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I think it is about time that the truth was spoken about how clueless the Portuguese Policia Judiciaria actually are.
It appears that The Portuguese police have been branded "Keystone Cops" by British officers who are said to be shocked at their appalling blunders. Detectives from Leicestershire are said to be horrified that clues which could have led to the tot's abductors have probably been lost forever.
The British cops, drafted in to review the three-month investigation, were stunned by the "incompetence, inaccuracy and crass inefficiency" they found.

A source close to the team said the officers had been "tearing their hair out in frustration and disbelief" at basic errors which have hindered the search for four-year-old Maddie.
He told The People: "The Portuguese investigation has been a total shambles. Our guys were left shaking their heads at every turn asking: 'Why the hell did they do that...why didn't they do this?' "They are shocked, disappointed and p***** off by what they've found because basic procedures were not followed.

The McCanns' apartment was scrubbed out and occupied by new tenants only five weeks after Madeleine disappeared and the inquiry was supposedly still highly active. When our guys arrived after 13 weeks they had to go back to square one - except square one had been trampled over with size 11 boots."
The Portuguese investigators came under fire within hours of Maddie's disappearance in Praia da Luz on May 3 for failing to seal off the area, start house-to-house enquiries and alert border guards.

There was no lockdown

1 LOCAL police failed to "lock down" and seal off the Mark Warner Ocean Club resort immediately after Madeleine was reported missing at 10pm on May 3.
Her parents were certain that she had been snatched and told officers straight away.
But police, under "Inspector Clueless" Guilhermino Encarnacao, seemed convinced the tot had simply wandered off.
They did not set up roadblocks which just may have snared the abductors.

House to house

2 COPS' failure to accept they had an abduction on their hands meant they did not launch an immediate search of nearby holiday flats and villas or question locals.
House-to-house enquiries started two days later and most of the 500 properties were not visited until after any kidnapper had been given ample time to flee.

3 BORDER officials should have been told of Maddie's disappearance without delay. A kidnapper could have driven to the Spanish frontier from Praia da Luz in less than an hour. But police only alerted staff at the border 12 hours later.

4 COASTGUARDS and maritime police were not alerted for 14 hours. If cops thought Maddie had wandered off, a search of the nearby beach and sea should have been an obvious and vital move.
There is a also a marina less than 10 minutes' drive from the McCanns' flat, providing an escape route for an abductor. More than 10 boats left before maritime police were warned.

5 THE first police appeal for a suspect did not come until 22 days after Maddie vanished.
Cops later said in Portuguese they were seeking a 170cms (5ft 7ins) man but muddled the conversion and said in English he was 5ft 10ins tall.
At one stage police were showing six different E-fit images to local people and one artist's impression was a simple outline said to be "like an egg with hair on."
Cuddle Cat 'clue'

6 MUM Kate McCann was convinced Maddie had not just wandered off because the tot's favourite soft toy Cuddle Cat was still in the room where she slept with twins Sean and Amelie, two.
Police did not take the toy for forensic tests even though an abductor may have touched it.
Kate was seen clutching it 24 hours later at a press conference and has since washed it as it was dirty and covered in suntan lotion.
British experts say Cuddle Cat should have been sealed in a plastic bag then tested.
The most minute drop of sweat or a single skin cell could have revealed the DNA of Madeleine's kidnapper.

7 A MASSIVE search party should have been organised by police at first light the morning after Maddie disappeared. Instead just 150 police took part in the first searches and they were poorly organised and random.

8 A FULL list of other guests at the Ocean Club resort ought to have been compiled by police with the help of staff within hours of the tot's disappearance.
But they did not get the information until almost 48 hours later - and a day AFTER many potential witnesses had returned home at the end of their holidays. Staff were only quizzed 60 hours later.

9 A DIRECT appeal to the abductor is usually considered vital in the first hours of a kidnapping. Police seek advice from psychologists to carefully word any plea. But it was Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate who made the public appeal themselves. There was not even a Portuguese police officer at the couple's press conference.
Stranger's DNA found

10 DETECTIVES revealed on June 1 that they had found the DNA of a stranger in the McCanns' apartment.
But they could not check if it was from a known paedophile as Portugal does not have a computerised DNA database of perverts.
The DNA did not match the profile of suspect Robert Murat.

11 THE area immediately surrounding the McCanns' holiday apartment was never properly sealed off by police - even though vital clues are often discovered at such a scene.
People were allowed to walk on the flat's front porch 24 hours after Maddie disappeared. There were no fingertip searches and police sniffer dogs were not brought in until large crowds had gathered in the area, confusing any valuable scent. Mark Williams- Thomas, a highly experienced former British detective who travelled to the resort, called it "the worst preserved crime scene I have ever seen".
The original searches did not find the blood in Madeleine's bedroom and her parents' room.
Specialist sniffer dogs and ultra-violet lights were not used. Staggeringly, police gave the go-ahead for the flat to be occupied again although enquiries were continuing.
And by the time the British team checked the apartment it had already been thoroughly cleaned.

