...


Put their botch fest on hold for a week? You are joking, they could not go for half an hour without bitching at the McCann's.

Anyway forget that for while don't you realise that Alsabella/Marla/Ana has been caught out in yet another HUGE lie!

She said she had telephoned a contact she had who worked in the Ocean complex and that this contact had told her that there WAS a baby listening service on offer but for older children.

So Arsabliar LIES again!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosie,

Yes, I'd forgotton that, soooo many lies!

There was one occasion though where she seemed nearly human, she said a friend of hers had seen Gerry walking alone the next morning, crying and calling out Madeleines name. Different to playing tennis isn't it!

Christabel said...

Hi all,

If that email is genuine (which I very much doubt) Gonc needs to be very careful.
Perhaps he thinks if he's retired the secrecy law (ah ah) doesn't apply to him, not that it has anyway.

I think he will carry on being a loose cannon, and god knows what he's capable of.
Then again this has probably all been arranged to calm things down and make everyone think they have acted on his cock ups.
Shame they all underestimated the McCanns innit?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Christabel,

Good to see you. I think they recognised he had become a liability and I believe they allowed him the face saving opportunity of early retirement.

Maybe he wants to spend some quality time with his family while he can!

I agree though, imo, he could be a dangerous loose cannon, I think he has been the McCs biggest enemy!

viv said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tinkerbell43 said...

Guys can we not delete this message, lets show her for what she is!

Rosiepops said...

I agree Tinks, she is just a pathetic person.

The laugh will soon be on the other side of the face anyway they have no idea what is coming and it isn't pathetic Claw's news that she nicked from the McCannfiles lol

Loving it.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sorry, I didnt realise the McCanns had been charged, have I missed something, anyone else heard anything ?

Oh how the mighty have fallen, reduced to posting on vile blogs, desperate times call for desperate measures I suppose.

Rosiepops said...

If I could really speak to odious Goncalo Amaral, I would tell him how I hate people that beat women to a pulp to make them confess to crimes they did not commit.

And I would also say these four words


Rosiepops said...

Tinks do you think that "Tubby" took time off of his three hour lunch to post on a hate blog?

Oh and I have just posted a copy of that top Clarence Mitchell. hope they like it too!

Here is another five words for Vile and the vilettes.


Tinkerbell43 said...


They sympathise with child abductors, its only natural they would support someone like him.

Rosiepops said...

One thing that puzzles me is that no one was mentioning that mad woman Vile and her posts to Gonc and I haven't even bothered to read on there for ages.

She must have desperately wanted us to read this load of garbage and if they think we believe that, then they are even more stupid that I originally thought they were.

Tinkerbell43 said...


They judge everyone by their own standards, because they believe everything they read that think that others do too.

As I said, have the McCs been charged yet, no, I didnt think so because there is nothing to charge them with.

What an embarrassmnt to his profession he is, if he is posting on blogs, lol, a true professional to the end!

Rosiepops said...

Re Vile Viv's Post 22.13

After receiving legal advice, we have been strongly advised to remove Viv's longest suicide post in blog history.


Loving it!

chinadoll said...


You really are deluded and in more ways than one.

If you truly believe I am Kate McCann, then take it as a compliment that I have taken time out from my emails to post to you - just as Goncalo Amaral has.

Get a life Viv and wake up to reality.

Rosiepops said...

Hi China

I thought you were busy emailing tonight!

chinadoll said...

Yes, I was indeed Rosiepops.

Just took a break for a cup of tea and thought I would scan the blogs. I wanted to prepare Viv for what is to come - if she is right about my identity, then she must prepare herself for being wrong in every other aspect of what she is guessing is going to emerge from this case.

If she is wrong, then, no doubt she will climb down from her perch and admit it.

Either way, her prognosis and views, are severely fractured - indeed, misdiagnosed.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Good evening China!

Nice to see you, I take it you have heard good old Gonc has retired!

He's now posting on Hate blogs, lol. You couldn't script it could you.

dianeh said...


On the questionaire for best police force in the world and how Portugal came in third. In Portugal there was only one police force on the list and they still came in third.

IMO of course.

Rosiepops said...


If only the world was like that, that people like Viv did climb down from their perches and admit it when they are wrong, but alas they do not.

