Sunday, 21 March 2010

Oh Dear It Seems That Yesterday I Upset the "Right Wing" Apparatchik "Claudia79"

Goncalo Amaral

She came out fighting in her defence of her fallen "hero" Goncalo Amaral! Claudia was in full apparatchick mode and wasted not a minute trying to shoot me down in flames, but in her haste, she forgot how much I know about her and her "hero" Goncalo Amaral.
They say "the truth hurts"!

(Thanks To PFA and JATYK)


: Rosie sums up murat Vs dcb2 » Sun Mar 21, 2010 2:42 am "Claudia79 Today at 01:03amethyst wrote:The coordinator (Amaral) still nowhere to be seen does NOT interview her or even speak to her , even though we know he speaks fairly good English.----------does he?

Reply By Claudia 79

Mr Amaral certainly does not speak English. He has asked me for help translating some e-mails and other things so I am positive about that. And coordinators don't interview witnesses or suspects. They coordinate.


"Number 1........ Dear Liar Claudia

You do not need to be a translator to understand that actually SPEAKING the language, is a far cry from writing it and understanding it and comprehending the written language. Should you not actually know this Claudia? Or do you really think that everyone (except you) is stupid?

Number 2........

When you see your "friend" again, tell him he ought to be very careful who he speaks to, I wouldn't want to make him paranoid but.......................

Number 3........

So now we have it from the horses sorry your mouth (same difference) What we said about you being a PJ plant on the Daily Express blog was absolutely true.


Claudia, the fact that when you were asked all these questions on the Daily Express blog, you LIED and LIED and LIED repeatedly. Which makes you nothing but a dirty LIAR who cannot be trusted, not then, not now and not ever.

Question that people should now ask you is why you LIED? They may not ask you Claudia, but I will, because I am not afraid of you, I hate LIARS, especially those that lie with the sole purpose of actually deceiving people who trusted you.

The people over here on blogs and forums like the former forum the 3 arguidos, who trusted you and offered you friendship and respect and you took that, and LIED back at them, right in their faces.

The fact that you came to that blog, (and other such places) knowing it was a national newspaper blog and read by many people in the UK and you were ("probably") PAID by Goncalo Amaral to spread his lies and misinformation, spread the leaks, the innuendos and to purposefully blacken the characters of two innocent people, now we know that you were a ("probably") fully PAID member of spreading DISINFORMATION. And your aim? What was your aim in all of this Claudia? Shall I tell your friends that you have been deceiving and LYING to all of them all of this time, or do you want to do it? Your aim and the aim of your right wing "friend" a coordinator of the right wing policia judiciaria, was to totally frustrate, hinder, hamper and utterly destroy the search for that innocent little child.

Tell us Claudia, (and be very careful to tell the truth now, because you have no idea what I know) please tell those people who trusted and respected you, why you blatantly lied to them and why you did NOT want Madeleine McCann found. Tell these people how a friend of mine and myself sent off an email to a certain person in Portugal, in the Policia Judiciaria one evening and before the morning broke, both you and your friend "Alsabella" knew of that email, knew of the content and were speaking of it on the Daily Express blog and laughing at parts of it. We have the email saved, we have the screenshots, don't bother to deny it and make yourself look an even bigger LIAR (If that is at all possible)! The offices it was sent to were closed for day, so how did you get hold of that email, read it and start work on it to destroy the content immediately? In fact why did you deem the content of that email so important that it you thought it warranted immediate attention and destruction? Could it be that this email hit very very close to the truth? It did, didn't it Claudia? Don't worry though, obviously we have not forgotten this email and your response to it and with what later transpired in 2009, it turns out we were probably banging very loudly on the door of the truth.

Thing is Claudia, how did you know this?

Why did you try and destroy two innocent people, what had they ever done to you? More, what did that poor little girl ever do to you, that you would allow yourself to be ("probably") PAID to destroy any chance of ever finding that child?

