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Care to elucidate Tony Bennett, that you are accused of running a PRO-McCann website and soliciting funds, while at the same time running a negative campaign about them? Do you know anything about this at all?

We warned you this would happen you foolish woman. Personally, I think Social Services should be contacted about you, and you should be investigated for KNOWINGLY doing this to your young son. Maybe he should be taken into care? Harsh words? Yes they are, but I have borrowed them from Debbie Butler and Tony Bennett themselves, this is their mantra, this is what they keep saying about the McCanns. This is what they want to happen to two innocent little children.
Perhaps Debbie Butler should be prosecuted for neglecting her own son Tony Bennett? Who exactly looks after Debbie's little boy while she is constantly out driving Bennett around at the crack of dawn, and giving radio and TV interviews? That is when she is not out late at night sticking those vile *HATE* leaflets through the residents doors in Rothley!

You see Butler you cannot have it both ways, you have accused the McCanns and wished them in hell for actually doing LESS than you are doing. Were you not one of the 3 arguidos posters as *DORIS*, that posted about how the McCanns always left their children in a creche' while on holiday? Who exactly minds your child while you are off all over the country, posting leaflets that no body wants? Oxford, Nottingham, Rothley? Where next? Oh I am so waiting for mine, let one of you people dare to put your trash through my front door, you will get a whole lot more than you bargained for!

What are your plans now? To go putting your stinking vile lies through the doors of the Tapas 7 and their families, friends and neighbours?

What vile nasty creatures you are.

However, just as I have successfully predicted your fates, I make another prediction, you will be arrested and charged before the week is out, and that means you too Bennett! Just because you have fronted Debbie, so she can take all the blame for what you have organised, doesn't mean you have escaped the notice of the police!

Oh and aren't the papers going to have fun, investigating Grenville Green of justice for carers and his wife?

In case anyone is in any doubt Grenville Green is the biker who had his photo taken next to Madeleine's candle in Rothley, treating the little girls monument like a tourist attraction and that was AFTER defiling it with Bennett's vile lying and ever decreasing Reasons, why Bennett and Butler think it is OK to stalk, hound and terrorise the parents of a missing child.

Grenville posing by Madeleine's candle after defiling her monument with Bennett's vile lies!

It has to end now and the police have to get involved, pity they didn't before, not as if they have not been notified about what this cretinous crew have been doing.

One last thing Debbie Butler told the Express reporter that "they were trying to help the McCanns" well I'll leave you with this, how can anyone tell such bare faced lies about helping the McCanns, when they write letters like this below.

Tell us Debbie Butler Aka Doris from the 3 arguidos and Madeleine Foundation, how on earth is telling lies, making libellous comments and trying to get these doctors struck off the medical register, by writing this despicable letter about them to the General Medical Council, helping them exactly? You are wrong in everything you write, you cannot even quote the correct newspaper, you complete moron!

Monday 13 July 2009
Fitness to Practise Committee,
General Medical Council,
St. James’s Buildings
79 Oxford Street
M1 6FQ.

re: Fitness to Practise: Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann (formerly Dr Kate Healy)

