Friday, 27 March 2009


It wasn't enough that Portugal's supposedly elite PJ failed Madeleine at every twist and turn.

It wasn't enough that the Portuguese authorities allowed ex detective Paulo Cristovao to write a book about the investigation of a Madeleine McCann, an investigation he had nothing to do with, the only link was that he knew Goncalo Amaral.

It wasn't enough that the Portuguese authorities allowed the disgraced failed ex detective Goncalo Amaral, to cash in on the child he failed and top his retirement pension up by writing books, giving paid TV and radio interviews, being paid for stories appearing on newspapers and magazines and making a TV documentary about the case.

It wasn't enough that the Portuguese press joined in the bullying and intimidation and character assassinations of Madeleine's parents.

Just when you think that Portugal could not stoop any lower an organised group have toured Praia Da Luz, torn down posters of the little girl, ripped them up and thrown them in the gutter and defiled her image by spitting in the little girl's face!

No wonder tourists are staying away from Praia da Luz and Portugal, they do not feel welcome and they fear for their children's safety.

And with good cause!

Shame On You Portugal, but I promise you this, we will not forget this in a hurry and we will see it as our duty to remind people about Madeleine, each time the holiday seasons approaches!


Rosiepops said...

Amongst others I have contacted a number of Portuguese governmental departments and their secretary for tourism Bernardo Trindade.

Administracado Interna
Pbras Publicas, Transportes e Comunicacoe

27 March 2009 17:32

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony,

I hope you do not mind, I used the photograph from your blog, for the front.

vee8 said...

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should Portugal be considered as a holiday destination for families. The good and honest people of Portugal, (And that excludes clawdia and luz) may love children, but there are others out there who love kids even more, for all the wrong reasons. And the authorities know it, and protect them.

Portugal's list of shame.

Casa pia.

Rui Pedro

Rachel Charles

Rene Hasse

Joana Cipriano

Please feel free to add to this list.

Rosiepops said...

Beware if you are going to holiday in Portugal with your children.

Portugal is a dangerous place for children.

Children seem to disappear without trace and the authorities are not bothered about it either!

During a vacation 6 year old René disappeared on the 19th June 1996 about 6pm on the beach of Amoreiras close to Aljezur (Portugal).


Jorge Sepúlveda: missing since 15/08/1991 - 14 years old in 1991 ;disappeared from Massarelos, Porto. Jorge has a brown birth mark near his navel.


Cláudia Alexandra Silva e Sousa: missing since 13/05/1994 - 7 years old in 1994; disappeared from her hometown in Oleiros - Vila Verde. The child has a 10 cm scar in her right thigh, a scar in her lower lip and another in a finger.


João Teles: missing since 06/10/1998 - 16 years old in 1998; disappeared from Câmara dos Lobos, Madeira.


Rui Pedro Mendonça: missing since 04/03/1998 - 11 years old in 1998; taken from his town of Lousada. It is now believed that this child was taken abroad and is in the in the hands of a pedophile network. For further information:


Rui Pereira: missing since 02/03/1999 - 13 years old in 1999; a boy from Vila Nova Famalicão. Rui has a small scar near his left eye, a scar between his upper lip and his right nostrel and a big birth mark on his back.


Sofia Oliveira: missing since 22/02/2004 - 2 years old in 2004: kidnapped from her mother's home, in Câmara dos Lobos, Madeira. Her father took her without her mother's knowledge and somehow the child got lost after that.


Joana Cipriano: missing since September 2004 - 8 years old in 2004; last seen in Portimão, Algarve.


Tatiana Mendes or Odete Freman or Odete Frima: missing since May 2005 - 7 years old in 2005; she was "adopted" by a couple with her mother's acceptance. She travelled to Portugal in May 2004, however a year later her adopting mother said that the young girl was given to another person and that, still in the year 2004, the girl had died in a traffic accident somewhere in the area of Badajoz/Espanha.


Ana Santos: missing since 15/06/2005 - 15 years old in 2005; last seen in Montijo, Setúbal.


Sara Raquel Pinho Reis: missing since 23/02/2007 - 17 years old in 2007; disappeared from her hometown in Trofa - Porto.


Madeleine Beth Mccann: missing since 03/05/2007 - 4 years old in 2007; disappeared from her family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Lagos,Portugal.


Rita Marques Cardoso Santos: missing since 01/08/2007 - 16 years old in 2007; She was last seen in the area of Chelas - Lisbon.


Pamela Matias Santos: missing since 23/09/2007 - 17 years old in 2007; disappeared from Santarém.

Jacira Rocha Gomes: missing since 23/11/2007 - 17 years old in 2007; the missing girl studies in the 8º grade of the secondary school D. Luísa de Gusmão, in the area of Penha de França, Lisbon. There were sightings in Moita, Vale de Amoreira e Cidade Sol, no Barreiro.


Rebeca dos Anjos Cardoso missing since 23/03/2008 - 15 years old in 2008; Lost nearby Massamá Sintra. Wear at the time,denim trousers and white pullover.


How can so many children just disappear without a trace and the authorities not even care?

tony said...

Rosiepops said...
Hi Tony,

I hope you do not mind, I used the photograph from your blog, for the front.

27 March 2009 22:15
Nice One Rosie!

vee8 said...

No comments from vile, clawdia or luz? No attempts on here to defend the indefensable? No plaudits for the brave and heroic PJ, who risk their lives each day to make Portugal a better place for paedophiles and child smuggling rings?

Mum21 said...

Hi Vee,
They may not be showing their faces...but believe me they are lurking.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Vee,

They are probably busy trying to think up ways to justify the extreme right wing racists who think nothing of defiling pictures of a missing girl by tearing them to pieces throwing them in gutter and spitting in her face and also threatening her parents by trying to scare them into not going back to the place their daughter was abducted from.

Still it makes a change for them from their usual pass times of thinking up ways to protect the fat lazy smelly odious pimp, who thinks nothing of pimping off a little girl who he catastrophically failed, as well as blackening the characters of her parents.

What a shame these odious
people give the decent folk of Portugal a bad name.

Apparently the people of PDL are up in arms over the bad name these right wing racists have given them and are absolutely furious with them.
When the names of those responsible are exposed (and they will be) I do not think they will be winning many popularity contests. They have just virtually wiped out what was left of the tourist trade in Praia da Luz.

tony said...

I fear Rosie the animosity felt at this moment against the actions in Luz, takes in all the Portuguese people. People don't say, "Oh So And So did this". The say, the Portuguese did it.

Because of Luz and Cladia79 threat, they have tarred the whole of Portugal with the same brush.

They must feel so proud of themselves!

Rosiepops said...

Quite honestly Tony, I have spoken with people that do not really follow this, oh they hope that Madeleine is found, of course the do, they just do not follow the case. However, they are absolutely enraged that people could do this to an innocent child's image and try to cause her parents further pain.

People are very very angry indeed. You may know what the Brits are like, we meander along, we do not really take umbrage to very much, but just occasionally something comes along which really gets to us and then we have a habit of just applying pressure and forcing someone to do something about it.

I believe this is one of those times. I think people are absolutely shocked that people that call themselves human beings could do something as foul as this. It really is down there with the worse of all kind scummy human behaviour.

What did Madeleine ever do to deserve this? She is an innocent child, how dare they defile her image like this, it is nothing short of sick and depraved behaviour and I really hope Luz and Claudi79 are pleased with themselves.

tony said...

Well Rosie, I found out who the service is that supplies Caratnetwork with the Internet.
Caratnetwork is the one who supplied 3A' with the independent server.

Take a look at the terms of service

I fear by leaving Claudia and Luz's post up....3A' have breached the terms! So I dropped Cablevision a quick line.
Mountain Cablevision 3 A' feed!!!!!

