Monday, 4 May 2009

The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption?: We Ask Questions the Portuguese Police MUST Answer!

The new book out entitled 'The Madeleine Investigation' Incompetence or Corruption? We Ask The Questions The Portuguese Police MUST Answer. (Details to the left, on the sidebar)

Is a book which asks some very important questions of the original lead detective 'Goncalo Amaral'. Questions we believe that if answered questions will give an insight as the real state this investigation was in right from the moment of its conception.

What the book does is try to gather all the disinformation surrounding this case into the one place and thus offering the reader a chance to see for themselves, how puerile some of the accusations were, in some cases, while in others, downright malicious, vindictive and malevolent and it also offers the reader a snapshot of how ugly the internet became in this case.

The book mainly concerns itself with correcting some of the main lies and myths, especially from those that feel it is OK to say what they like, even though they have no grounds to do so. Two main characters who feel it is OK to write these things without producing any actual proof.

This case has produced a witch hunt, where trial by media was in fact overshadowed by trial by internet hate groups, who have had these two innocent people hung, on lies and myths and not a shred of evidence.

It is a case that will make some people feel uncomfortable as they may recognise with a shock, that they may have been guilty of spreading the disinformation that has surrounded this case and which has seriously damaged the search for a child, who now the vast majority of people realise was definitely abducted.

The case has taken many bizarre twists and turns. It also has a former detective who is now trying to make as much money out of Madeleine as he can through books, TV programmes, radio shows magazine and newspaper interviews. Goncalo Amaral was actually sacked from the Madeleine investigation for making unfounded allegations against the British police and at the same time was dismissed from his position as Police Chief in Portimao, five months into this investigation, in effect he failed at his job and then went on as if he had a grudge to make as much money as he can. He is now using the name of Madeleine to further his own new career in politics, while he still has hanging over his head, the fact that he is currently standing trial over concealing evidence of the tortured into confessing to the murder of her own daughter, one Leonor Cipriano. During this trial Goncalo Amaral stayed silent and refused to answer questions electing to say that he did not recognise the judicial process that has led him to court!

In a refreshing change, the authors of 'The Madeleine Investigation' have unanimously elected NOT to receive on single penny from any profits made from this book, all profits are to be donated directly into the Official Find Madeleine Fund.


christabel said...


Oh prat you flatter yourself, this is what is in the book about you 0000000000000000000000000000000
There's enough scum in it without you and Vile.
So crawl back under your sewer theres a good girl.

Rosiepops said...

Oh dear, it appears we have a very worried and troubled rat!
perhaps if she had not been so cruel and vociferous, she would not feel so agitated now.

The real laugh of course is that she should think herself and her paltry demonic childish opinions have an weight that she and herself maybe included in the book? Talk about delusional and puffed up with her own silly self importance.

Forget it you silly little woman, you are just a silly little lecturer, cosseted in some limbo land of a university, here you think you walk on water.

I note that rat has now threatened me yet again, she has no idea who wrote the book, or what it contains, but has jumped to the most ridiculous conclusions and starts making threats.

Well this is ratonthebeam of course, this is what she does, it is what she did to Kate and Gerry McCann. it is what the book points out!

It proves the point that the book authors have made, that people just jumped in feet first, trying to spread lies and disinformation about something they know very little about!

In the post below, we are treated to a typical 'Rat rant' going on about libel etc (I think this is her pathetic attempt to scare and intimidate the authors) It is something she has done a lot of, ever since she decided to be so vociferous against Kate and Gerry McCann, announcing to all on the internet that she knew Gerry and that he was a snivelling kid (or words to that effect). She did this while leaving an electronic trail leading right back to her place of work and then started accusing everyone of outing her. A pretty pathetic mistake, when you realise what she does for a living!

