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Madeleine McCann Case To Be Archived?

Portuguese detectives are dropping the Madeleine McCann case due to lack of evidence, according to media reports in the country.

Two Portuguese newspapers said the Public Prosecutor's office intended to call off their search for the girl before July 14, when the customary official secrecy period covering the investigation ends.

Police could reopen the case if new evidence emerges, the papers said.

The papers - Correio da Manha and Jornal de Noticias - cited unidentified police sources.
Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007, days before her fourth birthday, after she was left sleeping in a holiday apartment as her parents Kate and Gerry dined with friends in a nearby tapas bar in the resort of Praia da Luz in southern Portugal.

Her parents were made formal suspects on September 7 last year in one of the many dramatic twists in the case. They insist Madeleine was abducted.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns' spokesman, told Sky News: "As usual, these are non-attributed sources and we have not heard this officially. But if it is true it's not before time - Kate and Gerry have suffered enough.

"Police should lift their arguido (suspect) status and should pass their information over to our investigators who continue to work on the case.

"We still need to find Madeleine."

Sky's Crime correspondent Martin Brunt said: "If the police stop treating the McCanns as suspects the couple would hope that more effort would be put into finding their little girl."

Another Briton, Robert Murat, was also declared a suspect in the case.

Portuguese journalist Rui Pinto de Almeida told Sky News: "This is a formal legal requirement in Portugal and there remains the possibility of reopening the case."

The Expresso newspaper says on its website that, according to a police source, the report on the investigation has not reached any conclusions and does not say whether it is a case of abduction, homicide, or concealing of a body.

Another source told the newspaper: "In normal circumstances, with this sort ofa report, the decision would have to be to shelve it in the hope of getting better evidence in the future."

The final report is to go the Ministerio Publico in Portimao, where a decision will be taken in the coming days, according to the newspaper.


  • Where does this investigation go from here?
  • Yet Again the whole world learns of a development in this case 'BEFORE' her parents!
  • Will the arguido status be lifted from Kate and Gerry?
  • There have been questions asked of Kate and Gerry, but it is worth noting, that there has not been one witness report that places Mr Mrs McCann anywhere they should not be.
  • In contrast there has been upwards of 12 eye witnesses that place the other suspect 'Robert Murat', where he says he wasn't.
  • There are many questions that need to be asked of Robert Murat and it will be interesting to see if these questions have been asked, when the McCann's get to see their file, which apparently, may happen around mid August! Not least Robert Murat apparently has had three alibis as to his whereabouts that evening.
  • 'Coincidentally' Goncalo Amaral, who was sacked from this investigation in September 2007, retired yesterday 30th June 2008 and today this news is leaked to the Portuguese press!
  • Chief Inspector Paulo Rebelo took over this investigation when Goncalo Amaral was sacked, yet NOT ONCE, has this man contacted the parents to keep them informed about what is being done to investigate their daughter's disappearance!
  • Even if Mr Rebelo chooses to abide by the Portuguese secrecy laws in this one instance, it is still incredible that the man in charge of this investigation has never once spoken to Kate and Gerry in their position as arguidos (suspects) and he has chief investigating officer.
  • How could he possible mount a search for Madeleine, or investigate her disappearance if he hasn't bothered to talk to two out of the 3 suspects?
  • Does this point to the fact that there was 'NEVER' any evidence to charge these parents and never any reason for Rebelo to speak to them, so their arguido status was always a farce right from the word go!
  • There have been many question marks that have come to light over the alibi of Robert Murat, not least many eye witnesses that actually place him where he says he wasn't, yet apparently (unconfirmed) Rebelo has only spoken to this an once!
  • Of course Portugal has a different way of investigating and policing, but the level of incompetence and bungling in this investigation has been absolutely appalling.
  • There is a whole litany of errors, leaks, smears and briefings against Kate and Gerry McCann to the Portuguese press, which are said to have come from the now infamous 'a source close to the PJ said.........'
  • The sad truth of this investigation is that it is absolutely no further on that the very first minute of little Madeleine's disappearance and this is an appalling indictment on modern day policing, in ANY country.



Jojam said...


If the reports are true, I hope that the arguido status is removed & the files made available to the McCann's legal team & NOW the focus can be on finding Madeleine, who took her & why? This is where the focus should have always been. I also feel there needs to be an investigation into the conduct of the PJ but Finding Madeleine must be the priority

Rosiepops said...

I agree with everything you have written Jojam.
It is inconceivable that these parents will not be allowed to see their file and that their investigators and perhaps the British police will not have access to the thousands of pieces of information that is contained on file in this case, information that could lead to discovering who took Madeleine and why and where she is now.
Personally, I believe she is still alive, but if this is not the case, she still has a right to be found and brought home and her parents and family to be allowed to grieve properly.

