Monday, 15 February 2010


Joana Morais

You will find no dirt here, I do not take or make payment to anyone, my conscience is clear, how about yours?

I would never coerce a pensioner into giving up her small pension in order to fund a corrupt policeman's legal case, in his wish to write a book he had no business writing and to enable him to carry on living a lifestyle he clearly cannot afford without the input of money earned off of the back of a child he failed to find and who he failed on every single level.

Why should you ask for money from people who cannot afford it, to enable Goncalo to swan aound in his £40.000 Jaguar motor car? You have a strange idea of democracy Joana, democracy does not come with one "Carnation" revolution, democracy is more than turning up at a court house to shout at broken people and rudely thrust flowers in their faces in the hope of causing them still more pain and hurt, democracy is a long and hard fight, that we should never give up, but what you call democracy, and the type of democracy that you and your fat friend want, is NOT democracy, in fact it is the opposite and the enemy of democracy and free speech. Democracy and free speech is freedom to speak, freedom to write, freedom to criticise governments, freedom to speak as you find, but only freedom to speak and write the TRUTH, freedom of speech is NOT freedom to libel, persecute and vilify and write books presenting a "thesis" as the truth, when it is nothing but lies, born out of the most damaging duplicitous behaviour, purposefully thought up to avenge oneself, because oneself feels anger at losing his job! Or using the excuse of a threat to free speech and democracy as a way to get at people and falsely make them worry in order to carry on making money and covering ones own lies and ones own wrongdoings and tracks with still more lies. That Joana is the arc enemy of any democracy and free speech. What you and Goncalo Amaral are defending and fighting for the right for, is actually fascist (and look over my posts I NEVER not ever use the word fascist lightly) How Goncalo silenced the McCanns while peddling his lies is how history shows us people like Hitler controlled people, he brow beat them, brainwashed them and tortured and killed people and ruled them by fear, so please do not bandy the word fascist around like confetti, the way I have seen you doing on your blog, I take that as a grave insult and a total injustice to those who have truly suffered at the hands of a fascist dictator, very much like your own country. If you use the word fascist just to make your writings look powerful then you water down the meaning of that terrible, terrible word and when that word is watered down, which word steps up to take the place in order that we described the true enemy of democracy and free speech?
The McCanns are not the enemy of free speech, all they seek to do is to be allowed to search for their daughter in peace, without being falsely accused by a corrupt convicted ex policeman, is this really too much to ask?

Be careful Joana of the things you accuse others of, history has taught us some very harsh lessons in the past and will no doubt do again in the future.Both you and your "friend" Goncalo wrote things and when nothing happened to stop you, you both became bolder and bolder and you both wrote the most terrible things because you both thought you could get away with it. You both are guilty of serious crimes against democracy and free speech, you used lies, innuendos and half truths to fool people, to present things in such a way that they look true, when in fact they were nothing but the vicious meanderings of a slighted man and you who saw fit to back him. You are in some ways worse than your friend Goncalo Joana, because you know deep down in your soul that you are wrong, yet stubbornness, false pride and jingoism spurred you on. Be honest with yourself for the first time in 3 years Joana and admit that Madeleine has long gone from your arguments, that you barely even give her a thought these days, the reason why you are here in such a malevolent fashion is because you dislike intensely the McCanns, simply because you see them as bringing shame upon your country So you will back anyone and anything that personally attacks that couple and you ought to feel a deep sense of shame for that and for things that you have written about them, all the more because you know inside that the things you have allowed to be published on your blog are simply not true and are the result of hysterical spiteful minds, your own included.Goncalo Amaral knows what he has done, he knows how he has fooled his country-folk into believing events that are simply untrue, he has a different agenda to you Joana, yet you aid and abet him, when it all comes tumbling down like a pack of cards, where does that leave you and the rest of the vile spiteful people like you? Standing around outside draughty courthouses with a bunch of wilting "Red Carnations"?


llaaeell said...

Gonçalo Amaral coordinated the cases JOAN and MADDIE
both (finally?) missing.
Crime of torture of Leonora, the mother of JOAN,
Gonçalo Amaral was sentenced to prison, in which
sentence reads: "particularly serious in people who have aim to combat the crime”
Anticipated retirement to avoid
disciplinary punishment. However, disciplinary procedure hangs , despite being retired .
The prosecution McCanns against the Gonçalo
Amaral, are correct and are supported constitutional
and legal laws .
Gonçalo Amaral was "incompetent", or in the case
JOAN or where Madeleine (Maddie).
The Handling of the Spirits - Dr. Barra da Costa
Thus, Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the case Maddie
About this Gonçalo Amaral, the Foreign Press circulated the most shameful adjectives that in
all attended the Judicial Police.
Gonçalo Amaral also reeks of frustration, shame and revenge along with an illegal / dishonest
enrichment ( "non omne quod licet honesturn est)
Hanging procedures against Gonçalo Amaral by crime of
breach of secrecy of justice and falsification of documents
and crime de torture de John Cipriano , brother of Leonora .
Gonçalo Amaral was known to have problems
financial severe and family in the second marriage.
The closing of the case Maddie was done with a Order signed by 2 Magistrates, which reads:
"It was not achieved any evidence that
allows an average man, according to the criteria of
logic, normality and rules of experience, make any conclusion lucid, sensible, serious and
honest about the circumstances in which there was a
removing the child from the apartment, nor spell,
even, a prediction consistent.”
After all, WHO is Gonçalo Amaral?
(a question multi-disciplinary) Still BELIEVES IN GONÇALO AMARAL ???

Anonymous said...

Good article.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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