Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tony Bennett Goes On The Attack Again!

Below is my response to an article that Tony Bennett has placed on his website attacking a member of the J4 forum. I am not holding my breath that he will publish it, so I will do it myself.

It appears that Mr Bennett, is only big and brave when he attacks others, who he thinks are vulnerable and cannot fight back, such as Mr Mrs McCann, the parents of abducted Madeleine McCann.

Obviously, when Bennett gets it back he just cannot take it and veers around shooting at anything and everyone, who he thinks disagrees with him.

What Bennett fails to understand (perhaps one of his friends should actually tell him), is that everything that is being done to him, is being done legally and using the laws of the United Kingdom. (Unlike writing libellous books and dropping libellous leaflets into people's letter boxes in a furtherence of a "Hate Campaign")

No Responses to “The Hate Campaign Against The
Madeleine Foundation”

Rosie Says:

Your comment is awaiting moderation. September
2nd, 2009 at 4:01 pm

Have you ever stopped to wonder Mr Bennett, why it
is that you seem to bring out such a strong reaction in people?

For almost 19 months you have swanned around the
internet, making unfounded accusations and repeating idle gossip about the
Mr Mrs McCann are innocent. I do not just say that, this is in
*actual fact* what the law says.
The law in Portugal decrees them innocent,
the Portuguese attorney general has found there is nothing and a complete lack
of evidence to say that any crime was ever committed by Mr Mrs

Jose Pinto Monteiro, Portugal’s Attorney-General, told police to halt the
investigation into of Madeleine’s disappearance.
A statement released by his
office confirmed that it had decided to
“close the file on the investigation
concerning the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann due to lack of
evidence that any crime was committed by the persons placed under formal

This was also the findings of two of Portugal’s
Further, the Portuguese attorney general, has stated that the
McCanns will NOT be charged with neglect, because they could NOT be expected to
know that when they left their children for that short time, in a holiday
resort, that one of them would disappear.

You also said the the Portuguese attorney general
said there was proof that Madeleine was dead. NO HE DID NOT!

This Mr Bennett is a complete fabrication, the AG
said no such thing, he said that there was no evidence to show that Madeleine
was dead OR alive. So once again you are found out in a lie.
You decided to
try and bring an action to sue the McCanns for neglect in the British courts,
which was unsuccessful. (Laughed out)You wrote a book which is proof in itself
about how poorly researched and puerile your accusations are and how actually
none of them are in ‘fact’ substantiated, this is the only ‘fact’ that can lay
claim to be a ‘fact’ about you and your works.You started this campaign up about
a child you know nothing about.You started your campaign and have prejudged
Madeleine’s parents, without ever having met them or spoken to them.You based
your book on uncorroborated findings of dogs alerting to something that no one
can prove exactly what they are alerting to.You also based your book on the
bizarre claims of a disgraced former policeman, who himself has been convicted
of lying and perjury.The said policeman has made claims that are unfounded and
unsubstantiated and the book and the ex policeman himself, are sub judice and he
is due in court to face claims of defamation and impeding the search for a

There have been a great many things that you have
instigated and have claimed about the McCanns and you are not averse to a bit of
triumphalism yourself, as you are currently touring the internet, gloating that
it is 20 days (yesterday) and still you have not heard anything from the police
about your leaflet drop.

This you appear to think, makes you right to have
carried out such a premeditated event.You have also inferred that because the
McCanns are silent, this is taken by you as their admission of guilt.You think
it is OK for you to have produced your booklet because you first offered it up
for consultation of the McCanns lawyers and offered to remove anything they
could *prove* was unfounded.You as an ex solicitor (albeit a disgraced ex
solicitor, fined by the Law Society for bringing the legal profession into
disrepute) ought to know, that innocence cannot be proved and the onus is
directly upon you to *prove* anything you write as being the truth.

Therefor by offering up your spurious booklet actually
does *NOT* exonerate you from blame, or indeed from facing charges of
defamation, libel and slander.But as a solicitor (no matter how briefly) you
should know this, if you do not, there is a caveat in law, a point of law
“Ignorance is NO Defence”.

You and Butler have written various letters to
people attacking the McCanns. One such letter written by Butler to the General
Medical Council asking for them to consider removing the McCanns from the
medical register, on the back of something the foolish woman read in a red top
Sunday newspaper! She quoted that newspaper as ‘The People’, she MISQUOTED it
was actually in another paper.

