Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Portuguese Police IGNORE 4 NEW Leads! - Portugal's Disgrace!

It seems that after all that has gone on, after all the mistakes the disgraced former police chief Goncalo Amaral has made and how Amaral alone has managed to heap shame and disgrace on his country resulting in a cataclysmic effect on Portugal's tourist industry, as people are justifiably scared of going there on holiday with their children. The Portuguese police appear not to have learned any lessons at all, they have actually been found to have told people NOT to contact them with any information about missing Madeleine McCann, that she is dead and the case is closed!
The fact that the case is NOT closed, not according to the Portuguese Attorney General anyway, it is shelved and may be opened at any time if any new important leads emerge.

How would this happen if the Portuguese police have adopted this attitude? This means that officers at grass roots level are discarding any information which comes in, so who knows if it is important or not?
It seems that the majority of the Portuguese people are in denial, and being brainwashed into this catatonic state by the police themselves.

Portugal is certainly NOT a democratic country, it is for all intents and purposes very much still a police state, this state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, the EU now has to act. Portugal cannot be a Member State of the European Union while this kind of thing is allowed to happen, other countries have been DENIED access to the EU for a lot less than what is occurring in Portugal, right now!
There is a level of corruption there that needs to be rooted out and not least because the life of a child is depending on it.

Former police chief Goncalo Amaral was sacked from the Madeleine investigation for lying and making false statements about the British police, he was also dismissed from his post as police chief of Portimao. Last week on Friday 22nd May 2009, Goncalo Amaral was found guilty of perjury and falsifying documents to conceal evidence of torture by his men, who it was proved tortured into confession, the mother of another missing child who's body has never been found.

The police inspectors could not be sentenced as they all refused to speak, remaining silent, so which officers were guilty of the torture could not be established, so none of them could be found guilty and none sentenced, because obviously an innocent person could have been sent to prison.
In most other countries this silence in court would have been accepted as an admission of guilt and all would have been found guilty and all would have been sentenced for torturing a witness in custody under interrogation.


However, thankful for small mercies, Goncalo Amaral was found guilty of very serious crimes and not upholding the letter of the law he swore to uphold, he was give an 18 month prison sentence, suspended.

Thanks to the dilligence and the untiring efforts of Leonor Cipriano's lawyer 'Dr Marcos Aragao Correia', Goncalo Amaral was convicted of perjury (lying under oath) lying and withholding evidence of a torture of a female witness (Leonor Cipriano) while she was held in custody, she was forced to confess to the murder of her daughter, which she did not commit.

Dr Correia, is s till battling on Leonor's behalf and has lodged an appeal to have her freed from prison, which will be heard in the Porutugese Supreme Court of Justice.

Thanks to Dr Marcos Aragao Correia, hopefully justice will be done and Leonor Cipriano will soon be released from prison.

Portugal needs MORE people prepared to stand up and fight against INJUSTICE and fight for JUSTICE for people who have obviously been wronged and suffered a gross miscarriage of justice like Leonor Cipriano.

Dr Correia, has put his own personal safety on the line by doing this and has opened himself up to accusations, lies and slurs against his character, by no less than Goncalo Amaral!

We as a forum and as a blog, will continue to support Dr Correia as long as he needs us.

Amaral should have gone to prison, but he was let off lightly. This is the state of the justice system and endemic corruption in Portugal and this is why the EU should give Portugal its marching orders!
If the EU does nothing, the EU already accused of corruption, will be viewed as even more corrupted.

It emerges now that in and around Portugal, there have been sex attacks on the children of holiday makers actually inside their holiday apartments, in the month leading up to Madeleine McCann's abduction and two assaults afterwards, equally as serious and telling is that these assaults were combined with burglaries on the properties.

As usual this VITALLY IMPORTANT information had been reported but was NOT acted upon and was buried on purpose in 70.000 pages in the official police files.

Neither was the true extent of just how many KNOWN paedophiles were actually resident in and around Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine was abducted. Not least one particularly British born CONVICTED paedophile, Raymond Hewlett. Apparently all the known paedophiles in the area all but one is British and one predatory paedophile (nationality unspecified) lives just 500 yards from where Madeleine was abducted!

In view of all this information now emerging, why have the Portuguese police kept this secret? Goncalo Amaral cannot be blamed solely for this, some of the blame for this must fall on Paulo Rebelo, who took the investigation over after Amaral was sacked!

Just how deep does this apparent corruption go in Portugal's police?

This while investigation is beyond the realms of names like circus, joke and farce, it has slipped into something much more sinister than this, it is now showing all the signs of corruption and a possibly a paedophile ring operating in and around the Algarve, especially centering on Praia da Luz.

Portugal had NO sex offenders register ate the time Madeleine disappeared and despite all the fiasco since, it still has NO DNA based sex offenders register, Portugal is in effect a have for paedophiles.

What happened to Madeleine?

Could it be that the PJ were so scared if they investigated this properly that a scandal would ensue along the lines of Casa Pia children's home in Portugal?
Could the PJ themselves be complicit in the paedophile ring?

Nothing is clear except for this certainty - Portugal's secrets, the ones their authorities and police have tried so hard to cover up, even to the point of the PJ FALSELY making the McCanns suspects in their daughter's disappearance, are now emerging, and just like I always predicted even as far back as before when I predicted Amaral would be sacked and should be sacked, I also maintained that something deeply sinister in Praia da Luz happened and is still happening, but the truth will come out because it always does and when it does come, it comes like an unstoppable express train.

That express train has just started rolling and it is picking up speed and no matter what Amaral or Rebelo and other insignificants do to try and stop it, they will not. Portugal must now brace itself the worse is yet to come.

All the people who tried to cover this up, will now be feeling very scared and well they should, they have added to the immeasurable pain and suffering of a little girl, her parents and her family and the question is, how many times has this happened in Portugal? And how many times have they got away with it?

I leave you with this, because despite all the dirt and despite everything unpalatable happening to children, there are still some people like those police officers who IGNORED the new leads coming in and those that languish in the stinking cesspit of hate sites, the hate forums that themselves are made up out of paedophiles, perverts and who sell porn in order to stay on the nest, simply to denigrate, accuse the innocent parents of an innocent child and to satisfy their almost perverted needs to have these parents found guilty and thrown into prison for something they clearly did not do, they want this so badly, they do NOT want Madeleine McCann found and they even take the side of a convicted violent foul mouthed paedophile, who's own son has said this about him:

"Hewlett's 40-year-old son Wayne Hewlett, a builder, said he and his brothers and sisters were savagely beaten by him when they were children.Wayne cut all ties with his father 20 years ago, and said: 'He is a monster. The crimes he has committed are despicable, he is a major embarrassment as a father and I'm ashamed of the things he has done.'I know he has cancer but I don't care whether he lives or dies. I despise the man. How could anyone not?'Just because he's my father doesn't mean I'm not disgusted by what he has done.'"


Anonymous said...

Have you heard rosie - 3As think you are gonna get sued by Amaral!!

Bring it on!!

Christabel said...

Yes those secrets are going to come as one big shock for somebody and not just the lying Gonc.

He is a disgrace along with his followers. But you know that lid they tried to keep on, its going to blow off big time very, very soon.
I for one cannot wait to show this drunken fat slob who he thinks he scares.

vee8 said...


Rosiepops said...

Anonymous said...
Have you heard rosie - 3As think you are gonna get sued by Amaral!!

