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The Controversies of Goncalo Amaral Continue - The Case Of Hugo

Goncalo Amaral and His Wife and Lawyer Outside The Court After He Had Been Found Guilty of Concealing Evidence of Torture. behind Him Pierre Paulo Cristovao, another Controversial figure, who is awaiting to hear if the appeal against his acquittal for the torture of Leonor Cipriano is accepted or dismissed!

Hugo is a young man living in Olivais, Lisboa. In October/2005 he received a letter from an Ayamonte court, it was directly addressed to him and did not come through the police or another court! It was accusing him of an attempted homicide back in August/2003. He went to a PSP (Public Safety Police) precinct in Lisbon, where he was sent to the PJ (policia judiciaria), and having got there, they told him to go back home and not to worry about the case. One year later, because he did not attend the court in Spain, he got the visit of PJ inspectors with an arrest warrant. He was so scared, he attempted suicide while in custody/prison that night. The next morning he was presented to a judge who confirmed that he was accused of being co-author of an attempted homicide along with two other people, one of them a former colleague that although lived in the same neighbourhood he had not seen since he left school, this person had already presented himself to the police already implicating himself in the crime. Hugo proclaimed innocence immediately and was able to present a staggering 15 witnesses, as he had been in Mondim de Basto, (his wife's place of birth) at the time of the homicide and said he never had set foot in Spain.

He and his wife were unemployed and had two little children and very poor and totally unable to defend himself.

Dr Barra da Costa Martins former Chief Inspector of the PJ now University Professor of Criminology and Criminal Psychology heard about the case and found a lawyer for Hugo, working pro bono (Free). The Portuguese court did not care to clarify if there was a case of mistaken identity, they didn't even bother to interrogate the other arguido. The same happened with the Supreme Court, on appeal. Basically, the case came back to the Relation (first instance) Court who refused to hear expert witnesses opinions and forensic exams on some photo of grainy video "evidence" that the PJ presented. The court concluded it was it was Hugo by just looking at the video with the 'naked eye'. Hugo's defense lawyer Almado wanted to bring expert witnesses, who could give their expert opinions on facial recognition.

While this case was being investigated by the PJ, the PJ coordinator was one Goncalo Amaral (again) it was up to him to make the diligences and have the video examined to see if this person was Hugo, Goncalo Amaral FAILED to do this and just presented this sloppy "evidence" to the court and the court just accepted it. The "co-author" completely denied Hugo's involvement in the attempted murder and under cross-examination in court he said he named Hugo because he was being *PRESSED* to do so, by the investigating officer *Goncalo Amaral*. A New appeal was heard in Portugal with the same result, a European mandate was issued and Hugo arrested at his home. December 2007, in court in Ayamonte, the victim of the attempted homicide did not recognise Hugo at all, yet Hugo was extradited to Spain to stand trial for attempted murder.

  • Hugo had 15 witnesses that put him in another place entirely.

  • Hugo did NOT resemble he person on a very grainy video footage which was presented in court by Goncalo Amaral as proof of Hugo's involvement.

  • Goncalo Amaral refused to get facial recognition expert to examine the footage of the video.

  • Goncalo Amaral refused to allow the forensic examination of the video.

  • Goncalo Amaral refused to believe 15 eye witnesses that placed Hugo in his wife's birth place at the time of the crime.

  • Goncalo Amaral *PRESSED* (or tortured?) the alleged co-author of Hugo into identifying his accomplice as Hugo.

  • His alleged "co-author" later testified in court under oath that he had been pressed into giving this statement.

  • The victim of the crime did NOT recognise or identify Hugo as being his assailant.

Fortunately the story finally ended for Hugo in a court in Huelva, Spain, the defendant was acquitted and cleared of all suspicion, when the Spanish court kicked it out.

It appears that the court in Spain wanted the video footage of Hugo to have it forensically examined and for facial recognition experts to examine it, but the Portuguese coordinator one Goncalo Amaral FAILED to send the video in time and many suspected him of "concealing evidence" that could have cleared Hugo in a Portuguese court, but it has to be said that the Portuguese courts were lax in their duty to their citizen too. Goncalo Amaral has since been convicted of concealing evidence of torture in the case of Leonor Cipriano, he received an 18 month suspended prison sentence.

