Sunday, 11 May 2008


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For the very first time you can see inside the actual apartment from where Madeleine was snatched, it will help dispel the myths and the lies and the downright bizarre theories, some said to have been put out by sources clos to the Policia Judiciaria (Portugal's PJ).

First Lie To be dispelled is the LIE put about by so-called respected Journalist Felicia Cabrita. In a TV programme and also reported in Portuguese gutter press, was the "MYTH" that Madeleine's blood was found in the block wood flooring. TOTALLY and UTTERLY FALSE.

Quite clearly and unequivocally we cans see that there is NO wooden flooring, it is TILES as has been pointed out consistently. A FACT that was denied by a poster called Alsabella AKA Ana/ Marla etc, this person told us that she knew for a fact from her sources and her own eyes that apartment had a wooden block flooring, yet ANOTHER LIE this person has been caught telling about this case. Quite appalling when you think hat this is not a game, it is about a child, an innocent little almost 4 year old girl abducted from her holiday apartment and this person along with odious Portuguese journalists etc has allegedly helped through perpetuating lies and myths, help divert attention AWAY from little Madeleine McCann's ABDUCTION and the capture of Madeleine's abductors and the safe return of dear little Madeleine. Evil and totally sick sub human behaviour is how I would describe these people.

Lounge Apartment 5a Proves Alsabella AKA Ana/Marla etc LIED (Again)
Above Picture CLEARLY Shows Tiles Throughout Apartment 5a Expelling the LIE and MYTH Put Around By Portuguese Gutter Journalists (and Liar Alsabella)
Front Door Entrance Where An INSIDER Could Have Entered Apartment 5a With a Duplicate COPY Key

*********** WELL DONE NEWS OF THE WORLD ***********
The NOTW on-site reconstruction proves that if the kidnapper was already in the flat, as the McCanns fear, he had a full TEN SECONDS to conceal himself after hearing Gerry open the patio doors and enter the apartment. And he had no fewer than FOUR boltholes to choose from—behind Madeleine’s BEDROOM DOOR, inside her roomy WARDROBE, in her parents’ nearby BEDROOM or in the family BATHROOM.
NOTW poignant picture also reveals the view into Madeleine’s bedroom that must haunt family friend Matthew Oldfield.
It highlights the tragic but innocent error he made when he checked on the children at 9.30pm while the McCanns were at the nearby tapas bar with the other adults in the party. There was room for the kidnapper to hide inside Maddie's fitted wardrobe. Outside the room, bloody footprints were found From the hall, where he looked into the room, NOTW pictures show that Matthew could only see the bottom corner of Madeleine’s bed. The twins’ travel cots were beyond on the floor in full view. Seeing them sleeping, he assumed—most probably wrongly—that all was well.The telltale sign that the kidnapper could already have struck was the open bedroom door—for Gerry had closed it just 25 minutes earlier.Culprit NOTW photos heartbreakingly spell out that if Matthew had only walked a few feet further into the room he could have raised the alarm 35 minutes earlier, giving the police a real chance of catching the culprit.And our photograph of the room, above right, shows the scene that confronted mum Kate when she arrived at 10pm—her three-year-old daughter Madeleine gone and the rolldown window shutter OPEN.Tellingly, she had found the bedroom door now closed, blown shut by the draught from the open window looking out on to the road below. Standing on the very spot, it was not hard to imagine Kate’s shock as the horrible truth sank in after three seconds of disbelief.The view of the wardrobe in Maddie’s room, shows the spot where controversial forensic “evidence” was found——a bloody footprint which was visible to the naked eye. Inconclusive lab tests found there was a “moderate” chance the blood was Madeleine’s.There was a report that this footprint matched another in the McCanns’ hire car—although there has never been any confirmation of this.(Subsequently the footprint on the bumper of the hire care was incredibly found to be that of a GNR (Local Police)

If one year on, the News of the World found clues, surely the detectives could have established more AT THE TIME? Crucial DNA evidence could have been lost during those early hours. The abductor must have touched windows, doors, shutters, particularly if he was disturbed and had to stay longer than he planned.It is hard to accept that absolutely no telltale fibres or hairs were left behind.The stillness and silence of the apartment now is just as it would have been after the McCanns left the children asleep in bed that fateful night. And our team heard for themselves how much noise an intruder would have made— reinforcing the theory that this was not an opportunistic snatch but carefully planned.When the bedroom shutter is opened by a pull-cord it makes a loud piercing creak that could easily have woken the youngsters or alerted Pam- ela Fenn, the woman living upstairs. This is crucial evidence as it shows the difficulty of entering the property by the window and suggests the likelihood that the kidnapper gained access by the front door or even the rear patio doors.It also underlines theories that the abductor probably had crucial inside knowledge of the apartment’s interior.
Even walking across the ceramic tiled floors in the wrong sort of footwear could have raised the alarm. After the police finished their investigations inside the bedroom, the walls were painted white.They were said to have been spattered with small traces of blood, but police investigations into that, as into so much else, came to nothing.Now the rest of the flat has been redecorated and is ready to welcome more holidaying families to Portugal.But it will take more than a lick of emulsion to remove the terrible images seared into every parent’s mind just one year ago.
chilling pictures show how shockingly EASY it would have been for a kidnapper to escape with Maddie unnoticed by ANYONE on the night she disappeared.uncovered new evidence at both the BACK and the FRONT of the McCanns' holiday apartment that sheds new light on the four-year-old's disappearance...including new information about the KEY to the flat revealed here for the first time. At the back our astonishing pictures prove THERE IS NO CLEAR VIEW either way from the balcony and the rear patio doors of the McCann apartment to the tapas bar where her parents Kate and Gerry were having dinner.
View From The Bar
It is striking just how close thie apartment actually was to the Tapas bar and can easily convey how Kate and Gerry relaxed and happy were lulled into a false sense of security. Had they actually known about previous reports of suspicious behaviour and the history of PDL and surrounding areas child disappearances and abductions, perhpas they would have come to a different conclusion?
Route To Unlocked Patio
The gate opens on to steps that lead straight to the balcony and in through the patio door. The kidnapper could easily have escaped this way too with Maddie. But Portuguese police have always believed any intruder would have used the FRONT DOOR to enter, knowing the McCanns would never use it that night. He could also have escaped through the shuttered front window to the children's bedroom. For this he would have needed a KEY to the front door. The one the McCanns had for the Ocean Club apartment is known in the locksmiths' trade as a "crucifix key"—and is very unusual because it has four sides. Experienced British locksmith John Reeder told us the key used to take us into the flat yesterday is almost certainly a copy. He said: "Most locksmiths would not be able to copy it without great difficulty. The one in the picture is almost certainly not the original."