Bring it on!!

27 May 2009 16:44

Tell him Good Luck with that.


Rosiepops said...

Goncalo Amaral is a corrupt convicted criminal liar, with a suspended 18 month prison sentence.

So come on fat slob sue me.

vee8 said...

Have you heard rosie - 3As think you are gonna get sued by Amaral!!

Is that the same amoral who was going to get his book translated into English and sold here? Is that the same amoral who was going to be aquitted at his trial?!? Is that the same amoral who bent tit once described as 'Uncorruptable?!?!?'

Oh gawd strewth, I think I just cracked a rib!

When has the filth EVER been right?? About ANYTHING?!?

tony said...

The despot site are now apparently saying that Amaral knows where the corpse is but has told no one and is saving it for his next book.

They hero worshipers are doing their hero no favors?

I thought he wanted Justice for the child?
How about being a Christian?
Wouldn't a Christian want a Christian burial for the poor little soul?

This man is an embarrassment to humanity....Even Lucifer Wouldn't entertain him!!!

Rosiepops said...

Watch it Tony he may sue you!

(On planet Amaral anyway)

That man is nothing but one huge joke, he is a disgrace to his country.

tony said...

Rosie, to sue he has to prove he was defamed. He can't do that when his own country's Judicial system covicted him of can he?
Fat Tub Of Rancid Lard That He Is!!!!!

Rosiepops said...

tony said...
The despot site are now apparently saying that Amaral knows where the corpse is but has told no one and is saving it for his next book.

They hero worshipers are doing their hero no favors?

I thought he wanted Justice for the child?
How about being a Christian?
Wouldn't a Christian want a Christian burial for the poor little soul?

This man is an embarrassment to humanity....Even Lucifer Wouldn't entertain him!!!

27 May 2009 21:00

So Amaral knows where the body is and he is saving this for his next book?

He has already been convicted of falsifying documents to conceal evidence of a torture, in effect withholding evidence of a crime.

So now he is doing it again?

Does that fat defective realise that he is under a suspended prison sentence, which will come into play if he gets himself in trouble?

So not only is he inhumane and a convicted liar, he is unGodly too IF as he says he knows where the body is, why has he not told people now?

The liar has now lost it and is making rather a large fat fool of himself.

Or is he scared now that he is going to get found out?

There will be NO second book, because before that he will be sued and found guilty and if he carries on like this, it will not be the civil action of defamation brought against him, it will be a criminal charge and he is going t end up in prison!

Withholding the whereabouts of a missing child whether she is dead or alive is a criminal act.

I hope Amaral likes prison food. the sicko

Rosiepops said...

The way he is going he is definitely going to go to prison, good can't come a day too soon. In my opinion he should already be in prison for what he did.

Amaral is a lying corrupt convicted criminal.

Rosiepops said...

Here is something else for amaral to worry about, he has seriously ****** off a big drug company and they do NOT take kindly to their brand name being misrepresented in such a fashion.

Our Ref: XXXXXX-Letter
Date: XXXX 2009

Dear Madam/Sir

Thank you for your recent enquiry concerning Calpol Infant Suspension (120mg paracetamol per 5ml).

Calpol Infant Suspension contains paracetamol which is used to relieve pain and reduce fever. As you rightly point out, it does not have sedative properties. We are keen to ensure that consumers understand how to use all of our products correctly. In the case of Calpol, we ensure clear messages in our advertising to ensure correct usage. The product also contains clear instructions for use on the box and within the enclosed patient information leaflet.

Thank you for your concern regarding the reputation of our product and the suggestion that we contact Mr Amaral. We will give your suggestion due consideration.

Yours sincerely

Johnson & Johnson Ltd

Medical Information Officer
Professional Information Ltd
on behalf of Johnson & Johnson Ltd

Rosiepops said...

Message to the convicted criminal perjurer liar Goncalo Amaral......

Calpol does NOT have any sedative properties, as I have explained for the past 2 years!

vee8 said...

Let's look at this with the cold hard eyes of logic. To sue someone for defamation of character, you need to have a good name to start with. gonzo now has a criminal conviction against him, so he no longer has a 'good name' to defame.
Next, I know from my own experience with the obsessive stalker, drachen, just how dificult it is to sue someone for libel. You can't sue an unknown blogger i.d. you need a real name, a real person. You also need to know their financial situation, for instance, if you, Rosie, were living in a council flat on benefits, even if gonzo won, he would still loose, because then HE would have to pay all costs, because you would not have the means to pay yourself.
Next is the little matter of who EXACTY wrote the defamatory comment. As I understand it, the book was written by an unknown number of co-authors, none of whom has admitted publically on the forum who they are. You announced it on J4 in your capacity as admin, and the 3p's automatically assumed it was your own work. But, as we know, there are any number of members involved. IF any part of the book is libelous, and having read it myself, I cannot see that it is, but If it is, gonzo would have to prove who wrote that exact part of it. He can't collectivly sue all the forum, it doesn't work like that. He needs specific names, and he can't get them. Basically he is talking out of his ample arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Rosie, we all knew that. The world and his wife knows it. Only Amaral and his bunch of clingons think differently.
I bet you are cacking yourself, eh? You are going to be 'exposed' - I have a feeling he has been fed the 'fact' that you are a Mccann.
tee hee.

Tinkerbell43 said...

I'm sorry, you dont ignore any lead when there is a paedophile running loose!

Even if, god forbid Madeleine is dead, you dont ignore information that could lead to her abductor, this person could strike again, what about the safety of all other little children ?

There is something very wrong here and until they stop brushing it under the carpet, I think people should vote with their feet and avoid Portugal as their holiday destination.

dianeh said...

I personally doubt that Amaral has said that he knows where Madeleine's body is. I think that is just some twit on the 3A's crapping on with the old 'inside information' fabrications that they like so much.

Because the truth is that if Amaral did know where Madeleine's body is and has failed to present the information to the PJ, then he would be going to gaol for perverting the course of justice, witholding information in a murder investigation, and any number of other things. And then that suspended sentence would be added on top of any new sentence.

No, IMO Amaral never made any such claims. I cant believe that he is so stupid, he at least knows the Portuguese laws and the implications of withholding such information.

Rosiepops said...

Exactly Diane. I said that and also he is already just convicted of withholding evidence, if he is taken to court and convicted again for wit holding evidence in a murder trail at the very least his 18 months suspended sentence will be commuted to a prison sentence actual and he would also be sentenced on top for withholding evidence in another criminal investigation.

I know he is pig thick and arrogant, but is he this pig thick?

I wonder if that load of old pervs on the 3 P's realise that under Portuguese law, Amaral doesn't have a chance of winning an appeal because his trial was trial by jury! There are two possible outcomes, he could get his sentence reduced or INCREASED!

Leonor's lawyer who is also appealing to have Amaral's sentence increased to the maximum of 3 years and that he should serve an actual sentence in prison!

It is however unlikely, but I think this is going to happen, especially the way the news is unfolding now and it is all stacking against Amaral.

I think his sentence may be increased, but more I think he will go to prison.

Rosiepops said...

Oh dear apparently I am going to be exposed by Amaral. He has probably fallen for the the I am a McCann or part of the McCanns team, well good luck with that Amaral, because you will be exposing the wrong person and laying yourself wide open to yet another legal challenge and the world will know that your detective skills are even worse than originally mentioned. (If that is possible)

What a shame for the fat defective, he has exposed Kate and Gerry McCann to the most horrendous pain and grief, stopped looking for their daughter and caused them immeasurable distress.