You and Butler through this website that you have
set up in the name of a child you have never met, have orchestrated a ‘Hate
Campaign’, which you have pursued electronically and in real life.

There have been leaflet distributions in
Northampton, Oxford etc.

On Friday 14th August 2009. Debbie Butler;
Grenville Green and Helene Davies-Green, took your scurrilous campaign right
into the heart of the McCanns home village and directly into the street where
the McCanns have their home with their little 4 year old twins.

You pushed your vile leaflets through the letter boxes
of all the McCanns neighbours, in the attempt to make the McCanns lives as
unpleasant and as unbearable as possible.
And lets us remind you here Mr
Bennett, you did this to two totally innocent people, who have never been
charged with any wrongdoing in their lives (unlike you Bennett who have been
arrested and charged with theft).
Not only did Butler and the greens do this
to the McCanns, they did not care a damn that it would ultimately affect the
lives of the twins. No thought went to if we upset the parents then we upset the
In fact forget the people you have accused Mr Bennett, there is
evidence of what you have been doing to the McCanns all over the internet. I
would think that you should concentrate on the trouble that this will bring you
all, rather than start another campaign of hatred up against other people who do
not agree with you and what you are doing and the way you are doing it.
is this the first time you have done this?


Lee Balkwell…Michael Barrymore….Stuart
Lubbock…..Terry Lubbock….etc etc etc

It appears if there is a high profile band wagon to
jump upon, then you are going to jump on it.
One other thing, the authorities
may take the opinion that as you yourself have made yourself high profile and
involved yourself *UNINVITED* and have take it upon yourself, to make
contentious claims, unproven accusations, engaged yourself in writing and
publishing unproven allegations, written books, leaflets and letters about
something you obviously know nothing about. Touted yourselves about for TV,
Radio and press interviews to spread you unfounded accusations, that youmay just
have brought all of this down upon yourself!

Remember it was you that started all of this, no
one asked you to do what you did, you have been behaving like an internet

Grow Up Mr Bennett and stop behaving like an out of
control bully, whining, crying and complaining, when you get some of your own
medicine back again. If we started to compile everything you have said and
done and produced all the proof of this in screenshots etc, how do you think
that will look to a judge?

Again you veered out of control and shot from the
hip, without thinking and again you are going to bring utter contempt down on
your Foundation. Just like you did by falsely accusing a journalist and two of
his colleagues of sending some email, the same one you accused Mr Nessling of
sending. (again wrongly accusing, this is libellous and slander) You were
responsible through this Foundation of forcing a journalist to close his website
down and then tried to play ignorant. Again Mr Bennett, I remind you, in law,
“Ignorance is NO defence”

Last week alone you managed to ostracise 3
journalists and a national Sunday newspaper.

This week you have named the parliamentary Under
Secretary for State Alan Campbell and Iswich MP Chris Mole on your Foundation
website as somehow being complicit in some hate campaign against this

This is in edition to writing what can only be
termed as the “longest suicide not in history” to the prime minister Gordon
Brown, accusing him and his government of all sorts.

These are some pretty powerful enemies you are
making for yourself Mr Bennett, I do hope that every little thing in your life
and the lives of your cohorts is in order!

You are way out of control you silly, pathetic,
foolish little man.

You make Pol Pot look like everyone’s perfect next
door neighbour!


tony said...

Well said Rosie.

vee8 said...

The last act of a desperate man, wouldn't you say Rosie!

Rosiepops said...

Absolutely Vee and Tony, Bennett is way out of control, he is desperate and getting more desperate each day. He honestly thinks he is going to get away with his behaviour. Debbie Butler thinks she is going to get away with her behaviour, but they are not, their days are strictly numbered and they are going to be discovering this for themselves soon enough.

The arrogance of this pathetic little man is astonishing, if he could only see all the emails that have been flooding in condemning him and Butler. The really good thing I am beginning to see, is a complete change of heart and mindset from people that Bennett has alienated, although I have to be honest and stress that I think that thanks to Bonny and Ms Marbles, a lot of these people were already questioning things.

Anonymous said...

Bennett doesn't get it, he stuffed!
It can only get worse from here on in, do you understand that Debbie Butler? You ought to, because this applies to you too.
Bennett has brought the whole lot down on the heads of the antis. None of them are safe!
Beware Bennett, the 'Dark Forces' are out to get you.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Anon, you are so right, when this falls around their sorry arses, there is only one person they need thank!

