Saturday, 13 March 2010


It had to happen the imbeciles have donned their turkey panto costumes, and voted for Christmas.
I hope they get what they deserve, I hope each of the people that wrote to the BBC website and threatened Kate McCann now realise that they have been reported to the police and of course the BBC will have also spoken to Forumotion.

I hope they now realise that their IPs will be checked and their ISPs will be contacted and informed and I hope they realise that they are all in danger of having their internet connections taken away.

They are wholly despicable vile creatures who feel so inferior that they try to make themselves feel better by attacking the parents of a missing abducted child!

Perhaps now this has happened the government will also act to stop these foul sub-humans from spreading their filth on the internet.

Their forums and blog are absolutely littered with libellous comments which defame Kate and Gerry and their family and friends, these too will now be close examined and too late to remove them, many of us have got the screenshots and so each of those members on those sites now need to be very worried because each and every one of the, is now in real danger of being prosecuted, not only for libel, but for threatening behaviour and that is Laffin Assasin, Photon, Autumn, just to name but a few.

I hope they are worried - I have it on good authority that they should be!


Thank you to Tony of Hounding of the McCanns
Just A Thought You Know
Chaos for bringing us this news.

BBC pulls forum after threats made to Kate McCannSaturday, 13 March 2010 18:52 Raiden Madeleine McCann .The BBC was forced to remove an on-line bulletin board after it was attacked and threats made against Kate McCann, the mother of missing Madeleine McCann.The Aled Jones bulletin board hosted on the BBC site was closed following a sustained attack from members who left messages of hatred and threats directed at Kate McCann this site can reveal. We spoke to a BBC insider from the technical department who confirmed the site was closed down because of "specific threats made towards the welfare of Mrs McCann by members".Madeleine was nearly four when she disappeared from a holiday apartment in the resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007 and remains missing.The insider speaking to us under the agreement of anonymity revealed that the decision was made to close down the bulletin board after it became clear that members of the site were using the site to target Kate McCann accusing her of killing her daughter Madeleine and concealing the crime along with husband Gerry McCann and the friends who were holidaying with them at the time.The attack was coordinated and carried out by members of Forumotion's Missing Madeleine site, a site that harbours extremists who are encouraged to attack and threaten Madeleine's parents in a shared belief that this will expose the truth regarding her disappearence.Brenda Ryan, the owner of the 3 Arguidos website who normally orchestrates such on-line attacks in the past was quick to condemn it saying "Do any of you realise how this could and probably will be played out in the press, Goncalo (the disgraced ex-cop who said Maddie is dead and who is being sued for libel and defamation by the McCanns) supporters force Celebrity to close his website due to continued hatred and harassment of the McCanns?"Our contact in the BBC declined to comment further due to BBC restrictions however they did confirm that the specific threats made against Kate's welfare would be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.Both Brenda Ryan and Susan Menez, owners of the 3 Arguidos and Missing Madeleine forums respectively declined to comment to us.Kate McCann will appear on the Aled Jones show on Sunday 14th March as scheduled.We will bring you further updates on this story as and when we can.



dianeh said...

These 'turkeys' just dont get it, that their behaviour is inappropriate, that they are a miniscule minority, and that they are despised by the majority for the despicable harrassment of an innocent couple, who want to find their missing daughter.

It is time the turkeys realised the truth. The McCanns didnt take Madeleine, they didnt fake her abduction, and they want their beautiful daughter back. And those turkeys that continue to tell slanderous lies, deliberately repeat false statements and generally harrass the McCanns are despised by the general community and the ringleaders will at some point be punished for their actions under the law.

And trying to spread their hatred in the main stream media, and at media organisations will only hasten the punishment along. So good luck to the turkeys, keep it up, we all appreciate the effort that goes into your self destruction.

Rosiepops said...

They are so vile that words cannot be found to express how beneath contempt those people are.

They have failed on every count, they have never been right not one single time, you would think that the imbeciles would have twigged by now, but that would be too much to ask.

Still their time is fast approaching, serves them right - morons.

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