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Tony Bennett's Far Right Links

The Pinocchios

Revealed: Far right links of Barrymore's bête noire
By Guy Adams
Wednesday, 18 January 2006

* If you thought the plot surrounding the return to public life of Michael Barrymore couldn't possibly get any thicker, think again.
On Monday, Tony Bennett, a lawyer representing the parents of Stuart Lubbock, who died at Barrymore's Essex home in 2001, turned up at the Celebrity Big Brother studios, and attempted to serve legal papers on the troubled entertainer.
Now it emerges that Bennett, who has quickly become Barrymore's bête noire, is himself in possession of a - shall we say? - "colourful" past, on the fringes of right-wing politics.
A few years back, when he was known as plain Anthony Bennett, the retired solicitor made unflattering headlines when was sacked by the UK Independence Party after publishing a pamphlet that described the prophet Mohamed as a paedophile.
He swiftly decamped to Robert Kilroy-Silk's Veritas party, where he briefly became leader. However that also ended in tears, after The Guardian published a front-page exclusive detailing his close links with Ian Anderson, a former chairman of the National Front.
How such a chap ended up taking on Barrymore is anyone's guess. But yesterday, the man himself insisted that politics were irrelevant to the legal proceedings.
"It would be amazing if anyone brought that up," he said. "The Guardian piece was very unfair. The so-called link was tentative. My career shows that I am in no way a racist."

Actually your "career" doesn't show any such thing and I am wondering, what "career" it is that you are referring to?

Or is stalking, intimidation and hounding the innocent and calling for the search for an abducted child to be 'stopped', your chosen "career"?

Why would it be "amazing if anyone brought you relationship to the ex chairman of the National Front up?" I think it would be amazing if people did not mention that you were once affiliated to Ian Anderson of the National Front in some way, people generally tend to raise their eyebrows at such suggestions.

But "SUGGESTIONS" are something you know all about are they not Mr Bennett?


Anonymous said...

He'll never grow up to be a real boy.

Anonymous said...

tony said...
He'll never grow up to be a real boy.

06 September 2009 18:32

Tony don't be silly, how can he? He's a Nancy boy pmsl.

dianeh said...

Just read Hounding of the MCCann blog, and the quiz.

So the holocaust never happened, eh?

We can now add Holocast denier to Bennett's long list of dubious titles.

But lets face it, only the truly disturbed or those with a political or religious agenda do no believe the holocaust occurred. They are unable/unwilling to see the truth. So why should we be at all surprised they cannot/will not see the truth of the McCanns' innocence.

I wonder if we took a poll among Bennett and his 'friends' just how many would believe that the moon landing was fake, that JFK was shot from the grassy knoll and that the US govt brought down the Twin Towers. Most I suspect.

Rosiepops said...

Diane Great post!

I am glad you put in the bit about the twin towers, there is a whole cult of people that believe things like this.

More insults towards the people surviving the Holocaust, it breaks my heart when I see the innocent little children herded up like cattle and the total fear on the faces of theor parents and I cannot even begin to know what I would have done in their position. I cannot even go there, words fail me to even describe what took place then, no words I have ever read have ever come anywhere near to describing what those people went through, at the hands of one of the most evil fascist narcissistic dictators that ever walked this earth. I have trouble believing that this actually took place in so recent a history of this world.
I have watched many a TV programme about the Holocaust and of course I have read and learned my history etc, all have touched me deep inside. I did not realise how much one such 'time' that took place when I was not even on this earth, could have such a profound effect on me and some of the bravery of people leaves me in utter awe of them. When such people talk and when their relatives talk about this the sadness that seems to emanate from them is palpable, a very quick look in their eyes and the pain is there for all to see, it is naked and time has not lessened it any. If we forget such a lesson, then it can happen again, to deny the Holocaust, means it can happen again. This is why you will never see me use the word 'fascist' loosely, to do this would grossly undermine the true meaning of it and the one remaining word that goes anywhere reomotely near describing the people that carried out such atrocities would be lost.

One TV programme I saw was with Jerry Springer, so when I watched this programme "Who Do You Think You Are" which included Jerry visiting Auschwitz, I was very unsure of what to expect, was this just another celebrity blah de blah? I mean Jerry Springer of all those madly insane TV programmes, in Auschwitz? What was that going to be about then? So I was a bit apprehensive to put it mildly, so no one was more surprised than I to be moved to tears, but not only tears, I felt something really profound, something that was not just about Springer, somehow the makers of that programme managed to relay through the lens a very small sense of what went on there and I felt it deep inside and I felt for Springer and all the other "Springers", I felt a dreadful sense of loss and a sense of deep deep shame and I also felt for the ordinary German person who had nothing to do with this, but who are going to bear the scars for an eternity. I thank God for my dad and everyone else's dad and granddad, brother, uncle, friend, nephew and I thank God for the women of this country too, who stood strong and defiant and resolute and went to work in the ammunition factories and the land and took over all their menfolks jobs at the drop of hat as well as ran their own homes and looked after their own families and they did it all without a whinge. I realise that the women of this country actually played such a huge and integral part of bringing Hitler down. I thank God for the help of other countries who sacrificed lives, because without them we could not have done what we needed to do.