Expert Locksimths Says That There Would CERTAINLY Be TWO of These Keys In Existence And That This Key is Almost CERTAINLY A COPY!

Supporting the theory that the kidnap could be an inside job, he added: "I would say it is most likely there is at least one other key in circulation as most locks come with at least two spares when they are cut. But there are not many keys around like this one." From NOTW investigations inside the apartment it is possible the abductor left through the back. But it is also possible he used the window in the bedroom to check the coast was clear at the front and either passed Madeleine through the window to an accomplice or left through the front door. There is also the evidence of a "partial footwear mark" found just outside Madeleine's bedroom which had traces of blood in it visible to the naked eye, according to a forensics report. Laboratory tests in Birmingham were inconclusive but found there was a "moderate" chance the blood was the youngster's. There were also specks of blood said to be on the walls of the bedroom, but forensic results have been inconclusive. (My Observation: Experts have said that absolutely nothing can be drawn from this, IF this was Madeleine's blood as 1) She had fallen up the steps of the aircraft and cut her leg before reaching PDL (2) Children fall and cut and graze themselves all the time)The evidence of witness Jane Tanner, one of the Tapas Nine, also backs the FRONT DOOR theory. She was on her way back from her flat and saw a man walking quickly across the top of the road, away from the apartments and towards the outer road of the complex.

A little girl wrapped in a blanket hung limply from his arms. She was wearing pink and white pyjamas.

Whichever way Maddie was taken, her abduction was far too easy—and out of sight of anyone who could have helped save her.

My Own Observations (You May Have More, Please feel free to add them in your own reply to this topic and I will copy and Include them here so we can keep them altogether)

  • Some of us have always maintained that this was probably an inside job if I were a detective I would want answers as to why:
  • A waiter was standing near this apartment and was the only person to supply conflicting evidence
  • Why was he there so far away from the bar where he was supposed to be working?
  • If the footprint on the bumper of the hire care was found to be that of a GNR (Local Portuguese police)
  • How did that footprint get there?
  • When did it get there?
  • Is there a connection between;
  • The hire car? The abductor? And this GNR Footprint? The Footprint Found Inside Apt 5a?
  • The Blood found in the apartment has been PROVEN to be that of an eastern European male:
  • Have the PJ done anything to trace this male?
  • Incredibly after further catastrophic police blunders
  • The holiday apartment was allowed to be cleaned and the Madeleine's bed linen, pilllows etc change and TAKEN AWAY the next day after the scene of a crime!
  • The holiday apartment was re-let 2 weeks after Madeleine disappeared, have the people staying in this apartment been DNA tested and ruled out of this investigation?
  • Was this blood theirs?
  • Portugal does NOT have a DNA based Sex Offenders Register, so this blood could NOT be checked against it.
  • Portugal did not and astonishingly still HASN'T got a Sex Offenders Register!


Someone, somewhere has information about Madeleine that could be the breakthrough the family have been waiting for.

Anyone with information is urged to contact:

The family investigation hotline on +44 845 8384699

or email

PORTUGESE POLICE - 0035 1282 405 400

CRIMESTOPPERS - 0044 1883 731 336

NEWS OF THE WORLD - 0044 207 782 1001 or


Christabel said...

Can you believe the lies Alsashite told about this apartment having a parquet wooden floor.

I cannot see the reason for all her lies unless she was deliberately covering for someone, or was not who she said she was.
The latter is the most likely, which we knew anyway.

This was a woman that supposedly prayed for Madeleine. Bla bla bla!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Christabel

This woman ALSABELLA AKA...ANA/MARLA (and many others) has LIED & LIED & LIED.

We have consistently caught her out in many of her lies, from telling us that her inside contacts told her there was a Child Listening service provided by MW, to swearing that the bedroom window shutters were so dilapidated they were falling apart, to swearing she only posted under one ID of Alsabella (subsequently discovered posting under at least 12 other ID's) to swearing to us over and over and over again that there was parquet (wooden block paving) in apartment 5a and then telling people that Madeleine's blood was found between this block flooring.

The window shutters are also found to be in good condition.

This woman is nothing but a cheap LIAR, like all those she associates with in the house of horrors.

She is over there now pulling the wool over their gullible eyes posting as Ana (probably MariANA too) and she is laughing at all of these people who have so readily believed her.

She LIED and deceived people throughout the DX days and she done it on her blog too, until she was legally forced to take it down and now she is up to it again in the Vile house of Horrors and those gullible twits like Clotty Clawd, pRat, Hope, Nancy, Lizzy, Gina etc are there believing all her lies yet again.

Alsabella/Ana/Marla/etc is nothing but a cheap lying confidence trickster!

She is being aided and abetted by Vile Viv, Loopy Leigh and Impossible Impostordoc, to deceive and lie to people.

