Saturday, 2 January 2010

Where Is The Justice? Where Is The Fairness? Where Is The Equality?

Dr Marcos Aragao Correia
A Principled Man
Lawyer of The People
Human Rights Lawyer

I learned something over the past few days, something that has deeply angered me.

Dr Marcos Aragao Correia, has been working for free! All this time he has been representing Leonor Cipriano, he has not received one cent in fees, not one single penny or cent for legal services rendered. This is all very noble, but how does he live? How does he fund his considerable expenses?
The answer to this question is - Himself!
What a contrast the kind caring, charitable and principled Dr Marcos Aragao Correia is, against the grubby money grabbing Goncalo Amaral. This the man that thought nothing of trading on a missing child's name and image.
It has to understood that Leonor's former lawyer Joao Grade, also worked for free, receiving no payment for his "services". For reasons better known to Joao Grade who started out well, he suddenly started to fail to adequately represent Leonor Cipriano, he let her down in badly court, I suspect he has his reasons and maybe we should not judge him too quickly, none the less, he did let Leonor down, unfortunately this fact is indisputable.
Leonor Cipriano is a very poor uneducated person she was wholly dependant on Grade getting the truth out, her case which we have covered extensively on this blog and on our forum;
The case of Leonor Cipriano appears to be a huge miscarriage of justice, involving the disgraced ex PJ coordinator and convicted criminal Goncalo Amaral. (Amaral was the detective who was sacked from the Madeleine McCann investigation after five months of total mess and failure, leaks and smears.)
Dr Aragao Correia took over Leonor's case from a poorly performing Dr Joao Grade, her former lawyer.

Goncalo Amaral, The Tubby Money Chaser
Wearing His Expensive Designer Suit
(Paid For By Still Missing Abducted Madeleine McCann)


Goncalo Amaral managed to make a lot of money out of writing books about Madeleine's disappearance, he was heavily in debt, but he had enough money to pay those debts, he did not preferring to waste it on expensive cars, drinking and holding parties.

Over the years he has been the recipient of a lot of money, but has still managed to land himself with huge debts and huge tax bills. Now the same way he had money during the past years and he has not paid his debts, he has money now and does not pay his debts.

If this is not bad enough, because of his alleged libel and slandering of the McCanns and because they are charging him with wrecking the search for their daughter, they are suing Amaral for £1 million and his assets have been frozen pending this court case, this is directly down to him, but he is applying for legal aid and has been moaning about not having the money to counter sue the McCanns, so the likes of Joana Morais has for some reasons decided to raise money by opening an appeal for his defense, they are actually taking money out of the purses of pensioners for this man, who has been the recipient of a lot of money. He must have got through hundreds of thousands over the past few years, yet he is now pleading poverty.

I am advised that in Portugal if you are granted legal aid you can pay for the court costs out of this, but if you need the services of a solicitor, then the court will appoint one for you and of course the chances are that Leonor Cipriano has been so badly treated up until now that they would appoint a completely different lawyer. So rather than give Leonor that worry and rather than jeopardise her case, Marcos does NOT get paid.

Why can't the Portuguese court allow Leonor legal aid and allow her to retain the services of her solicitor, who she knows and trusts and who has done so much for her?

I will be keeping an eye on Goncalo Amaral's application for legal aid, if he is granted it, it will be an absolute disgrace, but if he is granted legal aid, I wonder who will be appointed his lawyer? I hope they are going to treat Goncalo Amaral in the same way they are treating Leonor and Marcos!

Incidentally, Marcos also represents Leandro Silva for free too.

Why is there so much wrong with the legal system in Portugal?

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