"As Dr Barra da Costa puts it, 'In Portugal, there are far too many Hugos and Joanas. In Portugal there has been a long time since we last had a Gordon Brown, honour to him, capable of publicly risking his capital as statesman, that of the party and of Her Majesty in favour of his own nationals'."

Hugo was wrongly charged and it has been alleged that Hugo was deliberately falsely charged in order to protect "drug traffickers"! Hugo and his family suffered tremendously as a direct result of Goncalo Amaral and his "shoddy and dubious" police work. Of course Goncalo Amaral was at that time in charge of the drug squad!

The result is that if the Portuguese court had the photographic expert findings along with the co-defendant stating again that Hugo had nothing to do with this, and the victims themselves had also not recognised Hugo.

How many times is Goncalo Amaral going to be allowed to get away with this kind of thing?

And now we have him attempting to become a lawyer and being trained by the ex lawyer of Leonor Cipriano, a lawyer that attends Amaral's private functions. A lawyer who was himself caught in possession of class A drugs trying to smuggle them into a prison and who mysteriously was allowed to get off of this charge!

Mysterious that a lawyer who knew he would be searched, attempted drug smuggling and mysterious that he got away with such a serious crime.

Mysterious too that at the time he was representing Leonor Cipriano. Now call me a cynic and tell me that I may have been watching too many movies, but could the story be that drugs were planted on the lawyer, the lawyer was then forced to a dreadful job representing Leonor Cipriano in court, in return for him being cleared of smuggling drugs?

Leonor Cipriano was needed to be found guilty of murdering her daughter to cover up what really happened to her and why? Her uncle being hooked on hard drugs and would do anything for money to buy drugs.

The connection again being made to drugs and who is involved again? Goncalo Amaral.

What is happening in Portugal? How many times is something like this going to happen and the real culprits of murder, drug trafficking and child abduction be protected? how far are the police involved in all of this?

Goncalo Amaral *MUST* be investigated and interrogated, he may know who took Madeleine McCann!


vee8 said...

My God. gonzo claims to have had thirt years police experience. How many other innocents did he lock up? How many criminals did he let off the hook? This is absolutly staggering.

Rosiepops said...

I know Vee, yo are right, it is absolutely staggering, what is even more worrying is that he seems to be allowed to get away with behaving the way he does.
He is making Portugal look really bad. he is in fact making the judiciary and judiciaria look very bad and corrupt!

Harry said...

I can't take all of this in, I do not understand why the police in Portugal are not investigating this man?

RhodesRocks said...

oh my flipping god

thirty years?? What other stuff is going to come out about him?

What does he have on people that stops him from being investigated?

nCoder said...

I cannot believe what I just read!

Why don't you at least try to get all the information right?

Portuguese policemen, politics, judges, even the President can be investigated in Portugal - nobody is above the law.

At least get some REAL facts before writing this crap.

Portuguese investigators and justice is widely recognized as one of the best in the world (even publicly acknowledged by english authorities recently).

I understand this "gonzo" is trying to write a book about what he believes happened really. I don't believe him - and abominate that guy, but everybody is free in democracy to say whatever wants.

BTW: is there a name behind this article?

Rosiepops said...


I think it is you that needs to go and do your homework, you appear to be totally ignorant.

Free speech does NOT mean freedom to lie about someone and publish those lies to make monetary gain.

Everything on this blog is factual and I have taken the time to do my research, a pity you obviously haven't and while people like you continue to act like ostriches, the corruption, lies, beatings, threats and torture will carry on in Portugal.

Portugal definitely does not have a good record for justice, it has an appalling record on human rights.

Try reading up about Portugal at Amnesty International and UN, before you make a fool out of yourself again.

You are totally showing your ignorance when you say that Portuguese justice is one of the best in the world, go to the front of this blog and view the pictures of tortured Leonor Cipriano. Ask Michael Cook and ask Hugo, you want me to go on? I can and incidentally I intend to.

People like you can talk the talk, but you cannot walk the walk.

nCoder said...

1. Did you read the book he published or watched the DVD? Where are the lies? Just Facts! This is a thesis, a theory, a probable cause, seen from one of the persons that know more about the case. Do yourself a favor: Read the book or watch the documentary - it's available in Youtube ;-)

2. Did you REALLY did your homework? I am aware of human rights referrences in Amnisty International. Even believing that some may be true, it was never proved to be. BTW: Leonor Cipriano brutally killed her young doughter (I think same age as Maddie) and was senteced to be in prison for a long time. Why would this investigator do whatever you claim?