All this just to undermine the terrible pain and suffering being endured by the parents of a poor little child who was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

I do not know what she is getting out of this behaviour.

Is she connected to the PJ? Who knows, I know the PJ are stupid but are they really that stupid they would employ her?

More like she is probably a stupid fat old bag who is sitting in her one room flat getting a kick out of hurting people.

She is probably a Walter Mitty type person.

This would be funny if this wasn't so tragic and so serious, but because it is, it shows further how bloody awful this appalling lying woman really is.

To try and detract away from the fact that Madeleine McCann was abducted, to aid and abet the false accusations of her poor parents, all adds up to ensuring that Madeleine's abductors are *NEVER* found and most tragically of all, it is ensuring that Madeleine herself is never found and this ti me and to all rational, compassionate minded people is utterly reprehensible.

Shame on you, you evil person Alsabella and shame on the rest of you foul Walter Mitty people over on that hate blog and the other 3 A's.

To me you are sub human slime, the bloody lot of you.

Justice For Madeleine? Don't make me laugh, you forgot who Madeleine was months ago, the only thing that matters to you slime is that her parents are crucified daily and ultimately slung into prison for something they did not do.

What about the twins? Or don't they matter in your quest to be proved right, you sub human scum bag slime balls.

Madeleine McCann remember her?

Madeleine McCann PJ do you remember her? She went missing in your country and she is still missing thanks to your incompetence and over inflated egos, to full of your P*** and importance for your own good.
Ranked 3 rd in world? More lies. 3rd in the Keystone Kops line up probably.

xxx God Bless You Darling Little One, Mummy and Daddy and lots of other kind and good people have not given up on you and we will look for as long as it takes to bring you home xxx

Rosiepops said...

Just shows how desperate the idiots are over on the House of Horrors, so gutted are they that the truth is now coming out slowly but *surely*, the ace mentalist perviv is now writing reams about Jill Renwick and attributing quotes to her that she hasn't made. The stupid one has now managed to convince herself that the McCann's made checks every hour not half an hour, because of something the vile one thinks Renwick meant.

Vile Viv's stupidity is now reaching new heights. I think I will email Jill with Vile Viv's comments and see what she thinks about them, I am sure she would like to know that her words are being taken and twisted but an evil Walter Mitty nut case.

Another example of that scum over there scraping the bottom of the barrel, to try and prove something that is obviously untrue.

I sometimes wonder if their friends and relatives know what that load of idiots get up to on the computer?
I bet most of them would be gob smacked and utterly shocked and bewildered that their relative could be the author of such filth!
There is nothing that I have written on here that I would be ashamed of someone I knew knowing I had written, but i bet that cannot be said about those people, I bet their dirty little secret soons goes into the task bar when someone comes near.

I bet poor old Bee would have fit if she could see some of the stuff her mate Boomerangina had written!

Oh ans stupid Stella?
Well, well, well did you know STELLA is AKA 2345? Our very own Mrs Consecutive Numbers!

This woman will not be content until she is sectioned.
Still Viv could tell her all about that! Now being sectioned under the mental health act is something Vin does know all about.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Well done NOTW. Some good Investigative Journalism.

Me thinks a certain waiter needs to be requestioned.

The article certainly puts paid to some lies by the infamous Alsabliar. Why did she blatantly lie, why would she put the reputation of the PJ above a little childs life.

Not only but also, she went along with the spiel that Gerry was out playing tennis the next day, knowing full well he had been seen sobbing and calling out Madeleines name. Did you forget that post ?

You dont have an honest bone in your body. You are a pitiful excuse for a human being.

Christabel said...




Rosiepops said...

xxx Happy 5th Birthday xxx
Darling Precious Child

Madeleine McCann, Lighting the way home, for all missing and abused children.

Kate and Gerry, calm dignified parents of Madeleine, honest and determined to bring their beloved daughter home and to highlight the plight of other missing and abused children and absolutely determined to help other children and families, despite their awful pain and suffering.

McCann Family - resolute and 110% committed to bring their Madeleine home and also to help other children.

Supporters - Determined to remain compassionate caring human beings, ever ready to help this couple and others who need our help.

xxx God be With You xxx

Tinkerbell43 said...

Madeleine, remembering you on your 5th Birthday little one. Be brave sweetheart, no stone is being left unturned, mummy and daddy are doing everything they can to find you. xxxxx

Gerry & Kate, thinking of you and your family today. Keep strong you have the love and support of a great many people. Please god, one day soon your prayers will be answered.

Rosiepops said...

On the vile blog these people yesterday sunk to new lows of depravity, today they continue in the same vein.
Take a look at this picture and then ask yourself honestly, who are the kind of people that do these depraved things? They are no better that perverts, paedophiles or sociopaths and in my opinion they are all the same, there is no difference between any of the sick perverted weirdo's that haunt that deprave hateful place.
This is truly depraved and demented behaviour from people that profess to want justice for an innocent child! (Justice is apprently doctoring photos to make her parents look like psychopaths!) Today of all days on Madeleine's birthday, this sick person put this on her site.

Click Here - Viv Sinks To New Depths On Madeleine's Birthday

Viv I hope you go to prison.

This woman says she is a mother and grandmother, would you honestly want her coming into contact with your child? Would you want her coming into contact with ANY child? I would report her to the police as a danger to children if she came anywhere near my grandchildren.

Tinkerbell43 said...

To go to the extremes of publishing a photo like that, shows this person is now beyond help. This has gone beyond Justice for Madeleine, that was just a guise, this is nothing more than a vicious hate campaign orchestrated by people that have no other purpose in their sorry, miserable little lives.

