Friday, 14 August 2009

Anthony John Stuart Bennett (Tony Bennett) A Madeleine Predator and The Stalker and Hounder of Kate & Gerry McCann Strikes AGAIN!

Anthony John Stuart Bennett (Tony Bennett) A Madeleine Predator and The Stalker and Hounder of Kate & Gerry McCann Strikes AGAIN!

Pictured Below Is the Liar and Disgraced Former Solicitor Tony Bennett & His Cerebrally Challenged Pensioner Groupie Debbie Butler - These Are The People Responsible For Distributing Their Foul Lies and Unsubstantiated Accusations In Rothley, The McCanns Home!

Just in case there is any confusion Bennett you saddo sick SOB, the BBC news bulletin reports that ;

Here is the link to where it made the BBC news.

There is an application to the Treasury department asking for Tony Bennett to be made a vexatious litigant and the appropriate authorities are apparently investigating Bennett.
You may not realise it but anyone can request that Tony Bennett be made vexatious litigant, you do NOT have to pay and you do NOT have to attend court.
I suggest the attorney general's office get's their finger out and shift their backsides and STOP this evil narcissistic man from inflicting any more pain and distress on these parents.

How much more are Kate and Gerry McCann supposed to take from this person before the law of this country gets off of its backside and actually does something?

The McCanns have been subject to threats of violence. Kate has been threatened with abduction and torture to make her "talk".

The twins have had threats of abduction made.

Gerry has been threatened with violence as has Clarence Mitchell and Brian Kennedy and even Brian Kennedy's son.
Also on this forum we have taken screenshots of someone threatening to throw a 'Molotov cocktail' at the McCanns home.
Also The McCanns relatives have been threatened with personal violence.

All these threats have come from a hate form better known as the 3 arguidos.

Tony Bennett posts from the 3 arguidos and his evil Foundation, where he regularly incites others to do his dirty work, where he regularly incites others to hand out his filthy leaflets, he has even tried to get convicted criminals in on the at by bribing them with a mention on his pathetic website.
When is all of this going to stop? When are the authorities in our country going to act to protect Mr Mrs McCann and their family and friends and neighbours?
Before or after a tragedy?

Bennett purposefully travelled to London so he could try and intimidate Gerry McCann, when Gerry appeared at a 'Commons Select Committee' to discuss media coverage of his daughter.

Here is Tony Bennett in plain view, notice he chose to sit directly behind Gerry McCann.

You Can't miss him, he is the ugly looking liar, with two hairs combed over his bald shiny pate' wearing huge milk bottle bottom glasses, sifting through his papers and trying to make himself look important, sitting behind Gerry McCann.

Watch The Video Here

Here Below is a Picture of the Weasel Sitting Behind Gerry McCann and Clarence Mitchell.

Tony Bennett is nothing but a lying despicable toad. He jumps on every high profile bandwagon going to try and bask in what he thinks is the glory of publicity.

Tony Bennett is a Walter Mitty type character, an attention seeking fantasist, however, he is not harmless!

He is hurting real life people, it is NOT funny and it is NOT harmless and Bennett himself is NOT funny or harmless. He is evil and he is dangerous and he must be stopped.

Please don't just tut, shake your head and mutter something under your breath at Bennett, here is YOUR CHANCE to actually do something to have him STOPPED, legally in the name of the UK law!

I urge all those who feel strongly about Bennett to write to their MPs and to the attorney general and Jack Straw the Minister for Justice and DEMAND that something is done about this despicable cretinous creature.

Write to the address on this letter and demand that something is done about this man Tony Bennett!




Please take a Few Minutes and at the cost of a stamp please write to:

(Example Please Feel Free To Use)

Litigation & Employment Group
Treasury Solicitor's Office
One Kemble Street

Dear Sir/Madam

Please can you take the time to look at Anthony John Bennett of:

Mr A Bennett
The Madeleine Foundation
66 Chippingfield
CM17 0DJ
Tel: 01279 635789

With a view to making this man a vexatious litigant. He is hounding and stalking the parents of abducted and still missing Madeleine McCann.
He is making and distributing booklets and leaflets which contain unsubstantiated lies and accusations.
He is turning up where Mr and Mrs McCann attend in person, and is also inciting others to do so.

This is not the first time this former solicitor has done this kind of thing, he latches on to people who find themselves suddenly thrust into the media, and often when they are at the lowest ebb in their lives.

