Sunday, 18 May 2008

60 Witnesses That "DID NOT" See Anything! (The Latest Contribution of Viv on her Hate Blog!)

By Rosiepopladipolntopidimospopos!

Working on the premise that the "Vile One" did actually read this somewhere and that it is true (one or the other or both may be completely untrue, of course. Please bear this in mind!)

Why would 60 witnesses see a child at that time anyway? What is the significance of that? The children were taken back to their apartment and were being bathed etc, so unless these 60 witnesses were all trooping along to K&G's apartment, why the bloody hell would they see the children?So these 60 witnesses never saw the twins either, what is the significance? They are still here!

'If' this was put out by the PJ it only goes to demonstrate just how bumbling, stupid and incompetent they actually are. How did they get these 60 witnesses? Did they run an advert?

"Will anyone that *didn't* see anything on the evening of May 3rd please contact the PJ?"

PMSL that would seem right, stupid morons. If witnesses *did NOT* see anything, then they are not really witnesses are they?

When we see police boards appealing for witnesses they don't say:

"Will anyone that DIDN'T see anything please contact the police" do they?

The PJ are a bloody joke, what an indictment, a third rate police force in a third world country. Really inspires you to book a holiday in Portugal and take your young family there doesn't it? - NOT.

I bet the Portuguese tourist board love people like the thick Vile and her even thicker gullible vilettes! I can just imagine the Portuguese tourist board reading her drivel and groaning "oh no, shut up you bloody fools"

LOL The PJ are a bunch of nincompoops and so is thicko vile and her thicker gullible vilettes. Can just imagine the buffoonish PJ going to court and producing 60 witnesses all testifying that they *DID NOT* see anything! ROTFLMAO Just imagine the look on the face of the judge as the prosecution call on 60 witnesses, who all troop in one after the other to say; "I didn't see Madeleine after 6pm on the evening of May 3rd" Err neither did I, does the PJ want me for a witness too I wonder? Still they could put virtually the whole of Portugal into the witness box because they didn't see her either! It shows how desperate, thick sick vile is, that she latches on to this bit of nonsense and tries to milk it for all that it is worth. The looking at something and being objectionable never entered her head. When she reads something she is not actually reading something to try and understand what is happening, or what is the bigger picture and where such a move would fit in, what she is doing is reading stuff and totally ignoring the bits she doesn't like and cherry picking the bits she does like, then she gets on her keyboard and turns one tiny meaningless paragraph into a book, reproduces it on her hate blog to look something like this:

Viv said.........

blah blah blah blah blah, blah blahblah blah blah, blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Viv x

Posted By Viv

Sunday 18th May 2008 (Cant give the time, as this self proclaimed camera expert, lighting and camera angle professor, also with expert knowledge of the time of day due to the position of the sun, despite the fact that she has no idea how the pool lies geographically has never quite mastered how to set the time on her blog yet!)

But at least we now know why it is that she leaves all these prolonged spaces between her paragraphs. (She has just discovered the scroll button!) Trouble is that the above "blah blah blah", actually makes more sense than she does! However, even more alarmingly, the blank spaces between her paragraphs tell us far more about her than what she actually writes! Vacuous; Vacuous; Vacuous!

However, I suppose to be fair we shouldn't forget the contributions of two of her minion vilettes;

Claudia Said.....

lololololol... lololol... lolol... lolololol.

Posted...... By Claudia

Sunday 18th May.....Time WhoTFK's?


Ana/Arsabliar/Marla/Amaral Lover Said....

Rosiepopladopilopadipdas stop drinking and stair the falling, you avatar donkey person.

Posted By .......Ana/Arsabliar/Marla/Amaral Lover

Sunday 18th May.....Time WTFK's?

Now people be very scared, because these are the people that another thicko vilette 'LittleGreyCell' (LGC, or Lonely Grey cell) says give up their free time to come and meet daily on the Hate blog, to discuss and debate the case of Madeleine and try to work out what happened! (Good job really, the PJ do need all the help they can get!)

On inspection, studying the record of the arguido police force (the PJ). I suppose it could be argued that the nonsense the thicko vilettes spill out daily on that place for 'certified nutters', is a step up from where the PJ actually are! (Worse than nowhere) Just a thought, we are informed that the PJ have to have a degree to become a detective, and as there hardly seems to be a detective in Portugal that does *NOT* have an arguido (suspect) status, or is *NOT* charged with a serious crime for which they are due to stand trial for; "Is it a prerequisite that all people applying to become members of the Portuguese police, have an actual arguido status?

On a sombre and more serious note and the reason why we are here (should those 'certified nutters' care to remember)

  • Rachel Charles
  • Rui Pedro
  • Joana Cipriano
  • 'Carolina Santos'
  • Madeleine McCann.....


Mum21 said...

Rosie, That is one fantastic post...and so very,very true.
The Vile and Vilettes are a great comedy act.
I wonder if they are taking bookings....

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mum

Thanks for that. ;-) You never know, inadvertently they could help boost Portugal's tourist numbers this year. People could take the tour of PJ police stations, they could look at where Leonor Cipriano *allegedly* fell down the stairs. See the dumbos at work and have a three hour lunch in the same place that Gonc had his famous long lunches in!

Christabel said...

This story is 3A's bullshit, with bits added on for good measure.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Christabel

Did you see the front page of our blog?

Just read that 3 A's thing, these people are a sandwich short of a picnic.

Do you think they all suffer from some kind of, Mass hysteria delusional problems?

I honestly do not think that there is one sane person posting on there or the Vile blog, they are all complete nutters!

Who is the air head making a meal out of people not seeing Madeleine? Why the hell would any of them see her? So what?

Again how did a paper get hold of this information?

Who is leaking out of the PJ yet again?

The Portuguese government should be sorting this out as it is obvious the Rebelo has no control and so much for the PJ's new political master 'Almeida Rodrigues', as his subordinates stick their middle fingers up at him, ignoring him and just merrily blabbing their fat gobs off.

I bet Rodrigues is not very happy at this latest leak of garbage to the Portuguese gutter press, it makes him and the PJ look like a bunch of prattish Keystone Kops.

I think I may write to Almeida Rodrigues and ask him, why it is that his detectives can impose a rigid secrecy law on Kate and Gerry, yet lazily stand by, and allow officers within the PJ to break these absurd secrecy laws and sell, oops sorry source, confidential witness statements to the Portuguese gutter press.

I wonder if Almeida Rodrigues officers are being paid by these papers for leaking all this rubbish and if so, how much?

This just worsens the PJ's already tarnished bungling image, how unprofessional are that bunch of nincompoops?

I wonder out of all the people that said they did not see the children after 6pm that evening, how many that said they did?

Or are they just choosing to ignore those replies?

Come on PJ do the job you are paid to do and *START* looking for Madeleine's abductors.

Note I say *START* because as far as we are aware, you haven't bothered to start looking for these abductors yet. It seems that sleeping babies abducted from their beds in Portugal is not serious enough for the PJ to start looking for them or their abductors, for ease and convenience, best just blame the parents or any other handy British person!

PJ get a grip will you, stop these stupid moronic leaks!

Christabel said...

Who got at Paulo Reis?
Certainly changed his tune, the pay must have been better!

Tuesday, 26 June 2007
My opinion about Gerry and Kate McCann
I don’t believe, as a journalist, that the McCann’s are, in any way, related with the abduction of Madeleine. I’ve been following this case, not only in the Web – I was also at Praia da Luz, for one week (May 17 to May 23). For the last two months, I also have followed the news on the Net very carefully and closely.

So, based on all the information I collected, either during my stay in Praia da Luz or in the Net, as a journalist, I CAN’T SEE THE SLIGHTEST EVIDENCE THAT GERRY AND KATE HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH HER DAUGTHER DISAPEARENCE.


As a human being, a common man, father of two boys (one, 22 years old, the other 11) let me tell you this: I was at an arm’s distance from the McCann’s, when they gave a Press Conference at Praia da Luz. I looked into the eyes of Kate McCann and I saw so much pain and suffering that I had to take a deep breath to control myself, to avoid tears coming to my eyes and not let emotion overcome me! I was shocked to see so much pain in her eyes and in her look! That's something that only people that has kids can understand and feel!
Publicada por Paulo Reis em 6:30:00 PM

Rosiepops said...

Ah you noticed that too!

I wonder how much Paulo Reis knows about chequebook journalism?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Bloody hell, what comic did Vile get this from or is she trying out a comic strip on behalf of LGC.

Great front page post Rosie, "would all those that didnt see anything on May 3rd please contact the PJ" Only the PJ could make those that didnt see anything a witness. ROTFLMAO.

Poor Madeleine never stood a chance!

Tinkerbell43 said...

They are speculating on TWS, that Murat was set up by the Tapas. Shame he was already an Arguido before the Tapas done their interviews!!

Tsk, they cant seem to get anything right over there!.

dianeh said...

IMO If RM has been set up, need to look no further than the 'beloved' PJ.

I still find it a coincidence that the first suspect is a Brit. I have no idea whether he was involved with Madeleine's disappearance but his naming of arguido could also be called 'hasty', as no evidence seems to have come to light to allow him to be charged either. Maybe named just to look as though some progress was being made. Who knows??? And we wont know until the secrecy laws are lifted.

That lot on the 'other blog' are in dreamland if they think the Tapas group have tried to set up RM. They just cant get past these conspiracy theories of theirs. What sort of people are Vile and the Vilettes that they think that friends will help to cover up the killing (accidental or otherwise) of a child. In the real world, people will not cover this sort of thing up. I know I wouldnt. Ask yourself, would you? And the answer, of course not.

Such stupid theories say more about the Vilettes than anything we could write.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Ana, if my post at 23:13 is joke of the year, then it was told by you or your buddy Alsabliar. You may not remember, it was in the days when she was trying to be a balanced poster to gain everyones trust.

BTW, there is only one joke of the year and that is the PJ, there is no contest.

Joke of the century has to be Viles headline yesterday, lol.

As I said, which you omitted when you copied my post, do you get anything right over there!

Mandz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandz said...