To think people post on there by choice is beyond my comprehension. Surely there are some decent posters that can see this is not normal behaviour. If they havent got the guts to say, then they should just stop posting and cut off the blood supply to this evil blog.

Sass said...

Let's hope this is Madeleine's only birthday without her mum and dad.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Amen to that Sass.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Can I just say for those that are trying to convince themselves that the photo of Madeleine by the pool is not real, The McCanns obviously have nothing to hide, they have put both photos quite comfortably side by side on the Find Madeleine site.

Mandz said...

My thoughts and prayers will be for Maddie who sadly is spending another birthday without her loved ones. Someone should do the right thing and return her now.

Mandz said...

Can I just say for those that are trying to convince themselves that the photo of Madeleine by the pool is not real, The McCanns obviously have nothing to hide, they have put both photos quite comfortably side by side on the Find Madeleine site.

Lol Tinks! Crazy or what!!!!!
Yes someone was up all night with his ruler and pencil studying this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mad crazy desperate people......

Mandz said...

Rosie, that person in my opinion is a complete nasty evil bitch who is NOT interested in Maddie McCann or the fact that she is still missing. She is sick sick sick in my opinion.....

These people cannot rationalise they are caught in their sick fictional beliefs…..

Mandz said...

Bye for now....

Rosiepops said...

Hi and Bye Mandz.

I agree with you, she is and need sorting out but judging from what I have read on ST's this is exactly what is happening!

Talk later Mandz off out for the day now. Take care x


Thank you for posting those pics. I don't know why somebody, anybody, the Portuguese Police, the McCann friends were not allowed to release this sort of information right from the start. There is so much lacking in the archaic Portuguese Secrecy Laws. When the PJ arrived at Leicester Police Station, they were bemused by the need for a Press Room which regularly updates the general public with news about a particular investigation that needs to be solved urgently.





See, Lounge: “Unsolicited PM”





Mandz said...

Oh Alsaliar have a “good” “look” at the photos on the front re Appt 5A McCann’s..? Did you notice the flooring which you deliberately lied about? But hey we knew that (pros) but your cronies sadly didn’t – but will now.

But does it disappoint your theory of the “blood” or are you happy this is not the case and Maddie could still be alive somewhere? Difficult one for you eh?….But I’m delighted and never believed you for one second…….

Mandz said...

They will sadly be disappointed when this couple is released from suspect status. What will they do? Arts & Crafts?..Well we know they enjoy cutting and pasting and mixing up body parts etc. Or what about take a class for creative writing? We know they enjoy fictional stories however they may become a bit too obsessive about their characters which will probably get ridiculous and stupid as we have witnessed – worse than Dallas know when Bobby got shot (dead) and then came back or was it JR can’t remember! Group therapy would be good for them but first see a doctor oh and a real doctor not an internet desperado playing doctors.

Christabel said...

Hi Mandz,

Mandz can you believe the amount of times he/she called me the Liar, when I said on the DE that these floors were tiled and not wood parquet floor.
How many is that now? we have caught him/her out time and time again as one of the biggest liars on the blogs.

I hope the cretin can sleep at night, NOT.
I knew he/she had an agenda on the DE and roped the other nutters
into believe every word she told them.
Puppets or Muppets?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz

For months we had to put up with their lies and we told them and told them about that floor, I even posted that the picture they said was their lounge COULD NOT have been because they had moved apartment. They new that wasn't true about the blood, but it did not stop their lies did it? the are one sick bunch of scum bags!

It also shows Felica Cabrita up to be a liar too, but then we have always known this as well!

Hey Felicia, where did you get all that info from? I hear your old man has got Amaral's case, cosy isn't it? By the way how much did that info cost or did it have a more human cost?

Rosiepops said...

was just saying that Christabel, we banged on about this for weeks, Alsabella is such a two faced liar, but then we knew that all along too, and her little fat side kick Clawd. Both proven liars!

Rosiepops said...

By the way Gonc is meant to be bringing out a book, saying he will tell the truth.

Well if he knows the truth, why isn't he telling it now? He is a damned police officer, doesn't Portugal have a law about withholding evidence? Really serious offence in this country.

Gonc wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on his wobbly backside! IMO he hasn't got a clue, he is another Walter Mitty clueless Keystone kop!

By the way Gonc how did Felicia Cabrita get hold of copies of witness statements and witness names, addresses and mobile and home telephone numbers?

No wonder witnesses are too scared to come forward in Portugal, they are worried they will be named and then they are open to threats and intimidation, what a disgrace!

I wonder how much Felicia Cabrita's paper SOL paid for all that information, must have been a fair price, how much do you reckon wonky Gonc?
I hear her husband is also your lawyer, wow that's brilliant, that should fill people with confidence in the Portuguese justice system - not!

Tinkerbell43 said...


They are as thick as thieves the whole bloody lot of them. All lining each others pockets. They've probably all got something on each other!

Christabel said...

Hi Rosie,

Isn't he Gonc's lawyer, in his disgusting case against Joanna's mummy?

I think Willy Gonca and his chocolate factory are nearing melt down.

Mandz said...

Christabel Rosie Tinks!
Exactly and good posts! So caught out!

I think Willy Gonca and his chocolate factory are nearing melt down

dianeh said...

Hi to you

I thought I had come to the wrong site, with all of that pink.

But well done, looks really good.

dianeh said...

And I have to agree with you all.

Lies, lies and more damned lies. (Apologies to Disraili for mangling his famous quote)

Seems that quite a lot of this has been done over the last year, and going back a lot further, to Joanna's disappearance.

As more and more comes out, it becomes apparent just how many lies the PJ leaked to the press. And of course all supported by Alsabella under her many aliases or multiple personalities.

