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The Strange Oddity That Is The Murat Vs Tanner Debacle!

Robert Murat Sharing a Smoke With His Portuguese Police "Friends"
Isn't it a strange coincidence that Amaral appears as a witness FOR Robert Murat, at a time when he (Amaral) is being widely discredited? Isn't it strange, that if Antonio Cabrita, Amaral's lawyer's secretary had not been in contact with "swine flu" and this bizarrely lead to Antonio Cabrita being quarantined, (why?) giving him the excuse NOT to attend court and getting the whole hearing adjourned, the the Murat Vs Tanner oddity would have happened at another time when Amaral's hearing was INACTIVE.
Call me cynical, but Amaral obviously knew of the Murat hearing as he was going to appear as a witness, he knew the dates of the hearings, so he managed to get his own book ban hearing adjourned. As it is, this along with everything else that Amaral touches these days blew up in his face. I think Amaral is suffering with "reverse Midas touch"
How odd is this Murat vs Tanner thing?
It is patently absurd!
A brief run down....
  • A child is abducted from her bed.....
  • The PJ coordinator decides to stay drinking with his pals rather than attend the scene of a serious crime to actually do his job and "COORDINATE" it.
  • A witness who believes she may have seen something comes forward and reports what she has seen to the police.
  • The coordinator (Amaral) still nowhere to be seen does NOT interview her or even speak to her , even though we know he speaks fairly good English.
  • Some time later this witness is then taken to a van with blacked out windows and asked to observe Robert Murat walking along the street.
  • The coordinator, "coordinating" the investigation into a missing child, is still NOT present in this van (despite giving the impression to certain newspapers that he was)
  • The witness categorically states that Robert Murat was NOT the man she saw walking along with a child in his arms that night of Thursday May 3, 2007.
  • The witness then repeats this testament in her witness statement (where again the coordinator who was supposed to be "coordinating" was not in fact coordinating and was NOT present.
  • The said "coordinator then gets sacked from this investigation after five months of not coordinating it, (five months of NOT doing his job properly) five months during which he has not even bothered to speak to the parents of the missing child, (despite speaking fairly good English)
  • The non coordinating "coordinator" gets the sack for serious professional misconduct. He then takes early retirement from his non coordinating "coordinator's" position and has a grudge against the parents of a missing child.
  • The now sacked non coordinating "coordinator" decides to write a book, where he blatantly libels the other argudio in that investigation Robert Murat.
  • Robert Murat seemingly ignores the Portuguese press attempts to assassinate his character of which the non coordinating "coordinator" Goncalo Amaral was responsible for the lies and leaks that appeared in the press in Portugal and were the basis for the British press reports!
  • In 2008 Robert Murat successfully sues the British press for libel and defamation, while ignoring the the true source of the stories, coming from the non coordinating "coordinator" and the Portuguese press! (still with me?)
  • We then hear absolutely nothing from former arguido Robert Murat until 2010.
  • Murat was actually made an arguido (suspect) in Madeleine's disappearance under the instructions of (wait for it....) the non coordinating "coordinator" Goncalo Amaral himself.
  • Meanwhile the non coordinating "coordinator" Goncalo Amaral has landed himself in all kinds of bother, he has been convicted of a criminal offence, perverting the course of justice, concealing a torture, convicted of perjury and just plain lying all over the place.
  • Goncalo Amaral has been exposed as the main protagonist in other controversial investigations and now there appears to be some kind of link, "linking him in with Casa Pia". (Casa Pia is the Portuguese orphanage at the center of child pornography and abuse allegations embroiling many police, doctors and judiciary, politicians etc.)
  • Not only the above (there is much more still to emerge) but the non coordinating "coordinator", decided to make himself an obscene amount of money off of the back of an innocent missing child, who's investigation he did not bother to "coordinate" by accusing her parents of murdering her and concealing her body and writing this all down in a book!
  • This book which has now been banned and the ban upheld twice.
  • These are the self same parents Goncalo Amaral, despite being the non coordinating "coordinator" NEVER bothered to meet and talk to NOT one single time, despite him (Amaral the non coordinating "coordinator") speaking fairly good English!
  • However in the non coordinating "coordinator's" book, he also accuses outright one Robert Murat! Which Murat completely ignores and decides instead to accuse a witness who was only giving a statement to police, of saying that she saw him at the scene
  • Bizarre? Yes it certainly is! Even more bizarre when you realise the witness has never once accused Murat, in fact she said the man she saw was NOT him!
  • So now we are at this strange place of Murat after being silent for all this time, suddenly decides to register a case against a witness, who was only doing her civic duty and reporting to police what she saw, or she thought she saw!
  • Murat ignores the outright accusations of Amaral the non coordinating "coordinator".
  • Murat ignores all the other people that are in the official files as saying they thought him and his behaviour very odd.
  • Murat ignores all the other eye witnesses who have no axe to grind when they reported as seeing him outside the apartment where the child disappeared from.
  • Murat totally ignores a police sworn and signed statement of a person who maintains that he Murat, behaved oddly, by throwing things out of an upstairs window into the street below where he could have hurt or killed passers by, (including children) ignored that this witness said that Murat tried to have sex with animals, has killed animals and tried to rape his cousin.
  • Murat has totally ignored reports that he has changed his alibi several times (It is all there in the official files)

Yet bizarrely Murat files an intention to sue Jane Tanner for libel, because she said she did NOT see him that night.

Now you can call me cynical if you like but look at the timing. How convenient was it that this story emerge now right in the middle of the non coordinating "coordinator's" unsuccessful attempts to have the ban on his book overturned?

Amaral non coordinating "coordinator" knew of Murat's intention, he had to as he himself said he was called as a witness!

The non coordinating "coordinator", knew of the court dates set. The non coordinating "coordinator" has a grudge against the McCanns and their friends, he blames them for him losing his coordinating position despite never actually bothering to do his job and coordinate!Odd? More than just a little odd, this is the non story that will suddenly sprout legs and do "completely" for Amaral, like no other story has yet done for him completely.

The truth about Murat and Amaral will come out when Murat is questioned over why he decided to bring this action against Jane Tanner. *Mark my words*, do you honestly think that her legal team will allow this to slip through the net?

Who put Murat up to trying to prosecute Jane Tanner for simply being a witness and telling what she thought she saw?

Why did Murat ignore all those other appalling blemishes on his character, reported by other people and decide to prosecute JT for saying she did NOT see Murat? This is one "witness interference" that Amaral is going to wish he stayed well clear of.

Remember my words

"From little acorns, mighty oaks do grow"!

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