I simply cannot bear to think of this poor child alive somewhere and not only the police not looking for her as has been the case with the PJ over the past few months, but now the possibility of investigators being prevented from seeing the information and thus being prevented from searching and possibly finding her.

If the McCann's are prevented from seeing their file, I think this will trigger a huge public backlash against the PJ and Portugal, because it will be seen as obstructing the search for this little girl.

I would also ask what it is that the PJ are so scared of people discovering?

Odd as well lardy boy walks yesterday and today this news hits the press?

Mandz said...

The couple’s legal team had advised them to ask for Madeleine to be made a ward of court because wardship status gives the courts certain statutory powers to act on her behalf in legal disputes such as the one which has arisen with Leicestershire police.

They still believe their daughter is alive and hope the police files may contain information which could yet lead to a breakthrough.

Hi All,
This couple have been fighting tooth and nail for their child and it’s heartbreaking to watch. The barriers they have been up against are unbelievable. To believe that your child is out there somewhere alive and you cannot get the vital information to help with your search is really disgusting. The pathetic status hanging over them makes me so angry and one can only imagine their anger. IMHO it appears they have been deliberately gagged and attempts made for them to stop searching for their daughter. How can our government sit back and watch this? They have done everything and more as a parent to find their child despite the barriers. Kate and Gerry keep going you have the backing on normal sane people in Britain and around the world – you are not alone. Find Maddie.

ps Goncthedonk Was he forced to retire or pushed?

Mandz said...

I wonder if pathetic deluded vile will accept now that the police do not have any evidence against this couple? Surely they must accept the PJs decision?? They have been banging on about how good this police force is therefore they must surely accept and respect their decision which is 0 evidence against this couple?!

calcite51 said...

Mandz - I wouldn't count on that - it never has been about evidence or lack of or Madeleine. It's all about them and their cry to have the McCanns publicly hung.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mandz, I doubt they will accept it, they haven't for the past 15 months, they wont change now.

Still as far as I'm concerned they can spin it all they like, the facts are, there is no evidence, there never was any evidence and hopefully the PJ will right this terrible miscarriage of Justice and release the McCanns from their status.

As for the "Book" I couldn't careless for a disgraced cops opinion. Because at the end of the day, that is all it will be and it makes me sick to think he will be cashing in on the back of this dear little child.

If anyone believes he has written this book for anything other than what is, imo, his own selfish gains, then they are even more stupid than I thought they were.

Personally I think the book will just be a further embarrassment to the PJ & Portugal, but if thats how they want to be viewed then thats down to them. Not my concern. Most sane minded people will see the book for what it is.

My main concern is the Police files are made available to the McCs and their PI's so that these poor parents are finally allowed to continue unhindered in the search for their much loved daughter.

Mandz said...

Hi Tinks!

I know what are they like?! If goncthedonk attempts to say Maddies dead or they were involved etc whatever his fairytale story is then the McCann’s should take “who ate all the pies” to Court where he will be forced to prove this! Also if he has this evidence then he should pass it onto the so called investigation team who took over from him + they should charge him for withholding evidence!

What will the leaving doo song be?
Who ate all the pies
Who ate all the pies
You fat b******
You fat b******
You ate all the pies

Bye for now...

christabel said...


couldn't agree more with your post.
It makes you wonder how fat sweaty Gonc knows so much "APPARENTLY".

He's gonna look like Noddy when the truth comes out, well suppose not he already does.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I think The Sun says it all:


Published: Today
THE nightmare goes on for tormented Kate and Gerry McCann.

And it sometimes seems Portuguese police are cruelly prolonging their agony as punishment for the abduction of their beloved daughter Madeleine.

The authorities have absolutely nothing to show for 14 months of bungled, inept and at times culpably incompetent investigation.

Far from finding valuable clues, they have trampled on crucial evidence.

Instead of catching the culprit, they have made victims of Madeleine’s stricken parents.

Gerry and Kate will spend the rest of their lives feeling guilty about leaving their children unguarded that fateful night.

But it is clear to the whole world that they are innocent of any sinister act against their precious little girl.

Yet instead of setting them free from the rack of suspicion, the police continue to brand them officially as suspects.

These slow and secretive investigators must know that, once they concede the truth, their own clumsy record of criminal investigation will come under scrutiny.

But if that’s the only reason, they should give the McCanns the all-clear immediately.

For the Portuguese police will forever bear the stain of failure, even at the most basic levels of criminal investigation techniques.