I write to bring to your attention a report about the above couple, both doctors, published in the Sunday People yesterday.Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann are the parents of Madeleine McCann, who was reported missing by her mother at around 10.00pm on Thursday 3 May 2007. The circumstances of her disappearance remain mysterious and as yet unsolved. They were made official suspects of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance in September 2007, a status that lasted until July 2008 when the Portuguese judicial authorities concluded that at that time there was insufficient evidence to charge them or anyone else with a crime against Madeleine.Yesterday, the Sunday People published an article based on what they said was a 34-page libel writ served in Portugal against Goncalo Amaral. The McCanns and their advisers have already announced in the press that they intended to sue Mr Amaral for libel. Mr Amaral was the senior investigating officer in the case until he was removed from the investigation in controversial circumstances in October 2007. A month earlier, he was the man responsible for declaring the McCanns to be official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance.The Sunday People says it has translated the libel writ from the Portuguese. The McCanns are claiming damages of £1 million from Mr Amaral. I wish to bring to your attention the medical and psychological condition of these two doctors, one of whom continues to practise, and both of whom we understand to be on the GMC Register.The writ says of Dr Kate McCann that she is ‘deeply and seriously depressed”. The writ goes on to describe both of the McCanns as suffering from:
permanent anxiety
lack of appetite
irritability indefinable fear In the writ, according to the Sunday People, the McCanns further describe both of themselves as:
“totally destroyed”
“irreparably damaged”, and “totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view”The question that arises is whether either of these doctors is fit to practise or indeed to remain on the GMC Register, at least until these serious psychological problems, suggestive of mental illness, subside. We suggest that the appropriate committee of the GMC should consider (a) suspending them from the GMC until a psychiatrist deems that they have recovered from the above symptoms and (b) providing them with the expert psychiatric help and counselling that anyone exhibiting such severe symptoms should receive from the N.H.S. Presumably if the McCanns are exhibiting these symptoms there are reports available from their G.P. or a psychiatric specialist confirming those symptoms.The other possibility of course, is that the McCanns are grossly exaggerating the extent of their depression or even lying about it, in order to make as much money as possible from Mr Amaral. If that were the case, there would definitely be a whole series of other questions about their fitness to remain in practice and remain on the GMC Register. Many videos and still images exist of the McCanns laughing and joking and appearing to be anything but severely depressed. That would suggest at least the possibility that they have deliberately exaggerated their sadness at and reaction to the loss of Madeleine in order to make as much money as possible from their proposed libel action.Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to enclose a complimentary copy of a book written by Tony Bennett, titled: “What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 reasons which suggest she was not abducted”. The book suggests that the McCanns’ claim that Madeleine was abducted runs counter to a mass of evidence. Its conclusion is precisely the same as that of Mr Amaral, whose book: ‘A XXXXXX XX XXXXXX’, (“The Truth About A Lie”), explains that the evidence suggests that Madeleine McCann died in her parents’ apartment and that her body was subsequently hidden or otherwise disposed of. I should add at this point that a great many British people would categorically refuse to be treated by either of the McCanns because of what they have seen of them on TV, or read about them in newspaper articles, or in Mr Bennett’s booklet. For them, the issue is trust. They do not feel that they can trust the McCanns.It is vital for both the medical profession and for the patient that patients have complete trust that their doctors are trustworthy. A clear example among many of why the McCanns cannot be trusted is that initially they claimed that an abductor had jemmied open the shutters to their apartment to gain entrance. Only when this was exposed as patently untrue did they then change their story, now claiming that the abductor must have entered by an open patio door and escaped with Madeleine out of a small window. These are matters we know have been brought to your attention by many others apart from us. We trust that you will take appropriate action with regard to the McCanns and their fitness to practise, taking account the contents of this letter and all the other evidence about their fitness to practice which is available to you.Finally, I understand that there may be a form on which official complaints should be submitted. If such a form exists, please could you send me two copies of such a form, one for each doctor.

Yours sincerely,

Debbie Butler

Chairman The Madeleine Foundation

Can anyone, by any stretch of the imagination say, that the above letter that Debbie Butler wrote to the GMC, is in any way, shape, or form "helping the McCanns?"
Perhaps liar Butler, can explain just how is hoping to get two doctors struck off the medical register helpful to them?
How would removing the livelihood from Dr Gerald McCann, be in any way helpful to them?
It would almost certainly result in them losing their home and remember, this is not only the McCanns home, it is the home and the *only* home that Madeleine's twin brother and sister know.

All this and more from the intrepid pair, 'Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler', would you want them near your child/children?


ModNrodder said...

The Madeleine Foundation say it isn't a hate campaign? The letter is clearly another spiteful, hateful attempt to hurt, humiliate and destroy this family. Cant these so called fighters for justice of abused children see that they are abusing the McCanns children indirectly at every step of their campaign.

Rosiepops said...

You are correct Mod, hoping to destroy this couple is exactly what they are doing. Bennett and Butler, have unleashed a campaign of hate, which is designed to terrorise these two parents in their own home and as a direct result, the lives of the twins are being affected by it.

What Bennett and Butler and their helpers, Grenville Green, Helene Davies-Green, Sharon Brady and others are doing is waging a psychological war on the couple and they are doing it by writing books about them and compiling leaflets full of despicable lies, to shove through the doors of unsuspecting people. The friends, neighbours and family of Kate and Gerry McCann.
Without a shadow of doubt this is a war of psychological terror that Butler and Bennett have unleashed.

Question on everyone's lips now is, "how much more are these two people Bennett and Butler, going to be allowed to get away with before the police in this country act?

Anonymous said...

'Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler', would you want them near your child/children?

Never in a million years, these people are not right in the head. IMO they are a danger to all children.

tony said...

Every Time Bennett Opens His Mouth He Drops Himself Right In It.

Curiously Enough A Fair Amount Of Downloading From A Magazine Is Going On From My Blog.....Bennett And Vanessa Sluming Are Very Popular......HoHum

vee8 said...

The Bald Illegal and his sidesick, Tango the Ladyboy are now in a world of hurt! TOUGH! The only one, apart from the McCann family, I feel sorry for, is tango ladyboys little son. It is going to be a tough time for him, having to adjust to being taken into care, while his adoptive mum is in Holloway.

vee8 said...

So, have the 3arsewipes found another patsy to step forward into the firing line yet?! Did you really think all the legal shit about to hit the fan is just because of the Bald Illegal's dumb leaflet campaign last week? Did you not know you have been under surveilance for a VERY long time already?!? All the evidence of libel, harrassment, incitement, it has all been colated and sent to the legal people a long time ago, so running and hiding under a new rock won't save you!

Boogyman's gonna gechya!

Anonymous said...

