Sunday, 24 February 2008

PJ director supported by the government

PORTUGUESE JUSTICE Minister Alberto Costa went to the Parliament on February 13 to explain to MPs why he supported PJ national director Alípio Ribeiro after his latest statements on the Madeleine case.

The Minister appeared in the Comissão Parlamentar de Assuntos Constitucionais, Direitos, Liberdades e Garantias, the civil and constitutional rights board in Parliament, following a request from democratic MP Nuno Melo. He asked for the government’s reaction to Alípio Ribeiro’s public comments that investigators had been “hasty “in naming Gerry and Kate McCann arguidos.


According to the Justice Minister, the statements did not violate the law of secrecy of justice and had not constrained the investigation. Alberto Costa told the MPs that “if there was any sign of violation of the secrecy of justice, an inquiry would already have been ordered”.

He refuted the claim that the investigation’s credibility had been affected by Alípio Ribeiro’s statements and asked for calm.“We must quietly wait for the result of this investigation and one must not anticipate any outcome before it is ended”, he said.

On their blog on the Find Madeleine website, Gerry and Kate McCann restated that they “will not give up looking” for Madeleine and claimed to be happy with the possibility that “the investigation is nearing a close”, in reaction to the Justice Minister’s public statements.

They said they hoped their “arguido status will be lifted in the near future so that everyone can concentrate on searching for Madeleine”.


Time Dive, the Lagos-based company working with the Madeira lawyer Marcos Aragão, who is convinced Madeleine McCann’s body is in the Arade Dam near Silves, were still waiting for new instructions by the time The Resident went to press.

Martin Salkous, one of the company’s divers, told The Resident they were “expecting to re-start the search operations any moment” and that they were keeping in close contact with the lawyer, who is gathering funds to pay for further diving operations.


Mandz said...

I don’t believe that this was a “slip of the tongue” by Riberio. This man is not stupid I believe this man was told to say that or he decided himself that the truth must come out.

Perhaps he has the upper hand and used this as an advantage because of his reputation and that he knows the McCann’s are not involved in Maddie disappearance and can prove it to the hierarchy or he has already done so? Maybe he has advised them that Amaral “messed up”.

They cannot sack him for telling the truth and perhaps it was “staged” a way of getting out of this mess and letting the public down gently and not to mention the embarrassment Portugal will be left with once the truth comes out which I believe it will about the McCann’s not being involved however sadly not about Maddie who is the most important person in all of this mess.

The PJ messed up and attempted to stop the world and her parents looking for her. They have let a little girl down who needed their help and a family who needed their help unforgivable in my book.

Yes I know they should never have left their children however what stopped the police from doing “their job”? Why allegedly leak about this couple on a daily basis? De Sousa went on record and stated that he was told by the hierarchy to leak about this couple therefore who was benefiting from this? Oh dear not quite how they wanted this to end.

Their Government will be pulling their hair out because Amaral has got them into a mess and perhaps that is another reason for him going to trial?

They acted too hasty there should have been another evaluation of the case before making the McCann’s “suspect”. This is not a slip of the tongue this is deliberate.

Good on the McCann’s for fighting to get their child back good on them for calling on the WORLD to look for their child and for having a back bone to take the abuse, allegations, and hatred the PJ and media poured on them on a daily basis and who was always on their mind regardless of the above their child they so desperately need and want back their first born MADDIE.

melbel said...

Totally agree with Mandz.
This investigation was flawed before the replacement ever got on the case.
Am struggling to find my way around, as I posted something I found in paper version of Sunday Express,where they are apologising to Noel Hogan re an article written on Jan 13th.
They have had to pay compensation and legal costs, so it could be partly why the old articles were removed.
I am sure he is the first of many, who will sue.
I posted on Gossip, but was the only one today and found myself doing a "roth ", the only one today.
How do we find people ?
Also, I am a no hoper on computer and wonder if you post on Alseballa's blog, whether they know your e mail address.
I do not want any cyber nasties sent by the chilling dad23 or any such ilk !
I have minimal computer knowledge.
Off for most of day,but take care chums.
Enjoying this site and had a good laugh reading Rosie,Jane,Sea and others last night.witch and China

Mandz said...

