Saturday, 23 February 2008

Gossip Corner: Thoughts on Robert Murat.

This is in no way meant to malign Mr Murat, but the inconsistencies involving his statement do seem to have mounted up, I feel as he is the 3rd suspect and as the mcCann's have been up for prolonged and sometimes vicious debate, then Murat is fair game for debate too.

  • He changed his sworn statement to the Portuguese police
  • He said he was with his girlfriend Michaela Walczuch
  • Then changed it it saying he was with his mother all night sitting at the kitchen table.
  • He said we went to bed at around 10.30pm and then told the magazine Vanity Fair that he was up until around 01.00am in the kitchen.
  • He stated that as he was in bed fast asleep from around 10.30 that night and this is why he didn't hear the furore and noise and commotion going on outside Casa Liliana.
  • When did he go to bed? 10.30pm or 01.00am? If it was 01.00am why then did he not hear all the commotion going on outside in the normally quite area of Praia da Luz?
  • Why has he given two different time lines?
  • He said that he did not use his mobile phone that night.
  • Records show that he did use his phone that night, who did he call? Russian Sergy Malinka?
  • Murat initially said he did not call Malinka, bu then phone records show that he did call the Russian man.
  • Why did Murat lie about talking to Sergy Malinka on the phone?
  • Why did Sergy Malinka lie about talking to Murat on the phone.
  • Malinka says they are not friends, more like acquaintances, that is fine, but why lie about talking to each other on such a night?
  • Was Malinka supplying porn? If so what porn? Sorry but this question needs to be asked and answered and hopefully the Pj have.
  • Have Marat's properties been searched and forensically examined?
  • Murat's girlfriend herself has an alibi which is in doubt, she says she was in a particular church and she wasn't, she now says she was at another church.
  • Murat says he never went out that night of May 3rd
  • An increasing number of witnesses have come forward to positively ID him outside the McCann apartment smoking.
  • Is he lying again? If he is why?
  • If it was not Murat, then who was it? a lookalike?
  • Murat has 3 lookalikes all present in PDL that night of May 3rd
  • Luis Antonio (Murat's girlfriend's ex!) Payne and Symington.
  • Symington is startlingly like Murat and is some kind of relative, yet Symington and Murat deny knowing each other or of each other.
  • We are asked to believe that Symington and Murat, related in some way and bizarrely in the same line of business in a tiny place like Praia da Luz, never knew each other! (Sorry don't buy that!)
  • Bizarrely again, Murat is said to have a daughter that strongly resembles Madeleine (Another strange coincidence?!)
  • Murat was said to have hired a car locally on the Saturday after Madeleine disappeared and that he was in an agitated state.
  • Why hire a car when apparently he has 3?
  • He had been hanging around the investigation from day one trying to discover from the local guard (GNR) whom he is familiar with, or from journalists what was happening in the investigation.
  • He offered and was in fact used to translate between witnesses and the PJ

Please fell free to add anymore that I may have forgotten.


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Tinkerbell43 said...

Murat has always been defended by the Anti's because they believe it was the friends pointing the finger at him that made him an Arguido. This is misleading,

1) As Alsabelia confirmed the friends were interviewed AFTER Murat was made an Arguido.

2) Murat was allegedly first reported to police 3 days after Madeleine disappeared by a Portuguese citzen who acts as a State Informer and had met him on several occasions.

I think Helen will be able to confirm this too.

JANEGT said...

always suspectted those 3 plus Luis Antonio too. Why was he not taken in too?? or has that to come??

I agree with all on Rosiepops post.


ps lot better today thank you......had early night and glad to see we are expanding at rapid rate of knots....great...

Tinkerbell43 said...

Strange Jane, there is no mention of him. Maybe when he was taken in for questioning last week he let something slip! Thats assuming there is some truth in this latest rumour.

JANEGT said...

tinks I did longer post got lost in google cyberspace as they don't recognie my password, which was correct. Why do I have to log in with a new account to et in? Odd.

Anyway, yes, they were suspicious of him beforehand clearly.


JANEGT said...

I feel press has been back padalling for months now. Why? And is Clara still planning to 'sue' everyone who blackened McCanns name? (Glad Alsabella/and co has a lot of money then.....) Is he why DE shut down? Tapas 10 or even 11.....anything to do with this . . . ? I feel they know behind the scenes. This just does not add up at all. What are FBI doing? still there? If so that means 4 detective agencies there......they must have some clues by now nearly 10 months on.

JANEGT said...

Yes, perhaps indeed when questionning Luis they found out something vital. Makes sense as you say. Hmmmmm.

Think it's about to break???

hope so.

JANEGT said...

as I am talking to myself....again.....ha ha for a large hot coffee. freezing here today. will be back......

Chinadoll said...

Just listened to a report on Sky News where they were discussing the merits of a national dna database.

John O,Connor (former detective) mentioned the Madeleine McCann case and commented how the presence of dna can be jumped on and misinterpreted by inexperienced investigators as in the case of dna found in the McCanns hire car - or words to that effect

Professor Alan Jameson commented that the lowest levels of dna collected, are the most unreliable.

Ref Murat, I always thought the domestic arrangements of the 3 adults,living with a child, very odd. I suppose they must be close to eachother, ie living together and possibly being reliant on eachother, due to the arrangement.

Anonymous said...

lovely to see you here Cinadoll.


yes saw that on sky news.

won't accept my password yet again, so have to be anonymous....

Chinadoll said...

Hi Jane,

I was advised to click on name/url and enter your username - no need to enter url though.

Glad to see you too Jane and thanks to Sassy for enabling us all to get together, aswell.

janeguthrietate said...

yes, it's really nice to chat with other like minds too. One good thing to come out of this dreadful mess. Who would have thought 10 months on we would still be here? Marriages have lasted shorter time spans......


Chinadoll said...


I know what you mean.

It is also very tragic that the pj seem no further ahead in this investigation and the first anniversary, is fast approaching.

Just saw tinkerbells post on the gossip site - I wonder if there is any merit to it - possibly just mischievious!

JANEGT said...

there are a couuple of articles in Daily Mail but old news. Can't find anything on Murat & co at all.

JANEGT said...

some articles in the sun today too. farmore than usual. a revival? why?

JANEGT said...




Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Guys, just back, anymore news on Murat & Co. I think it has only been reported in Sol. Dont know what to make of it, strange that the anonymous poster didnt want it to be true!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Just checked back on Alsabella's blog, the only one to respond to this is 2345 and her post says it is unsubstantiated!

Anonymous said...

alsabella said...
Hello People.

First of all, although I do believe in freedom of speech I would like to say that attacks on other posters and their childhoods/lives will not be tolerated. This is the world according to alsabella and that means people debately civily even if with different views.

