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Goncalo Amaral & the Clothes The Sniffer Dogs Reacted To!

Goncalo Amaral and his Wife Sofia Leal.
Sofia looks Worried Doesn't She?

She may have every right to look worried too, I almost feel sorry for her, she probably didn't sign up for this when she married him, but she got it anyway. She could absolve herself if she only plucked up enough courage to speak the truth, before it is too late. She owes this philandering, spendthrift womanising drunk and corrupt ex cop nothing.

While Christabel was doing some research for the forum, she came up with this startling piece of information, we think it is so important that everyone should know about it. What we cannot understand, is why all those "Amaral supporters" that say they have read Amaral's book and call themselves "truth" seekers, have not mentioned this before, not a peep, why is that? Why hasn't Amaral's "friend" the "Tubby Chasing" Joana Morais mentioned this? Perhaps she thought it may harm her chances of collecting more money to swell Amaral's coffers? Whatever it is, these people have demonstrated that they do not really want the truth, they do not want Madeleine found, they do not want the real truth of what really happened to Madeleine McCann to emerge, in fact they led by their false "God" Goncalo Amaral, want the truth concealed, because as each day passes the truth, the "real" truth, is looking more and more awful and its net of incrimination is being cast far and wide. We believe Madeleine McCann is alive, being held against her will and more, we believe there is at least one high profile person who knows exactly where she is and who took her. Now the official investigation may not be able to say this, they may not even think it, but we can say it and we certainly think it.
hris for spotting this and if you would like to read further on this subject please go to our

On the above link you can view a collection of videos and pick up a sense of what actually happened.

The Sniffer Dogs and The Clothes

Quote from Goncalo Amaral:


"The soft toy and all the clothes from the house are placed into boxes specially made to preserve evidence. These objects are then conveyed to the decontaminated premises. They are placed on the ground, a good distance apart for the dogs to examine. At 8pm, Tavares de Almeida calls me to let me know that Mark Harrison requires another place because this one is not sufficiently clean.- How do I find a place at this kind of time?- Sort it out! Julio Barroso offers us the new sports hall in Lagos which, finally, meets the required standards. The objects are once again laid out on the ground and the dogs can start. Eddie alerts us to a strong cadaver odour on some of Kate's clothes, but the CSI dog doesn't detect the slightest trace of blood."


Where do we start on this? Is this what Amaral loosely refers to as "evidence"?

Amaral actually presided over the clothes all being transported in a box to the first venue, they were all then laid out on the dirty floor awaiting inspection from the British sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela and their handler Martin Grime.

  • The clothes were taken and handled and put into the box.

  • The clothes were then handled taken out of the box.

  • The clothes were all laid out on a filthy floor.

  • NOT ALL of the clothes were packed inside these "special" cartons, some came in a suit case, some came in a holdall.

  • Why is Amaral giving the false impression that all the clothes were packed inside these specially held "evidence" boxes?

Why didn't Mark Harrison mention this in his report? If he did I did not read it. Where was the first place these clothes were laid out and contaminated? Who could have been walking all over the floor? What could have been dropped on the floor? Why were the clothes laid directly on the floor in both venues?

Why didn't the forensic science team conduct this test in a controlled scientific environment?

The clothes were laid out on the gym floor, a place where people sweat and dribble profusely, does sweat contain the chemicals putrescine and cadaverine? Saliva certainly does!

The dog alerts to what Amaral assumes to be cadaverine, how does he know what the dog is alerting to? How does he know it is a strong scent? Can he speak dog?

Amaral cannot assume this, it is not evidence, it is hearsay, conjecture nothing more than that!

Martin Grime refuses to divulge how these dogs are trained, but they are trained with pig meat. perhaps they are also trained with the use of saliva?

How come the dog only alerts to Kate's clothes and red T shirt that belongs to Sean and Madeleine's brother has been pictured wearing?

The clothes came out of the same box, if it was a strong odour of cadaverine as Amaral has suggested, why didn't this contaminate all the other clothes in that box?

Why has no reaction been recorded on Gerry's clothes, when Amaral has accused Gerry of getting the body and taking it one place to another 25 days AFTER Madeline disappeared in a car hired 25 days AFTER Madeleine disappeared.

Is this what Goncalo Amaral the bent corrupt criminal ex copper laughingly refers to as evidence?

I wonder when the shackles will eventually fall from the eyes of the very few remaining followers of this convicted criminal Goncalo Amaral? It is unbelievable that anyone can believe anything he says? he has repeatedly been prove to be a pathological liar! From cheating on his wife and children (two wives) right through to his former police work, just a complete tissue of lies, an utter fabrication. Poor Madeleine, what did she do to deserve this?


Harry said...

I am astonished at this latest news, I just finished reading about Hugo and I am speechless!
Thank you so much for exposing all of this, it is shocking, why are they letting him get away with this?

Rosiepops said...

