Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lies, beatings, Threats and Court Cases That Lay Behind The Madeleine McCann Investigation

The Amarals, So Much In Love?

If you believe recent reports, you would be forgiven for thinking that the disgraced former policia judiciaria detective, Goncalo Amaral, is enjoying a second honeymoon with his 2nd wife, Sofia Leal-Amaral. They stage photo-shoots holding each others hands and posed arms entwined trying to give the impression of being so much in love.

The Amarals, holding hands emulating Kate and Gerry McCann, but one suspects if the Amarals were to suffer only one fraction of trials that have beset Kate and Gerry, their relationship would fall apart at the seams. The Amarals seem to me to have a sham of a marriage, one held together by a bank account and not the love mutual respect that has kept the McCanns relationship strong, during their most horrific of times and darkest of days since their beloved and much adored eldest daughter Madeleine, was abducted from her bed whilst on a family holiday in Praia da Luz in May 3rd 2007.

In May 2009, Goncalo Amaral was convicted of withholding evidence of the torture of Leonor Cipriano, the mother of another missing child, Joana Cipriano. Amaral was tried and convicted of lying and perjury and received an 18 month suspended prison sentence, a sentence that caused eyebrows to raise across the world because of its leniency, a sentence that Leonor Cipriano's lawyer, Dr Marcos Arageo Correia, has appealed to have increased and converted to an actual prison sentence.

Goncalo Amaral is also facing another trial for the torture of the partner of Leonor Cipriano, Leandro Silva, in fact, Goncalo Amaral has several trials looming on his horizon, not least a civil trial for his defamation of character of Kate and Gerry McCann, where he is going to be sued for £1.2 million. Amaral has amassed a fortune using the name of abducted child, Madeleine McCann, his get rich quick schemes include writing two books one which has had an injunction slapped upon it by a Portuguese judge, this does not bode well for his defamation trial, which he is tipped to lose, other schemes include him writing for a column for the Portuguese newspapers Correo da Manha and 24 Horas, these two newspapers always give Amaral favourable coverage, the truth being a number one casualty. For some in Portugal, Goncalo Amaral is viewed like some kind of avenging angel, fighting a lone battle for the truth and justice for Madeleine, however, when Amaral was actually in charge of the investigation, he made every mistake there was to make and instead of looking for and searching for the truth for Madeleine, Amaral looked for 3 hour 10 minute booze fuelled lunch breaks instead. On the day the Madeleine investigation entered its 150th day, the man in charge, cut a slovenly figure as he was pictured and timed leaving his office and strolling up to the Carvi fish restaurant, this meant on that particular Friday, with Madeline still missing and over 250 leads waiting to be investigated properly, instead he dined at the Carvi with an ex Formula 1 Portuguese racing driver and was overheard being totally unprofessional boasting about the case and talking loudly, proclaiming that the police case was that Madeleine was dead and her parents killed her. On that day 30th September 2007 @ 1.17pm: Goncalo Amaral casually strolled out of the police building and takes a leisurely walk to the Carvi restaurant with his boss Guilhermino Encarnacao - dubbed Inspector Clueless - who is making a rare visit to the investigation. Meanwhile on another Friday in September 2007 Amaral was seen at 10am, as he sat slurping coffee and cakes at the Kalahary cafe in Portimao again with his boss, Chief Inspector Guillermino Encarnacao. With an ever increasing amount of leads coming into the investigation, the men leading it had time to waste on 3 hour lunch breaks, later when the official files on the case were
released, it was discovered that hundreds of what could have been vital leads were lost or not followed up, that e-fits of suspects were taken from eye witnesses and yet never shown to the public, it was revealed how farcical the whole investigation had been run. Especially when you learn that Amaral did not make the apartment Madeleine was abducted from a crime scene until some THREE MONTHS LATER, if this wasn't bad enough, Amaral had also allowed the apartment to be let out to other holiday makers in the meantime thus compromising and destroying any forensic DNA evidence that the abductors may have left behind!
truly staggering incompetence!