Uses or permits others to use Mountain services for a purpose or in a manner that is contrary to law or for the purpose of making annoying or offensive communications for the purpose of disrupting service to others; MOUNTAIN INTERNET SERVICES – TERMS AND CONDITIONS GOVERNING ACCEPTABLE USEThe Service may be used only for lawful purposes. Transmission, distribution or storage of any material in violation of any applicable law or regulation is prohibited. This includes, without limitation, material protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right used without proper authorization, and material that is obscene, defamatory or constitutes an illegal threat.

Web access:
905-389-1347 (customer care)905-389-1393 (technical support)
Via mail
Mountain Cablevision Ltd.
141 Hester Street
Hamilton, ON L9A 2N9

Mum21 said...

Message for Gina...

I hope your operation went well and you are soon out of pain.

I won't dampen your new friendship with Claudia by publishing the very many posts you have made about her...but asking us not to publish them.
But believe me...we still have them.
For somebody who claims to be well and truly on the sure do sway back and forth a lot.

Enjoy your weekend


Rosiepops said...

So it was Nancy that said I am the most disliked person on the internet.

Rather that than the thickest Nancy.

Fame at last!

Rosiepops said...

nancy said...
Hi Claudia -

Rosiepops must be the most disliked blogger on the Maddie forums don't you think? Everyone seems to know just what game she is playing and how tartily she plays it! She is excellent at filling her pen with the most foul expletives and aiming them directly at people she feels are a liability to the furtherence of the McCann's and their repulsive spokesperson's schemes. They think they are hoodwinking the public, but you only have to read the replies to articles blogged by a huge number of the public who are obviously disenchanted with their goings on, to realise they must be getting very nervous - no wonder Kate is not keen on going back to Portugal - if she and Gerry were wholly innocent of Maddie's disappearnce, she would have no second thoughts on it.

While she is insulting people, it is because she is afraid of them - and she has reason to be - you could eat her for breakfast in an earnest debate about this case.
March 27, 2009 1:18 PM

just had this emailed to me.

Dear nebby,

I do not play games and "tartily"? what do you mean by that thick head? I don't charge, I leave that to your fat lardy boy Amaral the pimp that pimps off of missing children he failed to find, because he was too busy taking his 3 hours long, booze filled lunches at the time.

How do you write with a pen on the internet? lol Oh dear not too bright are you?

What are the foulest spokespersons schemes? Go one do tell us?

Hey have you been trying out that new dictionary you got for Christmas?

By the way all those replies you mention, have been 'combed' and guess what? There are so many matching IPs, which means of course that there is a very high possibility that they are all manifestations of just a few people taking on many IDs to make themselves look greater in number. (Sorry was that too technical for you?)

Perhaps Kate is not keen on returning to Portugal because it is very painful for her, excruciatingly so being the last place she took her daughter to a country and a place she trusted before her child was abducted from her bed.

You foul nasty spiteful depraved person Nancy, I only hope that karma does not bite your backside too hard.

Me afraid of people? Why should I be afraid? I am speaking the truth, unlike you and you foul filthy lies.

Now run along back to the rest of your child abductor protecting friends, which is all you lot really are at the end of the day, now why should I feel afraid of you lot?

Claudia had many chances to "eat me for breakfast" in debate on the DX and you know what Nebby, she failed abysmally each and every time and anyone will tell you that. She could not debate her way out of that paper bag she has to wear over her head in bed, on the extremely rare chance she ever gets.

Claudia is as thick as you! Talking about thick, you made four spelling mistakes in your short spiteful post, I would look in that dictionary a bit more if I were you.

Also I feel it is only fair to point out, that you accuse me of foul expletives and I would like you to prove what foul expletives I have used. If you mean calling someone a 2 cent whore, well that is not an expletive, it is a fact, Claudia and Luz are 2 cent whores, whoring off of Madeleine and her parents misfortune, EXACTLY the same as their hero Goncalo Amaral. By the way ask your friend Claudia who it was who first called someone a whore, 'highway whores' I think it was, I was only returning the compliment.

Nebby you are thick and silly and you are obviously out of your depth, try and find some other way of crawling up Claudia's backside to score your brownie points.

You are always writing nasty spite filled posts and directing them at people that had their child abducted from Praia da Luz in Portugal. In fact you always write nasty spiteful bitchy comments period, so be careful because you are being just a tad hypocritical there.

Portugal may be OK to visit if you do not have children, although it is becoming clear that that there is a strong anti British feeling there, made plain by the right wing racist and xenophobic comments of Claudia and Luz etc.

However, if you have children, please be very careful if going there, it is a haven for paedophiles and they do not even have a DNA based child sex offenders register and in some cases the police do not even bother coming when receiving calls of a disappeared child, preferring to tell the distraught parents he probably drowned, as in the case of little Rene' Hasse, who disappeared from a Portuguese beach right in front of his parents. How are you going to explain that one? they did not leave their child, yet some bastard abducted him in Portugal and he has NEVER been seen since, bit of a habit Portugal has got isn't it?

Casa Pia.

Thanks Nebby for giving me the chance to reiterate this again, jolly decent of you.

Rosiepops said...

Gina, it did not take you long to ingratiate yourself over there, still if you do not mind being used that is your prerogative.

I just do not understand how you could say all those things and then go posting on there!

Anonymous said...

Rosiepops said...

Viv is off on her lying tangent again!

Oops she is a solicitor this week again folks.

Now she is, now she isn't. now she is, now she isn't.

The story went for a whole year that she said she was a solicitor with a second career as a probation officer.

then suddenly out of the blue when she was pressed on the 3 A's she said, 'she said she said she was a solicitor', then she seemed to retract that and was a solicitor again and then she wasn't and now she is again.

Viv I honestly do not know why you bother, no one believes a word you write, you are nothing but a narcissistic manipulating fantasist and you are only on that forum because your own posters sussed you out and moved off to your EX friend's 'Claudia's' blog.

Viv and the lying Dr_Val (Photon) the one that wrote that nasty email are all over there discussing that Gerry McCann is a psychopath.

Who do these square heads think they are? Bunch of prats with their heads up their rear orifices.

Rosiepops said...

Check out this signature of Claudia's. it beggars belief, she and that fat Amaral would not know the truth if it bit them on their fat behinds!

Claudia, even though you pinched that quote from someone else you sanctimonious old right wing racist, I doubt if it was written 'for you' more probably written with the 'likes' of your and lies in mind!

One day your lies and the lies of Portugal are going to come tumbling out, let's see how you handle that.

Rosiepops said...

Sorry here is Cladia's signature, itbeggars belief when you think of all the bare faced lies this stupid woman has told over the past two years!

Claudia79 Post subject: Re: Is Reason 19 of '60 Reasons' a lie? [Tapas 7 searches 3 May]Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:52 pm

On Parole

Joined: Thu Jul 24, 2008 7:26 pm
Posts: 1177 bomaris wrote:
Cos Clarence told you?

It must have been Marcos Aragão Correia and his visions! LOL

“You can bend it and twist it... You can misuse and abuse it... But even God cannot change the Truth.” - Michael Levy

Anonymous said...

viv said...
Hiya Di, that is a very explicit post that does sum up the grim reality and you know I have always thought this was relevant in Madeleine's case.

Shubob has actually frequently stood against me on 3 As and instead supported Tony Bennett's theory but it would seem he has changed his mind. That is a brave and honest thing to do and I applaud him for that.

It is not nice to face the reality but I am afraid that is most definitely what it looks like and why the police are so secretive about this case. I just hope that if little Maddie is still alive and being used for photography they can trace her and rescue her from this.

She is a very pretty little girl and Gerry McCann is still using that old made up photograph of her when she undoubtedly looks the prettiest of all, that is very sick IMO and says it all.


Anonymous said...

by viv on Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:10 am
Quark does that explain why Kate had the grab mark bruises up her arms that Gerry squeezed when she got her lines wrong the man who was with our Madeleine, I think she said, he was not happy with that and squeezed her right on those bruises, he is such a little sweety!