Hi All,

Rosie excellent video on the front page you're some girl!

Mandz said...

Not sure what the latest leak is however I’m not surprised there is another.
Lol is that how they catch alleged “criminals”…?! Sit on there fat asses and heehaw and think of a plot then call in the story tellers and then get the thick brainwashed people to believe it! Or look into my eyes 2345 “they are guilty”….lol…….& PMSL…

Mandz said...

You could knock knock knock all day on there heads and………….nobody in!
People who support the catalogue of errors made by the police are not interested in this little girl.
Kate and Gerry made one big mistake like others parents that day however “they” excuse the catalogue of errors which failed Maddie McCann in my opinion and other children still missing.

Mandz said...

They are speculating on TWS, that Murat was set up by the Tapas. Shame he was already an Arguido before the Tapas done their interviews!!

Tsk, they cant seem to get anything right over there!.

PMSL.....!!!!!!!! I thought it was CM who set him up!!!!!!!!!!! PMSL PMSL........WHATEVER NEXT...? WATCH THIS SPACE...

Mandz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandz said...

Strange how the other blog ignores these abducted children yet all they think about is Kate and Gerry McCann...? Justice for Who!

• Rachel Charles
• Rui Pedro
• Joana Cipriano
• 'Carolina Santos'
. Maddie McCann

Christabel said...

What a joke,
"no wonder they couldn't be bothered looking for Madeleine"
They are more bent than a U bend!


Portugal is becoming the new Gangster’s Paradise
By admin on January 12th, 2008

Portugal is well on its way to becoming the next Gangster’s Paradise. The increase in mafia style assassinations, grotesque rapes and sexual abuse of children, is according to the Portuguese Government lead by José Socrates, a small minor offence that does not require immediate imprisonment.

Last year the Portuguesa Governments released a very sketchy Penal Code aimed at improving the conditions in the country’s overcrowded prisons. The solution presented was very simple, let them out. Without further ado 115 criminals awaiting trial behind bars were released, one of which was being charged with sexually abusing and killing a disabled child.

The new laws, that only seem to satisfy the Government and the President, generated widespread controversy from Magistrates. The main concern is that the release of these criminals represents a very worrying threat to public safety. If all this wasn’t enough, the president of the SFJ (Sindicato dos Funcionários Judiciais) has warned that the new laws create a shield that excessively protects the criminal’s rights and in many cases even incapacitates further legal investigations.

Portugal is one of the poorest countries in Europe with an ever increasing unemployment rate. The country is always associated with negative news and the worst that happens in Europe, so do we also need to be number one in crime?

Christabel said...

It just gets better and better!

Yet another baby is born on the way to a maternity
By admin on January 7th, 2008

Portuguese are known for their excellent soccer stars and divine wines, but that isn’t all they are known for. Lively people, well experimented in the art of love making, for a Portuguese a quickie here and there is not only recommended, but an vigorous part of their culture. Pleasant nights or days spent practicing their tantric art in the backseat of a car, secluded beach or the public municipal gardens, is an ordained practice for all. It is no wonder that the Portuguese government has chosen to close a great part the countries maternities. If the little buggers like to screw in every space big enough to incubate two people then they shouldn’t mind giving berth there either.

This week another woman from Barcelos had her baby in the local clinic because she was unable to travel the 15 kilometers to the nearest maternity in Braga. The local fire Chief explained that this wasn’t an isolated case but the fourth time a baby was born in the way to Braga after the local maternity was closed last year.

Maybe we should close all the maternities except for the ones that serve the high ranks of the Portuguese society. The plebs should stay content with having children at home like in the good old days. If despite of these drawbacks, most still managed to have some ten or more children so the problem isn’t the hospitals but rather the people.

A nation filled with carpenters and tuff construction workers doesn’t need things like hospitals or doctors for that matter. Why waste money on such futile extravagances when those funds could be better invested in a beach-front house or the latest Mercedes. Ignorance I tell you. The only question I’m left pondering is, if the government threatened to close some of the many unprofitable soccer clubs what would the reaction be?

Mandz said...

Alsabliar et al(DX;2007) has lied on many many occasions even when we told her about the flooring however I suppose it does not matter because that lot would believe anything said against the McCann’s. There is no room for rational or logic in there small brains and they want to believe the worst. They want to believe that Kate and Gerry harmed their child hence they have spent day in day out over the year talking about how this little girl died which turns a sane person’s stomach to read but not there’s they want more gory theories. They choose to ignore experts who have spoken out at their disgust about this case and they deny police errors which failed this little girl aged 3 years in my opinion. They also ignore the possibility of “abduction” which I believe did happen but I cannot say 100% sure but if I’m wrong then no big deal I can live with that. Even from what we have all seen on TV and from what Kate and Gerry McCann themselves have told us etc to that lot it’s all untrue. The fact that it has been a year and no charges and still three suspects this does not ring alarm bells to them? The deliberate leak when the McCann’s went to Brussels does not make them sit up and take note! No they want to believe every sick gory theory they and others make up. They appear on the abductors side NOT Madeleine McCann’s aged 3 years taken from her bed and still sadly heartbreakingly missing…..

Justice for Maddie…….Let this be the day where there is a breakthrough...

Mandz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandz said...

Hi Christabel!

Unbelievable bloody unbelievable…….She didn’t stand a chance in that Country.

ps U-bend..Pmsl....!

chinadoll said...

Just read an old email that went into trash, saying that Old Hippy was around and posting again.

I'm not around much myslef Old Hippy - metaphorically speaking. However, could not pass up the chance to say 'hello' and brillllliant to see you, hear you, speak and chat to you, or whatever lol.

Main thing is that you are OK and even - best of all, posting again.

Goodnight Dear Old Hippy,

You have been sorely missed - have you seen anything of Dobywallah, by chance?

Rosiepops said...


Your Post cannot be the joke of the year, Ana/Arsabliar/Marla, is the joke of the year!

Her broken written English is getting worse as she tries harder to disguise who she really is, she is a joke through and through.

Saw it written somewhere that someone thought that Alsabella, is really no other that Felicia Cabrita, the female journalist who writes for gutter press SOL. I have no idea if she is or she isn't but it sure explains a lot of things!
In their opinion, they also said that her paper had ordered her to pull the blog, as they were scared of getting saddled with a libel suit, or be made to apologise and hand over at least £550.000 to the McCann's, as apparently most of her posts came from that paper and when she wasn't online herself, she had minions posting for her, this was how she was able to keep up the 24 hour postings, on her blog and the DX forum.

Felicia Cabrita was the journalist who managed to get all that confidential witness information, ie copies of statements, and witness names, addresses, mobile and home telephone numbers!

It was thought at the that there must have been a hefty payment handed over for such information, but the Portuguese government did nothing. It was rumoured that Goncalo Amaral was talked about too!

Here is even stranger, Goncalo Amaral's lawyer is non other that Dr Antonio Cabrita and he is supposed to be married to Felicia Cabrita!

Remember of course Goncalo Amaral is to face trial over the alleged torture of missing Joana Cipriano's mother Leonor, along with his bezzie mate Paulo Cristoavo!

Cosy isn't it?

Paulo Cristavo is the odious author who wrote 'Star of Joana' and 'Star of Madeleine'.

Looks like Leonor Cipriano will be released from prison fairly soon. She was convicted on evidence like this:

Her brother 'Jaoe' was seen walking up the road with a shopping bag so it was accepted by the court that he must have had Joana's body in in the bag.

No one looked inside the bag and the bag was never DNA tested, yet this was used to convict Leonor and her brother.

And blood was supposed to have been found inside the freezer and was said to have been Joana's, yet it was NEVER tested and NEVER even proved to be Joana's!

No wonder this will be ruled as a complete mistrial and totally ridiculous miscarriage of justice.

Good in Portugal isn't it? NOT.

Waves at Ana/Arsebella/Marla

(feel free to nick my avatar Ana)

Rosiepops said...


Well I would like to say that I am surprised, however, I am not.
It is obvious that Portugal has a scant regard for human life, especially that of the tender, the young and vulnerable.

A 3 year old gets abducted from her bed and the Portuguese reaction is to turn around and blame the parents, as long as they have a culprit, doesn't matter if they are innocent or not, they can save money and time by blaming the nearest and dearest!
Then there is more time and money left for their "Outdoor Pursuits!"

Now we know why their police take extraordinarily long lunches.

We also now have an explanation of the disregard shown to Portugal's unwanted Street children and child prostitution - apparently this all fits in with Portugal's "Outdoor Sports!"

How many of these children have simply disappeared after being abducted? Never entering the statistics because they have simply not been missed or reported as missing?

Portugal and PJ, you may have a disregard for your children, but we do not and we want to know what happened to little British girl Madeleine McCann?

And while you may think if you keep extending her parents arguido status and trying to blacken their characters with your dirty lies and smears and leaks, that eventually we will all shut up and go quietly away and forget about little Madeleine, forget it, "mates", it is *NEVER* going to happen.

You are about to discover first hand just how the British will NEVER just give up and go quietly away, we are funny about that!

Especially when they involve our children!

Rosiepops said...

Christabel Said:

"Portugal is well on its way to becoming the next Gangster’s Paradise. The increase in mafia style assassinations, grotesque rapes and sexual abuse of children, is according to the Portuguese Government lead by José Socrates, a small minor offence that does not require immediate imprisonment."


Madeleine McCann, did not stand a chance! No wonder Portugal does not have a sex offenders register, they simply do not believe that sexual crimes against children are bad!

Where the hell do you go with this? How do the McCann's get the PJ to take the abduction of their child serious and START looking for her?

Christabel, well done for bringing these to our attention, they are truly sickening, please would you also put them on our forum, people MUST be made aware of what is happening in Portugal, especially if they are taking their children on holiday there!

Personally I would not go there if it were an all expenses paid luxury holiday in the best hotel in the country! I would be terrified that something would happen to the children and then I would be scared that I would end up getting the blame for it!

Christabel said...

Ha Ha WIB,

Quaking in me boots!!!

considering this is from the Portuguese themselves it shows they are not all followers or sheep!