12 DETAILS of the pyjamas Maddie was wearing should have been released straight away.
Anyone who saw her would probably have recalled the distinctive pink Eeyore nightwear.
But officers repeatedly refused to issue a description and it was left to her parents to give details an astonishing four days later.

13 IMAGES from CCTV cameras on the main A22 motorway leading out of Praia da Luz towards Spain were not checked.
Robert Murat

14 SUSPECT Robert Murat's home was raided by police who seized his computers.
When they found names and four-digit numbers on a spreadsheet they were convinced they had unearthed "encrypted codes for a paedophile ring."
But the list was simply a family tree giving the names and birth dates of the estate agent's relatives.
Portuguese police bungled their search of Murat's garden.
They did not clear bushes and shrubs - British officers later ordered gardeners to hack away the undergrowth.
They then made a thorough search and inserted probes into the ground to seek any trace of human remains.
Portuguese officers also searched a guest house run by Murat's aunt in nearby Burgao.
They hacked at the concrete-hard ground with picks until it dawned on them that the area had not been disturbed in years.
Baby seat

15 COPS last week said they were looking at a new suspect - a British man who returned a hire car to Faro airport two days after Maddie vanished.
The vehicle had a child seat in the back but no child. Car rental staff alerted police, whose interest was fired when they found the customers were James and Charlotte Gorrod - who had been on holiday in Praia da Luz and knew friends of the McCanns.
But the innocent couple were never questioned. The hire firm had failed to notice the Gorrods had their two-year-old son with them all along. But police leaked word of a "new lead" to Portuguese reporters.

16 DETECTIVES wasted time following up tip-offs from psychics and cranks.
Two weeks after Maddie vanished a local medium claimed she had "zoned-in" on map co-ordinates pinpointing a well in which Maddie was being hidden. She said the little girl was still alive.

Portuguese Cops threw a stone down the well to test the bizarre tip-off - without thinking of the injury to Maddie if she had been there

Please feel free to add anything I may have missed as I would like to make a more comprehensive list.

  • Now almost 10 months on we now as much now as the day Madeleine went missing. Isn't it time the PJ stopped looking for the easy way out and stopped trying to scapegoat Kate and Gerry and actually admitted they have nothing?
  • No DNA
  • No Evidence
  • No Clues


Maureen7 said...

British Police Brilliant

I think it is about time they were truly involved, I am sure much more progress will be made as long as P.J. do not try and hamper them!

Posted by maureen7

rosiepops said...

Maureen if you are still here, I agree with this comment. I feel they should have been involved from the beginning. But the Pj even managed to mess this up according to the news article by Dai Davies ex Scotland Yard detective.

10 February 2008 22:59

Maureen7 said...

Hi Rosiepops how are you, I think the day after the kidnapping the Ambassador offered assistance from the British Police, so they obviously were too proud to take it from the outset which would have been fundamental to the Investigation wouldn't it! They could well have found that little girl very quickly!!! This is just so sad and absolutely disgraceful and I would go as far as to say criminal! Someone has to take responsibility for this!

10 February 2008 23:18

Rosiepops said...

I absolutely agree with you Maureen. But if we say this we get accused of being xenophobic and it is ridiculous.
I believe this case was totally and utterly mishandled in a criminal way right from the offset, the question is why? Was it deliberate?

10 February 2008 23:21

Mum21 said... seems according to Nanda...we are to blame for the DE closure. I wonder if that is the reason the DE have suspended Hope4You's account this morning. :-)

Here is what Nanda said.

Alsabella and all the posters from the former DE forum,

This abrupt closure was to be expected. In the last weeks there were even more abusive comments made by different characters that were only there to provoke others.
Their posts were not for MADELEINE but especially to defend the parents and friends.

Let's wait for justice.That's all we can do.And have our say here.

If the parents are somehow guilty ,they will never find peace within their hearts.

God's justice will never fail..

P.S. We can also meet here. Alsabella was really wise and sweet by creating this blog foreseeing what happened yesterday..

But i'm already missing BIG L's comments and his avatar:-)

22 February 2008 12:49

Anonymous said...
Forget to insert my name in my previous post

22 February 2008 12:51

Also here is Alsabella's latest article on her blog. Thought it may amuse you all. Of course as usual we have it all wrong...the PJ are perfect and the Britsh useless.


Giving an interview is an art. One that must be carefully planned, particularly when someone is not media savy or does not have that natural charisma that attracts the public.

