Monday, 23 August 2010

It's Been a while!

It has been over three months since this blog was updated, I purposefully have left it this long to see what happened. Over the years we have been told by people to ignore certain people and they will stop their despicable behaviour towards the McCanns and little Madeleine, anything is worth a try! So we tried it and sadly nothing changed, they did not stop their venom, their nastiness, which proves it is a psychological need of those people to reach out and hurt others. The fact that after over 3 years 3 months, these people are still spreading their malicious vile lies and innuendos speaks volumes, not about Kate and Gerry McCann or those that want to help and support them, but it says more about themselves and their need to spread lies and hurt to two people who only want to be left alone to find their child.
People Like Debbie Butler, Tony Bennett, Joana Morais and Amberslu*, Brenda Ryan, Vanessa Sluming, Grenville and Helene Green, Sharon Bradford, Sharon Lawrence, are just sub-humans, I doubt if Madeleine was found tomorrow that they would stop, the hate by now is ingrained in their mentally disturbed psyches and ignoring them does not make a scrap of difference, in fact their mental illnesses have worsened, which makes the needs for blogs and forums like this one to counteract their lies and disinformation all the more necessary.

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dianeh said...

Of course they never stopped persecuting the McCanns. It is their hobby.

BTW, the new look for the blog is really good. Well done.

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