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The Liar (Amaral) The Fantasist (Levy) The Attention Seeker (Bennett) & The Crazies (3 Argudios Members)

The Devil Spawns Loonies

Anthony John Stuart Bennett Aka Tony Bennett Aka TB

Attention Seeker Extraordinaire
Tony Bennett is a former solicitor and apparently a former social worker.

Tony Bennett and His Sidekick Debbie Butler,
Pictured shortly after they had just completed a little stalking and hounding exercise of Kate and Gerry McCann.

Anthony John Bennett

Found guilty by the Law Society of conduct unbefitting that of a solicitor and for bringing the profession into disrepute

"Findings of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal Constituted under the Solicitors Act 1974The allegations against the respondent (Mr Bennett) were that he had been guilty of conduct unbefitting a solicitor namely:(i) that he failed to comply with a finding of inadequate professional service dated 20 July 2001, confirmed on appeal on 30 August 2001"

And Bennett is the man that attacks others for their conduct?

Bennett will jump on any rolling bandwagon "awight" as long as he feels there is some publicity in it for himself, he has been involved in trying to hijack the metric cause, he has espoused on Regional Assemblies.

In 2001, the Unfortunate death of Stuart Lubbock in entertainer Michael Barrymore's swimming pool attracted him.

Describing himself as the Lubbock family solicitor and despite Terry Lubbock's protestations, Tony Bennett went to the Celebrity Big Brother house and tried to serve a writ on Michael Barrymore. (He failed) Terry Lubbock an Tony Bennett have since fallen out, concerning something to do with book finances and Royalties.

Reviews of Bennett's book "Not Awight" on Amazon;

Bennett is accused of being overtly Homophobic and a very poor speller!

The entry about Mr Bennett on Wikipedia is none too flattering either, Anthony John Stuart Bennett (commonly known as Tony Bennett) is described as an "English politician, campaigner and prominent white supremacist. He was a member of the British political party Veritas and was listed on the database of the Electoral Commission as official leader for three days, before the real leader was revealed as Robert Kilroy-Silk. He has also had political affiliations with ex-National Front leader Ian Anderson.

Apparently Bennett has also been an in-patient on a psychiatric wing.

For the past 16 months Bennett has jumped on the high profile case of abducted child, Madeleine McCann and he has been hounding and stalking the child's parents. When Dr Gerry McCann appeared at a Commons Select Committee to talk about the media coverage of his daughter, Tony Bennett can be seen sitting directly behind him. Bennett has also appeared at other places the McCanns have been and he has also tried to bring unsuccessful court actions against them.

Bennett has also been responsible for writing a booklet, which was poorly researched and jammed full of errors, half truths, lies and innuendos, this booklet was based on the book written by disgraced former Portuguese police chief Goncalo Amaral, who is himself being sued for defamation and slander.

Lately along with his sidekick, a person of dubious intellect, (in other words thick) Debbie Butler, they have increased their hate campaign against Mr Mrs McCann, and have been writing a string of bizarre letters to the Leicestershire Police, Leicestershie Social services and the General Medical Council and the prime minister Gordon Brown.

In one such letter to the GMC which Debbie Butler wrote as chair of the Madeleine Foundation, (the foundation which Bennett is the registered founder) they asked for the removal of Mr Mrs McCann from the register on the grounds of something that was written in a red top Sunday tabloid newspaper! If this was not bad enough, unfortunately the cerebrally challenged Debbie Butler, quoted the wrong newspaper and so the letter went off to the GMC containing a fatal error!

Bennett and his intellectually challenged followers believe that Mr Mrs McCann killed their daughter in apartment 5a while on holiday and they base this on a book full of lies and two dogs who cannot speak and on DNA evidence which simply does not exist!

Hopefully, this will be the last campaign Bennett embarks on, as surely people in authority have to be taking notice of the vexatious way he is in fact hounding and stalking two totally innocent people, at what must undoubtedly be the most terrible time of their lives.

Bennett cannot be allowed to continue in this way, it cannot belong before he is arrested for harassment and stalking and charged with a criminal offense, or arrested and sectioned under sections 2; 3 and 4 of the mental health act.
Whereby Bennett may escape prosecution on the grounds of mental ill health, for the likes of the "intrepid" Debbie (Budha) Butler and others, the only way out for them will probably be criminal charges.

Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler have harmed the search for Madeleine.

The Fantasist
Aka Duarte Levy

The Bizarre Tryst of Larger Than Life Fantasist

Duarte Levy, Joana Morais and Paulo Reis

(The Liar, The Bitch & The Mobile)

This is a really strange one, stranger perhaps than Tony Bennett and let's face it, they don't come much stranger than Tony Bennett!

Duarte Levy is a pathological liar and fantasist and has had a love affair with owner of the Joana Morais blog.

