Thursday, 7 January 2010

Joana Morais Is Walking a Very Fine Line

Joana Morais Her Soft Focus Conceals Her Cold Hard Lying Two Timing Heart!

Ms Morais is laughable, to the point that the very next thing we now expect from Joana Morais, is for the gloomy woman to find a way of blaming Kate and Gerry McCann for "swine flu" and the snowstorms now sweeping the UK. Ms Morais it seems is willing to do anything to try and save the moribund Goncalo Amaral, who must surely now be entering the terminal phase of any credibility he once had, and being befriended by Joana Morais has got to feel like the end is nigh.

Now this from Ms Morais's blog, I am wondering if the end is in sight, not only for Amaral, but for Morais and the likes of Morais, from what I have read of her, she has walked a very fine line, she has already been served with a D5 notice over Mark Hollingsworth, which predictably she has tried to blame on the McCanns like swine flu and the British snowstorms, however, she has been libelling the McCanns, Clarence Mitchell, David Payne and Brian Kennedy for a very long time and the screenshots have been saved, she has had this warning and yet this still has not stopped her. I have a feeling that Joana Morais has crossed that very fine line she has been walking. Her forum and blog are completely libellous and defamatory.
Look at this screenshot, this is typical of the kind of comment that passes for OK on her blog and forum, it is talking of eliminating Kate and Gerry McCann!

This appeared on her forum today and if she does not heed this warning, then when action comes to her doorstep, she will only have her idiotic self to blame! Reader beware though, this is a Joana Morais translation and as such, the details could very well have been "accidentally" mis-translated!

"Kate and Gerry McCann Threaten to Sue Bloggers 7 January 2010
Posted by Joana Morais

Maddie's parents want
to wipe-out Gonçalo AmaralA letter sent by the English couple's lawyers said
they will sue anyone who publishes on the Internet the totality or excerpts from
the former PJ inspector's bookKate and Gerry McCann want to delete from the
Internet all the traces of Gonçalo Amaral's book on the disappearance of their
daughter Maddie. As ascertained by 24 horas, the couple has instructed its
lawyers to subpoena all the bloggers who have published excerpts or the entire
work of the former inspector to remove such content from the Internet under the
penalty of being prosecuted in the courts.The notice was sent to the authors of
the blogs that are more focused on the "Maddie case" by the British law firm
Carter-Ruck, a letter which gives an account of the court order prohibiting the
sale of the book 'Maddie, The Truth of Lie'. In the letter that the 24 horas had
access, the McCann lawyers attached a copy of the decision made by the Civil
Court of Lisbon."The purpose of this letter is to notify you that the material
that you are publishing is grossly defamatory to our clients and to alert you
that you are on the verge of receiving a lawsuit" it can be read while, they
demand for the immediate withdrawal of all the content related to Gonçalo
Amaral's book.No Warnings for Portuguese BloggersContacted by 24 horas, Isabel
Duarte, the lawyer for the McCanns in Portugal, has assured that no notice of
this kind was sent to any Portuguese bloggers. [it's a lie: Gazeta Digital a
blog by a Portuguese freelance journalist received a letter from
Carter-Ruck]This is not the first time that the parents of British girl, who
disappeared in Praia da Luz in May 2007, try to silence the theories that
contradict the version of the abduction on the Internet. In September, Kate and
Gerry McCann ordered their lawyers to advance with legal proceedings against the
authors of sites and blogs that defend that Maddie is likely 24 Horas,
07.01.10, paper edition"