The only thing they can do now to redeem themselves is to clear Gerry and Kate McCann immediately of all doubt, give them a chance to rebuild their shattered lives . . .

And hand over every scrap of evidence they have mustered so someone competent can have a try at solving this nightmare saga.

Mandz said...
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Mandz said...

Tinks thanks for that!

Spot on it's exactly how I see this.

IMO: I am very suspicious of the basic police errors made? It truly is unbelievable that they failed with basic universal police work? In my opinion it’s almost like deliberate? Even when the McCann friends were shouting close down borders get road blocks set up etc yet they did not bother until it was too late and even then we watched then sitting in cars when they should have been stopping cars????
Most people not professionals in that situation would think logically like the closing down of borders etc yet the professionals we are told did not bother right away? What is going on? An independent review of the case must happen and the sooner the better. The police in Portugal as said in the article will just have to live with failure because there is a little girl’s life at stake here and it seems to me their pride and reputation is put before a missing child and this is truly DISGUSTING.

As for kate and Gerry exactly in my opinion they have been made to suffer because they made an error of judgement however what about the catalogue of errors made by police which in my opinion let down this little girl? Some people appear more interested in punishing the McCann and conspiracy theories than what are the police doing to find this little girl??? They never mention the evil son of a bitch monster who took her??? What I want to know is who is doing what to find this little girl??? My anger and hatred will always be for the real sick son of a bitch monster that came into the McCann environment and took her.

Justice for Maddie and McCann's.

Rosiepops said...

"Mandz said...
Hi Tinks!

I know what are they like?! If goncthedonk attempts to say Maddies dead or they were involved etc whatever his fairytale story is then the McCann’s should take “who ate all the pies” to Court where he will be forced to prove this! Also if he has this evidence then he should pass it onto the so called investigation team who took over from him + they should charge him for withholding evidence!

What will the leaving doo song be?
Who ate all the pies
Who ate all the pies
You fat b******
You fat b******
You ate all the pies

Bye for now...

02 July 2008 18:21"


But you are so right Mandz!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks,

Re your post 02 July 2008 16:41

Fairy stories is right, only the fairy stories I have read have made more intelligent statements than this pair of plonkers.

(Paulo Cristaov and the Pie Man)

I still do not understand how a country that pretends to be part of a modern Europe, allows a serving policeman to write and profit from a book which he is now awaiting to face serious allegations in court over. (He was a serving policeman at the time the Star of Joana went to print)

If this is not bad enough, they then allow him to write a book about another bodged and seemingly corrupted investigation, which he could not have had anything to do with because he is no longer a serving policeman, yet he has obviously got his information from somewhere, so who has been feeding this man his information?

The same person that fed Sol journalist Felicia Cabrita highly sensitive information regarding the Madeleine McCann case? ie copies of witness names, addresses, telephone numbers and witness statements?

How can the Portuguese government allow such shocking breaches of security and do absolutely nothing about it? No inquiry, nothing, what are they so scared of? What is the Portuguese government hiding?

If I were investigating where the leaks, smears and security breaches have come from, I would start with seeing if there was any common denominator and take it from there!

Who could be the common denominator in this case?

How can the EU say it is working for a united Europe when it allows such a right wing, politically paralysed, inhumane country as Portugal to get away with the most disgraceful inept bungling and the inhumane treatment of two European citizens?

This tells me all I need to know about Europe, it is corrupt and I rue the day we ever joined the "Common Market". Common Market? That was the biggest lie ever, knew it would lead to an erosion of our individual rights, the European Union? yeah right, good if you are corrupt, as far as I can see there is only one country that obeys the never ending rules and stifling red tape regulations that spew out of the EU daily and that is GB.

Other countries like Portugal, just play at being members take take take and give nothing back, they cannot even sort out their archaic secrecy laws and the EU just allows them to get away with it.

Suddenly UKIP looks like a viable alternative!

Mandz said...

Exactly Rosie….. only in Portugal only in Portugal can a suspect work on a case and write a book?

As for the latest news....
The worst scenario would be to close the case and keep them with the suspect status. I have read that there are people in Portugal who have had this status for decades. They have done nothing but suggest and leak this couple were involved therefore knowing them they will keep them as suspects making it again look like they have something on them. They never do the right thing when it comes to this couple therefore I’m pessimistic they will do the right thing and release their status. I do believe the McCann’s can appeal however I have little faith in their judicial system. I don’t believe the McCann’s stand a chance when up against that “mob”. If that turns out to be the case then I hope the McCann’s take it further to the European Court?
They know fine well the McCann lawyer in Portugal wants the files to make sure they followed all lines of enquiry and she received the correct protocol so the PJ won’t want him getting these files and I’m not sure if he is entitled to them if they shelve the case? If he is then great – full steam ahead!