Anonymous said...

Viv and the 3As should know, that they have yet again been reported for both making and allowing libellous comments.

I feel the day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Anonymous said...

by viv on Sat Mar 28, 2009 10:08 pm
Union, High as a kite on Panorama, going whoosh, seeing Madeleine come to her in the night. I do not think he can even manage to produce her any more.


Anonymous said...

by viv on Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:19 pm
Union, on that my feeling is that Gerry is a narcissist. He dreams of wealth and power and those were certainly his plans. But once he realised just how bad the police case was against him and the British Police were clearly not going to let this matter drop he had to drop those ambitious and thoroughly barmy schemes to make £10M from books and films out of the demise of his lovely little girl, the rat!

Oh and the Scheme to sue the Portuguese Police for £1M, notice what he says now, oh no of course not, we want to work with the authorities..

Rosiepops said...

Do you know Viv says she hates me but she really reads and hangs on my every word, so much so that she keeps nicking them and using them in her own comments.

For goodness sake viv get a thesaurus and stop plagiarising my posts.

Rosiepops said...

Saints preserve us, viv is now a pharmacist, a doctor, a psychiatrist and a psychologist as well as being a solicitor with a 2nd caree as a probation officer.

What she has written is laughable, really it is, the pair of them, the racist Luz and her are both discussing drugs they obviously know nothing about.

Blimey I bet google has been working flat out tonight.

What a pair of head up their bums dip sticks.

Look at Viv's signature OMG I know I should not mock the afflicted and laugh at her, but hey it is really hard not to!

viv Post subject: Re: Is Reason 19 of '60 Reasons' a lie? [Tapas 7 searches 3 May]Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:19 am

On Parole

Joined: Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:58 pm
Posts: 1427 Luz, Halperidol is an anti-psychotic. Psychosis has nothing to do with psychopathy. It is experienced by people suffering from schizophrenia and sometimes bipolar - delusional thoughts and beliefs, hallucinating, imagining plots, people taking over their mind etc.

Use your own thoughts and feelings to consider the truth, then you may avoid the lie. Sometimes we may not know the whole truth, there is no dishonour in admitting that.

Gina said...

PMSL Rosie, what business is it of yours where I post?

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony,

You have mail in your 498 account ;)


Rosiepops said...


I note you did not reply to Mum21.

I did not say it was my business and quite frankly I could not give a stuff where you post, do as you like, I just find your constant fence hopping totally hypocritical.

It just confirms my original thoughts and that the real problem you had with Viv was that she threw you off her blog and it was this that really got to you and nothing else. If she did not throw you off her blog you would no doubt be on there posting still.

What you have proved Gina is that you cannot be trusted, not by us and not by anyone and I am sorry I ever did trust you.

If you think what you have done is funny, laugh away, I don't, I think you have made yourself a duplicitous laughing stock, who cannot be taken seriously and you have the cheek to contradict and criticise Viv?

Tinkerbell43 said...

Gina, I think you are missing Rosies point.

It doesn't matter where you post we are just surprised to see you posting over there after everything you have said, thats all.

Tinkerbell43 said...

Rosie, I noticed too that there was no reply to Mum21.

Gina we have been nothing but hospitable to you, why you have chosen to betray our trust is a complete mystery.

Still as the saying goes, once the trust is gone it is gone.

Shame, I thought we had a mutual respect.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks,

Well it is Gina that comes out of this looking the way she does, who is she going to fly off the handle and blame this time?

What is funny is that she honestly thinks I care about where she posts, if she thinks that she is even more deluded than I originally thought. Like you say we were nothing but hospitable to her, she was afforded trust and she chose to betray that trust and that shows far more about her than it ever does about us.

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rosiepops said...

Well there we have it Gina, if you did not make that post who did?

Someone who you no doubt align yourself with now, which just proves the points we have made.

I am actually very disappointed in you Gina and just for the record I could not give a monkey's uncle where you post, it really does not worry me.

Tinkerbell43 said...


I would reiterate, it is not about where you post.

You may feel Rosie has insulted you, I dont, when we see you posting over there after everything you have said, it does make one wonder if you would still be posting on Viles if she hadn't banned you.

And if you think Rosie has insulted you, it is nothing in comparison to what Clawdia has said about you, now they were insults and extremely personal too.

Rosiepops said...

I have checked the site meter and Gina may not have made the post, but it does come through Spain but entered via Portugal.

It looks like someone in Portugal went to the trouble of opening a proper account with Google under your name and then used a proxy in Spain to make it look like you.

Gina I will leave you to your own conclusions.

tony said...

You have mail.

Rosiepops said...

Thanks Tony, I have replied to you.

And thanks for bringing that to my attention, hopefully we can illicit a favourable response!

tony said...

I have replied.

Christabel said...


Would you like to admit you are lying about that post at 10.17? Also the one where you say you haven't looked in for a couple of days.

Nobody else can log in with your blogger ID and I'm sorry to tell these posts are from the same blogger number.

I can show you if you want!
Now see how I have logged on, just as you did.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Chris,

There is no accounting for some people is there?

Gina said...

christabel take a closer look

Yes I can sign in as you did, the name is black. If I sign in with my blogger ID I get the blogger sign in red not grey which is showing on my screen on my alledged 10.22

No Rosie there is no accounting for people is there. I am entitled to an opinion as long as it is yours it seems. I happen to think the people of Portugal should make up their own minds and said so and it is clear you do not like it

Tinkerbell43 said...


It has nothing to do with opinions aswell you know. We have published many of your opinions that are not shared by us.

If I know Rosie, she is probably like me, not even aware of your latest opinion on Portugal. If Rosie didnt like your opinion she would challenge you on it.

You know different than to say your opinions must agree with Rosie.

christabel said...

No Gina,
you take a closer look, just right click on your names, and look at your blogger proflie.
NO TWO Blogger ID's can be the same.

gina said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
christabel said...


who did this then?, you said, "I have not looked on this site for a couple of days so that is why I have not answered any posts".
This is a few you can have more if required.

Referrer No referring link
Host Name btosat-217-***-**-**
IP Address 217.***.**.** Gina
Country Spain
Region Comunidad Valenciana
City Alicante
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length Multiple visits spread over more than one day
Browser IE 7.0
Operating System WinXP
Resolution 1024x768
Javascript Enabled

Navigation Path
Date Time Type WebPage
27th March 2009 13:54:29 Page View
27th March 2009 13:54:43 Exit Link
27th March 2009 15:29:15 Page View
27th March 2009 15:29:33 Exit Link
28th March 2009 13:56:12 Page View
28th March 2009 13:58:10 Exit Link
28th March 2009 13:59:24 Page View
28th March 2009 13:59:34 Exit Link
28th March 2009 14:01:04 Page View
29th March 2009 12:09:09 Page View
29th March 2009 12:09:18 Exit Link
29th March 2009 12:27:10 Page View
29th March 2009 12:35:33 Page View
29th March 2009 12:35:51 Exit Link
29th March 2009 12:59:07 Page View
29th March 2009 12:59:26 Exit Link
29th March 2009 13:17:59 Page View
29th March 2009 13:18:18 Exit Link
29th March 2009 13:26:18 Page View
29th March 2009 13:26:27 Exit Link
29th March 2009 14:00:12 Exit
29th March 2009 14:00:13 Page
29th March 2009 14:00:40 Page
29th March 2009 17:24:01 Page View
29th March 2009 17:26:06 Page View
29th March 2009 18:21:09 Page View
29th March 2009 18:21:12 Exit Link
29th March 2009 18:54:38 Page View
29th March 2009 18:55:45 Exit Link
29th March 2009 18:57:17 Page View
29th March 2009 18:57:19 Exit Link

Mum21 said...

Good Evening all,

Sorry, but I have been out all day.
Gina, I also don't care where you post...but I do find it a touch hypocritical to post away merrily on Claudia's blog after all you have said to us about her.
It would be a bit like me joining Viv's blog and chatting in a friendly manner to her.
But as I is up to you.