Goncalo Amaral Before he Made Himself a Millionaire Off of Madeleine McCann

Apparently Amaral can now be seen regularly frequenting the bars near where he lives, in fact in one of those bars, it has been reported that his wife, Sofia Leal, on learning of her husband's affair with a beautiful young 35 year old woman (name withheld), after smelling perfume on him becoming suspicious because he was staying out until the early hours and sometimes all night, took his expensive new designer suits, shirts and shoes and through them through the door of a restaurant accompanied with a note telling everyone just what a pig her husband was and what he had been up to. Not content with embarrassing the disgraced former detective in public, Sofia decided to go one step further and began an extra marital affair with the woman's husband who had, had an affair with her own husband, apparently taking him back to her marital home!

Later the two couples paths apparently crossed at a bar and a scuffle between the two men was reported and threats made and they were asked to leave the restaurant.

This took place just last summer in June 2009, at the time the Amarals were swanning around the place posing for photographs and holding hands and trying to appear so much in love!

The woman who had an affair with Amaral, broke it off and became reunited with her husband, but allegedly, their nightmare has not ended there. Goncalo Amaral was enraged and could not accept the end of the affair and much friction has resulted between the two couples as a result.
The couple have become paralysed with fear after receiving threats and phone calls, all they want is for this apparent intimidation to stop and to be allowed to get on with their lives and raise their baby daughter.

The woman and her husband (names withheld) has reported Goncalo Amaral to the Attorney General of the Republic Dr. Pinto Monteiro, on two separate occasions and have begged for his help and protection as they feel their lives are in danger. They also speak of threats from a "person" that drugs will be planted on them as evidence and they will both be convicted and face going to prison for a very long time, the husband has been threatened with by someone that has allegedly said that he can "give him a kicking" and have him shot "without getting his hands dirty".

The beleaguered couple have taken the step of writing to the Portuguese attorney general directly because they feel that if anything happens to them, at least investigators will know where to start looking for clues.

The woman who had an affair with Goncalo Amaral is very contrite and has admitted to the attorney general, that she had made a terrible mistake and was very wrong to have an affair, but said that she was seduced by the charm of Amaral's smooth talking, the same tone he uses when he appears on TV talking about the Madeleine investigation. She has said, that she has since seen and come to know a completely different side to disgraced former PJ detective, who is currently serving an 18 month suspended prison sentence for lying and perjury etc.

The couple have also had a complaint to the Public Prosecutor Faro filed on their behalf for the crimes that have allegedly been committed by Mr. Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral against them.

The woman's husband claims that he has been pushed in the street and taunted over the telephone that his little daughter is not really his daughter.
Sadly the woman reports that her daughter cries now for everything and anything as is picking up on her parents feelings of insecurity and they say they live in fear in their own home and everywhere. The couple also claim to have a video recorded on a phone where you can see the altercation between Mr. Gonçalo Amaral and her husband in a bar in Lagos.

Reports appeared in a newspaper who Amaral writes a column for, the Correo De Manha about an alleged incident at a huge 50th birthday bash for Goncalo Amaral. It was alleged that the couple and their friend arrived and started causing trouble, etc, however the couple tell a different story.

"Last night I, my husband **** ****** and our Advocate ** ***** ***** ******* went out for dinner in a restaurant in Portimao. When we asked ******* to lead us to my mother's house, to go get our daughter was in her care, as we passed by the riverside area of Portimão, we saw fireworks with the Club Naval de Portimão, and decided to stop to see, with my husband and I left the car for a cigarette fumarmos since ********* is not smoking and remained in his car, and we beside the vehicle, leaning next to a public parking area.