It is a shameful business. She was deliberately hiding the truth from those gullible fools that posted on her blog. And they, with their sick and twisted minds never bothered to seek confirmation. And even when it has been proved that it is lies (such as with the floor), those gullible idiots continue to believe it. Using conspiracy theories to 'prove' that what they originally bought as the truth, is still the truth, and that we all have been fooled by the McCanns.

Not us that was fooled.

Sass said...

How did our blog go pink?

Mum21 said...

Good Morning Sass,

It looke like somebody has changed the layout. It looks ok but is hard to read. If you are going to keep it pink it may be a good idea to change the font colours.
Either it has been changed by a mod, or we have been hacked into.

Rosiepops said...

Hi I did it,
Madeleine liked pink. To change some of the font colours, I have to go into each post and edit it, as the post text does not come under the normal layout. It was late so left that until today.

The whole thing can easily be changed back at the click of a button.

Mum21 said...

Hi Rosie, Don't change it back, keep working on it as time allows.
You are getting there with it...just takes time and patience.

calcite51 said...

Nice pink blog this morning! Very appropriate (and not only because it was Madeleine's fav colour) but also a lighter pink is used for breast cancer.

Wednesday was Canada's Breast Cancer Awareness day. People could wear demnin jeans to work if they purchased a ticket for $5.00.

While it is nice to see the pictures of the apartment and we now know without a doubt that Alsa was lying. There are rumours on the other blog that Mrs. Ruth McCann (the owner of the apartment and no relation to Madeleine's parents) is charging for pictures of the apartment. That to my mind, is another sad attempt to make money from a little missing girl.

calcite51 said...

I need to clarify my last comment - while I condemn vehemently anyone who is trying to personally make money. However, I support the McCanns in their efforts to raise money as the money is used to find Madeleine. They seem to be the only ones looking for their daughter.

Christabel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christabel said...


Thats a lot better layout, I think its lovely!
Well done you.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I see the Secrecy period has been extended for another 3 months. I'm sure I have read previously, the secrecy period can only be extended again, in major enquiries such as those involving terrorism and organised crime!.

If true, this clearly doesn't apply to Gerry & Kate. Hmm, someone should be very worried right now.

Rosiepops said...

Thanks Everyone

I think the header is there now. I needed my wallpapering skills literally lol.

I still have to change some of the font colour though.

Rosiepops said...

I agree calcite, yet another person trying to make money out of Madeleine. I thought that perhaps they had hired the apartment and then took the pictures, I did not realise they had paid to go in and take them!
I wonder if she has let the apartment and who to? What is the betting that someone goes in there and makes a film?
Wouldn't put it past certain ex PJ, anything to make money - pimps.

Rosiepops said...


Did you expect anything less from that spiteful bun of imbeciles that call themselves policemen?

What the Portuguese government doesn't understand is that the eyes of the world are looking at them and must be thinking what a shower of incompetents.

This is exactly what I expected them to do, this is done solely to try and protect the Portuguese tourist industry, they know fully well if they lift this status now and the secrecy law and allow the McCann's to read their files, when it is discovered that there is absolutely nothing in there by which to have charged them, it is going to bring the heavens down on the heads of the PJ and the Portages government.

It is still very early in the tourist season and bookings are well down, so they are no doubt hoping that they will pick up in the next few weeks, the very last thing they want now is for all the controversy that will follow such moves putting the final nails in.

Portugals £2.8 Billion tourist industry has always taken precedence over this little girl IMO.

hughbforty said...

Hi All,

I've just been reading the so-called "justiceformaddie" comments. I don't know why I do it. Coming here is like having a cleansing shower. What are those people on?


Rosiepops said...

Hi Hugh

God knows what they are on, but what ever it is I don't want any!

Rosiepops said...

Oh by the way have you got our new forum address?
Would love to have you join it is:

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Hugh,

I'm just logging off for the night.

Just to let you know, we also have a forum now, you'll see the address on the front of the blog.

Come and join us over there sometime, love to have a catch up.

Nite for now x

Tinkerbell43 said...

LOL, I'll leave you in Rosie's capable hands.

Nite all xx

Rosiepops said...

Hugh that addy has not wrapped around properly I will put it up again under a link heading.

Rosiepops said...

Hugh hope you are still around here it is.

Justice for MccanFamily FORUM

Mandz said...

Good front page girls well done!

Mandz said...

In my opinion they are keeping the status on the McCann’s due to the Tourist Money because they would not want to lose out on this would they? The public is outraged that they have kept them suspects for all this time therefore can you imagine the “day” when they release them from this ridiculous status? People from around the world will be up in arms even more so. What will happen to your Tourist Money then?

The McCann’s have a right to know what the police are doing about finding their child therefore why are they not liaising with them? What is their problem? What are they hiding??

The PJ have not charged anyone yet they keep this investigation private whilst the McCann’s “LITTLE GIRL” is out there all alone with the evil b******/s who took her. Does this not concern people? I would be screaming from the rooftops this is out of order and a bloody DISGRACE…..



Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz

I have to say I agree but then you know what I feel about this bunch of low life corrupt b******ds anyway.

Portugal says it is not a third world country, then it should stop bloody behaving like one! It is still run like a dictatorship, in my opinion it should be either forced to clean itself up or be kicked out of the EU.

There are so many things that have come to light this past year and it has not just been about Madeleine, there are at least two other cases in Portugal that look more than likely were miscarriages of justice.

PJ are supposed to be 3rd best police force in the world, but what they neglected to mention was they are 3rd best in the THIRD world, wouldn't argue with that!

Again this has been done to protect their tourist industry which is already being heavily hit and it is not because holiday bookings are down from the UK because of the economic downturn, because they are not, apparently our holiday bookings are not down, so the bookings from Britain to Portugal are down and this is as a direct result of what happened to Madeleine.