"Portugal is well on its way to becoming the next Gangster’s Paradise".

Got some great pic's taken all around Pria de Luz on the 8th May, some real eye openers, especially in and around the church.
Nice one of Murat in a cafe too!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie, you are so right, poor Madeleine didnt stand a chance.

The McCs did make an error of judgement, call it complacency, call it a false sense of security, call it what you will but nobody could have predicted this outcome and they nor Madeleine deserved it.

Nobody has the right to steal a child, be it a child walking home from school, playing just out doors and particularly from the safety of their bed. Jeez, if a child cannot be safe in their bed, where can they be.

If it weren't for the lowlife that took Madeleine, she would still be with her mummy and daddy today.

I cannot understand these parents that want to inflict even more pain on Gerry & Kate, by doing this they are tolerating the act of child abduction the most heinous of crimes. There should be zero tolerance, these monsters dont need people making excuses for them, they need to be hunted down before it is somebody elses child making the headlines.

I wouldnt feel safe going to Portugal, imo a lot of things are being swept under the carpet and as a tourist I would feel extremely vulnerable. The little we know is only because of Madeleines plight, what else is there that we dont!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Has anyone heard whether Kate & Gerry are returning for the reconstruction.

I understand Guilhermino Encarnacao has allegedly said the reconstruction is important but its not crucial to the investigation. Well I should hope its not crucial, otherwise why the hell is it only being carried out 13 months down the line.

It was crucial when Gerry & Kate REQUESTED it last year, when everyones recollections would have been much clearer, but no, something that could have assisted the investigation, thrown up new leads into what may have happened to Madeleine was denied by the PJ! WHY ?

Rosiepops said...

All I hear is the PJ wittering on about this reconstruction, from what I can gather is that if this is just for police files, then Kate and Gerry will not do it, if it was for the general public I think they have said they will cooperate.

What I find is appalling is these thick PJ are so bloody callous and cold hearted, they simply cannot understand how badly this will effect Kate and Gerry, especially Kate, who is in a frail state.

What else do you expect from a country that doesn't see child abuse as urgent?

Appalling place, apparently according to reports, crime is rife, the police and other authorities beat women and children, they do not see child sexual abuse as important enough to be urgent.

Then they turn around and say that they have not got a bad human rights record?

They .....are....'avin'...a...larf!

Who would want to go on holiday in Portugal?

Not me that is for sure!

Rosiepops said...


this is the whole point isn't it, while the PJ have messed about, they have allowed Madeleine's abductors to get away with this sickening.

This is a terrifying indictment on Portugal!
I just hope to God that no other child is taken and that no other family of forced to go through the hell the McCann's are going through, it is absolutely soul destroying to watch them.

Christabel, thank God all in Portugal are not walking around with their heads up their backsides and can see what is happening there!

Sass said...

Guess what - Betty and Isis are complaining about us on the forum that is competing with Vile's for the sickest on the Net - yup! The 3Arguidos, the forum for people who find the blood, guts and gore theories on Vile's too tame.

Apparently we are xenophobic and racist because we don't talk about the wonders of Portugal.

They forgot to mention that the post they are in uproar about didn't come from here originally, but from a Portuguese poster on a different site.

What a bunch of morons they really are - very surprised and disappointed at Isis. What happened there? She used to come here and chat and now this?

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at a bunch of people who delight in even sicker theories than Vile's bunch and spend all day patting each other on the back. Winner of the day is whoever has found a really sick theory to make people throw up.

Sass said...

Oh yeah, then they spent ages talking about us and saying we do nothing but talk about them! MORONS

Rosiepops said...

4 Portugal, while you are writing, perhaps you would like to put your brain in gear and actually read the posts, nowhere does it say that Carloina Santos is dead and this is why you see her name in inverted commas and italics.
No go away.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Everyone

Been out all day.

Betty and Isis, the reasons why I do not talk about the wonders of Portugal because in my opinion there are not that many.

I have no time for a country that is in denial about innocent babies being abducted from their beds.

That has abductions and murders that could be linked and the wonderful third rate PJ, do bugger all about them.

What is so wonderful about a country who admits they have a problem with police and other authorities beating women and children? By the way, you can ask Ana about that it was her that first posted on the one of the sickest sites on the internet, you know the ones you post on. (Says a lot about your mentality doesn't it?)

Portugal the wonderful that has child prostitution and street children and does nothing about them? (You may like to ask how many of these kiddies are going missing and not being missed or reported!)

Portugal the wonderful that thins child abuse and child sexual abuse, is only a small problem?

You two need to go and get a few facts.

Meanwhile, in case you had forgotten, Madeleine McCann is still missing (like Joana Cipriano), she is the little British girl that was abducted as she lay sleeping in her bed and the PJ didn't bother to search properly for her, they just took the easy option and tried to blame her parents.

Meanwhile she could be kept hostage with God knows what happening to her, so excuse me if I do not show and reverence for Portugal and their disgustingly inept police force.

You can if you want to, in fact if you both think it is so wonderful why not go and live there? But be prepared for out of control crime and a gangster society and high unemployment and be prepared to live on the poverty line.

Rosiepops said...

Re Portugal 7th and Britain 49th

As normal the Portuguese posters on these blogs state only the things they want to believe and completely ignore anything else.
(Just like the McCann case)

The website this was taken from states it is not a very scientific report, here is a paragraph taken from that website:

"Gavin Hayman, director of campaigns for Global Witness, a non-governmental organization that lobbies against corruption and human rights abuse, said the results were slightly skewed.

“The people who did this study only look at peace and the absence of war, and this approach may throw up some perverse readings,” he said."

Get that you dopey idiot, the people that did that study only looked at peace and war.

They did not look at child abductions from their beds, police brutality where they beat women and children etc etc etc.

See The Bits That The Biased Portuguese Poster Missed!

(No wonder they did not prodie the link, lying coward)

By the way Britain has many problems but at least we admit to them and try to do something about them. Also a lot of our crimes are now committed by NON British nationals, great isn't it?

What we *DO NOT* tolerate is corruptness in our police and we *DO NOT* allow them to beat women into confessing to crimes they did not commit.

Also we *DO NOT* allow members of our police force to carry on working while they are charged and due to appear in court to answer serious charges.

They get suspended.

Wanna talk some more about Portugal?

Half the bloody police force in Portugal are arguidos for something or another!

Looks like this 7th position has been sorted out by the same lot that said the PJ were third best in the world! Third rate police force in a third world country, seems about right!


Portugal is becoming the new Gangster’s Paradise
By admin on January 12th, 2008

Portugal is well on its way to becoming the next Gangster’s Paradise. The increase in mafia style assassinations, grotesque rapes and sexual abuse of children, is according to the Portuguese Government lead by José Socrates, a small minor offence that does not require immediate imprisonment.

Last year the Portuguesa Governments released a very sketchy Penal Code aimed at improving the conditions in the country’s overcrowded prisons. The solution presented was very simple, let them out. Without further ado 115 criminals awaiting trial behind bars were released, one of which was being charged with sexually abusing and killing a disabled child.

Mandz said...


Well one would have to define what they mean by “safest” and what variables/ factors were used in this research?

I would imagine Iraq would be at the bottom but I would feel more safe there than “Portugal”.

"Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics"
eh?! Don’t believe everything you read and take it as "fact". Lol...

Mandz said...

When is Joana's mother going to trial? Surly the suspects (police) involved have been up in front of the judges and now its Joana's mothers turn to hear her side…?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz

I found the website they used. I just put the link in my post, turns out that the study was unscientific and results were based on the fact that the countries were judged on whether the country was involved in a war and whether it was likely to succumb to a terrorist attack!

Read what this person said about it:

“The people who did this study only look at peace and the absence of war, and this approach may throw up some perverse readings,” he said."

Why are these Portuguese posters so disingenuous? They are so keen to bolster their own country that they are willing to mislead and misrepresent the facts!

Who else does that in Portugal? Oh I know that third rate police force of theirs, the PJ.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Its not us thats amongst you 4P, its the predators that prey on little children that are being allowed to run free you need to be concerned about!

Go and do something useful, encourage your Government to get a sex offenders register!

Rosiepops said...


I think her legal team are awaiting the outcome of Fat Lardy Boy's trial (Goncalo Amaral).

If as suspected he and Paulo Cristaovo and the three others are found guilty, then her legal team, will ask for a retrial or an appeal in Portugal. If they are not found guilty then her case is going to the European Court Of Human Rights, where her case as already been registered.

'Paulo Cristaov' you will remember is the odious ex PJ turned journalist/author, who like to make money off of the backs of innocent little girls who are still missing! And is also hoping to make even more money out of the case of Madeleine being made into some sick soap in Portugal!
Amazing isn't it, not only is he allowed to make money like this, he is actually allowed to profit from an investigation he is due to stand trial in court for very soon.

And then people wonder why we do not like Portugal too much!

Rosiepops said...

4 P 1st and last warning.

Stop using block capitals you idiot, or you will have your posts deleted, mind your manners, this is not the sick site you normally post on.

I have *never* said Carolina Sanchos was murdered.

Carolina Sanchos was nearly abducted from her garden outside the cafe' where her parents were working, fortunately thank God, they caught up with the man and got her back.

This happened just 30 miles from where Madeleine was abducted from and just 4 months before Madeleine was abducted!

Her parents thought that there may be a connection, I think there may be a connection too, but apparently the PJ have got their heads up their a*ses as usual.

They told the PJ this but the PJ were *not* interested, now why are we not surprised about that?

By the way, why do you think her name was in inverted commas and in Italics on the front page? For fun?

4portugal said...

I will not pronounce myself on what I beleive happened to Madeleine, because there has still not been a trial.

My issue with you is not your views on the McCanns and instead how you use that as an excuse to say horrible untrue things about our country.

We were good to the McCanns. The people in the Algarve helped look for Madeleine and were supportive of the McCanns. Yet you repay us by inventing lies and insulting our country. You treat us as if we were an inferior race on your blog, when you do not even know our nation. That is what I take issue with and that is what I fight against.

4portugal said...