He has published a book which is libellous and defamatory about the McCanns, he says it is based on proof, but anyone with more than half a brain cell, knows that this is nonsense, because if there was any proof that this couple harmed Madeleine, they would have been charged and prosecuted, but they were NOT, they were declared innocent by Portugal's Attorney general and two of her top Prosecutors, who said there was no rational or reasonable logic and no proof to suggest that Madeleine was harmed, and certainly nothing to suggest that her parents had anything at all to do with her disappearance.

So he is on to a loser there. But he has swanned about Europe and tried to convinced the world in the most ludicrous and arrogant manner, he has made himself thousands of euros out of a little child he failed and now when he gets a little back, when the tables are turning on him, he starts blubbing like a big girls blouse!

Typical of a bully, has to save face by bullying someone he perceives as being weaker than him. This is typical of a misogynistic bully boy.

He wants to pick on me? (Or so the neanderthals on the 3 P's say anyway) Well good luck with that Amaral - because if the world is not convinced about your appalling skills as a detective on your record, they are certainly going to be now.

One other thing, if Amaral cannot find a British lawyer to represent him to sue the papers which had the potential to be very lucrative, how is he going to get a lawyer to sue me? For what possible gain? I expect he is looking for another cash cow now he has been deterred from making money out of a innocent child. Well the Madeleine is an innocent unable to fight back, her parents were pushed beyond the realms of their tolerance before they fought back. He should make no mistake, pick a fight with me and I will win and I make this promise to Madeleine and her parents, I will make that fat lump look even more stupid than he has made himself look and I am not scared of him or his silly childish threats and neither am i afraid of the paedo loving pudding heads on the 3 A's.

vee8 said...

Typical of a gutless, spineless coward.

Gonc said...

Don't worry Rosie, we have started a fund for you just in case. lolololol.
I bet he meant a dummy run, have you noticed all the dummy's are running.

It is better than watching an idiots guide to the galaxy, on 3P's.They are like dustbins on there, take anything in! I hope Sofia is careful by those stairs cos I bet Slobbo Fatso is a bit angry at the moment.

tony said...

Gonc said...
Don't worry Rosie, we have started a fund for you just in case. lolololol.
I bet he meant a dummy run, have you noticed all the dummy's are running.

It is better than watching an idiots guide to the galaxy, on 3P's.They are like dustbins on there, take anything in! I hope Sofia is careful by those stairs cos I bet Slobbo Fatso is a bit angry at the moment.

28 May 2009 10:16

I bet if he pushed her down them the 3A' would say it was a set up by Team McCann.

Rosiepops said...

I bet she avoids stairs like the plague, in fact I bet they live in a villa on one floor, (paid for by Madeleine.)

Seriously though, now that the disgraced former defective Goncalo Amaral has been tried and found guilty of perjury and perverting the course of justice by concealing evidence of a torture, how does this affect his political aspirations in Portugal?
Do they allow convicted criminals with suspended prison sentences hanging over them to become politicians?

vee8 said...

"Do they allow convicted criminals with suspended prison sentences hanging over them to become politicians?"

Knowing what we do, how they cover for each other, I imagine it's a pre-requisite. Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

PMSL - Good ole Claws and 3 Arguidos think that the incompetent, arrogant Amoral is going to sue the blog who wrote "The Madeleine Investigation: Incompetence or Corruption" . I'm sure the blog had everything put through a lawyer (and it wouldn't have been Clawsie's buddy - Vile.

Also, Amoral is now stating he knows where Madeleine's body is - he must have finally picked up Critavalo's book. Any one want to bet there will be a sequel to Amoral's first book? He is so pathetic.....

Rosiepops said...

For a start it is not a blog and secondly, how does one sue a blog? I can just see it now a blog standing in the Dock.

Claws really must do better.

Now run along and mop poor old convicted disgraced former detective liar and perjurer's fat brow for him, because if only you knew what I know, things are about to get even hotter for him.

Looks like he is going to prison!

If anyone believes this nonsense of him knowing where poor little Madeleine's body is, then they are even madder than Amaral himself is.

If he knew where she was, there is such a thing as withholding evidence and perverting the course of justice.
If he knew where she was how come the Portuguese police have not recovered the body or at least in the process of it with a full forensics team in situ?

You complete and utter numpties, you really will believe anything that fat defective tells you wont you?

If Amaral (and I cannot see even him being this stupid) comes up with a body now, when things are looking so dodgy for him, this would point to him knowing all along where she was and this in turn would point to him being complicit in at least the concealing of a body and the concealing of a murder.

He has just been found guilty of concealing evidence and is now under an 18 month suspended prison sentence.

This would not look to good for him would it?
I bet he sat down last weekend and has now thought of this load of nonsense, why?

Simple, ask yourself who has the most to lose if Madeleine is found?

Who realises that along with everyone else with more than half a brain that Madeleine was abducted?

He now appears to want to deter people from contacting the McCanns detectives, he actually does NOT want Madeleine found.

Despicable but true.

Either that, or he thinks in his deluded state that he will make the McCanns panic. Poor plonker, in order for them to panic, they have to be guilty and they are not.

Jeez Amaral, you sure are slow on the uptake.

These actions are the actions of a man that sees everything slipping away from him.

Kate and Gerry had an extremely successful Oprah which has been viewed in 144 countries and has left no doubts in the minds of the sane that Madeleine was abducted and her parents are in immeasurable distress, made worse by Amaral and his defamation of character.

Then he is forced to look on as the reconstruction is aired and its success.

After all that, he has been informed that he will be sued.

Then he was found guilty of lying and falsifying documents and given a suspended 18 month prison sentence.

Now he has had to take a back seat as witness after witness has come forward, enabling the McCanns highly experience cold case detectives to find leads and statements which have been buried within files, within the files of the official files.

Unless he is a complete numpty, he realises that it is all coming apart at the seams for him, Amaral in fact is coming unravelled! he knows that the likelihood now is that the McCann detectives ARE going to solve this case and he is absolutely cra**ing himself.

If that wasn't bad enough, the appeals against his lenient sentence have to day been lodge in the courts.

So he thinks he can pick on me?

Oh dear, I think he is going to be a little to preoccupied with the above and also if he is now saying he knows where the body is and he has not reported it, to add to everything else, he is likely to be arrested and charged with perverting the course of a murder enquiry!

But hey if he wants to sue, we'll see him in court - no problemo.

One big draw back for him suing though, he has to prove that what we have said is untrue and he can't.


tony said...

You have forgotten a very important fact here. It is the people of Portugal that is coming forward with information. And it is the Portuguese Police who is telling their own countrymen/women to shut up!

Rosiepops said...

Whoops oh dear what can the matter be, poor old Goncalo got stuck on the lavatory!
(The rest is on the forum)

Oh dear lardy stands to get 8 years.