Apparently she still has not learned her lesson, because here she is again making the same kind of threats, while harbouring the same pathetic and childish grudge against someone she once knew. It has not dawned on Ms Pathetic yet, that over the past 2 years, that absolutely no one has crawled out of the woodwork to dish the dirt on Kate or Gerry McCann and the worse that rat herself could say about him, was that he was a spoiled snivelling kid, or some such silliness.

And if rat has the screencaps to prove that I said she had a criminal record, then she should now produce them. And Rat should be reminded that she herself has admitted on the internet that she hacks into peoples computers, this has nothing to do with me. In fact one only has to look up the Sergents to read all about Ratonthebeam. If she is at all worried about these things, why has she not sued the sergents? Why is she trying to intimidate me?

Or is the REAL truth that rat is very worried about how she will look if someone actually collated her ranting posts?

For a Rat Update follow the link.

Ratonthebeam at The sergents

By the way keep talking about, ever heard of the saying "All Publicity is Good Publicity". Associate the book with whatever words you feel like, apparently you will be doing the authors a huge favour as it will help bring it up in all the search engines.

Woweee way to go!


ratonthebeam Post subject:


Posted: Mon May 04, 2009 6:34 am

Mafia Boss

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Location: witch-burning OK, I am going to be serious now for a wee minute, and this is how I know that Rosie's latest escapade is extremely ill advised.

There are very few cases of people being successfully sued for libel over the Internet. This is for many reasons - it's a relatively new medium, therefore largely untested. It's sometimes difficult to know exactly whom to sue - the writer? the host server? the ISP? the contributors to the blog? the owner of the blog? assuming they can even be traced! It's fraught with problems so 99% of lawyers don't want to know.

In addition, there's usually international law to worry about- which country's laws have precedence? The writer's, the server's? Or where it has been viewed? The moment any case becomes "international", you can times your legal fees by 10. And then some. And there is no guarantee of success.

Just Google "The Pirate Bay" for a recent case. Yes, these guys are in jail for now (for a paltry year, and now they've had the kind of global advertising money can't buy) but they are gonna be out on appeal imho. They might have broken US law but they are in Sweden, and as far as I can tell, have broken no Swedish laws. Some of their servers are in Holland, and they have broken no Dutch laws either.

Books, on the other hand, are a completely different kettle of fish!

It is a hard copy item, with a definite, traceable point of origin. It has a publisher. It has a country of publication. You can read those things for yourself from the ISBN number. If it has a publisher, there is a traceable author. In a legal suit, signing yourself as a "well wisher" will not protect you.

Your statements are down there in black and white. You cannot go back and amend them. You are ultimately responsible for every single thing you write. So real publishers, such as Future or Addison Wesley, employ editors to proof read and check every single thing. If it is a cook book, every single recipe is tried independently to ensure that it works. Every bit of code I have ever written for Future has been independently tried out and debugged, where necessary, to ensure it works.

Because if the recipe set fire to someone's kitchen, or a bit of duff code crashed someone's server, the publisher could be sued, and believe me, that terrifies the living daylights out of them.

Why do you think Snr Amaral hasn't self published his book? Because he is not that daft!

OK, back to "flippant" mode. I hope Rosie repeats her obnoxious claims in her book, I really do. So far, I've been described as an ignorant, uneducated yob; a hacker; a person with a criminal record; and someone who should never be allowed near children. And yes, Rosie, I have the screencaps to prove it. So I do hope you have given me a mention.

Like I said, the Courts are gonna be busy.


viv Post subject: Re: ROSIEPOPS HAS WRITTEN A BOOK!Posted: Sun May 03, 2009 11:53 pm

Mafia Boss
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I think we need to ensure that the title of that book gets associated with the word "rubbish" on internet searches. Not that I imagine anyone will find it anyway, it is only because I visit that hellhole that I noticed it and I can understand Admins point about not wanting to give them any free publicity, just of the adverse type, that will do

christabel said...

For a Rat Update follow the link.