In August 2008, the Sunday People newspaper alleged that Levy had demanded £50,000 for supposedly explosive photographs, which Levy claimed implicated Kate and Gerry in their daughter’s disappearance. However, when Levy was asked to reproduce the photographs, the highly explosive 'dynamite' fizzled out more like a damp squib and he failed to produce them. He apparently forgot about them and strangely, he never sued the Sunday People for calling him a liar and a conman, instead he made vague references to treating his colleagues in the press with respect as journalists, even of he himself wasn't treated fairly by them! (yeah right OK) Another strange anomaly, was that the Portuguese police who said they would reopen the case if new evidence emerged, never even bothered to contact Duarte Levy about his apparently 'explosive' new photographic evidence.

Duarte Levy has harmed the search for Madeleine McCann

Joana Morais has run a blog filled with utter trash, as long as it was against the McCanns, it earned a place on her blog. She was conned by the fat love rat Duarte Levy and even opened up a mobile phone account for him, which she is now much aggrieved because like all good con artists, he didn't pay for it and probably never intended to pay for it.

Like Paulo Reis, Joana Morais was conned by Duarte Levy, and like Paulo Reis, Joana Morais is more concerned with her hurt feelings and the unrequited love for con man Duarte Levy, than she is about how much damage she has caused the McCanns and how much damage she continues to cause them and how much harm she has done to the search for Madeleine McCann.

Joana Morais Has Harmed The Search For Madeleine McCann

Portuguese journalist Paulo Reis, who once unequivocally wrote on his blog that the McCanns had nothing to do with the disappearance of their daughter, came across as kind, caring and sensible, but then he had the misfortune to happen upon fantasist Duarte Levy.

He then co-authored writing about the case of Madeleine McCann with fantasist Duarte Levy and along with Duarte Levy has managed to damage the reputation of Mr Mrs McCann on the say so and bizarre claims of Duarte Levy. Paulo Reis has now gone off in a huff, muttering something about his fragile reputation as a journalist being tarnished forever and how he cannot get it back, but he hoped that through blogs and fora, the truth will emerge!

Of course what Paulo Reis is really saying in his confused state on Joana Morais blog is that, he was right in the first instance, the McCanns are totally innocent, the Portuguese police are cruel and insensitive and well just plain thick, and corrupt, and that he fell under the spell of Duarte Levy.

Never mind that Paulo Reis has damaged and cruelly hurt two innocent people, causing them unnecessary pain and suffering, Reis is more bothered about his reputation as a journalist and about being totally stitched up like a kipper by Duarte Levy, than he was about two people he has hurt.

Paulo Reis has harmed the search for Madeleine McCann.

However, this tryst has in common that they are all pathological liars living in a dream world, encouraging the dregs of society to write in their venom and spite, for publication on Joana Morais sick, bitter and love sick blog.


The Liar

Disgraced Former Sacked Policia Judiciaria Police Chief

Goncalo Amaral

The Fat Defective and His Wife and Lawyer Antonio Cabrita On the Steps of The Court Where Amaral (the Fat Defective) had just been found guilty of lying and perjury and withholding evidence of a torture. Also with them is the other fantasy author ex PJ Paulo Cristovao

Well Done To Leonor Cipriano's Lawyer

Dr Marcos Aragao Correia

Who fought non stop and worked so hard to bring about this well deserved victory!

Above is a picture of the fat defective on the day on which he was found guilty of lying, perjury (lying under oath) and withholding evidence that a prime suspect in his care and while being interrogated was tortured into confessing to the murder of her child, a murder which she says she did not commit and is which now the subject of an appeal in Portugal.

It was found beyond a shadow of a doubt that Leonor Cipriano was tortured into confessing to the murder of her daughter, Joana Cipriano.

Despite several bizarre confessions in this investigation, the body of this child has never been found and not one of the accused seems to know where she is or what really happened to her, lending real weight to the fact that Joana Cipriano was indeed abducted.

It seems that virtually every case Goncalo Amaral has been involved in has ended in controversy and mired in sleaze, lies and corruption.

Goncalo Amaral used to be head of the drug squad in Portugal and throughout these cases that he subsequently investigated, there is a clear link to hard drugs.

Drug Links Are They Coincidences?

Goncalo Amaral ~ former head of Drug Squad

Joao Cipriano ~ Hard Drug Addict and Uncle of Missing child Joana Cipriano

Joao Grade ~ Leonor Cipriano's former lawyer, arrested for drug smuggling into a prison where he *knew* he would be searched!

Metodo 3 Investigator ~ Arrested for drug offences while investigating the Madeleine McCann case.

Felicia Cabrita ~ Addicted to a Class a drugs and Close friend of Goncalo Amaral and is the journalist who obtained highly sensitive witness information about the Madeleine McCann. case.

This makes for very uneasy reading, is this coincidental or the symptom of something more sinister and corrupt?