Why would any right minded parents choose to go to Portugal with their children when you would spend the time terrified that one of them was going to be abducted. you would not be able to sleep, every time you heard a noise you would be up out of bed checking your children! You would be scared of opening a window, scared of taking your eyes off of your children for a split second. Even if you were a victim of a normal crime, you would be scared of getting the blame for it.

Rachel Charles Age 9 - Murdered just outside Praia Da Luz 17 years ago.

Rui Pedro Mendonca - vanished in 1998 when he was 11 while walking home from school in the Portuguese town Lousada.

Joana Cipriano Age 9 - Disappeared in 2005, 7 miles away from where Madeleine disappeared.

5 months BEFORE Madeleine disappeared, Attempted abduction of little 3 year old Carolina Santos. Just half an hour (30 miles away from where Madeleine was snatched.)

Shortly before her 4th birthday on May 3rd 2007, 3 year old Madeleine McCann was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz.

Joana Cipriano's body never found her mother and uncle were convicted on false and shaky evidence and 5 officers are due to stand trial for forcing her to confess through torture. Blood said to be Joana's was NEVER tested forensically, so could not be proved to be hers! Yet the PJ gained a conviction that this blood was hers! When the defence wanted it to be DNA tested they were told it had been discarded! An Absolutely criminally negligent thing to do, on this ALONE Leonor's conviction should be overturned and she should be set free!

Carolina Santos was playing in the garden of her parents cafe, where her parents were working, when a Moroccan man took her away, fortunately this abduction was foiled when her parents discovered what had happened and were able to get her back. The PJ were informed but they did NOTHING about it! Her parents also contacted the PJ when Madeleine went missing thinking this to be of significance but they were told it wasn't and it was ignored!

The man accused of murdering Rachel Charles was again convicted on flimsy evidence. There was no evidence linking him to her murder, tyre tracks said to be from his car, turned out to be from another car entirely! And he was found guilty because a gardener working there at the tome who did not want to be named said he saw Rachel getting into Michael Cook's car! Well he could not have done because Micahel Cook's car was NEVER where this man said it was!

In each one of these cases the PJ have been found to be incompetent and bungling, turning round and blaming the parents or any available British person. In each case there has been absolutely NO proper evidence that would even have allowed charges to be brought in this country, let alone gaining a conviction!

Portugal makes much about child abduction cases being extremely rare, then if they are what is the odds of all these abductions and attempted abductions being carried out in and around PDL and them not being connected?

One month after Rui Pedro vanished, hopes were raised when he was sighted with a middle-aged man in Disneyland in Paris. Then three years later, his mother’s worst fears were realised. Horrific images of Rui Pedro being sexually abused were reportedly uncovered during an international police operation that cracked a global paedophile network. More than 200 paedophiles in 13 countries had exchanged more than 750,000 images of children through a private internet club called ***Wonderland***.

If these 5 cases above are not bad enough, then introduce the disappearance and subsequent murder of poor little Mari Luz-Cortes which happened just a one and half hour to two hour drive away in Huelva in southern Spain.

7 year old Jeremy Vargas who was small for his age vanished just eight weeks before Madeleine McCann. Jeremy was playing outside his home on the Spanish Island of Gran Canaria, he has never been found and his mother is convinced that his disappearance is linked to that of Madelene McCann.
There is also a similarity as he was playing outside his home, just like little Carolina Santos was when someone tried to abduct her!
Jeremy's mother is convinced that her son's disappearance is linked to Madeleine's.

In my opinion for a country the size of Portugal and for so many disappearances, child murders and attempted abductions to take place is just too may to be random.

I believe these abductions and murders could be linked.

It is about time that an outside police force investigated all of this, it is obvious the PJ cant do it, they are too think or may be too corrupt. Interpol shold do it and they should do it without delay.

Every day that passes is another day this child is being kept forceably from her parents!

How dare the Portuguese government, the Portuguese judiciary and the PJ think this is acceptable?

What are they waiting for another child to disappear? When that happens (because it will!)mwill the try to pin the blame on this poor child's parents too?

I only hope and pray that another child is not taken.

Mandz said...

Hi Rosie excellent post yet again!

What a bloody disgrace & let down. How can a Country ignore the “big picture” here? One does not need to be a detective to see the similarities especially for a Country to claim such low child abductions. I cannot get my head around the fact that children appear to be second best – why? Who is benefitting from what appears to be a quick (wrong) fix? The innocent party versus the sick evil b******/s I know who appears to win in my opinion.
In my opinion: You would think a professional would always want to do their very best and help especially when it comes to hurting children. Surely one could not sleep at night knowing they allowed the real evil sick son of a bitch to get off scot free with an innocent child? (I’m not saying this is the case just my opinion!) What is going on????? Why is our Government not stepping in and why should she and other children have to suffer and spend another day/night without their parents?? How can people leak stories like she is dead when there appears to be no evidence (2345 shut up) and knowing full well that it could have stopped the world from looking? Thank God not everyone was fooled! Who is benefiting from such leaks?

Mandz said...

The PJ have a duty to speak to this couple about THEIR CHILD who is still missing.

Remember Madeleine McCann aged 3 years taken from her bed???

What are they doing about finding this little girl and her abductors??

Keep strong Maddie, Kate and Gerry….

Mandz said...

In my opinion: A Reconstruction……?? For the benefit of who….? Not Maddie who by the way is the most important person in this. Not Kate and Not Gerry so who and why? It could not be stalling could it..? Have they ever thought about “acting” it out by themselves – they have the statements so what is stopping them or getting in actors to do it? They don’t need to be there.

Mandz said...

Nah, eat my holiday shorts…………I smell a big fat rrrraaaatttt……….

