Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Lighting The way Home For Madeleine Beth McCann May 12th 2009

Mummy and daddy love you so very much

Sean and Amelie do too,

aunts, uncles, cousins just don't forget

and your grans and granddads miss you so, too.


Much has been said in your sweet name

but Madeleine you are promised this;

Your parents love is like an invisible flame

that surrounds you keeping you warm and safe.

Clinging like a limpet unseen

always there, always present, always alive,

in your own precious sweet dreams.


Not a person alive, can ever stop this love,

from reaching you where ever you are,

it will seek you, and it will find you

on a summer breeze, a soft spring rain

a snowy day, or a wing, or a prayer.

It can't be stopped, it's just unstoppable

such is your parents love

it will find you and envelope you

keeping you safe and secure.


You may not realise you are missing

but somewhere deep inside

will be that nagging little doubt

something present that you will always feel

makes you realise you belong somewhere else


No one can take that 'knowing' away

and no one can stop that knowing,

no one can stop the blossoming feeling.

of your special little 'knowing'

and like a tiny seed it will surely keep

'growing', 'growing' and 'growing'.


One day soon you will hear the voices

that you have heard 'somewhere'

many times before

you may not understand what they say

but they will make you feel happy for sure.


Even though you may not know you are lost

you will know for sure when you are found.

The life you sense deep down that you had

the life, you have never quite forgotten,

the world you sense and see in your dreams

is there, it is real and it is waiting for you,

Sweet dear little child Madeleine.


vee8 said...

Happy birthday sweetheart. Your next one will be at home, with your family.

dianeh said...

Madeleine, little princess, happy birthday.

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