Amaral has written abook that contains nothing but bizarre theories that in turn contradicts his previous theory. He has never been able to produce any proof and his claims in this book are to be challenged by Mr Mrs McCann and their three children; Madeleine, Sean and Amelie. Amaral is being sued for at least £1 million for defamation and slander. The Portuguese attorney general has cleared the McCanns of any involvement in their daughter's disappearance and has also stated that they could not be held negligent as they were not to know the resort they chose in Praia da Luz, Portugal would result in them knowing their eldest daughter was in danger of being abducted. There was never any evidence to make them suspects and so charges could never be brought. There was no evidence and there is still no evidence and despite some people's desperatin to the contrary there has NEVER been a scrap of DNA evidence to suggest the Madeleine was ever injured, let alone met her death in apartment 5a and there was never any DNA evidence found in the boot to suggest that Madeleine had been transported there 25 days after her demise.

Despite this the fat defective insists on stating the contrary, so it is hard to see that any other verdict of guilty to defamation of character and slander being brought against him when he is in court next summer for his alleged offences.

Since Amaral got the sack from the Madeleine investigation and also relieved of his position as police chief in Portimao, he jumped before he was pushed and took early retirement.

Amaral has been keeping himself busy by writing books, giving TV interviews, radio interviews, writing columns in newspapers and giving interviews to the press for which he has been charging hefty fees. Sky News was approached by Amaral's *Publicty Agent* and was told that Amaral was available for interview and it would cost Sky News £80.000.

Amaral also sold the rights of his book to a TV company in order that a documentary be made about Madeleine, for an undesclosed sum said to run into many thousands or euros. It has been reported that Goncalo Amaral is now a millionaire.

Amaral and His Wife Sofia (& Eddie)

( with those very very big designer sunglasses again)

All in all Goncalo Amaral has done very nicely out of the abduction of the still missing child Madeleine McCann. His and his family are living the dream of a vastly improved lifestyle and Amaral has taken delivery of a luxury Jaguar motor car. All paid for by the disappearance of one little girl, from his patch.

Madleine disappeared and on thenight she disappeared, Amaral, could not even be bothered to turn up and attend the scene and so the *Golden Hours* after this child was abducted disappeared along with Madeleine and nothing was done.

It is still not clear if Amaral even bothered to attend the scene at all until he either eventually made the apartment a crime scene THREE MONTHS AFTER Madeleine disappeared, or he returned with the TV company he sold the rights of his book to in order to help make the film almost TWO YEARS AFTER Madeleine disappeared.

So Amaral are raking in the money off of the back of an innocent child who he failed to find, he, his wife and children are swanning about in designer clothes (and big sunglasses) living in luxury houses and being chauffered around in luxury limousines, all paid for by Madeleine.
Goncalo Amaral Has Harmed The Search For Madeleine!
His Wife Sofia Leal Has Harmed The Search For Madeleine!


The Crazies

3 Arguidos Forum Group Photo

Amaral's supporters on the other hand see every single thing wrong with people donating their own money to the fund to help the McCanns find Madeleine and even though there has been total clarity and official accounts, the 3 argudio numpties, demand clarity of the accounts of the fund and then proceed to discover things that are simply not there, making up falsehoods and spreading disinformation, yet bizarrely they see absolutely nothing wrong with a disgraced former police man, who has been found guilty if lying, perjury withholding evidence and sent to 18 months suspended prison sentence, turning himself into a millionaire by using a child he failed to find, as a cash cow and not only has he done this in the past, he has plans to do so in the future too.
(If he is not stopped)
But as there are now (at the last count) at least FIVE outstanding actions filed in the Portuguese courts against Amaral, he may just have his newly found wealth taken away from him. However, at least he may not have to worry about his own housing needs, as he may just get board a lodging paid for by the Portuguese State (but he may have to share his room and toilet facilities with a few others)
Amaral has recently been accused and charged with torture of another witness (yet again) by the Portuguese prosecutor.
There is also an appeal currently working its way through the courts to have his very lenient sentence he received for the torture of another witness increased and also commuted to be served in a prison instead of suspended.
The crazies on the 3 A's do not really understand the finer concept of
'innocent until proved guilty',
they demonstrated this by repeatedly asking for the McCanns to be sent to prison for something they clearly did not do, while bizarrely ignoring that their 'fallen' idol had been found guilty by the Portuguese court of law and actually sentenced. The irony escaped them that this Portuguese court of law, is the exact same court of law that they were extolling the virtues of for the past 2 years, if only they could get Kate and Gerry McCann and their friends in, would surely mete out justice to the group.
Suddenly the justice system in Portugal plummeted from the heady heights of being among the best in the world, to being corrupt and paid off by "Team McCann" and that somehow the British PM had, had a hand in the guilty verdict of one Goncalo Amaral!
Of course it all goes to prove that "the Crazies", "the Muppets" The Numpties on the 3 A's have completely lost their grip on reality and that they are all barking mad and will of course back anyone and anything, including convicted axe murderers, sex offenders and criminals, as long as it is against this grieving couple.
The Crazies are defying all reason and all logic and appear to be in some parallel universe, completely divorced from reality.
Their insanity has been as wide as it is deep, but even they surpassed themselves when they gave succour to a convicted violent predatory paedophile and asked that people lay off him because he the 'poor man' was dying in hospital!
No thought or compassion or empathy for the victims of Raymond Hewlett, not a thought either, for the man's children who have been forced to suffer the stigma of being born to him!
Just lately they have all being going into overdrive writing vexatious letters to anyone who they think will listen, spewing out their accusations, making slanderous libellous remarks and yet it still hasn't dawned on them, that they are actually making these remarks to people in officialdom, the very people that will judge them!
Of course these are just the members, the plebs, the actual people who run this forum are nowhere to be seen, they are too busy stalking and hounding people. Brenda Ryan, the off and on founder of the 3 Arguidos, is actually presiding over people who download child porn and then send it through the post to innocent people.
She is presiding over threats towards the McCanns and their family and friends and Clarence Mitchell and his family.
Brenda Ryan is the same person who pretended to be the voice of Madeleine. (Sick I know, but there it is)
Photon Aka Dr Vanessa Sluming of Liverpool University Aka val/Van Aka Dr_Val late of the Daily Express Madeleine blogs.
Laffin Assasin; JJB and Ratonthebeam
Mods and Co-Amin
Just allow this filth and peversion to spew forth each and every day if that forum's evil existence.
And this is where it all ties together
Goncalo Amaral, Duarte Levy, Paulo Reis, Joana Morais, Tony Bennett, Brenda Ryan, Dr Vanessa Sluming, Chrissie Nyssen etc etc etc
Are all people that profess to want justice for a child they have never met, never spoken to, who have judged her parents guilty on no proof, no evidence and who have called for their imprisonment (and much worse) without even speaking to these people. they have called her parents paedophiles, murderers and all the rest of it.
They profess to be the friend of a child who is missing.
They profess to care about a child, yet have frustrated the search for her at every twist and turn and thought up ways that her parents have killed her, that even Stephen King or Dean Koontz would have difficulty imagining.