I have received a reply to my information on who the child was being used. The parents are outraged and cannot believe there could be people so evil in this world to do that.

Rosiepops said...

4 P

We are not inventing lies about Portugal, we are telling the truth.
If you do not like what we are saying, that is a matter for you and your government.

We are fed up of Portuguese posters coming on blogs and forums etc and slagging us off, which has been done on countless occasions.

Yes some of your country-folk have been very good to the McCann's, however it is not they we have an issue with, we have issues with your police force, and the lies, leaks and smears they leak to your gutter press.

We have issues with a few of your posters who rant daily against the these parents and hurl abuse at them.

If you think we have a tainted opinion of Portugal, it has only happened because of the way some of your countryfolk have ranted and raved and behaved and your police force, if you do not like the image that they are giving your country then tell them to stop the abuse and put pressure on your policed to stop treating these parents so appallingly.

Mandz said...


What about the Countries they left out of the study? And I notice they use the word appear quite a lot and “we selected” Iceland! Tee/hee a true measure eh?!

"Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics"



The Peace Index has been criticised for not including indicators specifically relating to violence against women and children. Riane Eisler, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, argued that, "to put it mildly, this blind spot makes the index very inaccurate." She mentions a number of specific cases, including Egypt, where she claims 90% of women are subject to genital mutilation, China, where, she says, "female infanticide is still a problem," and Chile, where 26% of women "suffered at least one episode of violence by a partner, according to a 2000 UNICEF study."[12]

Tinkerbell43 said...

Well 4P that rather depends on the content of your email to them doesnt it!

If you have portrayed a site that is trying to support a family and their missing child as Evil, then I can imagine the response you got, if indeed you got one.

Now, is there anything else you would like to say, because if you are here to defend your police force then you are wasting your time.

Rosiepops said...

4 P

Well perhaps you had better email them back and tell them you told them a pack of lies, you half brain.

Nowhere on this site does it say that Carolina was murdered, you stupid sicko, no go away and learn how to read before you pass judgement.

4portugal said...

Well Rosiepops, dozens more of your own countrymen and women "rant daily against the these parents and hurl abuse at them". Did you start a hate campaign against your own nation? No, you did not.

Instead of using this site to try to promote awareness of abductions or as a site that supports the parents this is a site used to try to convince people that the McCanns are innocent because Portugal is bad. I have seen many things written here that are not even directly related to her disappreance. So why bring it up? The rage on this site against our entire nation is completely unfounded and unnatural.

Mandz said...

Hi Rosie!

Well said!

4portugal said...

I never said anything about you stating she was murdered. Do not try to turn the table around. I have snapshots of the site with my posts which I forwarded to the parents. I said that she was never MISSING. MISSING. Which some on your site posted she was. I believe it was the poster, Mandz.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie, half brain ? its not like you to exaggerate.

Tinkerbell43 said...

4P (WIB) if you are referring to the post on here, you will see CS name is in inverted comma's, the rest are not, why do you think that is ?

Mandz said...

4P this is my post and where does it say missing?

Strange how the other blog ignores these abducted children yet all they think about is Kate and Gerry McCann...? Justice for Who!

• Rachel Charles
• Rui Pedro
• Joana Cipriano
• 'Carolina Santos'
. Maddie McCann

19 May 2008 17:38

Rosiepops said...

No I do not wage a hate campaign against my own nation.

But I do take to task half wits like you who constantly abuse these parents and please don't say that you don't, I know who you are and where you post. Are you so ashamed of it that you cannot be honest?

Rather like the PJ in that respect aren't you?

I take to task people that theorise on a daily basis having some kind of sick contest who can come up with the most gruesome theory of how her parents killed this little child.

I will do that no matter where they come from, British, Portuguese, American, where ever.

By the way I don't want to disappoint you, but the people of your sick opinions are very few and far between in this country and the McCann's have support for the majority of people.

Perhaps you should not take as representative, the idiots on your blog, who have nothing better to do than to sit around conducting a witch hunt against two grieving parents?

Half your police are arguidos for some crime or another, no wonder they let them keep working, if they suspend all the police that were arguidos, there would not be many left.

By the way why is it that you can come here and comment and we are not allowed to comment on your sick blog? Not that I would want to, because it makes me feel dirty to even read it.

No Nanday fly home to your dirty cage.

4portugal said...

You have included the poor child's name amongst children that are either known to be dead or missing. Thankfully this little child is home with her parents. Would you like to see your children's name amongst missing or dead children when she was home safely? Put yourself in her parent's shoes if you can. You will see I have a point.

Tinkerbell43 said...

4P (WIP) personally I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill, I'm more interested in a little girl that is not at home safely with her parents and I would like to know what your police force have done today to find her.

4portugal said...

"But I do take to task half wits like you who constantly abuse these parents and please don't say that you don't, I know who you are and where you post. Are you so ashamed of it that you cannot be honest?"

If you knew who I was and where I posted you would know that I have never publically stated what I think happened to Madeleine because I was not there. Obviously I have my opinion, but I chose to leave it to myself. I would not even post about it if it weren't for the fact that I am tired of the hate campaign that is being promoted.

So if you can see who I am, make sure you see properly.

Mandz said...


You have no point whatsoever and you know it or no hope for you. As I said where did I say she was MISSING MISSING MISSING…? Please show me this post..?

Rosiepops said...

4 P

Nowhere on this blog does it say she is missing.

So you can have all the "snapshots" you like, you poor deluded fool.

Now what part of "attempted abduction" do you not understand?

4portugal said...

"Half your police are arguidos for some crime or another, no wonder they let them keep working, if they suspend all the police that were arguidos, there would not be many left."

This is an example of your lies. You really must be careful with what you state because they can get you in very serious trouble. I suggest for your own safety you change "half" to "a few". I am sure you know the blogs are all being monitored.

Rosiepops said...

4 P

Why are you making silly references as to who you are and what you have said?

Anyone can say they are anything, I could say "I am a doctor in charge of a neonatal unit in south Africa. So what?

By the way we have something installed on this site, so we do know who you are and where you are posting from.

As for your opinion, I think it is obvious, what your opinion is, no matter what you write.

4portugal said...

I forwarded the snapshots of the site, and the response was outrage. If you choose to leave it, that is not my problem. Deal with the consequences then. You are, I assume, big girls/boys.

Mandz said...


Don’t try and turn the tables your point was I said she was “missing” now it’s I’ve put her name with children who are missing or dead? Make up your mind?

I never said anything about you stating she was murdered. Do not try to turn the table around. I have snapshots of the site with my posts which I forwarded to the parents. I said that she was never MISSING. MISSING. Which some on your site posted she was. I believe it was the poster, Mandz.
You have included the poor child's name amongst children that are either known to be dead or missing. Thankfully this little child is home with her parents.
Would you like to see your children's name amongst missing or dead children when she was home safely? Put yourself in her parent's shoes if you can. You will see I have a point.

4portugal said...

I have no problem with you knowing where I post from or even my name. I have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong. You, on the other hand, are a very paranoid group. I am starting to believe that perhaps you may not be racist, and instead have some type of other problem.

Mandz said...


Lol whatever.....!

Rosiepops said...

Oh dear I am shaking with fear, shaking so hard my mineral water is spilling out of its glass.

go away with your childish threats, I could not give a twopenny damn about you or your stinking police force.

Is it not true then that PJ Goncalo Amaral, ex PJ Paulo and 3 Cristaovo and 3 other members of the PJ are up in court soon, to answers charges that they tortured a witness into confessing? That they withheld evidence of this torture?

Any news of Casa Pia yet? Any Portuguese politicians, Police or celebrities found guilty yet?

Tinkerbell43 said...

4P why do you have the same IP address as another poster ?

Rosiepops said...

The only problem we have are with silly immature people that come over here from the hate blog and start making stupid childish threats and cannot even be brave enough to post under the ID that everyone knows them under.

Mandz said...


I know what your problem is however it would take too long to explain because you just "don't get it". I suggest you sit on your bottom and stop talking.

4portugal said...

No Portuguese politicians or police have ever been associated to the Casa Pia situation. A former diplomat from Salazar's time was and a former television celebrety. Although the case is still in the courts, personally, I find them both disgusting. However, as the case is not yet over, I will not pronounce myself on anything else regarding them.

Why the insults, Rosiepops? Why bring up Casa Pia? Do you want me to retaliate by mentioning what happened in Jersey? How does that help missing children? Whatever you say, it is obvious that you are full of hate for everything Portuguese. You cannot even mask it. What a shame. People that hate normally cannot think clearly.

4portugal said...

Tinkerbell. I am at home on my personal computer, so unless it is possible for an internet provider to have more than one person with the same IP address, what you say is completely impossible.

4portugal said...

The hate blog? There is another blog with more hate than this one?

Mandz said...

Anyone can say they are anything, I could say "I am a doctor in charge of a neonatal unit in south Africa. So what?
PMSL...!!!!!!!!! Rosie!!

Tinkerbell43 said...

4P, ok whatever you say, I KNOW different. But I'll leave it there.

4portugal said...

Impossible Tinkerbell, but to me it does not matter. I am not in South Africa like Rosiepops posted.

Mandz said...


P for Prat there you go we all know now.

4portugal said...

Mandz, you are very strange.

4portugal said...

Good bye for now. I am off to enjoy a night at the discotec! Tomorrow is a holiday.

Tinkerbell43 said...

4p and what about the hate campaign that is being promoted against the McCanns, what do you say about that, or is the reputation of your Country more important ?

What we say on here, has no impact on your life or the lives of your compatriots at all, yet 2 people who have had no charges brought against them are being subjected to a vicious hate campaign a lot of which is the result of the leaks and smears that emanated from your PJ, what do you say about that ?

Mandz said...


I would rather be strange than stupid.

Rosiepops said...

Mandz if 4 P sat on their bottom, they would have to stop talking, or they would sound a bit muffled,

Mandz said...

Tinks it's always the same with that lot Country over a missing child.

Looks like we have Alsa, Claw Ana et al...!

Tinkerbell43 said...


Yep, again it came over loud and clear! No concern whatsoever about Madeleine.