Such is the case of our two doctors that have been thrown or have pushed their way into the spotlight, depending on how you see it.

Over the past 10 months, many statements were given to television and newspapers. All those statements are reviewed by the investigating team. Now articles from at least two papers are unavailable.

I cannot help but it to avoid that any statements now given are once again checked for inconsistencies? Will the new story be so different, that someone does not want us to look back and be able to say "Now hold on, that is not what you said back in June or September?"

I do not know, but what I do know is that rather than help their cause, this blocking of articles gives us yet another reason to believe someone has something to hide... would it not have made more sense to just have kept their mouths shut and not courted so much personal media attention???
posted by alsabella at 12:11 on 22-Feb-2008

Tinkerbell43 said...

I see Nanda is still as wet as ever! Justice for Madeleine imo is supporting her parents in their search for her and hoping for her safe return to them. If god willing Madeleine is found, I would certainly want her to be reunited with her parents. Further, to ensure Justice, the true criminal needs to be found and punished. Portugal needs to recognise they have a major problem, they need to stop putting their heads in the sand and do something before another innocent child goes missing. They will not get away again with blaming the parents. This escuse has been used one too many times now.

Rosiepops said...

Well Mum and Tinks,

What can I say? According to Nanda it is our fault the DE got pulled? perhaps it is a shame she cannot go back over the articles to witness where the abuse is actually coming from?
I am not saying that no abuse came from the pros it did, but not that much and only in response to their terrible backbiting abuse and I know because I have been the subject of it and I know I have not been abusive,, even though I have been accused of being a bully and being insulting, this never happened and when I have asked people to go and find a bullying abusive post from me not one of them has been able to, the best someone could manage was Nedd and he came back with one of my posts which was removed for legal reasons which was not the same as for abuse.
I have seen some dreadful baiting and bullying of Old Hippy and Mark, who when defending themselves have been badly abused.

But is it any surprise when you see what some of those people were like in their dreadful abuse of the McCann's?

I know I have worded a very strong post on here against Alsabelia, but I have wanted to do that for so long.

Anonymous said...



SeaWitch said...

Hello, Ladies!

Not stopping, as I'm out for dinner tonight, but just wanted to say hello.

As you know, I'm a fence-sitter and don't want to make any judgements because I don't feel I have the right, or the knowledge upon which to base any conclusions.

However, I really like you all so will drop in for a chat whenever I can. Hope that's acceptable to everyone!

Have a great evening!


Rosiepops said...

Absolutely fine Seawitch and you are most welcome here.
personally I hope you do come in often and treat us to your posts, which I always find refreshing.

It is great to have posts like yours to keep people like me grounded.

Everyone is welcome to post here no matter what there views. We hope to run this site on a friendly basis and hope you all not that Sassy has put up some really great pictures of the McCann's, instead of ones that show them in an as unflattering light as possible.

Thanks seawitch please come in again soon, people like you are always welcome here.x

SeaWitch said...

Thanks Rosie,

I will pop in as often as I can. Personally, I would rather throw my lot in with people who are prepared to give others the benefit of the doubt, than those who feel they have the right to be judge and jury.

I am a great believer in justice, and, I don't feel it is necessary to hurl abuse at those under suspicion, especially not in these circumstances, and most particularly when nobody has any clear idea of what happened.

I've got to dash now but I will "see" you again soon!

Jane, I will be having a glass of wine for you!!!

Mum21 said...

Hi Laies...Just bumped into Chinadoll on the DE....she is on her way over here.

Mum21 said...

Oopps...My typing is not so clever should have said Hello Ladies. te he he

Anonymous said...

seawitch - glad you are here.

yep have one for me. am off to bed now as have a cold and sorre throat.......

catch you all soon.

glad chinadoll is here too.


Anonymous said...

Sassy, This is just a test, tried sending once and then was out of time when I tried to send.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Doby, Glad to see you have made it. We are all on the top thread "Madeleine seen in Britain"

Anonymous said...

Well, would you believ, it's actually got through, Arn't I a clever cloggs.

Anonymous said...

They say that practive makes perfect and I see my first two posts have been nameless so I'm going to have another try. When I've got the hang of this I shall join in the conversation but for the time being I just want to get things right. Even so, I'ts nice to know I can have a chat with all my friends instead of waiting for some news report on the DE. Going to try sending this one now without the anonymous title.

Anonymous said...

What the heck am i doing wrong? What is Name/URL for goodness sake?

Anonymous said...



Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Doby, you'll soon get the hang of it, Sass will help you out. All the others had similar problems to start with. I even ended up in the headlines, so you are doing better than I did first off. Look forward to seeing you soon. Tinks x

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