I am now going to check my stats to see if that was Gina who posted at 10.17am

Mum21 said...

In my opinion it was NOT Gina posting on here at 10.17am.
There was only one person on the blog at that time and she was using an AOL proxy server. Below are the details..minus the IP number.

HostName :

IP : ***********

Last Visit : 1 Day(s)



Region/State: ENGLAND


Domain: US Commercial

Language: English UK

Browser: Netscape [Win XP]

Screen Res: 1280x1024 4 Billion colors (32 bit)

Javascript: Enabled

Page Views: 2

Daily Visits: 1

Visit Length: 44 minute(s) 48 second

Entry Page: Madeleine Beth McCann

Exit Page: Madeleine Beth McCann

Exit Link:

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mum

It was Gina did you not see all the stats that Chris put up? This is Gina on the site when she said she had not looked in for a few days, it is there in black and white and cannot be disputed, all of those had nothing to do with AOL. AOL is almost always a proxy server anyway, it has people who have the same IP numbers, it is a well known fact and I would not put any trust in anything that showed up as AOL.

I think you may have accidentally looked up the wrong entry, don't forget the clocks were altered today!

Also another thing which is strange the post which has "pmsl" in which Gina says she did not make, has an IDENTICAL blogger number to Gina's account, how does Gina explain this? No one can have the same blogger account number. Now Gina and anyone else can check this out.

All this would not have occurred if Gina had not done what she done and I could not care less where you post Gina and by the way, if I was at all worried about you having different opinions to me, why did I allow all your posts on here over the past weeks? I did not agree with hardly any of them, but I still published them and I did not even bother to argue with you most of the time either, I just let you get on with it. AND WELL YOU KNOW IT!I think you have a selective memory Gina.
You just use this as a way out of an embarrassing situation you created for yourself (yet again) and that is unfair. I said I was surprised that you went over to Claudia's ans started posting over there, that does NOT mean that I don't want you to, in fact stay there please do and I hope you will be very happy posting alongside all of those people you insulted.

No matter what they may say to you, they know deep down you cannot be trusted, how do they know you will not turn on them again, like you did to us? Like you did elsewhere? you have crossed the divide so many times, I honestly do not think you know where you are yourself anymore.
We can't trust you, whatever I am or whatever you lot think of me, I have never changed my position. One never knows with you what you are going to do next, talk about volatile!

And Gina, another thing, when someone upsets you, you really flip, you lose control completely and often get things back to front, yet it is alright for you to take to task anyone who upsets you and it is OK to defend yourself, but apparently I mustn't?

I think there is a lot of hypocrisy floating here and it isn't coming from me.

Mum21 said...

Hi Rosie, I agree that Gina has been on this blog several times over the last few days...and I agree she has posted here. But that comment at 10.17am was not made from Gina's computer. I can vouch for that. Whoever it is somebody Gina knows. Somebody who knows how to log in to Gina's blogger account.
I also now know who Zetta is..but that I won't publish on this blog.

As for Gina...I am not at all worried where she posts. If she wants to now go tittle tattling to Claudia about us...that is fine too. One day she may just wake up and realise who her true friends are. Gina like everbody else has to learn by her owm mistakes. I have stuck up for her many times in the past...but not anymore.
Gina, you are on your own now.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mum

Zetta ought to be very thankful that it is this blog and not the other one she frequents, look what happens when you upset them! What a complete numpty!

dianeh said...

Not that I care where Gina posts, but if she really wants to post where fence sitters are welcome, then she should try the PFA site.

dianeh said...

I took a look at Chaosraptors this morning. Looks like the 3A's and Mr Bennett might have bitten off a bit more than they can chew.

Mum21 said...

Zetta may lurk on this blog and post once in a while...but she posts mainly on Claudia's blog and that was her downfall...and how I tracked down who she is.

Anonymous said...

I do so hope that each and every MP who was sent a copy of THE LEAFLET has taken the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the 3As forum. Those MP's that have must surely think that it is a meeting place for utter nutters.

Gerry's haircut, Madeleine's neck, dilated pupils, viking burials, blackmail, fraud, murder, swinging, drugs abuse, Freemasons, Jehovah's, MI6, Prince Charles, The Queen, alcoholism, scalping, hypnosis, mind control,secret services, post natal depression. Bloody hell I could go on for ever.

Let's just hope that all MP's get to read the trash written there.

PS I used to suffer from depression and was going to ask my GP for some pills to help, but I have found that the best remedy in the world is to log onto the 3As and I find myself PMSL all day long.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Anon 10.25

I could not agree more with you. I think sending that leaflet out to all those MPs was the best service Bennett could have done, now perhaps those in authority will take a closer look at it and its appalling libel, bizarre and sick theories and call time on it!

I can't see how any sane MP would want their name associated with that place and Tony Bennett!

Rosiepops said...

I wonder if Stella's viking long boat has finally met its Coup de grâce?

tony said...

Anonymous said...
viking burials,
30 March 2009 10:25
Viking Burials???????????!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony,

Viking Burials? Where do I start? There was this poster going by the ID of "STELLA", she posts on the hate blogs and the 3 A's.

She once said on the 3 A's that Gerry buried Madeleine at sea and when she was pressed for how, when the world's press was on his shoulder etc and how come the boat drifting with poor little Madeleine's body in had not be discovered floating around the seas, she said that he could have given her a Viking burial, I kid you not! (And YES she was serious) She actually wanted us all to believe that Gerry put Madeleine in a boat in Praia da Luz and sent it out to sea ABLAZE and that is how he disposed of the body.

Quite how she thought this burning boat could go undetected in a busy shipping lane in Praia da Luz where there is also a a large Marina and with the worlds press and TV cameras dogging his every move is a mystery.

Needless to say even on the 3 A's this was greeted with disbelief at best and hysterical laughter at worse!

Poor Stella!

tony said...

Rosiepops said 30 March 2009 14:45
And Jesus wept as he realised he had released amongst his flock....Nutters who reside at the 3A'!!!!!!!

Rosiepops said...

Someone emailed me these posts today.

They are all from a poster called Zetta, note the date and the time of these posts. They all run consecutively Our site meter records her in and out of this blog at all times of the day and night, I wonder if she ever sleeps!
Note she has the temerity to call me a stalker.

If Zetta wants to see what a stalker looks like, she should look at herself in the mirror!

Every single one of these posts is about me and about this blog.

She is obsessed with me and she is obsessed with this blog.

You are a sick 'narcissist' "Zetta" and why would I want to find another word to describe you and people like you when this one does adequately well?

Zetta said...
I have to say that I don't agree with ripping up posters of Madeleine, as she isn't the one at fault in this whole mess.Even if the McCanns haven't earned the co-operation of people, surely Madeleine has.

As far as a child-loving culture is concerned, I think people everywhere love their children (or at least the vast majority do!), but they show their love for the children in different ways. For example (before this is misconstrued by Stalker Rosie and Co), children generally love sweets and chocolate. Some parents give their children sweets and chocolate, because they know they love them; others won't give them sweets and chocolate because they are unhealthy. Neither is bad, they just have different ideas on child-rearing.

J4 Blog

Have you noticed that Stalker Rosie has pictures of Viv's children in her Photobucket account? Stalker or what?

Bum is throwing around insults and making threats (if you aren't my best friend, I'm telling). Just like at primary school.

Stalker Rosie and Bum say their main purpose is to stop people making false accusations and then they spend all their time accusing others of things!Idiot hypocrites.

Perhaps Stalker Rosie is just insanely jealous (of blogs where people don't talk to themselves) and riled because the forum is dying a death. (Wait for the sudden increase in posters there after an emergency PM is sent out to make people log on!)

Goza as tuas férias, Cláudia! Bom domingo e muchos beijinhos para ti!