Rosiepops said...


To say nothing of the hate campaign waged against anyone that stands up and speaks out about what is really going on in Portugal.

If that were my country and my police force I would be deeply ashamed of the way it has treated two people who have had their child abducted.

I would be incensed at the lies and leaks and smears.

In fact the whole country here would be up in arms forcing out government to listen and to act and forcing an inquiry.

But this country is a democracy and Portugal only plays at being a democracy.

I am just waiting for the time that Tunny Fat Boy Gonc goes to prison for his part in the alleged torture of Leonor Cipriano.

Mandz said...

Rosie Lol!!

Tinks & Rosie!

Did she/he miss the point or what..? Lol..

Rosiepops said...

Ranaldo Has Just missed a penalty in a penalty shoot out!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Just popping over to the forum, I'll say goodnight incase you are gone when I get back.

Take care, hopefully see you tomorrow x

Rosiepops said...

Tinks and Mandz

As ever no concern for Madeleine, the only concern shown is for the PJ and what people think of Portugal!

Rosiepops said...

Night Tinks,

Just reading my emails!

Night mandz

take care both xxx

Rosiepops said...

This has to be the funniest thing I have read.

Can anyone tell me how that thick as two short planks pRat On The Beam, got to teach people in a college? What a completely thick moronic woman this is.

She runs off at the mouth, she outs people then gets upsets when she gets outed. She insults, abuses and partakes in a hate blog and a hate forum, she threatens to out Clarence Mitchell for something better known to her stupid self.
She announces on the internet that he is taking his two children to a football match and gives the date. She drags his children and wife into her foul postings of the DX and the hate Blogs.

She tells everyone she knows
Gerry McCann and makes hate fuelled threatening posts about him.
She tells everyone where she lives and works and then wonders why people are able to trace her through the details she herself put on the net ie a blogsite which carries all her details.
she regularly makes racist comments about gypsies etc etc etc

And the she gets the hump about a true piece of news that one of our posters found and posted here.

Then she realised she had read the posts incorrectly and had told everyone this poster had written this, when it was quite clear she hadn't. So to save her stupid red face, she then tells everyone that poster was posting this work as her own.

err no she wasn't, she had actually included these details in her post:


Portugal is becoming the new Gangster’s Paradise
By admin on January 12th, 2008

Err how can our poster have posted this work as her own when she has included the details where she got them from?

give it up you think head rat and try actually reading the post first and by the way when you contact Google with your stupid nonsense, can you ask them why the the Justice For Maddie and the Twins site run by your evil cow of mate psycho Viv, thinks it is ok to say that "Madeleine looks like she has been sexually abused and when they stopped making money out of her, he parents killed her?"

No comparison really is here you thick head.

By the way would anyone want this person pRat On The Beam, teaching their kids? I know I sure as hell wouldn't, apart from the fact she is obvious compulsive, idiotic, stupid and thick, she is also so evil and consumed with hate because I hear Gerry McCann once knocked her back for Kate, that she makes hate filled posts directed.

Rat get a life you moron.

Mandz said...

Whatever next Rosie? Lies lies and more lies that’s all we ever get when they come on. Would love to see this “snapshot” of the phantom post! Lol…
How did ratheprat miss the link in the post?! Well I guess thick as two short planks come to mind.

Mandz said...

Getting back to what is important what are the police doing to find this little girl who was taken from her bed...?

Mandz said...

Message from Gerry and Kate

Gerry and Kate would like to thank all those who have taken the trouble to call or email with support and information. We have been taken aback by the level of your response. Thank you, it means so much to us. If you haven’t had a response yet, please don’t worry – someone from the team will be in touch shortly.
If you gave a statement to anyone during the course of the investigation into Madeleine’s abduction, we’d be really grateful if you could contact us so that we can follow up every last piece of information.
Keep going Kate and Gerry you deserve a medal for what you have been put through.

Mandz said...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008
Madeleine McCann - one year on

One year on, Madeleine McCann is still missing but the worldwide attention generated by her parents, Kate and Gerry, as well as the international media has helped bring to light an often overlooked problem. The campaign is continuing to help child causes and the McCanns show no intention of giving up.

There were many people present at the one year mass, including Madeleine's extended family.

Last year, a small Portuguese town’s search for a British girl who went missing during a family vacation broadened into a global quest. But one year after Madeleine McCann disappeared in Praia da Luz, she is still counted among the many thousands of children worldwide who vanish without a trace.

The disappearance of Madeleine, who was a few days short of turning 4 when she went missing May 3, 2007, has engaged public sympathy across continents, and advocates of improved child protection measures are harnessing the attention to press their case for change. Ernie Allen, president of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a nonprofit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, says the McCanns’ high-profile campaign to find their daughter has helped galvanize international efforts.

"You have these transcendent cases that capture the attention of the media and people around the world and as tragic as they are, they shine a spotlight on the problem, and we need to be ready to seize those opportunities to make fundamental changes,“ Allen said in a telephone interview.

Madeleine’s parents, Kate and Gerry – both doctors from central England – built a worldwide online campaign that recruited public help for their search. "Harry Potter“ author J.K. Rowling and soccer star David Beckham were among celebrities who made appeals, and a meeting at the Vatican with Pope Benedict XVI further amplified their efforts.The McCanns sustained the momentum even after Portuguese police named them as formal suspects in September. They deny any wrongdoing, and the investigation remains open.

The McCanns have used their fame to press for the adoption of an early warning system for child abductions in Europe. Gerry McCann traveled to the U.S. in June to view a national program for such emergencies. The Amber Alert system, which quickly airs descriptions of missing children and suspects, was adopted throughout the U.S. in 2003. It helped recover 68 kidnapped children in 2007 and several hundred over the past five years. Australia and Canada have similar programs.

Keep fighting McCanns....Don't let these evil people who took her get away with this...



To send your peaceful vibes and prayers to Madeleine, wherever she may be, please visit my blog. Please turn on the sound, also.


Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Kirsty,

Will take a look, can you advise your blog addy ?


Sass said...



Rosiepops said...

Hi Mandz

Brilliant post 14.15.

Despite the dreadful trauma they are going through and the torture they are enduring day upon day upon day, not knowing what has happened to their daughter, they have used their fame to raise the profile of other missing children.

The disgusting and spiteful way the PJ are acting is only servicing to damage further Portugal's damaged reputation.

I believe that someone in the Madeleine case corruption is rearing its head and it needs to be rooted out and the culprits caught, because until this happens the abductors of Madeleine will never be caught.

I think the PJ are an absolute disgrace in the way they have handled this case and I think the Portuguese government needs to get its head out of the sand and force the PJ to sort this out and remove the arguido status from these parents, it is inhumane and ridiculous, over a year has passed and the Pj are no further on, what are they a bunch of half wits?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie I agree with both you and Mandz.

Its scandalous, that these poor parents are having to beg for witnesses to come forward to them because they are not being told anything by the PJ.

Gerry has said recently, that he feared the police files will never be made public because of exemptions applying to the release of information in serious cases such as child trafficking.

He said if trafficking is mentioned then the files will remain secret forever, the same with organised crime. He said for them thats certainly a possibility with Madeleine.

No wonder they are trying to compile there own evidence and are urgently appealing for witnesses to come forward even if they have spoken to the police already.

Whats the alternative, all the information the police have collected so far, could be lost for ever! Where does that leave Madeleine. Now I understand why they desperately need these witnesses to come forward.

Personally, I believe this is to do with child trafficking, I remember a Portuguese Lawyer saying previously, the secrecy period could only be extended in major enquiries such as those involving terrorism and organised crime.

IMO Its obvious, one way or another these files are not going to be made public. How convenient!

dianeh said...

Surely there needs to be some proof of child trafficking to keep the secrecy order enforced. That would mean evidence. And I would also then assume that this means they have been able to rule out a predatory paedophile, and involvement by the parents.

It cant go both ways, it cannot be about child trafficking, if the crime was committed by a lone predatory paedophile or by a family member. That is just common sense.

This is very strange. But I completely agree that if the files are going to stay secret, then the McCanns need to get as much info as possible to have some hope of finding Madeleine.

mark said...

Mark 55 says ,

The article below from a named portuguese source confirms what we on this blog believe is happening. I wonder what the vile blog make of this ?

Portuguese police are now coming under pressure to make public the case files which, under judicial secrecy laws, currently remain closed.
The President of the Portuguese Order of Lawyers, Antonio Marinho e Pinto, told the BBC: "There are strong reasons to fear that judicial secrecy is being used... to conceal the fact that the police have gone down a blind alley and don't have a way out."

calcite51 said...

Mark, thanks for the link to the article - very intersting. The OTHER blog won't pay any attention to this story from a reputable paper - they'd rather be reading the garbage on 24 Horas - and I can almost guarantee you it is garbage. There are a lot of comments in the article from Clarence - I can't imagine Clarence giving this rag the time of day never mind comments IMHO.

Mandz said...

Hi Mark!

Brilliant, just what we have been saying and banging on about since last year.

Sadly in my opinion they took the easy option at the time which was to blame this British couple who left their children alone which does not go down well with most parents however once the story was out and circumstances told of what they did and how far they were eating and the type of complex they were staying at MW Complexes where parents leave their children etc sympathy poured in. This affected people world wide in some way or another therefore people were watching this tragedy unfold and the tragic way this couple were treated in my opinion. In my opinion this has backfired on the police who are digging a massive hole for themselves. One way or another the McCann’s top lawyers I hope will find a way around the Portuguese legal system and reveal the truth and shove this secrecy bull shit aside. The world is watching and people can see exactly what is happening and the world is still looking for Maddie despite the disgraceful attempts to stop this (in my opinion).

Where and what has happened to this little girl..? We want/demand to know what YOU LOT are doing to find this little girl take from her bed last year??? If anyone has information then hand it over to the McCann Team who WILL FOLLOW this UP. Let this be the day someone tells where she is.

4portugal said...

Not one word on this blog about the little girl that starved to death in a so-called first world country. How come? If it were in Portugal you would be posting one mile a minute.

Rosiepops said...

Now why is that do you think?