The 3 Arguidos Have Harmed The Search For Madeleine
More chilling, they have enjoyed every last minute of it!

ALL The Above Have Harmed The Search For Madeleine And This Makes The Lot of Them Guilty Of Child Abuse!
And They Should Be
Thoroughly Ashamed Of Themselves!


Christabel said...


What a cracker. How can anyone take those numpty's seriously?

Amaral looks like he could do with a good bath on that pic lol.
See Ruby's red handbag (Madeleine bought that) along with the Jag for the lying Gonc.

I didn't think you would be able to make Bennett look normal, but you tried lol.

Oh and Levy, YUK what a state that is. How could anyone sleep with a tub of lard like that. Not very MOBILE by the looks of him. Then again some will sleep with anything they can find. Beggars can't be choosers can they?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Chris

Can you work out the logistics of the Levy ~ Morais fling? I mean one word springs to mind and that is HOW?

Christabel said...

Sorry no I can't Rosie.

How now brown cow comes to mind.
I feel sick just looking at the pic of him. I still think him and Jo deserve one another though. MOBILE or not MOBILE. She must have known all about him, before she was scorned ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

Priceless Rosie and Co. Absolutely Priceless. Well Done!

Anonymous said...

What a really well written front page! Absolutely spot on and really shows those awful people up, well done all of you and thank you for your unwavering support for Kate and Gerry in their search for their daughter. You people on here do not just talk about doing things, you actually do them and that is a huge difference!

Rosiepops said...

Chris, it adds a whole new meaning to the saying "upwardly mobile!"

Thanks Tony and Anon ;-)

I just wonder how that dear little dog Eddie got on here, he is such a little gem!

vee8 said...

Brilliant piece Rosie! One of your best yet, and of course you are, as always, right! As for gonzo, bent tit, the 3arses and others, all I can say is,





dianeh said...

Well done Rosie, very informative.

And enough with the 'mobile' jokes, they are giving me the creeps.

FFS Joanna, what were you thinking?

vee8 said...

By the way, you described bennett's attack bitch debbie butler as sidekick. It should have read sideSick!

vee8 said...

My incitement to hatred petition has now recieved approval, and is ready to sign.

Please all sign, but more importantly, send the link to all your friends and contacts, and ask them to pass it on to THEIR friends and contacts

Rosiepops said...

Anyone who fancies a laugh and needs cheering up should have a read of the "Crazies" in action, they are positively barking mad.

They are now accusing Clarence Mitchell of impersonating a policeman because he wore a blue shirt and held up a poster of a picture of Madeleine McCann. (I kid you not!) rotflmao

They actually believe that citizens of this country cannot hold up a poster of their missing child if police officers are not present.

Oh dear, 3 A's gone, poor, poor 3 A's.

There is no hope for them. Those remaining have comradely lost the plot! There founder hardly ever turns up anymore, she is now completely obsessed with Michael Jackson. Wonder how long it will be before she starts accusing his family of murdering him?

The Crazies (3 A's Nutters)

Rosiepops said...

A Voice of Reason In the darkness of the mentally challenged of the 3 Arguidos posters.