March 29, 2009 8:10 AM


Zetta said...
Gina, I don't know what Rosiepops is talking about signing up with your name and routing through Spain (I don't think she does either, but at least she has used a long word) someone used an OpenID and linked it to your profile, so if your BloggerID was checked, it would be your real BloggerID. Whoever did this OpenID thing seems to forget that you don't have BloggerIDs with an OpenID. It would be like having a address when you have a Yahoo account.

Apart from that I don't think anyone minds which views you have on the case. J4 are just mad because of where you are posting, not your views.

By the way Cláudia, you are right about Clarence M's stupid statement that leaving kids alone is a cultural thing. Completely idiotic.

March 29, 2009 1:57 PM


Zetta said...

I had a quick look at what Stalker Rosie wrote and she was trying to make Gina think that a Portuguese person dropped her in it.

As I said before she was talking junk because you dont get a Google ID with an OpenID.Why the woman must present all her opinions as fact Ill never know.

Anyhow they have written quite a few posts about not caring where Gina posts.There is too much protest going on there.

March 29, 2009 2:50 PM


Zetta said...
No! Apparently it was all a question of how you or Amaral routed everything!Stop routing! You have been found out, you narcissistically narcissitic narcissist! :-o

March 29, 2009 3:04 PM


Zetta said...
Stalker Rosie who complained about Nancy's spelling wrote:

Thanks Tony, I have replied to you.

And thanks for bringing that to my attention, hopefully we can illicit a favourable response!

Nice going!

March 29, 2009 3:11 PM

Zetta said...
Hi Gina and Cláudia
They do nothing but throw around insults and accusations. Do what Cláudia said. They KNOW they are lying, but it is what they do all the time. First of all Rosie said it wasnt you, now she is agreeing with Christabel. What does that say about her?

March 29, 2009 6:06 PM


By the way "Zetta" if you are going to take the p out of my spelling and using the word narcissist, you could try learning to spell it correctly yourself first.

Oh and I did actually mean 'illicit' but as you have no idea what I was referring to, I can't see how you can form an opinion, never mind next time I use a word out of context or in deliberate error, I'll try and remember to place (sic) just for you, as it is obvious you are pedantic, as well as being a narcissist. (And butt ugly)

Tinkerbell43 said...

Oh dear Zetta, you really need to get over Rosie, that is one unhealthy obsession you have there!

As for being insanely jealous, of what exactly ? Blogs where people dont talk to themselves, your having a laugh, you people cant even construct a sentance with any substance to it.

Glad you take an interest in our forum, is there anything we dont do that you take an interest in! and you have the audacity to label Rosie a stalker, you want to have a word with yourself!

BTW, don't worry yourself over the Forum, there are places where your huge conk cant reach! All will be revealed! As for emergency PMs being sent out, I think you are confusing us with someone else.

Rosiepops said...

Zetta said...
Gina, I don't know what Rosiepops is talking about signing up with your name and routing through Spain (I don't think she does either, but at least she has used a long word) someone used an OpenID and linked it to your profile, so if your BloggerID was checked, it would be your real BloggerID. Whoever did this OpenID thing seems to forget that you don't have BloggerIDs with an OpenID. It would be like having a address when you have a Yahoo account.


I think it is Zetta that doesn't know what she is talking about, she certainly doesn't know about 'Open Id's', I do though, perhaps she is not as clever as she likes to think she is.

You cannot link to an open ID moron. You just put in any old name like say "Stella" for instance, or perhaps 'Gina', or even 'Rosie's Mole' lol Rosie's Mole, a mole that publishes posts that have already been puiblicly posted, oh dear.

However if you use the open ID way to post your name would come up in BLACK.

The PMSL post was in blue and it carried exactly the same Blogger number as Gina ie

Gina said...
PMSL Rosie, what business is it of yours where I post?

29 March 2009 10:17

Blogger ID number

Gina's Blogger number is

and they both link to

They both have profile views of 250 (at last count)

If this is wrong then Gina has a problem, and she needs to contact Google, apparently they do take identity theft very seriously and they would investigate it.

As for Zetta, can I help it if you are dried up old prune no one takes any notice of?

Aunty Vanessa said...

Ha Ha Rosie,

Its all that Dundee cake she eats.

Rosiepops said...

Yeah that is a lot of nuts for one cake!

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tinks,

Those posts that were sent to us of that lot on that blog, remind me of the 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' They are all completely bonkers and sit around talking nothing but gibberish all day, except for Zetta of course and she throws in a bit of stalking to break the monotony.

Once upon a time There was a blog, called 'proud of the PJ' it was set out on the world wide web for all to see. Now not that many people visited this blog and strangely enough not one single PJ ever visited it. The owner Claudia79 AKA the Mad Hatter and Gina AKA the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea one day, talking about oh nothing really, they could talk for hours about nothing, they were really very good at talking about nothing, Gina was especially good at talking about nothing. The Dormouse AKA 'Stella' oops sorry I mean Zetta, was sitting between them, fast asleep! Poor Zetta was tired as she had just returned from a hectic round of stalking Rosie, unknown to the dozy Zetta, the other two were using her as a cushion and talking over its head. How uncomfortable for the Zetta Dormouse,' thought Alice' AKA Nebulous Nancy.

The blog wasn't a large one, but they were all crowded in together, chitter, chatter, witter, watter (sic see I remembered) chitter, chatter, witter, watter they went, Alice tried so hard to hear what they were saying, but she thought they were all saying rhubarb, rhubarb rhubarb, still poor Alice AKA Nebulous Nancy, wasn't really the sharpest tool in the box.

Suddenly Claudia AKA the Mad Hatter, typed furiously away at her keyboard like a thing possessed and when poor Alice AKA nebulous Nancy read it, it consisted of the word 'nothing' over and over again, poor Mad Hatter had turned into Jack Torrance from The Shining and the whole PJ Blog had turned into that other film;

'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' and suddenly they all realised they were living on a mental ward.

tony said...

Hey Zit,
Rosie was replying to me and not you. Also, it could have been about you for all anyone knows; including you.

It did go to someone in authority.
So you Zit there and think about it

Rosiepops said...

I know I shouldn't be shocked by what appears pn the 3 A's and certainly not where this Stevo is concerned, but the 3 A's has done it yet again! They never lose the ability to stoop lower than previously.

The 3A's has a slogan it says where the "truth flows freely" they should change this to "the 3 A's where the truth doesn't matter"


I have made this post, how long it lasts is another thing.

JayJay Post subject: Re: Where is Madeleine's Neck?Posted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:43 am

New In Town

Joined: Sat Feb 07, 2009 4:46 pm
Posts: 8 I have logged in specifically to ask the OP of this thread to stop this defilement of this little girl and the images of her.

None of you know what you are talking about and quite honestly this is coming across as sick beyond belief. Can you not allow this child any dignity at all? The people taking part in this lurid discussion ought to feel deeply ashamed of themselves.

Please, please stop it, Madeleine is an innocent child she does not deserve this completely amateurish discussion about things none of you obviously know anything about. Apart from that it is libellous!

Please pull this thread, it serves no one any purpose, least of all Madeleine.


Rosiepops said...

Look at this postmade by Lillyofthevalley (Lilly of the loony more like!)

lillyofthevalley Post subject: Re: Where is Madeleine's Neck?Posted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:07 pm

Hardened Criminal

Joined: Fri Apr 11, 2008 7:31 am
Posts: 1653

Well I have to say I could'nt quite understand this thread, thinking not the last picture again. Having looked at the picture and looking at it long enough you can actually see it looks superimposed as already said the skin is a different colour. Stevo I think you are on to something, wonder if the PJ know about this!!

ETA :Stir at it long enough and you can see the head dosen't quite look right imo

She thinks that Stevo's on to something, so do I actually, probably a prison sentence in the cell next to Bren, do they do mixed prisons?

Now don't forget to "stir" at it long enough!

