Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Human Rights lawyer Dr Marcos Aragao Correia has made and lodged the appeal against the decision not to send Goncalo Amaral to trial, for the alleged torture of Leandro Silva. The appeal was sent to the court last week. Because of this appeal, the decision of the judge of not sending Amaral to trial is suspended, and this means Amaral will *STILL BE AN ARGUIDO* for that criminal procedure. Dr Marcos aragao Correia has also decided not only to work for free - as he as always done until now concerning Leonor and Leandro, but he also paid all the judicial taxes for that appeal! Making a stark contrast to Goncalo Amaral, the disgraced former detective in the Madeleine McCann case, who has been finding many ways to make an obscene amount of money off of the back of an innocent missing Madeleine and buying up luxury apartments worth 600.000 euros allegedly in another persons name and driving around in a 60.000 euro Jaguar bought out of earnings made out of that child, by tormenting her parents with lies and defamation. Hopefully, the appeal when it is heard, will not be heard by the same judge and the 2nd judge will come to a different conclusion and send Goncalo Amaral for trial, where everyone knows he should go.

A n Open Letter To Goncalo Amaral from the human rights lawyer Dr Marcos Aragao Correia:


To Mr "Beast" Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral:
Just a few words about your new, false and defaming complaint against me to the Portuguese Bar, because we know that you Mr "Beast" Gonçalo, and your "satanic" followers, use to read this website.
How can you even insinuate that you’re not a beast? Don’t you have mirrors in your luxury apartment?

For Jesus sake, don’t lie so much! We know that your horns can not be seen cause their are well hidden, but please don’t try to hide your apparent "bestiality"! It’s too much!
So, you say that you’re not a beast? Hypocrite you are!
Just remember,

- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to Madeleine, Kate and Gerry?
- Perhaos The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to Joana, Leonor and Leandro?
- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to Diana, Ana and José?
- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to all the children victims of violence, and their parents, by allegedly protecting the criminals involved on Joana and Madeleine kidnappings?
- Perhaps The horrors you’ve done and you’re still doing to all the good Portuguese and British citizens by incentivizing a fascist country and a fascist police based on fake criminal investigations using torture?
Is not enough?
So, do you still maintain you’re not a beast?
Of course you are, and me and my witnesses are just going to confirm that to the Bar.
And may I inform you that the appeal of Leandro to the superior Court of Évora is already done and delivered in the Court of Faro? Yes, it’s true, so don’t sing victory yet.
And by the way, even if the fascist regime continues to protect you, don’t worry: true Justice will always be done in the end! I’m not atheist neither a Satan follower! So, True Divine Justice will always win in the end! Do you want to wait to see? Maybe it will be too late then... So, here’s my advice to you: repent of all the evil you are, ask forgiveness to all these innocent children and their parents, and divulge the names of all the criminals involved in those monstrous crimes against them, and only then I’ll stop calling what you apparently are: a BEAST! A ferocious beast from the depths of Hell.



So Goncalo Amaral and his wife are preparing to move into a large luxury apartment costing €600.000 euros? This apartment is situated right in front of his existing apartment and has allegedly been purchased by Amaral registered in another person's name? Who's name is that Marcos? Could it be Sofia Amaral? Or another of his family, or a friend perhaps?

I understand too that he has a special parking place to park his luxury limousine €60.000 Jaguar motor car, which he is still driving around in?

All bought and paid for by missing abducted Madeleine McCann.

Shame on Goncalo Amaral and shame on those who help him to do this. When they do things like this, perhaps they should not complain about being called a "Beast"? That is mild, they could be called a lot worse! Like a vile pimp, living off immoral earnings by cashing in on an innocent child's disappearance! And now I understand that Paypal have unfrozen the account that Joana Morais and others set up, in which to persuade people to give money to Goncalo Amaral and meantime he has just purchased in secret a €600.000 luxury apartment? And he has Joana Morais taking pensions off of pensioners by getting them to make donations to a man living this lifestyle? How dishonest and corrupt is this? And have none of them any shame?And these people have the temerity to accuse the McCanns and the fund, even though that fund is open, honest and above board and is used solely to fund the search for Madeleine?Amaral, Joana Morais and the rest are just damned vile hypocrites!When is the Portuguese government and judiciary going to do something about this man? Portugal looks to be still a fascist police state and this man Goncalo Amaral, appears to be right in the thick of it. Is the Portuguese government and judiciary scared of Amaral? Scared that he may open his mouth and start incriminating them? I can only think this may be true, or else someone would have acted to stop this allegedly corrupt man in his tracks, he is ruining the reputation of Portugal, they have to be seen to do something about this man and pretty damned quick too!

*** Goncalo Amaral Aka "The Beast" *** Purchases €600.000 luxury apartment and registers it in another's name! *** Still Driving Around in his €60.000 luxury Jaguar Motor Car *** Yet Completely without morals and scruples takes money from pensioners to fund his lifestyle *** Joana Morais - Helps with this "Fund raising" to maintain the luxury lifestyle of Goncalo Amaral ***


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Christabel said...

Well Marcos another dirty little trick that will backfire, from the "BEAST OF PORTIMAO"

It was nice of him to buy one of our books though, so he could copy ONLY SOME pages for the Law Society to read. Maybe an idea to send the full book to the Portuguese Law Society to read for themselves before the 19th May, as he wouldn't copy the beating of his wife and her complaint to the PJ pages would he?
How can he say you are a co-author of our book intended only to defame him!!! Because he's bent and corrupt he thinks everyone is.
Nice to know he is still up to his dirty tricks, and who is watching over him, and his buddy's .
You know what these Moles are like, they get everywhere.

What a disgusting FAT, SLIMEY BEAST he is. BEASTGONCALIAR!!!!

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