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Especially For The 3 Arguidos Conspiracy Theorists

Taken from The Hounding of the McCanns Blog

This Send Up of The Liar/Fantasist/Attention Seeking Disgraced Former Solicitor AJS Bennett Pamphlet of Lies and NON facts needs to be everywhere On the Internet For As Many People To See As Possible!

It is amazing, how still all this time later and absolutely nothing to contrary turning up to cast not the slightest shadow of doubt on Kate and Gerry McCanns claim that their daughter Madeleine, was abducted from her bed in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd 2007, that some people still believe that they were somehow complicit in their daughter's disappearance.
I don't know whether these people are intellectually challenged, or had their minds damaged by belonging to that awful hate forum, where the truth is supposed to flow freely, but doesn't, and the only thing that flows freely on there is the garbage spouted by conspiracy theorists and the utter tosh spouted by perverts and violent offenders, or some of them just do not like to be proved wrong, whatever it is, it "aint" pleasant!
In their number they boast pretendy doctors, pretendy solicitors and some warped minded idiot who goes by the name of Tony Bennett, who at present posts on the 3 Arguidos lapping up the adulation of half wits.

If by chance you do believe that there is something in the McCanns being involved in their daughter's disappearance, here is a list of all who is reckoned to be involved to date, in order for them to have pulled off something that does not exist "The Perfect Crime"!

  • The Royal family

  • Prince Charles and his boat in particular!
  • The Entire crew of The Royal Yacht
  • The Leicestershire Police
  • Leicestershire Social Services

  • Former Prime Minister Tony Blair
  • Head if the EU

  • Rt Hon Gordon Brown British Prime Minister

  • Rt Hon Jack Straw - Ministry of Justice Lord Chancellor and Secretary ofState for Justice.

  • Rt Hon David Milliband British Foreign Secretary

  • Rt Hon Jaqui Smith Former British Home secretary

  • Lord Peter Mandelson

  • The Portuguese Attorney General

  • 2 Portuguese Prosecutors

  • The High Court Judge

  • Sky News

  • The Daily Express

  • The Sunday Express

  • The Daily Star

  • The Guardian

  • The Telegraph

  • The Times

  • The Sun

  • The Expresso (Portuguese)

  • Andrew O'Neil BBC Presenter

  • Lord Stevens ….Former Metropolitan Police Commissioner

  • John Stalker….Former Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police

  • Mark Williams-Thomas…Former Surrey detective and now a leading child protection expert

  • John O’Connor….Former Commander Flying Squad Scotland Yard

  • Hamish Brown MBE….Former CID

  • Professor David Cantor B.A. Phd FAPA, FBPsS, Criminal Psychologist

  • The Fisherman

  • The Maid

  • The Two Nannies

  • The Boss Of MW Ocean View

  • The Tapas 7

  • Around 15 Eye witnesses

  • The Pope

  • Father Haynes Hubbard and his wife

  • The Catholic Priest

  • The staff at the Creche'

  • The Postal system

  • Jon Corner

  • Bridget O'Donnel

  • Jes Wilkins

  • Clarence Mitchell

  • Mr Mrs Healy

  • Mrs McCann (Gerry’s mum)

  • The Priest that Married The McCann’s

  • The Rothley Parish Priest

  • Team McCann

  • Cutting Edge Channel 4

  • Emma Loach

  • Ken Loach

  • The Masons

Quite a list isn't it? yet at some point or another, all the above mentioned (and more besides) have been said to have been complicit in helping the McCanns, cover their daughter's disappearance up.

How else would they have pulled the perfect crime off in a place they had never before seen?
Although why they would want to do this is a mystery, also is a mystery, is why they would persistently bring attention to their alleged crime by trying to keep their daughter's disappearance a secret?
Why would they do this? Why on earth would they having got away with it, would they actively pay someone to keep searching and running the risk of being detected by their own detectives?


tony said...

You forgot the Royal Family.....Shame On You:))

Rosiepops said...


Tut tut, silly me, how could I forget about Prince Charles and his boat?

Off with her head!

I have corrected my error now lol

Rosiepops said...


How utterly compelling! That send up of that scrotum Bennett's book is so powerful, it should be seen everywhere on the internet!

I have put it on the front of the blog here too!

Anonymous said...

marian Post subject: Re: Kindertransport - A Love Letter to BritainPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 1:31 pm

Mafia Boss

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Location: The Blue Oyster Wine Bar & Cafe indeed Malena, that place in Perth that I was banging on about, they are veryopen and honest with the truth and the display of the kids, but thousands of kids passed through their hands.

You even saw the big mangles and boilers for the washing they had to do. I met many of the survivors later on in my mental health work and that's why I get mad when people refer to the mentally disabled as "nutters" or "frootloops".

If only they knew.


Sorry Marian, but I have no other way of referring to Bennett, who is like you despicable and beneath contempt.

And no offence to people suffering from a mental illness, but Bennett, well, he is a nutter and he is a fruitloop and he along with the rest of you "nutters" who are left on that hole of a hate forum ought to be locked up and the key thrown away.

Too late to get on you high hirse anyway marian fruitloop, I have seen what you have written about the McCanns, you evil bitch, so save your sermon and preching from someone else!

Besides I would not want to tar mentally ill people with the same brush used for you despicable lot, that would be insulting towards them!

Anonymous said...

malena stool Post subject: Re: Kindertransport - A Love Letter to BritainPosted: Sun Jul 26, 2009 9:03 pm

Mafia Boss

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Location: Spare room above the kitchen Thanks kerry, I must try to get hold of that.

The need to kill two birds with one stone sounds about the norm for our wonderful British establishment back then as they do now.

Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a
laxative on the same night.


But what if they are mentally ill birds?

Let's all flagilate Britain.

Anonymous said...

malena stool Post subject: Re: Kindertransport - A Love Letter to BritainPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 5:34 pm

Mafia Boss

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Location: Spare room above the kitchen Wallenberg was indeed a hero beachy, sadly a name not freely recognised in modern history despite saving about 100,000 lives.

I do think that whatever actions taken by the US prior to Christmas 1941 Hitler would have gone down the same road towards both war and his obscene 'final solution'.


Listen you dumb bitch, how many times do you have to be told, cooking sherry and Google doesn't mix well!

How ridiculous, this silly cow is and obviously understands absolutely nothing.

Hey dumbo, while you are Googling, look up the significance of Pearl Harbpour!

Why bring this up now anyway? No wonder you post on a hate foru, you are full of it!

vee8 said...

The 3arguidos, where the truth is strangled at birth!

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