*Well Done Laura*
"laura66 Post subject: Re: 8 reasons for holding a public inquiry into Leics PolicePosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 5:31 am

New In Town

Joined: Sat Jun 27, 2009 2:32 pm
Posts: 9 Mr Bennett,
In the intertest of fair play, which I am sure you agree with , I will also be writing to your MP and the PM's office.
I would like to point out some "Facts" about your series of "reasons".
Such as...
Youe claim that you reproduce the exact words from the dog's report when you use such phrases as "the scent of a corpse" which was never in the report.
Grimes , the expert has never said there was a corpse in the appt. He said the dog's reaction had no evidential value.
Your claims that the dna was a 99% match to Maddie, also false.
The claim of a leak from the investigation came from Levy who has now been discredited.
The fact that much of your information comes from a book by a detective who has been found guilty of falsifying evidence.
The fact that your claims do not have references that can easily be checked,

Let's see if the 3A's believes in freedom of speech or will this post be removed and my account banned. Either way the letters will go,

Rosiepops said...

I see Viv is still obsessed with me.

It's not my book Viv, but hey credit where it's due and the authors thank you for the advertisement. - lol

Rosiepops said...

Oh dear the Crazies are all getting themselves hot under the collar because the LP told them:

"I am not prepared to enter into further correspondence in relation to this matter and consider it to be closed."Unquote

In other words the LP told them to go away and play with their toys and not keep throwing them out of their prams! lol

More From The Crazies @ The 3 A's

Rosiepops said...

Poor deluded Viv is still pratting away on the 3 A's (probably because no one bothers with her Hate Blog so I am told.
She had to make several attempts and be more obnoxious than usual for them to pay her any attention.

Oh dear Viv give it up for goodness sakes, you are as bad as the insane Tony Bennett (that other pretendy solicitor).

You know the law? Yeah right whatever, if you knew the law, you would know that you cannot make libellous comments as you have done and announce that the McCanns have murdered their daughter and if you really knew the law, you would know that sooner or later, the law actually catches up with people like you! Pudding head.

Anonymous said...

That sad old prune raised her ugly mush again.

Does she know Levy's now available? not too MOBILE though, a bit like her and those bad ankles.

Rosiepops said...

Now I have heard it all, really, I have.

This mad cow (Vile Viv) has manifested a hate blog where she has outright announced that Kate and Gerry murdered their daughter.

She has outright accused Gerry McCann of being a paedophile and said that he (Gerry) along with David Payne actually abused Madeleine and they made money out of her and when they could not make any further money out of her and because she was going to go to school, they simply took her on holiday and murdered her.
This is more or less (not the exact words, but more or less) what Vile Viv wrote on her forum once, when she was in deep conversation with another person of a dubious nature who loved to talk about the sexual abuse of this poor child by her father etc called ECOLAB.

Now Viv, you may have forgotten that, but we have not and you may have removed those post from you tawdry hate fulled blog, but we have the screenshots and let me also "reassure" you that we are NOT the only ones that have the screenshots of that (and much more from you).

So please stop telling lies and making posts like this:

"viv Post subject: Re: 8 reasons for holding a public inquiry into Leics PolicePosted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 11:19 pm

Mafia Boss

Joined: Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:58 pm
Posts: 3019

Good post 3 Maddies and I am one of those people who thinks Maddie may still be alive and that there could well be an international effort going on to rescue her.

Use your own thoughts and feelings to consider the truth, then you may avoid the lie. Sometimes we may not know the whole truth, there is no dishonour in admitting that.



You NEVER thought that, you are nothing but a shameless liar and you have a very poor memory, which is why you keep contradicting yourselves with your blatant lies.

Note, since Vile Viv gained the attention she so desperately craved, (hence the whole reason for her presence on the thread), her stance slowly begins to change, now you see she has done the obnoxious bit, got the plebs attention and now starts playing to her *captive* audience.

Boring and predictable!

Rosiepops said...

Yep Viv is off making her long boring legal jargon posts which she has nicked from legal websites ad verbatim!

It is fun to read all the plebs with their eyes glazed over, now thanking Viv for her posts - lol

Oh dear has Viv forgotten that a few months ago, she actually admitted to NOT being a real solicitor?

Bad memory, you silly old pudding headed bat.

Rosiepops said...

Here is where Viv got her legal jargon from (ad verbatim)

For goodness sakes Viv give it up, you are not the only that can use Google

Rosiepops said...

Anonymous said...
That sad old prune raised her ugly mush again.

Does she know Levy's now available? not too MOBILE though, a bit like her and those bad ankles.

22 July 2009 11:04


'fraid so, but she is even more hilariously and spectacularly stupid than usual.

Oh well I suppose her nuttiness is harmless enough when she is prattling on about the law and copying and pasting her legal jargon from various legal websites.

Trouble is she is such a liar and has such an appalling memory she forgets all about the times she has stated that the McCanns murdered their daughter!

(But we haven't!)

Rosiepops said...

Bennett is now sticking his beak into the CLOSED case of Lee Balkwell.
This case is closed Bennett, so you are caught out in another lie, it is NOT and ongoing case, will you please remove yourself from fantasy land and stop these idiot comments?

I only hope to goodness that Bennett is not bothering the family of Lee Balkwell!

If he is they would be better off ignoring Bennett, as any involvement by him poking his vexatious nose into their business is only going to harm their cause.