He has already been fined by the Law Society for bringing the profession into disrepute.
He has also encouraged the chairman of his foundation to write to the General Medical Council to demand that action be taken against these Doctors McCann, and that they may be removed from the Medical Register, because they may be depressed over their missing daughter!

I trust you will investigate this man thoroughly and take the appropriate action.


(Your Signature)

Just in case you are in doubt if to write or not, here is the letter his sidekick Debbie Butler wrote to the General medical Council about Doctors Kate and Gerry McCann.

Here follows the kind if thing that Tony Bennett encourages, he has also been responsible for writing to Leicestershire social services about the McCanns, and he has also tried to UNSUSUCCESSFULLY bring a ridiculous action against these parents in court!

Monday 13 July 2009
Fitness to Practise Committee,
General Medical Council,
St. James’s Buildings
79 Oxford Street
M1 6FQ.

Dear Sir/Madam

re: Fitness to Practise: Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann (formerly Dr Kate Healy)I write to bring to your attention a report about the above couple, both doctors, published in the Sunday People yesterday.Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann are the parents of Madeleine McCann, who was reported missing by her mother at around 10.00pm on Thursday 3 May 2007. The circumstances of her disappearance remain mysterious and as yet unsolved. They were made official suspects of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance in September 2007, a status that lasted until July 2008 when the Portuguese judicial authorities concluded that at that time there was insufficient evidence to charge them or anyone else with a crime against Madeleine.Yesterday, the Sunday People published an article based on what they said was a 34-page libel writ served in Portugal against Goncalo Amaral. The McCanns and their advisers have already announced in the press that they intended to sue Mr Amaral for libel. Mr Amaral was the senior investigating officer in the case until he was removed from the investigation in controversial circumstances in October 2007. A month earlier, he was the man responsible for declaring the McCanns to be official suspects in their daughter’s disappearance.The Sunday People says it has translated the libel writ from the Portuguese. The McCanns are claiming damages of £1 million from Mr Amaral. I wish to bring to your attention the medical and psychological condition of these two doctors, one of whom continues to practise, and both of whom we understand to be on the GMC Register.The writ says of Dr Kate McCann that she is ‘deeply and seriously depressed”. The writ goes on to describe both of the McCanns as suffering from:

  • permanent anxiety
  • insomnia
  • lack of appetite
  • irritability indefinable fear In the writ, according to the Sunday People, the McCanns further describe both of themselves as:
  • “totally destroyed”
  • “irreparably damaged”, and “totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view”

The question that arises is whether either of these doctors is fit to practise or indeed to remain on the GMC Register, at least until these serious psychological problems, suggestive of mental illness, subside. We suggest that the appropriate committee of the GMC should consider (a) suspending them from the GMC until a psychiatrist deems that they have recovered from the above symptoms and (b) providing them with the expert psychiatric help and counselling that anyone exhibiting such severe symptoms should receive from the N.H.S. Presumably if the McCanns are exhibiting these symptoms there are reports available from their G.P. or a psychiatric specialist confirming those symptoms.The other possibility of course, is that the McCanns are grossly exaggerating the extent of their depression or even lying about it, in order to make as much money as possible from Mr Amaral. If that were the case, there would definitely be a whole series of other questions about their fitness to remain in practice and remain on the GMC Register. Many videos and still images exist of the McCanns laughing and joking and appearing to be anything but severely depressed. That would suggest at least the possibility that they have deliberately exaggerated their sadness at and reaction to the loss of Madeleine in order to make as much money as possible from their proposed libel action.Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to enclose a complimentary copy of a book written by Tony Bennett, titled: “What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann? - 60 reasons which suggest she was not abducted”. The book suggests that the McCanns’ claim that Madeleine was abducted runs counter to a mass of evidence. Its conclusion is precisely the same as that of Mr Amaral, whose book: ‘A XXXXXX XX XXXXXX’, (“The Truth About A Lie”), explains that the evidence suggests that Madeleine McCann died in her parents’ apartment and that her body was subsequently hidden or otherwise disposed of. I should add at this point that a great many British people would categorically refuse to be treated by either of the McCanns because of what they have seen of them on TV, or read about them in newspaper articles, or in Mr Bennett’s booklet. For them, the issue is trust. They do not feel that they can trust the McCanns.It is vital for both the medical profession and for the patient that patients have complete trust that their doctors are trustworthy. A clear example among many of why the McCanns cannot be trusted is that initially they claimed that an abductor had jemmied open the shutters to their apartment to gain entrance. Only when this was exposed as patently untrue did they then change their story, now claiming that the abductor must have entered by an open patio door and escaped with Madeleine out of a small window. These are matters we know have been brought to your attention by many others apart from us. We trust that you will take appropriate action with regard to the McCanns and their fitness to practise, taking account the contents of this letter and all the other evidence about their fitness to practice which is available to you.