Look at the title of this blog, it will give you a clue.

4portugal said...

Why do I think you don't mention her?

Because you do not have a heart.

Tinkerbell43 said...

4P, and you appear more concerned about your countries reputation then the life of a little girl that went missing from her bed in your country.

Rosiepops said...

Why haven't I got a heart because I have not mentioned a child that has nothing to do with what we are talking about?

Now stay on topic or find some
place else to post. slink back off to the hole you have just come from.

Christabel said...

Hi rosie and tinks,
have the PJ done anything today?
Can you believe the crap from 24 horrors?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks,

You got that right.

Portugal is more concerned their tourist industry than they are with children who are abducted from their bed.

I wonder why the likes of P 4 finds it difficult to talk about Portugal's streets children, or their child prostitutes? By child prostitutes I mean those under 12 being forced to have sex with old men, but those that pimp off of them.

Why P 4 is on here worrying about our children when they have their own to worry about is telling.

Portugal is a have for paedophiles, well done Portugal.

If I were P 4 I would be on at my government about the level of corruption, their high and rising unemployment and the way their politicians think it is ok for police and others in authority to beat women and children up and then explains it as a minor crime and not worth worrying about!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Christabel

That's just it I do not believe the date in 24 Horas! Another bunch of corrupt liars, probably paid by the government to print this garbage.

The really funny thing is that because the PJ and the Portuguese government and judges etc are able so easily to pull the wool over *some* Portuguese people's eyes, they think that they can do it to us too! Then they are genuinely surprised to learn that anyone with half a brain knows what they are up to and simply thinks they are a complete joke!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosie & Christabel,

Back soon!

Christabel said...

well said I also think *some* Portuguese people "think" they can easily pull the wool over our eyes lol.

mark55 said...

It seems the portuguese do not have a lot of respect for the law .
The following is taken from an article in the guardian last week after the portuguese prime minister was asked to put his cigarette out on a plane . He had recently brought in a law banning smoking on planes...

As parliamentary deputies rushed to condemn the socialist PM's "shameful" violation of his own laws, he claimed - somewhat unconvincingly - that he had not quite understood that his ban on smoking in public meant that he should not be smoking in public.
"I didn't think I was breaking the law," he said. "I thought I could smoke. I always did before. Unfortunately, this has generated controversy and I am regretful."

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mark

Did you realise we have a forum too?

Would be great to see you there.

rosie x

Rosiepops said...


One rule for them and another for everyone else! What's new? politicians live in fantasy worlds!

The difference between the Portuguese and us, is that we have a go openly about our politicians, police and other authorities if we suspect wrong doing, corruptness etc and we keep it up until something is done about it.

The Portuguese just seem downtrodden and oppressed and just appear to blithely accept everything and do not question.

This is NOT good in a democracy, in a democracy if the people do not question, then pretty soon there is no democracy, just a pseudo dictatorship. IMO

Mandz said...

4P (alsabliar claw et al)

Look at the front page to see exactly what this blog is about. Yet again you fail to read properly and “understand”.
Who exactly are you for 4P……? Why have you come on a blog about this little girl her parents and yet you never mention her..? You are NOT interested in this little girl -Country over missing child tut tut – you are heartless.

Rosiepops said...

Amazing this on the vile hate blog, they are so intent on ridiculing us over little or nothing that happened on a now defunct blog a month ago, that they allow post like this piece of filth to go unchallenged.

"Can you believe this pervert

Ecolab said...
Am I the only one, who wonder, whether Madeleine has been handcuffed (armwrist strapped)??
Odd marks

strapped down

Very odd injuries - belonging to the "private"life"

Sunday, 25 May 2008 18:44:00 o'clock BST

This Ecolilab seems to have a very unhealthy obsession with this child and perhaps Vile would do best to think about removing this filth?

But what do we expect when she writes posts like this herself?

Something very very wrong with her and this ecolilab, they seem unnaturally obsessed with this kind of thing regarding this child.

Again it is noted that they would rather do anything but remember why they are supposed to be on that filthy blog, with their sewer minds.

Rosiepops said...

And Dolores you are one sick perverted person, why not show what you have just agreed with to your husband and family?

Go on I dare you, see what they think of you?

Not a lot!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Rosie,

Someone has also emailed me a post where this pervert makes references to Madeleine being for rent. Sad, Sick, B......

Whoever Ecoli is, they need taking away from society, no normal person would view photo's of this little innocent child in the way he/she does with such sick references. I'm forwarding them on.


Tinkerbell43 said...

This is the second time I know of, references have been made to Madeleine in this way. It is not the thoughts of a healthy mind.

Rosiepops said...

I agree there is something wrong here, these are sexually explicit things to say about a child and something needs to be done.

I am sure those that are already aware of this blog would like to see these, and I will email them a copy.

What is this Vile person doing allowing this person to post there?It is patently obvious this is a sicko pervert getting their kicks out of this.

Vile you are a bloody disgrace!

Justice for Madeleine?

Dont make me laugh, there is no difference between you and this ecolilab, both filthy sewer minded vermin.

Tinkerbell43 said...

What Ecoli has posted is imo perverted insinuations and if nobody on that blog objects to the contents of that things post then they are all rotton to the core.

This is not justice for Madeleine, it is the worst kind of insult to the dear little child. I wish to god her name wasn't associated with that damned place.

Rosiepops said...


Ditto, That place is pure evil, how many times and how many people are telling them that yet someone the thickos seem totally unaware that they are be tainted by this filth.

I really could not care less about any of them anymore and in my opinion they deserve everything that is coming to them and boy a lot is going to come to them - serves them right.

Christabel said...

Rosie and Tinks,

It really seems all those posters on viles are very comfortable with whats posted.

By the way Rob's of pic Madeleine is rubbish.
The original one is very clear, the only bruising is on her leg from where she fell up the plane steps.

Sass said...

Ecolab has kids, too (one of them told him/her/it to stop staring at pictures of Madeleine) and has a perverted mind like handcuffing and renting a toddler. I feel sorry for E's kids. What kind of parent can someone like that actually be.

Sass said...

Why are they all so desperate for Madeleine to have been completely unhappy?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Of course they are comfortable Christabel, they are in their comfort zone when they are being evil.

Is that its name Rob ? well he should crawl back under the rock he crawled out of.

The McCanns have not been charged with a THING, not even neglect and to make the insinuations he is, is damn right vindictive and proves they have no concern for Madeleine whatsoever. The Scumbags.

Rosiepops said...

Who is this Rob you are talking about? I haven't visited the vile blog for ages.

Rosiepops said...


I think they are all sick, just sitting around day after day speculating on things like this, their minds are depraved and in my opinion they are all as bad as each other on there, all sick and depraved.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I would like to see you banned or at the very least your posts removed because I believe they contain perverted insinuations against a dear little child.

This has nothing to do with you analysing the photo's, we know you lot over there blow everything out of proportion, it has to do with your sick mind.

No normal, rational thinking person would see the things you are insinuating and to say it under the pretence of justice for Madeleine is sick and disrespectful to this dear little child.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks

Not only would I like to see his posts removed, I would also like to see Dolores post removed and Viles for thanking him for appearing to be a predatory paedophile!

He needs investigating in my opinion!

Sass said...

I agree - Ecoli is a total sicko. Why would Vile remove his sick posts though? Remember her own sick post? Those two have totally found each other. No wonder the numbers on the bleugh are dwindling so rapidly.

Sass said...

Just been over to the dark side. God it's sick.

Rat still hasn't worked out that we use the forum more than the blog. Marga is back and is being "logical". Herrings are being talked about - herrings and a non-existent penguin. Is it really any wonder that they are seemingly off their heads?

Tinkerbell43 said...

lol Sass, you do have to make allowances for her small brain and explain slowly:-

if we are not on here we are on the forum.

BTW, since when did our blog having a facelift mean it is now Rosies blog. When was you, I or Mo booted off, lol.

Oh well let the vilettes make it up as they go along, they fail miserably but at least it occupies them.

See you on the forum later
Rosie may even premiere her latest video.


Mandz said...

There is something disturbing with that lot – deeply disturbing to bring down the tone of a missing child. Who in there right “sane” mind would make such remarks? Honestly this is truly disturbing and there is some kind of sick pleasure going on (in my opinion). I hope they are being closely watched by appropriate authorities.

mark said...

mark55 says

Interesting article about the portuguese judge not allowing the pj access to the mobile phone records . Access to phone records is not automatic and has to be gained via a court order .In a free society we dont want the police to be able to see phone records of COMPLETELY INNOCENT people , the judge has to decide there is sufficient reason to grant the court order .
In this case the judge seems to have decided that the pj have not shown they have sufficient evidence against the McCanns to warrant seeng the phone records.

Another sign that the pj do not have a case. Vile says cadaver dogs......I say coconuts

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mark,

Good to see you.

Very interesting, do you have a link for the article you are referring to ?.

Pesky Judge keeps ruling they do not have sufficient evidence!!

lol, coconuts indeed :0)))

mark said...

Hi Tinks ,
its from the well respected oracle of truth(its portuguese ) 24 Horas and theres a translation on the 3A's

Sass said...

Hiya Mark

Nice to see you around


They could never get their tiny brains around the idea of a "team blog"


Christabel said...


Rosiepops said...

Hi Christabel

be back soon, will just go and listen to the video.

Thanks for the link. Was just watching TV when your ding dong came through lol

Rosiepops said...

Typical PJ can't even get this right!

I wonder what they hoped to achieve by holding a reconstruction which was not going to be televised?

If they were that interested in holding this reconstruction why didn't they do it with actors? The PJ have all the statements, why didn't they just do it?

How insensitive to expect this heartbroken coupe to be able to be pushed into this and see a Madeleine look a like playing her?

Why didn't they accept the offer from the McCann's and BBC's Crimewatch programme to do this reconstruction soon after Madeleine went missing?

The way the idiot PJ wanted to do this would have been big waste of time and money!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for that post, very interesting.

If the PJ do not have any evidence enough for a judge to allow them to see mobile phone records, you have to ask the question "exactly what evidence do the PJ have?"