When are these imbeciles going to stop doing this to this innocent child? When are they going to realise that the photos are genuine, that there is not conspiracy and Madeleine was abducted, simple as that?

While they are doing this, this poor little girl may be still out there waiting to be found and when she is, all that lot on the 3 A's and the snot green blog and the dolts on the Proud of the PJ Blog, can all give themselves a pat on the back, for the effort they all put into protecting 'child abductors' and corrupt policemen.

Rosiepops said...

Take a look at this post by 'Stevo', this proves that this person is not in this for Madeleine's sake, but more to satisfy his megalomaniac tendencies and to try and portray himself as some kind of whiz where all things computer and digital imagery are concerned. He is also not avers to dropping in the odd sexually explicit perverted theory about Madeleine either!

In the post below and the subsequent posts he makes, he is so condescending it makes you wonder why they cannot see it. Like he knows? Like hell he does, this man writes the biggest load of twaddle I have seen for many a year!

One thing Stevo, here is a direct challenge;

Stop talking twaddle and go to Bennett and display proof that experts have looked at these photos.

By proof I mean the names and addresses of the experts that have given their 'considered' opinion.

The data they used and how they arrived at their 'opinions'.

These 'so-called' experts (and you) will also need to supply the 'PROVEN' copies of the 'ORIGINAL' photographs used in their study.

It is NOT ENOUGH to simply quote 'experts have said' any old Tom, Dick and Jose' can say that and it proves absolutely nothing.

Until you have done this, your thread 'Where's Madeleine's Neck' has NO credibility and not only that it is contentious and libellous and should be removed.

It is grossly offensive to Madeleine and her family and it is not showing this little girl any respect at all and it is certainly not affording her the dignity that she has a right to expect.

I hope to goodness that it is not too long before this forum is taken down, it is an affront to reason and logic and it is an absolute disgrace, it is also depraved in parts and thinks nothing of defiling this innocent child.

Stevo has apparently been left in charge while "Bren spends more time with her family" (sounds like something a disgraced politician would say).

Stevo is the person that designed Bennett's web site.

Stevo is the person that wrote that sexually explicit theory about Madeleine.

To leave Stevo in charge of that forum is like leaving a paedophile in charge of class of children!

Stevo Post subject: Re: Where is Madeleine's Neck?Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2009 12:44 am

Mafia Boss

Joined: Tue Feb 26, 2008 4:05 pm
Posts: 2928 nicked wrote:
Is there anyone who does not think it would be relevant to a discussion of the OP to have more information about some experts who have apparently studied the last photo and concluded that it may be photoshopped. I mean, that is what the thread is about after all.

I for one would be interested to know what forensic techniques they used to analyse the image and or data.

If I told you, you wouldn't understand.

The metadata is simply alterable with the simplest of hex editors freely available on the Internet. Therefore no forensic science is needed to show that this data is easily altered and therefore faked. You don't need an expert to tell you that. It's like saying you need an expert to tell you how to make a cup of tea or else you don't believe someone can make a cup of tea.

As for describing the pixel data and how the RGB values of each pixel vary compared to their neighbours and by looking at histograms of the average colour values is concerned, you are probably not at the same level of expertise so how can it be discussed with you?

Rosiepops said...

Oh would you believe 'Stevo' now thinks he can see grass through Gerry's ear where his sunglasses sit.

You couldn't make this cr*p up really could you?

Rosiepops said...

One thing that strikes me in these pictures, is how much alike the twins and Madeleine look, putting paid to the ridiculous notion that Gerry McCann is not Madeleine's father!

Irish Photographs

Rosiepops said...

Message to Gina and Zetta,


You have no fear that your private posts will be published on here and we assumed that you did not want last night's one published either? So we again have withheld it at 'your' request.

Strange isn't it? I have been slagged off for not publishing people's posts, yet you know every post you wanted published on here, has been published, contrary to most of them being in direct contrast to what I actually believe happened. You know this to be true Gina, yet you conveniently fail to mention this.

Yet the ones you do not wish published have not been, thus respecting your requests.

Not bad for a blog that has been accused of ridiculously withholding over a 1000 posts. (Laughable Zetta - where do you get your ridiculous information from?)

Posts withheld on this blog were those sent in by Viv when she had a mental breakdown on line and went on the rampage and those sent in by Zetta herself, which were equally as mental and completely off topic. They total around 30 posts at most!

Where does Zetta get the remaining 970 from?

Zetta you really must quell your urge to exaggerate and over egg something, I hope your colleagues do not apply the same dubious quality to any research they may undertake?

tony said...

Rosiepops said...
Oh would you believe 'Stevo' now thinks he can see grass through Gerry's ear where his sunglasses sit.

You couldn't make this cr*p up really could you?
Ahahahahahahahahahaha Eheeheeheehee.
Bad Rosie, Naughty Rosie!
I have just spilled my first cup of coffee all over my keyboard!

Rosiepops said...

Morning Tony,


Obviously something has been spilled over 'Stevo's' keyboard. (Probably at birth!)

Gina said...

In reply to your message to me Rosie, you can publish what I said last night if you want. Whether you except it or not I was actually trying to warn you offline that someone knows how to use other peoples identities. You could be next, but you will not listen to me on this issue and whether you like it or not you are being made a fool of and not by me.

I am now totally past caring what you think of me, my posts and where I post. I have disagreed with Claudia on many occasions and said some nasty things I admit but when someone is prepared to put that behind them and allow me to post on a particular thread that I felt strongly about, I appreciate that. Just like you were happy for me to post about Viv when it suited you, but the minute I posted on Claudia's Astro thread, I became public enemy No 1.

I will tell you this, neither side will draw me into a cross slanging match on a personal basis, so post what you like of mine if that makes you happy and if it stirs a load of sh.t, then we will all know who chose to stir it. It's up to you, please yourself.

Mum21 said...

Stevo said...

If I told you, you wouldn't understand.

The metadata is simply alterable with the simplest of hex editors freely available on the Internet. Therefore no forensic science is needed to show that this data is easily altered and therefore faked. You don't need an expert to tell you that. It's like saying you need an expert to tell you how to make a cup of tea or else you don't believe someone can make a cup of tea.

As for describing the pixel data and how the RGB values of each pixel vary compared to their neighbours and by looking at histograms of the average colour values is concerned, you are probably not at the same level of expertise so how can it be discussed with you?


Try me Stevo....I have more knowledge and expertise on the subject than you have had hot dinners. I may not be up on the technical side of computers....but when it comes to photo-shopping, compared to me you are an amateur.
I have taken all those photos on your sick thread and put them through the works...and they are NOT photo-shopped in any way at all.

You sick b*stard!

Mum21 said...

I see the Madeleine Foundation website was created by Stevo...that in itself is proof he is an amateur in website building and web graphics.

Stevo just suffers the affliction of an over-inflated ego.
I am afraid there is no cure for that.

tony said...

Bill Gates Says Hi and thanks you for using his script. He requests you now put into practice that which you preach. Oh and advises you obtain special spectacles to blot out the mysterious grass that only you can see.

Mum21 said...

Cláudia said...
Gina, don't feed them. They desperately need reasons to continue talking about this. Even Bum seems to think it wasn't you although she was careful enough not to say it in a too strong manner so not to piss the stalking thing off. She knows very well what happens when someone pisses her off, so she chose her words carefully. Just enjoy your day!

March 31, 2009 11:17 AM


Let's get this straight Claudia once and for all. I do not THINK it was not Gina...I KNOW it was not..ok?
One thing you can be sure of...I am NOT frightened to speak my mind. Not on here...not anywhere!

Mum21 said...

PS Claudia.

The person who posted that message in Gina's name...posts on YOUR blog.

Mum21 said...

Gina said...
Claudia, I too think Mum is probably the only one that has sense see what happened and why, I am not feeding them, I am really seeing the funny side of it as I said. In fact funny because, I know what I know, it is not me that has been made a fool of.