Tribunal Judicial de Faro
2º Juízo Criminal
Processo nº 1503/04.3TAFAR
Exmo. Sr. Dr. Juiz de Direito

Interposição de Recurso

Leonor Maria Domingos Cipriano, Assistente nos autos supra identificados, vem por este meio interpor Recurso para o Tribunal da Relação de Évora sobre o acórdão final proferido pelo Tribunal de Júri no âmbito do processo supra referenciado, com subida nos próprios autos e imediatamente, fazendo-o nos termos dos artigos (do Código de Processo Penal) 399, 400 a contrario, 401 nº1 al. b) quanto à Assistente, 402 nº 1, 406 nº 1, 407 nº 2 al. a), 410 nº 1, 411 nº 1 al. b), nº 3, 412, 414 nºs 1 e 3, 420 a contrario, 427, 428 e 432 a contrario, tendo em consideração, em relação a este último artigo, as alterações introduzidas pela Lei nº 48/2007, de 29 de Agosto, e a Declaração de Rectificação nº 100-A/2007, de 26 de Outubro (a versão anterior da al. c) deste artigo determinava o recurso para o STJ em relação a todos os acórdãos finais proferidos pelo tribunal do júri, ao contrário da versão actual que exige a aplicação de pena de prisão superior a 5 anos).

Recurso para o
Tribunal da Relação de Évora

vee8 said...

I can'r speak Portuguese, but I am guessing he is going to be far too busy to worry his fat little head about about suing you!

Rosiepops said...


Yes that is about the size of it. Personally I think those who covered up are now getting really worried! (They ought to be, considering what I found out today!)

tony said...

Well, let's see if the despots can keep their track record of being wrong.

First they said the McCann would stand trial in September 2008. They didn't.

Then they said Amaral would get off regards his recent trial...He didn't and was made an they are probably praying to Lucifer that he will save Amaral from the Nick!!!

Erm, strike two so far 3A'!!!

Rosiepops said...

Tony they have never been right about anything and neither has Claudia on 'The Proud of The Paedophile' blog!

Rosiepops said...

Police sources said that Mr Amaral was “very angry” about the allegations and was considering taking action against the Ministerio Publico. “He is very professional and has had a lot of success in solving cases,” the source said. “He is very upset because reporters never speak of these successes.”

July 2007

If he was "very angry" then, he must be livid now.

Er did he ever bring proceedings against the Ministerio Publico? - Er no! (Wonder why?)

Amaral was then charged.
the a judge found he (and the others) had a case to answer.

He was trialled.

He was found GUILTY of lying, concealing documents and lying under oath.

He was sentenced to 18 months suspended prison sentence, because apparently for a first time offender in Portugal this is the norm.

I say the appeal to the court to not only increase his sentence from 18 months, but to have it commuted to an actual prison sentence to be served in prison, WILL SUCCEED.

For these reasons.

It may well be the norm for a first time offender in Portugal to receive such a light sentence for such a serious crime BUT Goncalo Amaral was a serving Police Chief, he swore to uphold Portugal's law and he FAILED to do so.

Not on some small charge, but over the crime of witness torture in a murder trial - a trial that could NOT have been brought, had the witness NOT confessed.

Therefore, buy the end of this appeal, I think that Goncalo Amaral will be wondering if perhaps serving 18 months behind bars at this present time may have been the very best he could have hoped for.

When This gets back into court and all the submissions of evidence that were DISALLOWED in the first trial are read in the 2nd trial, he will not only have his sentence increased, he WILL be serving it behind bars!

There is a mountain of evidence to come out about this man and the others concerned, one in particular, Paulo Cristavao.

The next judge they have may not be quite so "friendly".

In the meantime, other events may supersede this case.

What happened to Madeleine is likely to be discovered and the full extent of the process of that terrible investigation also be revealed, an investigation that Amaral headed for four long months.

The fact that since then he has swanned around Portugal like some fat contender of "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here" appearing on TV, radio, giving paid interviews and writing books full of accusations and not containing a shred of proof. Getting paid more for one interview than the average hard working Portuguese citizen could hope to earn in 2 or 3 years!

He and his wife pictured beaming outside court with their expensive lawyers (paid for by Madeleine) in designer clothes (paid for by Madeleine) and Sofia Goncalo clutching a red designer handbag, which probably cost around £500 (paid for by Madeleine).

Will come back to haunt him.

Not only this, but for sure before he gets into court to answer the appeal, he will probably be in court on a charge of defamation brought by the McCanns against him. Which incidentally, he cannot ever hope to win or counter claim.

Yes "good old Gonc the short sighted plonk" is going to wish he had done 18 months behind bars!

I have a feeling he is going to be serving a lot more - very soon!

vee8 said...

So, he is bleating about all his previous sucess, and no one mentions it? I wonder, in all seriousness, how many of these 'successes' also involved beatings? It is a fair assumption there were several. I am also reminded of some questions from the J4 book, to the effect of, 'Before becomeing involved in the Madeleine abduction, you were on the drug squad. In what way do you think this helped you to find Madeleine, and while you were looking for drug smugglers, did you ever come across smugglers of a diferent kind, i.e. child smugglers?' while it may be painfull to think of, that is a connection that must be looked at.

Rosiepops said...

Where is Bennett? has he been made a vexatious litigant yet?

tony said...

From BB And MM's Site, Taken From The 3A'

columbosstogey Post subject: RING TESCO AND COMPLAIN ABOUT ROSIEPOPS BOOKPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 2:07 pm

New In Town

Joined: Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:54 am
Posts: 83 I have just rang Tesco and told them I am amazed they are offering such a xenophic book. It is certainly that i have read some of it (had to buy it sadly), its rubbish and definately xenophic.

We need this tripe OFF the Internet. IMHO. I hope someone sends the link of the book to Amaral as I am sure he could sue them and so could TONY BENNETT too.

and this

Stella by Starlight Post subject: Re: RING TESCO AND COMPLAIN ABOUT ROSIEPOPS BOOKPosted: Fri May 29, 2009 2:13 pm

Mafia Boss

Joined: Sat May 24, 2008 3:33 pm
Posts: 3134 Back in the early days someone mentioned a link between the McCann's and Tesco's. Someone high up in Tesco's is related to someone they know. Perhaps now is a good time to start digging deep to find out if this is true?
"BB' take on it
It's a book, you morons.
You can read it or not, agree with it or not".

vee8 said...

Yes, he HAS been strangely silent lately. I would have thought if anyone would start chucking libel threats around it would be him. I wonder if he has also recieved a heavy envolope through the post?!

Anonymous said...

Nah Rosie,

He's mending his mates bike lololol.

Gonc said...


that Stella's bloody bonkers. So is the lying toe rag who reckons they phoned Tesco. No club card points for that you numpty.
They really are a brain dead lot on the 3P's aren't they?

I rang Mrs Gonc to ask where she got her handbag from. Houesbrick included with the sale she said, just in case.

Anonymous said...

Rosie's Book ???? ROTFLMAO

If only they could add up. Hey but its good for sales an anti buying it, THANK YOU!

tony said...

Gonc said...
I rang Mrs Gonc to ask where she got her handbag from. Houesbrick included with the sale she said, just in case.
Gives a whole new meaning to
'The Devil Wears Prada' :)

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hey Rosie, it looks like you need to add Tesco's to the list of people covering for the McCanns, lol.

So they rang Tesco's did they ? pmsl, they should know we are always one step ahead of them!

Rosiepops said...

Joana Morose and Claudia, you do realise you have just nicked copyrighted material, where shall I have my solicitor send your bill?

vee8 said...

Joana Morose and Claudia, you do realise you have just nicked copyrighted material, where shall I have my solicitor send your bill?

Oh goody, more money for the official fund!

Anonymous said...

Your solicitor, Rosie! Thank you for saying it like that. it'll help with the court case. Anon authors. pmsl

Rosiepops said...

