Saturday, 24 October 2009

Goncalo Amaral's New Jaguar Seized!

Disgraced Former Detective's New Jaguar Seized

Goncalo Amaral the former police inspector who first led the hunt for missing child Madeleine McCann, has had his brand new £70.000 Jaguar motor car seized. This action follows in a line of similar actions against the former detective, who has also been convicted of lying and perjury and concealing evidence of the torture of Leonor Cipriano. Amaral is currently serving an 18 month suspended prison sentence. Yesterday it was also revealed that the appeals that have been lodged to increase his sentence and commute it to an actual term to be served in prison is being held up because the 8 jurors from his trial, are currently owed fees. In Portugal no further trials can go ahead until the jurors are paid. Goncalo Amaral and Paulo Cristovao and three other ex PJ inspectors, elected trial by jury, it is not clear if it is they that have to pay the jurors and this is why proceedings are being held up.


"Here is the full news from Expresso, about Gonzo´s jag: Justice takes Jaguar from Gonçalo Amaral. Court keeps with Jaguar of Gonçalo Amaral. Copyright and share of the former inspector of PJ at the company he created were also arrested. The Civil Court of Lisbon, who, this week ordered the arrest of the copyright of the book of Gonçalo Amaral, about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, a also the documentary which follow it, considers that the member company created by the former coordinator of PJ cannot produce, and remove the proceeds to him personally for the sales of books and videos. Therefore, following the claim from the McCann family, decided through a trial process, arrested also the share of Amaral in the company, a third of his salary as a manager and even the jaguar he drives - but that belongs to the firm. The car, with a displacement of 2700 cc and with a price of around 70 thousand euros new, was purchased in May and registered in the name of the sopciety Gonçalo Amaral Ltd, with a social capital of 5000 euros. The company, created in November last year, offers consultancy, studies and analysis in the field of criminal investigation and is specialized in the dissemination, promotion and communication of technical work. The notifications to the publishers who published the book "Maddie - the truth of lies" - followed at the beginning of last week to several european countries: Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Spain and France. The publisher Guerra & Paz "War & Peace" (which published the book in Portugal), (owner of Correio da Manhã, where Amaral has a weekly columnist), the Valentim de Carvalho and TVI were also notified of the arrest of the copyright are due to the former coordinator of PJ until a final decision on the ongoing process. Contacted by the Expresso newspaper, Gonçalo Amaral declined to make any comment on the decision of the Civil Court, referring to its position to a press release issued on Wednesday. In that document, Amaral "fears to get prevented to defend his reasons in court and admits constraints related to his own defense". Kate and Gerry McCann, who were considered "arguidos" during the process of investigation, and their three minor children. Sean, Amelie and Madeleine, are the applicants of the ongoing process in court. They require to the former inspector, a compensation of 1.2 million euros by defamation, due to claims "continued and blatant" about the investigation of ther case in 2007. However, according to the assessment made by the Court, the assets of Amaral does not offer sufficient guarantees for the payment in case of conviction. The house of Olhão which he bought together with his wife in 2002, with a loan from the BIC, but it is only registered in his wife´s name - was arrested in 2005 due to a debt of around 130 thousand euros. A year later, the National Treasury recorded the seize of a house as a guarantee of payment of 16900 euros. Finally, two years ago, was the BES (to whom now BIC belongs) to go forward with a executive action against Amaral and his wife, for the recovery of more than 300 thousand euros - new seized. The book "Maddie- the truth of lies" was launched in July 2008 and, until the end of September, has 12 editions - in other words - 120 thousand books. However, in September, also, by Court decision, the book´s sales had already been banned. Gonçalo Amaral retired from PJ in July last year, after 26 years of service. At the time, he said he went out to have "full freedom of expression", after having been sacked, months before the investigation of the disappearance of the British child, due to statements made to the media. Currently, Amaral receives a pension for early retirement of 2039 euros. The inquiry was shelved in July 2008, without being cleared any responsability of the parents of the British child of three years old who disappeared at May three of 2007, at Praia da Luz. The couple McCann was cleared, and the "arguido status" removed."


It is clear that Goncalo Amaral is heavily in debt and has been for some years, questions need to be asked and answered.

By his wife Sofia's own admissions Amaral was not on a very high salary, so how were they allowed to commit themselves to such high risk enormous financial ventures?

Exactly how much capital have they had at their disposal and where has it all come from?

Amaral saw his good friend Paulo Cristovao (who also stood trial and is also currently standing trial at present in Portugal) make money out of missing Joana Cipriano, by writing a book about the child and the investigation. (Currently Leonor Cipriano's conviction for the murder of her daughter, is the subject of an appeal which cannot be heard until the jurors are paid for attending the trial that proved she was tortured.) Leonor Cipriano's conviction is looking to be one of Portugal's biggest miscarriages of justice!

Against all logical reasoning Goncalo Amaral made Kate and Gerry McCann arguidos. He made them suspects on the back of so-called sniffer dog "evidence", that never existed and could not ever be corroborated, during a farcical operation and not even making the apartment where Madeleine was abducted from a crime scene until some THREE MONTHS AFTER she was taken.