Ratonthebeam at The sergents

Very nice man, Very Very nice man lol.
Thanks for the link, I nearly wet myself.

Mum21 said...

My only comment to both Viv and Rat are this:

Keep it up both of sales have rocketed since you started that thread on the 3A's. You under-estimate its have wet their appetite....they are inquisitive.

christabel said...

She used to live near a zoo ???
Has she moved???

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Thanks for that Sergents link, it is 'enlightening' to say the least.
'Things You Never Knew About Ratonthebeam' well, well, well!

Gonzo said...

Anonymous said...
Ha ha ha Thanks for that Sergents link, it is 'enlightening' to say the least.
'Things You Never Knew About Ratonthebeam' well, well, well!

04 May 2009 11:59

PMSL Anon,

but have you seen that new site all about Mrs Vile?
Somebody loves her NOT!

vee8 said...

Apparently I am now one of the authors? We ALL knew, from the members area, (Where anti's fear to tread!)this book was on it's way, so because I squeal with delight when the day came ever closer, I am now an author! Really pepes, you flatter me! But I failed my English Lit exams at school, so I am the last person to think of writing a book! But thanks on behailf of the REAL authors for all the publicity, I understand sales have gone up since being mentioned on 3a's? well, at least they're good for something!

vee8 said...

Oh, and how can you sue someone for libel just because you disagree with what they say? It is only libel if it isn't true.

Rosiepops said...


You intrigue me! I do not know if Anon has seen the Mrs Vile blog, but I would like to take a peek!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Vee,

Well I knew all and sundry would be accused of writing the book.

It is what they do, they blunder straight in, no proof, no facts, just accuse, well look what they have been doing to the McCanns for 2 years! The idiots!

vee8 said...

Rosie, it seems viv thinks your male now?!!! ROFPML!! We have never met, face to face, but we did speak on the phone once. If you ARE a male, then isn't it about time your balls dropped?!!

Christabel said...


Rosie you need a boob reduction too!
At least your teeth are nice and white though lol.

Rosiepops said...

vee8 said...
Rosie, it seems viv thinks your male now?!!! ROFPML!! We have never met, face to face, but we did speak on the phone once. If you ARE a male, then isn't it about time your balls dropped?!!

Or perhaps, I should stop wearing such tight trousers? lol

Poor Viv, she is that confused you have to feel sorry for her.

'The Madeleine Investigation' Incompetence or Corruption?

What do you say Viv? Come you are the legal expert (so you say)

Anonymous said...

Rosie fear makes Rats scream.
As for libel.....Well, lawyers tell their clients to go for all three; the server the owner and the poster.
No problem with it being international. But, the compensation does normally come from the server owner.
However, if a crime has been committed, such as threats to harm. The culprit's home country law enforcement has proved very amiable in most cases and has gone ahead with prosecutions in the offenders homeland.

One thing about here, we don't have to worry about the Brit's Privacy laws if the server is hosted here or Canada. Law enforcement can seize the server and glean from it what they wish.In doing so they do not hesitate in passing any offender details to the country they reside in with requests enclosed.

Anyone residing in the USA and not a citizen of this country who does offend....can be deported if found guilty. Hell, sometimes they are deported just for association of the offence.

Rosiepops said...

Oh dear Gonzo,

That blog about our dear "Mrs Vile", is so funny.

Gonzo said...

you shouldn't laugh. The poor buggar can't find it in google.
Shall I give her a tip?
Alright then, "don't eat yellow snow" Vile.
Now try googling something beginning with VF. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

Just been reading about your book on the 3As, thanks to them and the advertising I will now be buying it.

Christabel said...

As you all know Vile does not visit our blog does she?

IP Address: 89.243.**.** ISP: Opal Telecom
Entry Page Time: 3rd May 2009 19:31:06
Visit length: 23 hours 50 mins 23 secs
Browser: Firefox 3.0
OS: WinVista
Resolution: 1024x768
Location: Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Returning Visits: 17

Rosiepops said...