Copyright infringement for illegally taking the appeal details connected with Goncalo Amaral? What has that got to do with book?

You know Amaral, that disgraced former detective, found guilty of perjury (lying under oath) and so perverting the course of justice (unbelievable for a police chief sworn to uphold the letter of the law)Amaral is now a proven corrupt liar, in fact he is a criminal serving an 18 month suspended prison sentence, which hopefully WILL be commuted to him serving around 8 long years at the end of all this.

And if that is a threat to sue me,although I have no idea for what.

So sue me! Oh please do sue me, because I tell you I am not shrinking violet and I am not scared of Amaral and I am certainly not scared of silly little idiots like you.

I would love to get into court and have my say about Amaral. How good would that look for him? (I'd make sure every single newspaper knew it was going to happen too)

He would lose, I would win then I would counter sue him for damages and donate all the many thousands of pounds of money directly to the Find Madeleine fund.

I'd make sure everyone knew exactly what I thought of that criminal cretin's pimping of an innocent missing child, to make money for himself and keep himself in designer suits and his wife in designer frocks, clutching £500 designer handbags.

I would like to ask him directly, what is feels like to swan around Europe like a fat (I'm A Celebrity Get Me Outa Here) wearing clothes that a missing child paid for, a child he failed with his bungling, ineptude and incompetence failed horrendously.

Don't take me for a brainwashed and brow beaten, scared of the PJ and police state Portuguese person, that would be a "BIG mistake, big, HUGE"!

I would certainly ask him *very publicly* if he lied about somethng as serious as a torture of a witness in custody, in a case which if did NOT have that confession, there simply would NOT have been a case, if he lied about that, we can safely assume he has lied about other serious matters too. I bet there are many people he could have lied about, in prison right now who maybe should not be there.

Maybe those he has lied about should now start proceedings against him? Maybe they should be encouraged to do so? Maybe they are ALREADY starting to do so?

Whoops not looking very good for the fat defective is it?

And then there is that strange thing, where the ex lawyer of Leonor Cipriano, was searched (which he knew he would be) going into a prison and drugs found on him.

How odd eh? What a coincidence! How convenient for Amaral was that?

Poor old Joao Grade knew he would be searched and if carrying drugs, he knew they would be found and so he carries in drugs? Silly Joao.

Tell us all now, who was it that used to be in the drugs squad? Oh I know convicted criminal and liar and "perverter" of the course of justice Goncalo Amaral.

And wait a minute, who was in charge of the Leonor Cipriano case?
Oh I know, no other than Goncalo Amaral.

Who had the most to gain if Leonor had NO lawyer to represent her?

Why Goncalo Amaral.

Coincidence? make your own minds up, personally I do not believe in coincidences!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony

Can you email me please, I have misplaced your email addy.

Anonymous said...

Much ado about nothing is how I would describe the happenings on the other blogs.

They're all excited Amaral is suing the McCanns for defamation. Excuse, me but who has been accusing who of murder or accidentally killing their daughter?

Amaral is keeping the same lawyer as the one who represented him in court where he got a "GUILTY" sentence.

They're talking about starting a fund for Amaral - I hope they do and let them donate their hard earned dollar to this pathetic human being so he and his wife can dress up in designer clothes. I'm sorry, I just don't get the hero frenzy going on with Amaral.

It must be so embarrasing for the PJs who are working honorably and hard in their field for their people and their country.

Rosiepops said...

Anon, I think it is truly hilarious that they are all getting their knickers in a twist about Amaral suing the McCanns, they forget it was them that announced their intention to sue him, which made him counter sue.

Amaral is acting more and more bizarre as the days go by.

If his solicitor was any good, they would have advised the loony to try and settle this out of court, the McCanns would have probably settled for him stopping his libellous and slanderous accusations, now his counter suing is going to land him in the dock, in a case he cannot hope to win.

He is an absolute class A prize pillock.

For his part he has slandered and libelled and caused the McCanns colossal harm and he has impeded the search for their daughter and frustrated it at every twist and turn with his bare faced lies.

For the McCanns part they have done absolutely nothing and said nothing to him, so how on earth is he going to sue them for defamation?

Amaral has pushed the McCanns, despite warnings to stop, he has carried on making their lives as hellish as possible.

Since he knew he was being sued, he has suddenly started saying he knows where the body of Madeleine is and now apparently he has two witnesses.

Just as I predicted the Amaral would be kicked off of the Madeleine investigation.

Just as I predicted the McCanns would be cleared and their arguido status lifted.

Just as I predicted the investigation would be shelved.

Just as I predicted the McCanns would eventually sue Amaral if he did not stop it.

Just as I predicted that it would be inevitable that a judge would find that Amaral had a case to answer for concealing evidence of a torture.

Just as I predicted he would be indicted and stand trial.

Just as I predicted he WOULD be found guilty and receive a prison sentence.

Everything I have predicted has come true.

Rosiepops said...

I make these further predictions.

Amaral will go into court shouting his fat stupid mouth off and he will lose, but not only lose badly, he will lose catastrophically.

He will be prevented from stalking and harassing the McCanns by libel and slander and his money making exploits at Madeleine's expense will grind to a sudden halt and he will have to pay out a massive amount in damages to the parents he has defamed and to the children too.

That will be the least of his worries, I also predict his slander and libel will be commuted into a criminal case if he insists on saying he has Madeleine's body and conjures up false witnesses.

Amaral is going to end up behind bars and that is WITHOUT the appeal that has been lodged against his sentence.

If he knows where Madeleine is, it is his duty to report what he knows to the police NOT save it as a macabre rainy day nest egg!

These two witnesses he now says he has, where in the files are they?

How come they have not come forward before?

How stupid does he think these judges are in Portugal?

The judiciary and the government and the decent PJ, must be getting pretty fed up with the way Amaral is making them and Portugal and their justice system look like a bunch of blithering idiots.

Amaral has done and is still doing untold damage to Portugal's tourist industry, he is making himself rich at the expense of every person who relies on the tourist industry for their livelihood.

When Amaral gets into court he is on one huge hiding to nothing, he is going to go down for this.

Who is going to believe the word of a convicted liar who falsified evidence of a torture, when he brings out two previously unheard of witness and talks about knowing where Madeleine's body is?

Where is it? Somewhere he is going to make up which he knows cannot be verified?

Amaral is a complete fool, he still doesn't get it, the McCanns are NOT the Ciprianos, they will NOT be intimidated and tortured into confessing to something they did not do!

The McCanns have an ace legal team behind them and who does Amaral have? Someone that could not get him off the large charge!

Everyone said that Amaral would walk free, I said no he would not, looking at what was known, I could not see how he could possibly get away with it.

The case that the McCanns have against Amaral, there is not a snowball's chance in hell of them not succeeding and his ridiculous trumped up charge against the McCanns?

No way Jose` - No chance. It is built on a tissue of lies and absolutely not one stinking shred of evidence.

One other thing I predict, take note of this you buffoons on the 3 A's etc.

Soon Leonor Cipriano will appeal her sentence and she is going to either walk free from court her conviction being overturned OR there will be a retrial.

This HAS to happen.

More bad news for Gonc, if I were him, I would stop this pathetic action against the McCanns, which is quite frankly a huge joke and concentrate on keeping himself out of prison, because things are looking absolutely dire for him.