Is there nothing this man will not consider doing in order to gain attention for himself?

Terry Lubbock, the father of Stuart Lubbock, cut off all ties with Bennett, so should the father of Lee Balkwell.

Stalking, hounding and sticky beaking.
Bennett either needs prosecuting himself or needs sectioning under the mental health act, either will do!

Anonymous said...

I have replied to this part of Tony Twatternnet's Letter To Nigel.

Twatternnett Says
"Therefore I must ask you, and all of the rest of the pro-McCann people who associate with you on the forums, blogs or elsewhere, to stop this smear, and to apologise for making it. I would also make this request. Please circulate my reply to you tonight - in full - to all the pro-McCann sites you are in touch with or know about."
Hoy, Twatternnett.
Nigel has more on you than the CIA have on Osama bin Laden so keep that jaw of yours wired .
In the short time I've been on this earth; I have yet to read of a more odious vindictive little man than you.
Your own Members Of Parliament have warned their aids to put your letters in the file labeled garbage.
I have the proof in writing. Maybe because I'm this side of the pond they believe they can speak freely; and they have spoken very freely, they hate your innards you pathetic excuse for a man.
So get down off your self made pedestal and get a dictionary. Illiterate Twatternnett!!!!
Oh, And There Will Be An Ice Rink In Hell Before You Get An Apology From Me
Go check out your Biography on Wikipedia.... Then Look Up The Meaning Of White Supremacist.... Numb Nuts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well written article Rosie. What a bunch they are - Amaral, his wife, Tony Benett, Viv, Joana Morais, Astro, and last but not least Clawsie who should change the name of her blog from Proud of the PJ to It's all about ME!!

vee8 said...

"Therefore I must ask you, and all of the rest of the pro-McCann people who associate with you on the forums, blogs or elsewhere, to stop this smear, and to apologise for making it. I would also make this request. Please circulate my reply to you tonight - in full - to all the pro-McCann sites you are in touch with or know about."

Please note how I rushed to comply with Herr Gruppenfeuher bennett's dictat! I e-mailed him back, telling him if he was so concerned with his reputation he should do more to protect it, and further, I am not his bloody messenger boy, if he want's stuff posted on forums, he can do it himself!

Anonymous said...

vee8 said...
"Therefore I must ask you, and all of the rest of the pro-McCann people who associate with you on the forums, blogs or elsewhere, to stop this smear, and to apologise for making it. I would also make this request. Please circulate my reply to you tonight - in full - to all the pro-McCann sites you are in touch with or know about."

Vee will you reply for me, I'm scared.
Yes Mr Bonnett, no Mr Bonnett, Dream on Mr Bonnett.
Shakin in me boots Mr Bonnett.
You can't alter the posts on here, like you do on 3P's.
Keep your chin up, It will hide your face pmsl.

Rosiepops said...

My God, is there no depths to which Dr Vanessa Sluming of the University of Liverpool and Tony Bennett, the disgraced former solicitor, will not sink?

What a despicable pair of mentalists!

Taken from Hounding of the McCanns Blog:
The Voice Of Madeleine.......I Don't Think So......
Vanessa Sluming Is The Voice Of Lucifer!
How anyone could write and send such an email to Andy beggars know it is a lecturer and doctor from Liverpool University, who has an evil dangerous mind and is capable of passing herself off as a normal human being to her colleagues, is frighteningly beyond sanity.
This woman should be removed from her position immediately. She, at the very least, should be removed from any research she is involved with......This Evil person has shamed the University with her criminal actions. How Dare She!
As for are as guilty as she.....remember the comments page in the newspaper?
You complained to the editor when all the time you knew who was posting the disparaging comments about you. You aided and abetted with her in a crime against Andy by not reporting her to the police. You both deserve to be jailed!
The University know what she is doing from their facilities and allow her to continue.
So what does that make them???
Posted by tony at 24.7.09

Rosiepops said...

People should go have a read of Tony's blog, it is excellent!

Tony's Hounding of the McCanns

Anonymous said...

Tony Vomit said....Aka Tony Bennett the short sighted BENT twit!

Thanks very much for all the kind comments on the thread, I really do appreciate them - and when the going gets tough in our joint campaign to wrest the truth about what really happend to Madeleine McCann from those who are actively concealing it,

rotflmao...Will you listen to yourself you plonker lol

I bring to mind the kind comments here - and the tireless efforts of all those on 3As and elsewhere who beaver away one way or another, often behin dthe scenes, to try to obtain a just final outcome for poor Madeleine

Oh dear Lordy me, do you actually know how deluded you actually appear?

Tony Vomit said....

I just want to add this. Nigel Nessling is really a very minor bully, very nasty and unpleasant to be sure, but I doubt whether he has anywhere near the clout of some of the major bullies in this case.

Mmmmm, so miner that you keep mentioning hm all the time and talking about bullies, (You actually ARE one!) But forget that a minute, aren’t you the person 'WHO IS ON RECORD' who has been bullying, stalking and hounding innocent people? Aren't you the person who behaves like a completely unhinged madman?