As for the alleged arrest - I just went to take a look at the Sol site, and there is nothing I find of the kind. I believe it is just people feeding others misinformation.

None of the papers in Portugal are reporting anything on Madeleine McCann today, as they haven't for the most part recently.

We will only hear more news when there is something substantial to report.

Have a lovely Saturday.

23 February 2008 17:05

More lies from the Queen of Portugal Alsa 6 ID's.
She has spun more lies than a spiders web.
She is in this for more than just a blog, what is her agenda ?

Mandz said...

Hi All!
That is me just managed to work out how to post!!

Just some stuff I forgot about worth a wee read!

Remember this ? I wish to God he called back:
On 7 June, Spanish police received a phone call from a man claiming to know the whereabouts of Madeleine, using a mobile phone registered in Argentina. The call was described as "credible".

The McCann’s should not have listened to the PJ who told them not to speak to this man:

In early June, Spanish investigative journalist Antonio Toscano claimed that two people had hired a man "...imprisoned for a pedophile case outside Spain..." to kidnap Madeleine and that the man had been seen in a bar in Seville a week before Madeleine disappeared. Then, on 28 June, Toscano claimed that Madeleine was alive and well in Europe but Madeleine's parents refused to meet with him. Determined to leave no stone unturned, police also examined hundreds of reports from psychics and clairvoyants claiming to know the location of Madeleine.

I also forgot they found DNA in Maddie bedroom:

mystery sample of DNA was found, on 1 June, in the bedroom from where Madeleine disappeared. The DNA did not match that of the McCanns, their three children nor that of Murat. The PJ handed the sample over to the national forensic science laboratories, the Instituto Nacional de Medicina Legal, and stated that there is a new suspect.

Detectives tried to trace a British man who left the harbour in his yacht shortly after the disappearance, after having moored there for two years. A witness reported seeing a man carrying a child in his arms down to the marina, hours after Madeleine disappeared. On 29 May, detectives questioned four boat owners, three of them English, whose vessels were moored at the marina in Lagos, a town about five miles (8 km) from Praia da Luz.

I didn’t know the Spanish Police were looking for a similar man?

The Portuguese police disclosed information, on 25 May 2007, about a possible suspect in addition to Mr Murat: this was a reference to a middle-build Caucasian, approximately 178 cm (5 ft 10 in) tall. However, the height of the man was subsequently corrected to that given on the Portuguese press release as 170 cm (5 ft 7 in). The man, aged between 35 and 40, was seen at 21:30 on 3 May, by a close friend of the McCanns, but this information was only made public two and half weeks later. According to Chief Police Officer Olegário de Sousa, the man, was carrying a child, or something which might have resembled a child. He fitted the description of a suspect being hunted by Spanish police for the kidnappings of Sara Morales, 14, and 7-year-old Yeremi Vargas, in the Canary Islands.

Malinka spoke negatively of the coverage of the case in the Portuguese media, which had alleged that he was a convicted sexual offender. Malinka denied he had contacted Murat, and said he was "completely innocent". Inconsistencies in his account of his relationship with Robert Murat emerged: he had said he had not contacted Murat in a year but Murat's mobile phone records allegedly show he called Mr Malinka at 23:40 on the night Madeleine went missing. On 19 May, Portuguese detectives flew to England to interview Dawn Murat, the estranged wife of Robert Murat, and detectives re-interviewed other witnesses connected with Murat.

It was reported on 16 May that two cars used by the Murats had been examined, and computers, mobile phones and several video tapes were taken from their villa. It also emerged that a British architect who built the villa was ignored when he called police about a hidden basement within the property.

The occupants of the flat above that from which Madeleine disappeared reported an intruder who apparently had entered with a key. There had been a similar burglary in the complex some weeks earlier. On 17 August, search warrants were signed for the home of a new suspect.

Unofficial investigations
At least three firms of private investigators have been engaged to make enquiries. At the end of May 2007 the McCanns hired Control Risks Group. It was announced on 29 September that tycoon Brian Kennedy was paying for private investigators to search in Morocco. Spanish agency Método 3 were engaged with the enquiries lead by Francisco Marco. It was disclosed in January 2008 that Hogan International, headed by Noel Hogan, former Metropolitan Police Detective Superintendent, was carrying out a cold case review, in conjunction with Método 3.

Portuguese lawyer Marcos Aragao Correia paid for the Barragem do Arade reservoir, east of Praia da Luz, to be searched by divers in early February 2008. He claimed to have received intelligence from underworld sources that Madeleiene had been killed and dumped in a lake.

Reported sightings
Many sightings were reported both in Portugal and elsewhere in the world, but none produced any firm leads. On 9 July 2007, the Portuguese police said that they believed that it was likely that the missing girl was still being held in Portugal.
On 9 May, the 24 Horas newspaper reported that police had found a vehicle near Praia da Luz that may have been used by the kidnapper. Further, CCTV video from a petrol station near Lagos showed a child matching Madeleine's description with a woman and two men. The child was having an altercation with the woman. The following day it was reported that the car from the petrol station had British number plates and it was claimed that the person caught taking photographs was one of the men on the CCTV footage.

The height of the man being sought by the police was given on the Portuguese press release as 170 cm (5 ft 7 in) but it mistakenly appeared as the English version. Madeleine took a favourite toy to bed with her on the night she disappeared, on which an abductor could have left some trace of DNA evidence, but police did not check it. Then on 1 June 2007, June Hughes, from Glasgow, who had stayed in the apartment the previous week with her husband, expressed surprise that the police had not made any contact with them. Family members, on 9 June, complained of harassment by the police when they tried to put up 'missing' posters at Lisbon Airport. There were suggestions that the Portuguese authorities wanted to prevent these posters being displayed over concerns about damage to their tourist industry.


Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Mandz, glad you made it! That makes an interesting read, I never knew about the car or of the little girl seen having an altercation. Worrying how many leads there could have been that may not have been followed up and somewhere in amongst all this is Murat. Whoever is responsible for this has been one step ahead all along.

SassyP said...


How is everyone doing?

I saw that Johncar has been posting on the DX, so as soon as I can get hold of him, I'll let him know where we are. He has been chatting to Elizabeth, who I just missed! Anyone else you can think of we should have over here? What about Big_L?

Mandz said...

Hiya Tinks!
Yes I was not aware of some of these things I posted and as you say so many leads and the PJ could not be bothered??

Rosie was right about the Tourist Industry and I forgot that the McCann family members attempted at putting up posters in Lisbon Airport and the police did not allow them. I remember seeing this on the news.