Remember that wooden parquet flooring that you and your friend swore was there? We told you repeatedly that it was NOT in that apartment, but for some reason both you and your former "friend" went into overdrive and went to great lengths to spread the totally false conception that there was this wooden flooring in apartment 5a, at the time we could not understand why you would do this, we realised it must have significance as we also realised very early on that everything you did on that blog (and others) had a reason and that purpose was usually to blacken the McCanns characters and destroy any hope of ever finding Madeleine, by persuading people to think that she was dead and that her parents concealed her body. In fact your "party" line was almost exactly the same as your "friend" Amaral's, just as he much later wrote in his book. The reason why it was so important to you and your friend "Alsabella" that everyone think that there was wooden flooring in that apartment, was because it was part of Amaral's "thesis" that Madeleine's blood was found seeped into the wooden block tiles. I remember when the first photos were released that clearly showed there were NO wooden tiles in apartment 5a, you and your "friend" went into almost hysterical overdrive, to say that there was wooden flooring and that the photos were wrong, taken in the wrong apartment etc etc, we were not wrong, there is NO wooden block flooring in apartment 5a, yet you and your "friend" done your ("probable") PAID job of spreading DISINFORMATION so well, that even to this very day some people still believe your lies and still think there are wooden tiles in that apartment that were found to have Madeleine's blood on them.

Here you still are Claudia, still to this very day defending your right wing "friend" Goncalo Amaral and telling your lies and spreading your disinformation. You even opened your blog "Proud of the PJ", so proud of them were you, that when an active PJ detective met with a mysterious "accident" and the poor man was murdered killed, you were so proud of the PJ that you did NOT even bother to give it a mention on your blog, not one single solitary line. Now I think that a person running a blog that names it "PROUD OF THE PJ" and does not give a mention to a serving PJ member's death, is a bit of an enigma, I wonder if others think this too? Don't worry that did not go unnoticed, we did point it out to you at the time, it is all a matter of record.

What are you Claudia? Part of some underground right wing movement that wants Portugal to return to the bad old days? Where right wing cops ruled the country and people were terrified of them? Was Madeleine taken for sale to top up the funds of your "Right Wing Movement"? Was Joana Cipriano taken to sell for the same reason? I wonder now how your friends and those that have hung on your every Right Wing word feel, knowing that you have been lying to them all this time and leading them to think things that were just not true? Will they ever believe a word you say anymore?

Goncalo Amaral, NEVER attended the scene of a serious crime unfolding on his patch, he preferred to stay drinking with his buddies. As a police chief inspector AND coordinator that was a very strange thing to do. As you point out Claudia, Amaral is paid to "COORDINATE" and he could not be bothered to even turn up to do his job.

He did NOT even bother to turn up the next day either, as you have told us you have Goncalo Amaral's ear (be careful Amaral has a thing about ears), well perhaps you could ask him, when was the first time that he attended the scene in Praia da Luz? Please ask him if the very first time he attended the scene was when he turned up with the TV company to make his "mockumentary " documentary? You know the DVD he made, where he sold the rights of his book of lies to the TV company for an undisclosed sum said to run into SIX FIGURES. Where he was filmed standing in the road outside doing that thing with his hands, that thing which all psychologists say points to the fact that the person doing this is telling bare faced lies. (Do you do that too Claudia?)

How can a person write a book filled with such information about the apartment, when he had up to that time NEVER even been inside it? How can a person write a book accusing two people of concealing the body of their beloved child when he has NEVER once met those people and never once spoken to them, DESPITE GONCALO AMARAL SPEAKING FAIRLY GOOD ENGLISH?

  • If Amaral wanted to get to the truth so desperately like he maintains, why did he NEVER speak to Mr Mrs McCann?

  • Why did Amaral FAIL to COORDINATE the search he was paid to COORDINATE?

  • Why does Amaral blame everyone else for his shortcomings and his failures?

  • And why does he ("probably") PAY people like you to come onto blogs and forums in the UK to spread these malevolent LIES?

By getting the truthful answers to these questions, we will be closer to discovering who took Madeleine McCann and why MUCH, MUCH CLOSER!

You are nothing but a LIAR Claudia, employed and paid by another LIAR.

You have been sussed!

Bye Bye time for you to disappear, (just like your "friend" Alsabella, when she was sussed.)

What did Madeleine McCann a small innocent little girl ever do to you?

What did Joana Cipriano ever do to you?

"I Clauidia" Beware The "Ides" of "May" - Karma Is Almost Upon You!'


And that is a FACT!


Tinkerbell43 said...

FFS Claudia, the only thing he coordinated was his timely lunch breaks!

We always knew you were a plant and that someone was pulling your strings.

Jeez how many posts did he write for you!

dianeh said...


If you upset Clawdia, then you must be doing something right.

Rosiepops said...


