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Tuesday 12th January 2010 The Start Of The McCanns Legal Action Against Disgraced Former Portuguese Detective Goncalo Amaral

Tuesday 12th January As Amaral Leaves the court after the first day of his trial

A BBC East Midlands Today Reporter Asks :.. "Mr Amaral are you hurting the McCanns"?
Goncalo Amaral replies:............ "No...F*CK The McCanns"!

This is the caliber of person that the misfortunate parents of missing Madeleine McCann had to organise the search for their daughter. Amaral showed himself in his true colours yesterday.

Yesterday morning Amaral started off the day showing his arrogance and contempt for the judge, contempt for the McCanns and contempt for the entire court by arriving late for proceedings on the very first day.

Yesterday afternoon Amaral showed more arrogance and more contempt for court and the judge by arriving 30 minutes late back from lunch. (Remember Amaral is quite partial to late liquid lunches!)

Yesterday afternoon Amaral demonstrated yet further contempt for the judge and for court, by falling asleep during court proceedings.

Things did not go well for Amaral, his witnesses failed to perform and far from going any way to proving his case, they actually disproved it further.

With this in mind, when court was adjourned for the day Amaral left the court and immediately using foul language verbally assaulted Mr Mrs McCann. "F*ck the McCanns" he said when asked a simple polite question. If it wasn't bad enough that many of Amaral's lies were exposed and ridiculed in court yesterday by his own witnesses, he emerged from court and very unprofessionally used foul language directed towards the parents of a missing girl, but he did this in English and Mr Amaral, has made much of the fact that he could not speak to Mr Mrs McCann when their daughter disappeared because he did not speak English! Well he had no trouble understand the rapidly speaking reporter and Amaral certainly had no difficulty understand English and returning that foul retort! Proving that once again Goncalo Amaral has been misleading the public and lying to them, of course he can speak English, we have always known he could, nice of him to prove this at last!

What about Madeleine McCann's right to free speech? What about Madeleine McCanns human rights? What about Madeleine McCann's right to be searched for? What about the McCanns right to expect a detective to do his job properly? What about the McCanns rights to not have salacious lies spread about them by a police officer who was failing on every count?

Mr Amaral has been whingeing and whining about his rights to "freedom of Speech", in fact everything in Mr Amaral's life is about him and how hard up he is and how hard done by he is.

Indeed everything that has gone wrong in Amaral's life is always the fault of someone else! Amaral never takes any responsibility for anything. It was the McCanns fault their child was abducted. It was the McCanns fault that he (Amaral) failed to do his job properly; It was the McCanns fault that he insulted the British police and got himself the sack; It was the McCanns fault that their salary is higher than his! It was the McCanns fault that he was passed over for promotion; It was the McCanns fault that he had to work; It was the McCanns fault they lived in a big house; It was the British media's fault; It was the British government's fault; It was Alipio Rbeiro's fault; It was Sofia's (Amaral's wife) fault that he (Amaral) had several affairs; It was Sofia's fault that he drove his police car while drunk with his own little girl in it; It was Sofia's fault that he threatened to hit her; It was Sofia's fault that he threatened to strangle her; It was Sofia's fault that he threatened her with death; It was Sofia's fault that one Christmas she was so scared for her daughter's welfare that she ran into a police station and reported her husband violence; It was DR Aragao's fault that he (Amaral) sent thugs out to assault him and pull him out of his car window; It was Mr Mrs Bras fault that he (Amaral) sen thugs out to beat and punch Mr Bras in his face; It was Dr Aragao and the couple's fault that they had to flee to the Public Security Police for protection; It was Dr Aragao and the Bras couple's fault that they had to make official complaints about Amaral; It was Mrs Ana Bras' fault that she felt the need to write to the attorney general, not once but TWICE pleading for him to help protect them from Amaral; It was someone else's fault that Amaral became a corrupt convicted criminal; It was someone else's fault that Amaral got himself into over half a million euros in debt; It was Leonor Cipriano's fault that Amaral allowed her to be tortured while in police custody; It was Leonor Cipriano's fault that she was forced to confess to murdering her own child by means of torture etc (it goes on and on and on)

Yes I suppose it is also someone else's fault that Amaral in his latest trouble (that someone else made for him of course) has so far produced a string of lacklustre witnesses that were somehow supposed to prove that what he had written in his book was the truth and therefor, he was allowed to write it and therefor, had not defamed Kate and Gerry McCann and had not committed libel.

It was definitely the prosecutor's fault that when pressed by Judge Rodrigues about if he thought Madeleine McCann was dead, the prosecutor replied "50 - 50" in other words he did not know, in other words what Amaral has written in his book is NOT true and cannot be proved to be true, so therefor saying that Madeleine had died in apartment 5a and that her parents concealed her body (for some bizarre reason) is definitely UNTRUE, do therefor when publishing this knowingly in a book and then travelling around the world saying this, Amaral is committing libel and he is defaming and harming the McCanns character and reputations.