Talking about Vile this made me laugh.

Latest from viv!

legal action may be taken by the authors to recover any perceived loss of earnings from potential sales But this is what is all about really isn't it, Team McCann cashing in on a little girl they got rid of? Do people remember all the angry threats from Clarence Mitchell in 2008 about how dare people make money out of Madeleine and not account to the Fund for the money? They did not change one bit, did they! If I find any trash written from this book that I want to write about I will copy it and use it with impunity and they can stuff their meaningless threats. In Britain we know who uses libel law, the corrupt and we know where they often finish up too, in prison where they belong. It is not clever to take tips from Lord Archer who even sat penning another money making book in his prison cell!

This is garbled and confused, even for poor Viv, but oh dear, it looks like the book has touched her raw nerve lol

Bit of a silly statement really, in it you actually stated you intend to break the law. Oh dear Viv, I don't think many would want you as their solicitor rotflmao.

It is not libel law you will be falling foul of my little chump chop, it is copyright law, a different thing entirely.

Anonymous said...

You really don't know much about your own Libel laws do you?
For a pretendy solicitor you should at least check out the basics before you open your mouth and let your belly rumble.

Anonymous said...

My daughter is collecting the Sylvanian family range, so far we have mangaged the house, a few shops, a bakers and a school. Does anyone know of a fake solicitor or someone else trying to be important that I can add to the collection. PMSLOLVM

Anonymous said...

I have gone from saying I don't know what happened to the child to saying with conviction I know the parents did nothing to harm their child.
Madeleine McCann was abducted from the apartment in Portugal and the Portuguese Police's Head Honcho Fcked up big time.
Now, you at the 3A' Madeleine Foundation can take a hike off the Alps for all I care. You fashioned this case to suit your theories and the results have been evil deceit orchestrated by a hate site with not one honest soul between you. Shame on you for visiting your hate on a little girl who has not once harmed you or your families.

Your attempts to stop people looking for the child is disgusting and you have done so only to prove yourselves right with little thought for Madeleine. You are pathetic excuses for human beings!!!! May you suffer that which you have put Madeleine and her family through...... threefold!!!!

Mum21 said...

Thanks to Viv's thread on the 3A's it looks like Amaral is going to be informed of the book.
I call that "Success" without really trying!!!

Thanks Viv. :-))))

KazLux Post subject: Re: ROSIEPOPS HAS WRITTEN A BOOK!Posted: Tue May 05, 2009 8:18 am

Mafia Boss

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Quote from the authors blog:

The author’s have also assured us they have gone to great lengths to insure the legality of this book, and the publishers themselves have used their own legal team, to insure there is nothing of a libellous nature included.

I've printed the announcement on the blog, the announcement on the website of the publisher, and included the URLs, a document that I shall hand this afternoon to Dr. Amaral, in the expectation that HIS lawyers might wish to look into the truth of the above statement.

Anonymous said...

I was talking to a friend in the UK last night. Much as you may believe he, Amadildo, can walk on water; the majority of the UK would like to give him his head in his hands to play with.

I found that statement hilarious and one I shall add to my book of insults.

dianeh said...

Probably a good thing if Amaral does look at the libel laws in Briatin, perhaps then he will know the dangers of publishing in Britain, and refrain from publishing his 'book' in any country with libel laws similar to Britain's.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony

My OH just roared with laughter at that one! rotflmao

Rosiepops said...


Poor Mrs Amaral, she looks absolutely terrified (she should be). One gets the feeling she is being coerced into a situation she would rather not be in, she doesn't look comfortable at all. "Look at the way Amaral is constantly holding her hand,he is controlling her, look at the way he has gripped her arm, look at the bruises on it, he must be a wife beater, a cold evil control freak." (Above statement the McCanns names were removed and replaced with Amaral's) No wonder poor Mrs Amaral looks so worried, she knows what's coming, after all she has helped dish it out, but she shouldn't worry too much, as the Amarals are only getting what they deserve, dirty old game is politicking, and it's only just begun!