And aren't you the twat that marches around the internet dishing it out, but when you get some of it back you start crying, boo hoo boo hoo, blubber belly. Threatening people with legal action. You are such a coward Mr Vomit, a real coward. I bet when you were at school you were the four eyed little twerp that was the teachers nark!

Tony Vomit said....

And given the very obvious libel that the Number 10 web team allowed Mr Nessling to publish on the British Prime Minister's website, it was a long long way from the hardest task I've had in the past few years to get his hate-filled message removed.

Excuse me but I have a question; 'what about your hate filled message?' The one you sent around to the McCanns just prior to Christmas? The one that was not accepeted and was sent back to you, the sender, the one the post office warned you about, sending incitement to hatred through the Royal Mail? You piece of vermin. But hey don't worry, it's all noted!

And that made me think back to one of the main reasons I first became seriously interested in this whole case, one of the reasons I applied for a child neglect summons against the McCanns,

Would that be the same summons that was like you, thrown out of court? Or the one you failed to serve on Michael Barrymore. Or when you poked your nose into the case of Lee Balkwell or Stuart Lubbock?

What are you exactly, some sort of grave robber?

Tony Vomit said....

and one of the reasons I wrote 60 reasons.

Oh come on at least be honest, the only reason you wrote that piece of garbage was because you were trying to gain some attention for yourself, because you are an attention seeking pimple bonce

Tony Vomit said....

From fairly early on, I began to feel an uneasy sense of being intimidated, badgered, browbeaten, bullied by the British media into accepting the McCanns' abduction claim.

Oh OK then pimple bonce, it is all part of some mad cap conspiracy theory that involves all the British press the Portuguese and British governments and no doubt al qaeda headed by the "Bin man himself. (I wonder if he has his reflective jacket on, when he is sitting in his cave?)...pmsl No doubt you will take up his cause too given half the chance! Prat.

Tony Vomit said....

It seemed as though to admit to any doubts at all about whether Madeleine really was abducted was tantamount to questioning Roman Catholic authority and orthodoxy in the darkest days of the Spanish Inquisition.

You forgot Don Quixote!

Anonymous said...

Tony Vomit said....

We've seen it to an extent on this very forum - oppenents

er what is an oppenent? Is that a breed of sheep? (I've heard that sheep get nervous when you are around)

Tony Vomit said....

jumping in and disrupting, undermining, belittling, challenging, bullying.

Aww wassa matta Tone? can't you stand it when you get challenged? Well get used to it bud, you have some long and very arduous days in court ahead of you! Do you like prison food at all?

Tony Vomit said....

Now that I've become more aware of what the full picture is, it seems to me that that is indeed what we are up against here.

Yep you sure are up against it. You will be explaining why all those photo shopped pictures of an innocent little girl, have been allowed to be abused by the filthy perverts on your site and why it was that your mate Bren and the perverted Photon (aka Dr Vanessa Sluming) allowed them to remain and then allowed the perverted comments on them. (All screencapped for prosperity)

Tony Vomit said....

We are up against Premier Division bullies and intimidators, determined at almost any cost to suppress the truth, and equipped with vast resources, much of which they have grabbed from willing but slightly gullible members of the public.

Nice of you to start telling the truth about yourself and your perverted little mates, but save it for the judge!

Tony Vomit said....

But this very minor victory against 'Nessie', a small-time jumped-up self-important bully, but no 'monster'

Minor victory? What do you mean 'miner victory? It is the 'only' thing you have succeeded in doing ever since you hijacked the Madeleine case, but hey try not to laugh so much it's not over yet, wait and see what's coming first and see if you and your little perverts are laughing so loudly then....

Tony Vomit said....

teaches us a valuable lesson as to how we should deal with any bully - resist!

resist? Twaddle, when you start resisting poking your extra long Pinocchio nose into traffic signs, deaths and abductions and stop stalking and harassing people, you may be able to talk about resisting, until then shut your gob, you spit when you speak.

Tony Vomit said....

It's vital to stand up to them. If you don't, the intimidation and bullying becomes still worse.

Yep, you would know this of course, being the long streak of nothing perverted bully and arc intimidator of innocent people that you are!

Tony Vomit said....

To those of you who like me who question the abduction, I say: have the courage of your convictions, believe in your analysis of the situation, and don't be afraid to stand up and say so.

Tone you had better get used to standing up and saying so, you will have to be doing a lot of that ....from the dock!

Tony Vomit said....

Over the past few weeks, a shining example of this has been sharonl here on 3As. She has gone out with her controversial message, equipped with the '10 Reasons' leaflet, expecting a certain amount of hostility.

Instead, she has met with virtually no opposition and a great deal of public support.

Now now, stop telling porkies, sharonl, you know what happened to you, the police moved you on and they threatened you, if they caught you again, they would arrest you.

You were also informed that you are NOT allowed to just go around handing out leaflets, you actually have to ask for and gain permission from your local authority, now you know the nice policeman and police-lady told you this (in no uncertain terms). You really must stop associating with the 'bent' one so much, he is leading you astray.