You are so right Murat is always around in all of these stories however the police did not do a thorough job “investigating” him perhaps because he is half Portuguese and how would that look?
I am furious with the PJ ignoring the architect who built Murat mother’s home re the secret celler – poor we soul could well have been kept there.


SassyP said...

Melbel and Doby have got in touch!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi sass, Good thanks. There's been a few posts throughout the day and I think Rosie has managed to get hold of Laz so all being well Laz will be joining us. Would be good if we can get hold of Johncar I always found his views of interest.

Mandz said...

Hiya Sassp!

Nice to see you!
Where has everyone gone?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Thats great Melbel and Doby. At least Melbel will be able to stomach this site, lol.

Chinadoll said...

Hi Mandz,Tinks & Sassy,

Hope you're all well.

Chinadoll said...


How long do you think it will take before this site is accessed by those you would rather not have here?

Mandz said...

Hiya Chinadoll!!

Good to see you & hope all well!
Would be good if Laz came on and Elizabeth!

SassyP said...

Mandz - we found 'em!

Have had a couple of dodgy e-mails sent. One I sent a list of other blogs to look at! I was polite about it, but he/she ain't getting this addy - sounded like a Docmac clone!

Mandz said...


Did you get Doby?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Mandz have you heard Gonc is going to face trial ? also if you haven't noticed, we also have a thread on front page especially for you! i.e If you could ask the PJ anything what would it be ?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi china, good to see you.

Rosiepops said...

mandz, that is a great post and full of information. I had not read a lot of the stuff in that and what happened to all these leads? did the Pj follow them up? Especially the car with t he British number plates.

Just exactly what are these wallies doing and more to the point, what have they been doing?

I see that the antis are still trying to do like an ostrich and stick their fat heads in the sand and trying to ignore that Gonc is probably going to go to prison!
They are incredible!

Chinadoll said...


Laz is always a brilliant contributor and Elizabeth always very polite.

I think Sassy mentioned BigL who has always been a colourful character - my point is, at what stage will the site be leaked to the vile crew/maggot machine?

Rosiepops said...

has Calcite and laz aka pedro found their way yet?

SassyP said...


No idea! At some point someone will get hold of the address, but it doesn't matter, because there are ways round it. Would just like to get it going properly before it happens, so that we can block the blog to people we don't want if necessary.

If it's a case of a couple of annoying comments every now and then, it's no big deal, we can just delete them. If we get bombarded we can have the blog for invited members only.

What I think will happen is that Vile will probably copy and paste our posts onto her blog and then laugh at them/pick them to pieces. You know how much she can't live without Rosiepops!!!

Again, if it comes to a blog slanging match, we can have this open to invited people only. Before we do that we have to make sure that we have everyone we want here, or they won't be able to get in either!

Chinadoll said...


I understand your rationale. I am not at all clued up with websites and wondered how you were going to manage such a scenario.


Rosiepops said...

Sorry all where are my manners? hi everyone so glad you made it Mandz and even with the anorak site down Viles blog only picked up two new members.

Sassy are we on Google still? I looked and it was there and looked again yesterday and it wasn't.

Tinks, is there any news about these arrests this morning? Hoax or what? Thing is if the PJ are running a tight ship and are actually keeping to their secrecy laws, we may not know if they have been arrested or spoken to?!

Just going to pop over to viles and leave a post on her site about the rogatory letters and to see if she has remioved my last one, silly cow!

SassyP said...


I haven't changed anything as far as being listed on google is concerned. I'll make sure we are listed, but we should be unless one of you three has broken the blog!

Chinadoll said...

Hi Tinks & Rosiepops,

Imagine if the news of the alleged arrests were true, on top of todays news about Goncalo. If that were the case, I would be sorely tempted to get a dig in and make a post on Alsabellas' site.....just to cheer them all up hehehe

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosie, no I have not heard anymore. I picked it up from Alsabellas' blog initially, it didnt read as if it was a hoax as the poster was hoping it wasnt true. Why would you not want it to be true if it could lead to finding out what had happened to Madeleine! Anyway, 2345 posted to say it was unsubstantiated and I think since then the queen herself has said she cant find any reference to it in the papers.

Rosiepops said...

no sassy, not me honest. I haven't touched anything I haven't a clue what I am doing with it so wouldn't dare lol.

I see what China is saying, of course at some point we are going to be infiltrated but as Sassy has said it would be good to be up and running properly before that happens, more when than if, i think.

Doesn't matter if they do get in we can leave the polite disagreeing posts absolutely nothing wrong in that, but remove the more offensive ones.

I read a post on Viles that said melbel had left me a message and that I had left an email for people to contact, so I expect that will be full of the usual Rosie hate LOL Face? Bovered? it is a throw away anyway.
Calcite and laz contacted me and I explained it gets busier here in the evening. Laz bless left me messages so I know it was him and Calcite used her own real email, good job this is me/us.

Tinkerbell43 said...

China, if this was true I think Alsabella would have a nervous breakdown!

Rosiepops said...

Tinks Can you email me Alsabelia's blog addy, I have lost it!

Thank you x

SassyP said...


I checked and the "do you want to be listed on search engines" is still ticked yes!

SeaWitch said...

Evening ladies!

Tinks, re new posters, may I make a suggestion?

When you receive an e-mail from someone, just get them to leave an agreed text for you on the DX under their ID.

That's what I did when I first contacted Jane, so she knew it was the DX SeaWitch she was speaking to.

Then, at least, you more or less know you are speaking to the persona you think they are. Might still be a nutter, but better the devil you know!

Chinadoll said...

Evening Seawitch,

Excellent Idea - what better way to verify your id.

SassyP said...

Hiya Seawitch

That's what Mandz and Christabel did.

I sent an e-mail saying could you write "Are you still here" on the forum.

Nice to have you here again!

SeaWitch said...


That last post was meant for Sassy, but I've read on and spotted that Rosie had the same idea anyway!

Rosiepops said...

Hi SeaWitch,

Good idea, this is what Laz did and he also left me a message in his profile, one he knew that I would understand!

I think Alsabelia is reeling under the Goncalo Amaral news, if this with Luis, Murat and Walzchuc turned out to be true, I think she would go ballistic.

SassyP said...


Just read in more detail what you wrote. Do you remember why the McCanns refused to meet with the journalist who said he had information?

Rosiepops said...

Sassy I was wondering this too and wondered if they were advised not to, because it was a journalist who just wanted an interview, I hear they do get up to devious tricks like this.

SassyP said...