Goncalo Amaral should be arrested and questioned over his total failure in conducting the abysmal investigation into Madeleine's disappearance. Amaral made every single mistake there was to make, mistakes, you would not even expect a rookie detective to make, question is why and is it feasible that a detective said to have all of the experience of Amaral would make all these mistakes? If I were a cynic, I would think these mistakes that destroyed the Madeleine McCann investigation were made on purpose, to purposefully thwart that investigation so Madeleine could not be found.

Is it plausible to even start to think that Madeleine McCann was stolen to order, for an illegal adoption by people living in and around Praia da Luz? And that some in authority knew she was going to be abducted and that those people have done nothing but obstruct the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine, right from the word go?

Perhaps Madeleine was abducted in order for some to operate a money making scam, only it certainly wasn't her poor long suffering parents.

There is something very deep and sinister at work here and it is becoming clearer with each passing day, that the McCanns have suffered horrifically and their daughter abducted probably to order.

I think it is time for the Madeleine investigation to be reopened, but NOT conducted by the Portuguese, I think it is time for Interpol to become involved, this is as serious as it gets, and it is now patently obvious that Portugal is incapable of holding an investigation free from corruption!





tony said...

Surely Now We Should Be Asking Why Was Amaral Removed From The Drug Squad?
Up to his rotting eyes in debt.......could be a very good reason for moving him.
Have people forgotten that Amaral himself was an Arguido before the McCanns ever set foot in Portugal?
Drug Squad Cop.....Massive Debts.....I could make a great story out of just those few words alone.
You know, like a Bren or a Vanessa kind of story?
But I Won't.
However, there is a nasty smell that follows this man everywhere he goes and it aint coming from the sewage pipes. I have a feeling a lot more is going to be uncovered on him... before the year is out.
Think About It....Drug Baron And Child Trafficker......
Drug Cop....To Missing Children.
Oh, yes I could make a brilliant story out of it.

senior said...

Ahhh bless!!! He's lost he's Jag

dianeh said...

I wonder if the forensic accountants will be brought in to determine the net worth of Amaral, and to investigate his financial dealings over the last 5 years of so.

After all, his financial problems do provide a substantial motive for writing the book for which he is being sued for libel.

Therefore the size, scope and reasons for his financial problems are material to the libel case.

These revelations of financial problems,bank seizure etc are shocking. More shocking is why has it taken so long for these revelations to be made public, considering Amaral's high profile on a high profile missing person case. Why has this information not made it to the public arena before now?

dianeh said...

And let me say once again.

Amaral should have spent his new found money on better legal advice, rather than a new jag.

Rosiepops said...


It is shocking and this should have all come out before now!

I agree his financial problems do provide a motive for writing the book, they also provide a motive for Madeleine not being found.

Amaral saw his mate Cristovao make a tidy packet out of the books he wrote, this is highly suspect.

There is the classical 3 reasons to com it a crime here, means, motive, and opportunity!

Amaral must be arrested and made a witness and forced to answer the hundreds of questions that surround the appallingly shocking inept investigation into the disappearances of both Joana Cipriano and Madeleine McCann.
And as Paulo Cristovao was not on the Madeleine investigation team, who supplied him with the information he needed to write the book about Madeleine? And did he pay for that information?

Rosiepops said...

Also what about the journalist Felicia Cabrita?

Who suplied her with copies of witness statements and witness addresses land and mobile telephone numbers? And did she pay for the information?

Goncalo Amaral is a friend of Felicia Cabrita!

dianeh said...

It looks like Bennett has left the Houndation. That leaves Butler to take the rap.

Foolish woman. You are meant to be protecting your own child, putting this child above everything else. That is your role as a mother. Everything else must come second to the needs of your child.

I would never, NEVER, put the search for Madeleine ahead of my children and my real life.

But then I am not an obsessed fame seeking wanna be that imagines itsef to be a female born again version of Sherlock Holmes as well as the morality police and a class A stalker all rolled into one.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe Bonnett has left the Foundation?

Load of bullshit, just like the pretendy arguements between him and Bronzy "Ugly Cow". Its all back covering, minus the bending over PMSL.

Anonymous said...

Your insulting and unintelligent comment does nothing to help any investigation nor does it help finding the truth. I have no idea who is or is not guilty but too much rubbish has been reported on all sides- it is time to stop this crap get a life!

Rosiepops said...

Anonymous said...
Your insulting and unintelligent comment does nothing to help any investigation nor does it help finding the truth. I have no idea who is or is not guilty but too much rubbish has been reported on all sides- it is time to stop this crap get a life!

27 December 2009 17:04

Oh dear, you sound so angry, never mind, he'll get another car. (Maybe a Ford Focus or something - red of course!)

Tinkerbell43 said...

Anonymous said...
Your insulting and unintelligent comment does nothing to help any investigation nor does it help finding the truth. I have no idea who is or is not guilty but too much rubbish has been reported on all sides- it is time to stop this crap get a life!

27 December 2009 17:04

Nice of you to pop in Anon, its been a little while. Why dont you practice what you preach!

christabel said...

Tinks, that anon is the Doncaster liar. Sad old git got nowhere to go.

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