Have you ever heard of Leverton public toilets?

Plus we have one great historical event from which we can draw strength and encouragement from.

David and Goliath.

David and Goliath? I think you are more of a Delilah myself.

Anonymous said...


Doesn't that just show what a thick twat Boris Bonnett is.
You don't just need on line petitions you popeyed moron! You wouldn't know that cos you are as thick as a brick and can only do underhand jobs (ah ah) get it?
Could you levitate? I know something you don't know Doo Da, Doo Da.

I think a petition to keep you away from your grand children would be good.
Even Vile Viv's got your number.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosiepops said...
People should go have a read of Tony's blog, it is excellent!

Tony's Hounding of the McCanns

25 July 2009 13:14

And the choice of music is always so apt, I particularly like todays one, kinda gives you that feel good factor!

Anonymous said...

Tony Moronic Chops Moron bennet Said

if the 'pm' facility were still available here, you would have had a 'pm' by now thanking you for voicing your support, so would all the others who have kindly endorsed our successful action re XXXXX 'call me Nessie' XXXXXXXX.

I would not be gloating quite so soon if I were you Tony (thank God I’m not you though, personally, I would not know how to live with an addled brain and a yellow liver)Oh and if I were you I would stop talking about Photon like that. or the next thing you know she will be sending you another death threat! (Yeah think about it)

You make an important point above about educating others with information about the case.

Are you really serious? Who on earth do you think you are to talk about educating people about “the case” What the hell could you possibly know, that the Portuguese attorney general and prosecuting judges do not? Do tell us, what is your qualification used to be, wasn’t it some second rate lowly corporate law solicitor or something?

On the role of information, I'm reminded of an old slogan circulating in the 1960s and 1970s: "If you don't know your rights, you haven't got any rights". If the British media won't give people the facts about this case, then we must.

Do you not realise that the McCanns have rights and to date, ‘you’ Tony Vomit, have violated just about every single one of their rights? From making libellous comments, to making slanderous remarks and writing libellous garbage?
But listen on you lanky piece of excrement, your days are seriously numbered and this is NOT a threat, it is a promise of serious action to come. No siree, not a threat at all, I am just explaining to you and your pigmyed brained followers, what you can expect, now go check your deeds.

One of the vital roles that many here can play here is to do as you are doing - and of course notably sharonl - passing to others the information about this case that the British media is deliberately denying them. Who knows what role that might eventually play in helping us to prise out the truth from those who are withholding it?

Oh at last! Something I can whole heartedly agree with. Please do encourage all your extreme right wing loonies out on the streets and let us all see who they are, hopefully, officials will be able to trace them in order to arrest and charge them with, inciting hatred of a group, and or a particular person, or people. It should fit very nicely with all the threats to harm, and fire bomb the McCanns home and to abduct Kate McCann and the twins and to “force” Gerry McCann to speak. Especially if when they are obliged to give their real names to the authorities, they can then be linked with their spurious dirty, grubby little Ids on the 3 Arguidos and your loathsome illegal spiteful website, you pillock!

So just a reminder then for anyone reading this post (including yourself, widdishins) that we can now send anyone 25 free copies of the A5 4-page leaflet: "10 Key Reasons which suggest that Madeleine McCann was not abducted".

Oh yes please do, yet more ammunition with which to “swat” you with, you silly useless irritating odious little cretin. Go on, please do it, more to charge you with and more to present at a certain ‘hearing’. lol

vee8 said...

And now, for your eddification and ammusement, the REAL reason my petition was pulled so suddenly! Please note, it had nothing to do with bent tit!

Dear Mr ********,

An email was sent to you on 23 July 2009 at 12:53:42 informing you that
your petition had been accepted in error. If you would like to resubmit
your petition all references to specific websites must be removed before
doing so.'

You might find it helpful to read our term and conditions, which
outlines the petitions that we can not accept


Downing Street Web team

So it was nothing more than an oversight on MY part, an admin boo-boo! But don't worry people, the petition has been re-worded and re-submitted, and as soon as it is sorted I will inform everyone.

Now then. If someone accuses ME of libeling them, FALSELY, have they, in fact, libeled ME? I have the contact details of a very good solicitor, one I have used before. I wonder if I should phone them, and get clarification?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear perhaps HappyGirl should rename herself as NOTsoHappyGirl?

NOT So HappyGirl -lololololol

Christabel said...

Anon are you a sandwich short of a picnic?
Too cowardly to put a name to your rubbish aren't you?
Keep trying it gets you nowhere, did you think you are hidden Ping, lolololol.

Rosiepops said...

Which Anon do you mean Christabel?

Christabel said...

Rosiepops said...
Which Anon do you mean Christabel?

27 July 2009 22:52

Oh Rosie, just some insignificant little toad I deleted.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Chris,

Oh that explains it then, sorry I I didn't see the one you are referring to, doesn't look as if I missed very much.

Rosiepops said...

See For Yourselves What A Sick Nazi Lover Tony Bennett Is!

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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