Just found out something from Gazeta Digital

Spanish ”journalist” who claims to know the name of Madeleine's abductor is an hoaxer

Antonio Toscano, the alleged “investigative journalist” who claimed to know the name of Madeleine's abductor is an hoaxer, who introduced himself, previously, as an expert in satanic cults, in several interviews with Spanish newspapers an TV. António Toscano was quoted, last week, by the Spanish daily “El Mundo”, saying that he his an “expert in missing children cases” and yesterday, talking to a Portuguese newspaper claimed that his track record his so good that he "found 14 of the 15 missing children cases that he investigated”, during the last years.

Mystery solved!

The next one to solve in the immediate future is where everyone has gone!

Chinadoll said...

Pedro and Lisaj are currently posting on the DX under headline titled 'Should Britain bring back the death penalty'

Mandz said...

Hiya all again! Good to see everyone!!

Chinadoll I honestly don't know what will happen however enjoying the peace and quite for now!

Re: Reading the leads that were missed and ignored make me so angry and sad for Maddie and re the tourist industry I forgot about the McCann family attempting to put her photo up in Lisbon Airport and the police not allowing this. Why would they NOT allow this? A child missing?

You are so right about them protecting their Tourist Industry. Also it said that in July the police believed she was still in Portugal which is what you think! As for Murat and that Architect being ignored by police?? Why ignore the person who designed the house – secret celler???? Looks like the PJ ignored hell of a lot in my book and what are the reasons for doing this….Gonc???? If the McCanns can prove they ignored which I believe they can then perhaps this is one of the reasons they have kept them as “suspects”? Who knows! I’m convinced Portugal is going to have a very red face soon and I don’t mean from the sun.

I’ve searched and found nothing on the arrests and as for Gonc going to Court yipeedoo this could lead to McCann’s status being lifted and Joana mother “get out of jail card” if she was set up by lazy boy Gonc? Will be interesting to see over the next few days!

Lovely you have joined us!

Right must dash off now Will attempt to find you all later!


SassyP said...

Thanks Chinadoll

Am onto it!

Mandz said...

Antonio Toscano

At the time the McCann’s were advised by the PJ that they should not speak to him and that he should bring his evidence information to them. I did read that he was quite successful in finding missing children and apparently said he would find Maddie for £0. If he is a hoax I don’t know?

SassyP said...

Thanks Mandz!

Mum21 said...

SassyP...did you get an email from Dobywalah and Melbel? They left a message on the DE forum for you to say they sent them

Rosiepops said...

I am just going to take my little dog around the block, she will not rest until I do this.

back soon. have been putting a post or to up on Viles blog just to keep them on their toes and because they miss me so much.
favourite at the moment is.



As yet no answers, well not sensible ones anyway ;-)

SassyP said...

Hiya Mum

Yes, I did thanks. Have written back to them, too.

Still don't have an e-mail from Isis!!!

Mum21 said...

SassyP..I would not bother with Isis....because she is being very two faced. Here is her latest posting on Alsabella's blog

isis said...
claudia, have just been reading them ,what a giveaway, ther still sending out search missions on the DE!!!

23 February 2008 19:46

SassyP said...


I wasn't going to bother anyway. Also had an email from GordonBenett asking to join. Posted him back copies of his exceedingly rude posts to us.

Anonymous said...

isis said...
has someone left the drawbridge down...???

Saturday, February 23, 2008 10:28:00 AM PST

SassyP i think she may have fell in, with all her nasty blogs about you and your team on fliviv site !

Mum21 said... least we can be a little selective as to who we have on here.
Like you...I enjoy debate. But not what some of Alsabella's and Vile's chums call debating.

SassyP said...

Hiya Anonymous!

Which anonymous are you?

Mum21 said...

Hi we have to play a guessing game to know who you are?
Anyway...welcome to you

melbel said...

Hi Everybody.Just testing.This looks as if it will be a brilliant site and no "nasties "
Hope I didn't make a boob by leaving a message for Rosie.
Seawitch 's idea for initial contact, is a good one.
Just learning my way around.
Have a good Saturday,everyone.

jane guthrie-tate said...

hi all, how are we?

Yes, I noticed johncar posts quite a lot on DE on other articles. I goggled Big L but couldn't find him.

He was fun - if misguided. want to know if he's ciggie free zone or not......

tomorrow's sundays don't have murat's arrest so was a a hoax??

Glad the creme de la creme have risen to the surface....... see previous post of mine tho re Isis.........

SassyP said...

Hiya Melbel

Glad you got here! Were you the anonymous from earlier?

You can't make boobs here!

We are still all getting used to it too and are just enjoying chatting without being attacked!


Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Melbel, so glad you have joined us, its much easier on the stomach here :0) We are all just finding our feet but its been good. Look forward to catching up with you.

Chinadoll said...

Seawitch has just made an excellent post on Alsabellas site and is presently receiving a pat on the back.

Hi Melbel, lovely to see you hear.

JANEGT said...

finding it difficult to 'find' which blog we are all 'on' at current time so miss people or we are split.

It certainly seems the 2 camps are polarised....... I feel they want in, not for debate though.......

Odd how we all on reading back posts - all of them - eeeekkkkk.....we all agree Alsabella will be terribly upset re Goncalo Amaral and if true about Murat, Malinka and Walczuch she will crack up.

Also of Clara DOES have anything to do with forums closing, and he intends to sue those maligning McC's ... hope they are


Mum21 said...

Hi Melbel. Good to see you.

Mum21 said...

Everyone. Have you read Sea Witch's post to Alsabella regarding her letter to Mrs Healy?
As per usual...a fantastic post by Sea Witch

SassyP said...


People are popping on and off, so it's not that we're elsewhere, I think. It's more a case of multi-tasking!

It's so relaxed here, that you don't have to keep checking to see who's turn it is to attack ya!

Chinadoll said...

Hi Mum21,

I have also added my anonymous post to Alsabella (the one from a disgusted visitor)

Good old Seawitch - eloquent and to the point, as usual.

Hope you are well Mum21

Mum21 said...

China. I also added a comment. In fact the one above yours.
Sea Witch certainly knows how to put a point across....first class comment.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Seawitch as always an outstanding post. I thought the letter addressed to Mrs Healy was in bad taste and what you posted needed saying.

Mum21 said...

China. Sorry I was wrong. My comment was the second one above yours.

By the way..I am fine. Hope you are too.

SeaWitch said...

Hello, everyone - cool, I see Mandz and Melbel have made it!

Jane - are you feeling better? I think I have caught your germs, as I've come down with a cold today so am sitting in bed. I tried turning the TV on, which isn't something I often do, and it's blinking football!

Rubbish :-(

SassyP said...


That cracked me up!

melbel said...

Hi sassyp
I think "anonymous " must be someone else, as I had not got that far!
Great to meet like minded people without fear of attack !
Talk to you all soon and take care.