3. If you have any kind of evidence of clue, you can contact portuguese authorities, or even better, the media! and they will pursue him for sure. Honestly I and a lot of people in Portugal don't like the guy.

4. "You are totally showing your ignorance when you say that (...)" Are you saying that if these people were in UK claiming the same, there will be heads rolling? Come on! Don't insult me nor the other readers. Facts, please. Just facts that you can prove!

I believe the Mcann's are claiming the same about the book! "Show us the body and prove we did it". I agree. That's how justice work: Everybody is innocent until proven the opposite.

Cheers ;)

Tinkerbell43 said...

nCoder said...
1. Did you read the book he published or watched the DVD? Where are the lies? Just Facts! This is a thesis, a theory, a probable cause, seen from one of the persons that know more about the case. Do yourself a favor: Read the book or watch the documentary - it's available in Youtube ;-)

Are you saying Amaral knows more about the case than the Chief Prosecutor ?

Have you read the final conclusion by the Chief Prosecutor ?

I would say if anyone knew more about the case it was the Chief Prosecutor, wouldn't you ? after all he had access to the FULL files.

Mr. Amaral was only coordinator for 5 months of a 14 month investigation, he has not had access to the FULL files so therefore he is not aware of the FULL facts.

You say this is a thesis, a theory a possible cause, Mr. Amaral calls it the truth!

When a little girls life depends on people looking for her, imo this by far supercedes someones right to freedom of expression.

Rosiepops said...


1) Yes to both, unlike Moita Flores I do not give opinions on a book I haven't read! Lie example Amaral maintains that Madeleine died in the apartment on May 3rd and her parents hid her body.
He cannot prove this so this is a lie and it is libellous and it is defaming them.
He will not be able to prove any of his accusations, like playing some macabre game of hide the body all over the place, in the car, int eh wardrobe in the flower bed, on the beach, so therefor this is libellous.

2)Yes I REALLY did do my homework, pity you didn't, or you would know how to spell Amnesty (not Amnisty). In the case of Hugo and many others yes it has been proved to be true. I really think you should go and do the hours and hours and hours I have in researching, the you may be able to make a valid comment.

Speaking of proof and research and doing homework, are you are aware that torture was actually proven in the case of Leonor Cipriano?
The investigators put a bag over her head and violently beat her face to a pulp, the kicked and punched her body and hit with a cardboard tube, she is lucky she wasn't murdered.
Leonor Cipriano did not receive a fair trial and the evidence used to convict her was non existent, the investigators "words" were taken for the "truth" and their words were not corroborated with any evidence, not even the blood they say came from Joana, was cross matched or DNA tested, so it cannot be prove that it came from Joana.
Did you know that Leonor Cipriano's case made Portuguese history as it was the first murder trial without a body?
Did you know that without Leonor's confession they would not have had a case? (Hence the torture)
Don't take my word for it, you do your research and find out for yourself and read the front of this blog, there is plenty of backed up facts there.

3) Yes I have actually and are you joking? report it to the PJ? Biggest joke out, they are corrupt, don't you understand they are totally corrupt.
It is not me that is saying this, it is a matter of record.

You do know that Amaral was found guilty of lying under oath (perjury) and perverting the course of justice? He is a convicted criminal serving an 18 month suspended prison sentence.

You do know that next week Goncalo Amaral is in court again standing trial accused of torturing Leandro Silva?

4) Your ranting a bit here. If corruption is suspected in the UK then the person would be suspended from duty and inquiries held, if evidence is found there is a court trial, many documented cases, look it up for yourself. I am not saying the UK doesn't have corruption it does, I am saying that it is possible to get something done about it here, it is virtually impossible to do this in Portugal ask Amnesty International, they have been trying for years!

Yes if Amaral is accusing the McCanns he does need to show them the facts. For someone who does not like Amaral, you sure allow yourself to get worked up about him. By the way I never refer to him as "gonzo", interesting that you do though.

Rosiepops said...

Facts For nCoder who thinks Portuguese justice is the best in the world!!!

