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The Name "Hewlett" is The Name That Will Just Not Go Away!

The name Hewlett will just not go away in connection with abducted Madeleine McCann.

Raymond Hewlett was a convicted paedophile who had been imprisoned for some of his crimes, amongst those crimes against children was "drugging" and "subduing" with the use of chemicals.

There is "thought" that Madeleine may have been drugged or "subdued" in some way just prior to her abduction.

Hewlett was known to have been in the vicinity when Madeleine was abducted, yet solely because of the incompetence (or maybe even worse) of the Portuguese police coordinator Goncalo Amaral who was sacked from his position and who later took "early retirement", this man who should have been arrested and thoroughly questioned, was NOT!

There have been reports that people have reported seeing Madeleine in a white van van immediately after her abduction.

Raymond Hewlett said he has never owned a white van, yet acquaintances of Hewlett have maintained that Hewlett DID have a white van hidden somewhere at the time of Madeleine's abduction.

When Hewlett and his partner Mariana and their family left Portugal for Germany, they started their journey in a white van. Tragically en-route Hewlett's small son fell out of the van while travelling through Spain, yet neither Hewlett or Mariana realised that their child had fallen from the van! Apparently not until they had travelled a few miles on did they realise he was missing, they then had to turn their van around and travel back.
It is not known whether they came upon the scene at the roadside, but Hewlett's poor little lad was tragically killed in the accident, it is so very sad, a child that was clearly disadvantaged in life and had so little, lost his life by falling from his parents van and apparently was not even missed, it makes you want to weep.
The Spanish police apparently impounded the van and apparently may still have this van in their possession.
Hewlett and Mariana's child was apparently interred in an unmarked grave and his parents were reported to want to continue with their journey very quickly, "in indecent haste" one report writes.
It is well known that this family lived a hand to mouth existence, so how could they and their five children simply carry on by rail to Germany affording the fair for two adults and five children? They would also have to feed their children and themselves on the way. How did they manage to have so much money with them to enable them to do all of this?

There were reports that Hewlett suddenly had money and did not ever seem to be short of money, this happened not long after Madeleine was abducted, why was this never investigated?

Hewlett's partner Mariana has been likened to Kate, true in one photograph I have seen she does resemble her a little, why wasn't this fully investigated? It is of absolute vital importance because of a number of reports that maintain they saw a female resembling Kate's description handing over a child, it was not Kate, because Kate's whereabouts can be accounted for at those times, so who was it? One such report comes from the father of a Portuguese police officer, who claims to have had four adults in his cab, one a woman resembling Kate McCann and another a male resembling Robert Murat. However, it has subsequently come to light that the date that the cab driver gave as the date he said the incident took place was an incorrect date, as Madeleine had NOT then gone missing. There were so many lies and spinning of this story going on at the time that it is almost impossible to get at the truth. However, for a police investigation wanting to get to truth of who took Madeleine and why, all avenues should have been investigated and must still be investigated. One of the most obvious solutions to getting at the truth, would be to try and see if the taxi driver could have perhaps accidentally mixed the dates up? Was he in the habit of logging each fare at the time he did it? If so, then this is unlikely to carry much weight, unless of course he mistook the date, it happens, but how likely this is depends very much on the personality of the cab driver himself, which is yet another reason why he should have been interviewed. However, the proclivity is there that if he did not log details at the time and only did this every few days, then there could have been room for error.
Could this person he maintains he saw have been Mariana in the act of handing the child over, or possibly moving her on? Where is this jeep with foreign number plates, was this ever traced? Could this whole incident possibly be linked with the incident reported in the Barcelona night club in some way?

Who knows? With the utter garbage that has been written about this poor child's parents it makes it virtually impossible to get to the truth, one can only hope that the McCanns private investigators have more luck!

But whatever the answers are, there 'are' answers, and they 'are' there. Someone in Praia da Luz knows what happened to Madeleine McCann and who took her and why.  It is just a matter of piecing them all the pieces together, Raymond Hewlett a convicted paedophile and his name keeps popping up  in relation to Madeleine's disappearance like the proverbial bad penny. Before he died, Hewlett has said he had an alibi for the night Madeleine went missing but refused to divulge it, this is not alibi, this is just avoiding telling the truth, and if he did have an alibi for that night perhaps his partner Mariana, now living in Germany, may like to tell police about it? In fact, why haven't police formally interviewed Mariana? There are strong reasons why she should be spoken to, not only did she vaguely resemble Kate at the time of Madeleine's disappearance, Mariana's own distinct features are quite masculine, she also dresses in a very masculine way (unlike Kate McCann), this woman does resemble  the description of the "man" said to have carried Madeleine away that night, in fact Mariana resembles"sketchman" more than sketchman does! There is definitely a case to made for the formal questioning of Mariana.

There are 6 or 7 people that need to be formally and seriously questioned about Madeleine's abduction, one of those has died, the others are; Hewlett's partner Mariana; Robert Murat and his now wife Michaela; Sergy Malinka; Goncalo Amaral and Ricardo Paiva.