Chinadoll said...

Hey Seawitch,

Have your ears been burning - we've all been talking about you.

That was a first class post you made on Alsabellas' site. I wonder if she will leave all the negative comments on, or delete them? Well, she did say she was pro free speech, as long as the posts were not abusive, so it will be interesting to see.

Chinadoll said...


Well you certainly gave her a genuine warning - she should have thought of that herself, perhaps she did and just could not give a hoot!

Thanks, I'm fine

SassyP said...

See you Melbel!

Anonymous is now one of two possibilities!

Chinadoll said...


That is the only post I have contributed to that site - just could not resist it.

Let's see how Alsabella reacts to good old clean free speech, when someone disagrees with her!

JANEGT said...

where is everyone?


SassyP said...

Alsabella's blog is also Google blogspot, which means she can delete comments she doesn't like. You cannot edit them - not possible, so either the whole of Seawitch's comment stays or the whole thing goes!

Chinadoll said...

Hi Jane,

I am here, just flitting in and out.

SassyP said...


Same as Chinadoll - doing different things at the same time!

JANEGT said...

well seawitch if you havea virus it's from that site you popped on earlier today,,,,,hee hee hee

yep good early night. throat tablets, hot choccie and hot bags...feel rested. No pain now. Just feel disoriented and bunged up eg nose all over my face.

so what's new you screech...yep. indeed.

sassy p - yep I know how it is with so many threads. but you are here, so that's fine. I emailed Old Hippy and Elaine today with blog address again....Hope they manage on.

Nice as you say not to have to dodge bullets. .... how long will that last though I wonder. Never been on A's site. I am sure Seawitch will have put it succinctly as always.

Enjoying your Saturday? Hope so.


Chinadoll said...


Your comment about catching the virus from that site - hehehe

I hope I do not come down with something lol

Glad to hear your feeling better.

What about a hot toddy?

JANEGT said...

sadly although a Scot can't stand even the smell of whisky....urgh.

Also for others, a 'hot bag' is Scots for a hot water bottle before you think I am of a questionnable sexual orientation.

just to clarify. ha ha ha CLARAFY....that one. before anything happens.......


hope you all keep free from this bug. Half the neighbours and kids have it. Pest....

SassyP said...


I'm not looking at any other blogs. Just this one and this post! Am checking my "wherearewenow" e-mails and trying to get rid of "homeless" people who don't know where to write their insults! Rothaymere just asked where we were!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sass, ROFL, I cant believe Rothaymere has asked where we are, she always asked us to refrain from posting to her.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Does anyone know how to find out what tomorrows headlines are ? If so, is there any news on Madeleine ?

Chinadoll said...

Absolutely Bleeding Hilarious,

Rotheymere has the nerve to think we might want to have her long winded pontifications forced upon us here.

Give her a message from us all and tell her to 'Walk on by' please Sassy.

SassyP said...

She called me "dubious" and an insult to Austrians!

SassyP said...


Was thinking more on the lines of a sprint!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sass, just say what she used to, Return to Sender - Thankyou.

JANEGT said...

Now look what you made me do....I have posted on A's shite sorry site now.



Chinadoll said...

Hey Sassy,

Why don't you give her Alsabellas' site link - much better suited to her type and hopefully, it will work wonders for business too.

What about a run and jump hehe

JANEGT said...

On Alsabella's site, saw Mandz and Rosiepops specifically mentioned.Could not find any posts from Seawitch or anon Chinadoll there or Mum21. will need to look further I suppose.

some posts in Portuguese or Spanish......

Chinadoll said...

Hey, I just cannot get over the brass neck of that Rotheymere - what a nerve.

Frankly, I would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stop myself being extremely rude, in my response (if it were me - shame it's not)

Tinkerbell43 said...

Jane, lol, you didnt happen to ask who kicked your kennel did you ?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Jane you have me really laughing, you couldnt see Seawitch's post ? who's site did you visit, lol.

JANEGT said...

walk on by, no sprin and jump no

get concorde put them all on it then crash it over sahara.

rotheymere sassyP

YOU MUST jest. I was told not to post her.

POOR SASSY P You started this lovely, serene, slightly cray blog, and not we are being 'infested' by the very ones we don't want to know.

Oh dear. What a laugh you must get though at them trying to 'infiltrate' us as it DAMN SURE isn't JOINING us........


Tinkerbell43 said...

China I know, how thick skinned is that! It would appear she's drifting around HYS completely in the wilderness.

SeaWitch said...


I have come back here for some friendly chat, as I have been doing battle with that deluded 2345.
I do find it rather ironic that Rothaymere now wants to speak to all the people she constantly told to refrain from posting her.

Tell her, "Now, desist. Refrain from posting me. Do not address your mail to me. I pass you by. Your co-operation is required. Thank you".

Poor old Audrey :-)

SeaWitch said...

Blimey, Jane,

If you can't see my posts on Alsabella's site, maybe they're too short!!!!

Tee Hee ;-)

SassyP said...


Now when she turns up and writes so much that our blog explodes, I want you to be VERY welcoming!

maureen7 said...

Tinkerbell here's a source for the worlds Newspapers to help you

SassyP said...


It was actually something like that that I wrote! I quoted a very similar post and said that there was no point in saying where we were because she wasn't actually speaking to most of us here! Said she should try Alsabella's or Vile's or 3 Arguidos site.

SassyP said...

Or Tinks you could try

Chinadoll said...

Hey Tinks,

I agree, ref Rotheymere, completely sad.

I have a confession to make. On several occassions, I have noticed the old bat making multiple consecutive posts, on an old Madeleine article with no one else posting. I do not know why, because everyone else was on a different link (perhaps something to do with posting from the US)
I dearly wanted to share the experience with everyone, when I posted, but was too worried that some pro would leg it over to the link and tell the old bat where we were.
She seemed quite happy chatting to herself and answering previous posters - even though the link was no longer being used by anyone else.
Let's hope she continues to enjoy talking to herself - at least she will get the right answers.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Thank you Maureen. Good to see you.

JANEGT said...


found seawitch and chinadoll's posts and got all fired up so posted again, but very briefly as saw my words exactly were in part of Seawitch's post.

So they are NOT DELETED.

2345 is licking ar*e as per usual. Dr/Val there too. Urgh.

pass the spew bowl please.



ps they say they are awaiting an 'invasion' of 'trolls' misguided souls that we are...

She ie A also brouht up Cipriano case.......

ISIS there a lot and DOBY has asked to join. FOR INFO SASSY P........?????

Chinadoll said...

Well done, once again, Seawitch.

They have no legitimate answer to give only the usual drivel - Alsabellas' article was inhumane.

maureen7 said...