Herein we saw a crowd at the entrance of the restaurant "retreat of broiled fish, and what was our astonishment to see Mr. Gonçalo Amaral de Sousa to look us in the midst of them, with the same Mr Gonçalo made a sign with out to others, pointing in our direction, and these people, about four, they headed immediately for us to threaten us with great aggressiveness to immediately abandon that area of the street. We emphasize that we were on the street in full public place, on the opposite side of that restaurant. In this, individuals begin to push us hard, abusing us and beating us, and as a ******* takes a hand to the back of his pants, saying while it does not go out there gave us a shot. In this one ******** tries to start on our ****** in the car, pulling him out of the window to attack him. When we see our powerlessness and violence, we went immediately in the car of our ********, and one that ***** still managed to give a strong punch on my husband.

We went immediately to the police station in Portimão's Public Security Police where he asked to be identified the perpetrators of harm, as Mr. Gonçalo Amaral, the instigator of the crimes, we were already well known! Three agents of PSP followed my husband and our advocate to the site, and I, for fear, remained in the Police station. At the site, individuals and ******** ********, and yet another person that is not known to us, had already fled, only to be possible to identify *****. However, even ahead of the PSP, other individuals, perhaps in excess of ten, accompanied Mr. Gonçalo Amaral towards our ******** ** ****** , with Mr Gonçalo Amaral aggressively threatening him just front of his face, pointing his finger, and shouting to him "you have no shame."

We have presented immediately after each of the three of us, and yet last night, holding criminal proceedings against Mr. Gonçalo Amaral de Sousa and his henchmen, having been our complaints registered on the PSP with the numbers:

**** ****** - NUIPC 001938/09.5 PAPTM,

****************. NUIPC 001939/09.3 PAPTM,

*** ***** **** - NUIPC 001940/09.7 PAPTM.

However, during the day, Mr. Gonçalo Amaral called several times for my phone and to my husband, from an unidentified number on the display of our devices, but which can be identified by the judiciary, threaten us without shame that we would make the sheet."

Sofia Leal Amaral, has described her husband in a Sunday paper in the UK as a calm loving father who worried about his daughters having accidents in the playground at school, yet bizarrely, this worry about accidents did not stop Goncalo Amaral from sharing a bottle of wine with a friend at the Carvi restaraunt and driving his police car with his daughter inside, off somewhere.

It is hard to reconcile this Goncalo with the Goncalo that she (Sofia Amaral) reported to the Portimao police for failing to hand her daughter over at Christmas 2008, as prearranged and when she went to collect her daughter from her husband, he threatened her with death and again driving his police car after drinking alcohol, she has claimed.

Sofia Leal Amaral also stated to the paper that they live on a reduced income, approximately a third of what Amaral used to receive as a serving police detective.

What she doesn't mention is the huge wealth the couple have amassed, through TV and radio interviews, books, films, TV documentaries and charging for interviews.
Sky news reported that they had been appraoched by Goncalo Amaral's agent, who told them that he was available for interview, but it would cost £80.000, Sky News apparently declined the offer.

Gone now are the scruffy sloppy clothes, which Mrs Amaral once described as "Hugo Boss suits" they are now replaced with expensive designer gear, which can be argued were purchased for him by abducted Madeleine McCann.
The Amarals also drive around in a brand new Jaguar which a top of the range model could cost them anything up to £70.000. Also another show of their wealth is the big birthday party they held to celebrate Goncalo Amaral's 50th birthday, where many euros were spent on foreworks, which literally went up in smoke, which could be argued would have kept a normal Portuguese family for quite a few months!

It has also been alleged that the the house the Amarals live in and all of his personal wealth has been put in the name of his wife, if true, this may of course affect any settlement Kate and Gerry McCann may be awarded in their libel trial against Goncalo Amaral.

More to Follow


dianeh said...

Hard to believe that income paid for tv interviews which Amaral did, or the book that he wrote would pass directly to his wife, with Amaral retaining no income or no assets.

The courts are not that stupid, and an attempt to hide assets from the court is in itself a criminal offence.

dianeh said...

As for the rest.

I am not surprised to hear there was more to the birthday party story than what was published in the Courier of Manure.