Claudia isn't the only one I have upset lol I have truly rattled Vile Viv's cage, it has brought her out of the woodwork (like the worm she is) and she has been bombarding this blog with posts everyday for days now, it is hilarious. Apart from one I read to see what the old crone was up to these days, I ignore them, I don't even bother opening them in comment moderation, but they keep coming. The dumb thicko pretendy solicitor never learns it seems. Oh well I suppose she has nothing better to do and while she is bombarding me with whatever, she is leaving the McCanns alone - job done!

Rosiepops said...

Tinks, don't forget his "timely" coffee breaks too, where he wolfed down cakes and slurped coffee for a couple of hours each day.
Pity they didn't choke the fat slob. I bet his favourite cake is tipsy cake.

DaveL said...

I always knew there was something wrong with that Claudia, nasty horrible woman. This does not surprise me at all, well done for exposing the liar.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Lily (JATYK)

Claudia had access to the email the same evening it was sent and after the offices were closed. There is no way she could have had this unless she had direct access or knew someone in the offices who was leaking information to her. Either way that she was prepared to come on a blog in the UK and leak confidential information abut something as serious as a missing child, even before it had time to be properly assessed by the investigating team, just shows the level of corruption, lies and deceit the McCanns were up against right from the very beginning.

Then something happened in 2009 that made us realise that what had been observed, could actually have been very near the truth and yet at the time it was rubbished by Claudia and Alsabella and as far as we know it was NEVER followed up by the PJ.

I think that Claudia is a despicable liar and it is obvious now from what she herself says, that she was always in contact with Goncalo Amaral and was probably acting under orders from him to rubbish what had been reported, question is why?

Ana said...

FFS don't make Claudia79 sound more important than what she is, which is not important at all. Claudia79 is a nobody. This post and comments makes you all sound like mad conspiracy theorists, which is what you probably are. Really.

Tinkerbell43 said...

As they say Rosie, like attracts like and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just like her Portuguese countertart Morais, she has done Amaral no favours whatsoever or maybe she has but I'd rather not go into that, vomit!

Who needs enemies when he has friends like them, lol.

dianeh said...

Just to rehash a comment on Viv.

A pretendy solicitor who was battling it out with Bennett for the prize of the most long winded, truth challenged and BORING bullshit artist, sorry, poster on the internet.

She has been confined to the "irrelevant to the investigation" file, but just cant digest that fact.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Ana, not conspiracy theorists at all, we just have a knack of hitting the nail on the head which irritates the life out of certain individuals!

Rosiepops said...


Do you always make posts without knowing anything at all? Did you actually read the OP properly? Obviously not.

It is only a conspiracy if there is no proof or hard evidence to back it up, we have proof and we have the hard evidence, so thanks for your advice but you are wrong again.

We have a copy of the email we sent and we also have screenshots of Claudia69 and Alsabella's posts and what they said.

Which proves what we said all along Claudia at least is connected to the PJ now and she was back in 2007, when she made it her job to come on a blog in the UK and spread malicious malevolent lies FOR Goncalo Amaral, which helped him persecute, bully and psychologically batter and intimidate Kate and Gerry McCann and worse than that, Claudia and Alsabella helped spread the myths and this seriously damaged the search for Madeleine.

There are no conspiracy theories on this blog, if you knew half of what I know but cannot publish because indeed I have no proof, you would be sick to your stomach and would not be on here trying to to shut me up and defending the indefensible.

Rosiepops said...


It is amazing these antis, for years they have dwelled on their hate forums, or been elsewhere perched on their high horses being sanctimonious and pompous.We told them this was coming a long time ago, they did not believe us.

Tinks if only these people knew what we know, I wonder how high they would rate Amaral then? Amaral needs to feel lucky that it is us that have got hold of this information because we never publish what we cannot back up, but then again maybe he should worry because as soon as we do have evidence, we will publish it, just like Claudia69, in the end her own arrogance gave her away and it will with Goncalo Amaral. We are just looking and watching everything he does both online and offline and we are waiting and in the end our patience will be rewarded.

I am not one bit bothered about the Ana's and the Jose's, they are too far either up their own backsides or that of Amaral, which will make what will eventually happen even more shocking to them.

Rosiepops said...

Even more proof (as if we needed more proof, but here is some anyway)


« Reply #34 Yesterday at 4:30pm »

No leg pull, Tony.
PJ employee FSoares is quite undeniably dirty - she condemned herself with her own words.
Claudia 69 is a confidante of Amaral.
The jury is still out on what MXC- is, besides dirty.