I believe a Sky News Reporter also reported his odd behavior, she became very concerned about him in an uncomfortable way!

SassyP said...

Doby already has the address to here. She wrote earlier. Better than being on Vile's blog!

JANEGT said...


has posted on Alsabella's site. She was along our lines????

Tinkerbell43 said...

Maureen, I know the Mirror reporter Lori Campbell was also very suspicious of Murat.

JANEGT said...

seawitch just watched an old HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU. i love that, and mock the week and QI.

Sats are usually awful.

Daughter out with 8 girls to a sleepover to celebrate end of 6th ear exams. well, prelims, they think it's all over....BUT IT'S NOT as I try to say. Deaf. Deaf.....D E A F .....

hopeyou feel better soon though, it's not nice is it?

Hope you didn't mind me teasing you about getting the virus from A's shite. site oh dear this new keyboard......ah well. ;o)))))

really glad you joined but my goodness you are making up for lost time with all these posts esp. on the 'opposition' league....

ha ha ha

SassyP said...

Calcite51 wrote a great post to Alsabella! She said what a pity it is that Rosie isn't there and she hopes she finds it soon! She also said she wanted to give Alsabella (or as Isis wrote "Assabella") a reality check.

Alsabella got on my nerves sometimes, but she wasn't someone I thought "grief, she's here again". I didn't mind her. When Clawdia turned up spitting and snarling, that was a different matter!

JANEGT said...

got sea witches' book I mean posts.......very very well said. but we are being called names now.

oh dear.

I am so worried I need another glass of red.

helenm said...

Hi, been in the wilderness again, just like Janegt!! When I posted yesterday I saved the site to my favourites, but must have just saved the article I was posting on. Had to go back to link that Sassyp gave me on e-mail to find you all. Well if nothing else I am developing my computer skills at an alarming rate of knots!

Janegt and chinadoll, your posts still have me chuckling, but go easy.... I am suffering at the moment with c.......

Mandz, the underbuild on Murat's villa was filled in some time ago, so no possibility of Madeleine having been hidden there. I remember the sighting at the petrol station and how Murat's girlfriend fitted the description given.

Rosiepops, yes I can confirm that Murat was first brought to the notice of the police by a Portuguese citizen who acts as an informer, they already had him under surveillance prior to the journalist bringing him to the notice of the police. However, I am not aware of the reason why. Alsabella always inferred that it was something entirely unconnected with the disappearance of Madeleine.
The 'anti's'never ceased to amaze me re their 'logic' that Murat couldn't have been out that night of May 3rd because 'locals' hadn't spotted him. To all reasonable people the only thing they could state with any certainty was that they had not seen him, that is not to say that he was NOT there! (a bit late, hope you understand this)

Regarding Sols news re Murat and friends, IMO I believe that Paul Rebelo is doing his job and re-interviewing all witnesses as part of HIS investigation not Goncalo Amaral's, who should never have been put in charge of computer never mind such a high profile case of a missing 3 year old child whilst being an arguido himself. He should have been suspended from his post immediately he was made an arguido.

Have to go now, will try later, son is trying to commandeer computer again for chats on Facebook. He jokes that the PJ will be waiting at the airport for me when I land on the 2nd March!!!! lol, have to find me first!!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sass I'm with you all the way on Claptrap (Claudia) she'd get me to the point where I would be sitting here sticking my fingers up at the screen, I even got satisfaction of flicking the cat avatar!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Helen can you confirm whether the requestioning of Murat, Malinka and Walzchuc has been in the Sol news today ?

JANEGT said...

re rotheymere post no you are wrong

se can talk to herself and get all the W R O N G answers then argue with herself, get in a tizz and self bann for good.

Prob solved.

feel better now


Chinadoll said...

Flicking the cat avatar - hilarious.

Glad I did not have a personalised avatar for the antis to flick or spit at tehete

Mum21 said...

Anyone heard of the Duarte Levy blog?
The comments below were take from this blog as posted on Alsabella's site by Athena...but it was in French. I have had it translated.

Detective to the service of the stopped McCann for cocaine flight THIS IS him that had "discover" the witnesses that
asserted to have apperçu Maddie

One of the private detectives to the service of the McCann, belonging to the agency Metodo 3, to stopped summer for implication in the flight of 400 kg of cocaine in the harbor of Barcelona.

The detective Antonio JR. of 53 years, – that works for Metodo 3 on the investigation file to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann - occupied the post of inspecteur-chef of the Unity of Drugs and Organized Crime (Udyco) police to Barcelona at the facts. It had left the police, to return directly to the service of the agency Metodo 3, to the precise moment or the internal services had begun the investigation about the disappearance of 400 kg of cocaine, on a total of a ton and half, apprehended on a boat in origin of the Venezuela. This is the Court of First Instance of Martorell (Barcelona) that dictated aujourd’hui the preventive prison, without recourse, of Antonio JR., accused prévarication, corruption, corruption of public officials and illicit criminal association.

To the service of Metodo 3 since 2005, the detective was loaded with special operations in the investigation frameworks to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, this is him that had, the latter months, traveled to Morocco and to the Portugal, announcing several witnesses, that asserted to have noticed Madeleine.

SassyP said...

Does anyone remember Whizzg? What was he like? He wrote and I'm not sure about him. What do you think?

I am leaning towards "not bloody likely" but maybe you have more memories of him.

Chinadoll said...

Good post HelenM

See you next time.

Chinadoll said...

I hope Rosiepops has not been hijacked on one of the other sites.

SassyP said...


Don't worry she won't be coming here! If she came I don't suppose it would be too long before we were pressing the "Delete Blog" button (yes there really is one!).

SassyP said...


Actually about the cellar being filled in, do you remember the Kampusch case here in Austria? Priklopil, the man who kidnapped her and kept her prisoner in his cellar for 8 years, actually dug a cellar under the cellar without anyone noticing! He had put a ventilation system in there and had furnished it and had put drainage and water down there.

Then when he went shopping he didn't buy much food in case people noticed he was buying for two people! That's why Natascha Kampusch was about the same weight when she escaped as when she got caught.

SeaWitch said...

Hello, back again.

Jane - I know what you mean,I have gone post-crazy tonight! It's the virus, it's obviously addled my brain!

You cheeky monkey - my "book" is finished now, no more on Alsabella's site tonight. Claudia's trotting out the "desperation" line; so predictable.

No offence taken at teasing - I love it! You got me back for the comment about getting a hubby, so we're even at the moment!!

SeaWitch said...

Mum21 - was the translator on the pop or what?!!LOL!

SassyP - whizzg was a very confused and undecided little marsman who alway's seemes "spaced out".