I just read this interesting report on Hounding of the McCanns.
"Okay, We Can Now Disregard The Grimes Evidence

Cadaverine is a very intersting and useful chemical. It is C5H13N2 and looks like this: H2N/\/\/NH2. It is closely related to putrescine, spermine, and spermidine. It is called cadaverine because is comes from human corpses and is one of the chemicals that causes that awful odor. Cadaverine also contributes to the odors of urine and semen. Cadaverine is found in some plants in trace amounts as a result of stress on the plant. It is sold in some hunting supply stores as a poisonous liquid that attracts scavengers. It is also used as a tool for training search and rescue dogs. Cadaverine is a completely unwholesome substance. Do NOT get it on anything you are going to keep, especially yourself. It DOES NOT wash off. It will be with you until your skin washes away. If you get it in someone's car (say in their heating system or injected into the rubber of their door windows) they will be forced to scrap the car. This is just one of the many uses of cadaverine! Most of cadaverine's uses, however, are to make things smell really really bad, so I won't explain any more here. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out some uses for it yourself.

Now, we have two items and only two items contaminated. If these items were packed with other items of clothing....then the clothing above and below the contaminated items would be contaminated. The Box that the items were contained in would also be contaminated.

The only way, these items could not contaminate, would be if they were kept separate from all other items. For that to happen, the person who was in charge of the chain of evidence, would have to know which items were contaminated prior to the dog going near them and made a determined action to keep those items separate from the other clothing whilst in enroute to the examination area"


The way I have always looked at this, is if Kate's clothes were kept separate from the others prior to the test, how would the PJ have known to keep them separated from the other clothes?

Anonymous said...

Something is very wrong here.
The McCanns are doctors and they both would have known that any item of clothing coming into contact with a corpse for any length of time would be contaminated.
They would also have known, if the contaminated clothes were washed with other items those items would be contaminated also.

No, something is way wrong here. More than two items of clothing would be polluted.
I have always had serious doubts about the vehicle too.
Cadaverine is putrid and you get it in a vehicle....forget ever using that vehicle again....unless you like the stench that is. Even a small amount of cadaverine will last a lifetime inside a vehicle.

If Gerry McCann, as has been alleged, carried his child's body anywhere....his clothing would have been polluted, why wasn't there a hit on his clothing?
If someone comes up with the scenario of him dumping his clothes...why didn't he dump his wife's too?
If he was smart enough to know his clothes would be contaminated, he would be equally smart enough to know his wife's would be too

Rosiepops said...

Tony I agree with you, everything you have pointed out is true and if we can point this out, imagine what a legal team could do.

Nothing about what you have pointed out is fanciful, so if you can see it, I can see it and many of us can see it, why can't Amaral? After all he is supposed to be the crack shot detective, right?!

But Amaral is asking people to believe that somehow or another, the McCanns somehow killed their daughter, found not one but three places to hide a body, in a strange town, in a foreign country they had never visited before. Then they hired a car 25 days later, retrieved the body from the impenetrable hiding place they had placed her, (on the beach according to Amaral)they put her in the boot, somehow managing only to contaminate a 6 x 6 inch square of carpet in the boot, during all this time it was only Kate that got the odour of putrescine and cadaverine on her clothes and somehow or another, it managed to get on little Sean's T shirt too.

Something else, the clothes were packed into an evidence carton TWICE, are we then to assume that the clothes were packed back in exactly the same position, without contaminated those next to them or near them and none of this "strong" odour that Amaral reckons was present on the clothes, got on anything else barring those three items of clothing, not even the evidence carton?
Does Amaral even know how stupid he sounds and looks?

Know something else Tony? I think that Amaral "pressed" someone to contaminate Kate's clothes and the 6x6inch square in the boot, the reason why he can explain but I can give it a good guess.

Thing is, that we are not the only one to be seeing this at the moment, there are others that are beginning to understand, it won't be long before Amaral is behind bars where he belongs.

Rosiepops said...

Oh and Tony don't forget, amaral can do all of this "without getting his hands dirty"!

Christabel said...

Oh no Rosie
They were all unpacked and placed on the ground as Amaral himself said.

"These objects are then conveyed to the decontaminated premises. They are placed on the ground, a good distance apart for the dogs to examine."

So what was picked up from the manky floor not suitable?

Another cock up was the cars, who drove them? and what was picked up en route??
How can Portugal's hierarchy sit back and watch this creep make them look like complete idiots?

Harry said...

I am so shocked, why doesn't Portugal do anything about this man? It is clear there is something badly wrong. Today I read up about leonor Cipriano, poor woman, something must be done.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Christabel said:-

Another cock up was the cars, who drove them? and what was picked up en route??

Exactly Chris, from the initial forensics on the window to the placement of the Scenic in a underground car park, nothing was controlled or preserved as it should have been, things that should have been elementary.

I remember when the car was taken to the underground carpark, Police sources were astounded that such an unusual place was used to carry out such a delicate search.

Everything that could be bungled was bungled and somebody needs to answer for this. It is not acceptable to say "We got things wrong" or "mistakes were made".

IMO there needs to be an independant enquiry into the whole running of this investigation. It should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

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