Mandz said...

If Robert Murat sues the newspapers both in Britain and Portugal then surely the McCann’s should sue the Portuguese Newspapers & perhaps certain people who have spoke out against them on TV. For example swingers & leaked statement - people who have written books and people who have used her photo to sell their product (German Company).
They should take the money and put it towards finding Maddie. In my opinion far worse has been written about the McCann’s than Murat.

The good thing about suing is that the newspapers will need to investigate which should lead to the source – it will be interesting to see who is behind a lot of these stories which has caused great pain and suffering.

The sickest thing about this is that the abductor/s will get off on this.

Justice for Maddie and McCann's..

Mandz said...

Madeleine McCann: Police agree to release evidence

The judge urged anyone with information about the missing girl to come forward.

“There is, of course, one person who knows what has happened to Madeleine and where she may be found,” the judge said.

“I ponder about that person - whether that person has a heart and might understand what it must be like for Madeleine to have been taken and secreted from her parents and siblings and those she loved and felt secure with.

“I ponder whether that person has a conscience or any feeling of guilt or remorse or even cares about the hurt that has been caused to an innocent little girl, and whether that person has a faith or belief and what explanation or justification they might give to God.

“I entreat that person, whoever they may be, to show mercy and compassion and come forward now and tell us where Madeleine is to be found.

“I hope she will be found soon, alive and well.”

Such kind words said about the McCann’s and the appeal to the real criminals – well said Judge.
I believe these powerful people know far more than the public and would not speak out unless they know for sure that the McCann’s are innocent.

Justice for Maddie...

chinadoll said...

For fourteen long tortuous months, the McCann family have been forced into a postion where they have had to defend the outrageous accusations aimed at them via the most powerful agencies in Portugal and the national might associated with same. Every trick in the book has been used in an attempt to break this family.....not only of a legal nature - clearly illegal tactics have also been deployed in this regard.

Tomorrow, Portugal has an opportunity to once and for all, make some recompense for the anguish and injustice that has been experienced by the McCanns, at the hands of a once powerful and respected nation.

I sincerely hope and pray that Portugal will finally admit that its conduct to date, has not helped the outcome of the case of dear Madeleine McCann at all, but, indeed, has hindered same. I further hope that in doing so, they will swallow their national pride and release Madeleines parents from their arguido status and work together with them and other outside agencies in finding the truth to what happened to that precious child on 3rd May 2007 and thereafter.

Portugal - please do the right thing, I implore you to put an end to the abject misery of this family by doing what should have been done a very long time ago and carrying out an unbiased and professional investigation.

chinadoll said...

I would like to add that I hope Portugal would like to be associated/remembered in the future, in the mind of others, as a beautiful country with a very friendly population and a wonderful holiday destination and NOT as the nation who not only seriously let down Madeleine McCann and her family, but refused point blank to reconsider and acknowledge their mistakes and make every effort to put the same right.

The only outcome that can be acceptable to right minded people is that Portugal is seen as being beyond reproach viz a viz its conduct into the Madeleine investigation and to date, it certainly falls far short of same.

Miguel Branco said...

Let me just ask if you don't consider some of the comments insultuous to the portuguese people and their great police department?

PJ is one of the best polices in the world, but in this particular case, various factors should be considered prior to the investigation.

First of all, do you (and all the commentators of this blog)think that is normal parental behaviour to leave unattended 3 enfants under the age of 4 years old.
MR and MRS McCann did that, and according to the portuguese law, if something happens to the kids, they can be charged by neglegency.

Second this was all a political case since Mr Gerry was supposed to be Health Councelleur in Gordon Brown's Government.

And don't you think is weird to say the least that a mother that just realizes that her child was abducted, as the cold blood, to call first to the media, and only after to the police.

Finally, those dogs had performed more than 200 tests before poor Madeleine strange disappearing without failing.
And they pointed dead body smell in Madeleine's room and blood in McCann rented car.

Isn't it all auckward or for you is just a question of police nationality?
If that is what it is, best of luck for you on finding all the criminals in the UK, and they are a lot more than in Portugal...

Best Regards

Rosiepops said...

We do not really insult all of your policia judiciaria, just one detective in particular, a detective that to many people has been found wanting, we do not insult you the Portuguese people, we have no problem with you at all.
Speaking for myself now, I am sorry but I do not agree that you have on of the best police force in the world and there are a great many reasons why I think this.
The neglect issue - Not one commentor on here thinks it is OK to leave children. I think that fact that you and others keep rolling this argument out means the you recognise that you have no other argument at all. The fact that three children were left on their own, does not mean that it is OK for any passing child abductor to enter their bedroom and kidnap one of them. 'In any country' (not just Portugal.) However, your own prosecutor does NOT think the McCanns have a case to answer for neglect and has written this and this is why NO charges have been brought against these parents.