Don't send a letter complaining to Deborah the stalker. I sent her a note telling her how obnoxious they (Tony, Deb and anyone else who was involved). She wrote back with a note asking me if I was related to the McCanns. I replied to her enquiry that I was not a relative of the McCanns (and I'm not)!

She sent a note back telling me to QUIT HARRASSING HER!! WHAT A THICKO!! and suggested I buy the booklet from her or some other place - the 60 Reasons. Told her I didn't buy trash and to please not to answering my e-mail as I am blocking her.

Can you believe this? They're not big on PR. I hope Karma comes back to those involved in this shabby distribution of leaflets.

Anonymous said...

Just revisiting some old logs and I cam across this - why do these vile anti creatures feel the need to have so many different IDs? It is the same with the 3Arguidos, they have around 100 regular posters, but only 30 'ACTUAL' posters, making most of them with at least 2 IDs, absurd. Obviously feel at a disadvantage, this is why they like to invent more members than they actually have, they are a joke!

viv has left a new comment on the post "TRAGIC CHILD HOMICIDE DATA":


Nasty old DE banned Viv and really sweet Felicity, just how could they, and Doc even thought of that cute name for me too xxx

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Posted by viv to JUSTICE FOR MADDIE AND THE TWINS at Monday, 14 April 2008 21:57:00 o'clock BST

dianeh said...

To Anon

Why bother sending an email to Deb the Stalker?

It is quite clear that she can only dish it out to those that cant or wont fight back. She cant take it when she is on the receiving end. Imagine being upset because a paper puts a bad photo in and calls her a stalker. She has called the McCanns much much worse, with far less proof.

And its a wonder her nose didnt grow during her interview. Saying that the pamphlet/leaflet has the facts. What a blatant outright lie!!!

Dear Deb, just because you believe it to be a fact, doesnt make it so. That is a sad 'fact' of life you havent learnt yet.

Anonymous said...

I just wondered what happened to docmac/ironside and his predictions? NONE of them have ever come true.


docmac said...

Goodnight Leigh, sleep well.

Alsabella and Viv I can not add to what you both said.

Anon, I despair for every child I have ever 'lost', but I have never been the parent of any of them. Show me where I am piling the abuse on the McCanns. You, just like your mates, are prone to imparting partial truths. I very rarely mention the McCanns.

I have apparently been 'rumbled' as a liar and a fantasist by your lot too. As I heard it I made a couple of 'slips'. Well ask your mates to show me where, because all the proof you people ever need is one of your number saying 'he made a slip' and it then becomes a 'fact'. There are quite a few on here who know who I really am, so you are the one in 'depair'.

You want the truth? I'll give it to you, but then 3 of your heroes are going to jail and another will have a suspended sentence and criminal record hanging about their neck.

Sunday, March 2, 2008 3:04:00 PM PST

Didn't happen. But then nothing this person ever wrote ever did happen, useless fool.

Anonymous said...

Docmac/Ironside did get it partially right - one of them did receive a suspended sentence and a criminal record -- happens to be their idol "Gonc". Ironside is now posting his words of fool to Joana.

dianeh said...

I must have had my eyes shut back in 2008 because I didnt realise Docmac was Ironside.

But regardless, Docmac made many predictions from his 'inside' information. Pity none of them came true.

This is what happens when the 'inside' information comes from the inside of his head.

Where is Docmac anyway? Skulking under some rock somewhere? Cant face the music about being so very very WRONG?

Good riddance.

tony said...

What Bennett Says He Didn't Do But Someone Else Did
He didn't buy his membership to the BNP his Brother Did.....Says Mr. Bennett.

He didn't write the leaflet that will be his did.....says Mr. Bennett.

He didn't write the Wikipedia article stating he was a white supremacist.....someone hacked the website and altered his biography......says Mr. Bennett.

He didn't write the Article For Sean Bryson's website.....the one with the rotating swastika, despite his name showing prominently on the forum and his admittance he wrote the article....someone else stole it and put it on the Bryson forum.....says Mr. Bennett.

Mr. Bennett says he never noticed an extra page on his website calling Mike Gunnill An Ahole.
Despite it being there for four days.

But admits it gave the hard faced cowabunga a laugh.....yet again, someone else did the script without his knowledge.

Mr. Bennett says a lot of things but has yet to prove any of them.......isn't that right Mr. Bennett? And it is always someone elses fault; never Mr. Bennett's.

Rosiepops said...

It was Debbie Butler Butler, Grenville Green and Helene Davies-Green that posted the hate leaflets in Rothley..Says Mr Bennett.

Despite Grenville Green,being a dedicated independences activist, Branch Chairman and one time stalwart of Veritas, (the party where Tony Bennett was briefly leader) Bennett made out he didn't know him, and Grenville and his wife had only joined the Madeleine Foundation recently, to hand out leaflets - Bennett says!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Madeleine Foundation website has been closed at last. How on earth have these despicable people been allowed to say and do the things they have done? Are the police doing anything about them?

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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