Thursday, 7 January 2010


Antonio Cabrita (Left) Pierre Paulo Cristavao(Back) Sofia Amaral Goncalo Amaral (Right)

Will Antonio Cabrita, Goncalo Amaral's lawyer bother to turn up to represent him at his libel trial next week?

Antonio Cabrita failed to turn up on the date of the original hearing last month (December 2009), giving the hastily cobbled together excuse of the lawyer having to be quarantined because his secretary was thought to have "swine flu". A bit excessive, of course Cabrita did not have to be quarantined, this was just an excuse for Amaral to save face with the media. Cabrita did not have swine flu and his secretary was only thought to have it, no confirmation if it actually was the virus has been forthcoming! Cabrita could have easily attended the hearing, he obviously chose not to. Understanding this, we then have to ask why? Why did Cabrita not turn up to represent his client? Non payment of fees perhaps? A difference of opinions? Already there is talk of a rift between Goncalo Amaral and Antonio Cabrita, Amaral bizarrely announcing that he is going to train as a lawyer and the former lawyer of Leonor Cipriano, Joao Grade, is set to be his advocate! (Read blogs below for Amaral's chequered history with Joao Grade) Word has it that Cabrita and Amaral have fallen out over Amaral's intention to be trained by Joao Grade, whatever it is, it does ask a question, "does Portugal allow bent corrupt convicted criminal ex cops to become lawyers"? For Goncalo Amaral is certainly that!

What was also brushed under the carpet last month, not only did Amaral's lawyer not bother to show up at the hearing, it was touch and go if Amaral was going to bother to show up too! Apparently Amaral was not going to show up to be at the court, he changed his mind and attended when he learned that Kate and Gerry McCann were going to attend the first day of the hearing, even though they did not have to!

Word has it that Amaral's lawyer is trying to get out of turning up for next week's hearing too!

Of course the more cynical among us may think that all of Amaral's procrastination is because on the 15th January 2010, his criminal trial in the case of the torture of Leandro Silva is due to start and by getting this libel case delayed, it would either delay the torture trial, or cause the libel trial to be cancelled yet again.

You could say that it looks like Amaral is playing games with the court's time, not something that particularly enamours itself to judges!

I think Goncalo Amaral is a very worried man and so he ought to be, he has some serious questions to answer of his alleged brutality, he has serious questions to answer over the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and he has serious questions to answer over his libellous actions towards her parents and his obscene money making exploits.

Not only this, his wife is said to be suffering depression over her husbands bullying, infidelity, drinking, careless spending and womanising.

Mrs Amaral is said to be upset over her husband's involvement with Joana Morais. Of course no one is saying they are having an affair, but you cannot blame the woman for feeling threatened, not after what her husband has put her through over the past eight years and Ms Morais does have a bit of a reputation for being a "Tubby Chaser"! The doubly rotund Duarte Levy will testify to that! It is strange, why would Joana Morais decide to start a fighting fund for Amaral, when Amaral has enough of his own money to pay for it himself? When Amaral appeared at the court Morais was all over him like a rash, this was said to have started a huge row between Sofia and him, allegedly the shouting could be heard several blocks away! Why is it the Amaral's arguments always have to spill over into the street?

of course Sofia should not worry too much about Morais, if there is anything going on, Amaral will only be using her, just like he has used and abused every other female in his life, whatever else the man is, he certainly shows the traits of being a serious misogynistic pathological lying narcissist!


dianeh said...

Very interesting.

I can hardly wait to see just what antics Amaral tries to delay his libel trial this time.

Anonymous said...

Amarals book ban has been upheld!
YAY,justice has been done

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