Gerry McCann was NEVER a member of the Gordon Brown's government, in fact Gerry McCann was never a member of any British government and I think sadly you are falling for lies and conspiracy theories fed to you by your press through lies, smears and leaks campaign commenced allegedly by Goncalo Amaral to help him get away with his appalling conduct and gaff ridden investigation.

Actually it was not Kate McCann, or Gerry that contacted the media, it was Gerry's sister and the reason why they felt the need to do this was simply because your own police department, led by Goncalo Amaral were doing absolutely nothing about the fact that a toddler had gone missing from her bed. In fact the lead detective Goncalo Amaral, decided that a missing child of just under 4 years old was so unimportant that he DID NOT even bother to turn up at the scene of her abduction that night to take control of the investigation and by doing this he himself caused the loss of vital forensic and DNA evidence and he totally lost the first few hours of this investigation, (termed the Golden Hours) which are vital for any good outcome!

The dogs may have performed all those tests and it matters not how many they performed, the fact remains that they are just dogs. They cannot think and they cannot enter the witness box and say yes I smelled Madeleine McCann's dead body. The dogs were brought in to go over the apartment months after Madeleine had disappeared and in between that time, this apartment was let out to FOUR OTHER FAMILIES destroying vital evidence, this would never be admissible in a court of law and there is a reason for this and this is simply because it is highly UNSAFE. No one knows what thoise other families done in that flat in the meantime and in fact, the way the dogs behaved and their handler Martin Grimes is coming into question and I believe here in the UK that pressure is mounting for Martin grimes to explaine his conduct during that search. The longer videos of the dogs in action show a very damning picture of Grimes and the way the Goncalo Amaral, took what was uncorroborated signs from the dogs and tried to use them to beat the McCanns around the head with and force them into confessing to something they did not do. Goncalo Amaral, appears confused and bewildered that people will not roll over and take his word for it. Here in the UK we require actual evidence before we allow people to be charged with any crime, let alone one as serious as this. I believe that is the same in Portugal, after all this is why your own Portuguese prosecutor has comepletely exonerated Kate and Gerry McCann and has said there is absolutely no evidence and NOTHING to indicate that they committed any crime. this means that the PJ have produced nothing, they have no forensic evidence and NO DNA evidence to back anything Mr Amaral has claimed in his book of lies.
The dogs were forced to indicate after passing the McCann car and paying no interest in it many times, Eddie the cadaver detecting dog was forced to come back to the car repeatedly after he ran off totally ignoring it, pating more attention to runnin around in circles in an aempty space and then paying more attention to another car which is an SKODA FLAVIA, who owned this car? Do you know? Because I would like to. That dog sniffing exercise would be basolutely dismantled in a court of law in seconds.
The fact that your revered Goncalo Amaral cuased abject misery to two innocent people on the back of a dog sniffinf exercise, is totally damining, not only on him but it reflects badly on the Paulo rebelo too because he did nothing about putting that right.
I am not sure what you mean about being awkward about nationality? I find nothing awkward about pointing out the glaring unfairness in this case and the gaffs and the ridiculous bloody mindness and skillLESS ability of Goncalo Amaral, or the fact that allegedly he has been working behind the scenes smearing and blackening the characters of two innocent parents, when he should have been searching for their beloved daughter. The child Goncalo Amaral just stopped searching for 3 weeks after she vanished because he decided her parents killed her and he decided this on NO evidence what-so-ever.
But this is not the forst time that Goncalo Amaral finds himself or his conduct or his methods of investigation in question is it? He is due to stand trial within the next few weeks for his part in concealing the alleged torture of another parent of yet another abducted child. Where it is alleged that Leonor Cipriano was tortured into confessing to murdering her daughter. where all the so-called evidence in that case was conveniently destroyed. Where the main stay of that case and the woman was found guilty on the say so of Goncalo Amaral and some blood found in a freezer and astonishingly this blood was NEVER EVER proved to be belonging to missing Joana Cipriano and when Leonor Cipriano's defence team requested that this blood be DNA matched and tested, it was discovered that that samples had been destroyed and discarded.
I thank you for you comments, but your comments just highlight just how very bad a detective Goncalo Amaral actually is.

The lololol or is it the LOLOLOLOL that is suspect? it really does make you laugh though, you need to be good to play mind games! And you? Well you're not!

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