Friday, 20 November 2009

Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler - Were At it (Apparently)

Well is it a surprise, given Ms Butler's cyber history of falling for men over the internet? Apparently Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler were having an affair, goodness knows what Bennett's wife makes of all this, Butler's ex husband certainly had enough of her and done the off apparently.

You know looking at them both, brings a wry smile to the face and one cut's off the mind to delving any deeper (persih the thought), but is this funny? Normally I would not bother with people and their "assignations", it is entirely up to them if they want to wreck their lives and the lives of their families, however, this is much more than a sordid little bunk up in the back seat of a car and a few stolen kissses behind the bushes in Rothley.

These are the two main players in a hate campaign,. A campaign designed to cause maximum suffering and distress to the parents of a missing child and worse still to harm an innocent child, by repeatedly frustrating the search for her.

These pair have put on one of the most unedifying dispalys of poor taste that I have ever witnessed. They have both lied through their back teeth, cheated and betrayed each other and more than this they have *BOTH* brought into this mix, a little boy, who had no right being involved in their squalid little "affair", he should have been protected at all costs. But are we surprised at their insensitivity and their thoughtlessness when it comes to others, especially children?

They maintained their hate campaign was to bring awareness about a little girl that neither of them knew and about her parents, her family and their friends, which again, neither of them knew.
Where is Madeleine McCann in all of their sordid little goings on? Where has she been as these two batted bricks at each other these past weeks?

A little girl lost again, and badly let down by adults, again, a plague on both their houses!

I always maintained that Bennett and Butler's grubby and scurrilous Madeleine Foundation, was not about Madeleine, it was all about making money for Bennett and once more enabling him to jump on a high profile bandwagon, to get his ugly face in the attention of the media, you would think with £90.000 stashed away in various accounts, that he would at least treat himself to a pair of decent glasses, some specs that do not make him look like he is staring at you from behind milk bottle bottoms.

Bennett slighted Butler, just like Thierry slighted Ireland, the difference being, France got a goal where Bennett and Butler have scored classic own goals, did they learn from the first mistake? No, they carry on repeatedly banging home their ball into the back of their own net!

The lies that have been told by each of the are too numerous to mention, but yesterday, we were treated to another "whrant" (whine & rant), this time from Bennett, where he has stated that millions of people haave been flooding to his website because they do not believe the McCanns version of events. (Yet again he is inciting defamation, by making unfounded allegations). My question is this:

"If it is all exactly as Bennett says, and people in their thousands, have been donating to the Madeleine Foundation, through their DONATE facility and buying their *banned* booklet, perhaps Tony Bennett AND Debbie Butler, can explain; whose name the Paypal account is in that such donations were made through? How much is laying in that Paypal account? How much has passed through that paypal account and into whose bank account did withdrawals from paypal get paid into?

Also there is a discrepancy in what Bennett has maintained, if all these people have been donating in their thousands after the disgraceful Rothley incident, as this is only recently, where is all the money? Thosands is plural, so at least 2000 booklets sold at £4, is approximately £8000, put this together with any funds already in the account, where has all the money gone?

Or have we once again caught Bennett out in another contemptuous lie? In fact after his despicable Rothley soiree, no such people in their droves wanted to find out more about the McCanns and no such people in their thousands bought the book?

Either way, Bennett is again caught out in yet another lie.

This brings me to Bennett and the Rothely leaflet drop.

Bennett said he did not lie about being in Rothely. Yes he did lie, he told huge enormous lies and what is more he set up Debbie Butler as the fall woman to take all the flak, for the Rothley fall out, when they realised that they had made a huge and fatal error in trying to terrorise the innocent parents of Madeleine McCann in their own home! They realised that the public turned on them ferociously, when they overstepped the mark and sneaked into Rothley under cover of darkness, to stuff their vile leaflets into the doors of the McCanns neighbours homes, in a vain bid, to attempt to turn the McCanns neighbours against them and so, not only make the lives of Mr Mrs McCann hell there, but also make the lives of Madeleine's little twin brother and sister hell also.

Bennett bare faced said he was not in attendance at Rothely and that there was only three people leafleting and as we already knew two of them were on a motorbike, we knew exactly who the three were, Debbie Butler; Grenville Green and Helene-Davies Green (known to have dealings with UKIP, Veritas and National Front).
Bennett said he was not there, now he says he did not lie about being there, so he was there.

Again Bennett is caught out in another contemptuous lie.

Why did he lie about being in Rothley? Why did he repeatedly infer that a photographer has said of Ms Butler, that his editor had wanted a picture of her looking like a "hard faced cow?" This was simply completely untrue, yet at every given opportunity, Bennett not only dropped those that leafleted Rothley in it by referring to the "THREE", he also persistently referred to the untrue quote of a national newspaper, by calling Debbie Butler a "hard faced cow", why did he do this to Ms Butler?

Why did Tony Bennett, Debbie Butler, Grenville Green and his wife Helene Davies-Green, show a total lack of concern for the welfare of the McCann twins?

People warned Debbie Butler repeatedly about her own small son, they told her how prone and opne to bullying and gossip he would be because of her activities, they told her she would come under the auspices of social services herself for the continued way she was leaving her son to go travelling about the country, pursuing her hate campaign, did she listen? No, she just carried on and she carried on because she was "carrying on" with Bennett at the time, so all thought and reason for thsoe people getting hurt went completely out of the window.

If Debbie Butler cannot care for her own son and put the needs of him before anything and anyone else, as it should be, how can she have the bare faced cheek to tell the McCanns, that they were wrong? How could she write to social services demanding those twins be taken into care, considering Butler's own background?
How could Butler write to the General Medical Council complaining about the ethics of Kate and Gerry McCann, asking for them to be struck from the medical register because they may be "depressed" about their eldest daughter, when Butler's very own code of ethics are non existent?

How can Bennett say he wants to improve the lives of children, when he has blatantly lied and misrepresented about Madeleine's disappearance?

How Can Bennett say he wants to help children, when he blatently lied and included a parents aid charity, to help him sell his own book for his own personal gains? Forcing the charity to declare on their website that they have niothing at all to do with this man Tony Bennett?

How can Bennett say that he wants to help children, when he just mercilessly used the child of his alleged ex lover, in order to improved his own sullied standing in the media and the online community?

The McCanns have been forced to waste their valuable time stopping the likes of Bennett and Butler, while they were wasting time on that, they were lsong time looking for their precious daughter, but this much at least should cheer the "Bastardly Duo" (sic), for the one thing they want over and above anything else, is the search for Madeleine called off and that dear little child not to be found, this is in order that they can keep on doing the things they are doing and using Madeleine to make money out of and to propel themselves into the lime light.

Debbie Butler and Tony Bennett, you are fooling noone, save a few no ones, the non entities, the bitter and twisted dregs of society.

Vile,vile creatures.

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Maryanna said...

Could not have put it better my self.
To con people concerned about a missing child is beyond vile.
And if i hear one more word about Amaral,and HIS disgusting money making book!

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