Obviously 'absolutely nothing!'

Christabel said...

perhaps the fat cop watching the kids didn't want to do it either, or the priest or Gonc with all his cockups.
The lying waiter who's wife worked at the millenium, wonder if this is Sergies mother she's a waitress??????

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Rosie & Christabel,

Why cancel the reconstruction ? they have the statements all they need to organise are some actors.

From what I can see, there are plenty of people in PDL that want to feign drama, give them a job.

Rosiepops said...


Perhaps they didn't have enough Robert Murat look alikes to go and stand in all the places he claims to have been that night?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks,

You asked why cancel the reconstruction? All they had to do was organise some actors.

Well there is your own answer in one word "organise".

I am afraid the Pj could not organise a p*ss up, in a brewery!

Rosiepops said...

Could have asked Arsabliar to play a part, after all she is a good actress, she certainly had vile and the vilettes fooled for months!

Christabel said...

Why Rosie
all the symingtons look like him, especially Rupert?

The "partners" in Romigen could help too!

I bet the Mccanns are getting the blame for another PJ ballsup and its there lot than want to get out of the reconstruction, so nobody knows what they did on the night!!

Christabel said...


Tinkerbell43 said...

I dont care what spin they try and put on it, there is no reason why the PJ couldn't still proceed with a reconstruction.

I'm sure Crimewatch would explain how to do it. The PJ have had the statements 13 months, Rachel Oldfield confirmed there had been NO changes in any of their statements, so there you go, bobs your uncle and fannys your aunt!

Maybe Ricky Gervais could provide them with some extras, lol. Its farcical enough.

chinadoll said...

A reconstruction indeed - suggested, ooops leaked by the PJ.

A game of bluff to save face imo.

Their bluff has now been called - I don't think they have many or indeed, any more cards to play now.

Release this couple from the pathetic Arguido Status that you assigned to them to shut them up and let honest, decent, legal enquiry prevail and thus a real and possibly only chance of finding the truth. What have you got to hide pj? It must be truly shocking when one considers the diversionary tactics you have brought into play. This cannot continue endlessly, unlike some of the human rights injustices in your legal system.

Do not drag Portugal any further into shame by your continued disgraceful conduct into this investigation.

Christabel said...

Hi Tinks,

I'm sure Crimewatch would do the programme for the thick bricks!
Do you think they would let anyone crawl round? they might find something.

Getting info about the "Mayor scandal in Lisbon" a while ago!
Oh not another one corrupt surely?
Real Estate NO mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!

Rosiepops said...

If there is no evidence to grant permission for the PJ to see phone records, there is definitely no evidence on which to charge the McCann's.

So when are the PJ going to drop the arguido status and stop preventing these parents from looking at the files?

No rush for the PJ obviously, it is not as if an innocent little child is missing, abducted from her bed is it?

But then again this would not be high up on their list, in a country where most are not that bothered human rights, and police and other figures in authority beat women and children and the sexual abuse of children is describes as a minor crime!

Tinkerbell43 said...

To anyone still around, nite see you all tomorrow. x

Christabel said...

Nite and Bless Tinks xx

Rosiepops said...

Hi China,

Nice to see you.


It has taken the PJ 13 months to get around to doing a reconstruction and for a judge to make a decision on these mobile phone records.

Can someone please tell me what chance did innocent little Madeleine McCann have?

She didn't stand a chance did she? But her abductors stood every chance in the world of getting away with their crime!

Rosiepops said...

Goodnight Tinks

Sleep well, take care xxx

chinadoll said...

Hi Rosie and All,

I fear that unless the parents legal team or an independent outside police force have the opportunity of accessing the files,
then, the abductor is home and dry and the truth may never be known.

In whoms interest is that?

Not Portugals, not the family and certainly not Madeleines or all those that care for/about her.

What is there to hide?

Open the damned files and swallow your pride pj.

Goodnight All

Rosiepops said...

Goodnight everyone. sleep well

xxx God Bless Madeleine xxx

mark55 said...

McCanns to be charged with murder !

no Viv , just another gross misunderstanding of the facts by you and your fellow idiots .

The article in the Correio da Manha relates to the request to see the phone records and seems to quote the reason for disclosure as potential charges of homocide . It seems the portuguese judge didnt take it seriously (as you did ) and dismissed the request .

No evidence Viv ......

Christabel said...


great post, just shows how much they read properly?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for that. Again the sick ones are showing themselves for the perverts they are.
How eager to believe the vilettes are too!

Try this Vile, in your tiny perverted mind, if there is no evidence for a judge to grant permission for the PJ to see phone records, where is the evidence for a judge to grant permission for the Pj to charge the McCann's with what exactly?

In your garbled spaced out pretence of an article on your filthy blog, you seem to have written that a judge has granted permission for the McCann's to be charged with everything?

OMG Vile, I always thought you were thick, now I 'know' that you are!

How can they be charged with abandonment which led to her disappearance and abduction AND murder?

Vile, get a brain, get a life, better still, get a better translation!

If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow the wax out of your ears!

Christabel said...

Hi Rosie,

good post from Mark!
How are you doing?

Christabel said...

If brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow the wax out of your ears!

ROTFPMSL, Rosie thats the best yet!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Chris,

That lot just get thicker and thicker, there is no telling what rubbish they are going to come out with next!

Mandz said...

Oh pathetic another leak .... In my opinion it seems the focus is anything to get at this couple no matter what. So now they want to bring neglect charges?? Well then they surely must consider all MW - parents who left their children? Surely neglect is not just a word and punishment for the McCann’s? ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC…

Mum21 said...

Good Morning All.

Seeing as the latest leak originates from 24Horas and other Portuguese press....I am not taking much notice of it.
I think they make it up as they go along. The fact Vile and her very small band of followers fall for it hook, line and sinker only proves once again they are thick as planks.

Mum21 said...

Is this woman for real?????

viv said...
Hiya darling I know the same word is used homicídio, but when they mean manslaughter they also use the word culposa for culpable I think which was absent in these reports. I am always going to believe that an intention to harm Madeleine could or should be proved.


4portugal said...

The court document is not a leak. It is an official document covering a verdict by a judge on the ruling that content of messages (text and otherwise) prior to 3 May CANNOT be officially used. A ruling/verdict is no longer covered by secrecy laws, because, obviously if there is a ruling, the case is closed (on that particular matter - phones). In the document it states that the McCanns are arguidos (suspects) for homicide, exposure, abandonment, disposal of a body. Homicide in Portuguese can me manslaughter or homicide. The document does not specify.
Also, it does not say if these are the charges, if any, that will be brought against the McCanns.
However, another point anyone with sense would realize is that the judge would not be ruling on unexistant phone or text messages, making it impossible for them to be used in court. Had they not existed and the Prosecutor requested them, the Judge would have laughed him out of court with a reprimand.

Rosiepops said...

Whatever, it took Portugal one month to release this why?

Why wait? Again this has been done to cause the McCann's maximum damage. This is not justice it is persecution by drip feeding the press.

How can the PJ ask the British police and the McCann's and their friends to remain silence and threaten them with the consequences if they do not and then leak this out?

It is a leak because I believe the Times actually saw it! If it isn't a leak why hasn't there been an official source from the PJ announcing this and explaining what it means?

Why drip feed it out allowing a people like the idiot dolt woman Vile to misread it and then wilfully misrepresent what this document actually said and meant?

if it is not a leak then the question has to be asked:

"Is the secrecy order still in place?"

I assume because they have allowed this document to be published, then it isn't?

If it isn't then why can't the McCann's see their file?

If it is still in place then why is it the PJ can merrily leak what they like while expecting the McCann's their legal team and their friends to remain silent?

Again more confusion and double standards exhibited by the PJ.

What have the PJ done today to locate missing Madeleine McCann?
In case they have conveniently forgotten, she is the little girl who was abducted fro her bed in Praia Da Luge on the evening of May 3rd 2007.

Rosiepops said...

Also 4 P,

you should take on board if a judge has ruled that there is not any reason he can see to allow the PJ access to these mobile phone records, then there is certainly no reason a judge could authorise an arrest and charges to be made on any of the other counts mentioned in this document.

Release these people from this trumped up arguido status immediately Portugal. this is totally inhumane, let these people see the files and start looking for their daughter properly.

Meanwhile, if the PJ do suddenly have a rush of conscience, they could always organise the 15 K ring search they still have NOT carried out and start looking for this child or clues of her in Praia Da Luge!

They could start by organising a search of the tunnel networks underneath PDL that lead from the church to the POLICE STATION and to the BEACH, among other places!

If Madeleine was taken down there, then the chances of finding a clue/s are highly likely!

How do we know she is not being kept prisoner down there still?

Unlikely, but possible. (Josef Fritzel, no one would have believed this either but it happened!)

It was mentioned that dogs followed the scent of Madeleine to the small supermarket near the McCann holiday apartment and then it suddenly disappeared, why? Was she put in a car here? was this where the man seen carrying her away put her into a car?

I would be interested to know if there is an entrance to one of these tunnels here and if there is has it been interfered with and has it been checked out? If there is where does it lead to?

Instead of giving out all of these leaks it would be rather more helpful if the PJ actually announced what they had done to look for this child and it would be good to actually see them doing something to try and discover what happened to Madeleine.

The could start by investigating properly this tunnel network!

Mum21 said...

Actually 4P...if any text message or calls existed that were incriminating...then the Judge would have agreed their use.
After all they are supposed to be solving the case of a missing child. Or have I misunderstood this to be the case?

And I tend to agree with is yet another leak.
A leak to try to put the McCann's under pressure...and also turn the general public against them.
If they have all this evidence...then what are they waiting for? A miracle !

Rosiepops said...

Hi mum

Of course it is a leak, how can it be anything else? The PJ have not officially given a statement have they? So where has it come from?

Again designed to heap blame on the McCann's, all part of a process that will lead up to the arguido status being removed, but they want to make themselves look as good as possible, it is all about covering up the blundering and and maybe alleged corruption in this case!

Mum21 said...