His solicitor must be rubbing his hands, he now gets a cut of Amaral's blood money, for something he knows stands not a chance of succeeding.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense will know what I am saying is correct and far from celebrating this latest stupidity of Gonc's, I bet quietly and privately they are groaning with their heads in their hands!

Amaral is becoming more and more unstable each day, he is not behaving normally, he is a loose cannon, he is getting more and more daring and making bizarre claims. he is actually now doing more to harm his own cause than any other single person, he has become totally unbelievable.

The people in his circle, those unnamed faces who have much to lose, must know they are all in danger. I hope Amaral has the sense to stay away from the stairs!

I do hope Goncalo Amaral likes prison food!

Tinkerbell43 said...

If Amaral has 2 new witnesses then why hasn't he forwarded the information onto the investigating authority ?

Why did the 2 NEW witnesses not present themselves to the investigating authority ?

It stinks to high heaven and Amaral seriously needs a mental health assessment.

Anonymous said...

Rosiepops - love your predictions - and you are right - you have been right on for the money.

The other blogs (Clawsie's, Vile's and Joana's) have never predicted anything that has come to be yet and still they support Amarol.

Oh, yes, Clawsie and Joana - please set up a fund for Amaral - yet the embittered, angry members of those blogs donate.....

dianeh said...

Head is shaking in disbelief over Amaral's latest claims.

On the lawsuit, perhaps there is a mistaken belief that the law will favour a Portuguese national over a foreigner, when in reality, it wont.

And this Portuguese national has publicly and repeatedly accused the McCanns of criminal activities whereas they are using the correct legal avenues to try to stop these accusations as they are hampering the search for their daughter.

I agree Rosie, he is on the road to a hiding and he cant seem to see it.

Sofia's got a black eye said...

What a stupid fat slob Amarose is.
So he's found witness's? MMMM.
So he has been withholding evidence for 2 years, whoops another offence to add to the string he has.
Is withholding evidence an offence in Portugal? probably not, it seems he can get away with anything, who strings is he pulling? Is he a ring leader of criminals?
He gets stupidor and stupidor every day. I bet those lawyers think its their birthdays. $$$$$$$$

Rosiepops said...

Passive bribery of a public official for the purposes of an unlawful act – Criminal Code, Article

1. A public official who either directly or through an intermediary with the latter's consent or ratification,
solicits or accepts, for himself or a third party, any undue pecuniary or intangible advantage, or the promise of such an advantage, for the purposes of any act or omission inconsistent with his duties, even
if preceding such solicitation or such acceptance, shall be punished with a prison sentence of 1 to 8
2. If the official, before committing this act, voluntarily renounces the offer or promise that he had
accepted, or returns the advantage or, in the case of a fungible good, its value, he shall be discharged.
3. The sentence shall be specially mitigated if the official provides effective assistance in the gathering
of decisive evidence for the purpose of identifying or catching other persons responsible .

Rosiepops said...

In other words if someone is found to be perverting the course of justice it is off to the big house with them!

And if anyone is being threatened, or dares to speak about being threatened to break the law in this way, their sentence may be mitigated.

Sooner or late someone IS going to FALA!

And it will be bye bye defective!

Rosiepops said...

I agree, I too shook my head with disbelief at this almost celebration that Amaral is to counter sue the McCanns, if I ever need further convincing that these people who do this do not reside in the real world, then that little show provided it.

Everything that Amaral has done thus far, has been one huge colossal failure? What makes him and his bunch of deluded hero worshippers think that this time it is going to be any different?

Well I take that back, this time it will be different, but not in a good way for Amaral, this is the beginning of the end for Amaral.

He is literally shooting himself in the foot (well both feet really).

He is making himself appear unbelievable, it is just not feasible that he is now saying he knows where Madeleine is and that he suddenly has these new witnesses.

Both of the above would no doubt prompt the Portuguese attorney general to reopen this case.

Both of the above should be reported immediately to the PJ and to the Portuguese judiciary, for immediate investigation and action.

If Amaral has information like this and he has not reported it, yet again he is guilty of withholding evidence, which he has just been found guilty of and received an 18 month prison sentence.

If the Portuguese police were on their toes, they would have Amaral in for questioning over his most recent claims because they are serious. If he has such information and has not reported it, not only is he guilty of withholding information into the enquiry of the disappearance of a child, if as he says he knows where a body is, then he is guilty of obstructing a murder enquiry.

Not only is this serious in itself, it *must* mean that he is in breach of a court sentence that requires his suspended prison sentence, is only suspended on the proviso that he is of good character and does NOT commit further demeanor's while the sentence is suspended.

Amaral should actually be arrested and put straight into prison, he would in any other democratic, law abiding European country!

Goncalo Amaral is skating on very thin ice, I would not be surprised to learn that he is arrested very shortly and put into prison.

Of course this is IF what Amaral is saying is true, if it isn't then he is proving that his recent conviction for lying under oath and withholding and concealing evidence of a torture of a female witness in police custody, which he received his 18 month suspended prison sentence for, is justly deserved!

Whichever way you look at this, Goncalo Amaral is wholly and undeniably wrong.

This does beg the question, If Goncalo Amaral is lying about this and in view of his recent convictions for lying, what else has this man lied about?

We know he lied about having DNA evidence, when he had the McCanns made formal suspects.

We know he was convicted for lying and withholding evidence in the case of Leonor Cipriano.

All the above is extremely serious, these were not just little white lies, these were lies that had the ability to wreck the entire lives of people and destroy their good name and characters and they were lies that would actually pervert the course of justice!

So in all honesty, how can anyone believe a thing he says?

Goncalo Amaral is behaving as if he is unhinged and he is now totally unbelievable.

Goncalo Amaral is now coming across as a fantasist that has no grip on reality, someone with mental health problems.

I can see no other option other than the Portuguese authorities being forced to act very soon, they cannot allow him to carry on like this. It is NOT the McCanns that has damaged the tourist industry in Portugal.

Rosiepops said...

It is not the McCanns that have caused people to lose their employment within the tourist industry, this is the fault of Goncalo Amaral.

It is he and his actions that has caused a massive lack of trust, resulting in bookings tailing off further in this very unstable global recession.

Yet he is allowed to swan around making as much money out of Madeleine, the child he unquestionably failed through his incompetence at the very least, but he is not only making money at Madeleine's expense, he is also making money at the expense of people that have lost their jobs in Praia da luz.

If Amaral had not written that ridiculous book which does not contain a shred of evidence, if Amaral had not orchestrated a hate campaign against Kate and Gerry McCann, then things would definitely NOT have got this bad.

They would have carried on looking or their daughter, with the help and support of the locals and the PJ, just as one would expect them to do, after all this is not a lost doll, this is about a lost child! But without the unnecessary spiteful and unfounded intervention of Goncalo Amaral, thins would never, ever have got this bad. In fact, most likely relations would have remained good and cordial.

So all the people that have lost their jobs unnecessarily so in this economic downturn, should not look to blame the McCanns because they are desperately searching for their beloved daughter, they should look at Amaral, it is he that has caused this, they would have a far stronger case to sue him for loss of earnings, than absolutely NO chance in succeeding in suing the McCanns.

For certain things are turning very bad for Goncalo Amaral, very bad indeed, I would not be surprised to see him end up one of the most reviled people in Portugal and I certainly would not be surprised to see him serving a prison sentence behind bars and the most amazing thing it, it is him that is doing this to himself!

Anonymous said...

