Sunday, 10 February 2008


Did that photograph get sent to Private Detectives as well or not?

I think it was Tinkerbell who was not too sure of the crime scene and I have found the B.B.C. Panorama description and video excellent so enclose the link :-

It shows the front of the Apartment which has hardly been discussed, and where Gerry & friend stood talking, when Jane Tanner came out and the person carrying the child walked away from the front door area. I find it all very illuminating having not looked at it for a while now. Would be very interested in your thoughts and opinions please.


Rosiepops said...

I too found this quite moving, looking at it now there are things that I have not noticed before.
I have forgotten the name of the director that quit the BBC over this, can anyone tell me the name and why he quit? I understand that it was something to do with the way the film was edited?
I understand the dynamics of where things were and where Gerry was standing talking to Jes Wilkins, what does puzzle me is why the abductor chose to walk that way, right past them? Or did he not realise they were there? I think it may be the latter. I also think that they never used a car so near to the apartment because someone may have seen and got the number and they would have been quickly apprehended, so I think the car used to getaway was parked down the road with someone waiting in it to drive off immediately. This is why I think the whole thing was planned.
Apart from that, if it was chance, then Madeleine has to be somewhere very close by to that apartment. I am still not convinced that Gail Cooper's sketchman is not involved. Did the police ever bother to interview this man properly?
This is what drives me insane with the PJ, they are *too quick* to dismiss out of hand anything that comes up and no detectives should do this, because inevitably something would be missed.
If they are too quick to dismiss out of hand, why? Do they know something? Too quick to accuse the McCann's? Why? Are the PJ covering up for something or someone?
I keep saying this, something is very wrong in PDL and I think people are covering something really nasty up.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Good Morning Rosiepops, The person that quit over the Panorama programme or refused to have his name associated with it was David Mills.

Linda Luz said...

Rosie pops
I have sympathy for loss of madeleing however do you not think that

a) The parents should never, ever have left 3 babies alone night after night to go drinking with friends?? what were they thinking of

b) They should let other parents know that this is NOT responsible parenting

c) They should have returned to Algarve and answered the PJ questions...rather than drag this out

d) They should NOT have used the fund for their mortgage.

and finally why do they need a spokesman....who has only made people despise them !!

and I am NOT being nasty am just interested in your view.

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