To say nothing of the fact that Morais has taken it upon herself to start a "Defense Fund" for Goncalo Amaral, she has been taking money from old age pensioners who desperately need their money to keep warm this winter and she has been surfing the internet persuading these people to pay their money into a bank account she has opened for Goncalo Amaral. Goncalo Amaral is the man who has made upwards of over 2 million euros out of the missing abducted child Madeleine McCann, he has made this money out accusing the parents of killing their daughter and concealing her body. He has openly accused them of this in a book he has written, libelling and defaming them making unsubstantiated comments, when he has not even met them, not even spoken to them once and neither has Joana Morais. This is the man Morais is collecting money from pensioners for, the man that tried to charge Sky News £80.000 for one single, one off interview, the man that charges newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations thousands and thousands in return for giving them interviews, this is the man that sold the rights of his now banned defamatory book to a TV company to make a completely biased and libellous reconstruction. Goncalo Amaral leads these people through what he says happened to Madeleine, in the apartment, the car etc etc, in the apartment, where he NEVER stepped foot until at least three months AFTER Madeleine was taken (so how does he know what Kate and Gerry did?) Oh and that was THREE MONTHS after she disappeared that he decided to make that apartment a crime scene. This is the man that has spent his money on booze, cigars, women and holding lavish firework parties rather than pay up the half million euros debts he has run up. Joana Morais wants pensioners to fund this man's defense, but that isn't all, she is planning, she is planning this kind of money making enterprise to raise money for her "friend"! (not to mention the mugs and t shirts and other merchandise she plans on selling to raise money to give to that creep) Don't forget the man is also a corrupt and bent ex cop, found guilty of perverting the course of justice and perjury in a torture trial of a defenseless woman, not to mention either, his other torture trial coming up next week, close on the heels of the libel case!

Joana Morais will have you believe that she is some kind of free speech campaigner, don't believe a word of it, Joana Morais is a no campaigner for free speech, her kind of "free speech" is only free if she believes in it, if she doesn't, then she tries to get forums and blogs removed from the internet, so quite how she can comment on other people doing it is beyond understanding!

This is a communication she sent to a forum host, where she tried to get the forum removed from the internet, because she did not agree with what was being said, in actual fact it was not libellous it was the truth, so she failed!

What this below proves is that, Joana Morais is a complete hypocrite.

Free speech Joana? Don't make me laugh!

Joana Morais Writes To Forumotion Complaining and ask for the forum to be taken DOWN from the net!

This forum has defamatory content and is affecting the integrity of various persons, namely of a former coordinator of the Judiciary police, Mr. Gonçalo Amaral,(Who Is A Convicted criminal) about an English Lawyer Mr. Anthony Bennett, and about myself . The forum administrators not only violate your terms of services but they have also published an illegally recorded phone call breaking thus various Privacy Rights and Laws in Europe in the UK and in the US.,(The Calls Were Not Recorded Illegally Under Portuguese Law Or Any Other Country's Laws) If just read a few pages you\\\'ll see how the main objective of the forum is to promote hatred, slander and abusive content regardless if they have any evidences of their claims, like in where they are stating that serious respectable citizens are criminal offenders(I Reiterate, The Person In Question Could Hardly Be Called Respectable, He Is A Convicted Criminal Who Sleeps Around), further implying in an xenophobic manner that Portugal is full of corruption.(You Ms. Morais Are Saying Such, The Portuguese Posters On The Web Site In Question Are Not, And Find Your Statement Offensive And Have Informed The Forum Host Of Such) Please, I would like to see the forum removed from the internet, or the contents which are libellous and that break your ToS placed off line. I\\\' am willing to make a legal complain to a civil curt of law, along with several others who are being defamed by this forum administrators. Please, see to this matter. Thank you.screen-shot related to the illegal phone call with a download link

I wonder how Joana Morais thinks the forum could be harming the "integrity" of Goncalo Amaral? You have to have some integrity to have it harmed and Goncalo Amaral hasn't got any! If he did he would not be accepting money from old age pensioners!


tony said...
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Anonymous said...

She reckons he's respectable.
She comes over all desperate and frustrated at not being able to get a man.
I hope all his tarts have had STD tests.
Yuk, makes you wanna puke just looking at the slimey fat twat.

dianeh said...

Well written article Rosie.

Joanna Morais has picked the wrong horse and is going to end up paying for it, in more ways than one.

It is blatantly clear that Morais has no more idea about what defamation is than Amaral does. Or else clearly has no respect for the laws of her country. This is not and never has been about free speech. It is all about money to Amaral. And his continued defamation of the McCanns is how he chooses to make his money.

Just what it is about to Morais is a mystery. But Im betting that in a few months she is going to wish she had never got involved with it or Amaral.

Janine said...

He just seems to be able to pull the wool over peoples eyes.
He is a despicable man.
As for Joana,i agree,what is it about him,i agree she will be sorry,but maybe not?

She does not like alternative views.I wrote a very polite comment on a website,she took it off,blocked me,then sent a snippy email.
If you are so sure of your convictions,why act like that.
Your site is brilliant,well done.

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