He seemed pretty harmless whenever I saw him, but I admit it wasn't that often.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm off now guys, hope to see you all sometime tomorrow. Take care all xx

SassyP said...

I'm off, too.

My Internet connection is sending me insane!

See you all tomorrow I hope (actually in 3 minutes I will be writing to you from the future! - I'll let you know what's happening!)

Nice chatting!


janegt said...

nite all

I will read some more back pposts. just had a 'greting' fromn isis on Als shite. oooppps site.

ha ha ha ha ha beat that.


anyone here for me to chat to or is it just me and my huge nose reaching my shoulders??? hope not. seawitch staying on???

SeaWitch said...

Yes, Jane, still here

janegt said...

good one


must remember that, as feel I will have to use it a lot on A';s site. Now that you lot HAVE MADE ME POST ON IT.

good god imagine getting an email fo I S I S...hell's bells.

oh dear.

IS ANYBODY THERE?????????????????

janegt said...

whizzg another spin mrchant puts Clara to shame

I wouldn't believe team. Never sincere to m, but that's only me.




SeaWitch said...

Jane - it's your own fault for posting on Alsa's site - no sympathy!

I have over-done the posting tonight. 2345 is still claiming I'm C-witch (Clarence). And I'm arrogant, too!

It seems only Clarence has an opinion opposite to the lynch mob!

Mum21 said...

Seawitch. Your comment made me laugh. That is what you get when you use a free translator...a pop happy internet freak

SeaWitch said...

Oy. big-nose! Don't feel bad, you're not the only egg-face with hair, are ya.'s you, isn't it???? Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Mum21 said...

Rosie is over on Vile's them her usual hell. At the moment I would say she is winning. And her opponents include docmac...Rat...2345 and Hope....oh and of course Isis.

SeaWitch said...

Mum, my last was to Egg-face Jane.

Tee Hee!!!!

Mum21 said...

Seawitch...poor old Jane. te he he

janegt said...





'flick off#'
oh my god. we both obviously posted at same time it looks so naff. almost as 'welcoming' as a post to Alsashite...hahahahahahaha

seawitch, I know you know I didn't know that that post was coming after the ont you posted at exact sae time. As we both have a virus, what will happen to sassyp's blog? It might self destruct or even merge with Alsabela's as you have a lot of weight on her shite......more than on here. ##OMG think my throat tablets or 2 glasses of red have got to me.


about time too.

where' have you been.

I love your humour but you know other people reading might think we rea pair of rotheymres. or 'hot bags'


off again. Oh dear.


dID YOU know a hot bag was a hot water bottle by any chance?? previous post explains clarafaction of to fill one now. freezin here. and don't want to go. Am laughing so much. Really. ;o);o);o);o);o)

a 5 laugh status. can't get better than a 5 laugh/star. he he

SeaWitch said...

Mum, I'm sure Rosie can handle them.

2345 thinks she's well-'ard, she thinks she's broken me up.

Oh, dear, I don't think I will recover!

Tee Hee!

Chinadoll said...

I don't know if I was hearing things, but Sky news just said the Sunday Express is reporting that Madeleine has been seen in Dorset.

And before you ask, I have not had a single drop of vino or anything else - have to leave at 12.30am to pick hubby up from airport.

Wonder if we will be able to HYS?

Mum21 said...

Seawitch...shame. te he he
And yes, I am sure Rosie can hold her own against the bullies.

JANEGT said...

oh I have not laugged so much mum21 and seawitch in a long, long timel wha a hoot.

but seriously, why the helll are we postig on A's site? Why does Rosie put in all that energy to be shot down? They call us the 'groovy gang' did you see that?

hahaha if they could see my hose now they would not say that. I look like been punched in both eyes, and hair is definitely someone else's. Probs. deceased.



SeaWitch said...

FLICK OFF???????

Take yer egg-face and shove it sunny-side up!!!!!!


"A lot more weight" - are ya callin' me FAT, big nose?????!!!

You've driven me to the Horlicks, now.....!

janegt said...





i am on self destruct tonight. I can tell.


wht????? Dorset????? poss.......

janegt said...

hey wait,
quite possible. all these sightings cannot A L L have been wrong.....

SeaWitch said...

Jane - punched in both eyes.

Did you fall down the stairs, then.... ;-)

Dunno, I've never posted on A's site before tonight; it's only because I'm ill and that letter irked me.

China - are you sure you haven't been on the pop with the translator! LOL!

Chinadoll said...


I could not believe my ears. Was typing away and not really concentrating on the news and they were reading tomorrows front pages from the main newspaper and heard it.

Apparently it is coming on again after the next break on Sky or so they said ie reviewing tomorrows front pages.

It's a bit early for April Fool isn't it?

Chinadoll said...


Bloody well wish I had. I could throttle my other half for booking such a late flight & then it was delayed by an hour. I am not at all impressed with him, as he will know when I arrive.

I don't care how late it is when I get back home, but I shall have a glass of red when I do hehe

Rosiepops said...

Hi I am here now.

i could not resist it, for so long I have had to stay mute about them. I now take the attitude that reply and laughing at them is certainly better than insulting them, they do not know how to handle it.

Chinadoll said...

Hi Rosiepops,

Heard you've been in a bit of a scrap!

I am still listening to Sky and waiting for them to repeat 'What the papers say' about Madeleine being sighted in Dorset.

Am I going mad?

Or perhaps am there already lol

Rosiepops said...

I see the blog has been speeding along in my absence I have also email Calcite who it appears did not get my email this morning! So had to re email Laz too. This Yahoo is not up to much is it!

Well SeaWitch, so many posts, I have been reading you all over the place - fabulous, quality as they say!

i think Alsabelia is truly worried over her man Gonc though, she is furiously looking up recipes for cakes she can disguise a file in!

janegt said...

is there anybody there or have I self destructed this bloody blog.??

I have not laughed out loud so much in a room on my own since I was certified.

Oh God. Had to go and splash my with cold water to recover. What a hoot. The overlap here is like GMTV WHEN INTERVIEWING A GEEK IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY WITH NO EARPIECE IN. WE ARE MARGINALLY WORSE. HA HA HA HA HA


For 'clarafacation' I mean no offence to 'geeks' abroad unless of course you fit the category. or your name begins with A or C or N. then I understand you feel INCLUDED IN THIS.

dark room, red wine, cold flannel, nurse?????

Rosiepops said...

Oh dear Clarence is going to get the blame for this too.

Be strange if everyone took no notice and it turned out to be her!

They keep picking fights with me, what they have not yet sussed is that as I am now unafraid of being blocked again by the DE I am unafraid of winding them up.