Gina, actually it is you who is feeding them because you keep going on about it on Claudia's blog. The person on Claudia's blog that made that post in your name must be laughing her head off at you.
Why don't you just forget it and carry on chatting.
When the time is right I will expose the ID thief....but when I am ready, not before!

Rosiepops said...


First I do not care where you post, what you say or how you say it - feel free. You are totally missing the point and I cannot be bothered to explain it any longer. As for this business between you and Claudia, I have no interest in it, until this silly business blew up I had forgotten Claudia's blog even existed, it is hardly the hub of lively debate is it?

Basically Gina it appears to have gone over your head again, all I was trying to say is that you need not fear that we would publish any posts you have sent us in private, it is not something we would do.

Bye Gina.

Second, I have a theory which I apply, it has served me well throughout my whole life, I know a great many people both on and off line, I trust very few, the people I trust know they have my trust and believe me when I say, I am not as green as I am cabbage looking!

Gina said...

Mum, Rosie 21.19 last night still giving out my ID number etc. If you want to put an end to it as I do then remove all the posts with my ID's in. End of as far as I am concerned.

Rosiepops said...


There must be around 100 comments of yours littered all over this blog, probably more, if you want to go through them all and remove them, feel free, I am not doing it, I have better things to do. You have the dustbin facility on your posts we never removed it from you, like they do on some blogs.
It doesn't matter though, your posts on every blog you have posted on will carry that exact same ID.

If your ID has been breached why don't you contact Google? They can and do investigate every claim and will trace the IP back to the person and they will take action.

I would have thought something as serious as Identity theft would have warranted this, mind you, in order for them to investigate they do need you to verify who you really are and to supply them with relevant documentation.

If anyone does use my ID I will lose no time in doing this, I could go on, but I will leave the rest as a surprise.

Now I consider this matter closed, I do not want the blog turned into the 'Gina Show', blimey Gina, you must admit you do have a propensity for doing this, no matter which blog you contribute to.

tony said...

Yo Stevo,
thought I would do you a favor Buddy. Save you having to continue to explain the neck and grass thing.
I have forwarded your pictures of contention to the specialists.
They should be intouch with you sometime this week.

I bet they will be questioning why you are trying so hard to prove the child is no longer alive.
You know what they are like!

Mum21 said...

Hi with the long nose. Look how many times you have lurked on our blog today. Have you nothing better to do with your time.....or is stalking your speciality?

7:16 Madeleine Beth McCann

7:19 Madeleine Beth McCann

8:15 Madeleine Beth McCann

12:37 Madeleine Beth McCann

12:44 Madeleine Beth McCann

15: 2 Madeleine Beth McCann

15: 7 Madeleine Beth McCann

16:18 Madeleine Beth McCann

17:22 Madeleine Beth McCann

18:44 Madeleine Beth McCann

Rosiepops said...

It is surprising how many people that tune into these blogs during the day time from universities, I think the tax payer is paying them too much!

Mum21 said...

How right you are Rosie. Just think back to the amount of bloggers that have confessed to being teachers...but they still manage to blog away to their hearts content. I cannot help but wonder who is doing the tutoring whilst the tutor sits glued to a computer screen...blogging.

Anonymous said...

Gina said...

Claudia I asked J4 to remove the posts they made with all my details. Needless to say that was misunderstood, It was said I should remove my own posts (they are the ones that were ok at the time but are not now BTW). I want you to make me a promise, if I respond to another single comment on J4 ban me from here please

March 31, 2009 3:18 PM

Tee Hee Hee!

tony said...

Mum I is lurking too, my bad:))
Rosie, I will email you later.
Zetta, Kooee...numpty!

Anonymous said...

Gina said...

Claudia I asked J4 to remove the posts they made with all my details. Needless to say that was misunderstood, It was said I should remove my own posts (they are the ones that were ok at the time but are not now BTW). I want you to make me a promise, if I respond to another single comment on J4 ban me from here please

March 31, 2009 3:18 PM

Gina - for christsake Grow Up!

Talk about milk a situation!

Rosiepops said...

Gina said...

Claudia I asked J4 to remove the posts they made with all my details. Needless to say that was misunderstood, It was said I should remove my own posts (they are the ones that were ok at the time but are not now BTW). I want you to make me a promise, if I respond to another single comment on J4 ban me from here please

March 31, 2009 3:18 PM


So let's get this straight, I am slagged off if I remove posts and slagged off if I don't?

For someone that doesn't want to post here any longer you sure keep hanging about. Now go back to the class of dunces, they are missing you.

Anonymous said...

I notice Gina has been telling Claudia about her policeman friends and how they tell her their views etc. When she told us about them we were asked to keep it confidential because she did not want Viv, Claudia and docmac to know anything about it.
That woman is beyond belief.

Rosiepops said...

Anonymous said...
I notice Gina has been telling Claudia about her policeman friends and how they tell her their views etc. When she told us about them we were asked to keep it confidential because she did not want Viv, Claudia and docmac to know anything about it.
That woman is beyond belief.


I find it all very odd, however, at least we kept her confidence.

I wonder where she will post next when it all goes belly up on the Proud of the corrupt Portuguese police blog?

Mum21 said...

Hi Rosie,

To be honest with you I think Gina has almost run out of blogs to post on. Claudia's is the end of the line for her.
What I find hardest to understand is how she can chat away in such a friendly manner over there after ALL she has said about them...especially Claudia. I wonder if that is why she always put "Not for the blog" on her most attacking comments aimed at Claudia. Sort of leaving her options open.
Oh is her problem and no skin off my nose.

dianeh said...

Hi Everyone

I want to make a comment about Gina.

I dont want to hear anymore about her. Can we please not bother to comment about her anymore? She has chosen to post over there with Clawdia, so be it.

End of story. She is no loss to this blog.

I only ask that we dont have to see anymore of her posts at all.

tony said...

This may very well be the solution to your problem

"The man was arrested under provisions of the Serious Crime Act that outlaw "intentionally encouraging or assisting an offence", "encouraging or assisting an offence believing it will be committed" and "encouraging or assisting offences believing one or more will be committed". Officers from Kent questioned the man for several hours with his lawyer present, before releasing him on bail to appear at a police station in May."
It will save you having to pay monies to bring the Sack down.

Mum21 said...

Hi Diane,

You are right...we now need to move on.
I agree no more of Gina's comments should be posted on here.

vee8 said...

Tony, that is VERY interesting! You have my gratitude my friend!

Rosiepops said...

Gina? Gina who?

tony said...

You have mail

tony said...

Hi all.
I have posted an article on my blog
Please read and decide the right thing to do

Rosiepops said...

Will do Tony. Have been very preoccupied with our forum these past few days, have not had much time for anything else lol

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony, you have mail.

Excellent article, is there no depths to which this person will not stoop? What a complete low life!
I just wonder what kind of world he inhabits, the same one as Walter Mitty I think! The man is an arse!

tony said...

Rosie Again You Have Mail

Tinkerbell43 said...

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting that up.

More proof if ever it was needed that this person is desperate to thwart the search for Madeleine.

Something is seriously wrong here. IMO this is not just him and him alone, he doesn't have the balls to go it alone!

Rosiepops said...

Well we know he is in cahoots with Amaral, he said so himself! the snide.

tony said...