Do you get the impression that they are enjoying this? At Madeleine's expense? I mean is this even about Madeleine to them anymore? Was it ever about Madeleine? Or was this poor child another opportunity for these people that appear to surf around the net espousing evil to gather and gang up on two unfortunate people and hound them?

I am beginning to think this is more than a pastime this hate blogging, I think this is a way of life to them.

I watched a video of Madeleine last night, and I am not ashamed to say that I cried.

chinadoll said...

Yes Tinks,

I have been keeping abreast of the news, despite my own commitments and I am fully aware of Goncalo Amarals retirement.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Diane

They say the PJ is third but cannot say who is 1st and 2nd.

Also they do not say who compiled the statistics and what they were judged on, neither do they say who crunched the numbers?

Maybe it was Paulo Cristovao? He took a day off from NOT putting Madeleine on the list of unexplained disappearances and from allegedly torturing female prisoners and from writing odious books and making money on the backs of children who have disappeared in Portugal, one of them on his watch.

Busy these ex police detectives aren't they?

chinadoll said...


Indeed, the blogs are a disgrace and the motives of some are truly shocking. I will email you all tomorrow with a new link that will enable us all to keep in touch.

Goodnight Ladies and keep up the good work.

dianeh said...


I often cry when I read about Madeleine, or watch a video of her. And even sometimes when I read about Kate and Gerry and what they are going through, especially regarding their lives without Madeleine, things like Xmas, the twins birthday, Mothers Day etc.

How can one not cry?

Tinkerbell43 said...


I hadn't thought of that, they are celebrating the man that imo is responsible for letting Madeleine down.

This is justice for Madeleine is it ? this is what they do in her name. Well its a bloody insult to the dear little child.

That post to our blog this evening from the Vile one, proves it is just a game to them, always has been. Absolutely shameful.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Goodnight China,

You take care x

chinadoll said...

One last comment,

If it were up to me, I would reinstate the post from Viv, with a disclaimer from this blog. It is necessary, if unpleasant, to show the depths of inhumanity that some are capable of sinking.

Goodnight again Ladies and take care.

Tinkerbell43 said...

According to a post on ST's the email from Gonc has been verified as being bogus!!!

Rosiepops said...

re the Portuguese Police supposed to be rated third.

If you are first you are first. If you are second you are *nothing*

Where is the PJ rated? 3rd?

Oh well does this mean they are less than nothing?

Rosiepops said...


Does that surprise you? I told you why we were advised to take it down!
I also told that idiot that she had gone too far this time...and she has!

Rosiepops said...


We were going to do that, but were strongly advised to take it down for legal reasons, so we did.

We really did want to let it remain, to show the depths of depravity that woman has allowed herself to sink to.

Not only is she trying to fool herself, she is lying to and making idiots out of her regular posters!
Viv a nasty unkind, unpleasant and unbalanced woman.

Goodnight China xxx

dianeh said...


Our police forces (UK and Aust) are well considered around the world. That is why we are asked for assistance. Aust police provide assistance in a number of countries in Asia, in varied forms, such as nabbing drug traffickers in Indonesia (joint task force) and assistance with the Tsunami and the Bali Bombings. I cannot actually conceive of a circumstance that another country would ask the PJ to come in and provide internal assistance. And after the Cipriano and McCann cases, they never will be.

IMO of course.

Rosiepops said...


neither can I recall a single time that another country has asked Portugal if the PJ could give assistance to another country.

Maybe if they wanted help in extracting false information under extenuating circumstances perhaps?

Could have a motto:

Help The Police, Beat Yourself Up!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie, Diane and all other fair minded posters looking in,

I'm gonna have to bid you goodnight, take care, hope to see you tomorrow xxx

Justice for Madeleine and ALL the family.

dianeh said...


Just been to ST's to look at the supposed Gonc email.

How can anyone be so gullible as to believe that this is true?

For one thing, he will still be covered by the secrecy laws. When one leaves employment covered under such laws as the privacy act, they are still covered by the provisions. That alone, should have told them that it is fake.

It becomes increasingly obvious that these anti's are unwilling and most likely unable to determine fact from fiction.

dianeh said...