Here is one for Viv and the 3A's:

No doubt they will be defending his stance and who knows? they could even start a fund to help the 'poor paedo'. Looks like Amaral may have some competition.

tony said...

Oh, I think the 3A members will be trying to cover their own backs.
Full details can be read

"Important question to ask and one that as yet I can't honestly answer because of the amount of data involved. What I can say is that the HSBC banking group have been sent, by request, information that we have compiled to aid in a fraud investigation. The information that we have made available regards Private Message information between members of the 3 Arguidos website."

Rosiepops said...

I knew this would happen with Hewlett, I knew it was only a matter of time before he demanded money.

The 3 A's can have a whip round for the poor dying paedo at the same time they have a whip round to help pay a bent corrupt convicted criminal cop's court expenses. That sad load of blithering idiots.

One thing, if they are so sure that Amaral is innocent and he is going to get off, then why say they will pay his expenses? If he wins there will be none - pudding heads.

Hewlett, has already said he would speak the McCanns detectives twice and has managed to get out of it, now he is saying he will speak to them about money? He knows perfectly well they would not pay him but if by some remotest chance they did, what is the betting that he would suddenly put another obstacle in the way to get out of talking to them?

In my opinion this man is acting really suspiciously and this alone is reason enough for the British police to arrest him and speak to him about Madeleine's disappearance as well as the other reasons they need to speak to him about!

While they are at it, they should arrest his partner and interrogate her too.

Rosiepops said...

Re: Have the 60 reasons books been sent to the Mc`s Friends

Sent: Tue Mar 24, 2009 6:06 pm
From: Tony Bennett
To: flippingflops

I think there are dangers for The Madeleine Foundation in sending off the booklet to the 'Tapas 9' and to the McCanns' relatives. We would I think be condemned for harassment. (No shit!)

However, if someone else were motivated to do so, that is a different matter. That person would have to get the Tapas 9 and relatives' names and addresses. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

We are always happy to supply bulk orders at reduced rates.

If you want some at minimum price, e-mail me at home at:

No wonder Tony has been very quiet lately, has he been warned about his stalking and harassing and hounding of the McCanns and their friends?

I read The Hounding of the McCanns, just how does Vanessa and Bren think what they are doing is helping Madeleine?

The lot of them are totally and profoundly deluded.

Anonymous said...

sharonl Post subject: Re: ROSIEPOPS HAS WRITTEN A BOOK!Posted: Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:44 pm

Been Cautioned

Joined: Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:08 pm
Posts: 420 Email sent to amazon

MADELEINE MCCANN INCOMPETENCE OR CORRUPTION. I am a regular Amazon customer and I am appalled that you would be advertising such a book on your site. For your information, this book is based on protecting, and possible written by the suspects in a very serious case which is ongoing. Further to that it is abusive of the Portuguese and of the investigating officer. For your information please read here http://madeleinefoundation.... I am a member of Team Madeleine, a large number of organisations who support Madeleine Mccann, truth and Justice, not the suspects. I am putting this comment onto our website at were I imagine that the other 3000 members and our guests will follow suit when I say that there will be further orders from myself until this work of fiction and abuse is removed

Can you credit the above stupidity?

It's a book stupid!

Sharon is a regular Amazon customer that dictates what other Amazon customers can read and cannot read, Sieg Hail 3 A's!

Amazon already know about the 3 A's and I don't think it impresses them none.

Oh and 3000 visitors? Porkies Sharon.

Sausages (Tell Eddie and Keela) They may have coconut for dessert.

I see silly Sharon is another that feels free to give an opinion of the book which she obviously hasn't read, it is not abusive of Portuguese people, (just one of them) and that wasn't even abuse, but they do say the truth sometimes hurts!

I understand the book is being advertised in an ever growing impressive list of stockists, but don't mention it to pRat, she gets upset does Chrissie, because they wont stock her boring mumbo jumbo, but I did see her publications advertised in the same section as sleeping pills once!

Brens socks a twonk said...

Aw Sharon somebody piss on your parade?
You must try harder to score brownie points. All dimwits are known to Amazon.
I'm sure Amazon will go out of business if you don't buy any books.
If you say you have emailed them I hope you know they are keeping a record of numptys. lolololololololol.

vee8 said...

Is it worth pointing out that the parents are, in fact, NO LONGER suspects, or would I be wasting my time? Amazon should be contacted by as many people as possible, demanding that these false, fake and in some cases libelous (No, the book is NOT xenophobic, and claiming that it is is libel) reviews be removed at once. It can easily be done, all they have to do is check their computer records, and trace who has left a review without buying the book. Lying scumbags should then be banned from Anazon imediatly. If you can't speak the truth, then don't speak at all.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Vee,

Why bother? The inmates don't realise that the more they do this, the more controversial they try and make the book sound, the more they are tweaking people's interest. Remember no publicity is bad publicity! If Sharon really was a reader and a regular customer of Amazon, she would know that not that many people tend to leave book reviews, good, bad or indifferent, so when one starts attracting a lot of reviews, it is obvious it is sour grapes. I had a word with the authors and they are aware of this and they said that sales have not been affected and that they are going very well, so perhaps Sharon should complain a little more.

Vee, you have to realise that when you are dealing with people like Sharon, you are dealing with dolts and the very fact that they put the book up on the soon to be defunct 3 A's, even that produces sales.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Oh dear Sharon, you have a severe case of sour grapes, Amazon already know about the 3A's, that is the WORST thing you could have told them pmsl.

I'm sure the authors will be pleased with the publicity though.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Sharon, your knowledge of the case is about as good as Bennetts, I hate to burst your bubble but the McCanns are no longer suspects!

Further more, the book focuses on the convicted liar Mr. Amaral who was sacked from the investigation after 4 months. How can you refer to him as the investigating officer pmsl.

If you are representative of Team Madeleine, no wonder you are a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

Sharon should stick to Horrid Henry books, they probably seem more real to her.
Gonc is a lying corrupt EX cop, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Sharonl you can petition till the cows come home about J4 McCanns book, you cant alter the truth thats in its pages.

Change of sock said...

Sharonl you can petition till the cows come home about J4 McCanns book, you cant alter the truth thats in its pages.

Posted by Anonymous to Madeleine Beth McCann at 06 June 2009 14:04

Anon, I think you ought to use her proper name, aye Bren?

Anonymous said...

Oh Anon don't be too hard on the socks, the holes in the toes are now getting so big, even the finest darning by Bren cannot mend them.
Just like Bren's fat hairy toes, the truth is coming out.

Here is one for Tony.


Bren born the warped minds of 3A freak show
Bren used to dance for the money they'd throw
Van would do whatever she could
Preach a little hate, sell porn ads and as peado goods

We'd hear it from the normal people of the net
They'd call us SICKOS, PERVS and THIEVES
Every night Laffin would come around
And lay his money down

Picked up some paedo just south of Mobile
Gave him the 3A, let him read all the filth
Hewlett now rides
with them in sickness
And papa woulda shot him if he knew what he'd done


We'd hear it from the normal people of the net
They'd call us, SICKOS, PERVS and THIEVES
Every night Laffin would come around
And lay his money down

Laffin never had schoolin' Bren didn't as well
the posters are all
Three months later bren's in trouble
And she hasn't seen Photon for a while, uh-huh
Bren hasn't seen Photon for a while, uh-huh

Bren was born the warped minds of 3A freak show
Bren used to dance for the money they'd throw
Van would do whatever she could
Preach a little hate, sell porn ads. as peado goods


We'd hear it from the normal people of the net
They'd call us SICKOS, PERVS and THIEVES
Every night Laffin would come around
And lay his money down

sharonda ryan your nicked! said...