Mandz said...

Quite Right McCann's you have a RIGHT to know.

Explaining the appeal, Gerry said: “We need to know. The bulk of the information came from the UK. We knew there were thousands of leads through Crimestoppers and Leicestershire Police.

“We’re not taking the law into our own hands.
“We want to make sure everything possible is being done. We are running an independent investigation. We have a right to information and what has been done to our daughter.”
He added: “Somebody knows something. If you’ve given information to the police, Crimestoppers and the Portuguese police, we’re asking you to give it to us as well.
“There is a local call number, people can phone it from abroad. They can leave information anonymously and we guarantee confidentiality.
“This is Mayday for Madeleine. It is a last chance to capture a lot of information.
“People want to help. She’s a completely innocent child and surely we can find her if everyone pulls together.”

Kate stared at a photo of her daughter on the new poster and said: “I feel she is still there. I don’t feel it is over.”

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mandz,

And why are they running an independant investigation ? because the bloody PJ stopped looking for their daughter after 3 weeks.

The McCanns have a right to know what has been done to find Madeleine, to know what leads are being followed, to know who has been eliminated and why, and imo it is a terrible abuse of their human rights.

They have not been charged with a thing and people should remember that. The same cannot be said for the first head of the investigation and his deputy at the time!

Rosiepops said...

Quite right Kate and Gerry, Madeleine is a completely innocent child and you ARE entitled to information gathered about her and what has been and what is being done to find her.

How dare the shambolic Portuguese government with an equally shambolic police force and symbolic judiciary, keep this information from these parents? They have a right to it, if you have given up on Madeleine fine, they haven't and neither have we.

If you do not intend to pursue her abductors then hand the information over so the McCann's and their investigators can get on and find her, you inept idiots can't that's for sure.

A child is missing, she went missing from her bed in Praia Da Luz and you gave up looking for her, after just 2 & a half weeks on the say so of some fat useless b*****d, that would rather eat and booze taking 4 hour lunches, than do the job the Portuguese tax payer pays him to do, in this instance he was supposed to have been looking for this tiny innocent child, still a baby, abducted from her bed and because of you Amaral you fat lump of lard, she is till missing and her abductors have got away with it and you had better hope you fat sorry ass that another child does not go missing this summer, because if the do, the whole world is coming to pay you a visit to ask why? Why did you take this attitude?
You had no evidence to charge them then and there is still no evidence now, you are a complete disgrace.

Poor Madeleine. Poor children living in Portugal and visiting, I believe they are all in grave danger!

PJ what have you done to find Madeleine McCann today?

Rosiepops said...

McCann suspects after 8 months, no evidence and no charges.

5 PJ detectives one of which used to head the Madeleine investigation. All five made arguidos and all five now charged and due to attend trial in court on serious charges of torturing witnesses, withholding evidence of torture and perverting the course of justice.

Amazing that!

Mandz said...

Hi Girls!
PMSL…crying with laughter at some of your comments Rosie however sad & tearful that the subject is about a little girl who was abducted from her bed and the police appear disinterested..And still no clues just blame the parents and Murat with o evidence. Where is our British Girl… Where? Another day/night without her mum and dad how sick and sad is that…

Mandz said...

These children appear SECOND BEST why is that...?

Good night....









Sass said...

Thanks Light A Candle

Don't think people from here go there anyway - too freaky by half! Even freakier than Vile's!



Well, DrachenSachen has been posting links on to this site. He keeps saying that Rosie is Kate McCann, then he corrects himself, no, Rosie is Gerald's sister; then he posts that Rosie is Kate's Aunt.

Rosie keeps evolving into all Kate's relatives. The3arguidos is a freak show. Who would pay, yes, they encourage you to pay to post at that circus.


Rosiepops said...


I wonder who I am today?

Tonight Matthew I am Kate, no sorry Gerry, no Sorry Phil, oh sod it I cant remember, oh I am mrs Healy, oh no I forgot i am a donkey old drunk rosiepopalpousdosiepos or something like that.

Take no notice of them they are complete and utter idiots on there, I don't think there is one sane person amongst then.

Rosiepops said...

Hi mandz

Tubby Fat Boy Gonc has a lot to answer for. I wonder when it was the last time he saw his toes or his.....? Perhaps that os why Alsabella/Ana/Marla is in such a fould mood? pmsl

Sass said...

Hi Kirsty

How nice of him to advertise us! Isn't he also the one who calls himself The Insider and has a blog which has had a whole 10 comments on it (I think 8 from the same person calling him names). If it is him, he bombarded us a while back with rubbish!

See you

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm so pleased Gerry & Kate have had a fantastic response to their latest appeal. They have worked tirelessly on their campaign to find their daughter and I hope they get the breakthrough they and Madeleine deserve.

If only the PJ had worked with them and not against them the outcome could have been so very different, Madeleine may have been found by now.

I'm disappointed for Gerry & Kate that the secrecy has been extended for another couple of months, it is scandalous that they still do not know what has been done to find Madeleine. Although its abundantly clear, the answer is not alot, at least they will be able to see what leads have been followed up and who has been eliminated etc.,

Its all very well suggesting a reconstruction 13 months after the event, which the McCs are right to question, why now! IMO its all time wasting, and why should the McCanns allow them to waste anymore of their time, Madeleine's time, the PJ have not even made contact with them for 8 months.

And what was all the hype surrounding the Tapas reinterviews, the head of the investigation didnt even stay to complete them!

I for one would like to see the case taken over by Scotland Yard, imo we will never know what happened to Madeleine until such time as the PJ are no longer involved!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Justice for Madeleine and ALL the family.

Please let there be a breakthrough soon.