"The Court of Appeal in Lisbon ordered a retrial in the case of Albino Libânio, who was assaulted by prison officers in Lisbon Prison in 2003. The Court granted a request by Albino Libânio’s lawyers for the Portuguese state to be named as a defendant. The decision was made on the grounds that, as his injuries occurred while he was in the care of the prison system, the state should be held liable even if it was impossible to prove which prison officers were responsible for the attack. The original trial had recognized the injuries suffered by Albino Libânio but acquitted all seven prison officers of assault because of lack of evidence proving their responsibility. A new trial date had not been set at the end of the year. "

This man was viciously beaten, so much so he still cannot walk properly. First he was placed in solitary confinement and then he was later taken to another place where 15 prison guards lined up either side and Albino Libânio was forced to walk between these guards and he was viciously kicked, punched and beaten with batons.

Viva Portugal!..Viva justice!

Rosiepops said...

More for nCoder;

"Criticism of police investigation from the Portuguese legal system Portuguese prosecutors ridiculed detectives investigating Madeleine McCann's disappearance for uncovering "very little" conclusive evidence about the child's fate, the newly released files have revealed.The damning report, made public as part of the massive dossier of evidence assembled over more than 14 months, even compared local investigators unfavourably with Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes. Written by public prosecutors in Portimao and dated July 21 – the day the case was officially shelved –

the document said the investigation had not been able to find any proof which would allow "the formulation of any lucid, sensible, serious and honest conclusion" about the circumstances of the girl going missing.

It continued: "This includes the most dramatic thing, ascertaining whether she is still alive or dead – which seems the most probable.""The investigators are fully conscious that their work is not exempt from imperfections. They worked with an enormous margin of error and they achieved very little in terms of conclusive results, especially about the fate of the unfortunate child."This is not, unfortunately, a detective novel, a crime scenario fit for the investigative efforts of a Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot, guided by the illusion that the forces of law and justice can always re-establish order."The 58-page report written by public prosecutors Jose de Magalhaes e Menezes and Joao Melchior Gomes and is contained in the final volume of the files released to the media" (in August 2008)

And in court this week Jose de Magalhaes e Menezes, said that t was "50 - 50" if madeleine was alive or not, in other words he doesn't know and neither does Goncalo Amaral, so he cannot write otherwise in his book. He cannot take a thesis and present it as fact, which is what he has done.

How can his book be based on the files, when Amaral was only on the 14 month investigation for 5

How can Amaral's book be based on the files when they were not even formed when he took early "retirement" in 2008?

How can Amaral say his book was based on the files when 11.000 files have NOT been released to the public?

How can Amaral say his book was based on the files, when his book contract was signed in March 2008, the book was launched on July 24th 2008 yet the files were NOT made public until 4th August 2008.

Plenty of facts for you nCoder, you will find that on this blog and on our sister forum, we try and base everything on the facts.

Christabel said...


Not very bright are you?
I see you need to do more homework on the Cipriano case you said:

2. Did you REALLY did your homework? I am aware of human rights referrences in Amnisty International. Even believing that some may be true, it was never proved to be. BTW: Leonor Cipriano brutally killed her young doughter (I think same age as Maddie) and was senteced to be in prison for a long time. Why would this investigator do whatever you claim?

SAME AGE AS MADELEINE you think, well you were only 5 years out. SHE WAS EIGHT. Back to the drawing board me thinks.

Rosiepops said...



2. Did you REALLY did your homework? I am aware of human rights referrences in Amnisty International. Even believing that some may be true, it was never proved to be. BTW: Leonor Cipriano brutally killed her young doughter (I think same age as Maddie) and was senteced to be in prison for a long time. Why would this investigator do whatever you claim?


It was never proved beyond all reasonable doubt that Leonor Cipriano murdered her daughter, in fact Leonor Cipriano was convicted on what can best be described as very flimsy circumstantial evidence based on what a policeman was saying and his word taken as "truth" simply because he was a policeman!

Many top lawyers and judges in Portugal who are fighting against corruption, have stated that they do not believe that Leonor's was convicted on evidence beyond reasonable doubt and in fact one of the trial judges in Leonor's case (there were three) insisted on going down on record as believing that she was totally innocent of the murder of her daughter.

Again something you would have known had you researched this case as we have done!

Also had you researched the case you would know that the "many years" jail sentence Leonor was given was originally 24 years reduced to 16 years on appeal. you could at least research this, then you would not have to write "many years".

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