Finally, I understand that there may be a form on which official complaints should be submitted. If such a form exists, please could you send me two copies of such a form, one for each doctor.

Yours sincerely,
Debbie Butler
Chairman The Madeleine Foundation


They made this complaint and they could not even quote the correct newspaper, they misquoted and quoted the WRONG newspaper.
Needless to say the GMC were quick to reply and more or less told them to go forth and multiply.
But they are not going to d any such thing and this man and his sidekick pensioner Butler, will not stop until they are stopped by law.
Please let us try to make this happen.

This man is doing irreparable harm to the search for an innocent missing little girl who was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz, Portugal May 3rd 2007.

This man Bennett is now doing colossal harm to the parents of Madeleine, who are already suffering immeasurable pain and distress over their missing daughter.

It is is simple, Bennett MUST be STOPPED!

There is simply not enough space to include all the despicable things that Bennett has done to Mr Mrs McCann.

It has also been rumoured that Bennett has links to the BNP and has certainly been published on unsavory sites like this

(Beware this site of white supremacy is NOT for the faint hearted!)


Liar and fantasist Duarte Levy, when asked to provide the proof of photographs he said he had, he failed and he failed because they do not exist.
Another Convicted liar who is being allowed to make millions out of his failure to even conduct the basic of police procedures when Madeleine first disappeared who has written books and cashed in on just about every place and everywhere he could and is still making money out of Madeleine is Goncalo Amaral. former police chief, disgraced and sacked form his job, since found guilty of lying under oath and received a suspended prison sentence. Since charged with the torture of another witness, if found guilty will definitely go to prison!

Goncalo Amaral, is the disgrace former Portuguese detective who wrote the book of lies and who Tony Bennett based his lying pamphlets and leaflets on.


vee8 said...

I totally agree Rosie, bentnett is a seriously dangerous man, who's fantasies of fame and glory will sooner or later lead to a tragedy for someone. I am myself dedicated to doing everything within my power legally to bring this despot's political ambitions to a halt, and I urge anyone else to do the same. These are the sort of actions we see in third world dictatorships, not a modern democratic and supposedly respectable society. bennett belongs in the wild west of the 1800's, where lynch mobs meeted out their warped justice, not here and now in the 21st century.

ModNrodder said...

How far must stalking, harrasment, persecution and the use of lies to make information and personal opinion appear as fact be allowed to go on before it becomes a criminal offence which the police will take action upon straight away?

Consider that this excuse of a man has formed a foundation to attract support for his vile campaign the harrassment becomes, surely, incitment to hate.

Nobody with common sense could deny how dangerous this man and his supporters have become. Who knows where it could lead.

He must be stopped and by hook or by crook he will be. Either by the self imposed negativity or by lawful opposition.

Anonymous said...

Rosie, I have written a letter to the attorney general and I have also printed off the letter and other family members are going to send one too.
Also I will circulate among my friends and ask them to circulate it among their friends.

dianeh said...

Why is the distribution of this leaflet not harrassment? If the actions of Bennett and his henchmen as looked at in total, it shows a long time, consistent pattern of harrassment.

It is time the police took action against them.

IMO Bennett and Butler are about to get the attention they desire, but not the type of attention that they want. I think they will soon be sorry that they ever did such a despicable thing.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Anon 21:08

Thank you.

Only sick minds will condone what this man has done. If anyone reading has applauded his latest actions, you need to stand back and see what you have become.

Was there any thought for Sean and Amelie when these people were skulking around in the night ? these dear little children will be starting school soon and he has just distributed leaflets to the families of their little friends.

Bennett you are a dispicable man, may you never ever know a moments peace in the rest of your sorry life and that goes for your supporters to.

I also want to say whilst I'm here, respect to Bonny, MsM, MuratFan, Majic and Tony. You are all doing a sterling job, keep up the good work.

Rosiepops said...


I second all that you have said...

The Daily Star headline today Saturday August 15th 2009....


Just in case there is any doubt left in the mind of Bennett and Butler the 'Bastadly Duo' that headline 'Sickos Target The McCanns' is directed at you and your henchmen.