After all, it is difficult to see him launching any libel action, that will be successful, without breaching the secrecy laws. For eg, lets talk about incompetence. He failed to find Madeleine,he failed to find the abductor, he failed to provide evidence against his prime suspects, he failed to protect the crime scene, etc etc. These are common knowledge, widely reported and supported by news footage etc. How do you prove libel about something like this, without breaching the secrecy laws.

Because lets face it, there is not much that he could go the press for. He is facing court over the other offences, he did have long lunches, he did accuse the Leic police of ?????, etc etc. And he did get NO results.

supertroll said...

Hi everyone,

Even if he had sent the letter, who cares? He was sacked from the investigation months ago and in now facing some pretty serious charges. There is not much credibillity left there.

I must say that I even felt sorry for him tonight. They are so desperate to give their dreadful site some credibility that they have had to resort to this.

Theiy couldn't have shown amaral in a worse light in the eyes of the world.

What self respecting police officer would allow a letter with that content to be published in a sick site.

Police officers are much more likely to be investigating such a site rather than posting there.

Great own goal though. I have had quite a laugh and by reading the posts there they are obviously still running around like headless chickens.


supertroll said...

I am off to bed. As I have had a long day

Will speak to you again tomorrow.



Rosiepops said...

I thought that the really bad thing is that not only is Viv deluding herself, she is lying to her posters and taking them for idiots and making them look complete fools in front of everyone.

The dimwits still do not seem to get it, as they are all contributors, they are all legally liable for the content of that blog and printing letters and pretending they come from policemen is a really stupid thing to do.

If he had a credibility left it has now completely gone and anyway he is in enough serious trouble without asking for anymore.

They are a complete laughing stock.

Rosiepops said...

Good night Supertroll Sleep well x

dianeh said...


I almost wrote that I felt sorry for him too. But I cant write lies like that and sleep at night.

If the letter were true, it would only be a very large embarassment to Gonc. Of course, we know it isnt true, only shows the desperation and obvious sickness of certain posters, who choose to believe such obvious falsehoods. And there have been so many of them in the last year, that surely by now, they must be starting to realise that not everything accusing and abusing the McCanns is going to be true. They need to use their brains, question and seek the truth, not just look at it and believe it because they like what is says.

Rosiepops said...

Of course there could be other reasons for him taking early retirement.

Perhaps the source of all the leaks has been found and the plumber called in to seal them and the leaker has been given their orders? March or else, no pension?

Also perhaps he knows the McCann's suspect status is to be lifted and an apology given and he could not bare to be pointed out as the pudding that started this inhumane treatment?

Be really interesting to see if the leaks stop once he goes?

Anyway that is me, i am off to bed, very tired tonight.

Sleep well and take care Diane xxx

xxx God Bless Madeleine and bring her safely home xxx

calcite51 said...

Hi, everyone. Just catching up on everyone! Does anyone know if we are invited to his retirement party? Dare I ask what retirement party? Am I reading it right that today is his last day? He didn't give us much notice today.

I went and read the garbage from the other site - they're almost in tears because he's "RETIRING" - give me a break. The man epitomized everything the word 'incompetent' encompassed.

And he certainly is not leaving without a blemish, is he? His comment about his British counterparts cost him his position in a high profile case. He's facing charges in another high profile case.

This may be a good thing, we may now be able to condemn Gonc and not have to hear that Claws is taking notes of anyone who is critical of good ole Gonc will be reported to the PJ's!

ST - I'm sorry, but I do NOT feel sorry for him - he put the McCanns through hell.

There are only two things I would like to hear more than Gonc's retirement:

1) Madeleine is found alive and

2) Vile's and Claw's idol, George
is actually a supporter of the
McCanns and has donated a
large sum of money to Find
Madeleine fund. That would
make my day.

Sass said...

Am convinced we will be the guests of honour. Wonder if the one serving sarnies will be Clawdia - just look for the one suffering from Cherry Blossom poisoning!

dianeh said...


There is one more thing I would like to hear from the PJ is

That the arguido status is dropped against the McCanns, because there is nothing at all to indicate that they had any involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.



Although sorry wont cut it. They have failed Madeleine. Failed to find her, and failed to find justice for her. It makes me angry when I think just how badly the PJ have failed her. And I am realistic, it is extremely difficult with stranger adbuction to find the culprit, but they wont be found if no one is looking for them, and all that is being done is trying to make a non existent case against two innocent peoplel.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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