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The Trial of Goncalo Amaral Due To Start Next Week

Goncalo Amaral At His Book Launch
Appearing Terrified of Little Madeleine McCann I wonder Why?
The case is due to start next week of course depending on no one else suddenly needing to be quarantined because they have been in contact with swine flue!

Tony Bennett has of course been trying to jump on the band wagon, proclaiming that the Madeleine Foundation are going to be represented! You have to ask why they are to be represented, what part have they got in proceedings?

Apparently according to Tony Bennett:

"By contrast Dr Amaral will argue that the material in his book is factual information from the investigation, backed up by the thousands of pages of documents that have been released to the public already by the Portuguese Police. He will further contend that his conclusions about the likely fate of Madeleine McCann are reasonable conclusions that he was entitled to reach, based on the available evidence. "

If he does back his claims up by the thousands of pages of the files, he will also have to explain how he saw them before anyone else! Amaral was sacked from the Madeleine investigation after just five months, his tenure ended then.

Amaral's book was released on 24th July 2008...... the files were not released until 4th August 2008.....So how could Amaral base his book on the files?

In order to win this case Amaral must prove beyond reasonable doubt that what he is saying is the truth, if he cannot prove what he is saying and provide evidence of that proof, then what he has written in the book is lies and it is libellous and defamatory.

Amaral maintains that Madeleine died in apartment 5a on Thursday May 3rd 2007 and that her parents concealed her body.

If this is true, where is the body? Where was it concealed? Why hasn't it been found?

It is hard to see what Amaral can bring in his defense, he will no doubt use the "free speech" card, but as usual Amaral proves himself ignorant, free speech is not freedom to lie, and libel someone defaming them and destroying their good name and blackening their characters and without a doubt, this is what Amaral has done to Mr Mrs McCann, especially in Portugal.

In his book Goncalo Amaral writes "Maddie disappeared forever" how does he know this?

He has said that he suspected Kate and Gerry McCann because they failed to show any emotion at a press conference, but what he doesn't say is why he immediately contradicts his own words, by saying that on the evening Madeleine disappeared, Gerry threw himself on the floor begging the GNR to go out and launch a search for his daughter and that both Kate and Gerry McCann were so distraught that they were throwing themselves on the floor of Madeleine's bedroom, instead of reporting this accurately, Goncalo Amaral uses the couples distress and grief at their missing child to mock them, referring to them as "praying Arabs". Thus defaming their characters with his written words, this is libel, it is libellous because it is untrue, the couple were deeply distressed and indeed they were showing emotion, so what he is written is untrue - libel. Furthermore, how can Goncalo Amaral give a factual written report of this? He was NOT there, he was NOT at the scene, he did NOT see, nor did he speak to Kate and Gerry McCann, so anything he is saying about that night in his book, is not the truth, it is hearsay, he is writing and passing as truth what other people have told him.

I cannot see this case lasting very long, what Amaral has done is defame people, he was warned that if he continued legal action would be taken, but as time went on and it seemed like no action was forthcoming, Amaral became bolder and bolder, he started travelling around Europe promoting his book, promoting his unsubstantiated gossip and in so doing not only was he defaming two innocent people, he was actively harming the search for Madeleine, by making people believe she was dead, where there is no evidence to back this up, in fact
in the 58 Page Report written by Portuguese public prosecutors Jose’ de Magalhaes e Menezes and Joao Melchior Gomes, the prosecutors’ said:

Madeleine’s parents did not “act with intent” in leaving their children alone in their holiday apartment the night the child went missing. “They could not predict that in the resort they chose to spend their holidays they could place the life of any of their children in danger.” They also noted that: “We must also recognise that the parents are paying a heavy penalty — the disappearance of Madeleine — for their carelessness in monitoring and protecting their children. It said: “In reality, none of the suspicions which led to them being made arguidos came to be confirmed later.”

How is Goncalo Amaral going to defend what he has written in his book, when it is in direct contrast to the Portuguese Attorney General and two of Portugal's top prosecutors have written?

He cannot use the files, because the files were nowhere near released when he wrote his book, if if he does quote them, then how is he going to explain seeing them, when he was not even a police officer at the time and he certainly should not have been allowed anywhere near them?

Overriding this, because of his defamation of the parents, they can successfully argue that not only has he blackened their characters and destroyed their good name, thus greatly harming their reputation and standing as citizens and in their professions as doctors, Amaral has helped to convince the Portuguese public that Madeleine has died, probably at the hands of her parents and so the search for her has been harmed, as people are not likely to believe they have any information that could help.

It is hard to see how the temporary injunction that has now been been granted twice, will not now be held up as permanent.

Here Is A Picture Of a Demonstrator That Believes Kate and Gerry McCann harmed Their daughter. She was loudly demonstrating outside the courtroom, where last December, Goncalo Amaral's defense failed to turn up, citing they had to be quarantined because of "swine flu"!
There was a small group of loud demonstrators outside the court, this could provide prrof about how Goncalo Amaral has actually harmed the McCanns reputations.

Mad Shouting Woman
(Maybe Related To Going Going Gonc!)

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