Why do they insist on publishing half truths and out and out lies? the truth will eventually come out, and it will look far worse for them all.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Diane

The truth is now beginning to come out and slowly but surely, we are learning more and more about those charged with finding Madeleine and the truth about some of the people in the Portuguese justice system, this does not look good on them. I cannot imagine what it is like to live in a country, where if in trouble, the first people you turn to are likely to be those that will do you the most harm. I am not naive, I know we have corruption in some of our police and judiciary, but it is not on the same scale as the normal Portuguese person has to contend with. Fortunately there is a growing realisation that if Portugal is to change, and if they are to root out the rank and blatant corruption that is making a very few very rich and catering to some of their "perverted tastes" and paying some in power off, to turn a blind eye and not to report sometimes the most heinous of crimes, then these corrupt people have to rooted out, investigated and justice *SEEN* to be done and a serious example made of them.
Portugal is in the EU, she is a Member State and as such, her people deserve a far better, cleaner and superior judicial and police system than they currently have and the EU *MUST* intervene and where better to start than three cases that have been bringing shame on Portugal and will continue to bring shame on Portugal, until they are dealt with thoroughly and properly and they haven't been up until now. The cases of Casa Pia, Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann, have been compromised, ridden with corruption and then the authorities have tried to sweep them under the carpet and hide them from the world, it is not going to happen, these cases are indicative of something infinitely wrong with the echelons of power in the Portuguese government, judicial system and police service.

The world is looking at Portugal and so far, Portugal has been found wanting.

tony said...

If it is true that Amaral has put everything in his wife's name; he knows he is going to lose any case brought against him by the McCanns.

If his wife has any sense she will leave him and live a quiet life with her children well away from the thugs reach.

Rosiepops said...

Well Tony, who knows, she may just have that sense and could well be in it for this reason, the end game now in sight?!
I must say, this is what immediately sprang to mind when I read that, but you would be amazed at some of the stuff which has been mentioned.
I will try to include some of it in the follow up to the main post!

Cath said...

If it's true their marriage isn't as harmonious as they pretend it is, it's pretty stupid of Amaral to put all of his personal wealth in the name of his wife.

Unless he can be sure for some reason she won't leave/divorce him.....

Rosiepops said...

It's definitely true, the Amarals both had an affair, while walking around pretending to be the epitome of of a good marriage, it was all a lie and a sham!

If Amaral has lied about this and is also a convicted criminal liar and perjurer, how can anyone believe a thing he says?

I don't believe anything he says, he is nothing but a liar, a thug and violent bully, who thinks nothing of making money off of the back of an abducted child.

Sick and despicable and corrupt, it is about time Portugal did something about this man!

Anonymous said...






So… why is the whois info, including, the creation date of 20 Aug 2008, exactly the same as it always was, to wit

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tony said...

Mister Bennett Wrote Today

Tony Bennett Today at 18:39

Supersal wrote:
Tony, I was just about to call you but your thread went. Never mind.

Our contact details are still viewable on the 'Contact' page of our former website, but here they are anyway:

To contact the Madeleine Foundation, please use the form below or one of the following methods;

By e-mail
Debbie Butler, Chairman:
Tony Bennett, Secretary:

By ‘phone
Debbie Butler (Chairman), Tel:
07867 887066 (International: +44-7867-887066)

Tony Bennett (Secretary), Tel:
01279 635789 (International: +44-1279-635789)
07835 716537 (International: +44-7835-716537)

By letter
All correspondence to:

Tony Bennett
66 Chippingfield
CM17 0DJ
United Kingdom

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Big Deal - the contact names still include Deb butler and tony bennett.

Stevo, Tony and Deb will soon find out that Carter Ruck does NOT play games....

ModNrodder said...

Tony Bennett is responsible for removing material, including the website material that he agreed to with Carter Ruck.

It must be removed a noice to distance himself from the site is not good enough. Stevo has othing to lose. I wonder if Bennett is happy about Stevo keeping the site going or if this is just a scam to spit n the eye of Carer Ruck?