Mail :))

vee8 said...

tony said...
Hi all.
I have posted an article on my blog
Please read and decide the right thing to do

Tony, bent tit himself has given us the answer. He has kindly supplied us with the e-mail address of the home secretary. We simply point out to her that he is an inveterate liar, as proven on at least 60 counts, and in particular when he stresses that the parents are still suspects in Madeleine's disapearance. They are not. And despite the mindless whitterings of clawdia, the investigation in Portugal is NOT still going on, it has been shelved, and no matter how much claws, zitface bent tit and others may wish it so, it will not be acted on further until new evidence is handed to the PJ on a plate. All these lies need to be presented to the Home Secretary in a clear and polite manner, so that she understands where the bald headed creep is coming from. Also she needs to be made aware of the full depth of the depravity on 3a's, a site bent tit prominently attaches himself to. A convicted murderer, convicted sex offenders, convicted paedophiles, and numerous other criminal convictions, all among it's members. A site known and proven to send threats of violence to supporters, a site that carries out campaigns of intimidation, harrasment and libel, forcing supporters out of their jobs. All this and more bent tit happily associates himself with. Mrs Smith would do well to heed all of this. The Leicestershire police, by their actions of allowing the link to remain on their site, have clearly shown where they stand on the so-called 'evidence of guilt' issue, and the parents, by continually begging for information have clearly proven their innocence. Perhaps it is time for the laws of incitement to hatred were tightened up? We have laws against incitement to hatred against race, religeon or gay groups, perhaps Mrs Smith would like to extend that law to protect individuals, and make vile cesspits that promote hatred of any sort illegal? Perhaps that would make bent tit sit up and take notice.

Mum21 said...

Zetta said...
Everything is very quiet on the J4 blog. Vee was on calling people stupid names a four-year-old would be proud of and writing his usual hate messages saying hate should be illegal :-o . Mum21 must be tightening up the manacles on the ducks feet in her garden while Rosie (if the photos in her Photobucket account are anything to go by) is possibly hiding in Viv's bushes to get some more pictures for the account.

Back off to enjoy the sun.

Até logo!

April 4, 2009 12:14 PM

Wrong again... Idiot.
I have in fact been enjoying some quality time with my family in the sunshine.
You should try it being glued to a computer screen.
Oh, sorry I forgot...who on earth would want to spend quality time with YOU.

vee8 said...

zit-face, are you getting worried yet? You should be! The McCann's are going to find out the truth, and there ain't nothing you can do to stop it!

Rosiepops said...

Well they cannot say we did not warn them that something would come out, but the best is yet to come!

Rosiepops said...

And as ever, Claudia, Vile, Bent-NIT, LA, Bren, well as proved they know nothing! (including ugly butt ball Zetta and Dr_Val/Photon)

tony said...

I enclose merely one of the milder threats.
" "I might give up on this forum in the near future, I've seen one or two posters I'm not to happy about. I might go start a blog and star posting personal details and lies up about some of the Pro McCanites and PFA and Raptors crew and the companies they work for." ~Laffin Assassin"
Above and below threats
Covered By the Serious Crime Act
Threatening Raptor's
The lady who was harassed at her workplace
Vee8' harassment
Threatening emails that have now been traced to computers of origin
And so much more!!!!

vee8 said...

It is now clearly transparet what is happening, at least to those of us with inteligence. Read here first.

As Katie so rightly pointed out, this vandalism will not attract tourists back to PDL, it will have the opposite effect, and drive them away. Tantamount to financial and business suicide. So, lets be clear, so that the likes of zit-face, bent tit, luz and claws get it into their stupid heads.

This has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with a few disgruntled shopkeepers. It is now transparently obviously all part of an orchestrated campaign to block the McCann's from gaining that vital piece of information. Information that will lead them to Madeleine, her abductors, and all those who have been covering this all up, including the people on 3a's and other sites. The idea that the McCann's are only doing this in an attempt to convince us of their innocence is laughable and derisable, since they have already been declaired innocent by the Portuguese authorities, and no amount of anti 'spin' can change that irrifutable fact. The McCann's are now closing in on the abductors, and those vermin are now getting increasingly worried, and are trying to intimidate the locals, to stop them talking. We can see it, the British press can see it, the TV and media can see it, even the govt can see it. The only ones who can't see the truth behind all this are those with brains so warped they are only interested in adding pain to the parents. But the truth will be found, and bent tit, and all his cohorts, cannot now stop it, the force for truth is now too powerfull.

vee8 said...

Tony, just added a link from my site to yours! Fair exchange, I feel, as I think you are doing a terrific job of exposing the hypocrites and liars on the 3a's!

tony said...

You Have Mail

Rosiepops said...

Hi Tony

So do you ;-)

Rosiepops said...

Hi tony

you have urgent mail!

Mum21 said...

Zetta said...
Mum21's family have no doubt leapt (cheering) onto the nearest bus away from the duck jail and are on their way home.Wouldn't her son be amazed at the way his mum is on the net?

Lovely weather again, so off out again! See you!

April 5, 2009 12:27 PM

On the bus? You stupid woman. My family travel in a Jag.

Rosiepops said...

Hi Mum,

Take no notice of the rancid old hag, she is obviously jealous (and it shows).

Another one that logs in from a university when she is supposed to be working!

Mum21 said...

Hi Rosie, it would appear from Zetta's comment that she knows my son personally. :-))))
Odd that...because I thought my son had better taste when it came to people he associates with.

Either that or Zetta in plainly a LIAR!

Mum21 said...

Zetta said..
Think we are all supposed to ooh and aah at this from Mum21, the duck jailer.

Mum21 said: On the bus? You stupid woman. My family travel in a Jag.

What a complete and utter snob. The funny thing is that the rest of the comment about her son being surprised by the way his mother acts on the net wasn't mentioned! ROFLMAO. Got to get that Jag in though! Ridiculous woman.

April 5, 2009 8:51 PM

Zetta I am flattered by all this attention you are giving me. I appear to be more important to you than discussing the McCann case or the PJ.
So much so that in fact you visit this blog constantly.
As for the beats the bus everytime.

Mum21 said...

PS Zetta,
The proof is in the pudding. I posted my comment at 8.51 pm you had copied and pasted it on Claudia's blog.
If you like I could post on here the time of every visit you have made today

Rosiepops said...


Ignore her she is attention seeking again, she is obviously mentally ill and has forgotten to take her prozac.

vee8 said...

zit-face is getting worried! She is only attacking mum, because she now knows the truth about the abduction is about to be revealed. And there is nothing she can do about it. She will then FINALY realise - too late - that she has backed the wrong horse. She gambled on the life of an innocent child and lost. God knows how she sleeps at night. Well, actually I DO know how, hanging upside down by her toes from a tree branch! I wonder, what will she do for pocket money once the McCann's team finally nail the abductor? No more pay per post for THAT chimp!

Anonymous said...

by carled on Sun Apr 05, 2009 9:33 pm

viv wrote:You are not a court of law to determine what happened to little Madeleine. YOu do not know any more than the rest of us so stop trying to pretend that you do.

You want to dwell on discussing her corpse in your own words, that is revolting.

No, he's a perfectly rational and sane person developing and (crucially) providing evidence for a hypothesis or two that he has.

Viv... WHY must you persist with this whole "oh it's vile and disgusting to talk about Madeleine's corpse" rubbish? Given the published evidence it is MOST likely that she did die in that apartment (or her body lay there for a while, anyway) and that is a reality that has to be dealt with. It is HOW this came to happen that concerns those of us on here that you label as "disgusting". What's the pleasant alternative then? That she miraculously ended up in the care of a loving family? Or that she got kidnapped and abused (and, if she's not now a corpse, is STILL being abused) by some horrific gang of child molesters?

I've seen so much bile and vitriol in your posts for weeks now and you are making me utterly sick to my core with your "high horse" attitude, whilst offering nothing yourself but criticisms and verbal attacks on (mainly) the chosen language/phrases of (mainly) Tony Bennett. You are obsessed... utterly, utterly obsessed. You don't come across as a reasoned and intelligent poster with Madeleine's best interests at heart, you come across as a bitter, twisted, spiteful and vindictive individual who should be ashamed of themselves.

I heartily wish you would adopt your posting attitude to actually back up your attacks or at least try and offer some alternative points of view instead of lurking in your hole making spiteful and pointless mutterings.

Rosiepops said...

New Thread started Today!

Minute For Madeleine McCann

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