God bless Madeleine, sleep peacefully little one, mummy and daddy are doing everything they can to find you. xxx

Mandz said...

PMSL...........How does he wash?!

Mandz said...


In my opinion: they have kept this status due to Tourist Money and also the possibility of the McCann's suing for failing their little girl? Can you imagine the day when the McCann’s top lawyers get their hands on the so called manufactured (in my opinion) evidence? I look forward to that day…

Mandz said... we have people who threaten and insult us because we have a difference of opinion? How adult and mature..PMSL.....



Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mandz,

I think you are 100% correct, it is blatantly obvious what the PJ are doing.

If they havent got evidence now, nothing new is going to emerge that will change that, not where the McCs are concerned anyway!!

I look forward to the day when the McCanns can tell their side of the story, and when the case files are made public, a lot of people will need to hang their heads in shame.

Mandz said...

And what was all the hype surrounding the Tapas reinterviews, the head of the investigation didnt even stay to complete them!
Hi Tinks!

What was all the fuss about? Let’s face it they left a day early and what was the reason? The leak or the re: questioning. Was it embarrassment? It would interesting to find out the view of the UK police who asked the oh so very important questions!

And did they not say they were very concerned re the leak on that very important day when the McCann’s were fighting for an Amber Alert for abducted children throughout Europe – Portugal included.

Mandz said...

Bye for now.....!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mandz,

I think he was embarrassed on both fronts. Rebelo is close with Ribeiro, if Ribeiro believes they were too hasty, you can bet your bottom dollar Rebelo does too!

Hasn't Clarence said previously, the British Police believe K & G to be innocent ? I seem to remember his comment ruffled a few feathers! Good!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Catch you later Mandz. Enjoy your day!

Tinkerbell43 said...


Re the Tapas reinterviews, do you know they done the interviews voluntarily, they didnt have to!

Mandz said...


Forgot about them offering to help! The McCann's also asked to be questioned again however the PJ declined! I would have thought that if they had any doubts then they would have got the McCann’s in again for re: questioning.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mandz,

Have you seen Rosie's video on the front page ? you would never know it was Rosie's first attempt, she has done a brilliant job!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz

Did you see the video on the front page of this blog?

I have also put it on our forum

Rosiepops Madeleine Video

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks and Mandz,

yes Rebelo is a friend of Riebiro!

I thinbk Rebelo knows these two are innocent, I think he is being forced to do this by the Portuguese government, to get them over the holiday booking period!

Just wouldn't credit it would you? Portuguese tourist industry before the life of a child and many others and more in the future, in my opinion!

Just off for a shower now!

Christabel said...


Well done with the video, it is very good and really touching to watch.

mark55 said...

The human remains found by the cadaver dog at the Jersey care home turns out to be a piece of cardboard . Ive been saying for months the scent of death is unreliable , nice to be proved right .What does this say for the evidence in the McCann case ?

Tulip said...

Thanks, Mark -- a short post but packed with implications!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mark55

Exactly! For months you have been saying this, I have been saying, experts have been saying it, we even had a trained dog handler posting on the DX board (copper_bottom) who was actually an anti, he said it too, but did those rabid dogs believe it? Oh know they would rather believe some nonsense that someone calling herself 'Tylersmum' wrote, because she would scan reams and reams of long political script from some obscure dark and dank corners of some dusty old office, until she found something that sort of backed up what they all *WANTED* to believe!

Mark, and there we have it, in a nutshell, it is all about what they want to believe and not what is actually fact!

I haven't forgotten how you dismantled impostordoc's argument on DNA either and exposed him for what he is a *medical impostor* who knew nothing about DNA, his arguments were solely based on crap he found on a website somewhere, he had no knowledge of the science and it was this that tripped him up *BIG* time! He can read what he likes on the internet but I have noted that his actual *working* knowledge of medicine is very poor.
The internet is a wonderful thing don't you think? Anyone can be who and what they want to be, I have noticed a strange phenomena, when people are choosing a profession for themselves for chat rooms, blogs, forums etc, they always choose to be doctors, scientists, solicitors, probation officers, even hot shot photographers that know all about cameras, lighting angles etc. Not only do they choose these professions, having settled on who they are going to be become, that is no longer enough, they then go one to embellish on that profession, they are almost never just an ordinary doctor or solicitor, beavering away behind the scenes, it turns out that these people are high in their professions ie "Head of a Neonatal Unit" who knows everything there is to know about DNA and forensic science or they are barristers, forensic scientists, or solicitors with a *second* career as probation officers and even a third string to their bows as experts with a camera! Why are these people never just a GP? Never just a doctor or nurse working away for the common good of people? It is absolutely laughable, yet there are the gullible *others* that sit back and believe every little thing they are told by these surfing impostors, they hold on to the alleged white coat tails on the hem of the posh suit and are whisked about the internet like some kind of scene out of the Snowman.

Anyway Mark, glad to see you posting again did you realise we now have a forum too? be really great to see you register there, take a look it is beginning to take shape very nicely. Hugh from the DX has just become a member too.

Rosie x

Tinkerbell43 said...

Morning All, I see TWS is running a new thread, 60 witnesses never saw Madeleine after 6pm 3rd May.

So, whats new, whats sinister about that. Why would anyone see Madeleine after 6pm ? Its common knowledge the children were back in the apartment around that time.

As for the 60 witnesses, how does anyone know what they have said, strange the stories are emanating from Portugal again, when the interviews are being done in the UK!!!

And why is it being reported these 60 witnesses are being reinterviewed at the request of the PJ. K & G had also requested 50 people to be reinterviewed.

Biased reporting coming out of Portugal AGAIN.

Bye for now.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Everyone

New Story Published today. Comments are welcome on that thread.

Thanks Rosie.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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