For God's sake Brenda change your socks, your feet stink, they are a dead give away, can smell you from miles off!

Would you like to post your incitement to commit libel directly into the offices of Carter Ruck, or shall I do it?

Never mind, I have done it, screenshots already taken and deposited safely.

ALSO, delivered to another very interesting but as yet very secret destination, a sort of databank which is collecting all the data from the 3 arguidos and its insane posters.

Well Sharonda, you did say you wanted it posted anywhere on the net!

sharonl Post subject: Re: Gerry McCann : is there evidence he is a paedophile?Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:11 am

Been Cautioned

Joined: Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:08 pm
Posts: 435
Quote From Mr.D:
But you wonder how many people would "wake up" if they read the Gasper statement.

So what are we waiting for? Where is the link? nothing stopping us posting a link anywhere on the net.

Sharonda Ryan said...

slyfox Post subject: Re: Gerry McCann : is there evidence he is a paedophile?Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:51 am

On Parole

Joined: Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:02 pm
Posts: 1454 Lisa L

"Very dangerous ground the heading off this topic, the person who made it could be sued. The mods should delete the thread !!!"

Darn! Wish it was my OP now. I'd love to be sued by the McCann's. They wouldn't be able to shut me up!!!!
Gobby Slyfox

Think of me as you fairy Godmother, your wish is just about to be granted.

Sharonda Ryan, you scared yet? If not you should be.

Suicide is NOT painless and your forum is the "Longest Suicide Note in History"!

Oh I feel a song coming on,

Help me Sharonda,
Help, help me Sharonda

Sharonda Ryan said...

Sharonda Ryan Said....

Last edited by Co-Admin on Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:46 am, edited 1 time in total.
Amend wording of title - to read as a question


No sorry that wont help you one little bit, screen shots already taken and how will that help when in virtually every single post that follows is a libellous comment?

Hey dozy little "Co-Adminner"

Do you honestly think that you can outwit a serious firm of libel lawyers like Carter Ruck?


I see Shubob is shouting about a lawyer representing someone who was a convicted sex offender, well screaming it huge bold letters actually.

Well Shubob your post may be a little more credible if nearly all the posters on the cesspit forum hadn't been falling over themselves to defend a many times convicted violent predatory paedophile, who is also suspected of stabbing an 11 year year old girl to death. Not to mention all of the sickos lining up to say that they think it is OK for him to ask for money from the fund!

vee8 said...

"Sharonl you can petition till the cows come home about J4 McCanns book, you cant alter the truth thats in its pages."

Have they started another petition then?! Who to this time?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Vile, give it up your boring, predictable rants will not be published on here you fruitcake.

Maybe you need to take another holiday, you seem a tad uptight, lol.

Oh and btw, Rosie doesn't even get to read your posts, a majority of the time the minute you appear you are zapped and put in the file with the other nutters!.

Why dont you run along to your mate on "Proud of the PerJurer" she could do with some support, lol.

Viles Mole said...

Tinkerbell Ask her ladyship who Mr J Shultz is?
She is only coming on your blog because nobody else will have the gorgon, stupid old bat. Claudia doesn't want her, 3P's don't want her, even her own blog don't want her. How well we coped with it who needs her on there?

Rosiepops said...

Oh is the thing back from her holidays? Wonder they let her through customs, with a face like that anyone would be forgiven for thnking she is an escaped baboon. I am referring to the orange ar*e of course! (Or is that your fake tan Vile?)

Anonymous said...

Oh is Viv back already? Thought she would still be in quarantine.

Carmel said...

They wouldn't have her in quarantine, they were scared the dogs would catch mad cows disease.

She ain't been away really. Not done any bragging about it, or the mummys boy.
Can you imagine her in Egypt?, even the bloody mummies would get up and run off.
She has more humps than a pregnant camel, "flob a lop little weed".

Rosiepops said...

Anon 20.36


Rosiepops said...

Sorry Carmel I meant you, I was laughing so much at your post and the image of mummies clocking Viles babboon ar*e face and running off! rotfpmsl

vee8 said...

"**********************. What normal site would allow such an obvious paedophile to keep
writing this stuff."


Anonymous said...

bonnybraes wrote:
It did indeed, bored.
They are quite, quite mad; they seem to have no concept of just how much trouble they are in.
Do they think the NOTW don't know about all the other scandals too? Swingermod? All the rest of it?
The stalking? That pm by chimaera proves members of 3a are stalking the McCanns; things like that will win the McCanns their case against Amaral, as it is proof that the twins are at risk from them.
Then there is the, Is Gerry a paedophile, thread.
The forum in general, and Bren and whoever is still there in any capacity at all, is up to their necks in legal trouble - civil AND criminal.

With or without that PM the McCanns are going to win their court action against Amaral, so Brenda Ryan and the rest of the reprobates on the 3as had just better get used to it.

I am glad to see that so many people are now seeing the 3as for exactly who and what they are, the nastiest, vilest people on the internet and I really would not want to know them in real life either.
What filth lays beneath the surface over there?

Laffin you're nicked! said...

Laffin Assasin Post subject: Re: anna smith - notw wants to shut 3as downPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 2:54 pm

Fund Manager

Joined: Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:18 am
Posts: 14257
Location: Far side of the moon This article and others have been forwarded to Dr.Amaral and his lawyers and I told the NOTW administration and the so called "journalist" Anna Smith who does not have a clue about freedom of expression.
I also called the place where she holds her "creative writing classes" to warn them about her fascist mind
They did not like it at all
They dont like "faxa" in Spain

Oh dear "they don't like it up 'em Mr Mannering"!

You cannot actually be sued for telling the truth.

Unlike all that stuff that has been written on the 3as, not least that disgraceful thread about Gerry McCann and David Payne.

I like the way he said he told them, I bet they were really bothered about that lolololololol

Apparently the police are looking at that thread as we speak. That thread is being regarded as criminal.
Those people on there are a bunch of lemmings, they are all following each other off of the cliff!

Rosiepops said...



bonnybraes wrote:
What an idiot this one is - don't some reckon she is a Brensock?
sharonl Post subject: Re: anna smith - notw wants to shut 3as downPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:04 pm

Been Cautioned

Joined: Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:08 pm
Posts: 451 Scruff bags, thats brilliant.

This is what we should be doing. give her the chance to reply, and then make it more public whether she has or not.

Are journalists not governed by a professional body?
You silly, silly woman, you cannot get more public than the Murdoch press - dont you know that?
That's the people who run Sky tv, publish the Sun, the Times, etc - how public do you want 3a to get? isnt the NOTW quite bad enough for you for one day?
Lord, can you imagine a Sky news crew on Bren's doorstep - they might have to hide behind her dustbin, LOL - if they havent already...
Warned you about the zoom lens, Bren
07/06 17:14:53

vee8 said...

Pathetic, isn't it, how the 3a's just can't tell the diference between freedom of speech and outright libel. You can wrap it up in flowery words, but bullying is still bullying, however you cut the cake. It is only a matter of time before a REAL exposure in the press takes place, and the 3a's will be BURRIED under a tidal wave of righteous moral public indignation.

Rosiepops said...

New thread started.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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