It was Ricardo Paiva's fault when he said under oath that because of Amaral's thesis, there was no time to investigate other possibilities for Madeleine's disappearance. In other words Amaral was so obsessed in proving the McCanns harmed their daughter and concealed her body, there was no time left to actually search for the child!

Just before court was adjourned for lunch today, Moita Flores dropped his "mate" Amaral firmly in it, by calmly quoting that Amaral's book was only a hypothesis, it was NOT the absolute truth"! Nice one Mr Flores, glad we finally agree on something, if you can see that his book is not the absolute truth, then you can surely see that he should not be making such statements as: "Madeleine died in apartment 5a earlier and the parents hid her body" that is a libellous remark and this is what the McCanns want stopped, they want people like Amaral to stop telling lies about them. They gave him every opportunity to stop, he didn't so they had to have him stopped, I suppose this is their fault too Mr Amaral?

Moita Flores who testified for Amaral in court today aided a paedophile in getting off of his crimes and sick assaults on children! When he was a PJ detective he along with another PJ detective Dias Andre' saw the case of someone which held a large quantity of paedophilia, then suddenly they both testified and said that it just contained a speech! Both men retired early from the PJ with considerable wealth, people do not understand how Dias Andre' had so much money in order to sustain his lavish lifestyle!

Of course some people pretend to be in debt, to divert attention away from their wrongdoing, very clever. Some people have put all their money and property into the name of his relatives and wife.

The case Continues Today!


Anonymous said...

How about this?

Amaral wants to join the Rothley stalkers, Debbie, Bennett and dreadful Grenville...

He (Goncalo Amaral) was invited to attend in August 2009 and we received this response from him and his wife on 26 August 2009:


Hope to meet you soon,

Sofia and Gonçalo



Is this comment at the end for real? Does Amaral really get on well with Bennett whom he hardly knows and never acknowledges in public?

Anonymous said...

I see Debbie left a message for you, rosiepops, at her forum.

Never have I seen a poster type so many keystrokes but emit so little information.

Debbie, if you have something to say, then just say it, otherwise STFU

Rosiepops said...

Thanks anon, I never go over there so I haven't seen it.

Rosiepops said...

Debbie, I just popped over to your forum to see what the anon was referring to, unfortunately I am non the wiser.

I have no idea what items were sent you, perhaps you would care to elucidate?

Anonymous said...

Hello John me old mucka, sorry have not been in touch for ages, how's your campaign going?

Looks like Gerry finally did tell yous to put a sock in it, bit late huh?



SillySofia said...

You have to laugh at that Moron Morais blog.

Will you please spell mr amarals name properly. They don't like "Amorol". Perhaps Gonc Imoral would be better.

Mr Luvva,Luvva, can't keep it in his pocket. i can see him clicking his fingers and they all say "Earrang me lord".
Pay your debts you bloody crook.
I hope he's got receipts for the Paypal money received. Over £2,000 and he gets legal aid. The judge received my correspondence, re morons collections. I sent her a few screen shots too, just to help Imoral out a bit.

Rosiepops said...

Anon 04.27

Take more water with it.

Rosiepops said...

Silly Sofia,
I heard about this today, I think they are all nuts, honest to God, they cannot even get that right, it isn't even me that refers to him as Amoral, although he is definitely without morals, so I can see why others refer to him as Amoral. I think I said this once on the DX blog and once on our forum, but that was years ago! (Nutters)

Glad you contacted the judge, it doesn't hurt for her to learn what kind of imbeciles Amaral has supporting him, although they are an embarrassment to the UK!
So well done for that!

Anonymous said...

Hi Viv,
One thing you ain't Vile is clever.

Anonymous said...
Hello John me old mucka, sorry have not been in touch for ages, how's your campaign going?

Looks like Gerry finally did tell yous to put a sock in it, bit late huh?



31 January 2010 04:27

Rosiepops said...

Anon 19.33

Viv is like a fart in a trance!

Anonymous said...

Rosiepops said...
Anon 19.33

Viv is like a fart in a trance!

31 January 2010 20:12


Estra ????

Rosiepops said...

From Morose's Blog

Anonymous said... 54
I believe that Rosiepops is John McCann, compare the fund accounts with rosiepops ramblings - similar consistant spelling mistakes and nuances of language.

Oh dear you have to pity these poor people.

I think the poster that wrote this has more of a problem with their spelling than I have with mine!

"Consistant" is spelled consistent by the way moron.

How can you compare accounts with my "ramblings" anyway? I rather thought accounts were mainly to do with figures, while "ramblings" were generally words?

"Hello John got a new motor?"

No but I hear Goncalo Amaral has a nice new Jaguar paid for by missing Madeleine McCann!

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