As for the book,
I would like to say to Mr Mrs Amaral; "now you know what it feels like to have unsubstantiated comments published about you", but unfortunately I can't, as none of the comments I have read are unsubstantiated.

Nice try too 3 A's, keep going you are making yourself look idiots as well as boosting sales. "luverly jubberly!"

Anonymous said...

Have you heard the news about an ex-3As and now PFA poster being accosted and threatened in the street by the hate forum?

Cops involved.

And I want to see the Mrs Vile blog!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Vile writing a book or two or three or four or five - she has so many theories.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Anon 19:00

She almost has as many theories as she does professions, pmsl.

Message for TB:-

You know that programme you desperately tried to stop airing, well its on NOW!

Christabel said...

Aw Tinks, don't upset him, he's already been kicked of the market today ROTFLMAO.

Rosiepops said...

Has TB been kicked off of the market? I hoped they kicked him hard!

message for TB, did you like the documentary you tried to stop?

What are you so afraid of? Everyone seeing you for the nasty spiteful lying bastard you are?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Christabel,

What market would that be, a FLEA market, lol.

vee8 said...

Lie down with 3a's, and you get fleas! So he could open up a stall selling 'em!

vee8 said...

Rosiepops said...
Message for TB, did you like the documentary you tried to stop?

What are you so afraid of? Everyone seeing you for the nasty spiteful lying bastard you are?

I'll tell you what he was afraid of. The two detectives now on the case. They stressed the point that they would ONLY take the case if they had a completely free hand, that they would follow EVERY lead, no matter who it lead to, and that they would place ALL evidence found in front of the police. When asked if they had found anything to incriminate the McCann's they answered, No. Not a scrap.

Two very experienced and professional ex detectives. Who are YOU going to believe? Them, or a useless looser of an ex-solicitor who thinks he knows best?

The public are not fools, bent tit, they can see the truth, as plain as the nose on your face. The parents are innocent.

Anonymous said...

I see our good friend docmac is back. He really is a laugh a minute.

Gonzo said...

Get yer apples ere.
Get yer pamphlet buy 2 get 3 free.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 15:44 - yup, Notdoc is back after his long absence (busy working, family stuff according to him), he's back in fine form - what a loser!

Rosiepops said...

Anon 21.45

Back? Can't say I noticed he had gone.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was not Viv in disguise? The post was soooooooooo longgggggggggggggggggg and boring.

Rosiepops said...

Dunno Anon, I haven't read it an do not intend to, I have far more interesting things to do with my time than bother with him, I didn't think he had been away. I don't even know (or care) where he is posting,he is as dull as ditch-water!

vee8 said...

Written by a TRUE human being.

Anonymous said...

Warning Warning -

Incoming nutters - guard your facebook accounts!!!

Anonymous said...

Tony Bennett
Post subject: Re: ROSIEPOPS HAS WRITTEN A BOOK!Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 10:45 pm

Hardened Criminal

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Rosiepops' book appears to be outselling '60 Reasons', if this recent comment on the Oprah Winfrey boards is anything to go by:


Re: Exclusive: The McCanns and the Search for Madeleine
May 9, 2009 2:20 PM
| In response to: harpobear

The Madeleine Investigation: "Incompetence or Corruption?" book was written by a collection of people who have been looking for the TRUTH pure and simple. Not, if's, but's and maybe's. And, this is what the book is made up of. I believe a re-print will have to be ordered very soon. I am so sorry it is not yet in Portuguese.

I also sincerely believe that until this perpetrator/s is/are caught, the Children in Portugal sadly will not be safe.


Tell me Mr Bennett, does that really surprise you????

Anonymous said...

Ordered my book from Amazon and should be getting it May 28.

I am so looking forward to it.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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