I realise that we have much to be thankful for, so reading someone denying the Holocaust, fills me not only with disgust, it fills me with fear, to deny it, means it could happen again and that is truly terrifying.

I have also raised an eyebrow when I discovered that part of Tony Bennett's past (yes that bloody man again) was to take some kind of stand to prevent Jerry Springer show, now I wonder, is there any connection? What actually is the agenda of A J Bennett?

I am beginning not only to have a profound dislike of this man and everything he stands for, but I am also becoming deeply suspcious of his true motives. They say Hitler was insane too!

"Lest We Forget"

Rosiepops said...

"Much of my family was exterminated in Auschwitz," said Jerry. "My grandparents, they're all gone; they all died there, and also my dad's brother -- so my uncle, and three cousins, an aunt -- [the Nazis] got the family shoe store and took them all away."

Jerry Springer

dianeh said...


I agree with your terrific post, in so many ways.

We must never forget what happened in the holocaust. We must make sure that all children are taught about it. We must make sure that we never ever let it happen again.

Those that deny the holocaust are bigoted and prejudiced, and are laying the path for such a horrific thing to happen again.

And I feel the same about the 9/11 truthers. To deny who committed that crime against the citizens of the US and the free world (Brits, Aussies, Canadians, Europeans and from many other countries of the world also died), is to deny the terrorists exist, to deny the threat to our children and our way fo life, and is an offence to the memory of those that died. And thats not to say what an insult it is to George Bush, the US Govt and the US secret services and FBI.

Anonymous said...

Posted on the Madeliene Foundation website only a few days ago.


JusticeSeeker Says:
August 30th, 2009 at 11:24 am

Nothing has been filed by the McScams against Amaral. Some time ago they threatened him with a libel lawsuit, but did nothing. Amaral, however, in return, filed a lawsuit against the McScams in a Portuguese court. Surprise, so far no reaction by the McScams, As I said in a previous post: They can’t effort to set foot into a court room without going bust! Even »Bigmouth« Mitchell is very quet on the subject. However, I am afraid, there will be no hearing in court as long as the present Portuguese government is in power.

Reply from Tony Bennett

In addition to the McCanns having failed to take libel proceedings against Goncalo Amaral when he first published his book in Portugal a year ago (despite specific threats that they would so so), we have heard nothing more following press reports in July that the McCanns had filed a £1 million libel suit against Goncalo Amaral in the Lisbon Court on 14 June.

A full 11 weeks later, nothing more has been heard from them.

Would You Care To Repeat The Above Statement, Fool?

Rosiepops said...

No he wouldn't Tony, the man is an idiot, probably even more imbecilic than the moron he was replying to!

If they do not understand what trouble both he and Debbie Butler are in now, then they soon will!

For sure!

Anonymous said...

Now thats one poor deluded idiot if I ever saw one. I think JusticeSeeker should not give up their day job. Why do these numpty's always leave us POSL.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bennett and his latest run in with the Solicitor Regulation Authority SRA

well well, word on the jungle telegraph is he's in trouble for his disgusting rendition of Silent Night

He has been severely reprimanded for professional misconduct by the SRA with regard to his skanky version . Also, a discretion has been vested at the SRA which will affect TB's chances of renewing his licence to practise as a solicitor, should he ever re-apply.

He is appealing this decision on the grounds that he was unaware that his name remained on the roll and therefore should not be subject to the SRA rules.

The decision was dated August 26 and he sent his appeal in on 3rd September.
Ignorance Is No Excuse...The Onus Was On Bennett To Have His Name Removed.
Mr Bennett's Rendition Of Silent Night
By Tony Bennett

Silent night, peaceful night
All is calm, all is ‘so right’

An evening out boozing, without any child
The latest sedatives, strong and not mild
Booze in heavenly peace
Booze in heavenly peace.

No silent night, no peaceful night’
Madeleine’s gone’, now start the fight
Off to the priest for a quick requiem mass
Claim an abduction, as bold as brass
The Find Madeleine Fund is born
The Find Madeleine Fund is born.

Silent night, we say we’re white
The PJ see us in a different light
Interviews and rogatories thrust in our face
Even the Pope says we’re a disgrace

Only a mattress in my cell
Only a mattress in my cell


by Tony Bennett on Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:04 pm

Christabel said...

Ah Ah Tony,

He's unaware of an awful lot isn't he?.

Rosiepops said...

Tony, if only he knew what we know!

He should know that ignorance is no defense in law.
Seeing as he has ticked off just about everyone in government and authority over the years, even getting himself reprimanded and fined by the Law Society and turned down on appeal, I cannot see him getting a favourable decision with any appeal he puts in.

All this as well as putting the backs of of the national press and making enemies of numerous journalists.

Whoops Bennett and Butler methinks you dropped a little goolie!

dianeh said...


What is a

"Whoops Bennett and Butler methinks you dropped a little goolie!"

I need a translation, from Queens English to Aussie English.


Rosiepops said...

lol It means they dropped a clanger (made a mistake) pmsl sorry I am talking in slang lol

dianeh said...


dropped a clanger

I get it now, they have well and truly put themselves in the poo.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Mr Bennett knows that the holocaust occurred as he tends to research his facts.

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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