And they all think AssasinThug is just as cute as all get out.
Wonder why he is so special ?


"Claudia 69 is a confidante of Amaral."

Claudia herself admitted this and now it has been confirmed by yet another PJ plant FSoares.

This is besides what we have proof of, how much more do people need to understand they have been made utter fools out of by Goncalo Amaral and his band of violent malevolent thugs?

They have been deceived and lied to and sold a pup. Now to make matters even worse, they have been financially mugged by Joana Morais, who is a friend of Amaral and Claudia69. Morais has been taking all their money under false pretences by the way of asking for donations to Amaral's "defense fund". Joana Morais has been shafting pensioners and paying this money into the account of Paulo Sargento, so that Goncalo Amaral has direct access to it.

This means Amaral can go and withdraw money to pay for his fine wines, the finest cigars and fuel up his £60.000 Jaguar motor car. (The Jag that he bought with money he made off of the back of missing Madeleine McCann)

Yet still these utter brainless morons, either cannot see or refuse to see they have been robbed, lied to and deceived and for many they have unwittingly been involved in the cover up by Goncalo Amaral of what really happened to Madeleine McCann, they have been used to spread lies and malicious rumours to deliberately harm, hinder and hamper the search for Madeleine and to deliberately hurt her parents.

This is what bad dirty cops do. They create a diversion to divert attention away from what they are involved in and while everyone was arguing if the McCanns were innocent or not, Amaral got away scot free with what he done.

FOOLS! Who do you think was behind each and everyone of those ridiculous leaks and those bizarre theories? IT WAS AMARAL!

Now we have the proof in the Paiva "irrelevant files".

Claudia69 is involved in this right up to her neck.

If you have been fooled by Amaral, Claudia and FSoares etal, the question you should be asking yourselves is; "Why is Amaral so desperate to cover up the disappearance of this child and blame her parents for something they obviously did not do"?

We can guarantee that you will not like the answer to this and this whole lot is so near to blowing, you have no idea and when it does, look out, the debris is going to fall far and wide.

And for those of you who doubt us on this blog and our forum, ask yourselves quietly, how many times have we been wrong?

Virtually everything we have predicted has come true and what has not yet been proved, will be in the fullness of time.

How do you think we know?

Do you think we just guess?

Perhaps we are psychic?

The answer to those questions is none of the above!

Rosiepops said...

Vile Viv "Awww wossa" matter thicko, no one taking any notice of you, is that why you keep bombarding this blog with your rants? Save your energy we never read them.
Go find that other pretendy solicitor to play with, camel breath.

Rosiepops said...


Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie, the only time anyone takes any notice of Vile is when they are having a good laugh at her expense.

Anonymous said...

Gonoreal has a hareem and Clodda is one of his tarts.
Vile put her name down but when he saw the teeth, he said "I don't stuff camels tell her to keep one of her chins up, it hides her face".

Delia da Sousa said...

hahaha I have been laughing at that video clip, is that really Vile Viv? I always wondered what her look like. She needs anger management mentoring. lol

Rosiepops said...

Two more rants just received from Vile Viv, placed unread in the trash (where she belongs)!

Tinkerbell43 said...

Haha Rosie, I saw them but thought I'd leave the honours to you.

Made me laugh when she said she was in 2 minds, she doesn't even have one, lol.

Oh and Vile, when you forget to log out we dont get paranoid, we have a good laugh and put it down to your age.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks

Did you see in comment moderation. SIX more "Vrants" from the Vile one today, she gets more desperate as the days go by, sad thicko.

I haven't a clue what she is ranting about, I do not read them, I see her name and just delete them. The silly old bat.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie, I dont think she even knows what she's ranting about lol.

Its just a load of insane ramblings.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Vile, we don’t want to shut you up, but if you want a voice, why are you posting comments to a blog that wont publish them Doh!

Rosiepops said...


Is that What Vile wants a voice? Hasn't she realised yet that no one is remotely interested in what she has to say?

Two more "Vrants" today, can you imagine her cackling over her keyboard and banging away? Thick old pudding head! I think she is going senile.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Judging by the ramblings, I think its going, going, gone Rosie lol.

Rosiepops said...

Another three "vrants"

Vile has spent 19 hours per day on our blog and forum for days now, poor cow, I think she is sleep deprived. (As well as being brain deprived)

Vile no matter how much of your crap you send in, it is not going to get posted and I don't even read it. Bye bye camel breath.

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