Poor old notdoc (pinocchio) is tying himself up in knots trying to make Southerncross not look like his persona. lol (And failing miserably)

there is another anon posting there who is playing mind games with them, I think they haven't even got a clue who they are anymore especially Prat on the Beam and the dopey 2345 lol

Rosiepops said...


if you ad an E to your A, C and N what do youget? Something equally unpleasant and unwanted!

JANEGT said...


omg not again

for I had to go away and splash my

I had intended or indeed thought I DED key in FACE....

but hys




I read the Sundays earlier, but no news of a Dorset sighting but possible,,,,,,so soon after France and boats,,,,,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We shall see.

Rosiepops why do you put yourself up for all this aggro - you know they will bounce back at you in multiple id's......see they call us the GROOVY GANG now.

Chinadoll ... drive all way back from airport in reverse.

SeaWitch said...

Hey, Rosie,

You've had a busy night, then. I've just been peeking at Viv's blog to see what you've been up to.

Tee Hee, well, since I am Clarence (according to 2345), I shall increase your bonus this month!!!

JANEGT said...




Chinadoll said...

Isis has picked up on it and Alsabella is asking for a link.

Isis only mentions Britain, not Dorset.

Well, tomorrow should be an interesting day.

SeaWitch said...

China - you'll have to catch up with Jane, then, 'cos she's been on the red all night!

Can anyone actually tell when she's drunk.....?!!!

Oh, no. You've put ideas in my head now. I may have to go and get a glass as well....!

Chinadoll said...


Drive back in reverse?

I was thinking of going off road and teach him a sodding lesson.

Rosiepops said...


I pay your wages I am Gerry! Oops rather Brian Kennedy pays your wages.

Jane I do it to wind them up, I cant bear to see them suffering without me to poke a stick at on the DE.

you ought to see what they have been writing about me attending meetings etc, they defo think I am Gerry McCann!

Look at this SeaWitch This made me crack up!: Apparently 2345 has unscrewed your post LOL


2345 said...

It's okay - I've unscrewed Seawitch's totally misconstrued interpretation of Alsaballa's brilliantly written open letter.
Seawitch (C - witch) is as arrogant and devious as the McCanns and there's a polite post from me waiting for him on Alsa's blog. Don't get mad, get even 9.40 p.m.
Saturday, February 23, 2008 1:37:00 PM PST

Chinadoll said...


Do me a favour and stop mentioning glasses of red - or he'll be getting a bleeding taxi back

Rosiepops said...

Thing is don't these people think that others read the things they write? They really do think the world revolves around them! Weirdos!

SeaWitch said...

LOL - Rosie, I saw that!

I don't feel unscrewed. Unhinged, maybe, but not unscrewed!!

The other day, she was accusing me of being you and both of us of being Clarence.

I don't even wear pink!!

Rosiepops said...


Apparently we are pink numpties, where do they get that from? lol

SeaWitch said...


Red, Red Wi-i-ine.

Red roses.

Reds in the bed.

C'mon you reds!

Red, Red, Red, Red,Red Red!!!!!

JANEGT said...






SeaWitch said...

They seem to be obsessed with Clarence's shirt - but I swear I've never worn it!

Pink does me no favors. I'm more of a red girl myself....!

Oops, sorry, China. Freudian slip ;-)

Rosiepops said...


red China?

Chinadoll said...

You naughty witch

SeaWitch said...

Oh, the joke is getting tiRED now....LOL

Book him a taxi now, China....!

JANEGT said...

i WAS TOLD AS JANEGT i AM jane geraldine tanner
so who the hell is kate
we need inerviews for the tapas 7 still needed, and others.

we can start our own panto before easter. start a new tradition. easter panto instead of Xmas.

oh and yes, 'is it april fool's day' you said re dorset....

to me every day is april fools' day and no, I show no signs of being drunk I am asleep at the time, if it happens. can't take too much. Still like it though.


seriously have not laughed so much in ages. Don't want this blog diluted so we ca't do this any more. Why id Doby ask to go on A;s site????

As for fights with 2345





Chinadoll said...


I am sorely tempted & I would not book it for him, he can whistle for one himself. lol

Rosiepops said...

I was kate too at one time. China was me and then China was also Laz.

Rosiepops said...

oh and I forgot apparently at one time I was the eidtor of the Daily Express and then sadly a couple of days later I got demoted to being just geoff marsh!

SeaWitch said...

BOG EYES?????!!!!

Yer gonna get a couple of nice fat shiners yerself, big Gonc, I mean conk.

No, it weren't me, no, really.

Stairs? Yes, thats it. Fell down the stairs, mate, honest.

Chinadoll said...

Hey Rosiepops,

Do you remember when Dad23 said I was Reina? They all went along that for a little while, before they gave me a personality transplant and said I was you/laz whoever.

Bunch of nutters.

Rosiepops said...

Then alsabelia told me i was aunt Phil and that I should go on a diet and that was after she had a go at me for being a Sun reporter and calling Gonc tubby and mentioning that he was 18 stone!

Rosiepops said...

Oh yes China that's it you were Reina and then me and then Laz.

But did you know that I was also Blackdaisies?

Rosiepops said...


are you still here or are you now seaWizard? LOL

JANEGT said...







Rosiepops said...

ha ha ha read this one. Do you think I have rattled Pinocchio (notdoc)
Anonymous said...
Hello Rosiepops, the ONLY person from the DE forum who despite being advised so many times as to the correct spelling of Leonor's name, continues to spell it as Leona. Thanks for the clue and don't try to deny it, though I am sure you will. I've been waiting for you to slip up. As you are so fond of saying, you have been rumbled. You were a sad troll on the DE and you are a sad, rude and lying troll on this blog.

Disregards from docmac/docnot/notdoc/docrot/rotdoc/docwhat/whatdoc/docwannabe/doc holliday/plasticdocmac and all my other aliases so that were so kindly bestowed upon me by yorself and your thick cronies. What a laugh.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 9:47:00 AM PST

Chinadoll said...

Better get my coat on and get off.

Still, when I get back, I shall pour a glass of Banrock Station Shiraz and sit and catch up on any posts.

Hubby is in the dog house.

I will no doubt get breakfast in bed and all the trimmings tomorrow lol

Goodnight ladies.

JANEGT said...


ALSO, NO NEWS ON SKY RE THE DORSET idea........but it makes sense.

chinadoll whre did you hear this? mum21 did you see this? won't ask seawitch/clarrie .....ha ha ha

I do hope it is true though. About time too.

Rosiepops is so good at being a 'fly on the wall' on other sites and keeping her finger on the pulse. Or, as they would say HIS FiNGER....ha ha ha ha YWAAAAAAEEEWWWWWWWN..

JANEGT said...


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