Rosiepops said...

Bennett, Butler and Stevo think they are smarter than Carter-Ruck, it hasn't occurred to them that Carter-Ruck have seen all this many times before and from people a hell of a lot smarter than those three dipsticks.
Such utter fools, OMG will they soon be getting the shock of their lives! rotflmao

Rosiepops said...

Can you credit the sick Brenda Ryan for allowing this sickness on her forum?
Now tell me Brenda Ryan and her mates are not operating some kind of sick paedophile ring?

Sick bastards ought to be locked up, no normal person would write anything like this.

Bonny said:-

Oh, she can get much worse, ISAR.

For instance, today, in between her insane shreikings on MM,she has been posting material by Textusa - yet another deviant.

Some of us already know what a maggotbrain Textusa is. I have no intention of upsetting people with the really nasty stuff Bren is so proud of, but here is a little taste of what she has proudly posted on her shiny today:

A girl has died.

Her parents didn’t give a sh*t about leaving her alone and went off and got p*ssed (not on the evening she died, but on the nights before).

Same parents that when they saw her dead, freshly diseased, didn’t give a sh*t about her or anybody else, except themselves.

Neither did they give a sh*t about burying her with a minimum of dignity or human decency.

They still don’t give a sh*t about her by doing all they can to make the general public think that their daughter is being repeatedly buggered blue by some sadistic pedophile since the day she was “kidnapped”, instead of thinking that she’s dead but in peace. Fortunately, they are f*cking it all up

tony said...

from now on when anything like TextUSA posts filth I is going to carry Brenda Ryan's Name.
If she leaves it up, then she is claiming it.
So her name will replace TextUSA!

Rosiepops said...

Tony, You're right, Brenda Ryan is claiming this when she publishes filth like that, without pointing out what it is. The only reason that filth is published here, is to demonstrate to as many people as possible, exactly what Brenda Ryan and her followers are and in my opinion, they are actually paedophiles.

We should not be having this conversation, Ryan should have deleted those comments and warned the poster, but no what does Ryan do? She allows them to stay on her filth ridden forum.
The only reason I can see for her doing this is because she is getting off on these comments and she is a paedophile and is operating some kind of filthy paedophile ring from her forums, it was exactly the same on the old 3 arguidos. Why would normal people want to post on a forum like that? Short answer to that is they wouldn't, so it is fair to say that anyone that posts on Ryan's forum is doing so under no illusion, and they know perfectly well that Ryan is probably a paedophile and they are not only condoning Ryan, they are joining in, which makes them just as guilty in my opinion!

Ryan and her "partner" need investigating!

vee8 said...

bren, are you reading this? Lardyboy gonzo has just lost the small fortune he pimped of Madeleine! See what happens when you libel someone?! You will loose your money, your house, possibly your job and any little respect you had outside your vile little filth-hole! You best sit back, and take a good, long think about what you have done, because it's you they will be coming for next, along with bennett and butler!

Rosiepops said...

We knew this story was developing for a while now, in fact we were worried about him placing all his assets in his wife's name, hence the last paragraph on the front of this blog.

This is not looking good for Amaral at all, this coupled with all his other impending court cases is bad news, very very bad news!
Amaral still does not seem to understand the difference between free speech and libellous comments and defamation of character. (Something that Bennett and Butler have in common with him)

I believe this is just the start and if Bennett, Butler and Stevo are not worried now, then they should be.

Understand what you have done now Debbie Butler? Still think you are above the law? Still think that Bennett and Stevo are cleverer than Carter-Ruck?


vee8 said...

The stench of corruption is now becoming overpowering. Money, debt, gambling, drinking, defaulting on mortgage payments since long BEFORE Madeleine was even born. How the HELL can anyone trust a cop who is so far in dept he would sell his own grandmother to the devil himself in order to keep his head above water?


If this had happened in Britain he would be inside by now.

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