Nice to see you on! I also get lost on this web however I’m starting to get used to it now!
No I do not post on Alsa site and I don’t think they know this site it is top secret for nice people who do not slate this poor family!
As for your article where did you put it?

Mandz said...

Sorry Mellbel I left your name out!
They will not get a hold of your email. In your profile it says something about not showing your email which you should have clicked. When you are logged on you will see your email address however we wont. Hope this makes sense!

Have a good day!


Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mandz, I agree with your comments. It most definately was not a slip of the tongue, imo Ribeiro was very cleverly distancing himself from the decision to make the McCs Arguido's whilst at the same time preparing the Portuguese Public for no charges.

melbel said...

Hi mandz
Thanks for reply.
Posted it in Gossip corner [scroll down and it is on right[,but I was the only entry of the day.I am a duffer, though.\take care

Mandz said...

Hi Tinks!
Yes I agree they are preparing tell the world they wont be charging the McCann's.

Mellbel! Will go and have a look!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mel, don't worry persevere you will get used to it on here. If you want to find where everyone is just look for the days date and look to see how many comments are being made and if it is a high number it will be there we are all posting.
I think I may put up a Gossip Corner Item each day where all the main stories can be discussed and debated, this will make it easier for people to find where everyone is.
don't worry about people knowing your email, I am a moderator on this site and I do not know your email. Thing to remember, if you post on Viles site or Alsabelia's site, either post as anonymous or where it says Name/URL and they will not know your email.And remember on this site you are among friends.
I am going to find out if Miss Bitch Queen Alsabelia has sent that letter to Mrs Healy, if she has I am going for her jugular, no holds barred, I am shaking with rage since Jane mentioned this, it had better not be true!

Rosiepops said...


Slip of the tongue? Or Freudian slip? The latter I think.

This was the start of the PJ retracting. I know politicians enough to know they do not say things like this for nothing. If it was a slip of the tongue, why did he not retract it? Why did Ribeiro's boss publicly back him?
What was behind Carlos Anjos (PJ union) saying the PJ had better things to do than look for Madeleine?

No way, this was done on purpose and Ribeiro was told to do this.

1) Tourist Industry
2) No evidence DNA or otherwise.
3) No Proof of McCann wrong doing.
4) This case was expected to die down and it hasn't
5) Political pressure on the PJ to stop this making the headlines.
6) Also Cover Up?

They did not bargain on this couple fighting back every inch of the way, they thought they would just melt away and buckle like Leona Cipriano's mother and it hasn't happened.
They did not reckon on the ferocity of the fight put up by the McCann's, which actually speaks volumes of how the PJ actually view missing children.

I feel sad and very frightened for Portuguese children and I hope that another child does not have to go missing before this inept police force wakes up!

Mandz said...

Hi Rosie!
Yes I agree Rosie this was not a slip as suggested by an anti a few weeks ago. The difficult thing Portugal faces is how to get out of this mess? This is another worry because I believe they are capable of anything? If these high ranking people were advising De Sousa to leak lies about this couple to sway public opinion and all we read and hear about is another extension to their investigation and the McCann’s not being allowed to see what they have against them what will be their next move?

I hope it is the truth and I hope they come clean and I hope they apologise to Maddie and her parents and family and to the public and British Police and British Government for slating us and dragging us into their lies their mess. On your bike PJ we want/demand an apology.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Mandz & Rosie, totally agree with all you've said. This Country of "children lovers" has chosen to protect its tourism ahead of protecting its children. I doubt they will make any apologies because they fear the backlash from their own people. The very people that have been brainwashed and defended them to the hilt. As Athena once said, the Country is rife with corruption, the only force they had belief and trust in was the PJ. The mere thought that they have been misled by the PJ led Athena to ask the King of Spain to make them part of that. This is an indiction of just how strong the publics reaction could be.

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