And you know the ones that distributed those leaflets? The national press are on your case, so expect to see your names in the same kind of headlines as above.

YOU ARE ALL SICKOS, just as we have been telling you for years now, sick, sick, sickos, but now the whole country is going to see all your names, that is YOUR family and YOUR friends and YOUR employers, Your milkman, postman, the whole lot are going to see your names and associate you with YOUR sick perverted campaign and that sick perverted forum you post your bile from.

Now you lot are going to have a little taste of what it feels like to be Kate and Gerry McCann and be on the receiving end. The difference being is that you deserve it and they DON'T!

You are now going to be tarnished with your own brush of vitriol, lies, and filthy accusations, everything you have written on that filthy forum is going to be known by all your family and friends and employers.

Everyone is going to know how you all revel in posting among perverts and sickos, everyone is going to know how you all spend your time, thinking up the most cruel lies and the most evil perverted things, that paedophiles like you lot get off on.
Everyone is going to know how you SUPPORT paedophiles like Raymond Hewlett and you know what people will say?

No smoke without fire and they will wonder why you lot were so keen to protect an evil predatory paedophile.

Now you lot are going to feel what it is like to be targeted, but you know what the really amusing thing is?

It is all your own filth you are going to be targeted with.

I made you a promise yesterday, as you see, I keep my promises!

I make you another, 'you 'aint seen nothing yet!'

Brenda Ryan oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Rosiepops said...

Oh and don't go blaming us for all of this, you just go and lay theblame for this at the door of your little 'tin pot dictator' hero
Tony Bennett.

You should not have much trouble finding his address he has left it all over the internet in his quest for fame and attention!

vee8 said...

Just been an update on the Mail website.


Words cannot express the true level of joy my heart feels right now. bent tit's little campaign to stop Madeleine being found has been stopped. And about time too!

Anonymous said...

Debbie Butler looks like a man in drag, just an observation.

I have also sent the letter.

Deidre's Glasses said...


It looks like Debbie may have been a Nobbie in earlier years.

What size shirt collar would you say?

bebbie dutler said...

Anon 19.00 I would say about a 17.5 to get it done up around that Adams apple!
She has a very long nose though, do you think she is Pinocchio's uncle, sorry aunt?

Anonymous said...

Well man or woman, Debbie Butler has a face like a slapped arse. I wonder if you have a to pass an 'ugly' test to become a member of the foundation.

She and Tony could call themselves
'Fugly and Fuglier'

as well as...
'Nasty and Nastier'
'Stalker and stalker'

Anonymous said...

I have read the letter to the GMC by 'face like a slapped arse' Debbie and I am shocked. You have to wonder about the mental health of these people. What world do they live in that it ever occurred to them to write and actually send such shit and expect to be taken seriously!!!!

Anonymous said...

I posted this on the 3A's, got immediately banned:

Posting leaflets in Rothley was a cowardly and disgusting act. I hope the scum who did this and any scum planning to do this in the future gets eventually arrested and charged by the police. I am ashamed I ever joined this site and hope the admins will cancel my membership. I don't want to be associated with criminals any more.

ModNrodder said...

What sort of people are they who have given up Madeleine for dead. Who refuse to hope that they are wrong or even believe their own opinions that she is dead are fact.

What does that do for an alive Madeline? Thank God there are people who wont give up on her and will protect her parents who have not been found guilty of anything and therefore have not been sentenced to any punishment.

Punishment? Although they are innocent, they are suffering. Why is it the parents of baby P are getting protection from this exact same thing when there is no doubt that they are guilty? It's about time innocent people who are judged and sentenced by the mob get protection as well. Dont they deserve it morally and ethically more than those proved guilty, without any doubt, to be evil child murderers?

The McCanns are innocent, vigilanties and mobs trying to force justice based on opinion are illegal.

Punish the guilty, not the innocent!!

Anonymous said...

About time the Police are called in to investgate Bennett & co & the Madeleine Foundation

PGChimp said...

Tony Bennett has committed many acts in the past that were probably illegal, although when taken to court he got off free. He was accused of vandalising road signs. No one in their right mind would vandalise a sign that is there for safety reasons or for official information.
Now this man is trying to gain publicity through the unfortunate and distressing situation of the missing Madeleine.
Is there nothing he will stop at in trying to get cheap publicity for himself? And why does he want to be famous? He is famous for being a nutter, and wants to continue to be in the media as a nutter even more.
What a pathetic loser.
I certainly pray that Madeleine will be found safe and well and reunited with her parents ASAP.

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