I write this because I am trying to be as honest as I can. Writing about the disappearance of a child is such an emotive issue and in this particular case, I defy any "sane" person not to have great sympathy or feel great empathy for Madeleine's parents, this is an ongoing nightmare that this unfortunate couple cannot wake up from.
I have no desire or wish to harm any other innocent person, however  this is all very noble as a child has been abducted and she remains missing and her parents seem to be bashing their heads against a brick wall to try and get the authorities to act in this case. In probability the only evidence that is available and despite the Portuguese police attempts to keep it hidden but nonetheless keeps cropping up, actually points to Madeleine still being alive. All things considered, I believe it is right to name names and to  keep pushing the Portuguese government and Portuguese police and the British government and the British police to investigate this case properly, because one overriding fact is, that the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has NEVER been investigated properly officially and this is a travesty of justice for the little girl and her parents. The Portuguese police refuse to  cooperate with anyone or any other agency concerning Madeleine's disappearance and the British police have behaved in nothing short of an apathetic way and they too, cannot escape criticisms, the Leicestershire police come across as lazy and ignorant and on several occasions have been found wanting. They have allowed the stalking of the McCanns to go unchecked on their very doorstep, when a "crew" of miscreants among them, disgraced ex-solicitor and seeker of fame and attention Tony Bennett; attention seeker and generally thick and nasty person Deborah Butler, who was outed by the Sunday Express as being a vile stalker of the McCanns and who is also a proven liar and waster of police time and resources; Grenville and Helene Green and Sharon Brady all these people took it upon themselves to write vile untruths and print them up in libellous leaflet form and actually distribute them in the McCanns home village and in the very street where they lived and the Leicestershire police actually claimed to have no knowledge of this, despite it being on the BBC national news, on several local radio stations, (their own included) local papers and the national press! So these people broke the law and got away with a vile crime. The Leicestershire police keep saying it is a Portuguese investigation but that is the whole point, the Portuguese police are NOT investigating this and the investigation has been shelved for almost 2 years, yet this is the lie that the Leicestershire police keep trotting out. Incompetent bunch of morons, this is exactly the kind of attitude they had towards a disabled mother who felt so helpless and unable to defend her disabled daughter and herself form anti-social behaviour that she took their lives - despicable behaviour by the police.

It is not the ordinary people that have forgotten how to report things they feel are not right, it is the abject failure of BOTH the British and the Portuguese police, to take those reports and investigate them properly and it is the abject failure of the Portuguese government to oversee its own police force and force them to investigate Madeleine's disappearance properly.

This case can and MUST be the subject of a complete  review, both in the UK and in Portugal. The outgoing labour government and the then Home Secretary Alan Johnson, ordered the British police to carry out this review, this is now in doubt with the new coalition government, who have backtracked on everything they have promised, they are now penny pinching and it looks like the much awaited and promised review is now not going to happen and apparently no explanation has been offered to the parents of Madeleine.

While in opposition David Cameron (now the Prime Minister of Britain) met the McCanns and promised his help, it is about time he honoured those promises, or was this just another pre-election promise he had no intention of keeping? Along with a whole string of other broken pledges and promises?

Meanwhile the Portuguese government must order a full PUBLIC review of this case, they must formally question Goncalo Amaral and Ricardo Paiva. It must be discovered for certain if Robert Murat had anything to do with Madeleine's disappearance, I say this not without reason, after reading extensively into what he and others have said about him in the Portuguese police files  and how he changed his alibi a couple of times and the reports about his behaviour at the time were so bizarre they are alarming.  There are also reports about the "odd" actions and behaviour of his mother, there does exist a strange fact within the Murat family, where close family members do not seem to know how they are related and there is this totally bizarre phenomena where in a small sleepy fishing village on the Algarve, several striking Robert Murat lookalikes reside and Robert Murat had an affair with the wife of one of his lookalikes, not only that he actually lived under the same roof as his lover and her former husband, Luis Antonio, who also worked as a pool-man at the Mark Warner Ocean Complex at the time Madeleine disappeared. From reading the files, the Murat part of this investigation was never really carried out properly and it is still unknown if Murat and Goncalo Amaral knew each other or knew of each other prior to Madeleine's disappearance. Amaral appears to have totally ignored the amount of mystery surrounding Robert Murat.

The Madeleine investigation was never updated, it was never reviewed properly and because of the ludicrous Portuguese secrecy rules, the investigation itself and the people who were supposed to be  carrying out the investigating never knew what their own objectives were, they were never fully briefed, never even given a photo of Madeleine when they were supposed to be searching for her in the early days, in fact the only people h who had the photos printed up were her parents and it was Goncalo Amaral who decided to try and use this as some strange reason that they were covering up their daughter;s disappearance, apparently Goncalo Amaral the chief inspector s coordinator of the investigation did not want to have publicity, so everyone was working in the dark - literally! Amaral was the chief cause of why this this investigation totally lost its way. Goncalo Amaral made every single mistake under the sun that there was to make, yet we are expected to believe he was this "incredible" detective with all this wonderful experience while at the same time expected to believe that it is normal that he makes every single mistake there was to make? Sorry this does not wash, all these mistakes allowed Madeleine's abductors to get clean away and this whole case is enshrined by incompetence, secrecy, lies, leaks and smears trying to pin the blame of Madeleine's disappearance on her parents - why?

I am just an ordinary person, I did not expect to find myself in this position to keep lobbying the police and the government of both countries over the disappearance of this little girl, but now that I do find myself in this position I am not going to drop this until the truth comes out and those responsible are made to pay for what they have done, and above all Madeleine is found and returned to her parents.

To Goncalo Amaral

When I take a look at this investigation and scratch the surface and see all that just isn't right, it is unconscionable that while a child is still missing and her parents and family are still suffering, that we can just pass by on the other side and do nothing, so I will never do that. While I (and others) continue to keep this case and Madeleine high profile, the perpetrators who took Madeleine and those that know what happened to her, will never, ever be safe from detection, of this I promise you. One day Goncalo Amaral, your sins will find you out!


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