Hi Rosie,

They seem to make one blunder after another in my opinion.
Trouble is, they tend to make themselves look more and more incompetent with each and every leak.
What does PJ stand for...Pesky Jokers.

4portugal said...

You really do not understand. Of course the times saw it. Even I can see it our you. There has been a ruling. It is now a public document. I am sure the minute it was released, the McCann's Portuguese lawyers had it in their hands. After there is a ruling, the document becomes public and can be used as precedence for other cases.
And the world does not revolve around the McCanns. Judges decide when the case is on the dockets to be tried. They are not worried about publicity and maximum damages to people that have not been charged. Nor does the PJ or even Prosecutors tell the Judges what to do or when to try a case. If you were Portuguese you would know that. If the PJ or Prosecutors told the judges what to do, they would not have seen the decision to use the text messages from prior 3 May denied.You really should try to understand what the papers are saying before you speak about it. Because by screaming "leaks" when we are talking about public documents, or even accusing Judges of changing their dockets to try cases when it will be more prejudicial to arguidos, not only are you setting yourself up for trouble, because these are very serious allegations, but you also make yourself out to be silly to anyone that actually knows what is going on.
Rest assures that the McCanns attorneys have this evidence from the moment it was released and have been studying it trying to figure out what exactly the PJ suspects, considering the phone information requested.

4portugal said...

As for what is not being allowed, it is simply not being allowed for the PJ to have access to information texted, etc prior to 3 May. They have been allowed access to information in real time. They are just not allowed to use officially information prior to 3 May. While everyone is in an uproar, I am glad this is so. For the judge to allow this would set a precedence in Portugal that would mean that the PJ could access my text messages from 3 months ago, for example, if they suspected me of a crime today. That is a total violation of people's right to privacy. And McCanns guilty or not guilty, I am not willing to give up my privacy for that.

Rosiepops said...

I understand exactly what you are saying.

Answer me this, is there a secrecy order covering this case or isn't there?

If there is who does it apply to?

(Try not jumping from blog to blog, I haven't time to keep looking for you)

4portugal said...

I have answered this on the most recent post. The secrecy law applies to the 1st case under investigation, which is the case of the dissapareance of Madeleine. Any other case that comes from it (like asking if they can use this evidence, or even any case brought about by the McCann attorneys) that is relevant and must be decided to allow continuation of the investigation of the 1st and main case, must be decided beforehand, obviously. So, a judge makes a ruling. Once there is a ruling, it is private.
While a case is under investigation, which is the case of the dissappearance of Madeleine, the secrecy laws apply. Once there are charges, this ends, and information is made available to attorneys and then, through them, is no longer secrecy.
While a case is under secrecy, no one involved is suppose to talk. Not police, not arguidos, not witnesses (that can also get in big trouble), not court employees, or anyone else that comes for any VALID reason into contact with any information (for example, if a doctor is provided information for any reason, for police to try to understand what may have happened). All involved or questioned by police are suppose to maintain secrecy.
In this case, many on all sides, have breached this.

4portugal said...

No, Mum21. The Judge, in my opinion rightfully, did not allow the use of information prior to the date of the "crime" (we do know there was a crime, what it was, is the mystery). This does not mean it is not relevant. It may be or not. However, if the judge had allowed this information, this would be very bad for privacy in Portugal and I believe would violate our privacy laws. These are very strick in Portugal. Until very recently, even for the PJ to get access to bank records in cases of investigations into shady dealings, was very difficult because of privacy laws.
I for one, repeat, that I am glad, regardless of what the information was. It is better for them to get evidence in different ways. This would open a very bad precedence for Portugal.
Why should police be able to access your information before you are suspected of committing a crime? If a crime has not yet occurred the police have no business spying into your private business. When a crime is committed and if a judge rules there is sufficient information to allow for information afterwards to be accessed (wire taps, etc), which from what the papers are reporting, seems to have been allowed (I did not read the ruling, so cannot say for sure), that is a different story and quite common. But access to information beforewards, is not common. I have never heard of it being done before.

Mum21 said... said this.

All involved or questioned by police are suppose to maintain secrecy.
In this case, many on all sides, have breached this.

29 May 2008 20:40

That is a load of rubbish. The only people that have opened their mouthes and leaked information is the PJ....constantly.

This is one of the main complaints we have. The McCann's have remained silent over investigation issues. Always insisting they cannot speak out.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Mum,

Nice to see you,

We are on the new thread. I nearly done the same as you!

Rosiepops said...

Hi mum

Great minds think alike, I just come in here to tell you that we are on the new thread! x

4portugal said...

No, Mum21, that is not true. One I can think right off is the McCann friend, Jane, that on tv said she saw an abductor and described the cloths. According to Portuguese law, as a witness she could not give statements to TV about that information, because it is her witness statement. That is a clear breach of secrecy law also. If the Prosecutor wanted to, he could have charges brought against her. Her statement was on television and throughout the world. Plus, there are other examples of this taking place. So all have behaved badly in my opinion.

Miguel Branco said...

Before you put the blame on the others look into yourself...

Try this one

Ups, the UK police can't found kids also...probably PJ syndrome...LOLOLOLOL

Xenophobics kills

Rosiepops said...

We do not really insult all of your policia judiciaria, just one detective in particular, a detective that to many people has been found wanting, we do not insult you the Portuguese people, we have no problem with you at all.
Speaking for myself now, I am sorry but I do not agree that you have on of the best police force in the world and there are a great many reasons why I think this.
The neglect issue - Not one commentor on here thinks it is OK to leave children. I think that fact that you and others keep rolling this argument out means the you recognise that you have no other argument at all. The fact that three children were left on their own, does not mean that it is OK for any passing child abductor to enter their bedroom and kidnap one of them. 'In any country' (not just Portugal.) However, your own prosecutor does NOT think the McCanns have a case to answer for neglect and has written this and this is why NO charges have been brought against these parents.

Gerry McCann was NEVER a member of the Gordon Brown's government, in fact Gerry McCann was never a member of any British government and I think sadly you are falling for lies and conspiracy theories fed to you by your press through lies, smears and leaks campaign commenced allegedly by Goncalo Amaral to help him get away with his appalling conduct and gaff ridden investigation.

Actually it was not Kate McCann, or Gerry that contacted the media, it was Gerry's sister and the reason why they felt the need to do this was simply because your own police department, led by Goncalo Amaral were doing absolutely nothing about the fact that a toddler had gone missing from her bed. In fact the lead detective Goncalo Amaral, decided that a missing child of just under 4 years old was so unimportant that he DID NOT even bother to turn up at the scene of her abduction that night to take control of the investigation and by doing this he himself caused the loss of vital forensic and DNA evidence and he totally lost the first few hours of this investigation, (termed the Golden Hours) which are vital for any good outcome!

The dogs may have performed all those tests and it matters not how many they performed, the fact remains that they are just dogs. They cannot think and they cannot enter the witness box and say yes I smelled Madeleine McCann's dead body. The dogs were brought in to go over the apartment months after Madeleine had disappeared and in between that time, this apartment was let out to FOUR OTHER FAMILIES destroying vital evidence, this would never be admissible in a court of law and there is a reason for this and this is simply because it is highly UNSAFE. No one knows what thoise other families done in that flat in the meantime and in fact, the way the dogs behaved and their handler Martin Grimes is coming into question and I believe here in the UK that pressure is mounting for Martin grimes to explaine his conduct during that search. The longer videos of the dogs in action show a very damning picture of Grimes and the way the Goncalo Amaral, took what was uncorroborated signs from the dogs and tried to use them to beat the McCanns around the head with and force them into confessing to something they did not do. Goncalo Amaral, appears confused and bewildered that people will not roll over and take his word for it. Here in the UK we require actual evidence before we allow people to be charged with any crime, let alone one as serious as this. I believe that is the same in Portugal, after all this is why your own Portuguese prosecutor has comepletely exonerated Kate and Gerry McCann and has said there is absolutely no evidence and NOTHING to indicate that they committed any crime. this means that the PJ have produced nothing, they have no forensic evidence and NO DNA evidence to back anything Mr Amaral has claimed in his book of lies.
The dogs were forced to indicate after passing the McCann car and paying no interest in it many times, Eddie the cadaver detecting dog was forced to come back to the car repeatedly after he ran off totally ignoring it, pating more attention to runnin around in circles in an aempty space and then paying more attention to another car which is an SKODA FLAVIA, who owned this car? Do you know? Because I would like to. That dog sniffing exercise would be basolutely dismantled in a court of law in seconds.
The fact that your revered Goncalo Amaral cuased abject misery to two innocent people on the back of a dog sniffinf exercise, is totally damining, not only on him but it reflects badly on the Paulo rebelo too because he did nothing about putting that right.
I am not sure what you mean about being awkward about nationality? I find nothing awkward about pointing out the glaring unfairness in this case and the gaffs and the ridiculous bloody mindness and skillLESS ability of Goncalo Amaral, or the fact that allegedly he has been working behind the scenes smearing and blackening the characters of two innocent parents, when he should have been searching for their beloved daughter. The child Goncalo Amaral just stopped searching for 3 weeks after she vanished because he decided her parents killed her and he decided this on NO evidence what-so-ever.
But this is not the forst time that Goncalo Amaral finds himself or his conduct or his methods of investigation in question is it? He is due to stand trial within the next few weeks for his part in concealing the alleged torture of another parent of yet another abducted child. Where it is alleged that Leonor Cipriano was tortured into confessing to murdering her daughter. where all the so-called evidence in that case was conveniently destroyed. Where the main stay of that case and the woman was found guilty on the say so of Goncalo Amaral and some blood found in a freezer and astonishingly this blood was NEVER EVER proved to be belonging to missing Joana Cipriano and when Leonor Cipriano's defence team requested that this blood be DNA matched and tested, it was discovered that that samples had been destroyed and discarded.
I thank you for you comments, but your comments just highligh just how very bad a detective Goncalo Amaral actually is, so I thank you for giving me another chance to expose this dimwitted, insenstive pig ignorant stupid detective.

Your lololololol is supect but then this could be a complete nutter attempting to play mind games. However, you have to be clever to play mind games.....

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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