For all those posters who's poor unsuspecting families do not know what they have been up to - they will soon, especially when the spotlight is shone and you are named and shamed publicly.

You wanted to educate the McCanns neighbours, now you will know what it feels like for YOUR neighbours to know just what kind of person they are living next door to, only this wont be lies!

And whether you believe it or not, normal people will despise what you have done.

tony said...

He is drowning in his own vitriol.
No one wants him near them....anything he was ever connected to as in Major cases; people involved have taken a huge step back from him.

It wont be long now before we see him and Butler in court.

I believe they are also investigating some woman who was sticking flyers up at Tescos and places like she is for the high jump too.
Sad Sacks!

vee8 said...

bennett, are you aware that the police have software that, when loaded onto your computer, reveals EVERYTHING that was ever on it? Even stuff deleted months ago, e-mails, text documents, pictures, it all pops right back up. I would be more than happy, in fact I would welcome, the police to do this on my computer. Would you be so happy for them to do the same for you? How many spoof e-mails would pop up I wonder? How many comments on your website would be traced right back to you? I sent no e-mails about your mental health issues, which the police can prove in a heartbeat. But what would they find on yours? I wonder.

vee8 said...

Since this page went up on the houndation website, I have received dozens of e-mails, many from people I don't know, all showing genuine comcern for my well being, and offering support in any way they can. But the most suprising one of all came from my old adversary and sparring partner, Bonnybraes1. They do say that the enemy of MY enemy is my friend. Bonny, I publically apologise for all the name calling we engaged in, your e-mail was surprising, but the support you offered was gratefully recieved. We may be on opposite sides of this case, but, for me at least, the hatchet is now buried, and long may it continue to be.

You see, bennett, the effect you are having? Old enemies are joining up against you. You do not have a fraction of the support you think you have, but my God, you have made some powerful enemies. I look forward to the day justice is served on you and your houndation, and I suspect that day is very, very close.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the Madeleine Foundation has presented its accounts yet and what it is registered as? A limited company, or a charity? What?
Bennett mentions it has about 30 members, that is odd because he should know exactly how many members it has, after all it is not that many and it is not as if people are queuing up to hand their tenners over is it?
30 x £10 = £300
This is WITHOUT all those people that Bennett proclaims are sending him envelopes stuffed with cash in the form of payment for several books and also donations. One member wrote that she had just donated £100 to the Madeleine foundation.

Where is all that money going? Is it taxable? Has Bennett declared it as a second income? Has Butler declared it in her tax returns? Does the Inland Revenue know about it?

Rosiepops said...

Hell Ironside you really are an awful BIG liar!

I have not even looked at that sewer for over a year!

Even before that I didn't bother, except for the odd post.

Do you blush when you tell such whoppers?


IRONSIDE Post subject: Re: EXCELLENT BLOG JUSTICE FOR MADDIE AND THE TWINSPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2008 5:34 am


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I too am disappointed as I now find that my on line world is getting smaller and smaller - I am a lurker and will miss the concise information from that site -


Viv has asked people to register as she has been invaded several times by the xxxx ROSIEPOPS and her gang.All are welcome.

dianeh said...


I like your post. I wonder if they will have the guts to publish it. Since everyone has seen it now, they just look like cowards by not posting it.

Vee, it is becoming increasingly obvious that Bennett and Co have lost the plot, and as a result most of their support. Not that there was a lot anyway. I also think that it is only a matter of time before legal action comes banging on their door, and not before time.


You are right to question the Madeleine Foundation, as to its legitimacy etc. I have no doubt the police will investigate this as part of their investigation of Bennett, Butler and the HOundation.

Tezza said...

How can Tony Bennett come up with
'60 Reasons' to make the McCann's look guilty when the Portuguese Attorney General has clearly stated that there is insuffient evidence to charge anyone or to say whether Madeleine is dead or alive.

A video of dogs barking alone is not sufficient enough to makeanyone guilty. Samples were taken from all of the places marked out by the dogs, yet not one of these samples contained enough evidence to make charges.

Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Tony Bennett, you are NOT a court of law, therefore any accusations that you make are libellous. As a solicitor, you should know that.

dianeh said...

HI There Tezza

You are 100% spot on. Bennett must have been away from school the day they studied libel laws. And I have to suggest that he probably missed out on the lectures on harassment and stalking laws as well.

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